SPECULATION: Could Popplio be Water/Fairy?

One of the smaller bits of news to come from the Pokémon Sun & Moon presentation at E3 was that Popplio could learn Disarming Voice, a Fairy-type move introduced in Generation VI. It is not a very common move for Pokémon to learn and those that do naturally through leveling up are primarily all Fairy-type Pokémon.

What does this mean for Popplio? Nothing, conclusively. Still though, it is very interesting and is very reminiscent of the final starter evolution art we saw earlier.


Just thought this would be a great start to an ongoing discussion 🙂 Edit: Don’t worry everyone, I do agree that sea lions make plenty of noise, so it could be related to that. Let’s remember though, there are a lot of sound-based moves to choose from in Pokémon, most of which are Normal, so it is an interesting choice nonetheless!

<3 PJ


  1. Idk about fairy type but it’s a sea lion and sea lions bark with a disarming voice
    OR OR OR OR :/

    1. well, there’s Uproar, Echoed Voice, Hyper Voice. but they chose Disarming Voice. what gives. hmmmm ?

        1. if they wanted Popplio to just warn or make noise, why not give him Growl or Screech then? ?

          1. It already has growl
            AND EVERYBODY knows all starters have either
            Tackle, Scratch Pound
            Growl, Tail Whip and or Leer

            It’s Pokemon fundamentals 101

          2. Yep, I spent countless hours learning, researching and studying nearly every dex entry, move list and statistic of all Pokemon to the point that everything could be explained

          3. oh you spent countless hours learning, researching and studying nearly ever dex entry, move list and statistics, yet you did not know THAT WHISMUR LEARNS UPROAR IN RUBY, SAPPHIRE, EMERALD, X AND Y IN LEVEL 5

          4. What does this have to do with anything? Whismur is a pokemon based off of sounds. Uproar fits

          5. I know, i just read in some comments below that Uproar is an extremely op move for a low level pokemon, and growlet brings up Whismur and then this earthenwarrior falters haha

          6. So it is a sound wave screaming Pokemon like his evolutions and Popplio is a normal little sea lion with a bark like a cute little guy who should be like his brethren and be water/Ice!

          7. i know most starters have access to growl. man, I’ve been playing pokemon for 20 years. how sure are you that Popplio will have growl over tail whip? And why not give him Screech if you only want him to make noises

          8. Because in the game it even shows it knows Growl and screech isn’t an attack a sea lion would make screech is an attack that is supposed to hurt a Pokemon’s ears and lower its defense a growl is to intimidate a Pokemon and disarming voice as a warning call upon them!

  2. Personally I would like to see that yes. I’m sick of the starters becoming a dual fighting type in their 3rd evo.

  3. I wouldn’t speculate yet. Skitty also knows Disarming Voice by leveling up, and doesn’t evolve to a Fairy type. So does Audino, but only gets the Fairy type through Mega Evolution.

  4. On topic: I feel like Fairy would be an awesome secondary typing. However, they should not make this girly girl Pokemon like in the article. They should make it really elegant and sophisticated.

    Off topic: LOOK AT THIS:

    1. There is no way of saying it without sounding rude, but I can’t be the only one who thinks the ‘girly girl’ argument is dumb. :L

      Like how many of the starters final evos look masculine and nobody complains? Gardevoir and lopunny can be male and nobody says anything.

      With respect it sounds like the argument a 12 year old would make about girls with ‘cooties’

      1. I really get that. I had no idea how to put it in another way. I just like the more masculine Pokemon, they aesthetically please me more 🙂

        1. Ah that’s fair, I’m sort of similar in that sense in that I don’t like littens final evo because I think it looks to much like a ridiculous macho man. 😛

          1. How could anybody NOT like a hulking wrestling Tigre with a belt of fire
            That’s freakin badass

          2. Eh I think it looks dumb. 😛

            I was hoping more for like a sleek fire dark type or something.

            But yeah, different strokes for different folks right!

          3. I really don’t like Litten’s one either. He really should stay on all fours, I’m done with Fire Starters who should be on fours but aren’t (eg Emboar, Delphox, maybe Typhlosion). I think Litten could become a beautiful black panther or something.

            Rowlet’s is pretty awesome. Not really fond of the design, but the idea is fucking amazing!

