New Pokémon, Battle Royal and MORE Announced for Sun & Moon

The Nintendo E3 event has just finished the Pokémon Sun & Moon segment and with it (along with a newly released trailer!) we’ve got a tonne of new features and Pokémon for the games. Read on to find out more!

New Pokémon

Pikipek/ツツケラ (Tsutsukera) – Woodpecker Pokémon – Normal/Flying – Keen Eye/Skill Link Abilities
Pikipek has two evolutions.

Yungoos/ヤングース (Yangoose) – Loitering Pokémon – Normal – Stakeout/Strong Jaw Abilities

Grubbin/ – Larva Pokémon – Bug – Swarm Ability

New Abilities

Stakeout – The Pokémon’s moves can deal twice the normal damage to any Pokémon that switch in or enter the field mid-battle

Soul Heart – Magearna’s Sp. Atk raises by 1 each time another Pokémon in the area faints. This is a new Ability—one that can be put to good use in battle

Battle Royals

“In a Battle Royal, four Trainers are jumbled in battle together, but the rules are simple.

Each of the four Trainers chooses three Pokémon and sends one Pokémon into battle at a time. The battle is over at the end of any turn when all of the Pokémon of one Trainer have fainted. The players are ranked, and a victor is declared based on the number of Pokémon each defeated and the number of Pokémon each has remaining in play.

While these rules are simple, they also allow players a new way to enjoy Pokémon battles—one where many new strategies may be born, as each player must try to predict who will attack whom, or weigh acting to save a player who’s in a pinch in order to aim for the number-one position!”

Nintendo Treehouse Information Write-up

  • Junichi Masuda is the producer of Sun & Moon, whilst Shigeru Ohmori is directing
  • Sun and Moon were chosen as the names of the games as the sun is the source of all life on our planet, and they want the two new games to feel as though they are teeming with life
  • Solgaleo and Lunala are the emissaries of the sun and the moon respectively. They will play a legendary Pokémon role like we’ve never seen before
  • Zygarde and its forms will appear in Sun & Moon in a “special” way
  • The starters received special attention in their movements. They wanted them to look super cute in game. They are also meant to be universally relatable and easy to understand – Grass-type is green, etc
  • The climate in Alola is extremely warm, as such character designs are reflective of this in that they are lightly dressed, especially compared to older characters
  • The bracelets the trainers are wearing will be discussed at a later date
  • The playable character is new to the Alola region
  • Old Pokémon are present in the game. Ledyba and Caterpie are available early on in the game
  • There is a new lighting engine in the game. This new engine allows the time of day to be reflected in changing light conditions
  • The camera is much more dynamic in battles this time around
  • The battle interface is now more user friendly. Players can find information buttons displaying detailed information on each move, in addition to this tapping an icon can display the stat changes to both your own and your opponent’s Pokémon
  • The Pokédex has been redesigned in order to really encourage Trainers to complete it
  • When the player begins to approach an area where another trainer is likely to battle, the screen becomes vignetted in order to create a sense of drama
  • All trainers have unique actions and emotions thanks to the 3D
  • Each island in the Alola region has a Guardian Pokémon
  • Players will battle their rival Hau early on as part of a festival that is meant to kick off both of your own Pokémon journeys 
  • Popplio learns Disarming Voice at Level 8
  • The games feature a new Battle Royal mode
  • Trainer customisation makes a return, more will be discussed at a later date
  1. Really liking all the changes. The overworld is much improved over XY, the battles look amazing, and all the little changes make a huge difference. HYPE TRAIN!!!1

  2. LOVE YUNNGOOS!!!! He looks like a real son of a B lol Also with all this excitement we still need the official release of Nekkoala and Iwanko! More Pokemon news to come!!!

  3. But I feel like because they didn’t reveal Iwanko and Nekkoala they might be holding more info to reveal in the upcoming days….

    1. There’s still the thing on the 16th so there’s that. Also I find it odd that all the Pokemon we’ve seen so far are base Pokemon and none are evolved in any way. Usually by now we have at least one.

  4. GameFreak’s event blew me away. Just seeing all of the new animations, 3D models, and UI is making me really excited for the game. Also, we being the amazing PokeJungle predicted the Woodpecker properly!

  5. So Yungoos is a Pokemon that isn’t technically native to Alola….at least not originally. It’s species was brought over from another region to help take care of the over population of another Pokemon species. Hint at a new rivalry pair? maybe another kind of snake?

  6. We’re definitely in for a good time with these games. What better way to celebrate a franchise like Pokemon than a whole new generation?

  7. So far, there’s not a single thing in S and M that I am skeptical or don’t like.
    Sure, Grubbin is not one of my fav things, but I like it and it might evolve into something cool.
    Here’s to hoping Iwanko and Nekkoala get official reveals soon!

    1. It should be today, since the 14th is usually when CoroCoro information is revealed for the West. I don’t know why they haven’t done it yet.

