Nintendo Treehouse Live – Pokémon GO Q&A

We’re back again with more live coverage of the Nintendo Treehouse Live broadcast. In the session today there will be a Q&A panel for Pokémon GO (this will be the only part of the broadcast we will cover) and we invite our readers to watch the broadcast and chat with one another below!

Live Coverage

Our live coverage of the Q&A panel can be found below. No need to refresh, the feed will update automatically! Come back after the broadcast for a full write-up and summary of all the information we receive.

Live Stream


  1. I’m not as excited for this day as I was yesterday, but might as well check it out 🙂

  2. Sadly (?) I gotta sleep and miss the Pokemon Go exhibition, wake up later to some more Sun and Moon Pokemon leaks, I’d hope.

      1. It’s a joke, a Machop appeared in the Pokemon Company President’s beta while the Pokemon Sun and Moon event yesterday, so I was fooling around 😛

  3. There we have it: they’re going to update the game to feature ALL Pokemon (apparently). I’m actually quite excited now! All I need to hear is that shiny Pokemon appear as well.

    1. This eases some of my worries within the game. I’ll try to catch Pokemon, but battling still looks dumb.

      1. Yeah, I probably won’t be battling too much, I’ll be doing more capturing myself.

    2. I actually think that this Q&A really revitalized the hype for this game. It’s good to know that a lot of things will be in the game such as all Pokemon and shinies. Especially considering that this game is a mobile app!!!

  4. I’m planning to have rowlet, pikipek, grubbin even though I’ve already got one overlap xD Rowlet and Pikipek both are just so adorable

  5. Grubbin will either be bug/ground or bug/electric… I’m leaning towards bug/ground because of the design and it’s ability to dig… the fact that it likes electricity and “eats” it would fit right in with a ground typing as it would technically “earth” everything

    1. Or we could have a split evolution. Bug/Ground and Bug/Electric both seem equally likely.

  6. I like the thoughts he put into the music, really makes it special. And it sounds pretty nice 😀

  7. I believe that new RPG IP for 3DS is going to be revealed at 10:55 or the top of the hour!

  8. The most important reveal of the day for me will be whether the Pokemon special presentation is a thing or not.

  9. I’m pretty sure that grubbin will become an Argentinian Ant. Why? They are known to eat electric wires and also they are some colonies in Hawaii!!!! They have cause many problems in several places around the world because of their love for electric wires. Also that swarm ability grubbin has gives an extra clue because Argentinian Ants are known to have the biggest ant colony in the world

  10. It’s kinda amazing how little hype there is for Pokemon GO. I’m still kinda recovering from Zelda Breath of the Wild now (Wanted to say Zelda U, forgot we have a name now) This E3 has been great

    1. I know. Pokemon GO used to have such a big cult following last year when it was revealed in September 2015. But now that Sun and Moon is announced and we have much information and we got field tests for Pokemon GO, which were met with negative reviews, ratings and followers went down.

    2. I think at this point, non-Pokemon fans are more hyped for this than the usual die-hard fans.

    1. E3 2016 Pokémon Special – 16th June at 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern / 3pm UK / 4pm CET

    1. I chose Scizor and he’s pretty good. The only thing is that he doesn’t find much use I suppose

  11. So I’m actually excited now for GO. I understand that this isn’t a main series game and I respect what they are doing with the game.

    1. Yes, something is definitely happening at 7AM PST tomorrow. This is the E3 2016 Pokemon Special, although absolutely nothing is known about it. I’m guessing it will be like a Pokemon Direct with new information not seen in the Treehouse livestream, but I honestly have no idea.

        1. That’s possible, but Masuda’s unwillingness to talk makes me think that will come later. Mega Evolution was revealed in August 2013, for reference.

          1. I think it will likely be where Iwanko and Nekkoala are probably going to be revealed in the US tomorrow. I just hope that’s not all they show. I don’t even think this stream is for anywhere but Japan, which makes this situation even more confusing. “E3 2016 Pokemon Special” makes me think we could get like 10 new Pokemon, but that’s just crazy. Is it realistic to expect two separate news dumps for this E3? Apparently so. I’m rambling now. 😛

          2. During this E3, anything is possible. They are trickling news out, and they actually could’ve made a digital event out of it.

          3. It’s peculiar, because Niconico has separate listings for the Treehouse livestream and Pokemon GO Q&A. There’s no chance that this will just be a repeat of that information. The only thing that hasn’t been officially acknowledged is the two CoroCoro Pokemon, but that doesn’t sound like “E3 2016 Pokemon Special” material.

      1. Are we absolutely sure about this? I’ve been wondering for ages since I’ve only heard about it from serebii.

          1. Can’t translate Japanese, but I’ll take your word for it. As long as it has been officially reported, I’ll believe it. Serebii has been known to make mistakes, though rare.

  12. So Yungoos was brought from another region, right? In real life, the mongoose population of Hawaii is native to India. Therefore, this might be the first hint of where Gen 8 will be based! That would be extremely cool, as they could use the Hindu lore as inspiration.