          4. I love rowlets design but my friend is picking him and we always pick differently so yeah XD

          5. Tylopshion still moves on all 4s its just that his game model shows him on 2s. In both the anime and manga he runs on all 4s.

    2. ooooooor maybe this is the first time that we have a starter that has a different design based on their gender. right? nope? okay ?

  5. I don’t really care about the typing as long as this final evo is not real. Popplio’s easily my favourite starter in its first stage, but I hate the “leaked” final form so much…

  6. alright looks like we need to look at Nintendo Treehouse and see what happens next in the land of Pokemon.

    Disarming voice means NOTHING if it were something like Fairy Wind or Moonblast then it would most likely be a Fairy, but in this case where we have a Horn shaped muzzle and nose it’s clearly going off on known fact of Sea Lion’s barking and honking vocalizations
    The fact this attack is a fairy does not change the fact that not always the attack depicts evolution
    like people thought Chespin was going to be a Rock and Ground Type because of rollout and mud shot but it didn’t, Skuntank learns flamethrower but isnt a fire type,

    1. My point being made is that this attack is easily explainable by the Pokemon’s nature but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the type in a later evolution
      I just will not allow it, also don’t forget the images debunked from the official site

    2. Well unfortunately you don’t really get a say in what type it will become. 🙁
      I personally wouldn’t mind if it was a fairy type, but until proven otherwise, I’ll go with the whole, “it will be a water/fighting type.” 🙂

    3. Nintendo Treehouse will give us more clues,so when Nintendo Treehouse starts?

      1. You do know this was all the Sun and Moon stuff right?
        It’s all Pokemon GO from this point

      1. But I can apply logic to reasoning
        A rare power nowadays
        But still makes sense when you think about it, sea lions bark it’s loud and disarming not very fairy like if you ask me,

        1. hmm i see a lot of evidence behind the leaks that a lot of people just doesn’t want to consider, because they just don’t like them. and since you said that you refuse to accept it, that’s why i say you just don’t want to believe

          1. Well they’re not confirmed, and you can’t deny that fact until proven otherwise
            Plenty of people could make something like this if talented enough
            And don’t forget the images debunked from the Japanese site, Grass/Flying, Fire/Ground, Water/Fighting
            And I will always deny it being part fairy, since Disarming Voice isn’t enough to make it a Fairy and nothing you can say will ever make it a Fairy without true solid proof

          2. i know, i can only point out the evidences. and no, i’m not sure if even anyone could make this, because just like no one can falsificate handwriting, no one could falsificate ken sugimori’s way of drawing, which btw is very professional and distinctive. not to mention the amount of creativity and thought behind them and research on how to present it. all done by a single person.
            and the japanese site says grass/ground and water/fighting. and the last thing… nothig that i ever say will make it a fairy type with or without solid proof, because i don’t work for gamefrek

          3. Now your just pulling stuff out your ass
            There’s plenty of crafty bastards who do this stuff (Mr. XY for example fooled everyone) and there are infinite artists who could do something like this but I’m not letting myself fly off the handle until proven otherwise
            And the site didn’t say Grass Ground it said, Grass Flying, then Ground then Fire I don’t believe they would take away Rowlet’s flying

          4. oh no, they can fool you but they can’t replicate another artist’s way of drawing.
            i knew they would change the second typing of rowlet from the first second they revealed it

    4. well, there’s Uproar, Echoed Voice, Hyper Voice, etc. but they chose Disarming Voice. what gives. also, you may not want Popplio to be a fairy type, but actually you do not have a say to this. we are not the game developer. we all will play the same game anyway, so can’t we just accept what they offer?

      1. I already said this Sea Lions bark, it’s loud, honking and annoying (to a degree) they could’ve gave it Echoed Voice but in all seriousness Disarming Voice works a tad better but by all means doesn’t label it as a fairy
        And Hyper Voice and Uproar are extremely op for a starting move

        1. so you mean to say that the Whismur we catch early game in oras is op because its starting move is Uproar? i don’t think so.

