SPECULATION: Could Popplio be Water/Fairy?

One of the smaller bits of news to come from the Pokémon Sun & Moon presentation at E3 was that Popplio could learn Disarming Voice, a Fairy-type move introduced in Generation VI. It is not a very common move for Pokémon to learn and those that do naturally through leveling up are primarily all Fairy-type Pokémon.

What does this mean for Popplio? Nothing, conclusively. Still though, it is very interesting and is very reminiscent of the final starter evolution art we saw earlier.


Just thought this would be a great start to an ongoing discussion 🙂 Edit: Don’t worry everyone, I do agree that sea lions make plenty of noise, so it could be related to that. Let’s remember though, there are a lot of sound-based moves to choose from in Pokémon, most of which are Normal, so it is an interesting choice nonetheless!

<3 PJ