    1. Xatu, the all seeing seer. You may be onto something. And wait, this Special thing won’t be on E3, it’ll be on NicoNico only, or will be at E3 in California too? I’m really confused. Sorry for asking too many questions.

    2. There’s a hindu story that tells of extremely buoyant rocks near the Southern tip of India that the god Rama used to help stranded people pass the sea after they were washed away to a desert island. The rocks actually do exist, I’ve seen them, but they’re not as buoyant as the story says they are. That could be used. A route on those floating rocks would be cool.

    3. Oh man I would love an Indian inspired region. That would be so cool and they can do so many things with that!

  13. Here’s the question that no one has asked: Will Rowlet get Leer or Growl? None of them really fit for an avian Pokemon such as Rowlet.

    1. I don’t think that there is a problem with an avian Pokemon learning leer, and growl would be really weird so probably leer.

  14. Okay guys. Upon reading translations of the E3 2016 Pokemon Special page, it looks like it will just be a compilation of the Treehouse livestream and Pokemon GO Q&A for the Japanese audience. I’m almost 100% sure this is accurate. I don’t think you should expect anything new at all.

    1. If that’s the case, when are we gonna see an international showing of Nekkoala and Iwanko?

        1. I’m trying to remember if, when XY was in its hype period, if there was ever anything in CoroCoro that was delayed in being shown/talked about internationally, and I honestly can’t think of anything…

        1. I doubt it. CoroCoro is already out, and if they were fakes, we would have seen scans of the real CoroCoro by now.

          1. And don’t forget about the Lunala and Solgaleo forms.
            And yeah, it IS really weird. Maybe they are hiding it because of the secret (even if Nekkoala has nothing to do with it)?

          2. I think so too… meaning we could possibly receive news on what the secret is in either July or August. CoroCoro will hype it up during the month of July, a video will be released internationally, and then it will be revealed during August. That means one month to get players ready and talking.

    2. Poor unfortunate souls we are. But at least we had that HUGE news dump yesterday. That should get us talking for awhile and is the perfect preparation for the news drought month of July unless CoroCoro reveals something extraordinary or they do another video for July. On that note, maybe they’re going to release a video during the beginning of every month until the game’s release? Anyways… damn, I remember the news drought months that seemed to have carried on for eons during the OR/AS and XY eras. -_-

    3. From what me and Kriffix can find online this seems to be the case. We’re thinking it’s a look at the two sessions we’ve had so far specifically for the Japanese audience. It obviously doesn’t completely rule out new announcements, but don’t get hopes too high.

      No mention of this anywhere on Official English sites is probably a good indication that it is for Japan only.

    4. Also, you need to be more careful about posting stuff like this, that Gym Leader tag next to your name makes people more inclined to take everything you say as gospel. Don’t get yourself in trouble 🙁

      1. Pokémon Sun and Moon to be cancelled following Microsoft taking over Nintendo.

        Is that how it works?

    5. Ugh. I was hoping for more so that I could find a Pokemon that I really like. So far, sun and moon designs are good, but nothing that I really have to have so far.

    6. Yeah I figured. With no mention of it on any other sites and it barely being talked about anyway I’m not surprised. Still we could get he official reveal of Iwanko and Nekkoala. They’ve been shown in CoroCoro now so they still need to update the websites.

  15. Looking back, it seems I was right about the mongoose. Now… about that trio of goddesses and gods who control the weather and elements and yes, they have a leader so that makes it four… four guardian Pokemon perhaps? 😛 *refresh*

    1. In all honesty, my favorite thing out of that whole segment was the updated battle interface.

  16. Hey all, I’m just checking in from my orientation. I’m so excited from all the new pokemon news!
    I’ve also looked at the new Zelda, and I’m stoked for it. I’ve tried to skim-read on it, but I couldn’t get all the details in (especially because most of it is trailers/gameplay). Does anyone know if there’s going to be traditional dungeons and bosses, or just (from what I can gather) around 100 mini-dungeons?

  17. Well guys looks like tomorrow is going to be the big day the last day of the Pokemon Ultimate Party,and we’re going to be going through the golden gates of E3 the biggest Gate ever made in gaming history,only Gamers with pure heart and determination can pass through these Mighty Gates,so we need to have lots of skill to pass through those Gates!:D

    1. Before I go in deeper, with the first detail, that Meowth cry is the same as it was in 6th gen. To me, it sounds how it sounds in 6th gen, so I don’t think there is a difference.

      1. And you know what the 6th gen cry sounds like? Like Meowth’s cry for all other gens before them. The comment they made about it is a stupid and they obviously think that Meowth in past games had a wildly different cry than it does in this game…..which is silly…..

        1. Actually, past gens sounded more computerized, at least to me. 6th gen was when it changed slightly to sound more catlike and natural

          1. All Pokemon cries were redone for X and Y, because Pokemon-Amie distorts and changes the cries in various ways, so the Gen 6 Meowth cry definitely sounds different than it did. 🙂

  18. In exactly 2 weeks, the Kalos League is upon us lads. What do we think will happen? And lets be an open book here. Personally, I think Ash will get to the semis and is then eliminated by either Alain or another irrelevant twat like Tobias or Cameron.