          1. Dude it gets it at level 25 that’s fairly late for a first stage and the damn thing evolved at 20, and Loudred learns Uproar at 27
            Therefore proven wrong

          2. this is whismur in r/s and in x/y. you’ll get whismur early game ☺ as far as the screenshots are concerned, i believe it learns Uproar in level 5, which is pretty young for an extremely op move ☺

          3. don’t get all smug thinking you won
            Yes Whismur gets uproar early in XY but that was them this is now
            And it makes more sense for a Whismur to get Uproar but in the past Uproar was weaker with a base power of 50 prior to Gen V
            And this was fairly unnoticed until now where now Whismur learns it fairly later to accommodate the higher damage

          4. the point is, at level 5, Whismur learns Uproar with base power 90 in XY. Yes, pretty young for an EXTREMELY OP move. and don’t give me that “that was then this is now” bullshht if you don’t have anything to say that would support your argument ☺ that was then this is noe but they are both whismur

          5. It’s a god damn minor issue, it’s not like everyone was rushing to get a Whismur in XY
            And my point still stands that prior to gen five it was a base 50 attack now it’s 90, now in ORAS it’s at level 25 or 27 since it would’ve evolved by then

            This still doesn’t change the fact that Disarming Voice on Popplio makes sense when thought over, apossed to just blindly labeling it a fairy without better proof

          6. Uproar’s base power in XY is also 90. and i get to have an EXTREMELY OP move for a level 13 pokemon when i get my Whismur in connecting cave. I love my EXTREMELY OP pokemon. I bet no one will beat me when i use my EXTREMELY OP move uproar in the battles to come. wtf are you talking about, all you say is ORAS when the base power is the same in XY.

      1. It may not be my choice but out of everyone I’m not thinking competitively, I’m think design, origins and facts given (proven facts not leaks)
        And something like this is and has been explained that Sea Lion’s Bark and Popplio’s nose serves multiple functions from its water balloon snorting and now creating a loud sound to attack opponents

        You guys play WAY too hard into little facts that end up not being a big deal or untrue

        1. You said you ‘wouldnt allow it to happen ‘

          Fact is there is nothing you could do to stop it from happening. That’s the only part of your comment I was attacking.

          Personally I don’t really care, and yes I do look at it from a competitive point of view. Because in the long run that’s all that matters to me. FACT.

          A special based Water/Fairy has potential.

          1. See playing way too hard to little things
            Instead of challenging my argument for proof of logic you miss the mark completely and prey on my distaste for it rather then trying to back up your case

          2. I don’t have a case to back up. I simply said if it happens it wouldn’t be the end of the world for me, in fact I’d embrace it, I didn’t say it’s definitely going to happen based on rumours on leaks.

            In fact if you knew me at all you would know I’m the last person to believe anything that’s not been 100% confirmed.

            Your just looking for another person to vent your anger at, and honestly I enjoy it when you do 😉

          3. Im not venting, im proving others wrong
            And I’m not going to have this whole thing turn into another Earthen Banwagon

            Popplio has a very little chance to be a fairy and that’s it

          4. Awesome. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

            Personally I think it had a slight chance, but very low based on the information we currently have.

          5. And you agree people jump to conclusions way too easily these days when half the time they know nothing

          6. I do agree with that. People are quick to comment without knowing the full story, without waiting for full details. You see it all the time on social media. And I think it does extend to speculation especially when it comes to games/movies/TV shows.

  8. I wouldn’t mind if it looked something like this, but I definitely still prefer the really good one that what going around earlier. It looked really cool. 😀

  9. Espurr and Meowstic can learn disarming voice just like several Psychic types. I feel like the could go Water/Psychic type.

    1. I still want the whole Cirque de soleil Acrobatic Sea Lion martial artist thing

      Where using its strong body to vault itself into the air to preform powerful stunts and attacks, and it’s water balloon skills are even strong where they’re powerful weapons

    2. no, meowstick is the only psychic type that’s not part fairy that can learn disarming voice. and it’s actually the only pokemon that’s probably not going to be fairy bc all the others already are, have a mega that’s fairy or are very probably gonna get one

  10. This is like when fennekin used power up punch and everyone went riot because fire/fighting was “confirmed”

    1. i actually hope they are. they’re kinda unpredictable, and it’s kinda fun seeing people go all mad at Litten’s possible fire/fighting type. but i still think that although it looks macho wrestler, it will be a fire/dark

      1. i totally agree, i see it as a fire/dark too, but everyone just assumed it to be a fire/fighting (which it could perfectly be, i’m not saying otherwise)

        1. you do realize that i don’t care, right?

          also, you do realize that Whismur learns the EXTREMELY OP move Uproar in level 5 in XY, right?

          1. Why do you keep repeating this? This is like the 4th time you said it. What are you trying to prove?

          2. well, i was offering some other sound based moves that is not fairy i.e. Uproar, and the guy said that Uproar is an EXTREMELY OP move for a low level pokemon, and then I brought up Whismur learning uproar in level 5. Nothing to prove, actually ? just want to reiterate. I can’t blame you if you don’t get the argument

  11. I actually like the fact that it can become Water/Fairy. Is this leak is real, I think it would be awesome too.

    The only reason why some of you guys think this is fake is not because it looks too “feminine”, (we have a lot of felino ne looking Pokemon before, one of them is even a starter) but because if this turns out to be real, the Litten’s final evolution is real too and you guys cannot fathom the idea of another Fire/Fighting starter.

    One of the reasons, why I think the designs are real, is becarse their concepts are unique and original, something GameFreaks always do when it comes to the final evolution of the starters.

    1. Even though Fennekin’s evo’s were feminine, Fennekin itself had an air of femininity. Popplio does not. I dont see how it could evolve into something feminine, the way how it looks now.

  12. My speculation could be wrong, but honestly, I think Popplio’s final evo could fit with the water/fairy typing. Because maybe they want to make the first ever fairy starter Pokemon, putting something new in this generation. If that really happens, I just wish that the design won’t be something like from the leaked art..

  13. Water/Fairy Final Evolution of Popplio is perfectly fine with me.

    According to the stat spread it will be more defensive with a focus on Special Attack over Physical.

    Water/Fairy is a good typing. Access to Scald, HydroPump, Moonblast, maybe Calm Mind. Hidden ability Magic Guard?

    Could be decent competitive threat.

  14. I always thought that Popplio would turn Water/Fairy. I wouldn’t hate it and now that they’ve established the Fairy type it makes sense that a starter would have it as a typing in its final evolution. It is strange that it learns a Fairy type move so soon and wouldn’t turn into a Fairy type but then again we’ve seen other Pokemon learn random moves and not become that type.

    1. So by this logic just because it learns an attack it will be a Fairy
      So I guess Chespin learning Rollout means it should be a Rock or Froakie learning lick or smack down it should be a ghost or rock too
      It’s just one stinking attack, hardly proving anything

      1. You must have not read my entire post… I also said that there have been other Pokemon that learn random moves but don’t evolve into that type…

  15. Water Fairy is my biggest hope for Water starter this gen as i said it many times before s&m starters were released. Although i greatly dpubt popplio will be that water fairy, it would great if it was.
    Also another thing according to the trailer litten is the fastest yet in the fakemon sketch final evo. Littens final evo doesnt even look the fastest. Honestly it looks the slpwest

    1. Well most tigers have an average running speed of 30-40mph in short bursts

      But it’s safe to say Heatigre will have a modest speed maybe like 90-105 not like the worst if you ask me

      1. 105 speed would be ideal. 115 would be pretty amazing, as it will be faster than all the 110s. Most importantly Gengar, Lati Twins, Mega Metagross. And giving it a Dark Secondary Typing would add to that.

        Sorry I’m thinking competitively again.

        1. Well there’s two ways we could look at Heatigre
          Fighting: Obviously it’s muscular build and depicted throws and grapples one is even dubbed the “Tiger Throw” and the championship belt of flames which in my opinion is beyond amazing since it would burn brighter and hotter the more victories it has
          And Dark: it’s vaguely evil expression and black fur, also in wrestling Luchadors in the past were actually seen as Villians in the ring using dirty tactics to win

          Both aspects are very plausible, but I would still lean for a full fledged wrestler and have it learn a few dark type moves like, Sucker Punch, Crunch and or Night Slash

      2. I know but its just strange rowlett final evo looks faster heck even popplio mermaid thing looks to have better speed. Oh well.

        Another thing my friend told me about stats. At level 5 Rowlett has 23 HP. Thats fairly high hp for a level 5 pokemon. I know it may be too early to tell. But at level 5 tepig (the highest first stage starter in hp) had 23 hp at level 5 31 IVs. So unless rowlet had high ivs or ev trained. Rowlet could have higher hp than tepig.