        1. I’m up for that. I really can’t stand the anime anymore just because that make Ash so ignorant most of the time. Just let him win the Tournament and lose to an Elite Four member to change it up alittle bit

    1. Ash will make it far but he will end up hospitalized due to severe Ash-Greninja exhaustion

  19. Unrelated to Pokemon/Nintendo, but Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD remaster for PS4 will feature new Dream Eaters and 60fps!!! ???????

      1. And they had a little surprise too. Unchained X will become available to Europe and 100 other countries within 6 hours (midnight in the US) along with a free Aqua medal for everyone!

  20. I’m bored
    E3 comes to a close and we’re many months away from anything

    1. God I hope they keep Litten as a quad and not a bipedal pokemon. This looks so much cooler ! Just the way Fennekin shouldn’t have 😛

      1. Yeah, I would hate if they made it bipedal because that just doesn’t work for cats.

    2. If this was Litten’s evo, I would be content to spend the rest of my days never complaining about a bad Pokemon design ever again.

    3. I really hope that they make Littens evolution stay on all four feet…..Not that I have a HUGE problem with the way things are. I’d just like something a little different this time around.

    4. Yes this is great either make this Nintendo or make Litten the Female don’t touch my Popplio and destroy him!

  21. alright guys this is the ultimate goal of gold E3,wall of gold what are the most toughest door to be open we need to find some way to open this door,I’ll go first,Dragon Rush!*rushes to the door with a dragon like aura*

  22. “18:36: Pokémon GO will eventually have connectivity with Pokémon Sun & Moon”

    OMG Yes yes yes!
    Now PLEASE tell me it will let me send over my pokemon!!!
    If so… well… you know. Maybe I’ll buy an Iphone?!

    1. From my understanding, there is supposed to be. There’s not a Treehouse Streaming tomorrow, but there is supposed to be a Pokemon Special streaming tomorrow at 7am PST. But, I’ve also heard people talking like that got cancelled or was just rumor??

    2. We believe there Special Event is intended for Japanese audiences only. It will be streamed on niconico.

      So yes, there’s a stream. But no, we don’t think it’s going to be of much interest to international viewers. Stay tuned though!

  23. Pokemon GO plus will be $35?! And that’s US.

    Holy crap why is this little gadget 3 times more expensive than it should be?

  24. well guys looks like this is the last day for E3 and the final doses of information of Pokemon Sun and Moon is right behind the gate,we need to find some way that open up fast before we ever get a good Glimpse on seeing what happens next.

  25. I know it’s early to think about this, but since Sinnoh remakes are very unlikely, what games do you guys think come after sun and moon? A black and white 2 approach or a third game like Platinum…

      1. No, I’m not saying remakes. I’m saying an approach like it (sort of like a 2 years later in the region thing)

        1. Alola could be Kalos’ Johto… so it’s Kalos 2 years later..?

          AZ: “Hey ‘cousin’, you look like a good trainer. Wanna throw it down?”
          Sycamore: “Just so you know… he’s not good!”
          AZ: “Uh, can it, prof!”

    1. Why do you think that Sinnoh remakes are unlikely? I think they would make perfect sense. Sinnoh got me back into the game and it’s my favourite generation since then so I’m really hoping for remakes.

      1. Because every remake has been on a different console. The game boy advanced, the DS, and most recently the 3DS. I definitely wouldn’t mind Sinnoh remakes at all and actually would love to see such a beautiful region in 3D. So, I definitely am hoping they make remakes soon but it’s highly unlikely because every remake is on the newest handheld console….

    2. I actually think there will be diamond and pearl remakes. At first I didn’t want them but the more I replay old games and think of how much I love sinnoh and the music, I really want them. I’m not sure that they’ll be after sun and moon though. We waited like five years between hgss and ORAS.

      1. I’m saying that they won’t be in Generation 7. I think I should have clarified that. I really want Sinnoh remakes but they certainly won’t be on the 3DS like ORAS was…

  26. well guys looks like today’s the day,the day of the ultimate Pokemon party special we’ve been waiting all of our great lifes for this,this is ever so exciting I am all in a tangle,the first bit of Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Go this one is going to be a big moment for all of us an ultimate Pokemon Special!:D

  27. I will give GO a try, but I won’t spend so much time on it unless they support sending catched Pokémon to Bank or S/M, also giving them unique features (like special moves, Hidden Abilities, shinies, rare species, rare items, …).

    1. S/M will be compatible with Bank (and the Virtual Console versions of Red, Blue and Yellow) , and they’ve said GO will be compatible with S/M. So at this point I’m thinking like catch Mons @ GO>send to S/M>send to Bank.

  28. hey I was wondering how many Pokemon have any similar traits of characters of animation and gaming?

  29. Is there no presentation today?
    If not, i gotta go do something else, if there is, can someone tell me now?

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