      1. 1: Litten
        2: koalog (if turns into grass)
        3: Pubble (iwanko)
        5:Grubbin (if turns into electric)
        6: N/A


        1. 1: Starter (Im waiting for final evos to choose)
          2: Iwanko
          3: Pikipek
          4: Nekkoala
          5: Grubbin
          6: Yungoos

          I only put Yungoos because all we have so far is enough pokemon to make one full team lol

          1. ive always went with fire startes since pokemon red and my sixth is always a dragon lol

      1. Popplio and Pubble so far
        But I’m trying to wait until things get revealed
        I rather we not have clone teams

        1. If I’m going with he rock dog, it my not be ideal to have Popplio as a starter as it doubles up my weakness to grass and just gives me another thing to beat fire with. Hmmm….I usually like balance on my team, so I may go with Rowlet.

          1. Double weakness means nothing
            You’re talking to the guy who always has a common weakness and walks the road a warrior

          1. oh yes and iwanko, just not sure cause my team is usually the same every gen
            1: fire


          2. The formula is usually my first capture is either a Fighting type or Ground type or Rock type
            Mankey Nidoran (Eventually it’s a Ground)
            Wooper or Phanpy
            RSE is tricky but always Aron or Makuhita
            DP hard too but Cranidos
            Black Drilbur
            X Bunnelby and Pancham

            And another tradition is Fossils

          3. Ohhh, that reminds me, I wonder if we’ll get fossils and what type of fossil Pokemon will we get. 😀

          4. Idk what can top gen 6
            Gen 6 had the best fossils a Trex(basically) and an ice fossil
            Imo the best looking ones too

          5. Yeah, I totally agree, even if Cranidos is my fav of the fossil mons, Gen 6 fossils I liked both of them so much. When they were revealed, I was so hype to use both :3

          6. Ayy cranidos is my favorite too but gen 6 just looked good overall
            Bastiodon was meh to me

          7. Yeah, same, I don’t care for Bastiodon as much, while with gen 6, I loved both of them (even if Aurorus has like a million weaknesses, still fun to use).

          8. last gen was the first time i broke my elemental formula and had skrelp and pancham on my team

      1. i always make a preliminary team for the first 3 gyms and my team usually changes besides the starter and bird poke

        1. I always make a team that sticks till the end. That’s why I usually only have 3 or 4 Pokémon at the 4th gym. Also, apart from in Pokémon Diamond, I’ve never used the bird Poke for my team, I just don’t like using it.

          1. oh really? i sometimes rotate the 5th and 6th members and the only time i didnt use the bird poke was in sapphire, swapped him out for tropius

    1. They all look good so far, but none of them look like Pokemon that I’d use in a normal playthrough just yet. I want to see a fully evolved one.

  16. I believe that Poppilo will be a Water/Fairy type due to Disarming Voice and it’s low Physical Attack. Yes, seals and sea lions tend to make a large amount of noise, which could spawn the necessity of the move. The stat might be low due to it’s nature, but the surplus of the Special Attack star leads me away from Water/Fighting. Those website evolution might have a low chance of happening at this point.

    1. We need a statement from pj where he found them or who gave it to him………………………………………………………..

    2. Please, don’t be real… Please, don’t be real…
      Please, don’t be real… Please, don’t be real…
      Please, don’t be real……!

  17. Yes, it could be Water/Fairy :3
    I don’t take too much stock into it, but it’s still a possibility I wouldn’t mind happening :3

  18. I’m leaning toward the leaks being real. They are just so good. It would take someone in the community a lot of time to do these sheets and research to know that fire dancers are a big part of Hawaiin culture hence the appearance of Litten’s final evolution. Rowlet’s final evolution is also based on an archer and an Aumakua, a Hawaiin Spirit Animal diety that can take the form of an owl. And as for Popplio’s final evolution, I guess GF wanted to go out with a part mermaid/sea lion combo.

    1. I wouldn’t mind them, I just don’t want Litten to be part Fighting, but having a belt and with wrestler moves makes me super doubtful it’ll be anything but part Fighting

      1. Popplio’s final evolution in this leak looks awesome, Rowlet’s is okay, kinda a love/hate relationship, nothing in the design imo really makes it exciting for me. Just looks like Hawlucha but with an archer like design. And as for Litten’s, I HATE IT! I just wish for once they would make a final Fire-type evolution that doesn’t have to stand on two legs, we can get one that is four legged. That is assuming these leaks are real and I think that they have a good chance of being real.

        1. Yeah, I totally understand.
          I love Rowlet’s and Popplio’s, but Litten’s just turns me off a little because I really wanted our supposed tiger starter to be on all fours.
          If it were true, I dunno if I really want to name Molly, my cat, after it, but who knows?

          1. I know what you mean. Let us hope they are just extremely well thought out fakes. It’s sad to think that someone in our community would go to this much trouble if the leaks turn to be fake. But something tells me they are real. All the leaks for supposed Starter Evolutions for this Generation we’ve had in the past have never been this detailed and can easily be given away by a lot of little things. No one has or wants to use up their time making such an elaborate thing like this, which leads me to be on the side of Team Real for this one.

          2. I’m still on Team Neutral because there’s always a chance it can’t be real. I won’t say it’s real or not until GF confirms it (which might be a while)

        1. Same, like, maybe it is its signature move, but it just happens to be Fighting type. One of Greninja’s signature moves is Mat Block, and it’s a fighting type.
          …Then again, it’s a status move, but whatever.
          I’ll just keep the hope

  19. Is it true that there is gonna be a Q&A about the game and another trailer or is it just fans with there rumors.

    1. For Sun and Moon? I dunno
      For GO? There is a Q&A today, I dunno about a trailer.
      Supposedly, tomorrow is supposed to be a Pokemon special, but we haven’t heard anything about it, so I dunno if it will happen or not

  20. Well if everyone now thinks the “leaks” are “real”, then that leaves me as the only person that will be able to rub it in everyone faces when they are confirmed fake at nov 18…sorry if this offends anyone but i just dont see the realness in them specially litten…also tiger3, owl3 and seal3 so yeah…but if they are real then i will accept it and leave it in the pc box

    1. I can’t speak for everyone here obviously, but I think many of us are in a position where we don’t necessarily think they’re “real”, but we’d certainly like them to be. At this stage in the game all we’ve got is hope. 😉

  21. I doubt it. We have been trolled like this before (fennekin with power up punch), so it could easily just be a move for the prevo. Though I do want the leaks to be real. I don’t like Litten’s evo, but there is always one I don’t really like.

    1. I remember years ago, someone told me Fennekin would become a Fire/Fighting type, impossible, I said, impossible!

        1. I swear the people on Youtube would actually riot and burn GameFreak down if it happened.

  22. So my team for Sun/Moon so far: Rowlet/Popplio if it becomes a Fairy-type, Pikipek since I always use the regional bird, and Nekkoala because it is so darn cute. I plan on having the regional Dragon-type, a Psychic-type, and a Wild Card since I usually just go with the flow and capture whatever Pokemon I think is cool/cute/evolution looks awesome and then finalize my team before the League.

    1. I haven’t found any Pokemon besides Rowlet that really clicked in my mind with me yet. They are all good designs, but I haven’t found any that I just love yet. :/

      1. Aside from Rowlet, only Pikipek has clicked with me. I love the simple Pokemon designs though: cute yet not overbearing.

        1. Well, all of the non starter Pokemon besides legends have been first stage Pokemon. I want to know what it turns out to be before I commit it to my team.

  23. I for one think it’s almost impossible for popplio to turn into that “leak”. It’s beyond feminine and drag queenish for a starter; not appropriate at all.

    1. Hunty, there’s been more inappropriate things in Pokemon than just designs and nobody bats an eye. Then a mainstream Pokemon starter has the possibility of becoming a stereotype breaker and everyone goes nuts. I’m not saying it’s going to happen 100%, but all I’m saying is everyone needs to keep an open mind. Generation 7 will change a lot of things people may like or dislike and it is okay to voice your open, but at the same time everyone needs to try and be open to change and fresh, new ideas. 😀

    2. Well, appropriateness is merely a matter of personal opinion and it depends on how you’re looking at the situation. A feminine starter when one has never been done before? I don’t think that’s inappropriate; I think GF is just trying to reach out to its growing female audience. And you must also consider the the region we’re in- a mermaid Pokemon would fit in swimmingly (pun intended) here, making it all the more appropriate.

        1. Braixen and Delphox are another great example of feminine starters. Once again while they still maintain female traits, they don’t beat us over the head with it the way it’s down with the rumored leaked poplio evolution. I definitely think it’s fake

      1. The entire chikorita line is feminine without over doing. The rumored leaked mermaid sea lion is hands down to effeminate to have cross over appeal between both genders.

  24. I’m not the biggest fan of Popplio (I don’t hate it, but I do prefer Litten), but if it evolved into that majestic mermaid I’d choose it in a second. I don’t care if it’s not “masculine” like all the other starters.

      1. Right. We’ve had sea lions before, but mermaids haven’t been done yet (that I can remember, anyway).

    1. same, but I actually like more elegant pokemon most times over masculine ones so maybe my opinion is a little biased XD

    2. Wouldn’t mind at all either, very much like the concept.
      I have some nickpicks about the design, but overall I like it :3
      It’s the Litten evo I’m concerned about xD

  25. does anyone know where/when the nintendo treehouse will start today? it says 10amPT but when I tried converting that to my time it gave me 1PM and its already past that so I’m confused XP

  26. This is kinda offtopic
    But i feel like the player being behind the pokemon kinda gives more “proof” of the new synchro evolution. synchro evolution has to do with a super deep bond with pokemon and trainer and probably even deeper than one needed for mega evolution. What better way to have this bond than to literally be side by side when battling. Idk but thats just me.
    I dont want synchro evolution to happen personally because its just so lame adding all these ways to evolve in battle. We have: Evolving with item/ Evolving no item/ Evolving as soon as sent out with item. So what could synchro be? Maybe evolving as soon as sent out without item. Idk either way i dont like it. It just makes it way more complicated but i just know either way new inbattle evolution is coming or a shift in the mega evolution mechanic.

  27. I think rowlet will remain a grass/flying, which is not so good since the amount of weaknesses is overwhelming. Hopefully its defenses will be good enough for it to take the beating lol.

      1. Already there, I have both open cause the transition from old article to new takes a bit

  28. Popplios evo actually looks nice,but what does that mean about litten….my poor kitty -…-

  29. Hi guys ! I’m a discret daily reader of PJ and i’d like to share with you some thoughts about the Disarming Voice-case ! If you put aside the typing of the move and start to look closely to the translation of the name you’ll find something interesting : the japanese name is actually “Charm Voice” and this idea of “hypnotizing the foe” is clear inspired by mermaids. The french name of Disarming Voice (“Voix Enjôleuse”) kinda correlate with this idea of “robbing the heart of the enemy” just like in the Odyssey !
    We still can’t say if it’s validate the leaked evos as real, but it’s seems like a pretty good hint to me. 🙂

  30. Still not sold on that artwork. I do think it’s possible that Popplio could end up Water/Fairy, though.

  31. Having Disarming Voice means literally nothing. Chespin learned rollout at level 8 in XY, not because it matched hos end typing, but because it fits his overall theme. The same is applied to Popplio. As much as I want Popplio to end up being Water/Fairy, going off of nothing but the type of the move is REALLY stretching.

  32. Why does everyone think he should be Water/Fairy or Water/Fighting why can’t he either be like the other seal Pokemon Water/Ice or as all my favorite water starters plain Water type! I just don’t like the design of the mermaid really.

        1. We already have a lotta water/ground (like 5 evo lines – mudkip, shellos, barboach, palpitoad, quagsire). It’s interesting, but a bit more overused than even water/fighting or the hated fire/fighting.


    1. It learns a Fairy-type move, and we have “concept art” that looks very familiar in style as the ones for a previous generation. I wouldn’t say it’s baseless speculation. Could be completely wrong of course, but it’s not baseless at all.

      1. The ‘evidence’ that exists is based on overanalyzing a move that it learns (which means nothing) and a picture that hasn’t been confirmed real (which means even less).

        So yeah, still baseless. At least in terms of evidence that means anything.

  34. Like I said, I’m a guy and if this is real, I am definitely choosing Popplio. I’m gonna name it “Cure Mermaid”. ♥

  35. I think it’ll be a Water/Fairy type.
    Take a look at Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja. Let’s say that Litten’s final form is Fire/Dark.
    If so, both Litten and Growlet will have the advantage over their sixth gen counterparts. (Dark over Psychic and Flying over Fighting)
    Greninja is a Water/Dark type, and which type has the advantage over Dark? Only two, Fighting and Fairy.
    I don’t think that Pokemon looks like a Fighting type; and it actually looks like a Fairy type (also, we have the fairytale “Little Marmade and Popplio’s last form kinda looks like a marmade)
    That’s my theory, i can’t wait until Sun/Moon comes out to choose this little guy

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