    2. Yeah I gotta say everything they’ve shown so far seems great! The Pokemon designs are solid the camera angles are great and dynamic, and the over all world seems so vibrant and interesting. the UI is pretty great too. I kind of hope there’s a toggle to turn off the notifications for beginner players as I don’t think I’ll need them past getting the starters as far as using the new feature, but I’m sure there will be.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I want to.
        But some of the things I don’t mind if they are not turned off, like the effectiveness stuff, since there are certain Pokemon I forget the types for/not that confident about

        1. Yeah I didn’t mind the type advantages stuff. I’d just rather that note at the top that tells you to press Y and A for the info to go away lol

      1. That’d be really unfortunate for it lol. Hopefully it can hold its own otherwise the ability is pointless

  8. Wake up PJN! Yungoos is clearly the savior sent from Tapu Koko to vanquish the vile Zubat!

  9. Refresh

    1: You don’t live upstairs anymore. Finally your mom gets a room too.
    2: Beautiful scenery, you own a garage.
    3: Yungoos.
    4: The shade that enemies throw.
    5: What the beginning of a battle looks like.
    6: Pikipek.
    7: New catching animation.
    8: The first town.
    9: The first town.
    10: Tf is in her bag?
    11: Grandson of what?
    12: Once you’ve battled a Pokemon before, the bottom screen tells you what’s super effective and what’s not.
    13: Trainer customization!
    14: Blue is Gyarados.
    15: Green is Tyranitar.
    17: Red is Charizard.

  10. Unfortunately have to stop updates for a bit, folks. Site is being SUPER slow and it makes doing anything really difficult!

    If you want a rundown of what’s new (before I type it up) go check out the previous post!

    1. At first I thought maybe it’d get electric typing due to the yellow stripe, but I could definitely see it getting ground. Maybe it’ll be normal/ground?

        1. Was diggersby good? Idk I never used it. Wanted to a little though….lol

    1. It looks amazing. I’m pretty sure the world will stop once it comes out. No one will leave their homes

    1. I was really holding out for pure Flying. Looks like they just won’t break some traditions.

  11. I wonder if the first island’s (Melemele?) deity Pokémon’s name is actually Tapu Koko?

    1. In B4 it’s a legend like Arceus… well Tapu Koko doesn’t have to be its actual name, but possibly a nickname the locals give the Legendary.

      1. But if every island has a guardian Pokemon like that, how would they all act like Arceus? I think it’s like the lake Pokemon from Sinnoh in a way, since they are usually referenced as the ‘lake guardians’

        1. True, but it could be a trio + the legend representing the Stars too.

          That’s 4 Pokemon… 😉

          Or the legend group could be a quartet just like the Musketeers!

          1. Or for once, it’s not a trio 😛
            But for now, anything’s possible, so it’s worth speculating anything

          2. Yeah, but there might be another one in the future :3
            Move over trios, quartets are the new thing 😛

    1. I’m going to get it. Fight me Nintendo.
      Having one starter is overrated anyway…

    2. I know, that’s what I’m wondering. If Lillie doesn’t get it, then who will? Wouldn’t they have been revealed by now?

        1. But, in the Pokedex trailer, it shows that you have seen it. Someone gets it, or else they just doesn’t make sense

          1. Maybe it’s automatically seen??? Like how you could see those Beautiflies flying in ORAS and you would get their entries.

          2. I dunno, i don’t think so about that. It’s never happened like that before, despite seeing all the starters at the start of every Pokemon game, it’s never registered as seen in the POkedex

      1. Maybe…or maybe they’re trying to mix story elements up a bit and the second rival comes in later.

          1. I hope it’s a girl though. Could it just be the opposite gender character you don’t pick? Maybe they end up living on a different island but still get a starter

  12. New York Times states that mongooses were introduced in Hawaii to control rat populations

  13. Mongooses were introduced to Hawaii in 1883 and have had a significant negative effect on native species – wikipedia article

          1. Ya mean like Undertale? Heh heh heh.

            Well I wish I could exterminate these wingulls and mareeps in Kalos Route 12 so I get nothing but Tauros/Miltank hordes…

    1. Just looked some of them up. They can make an eagle, an exotic bird, a ram, a giraffe, a crab, a dog, a centaur, a whale, a chameleon, a dove, A DOLPHIN, a pony, a hydra, a wolf, a unicorn, a pegasus, a phoenix, a scorpion, a snake, a bull… And the list continues.

  14. Looking at the designs so far (apart from the legendaries), they indeed made them a lot simpler. They really have a 1st/2nd Gen feeling to them. I dig it.

  15. ” The mongoose was introduced to Hawaii in the mid-19th century in an attempt to control the large rat population in the sugar cane fields.” – Wikipedia
    New rat pokemon confirmed?

      1. Oh, I didn’t see your comment haha. Either way I’m excited to see the rat pokemon 🙂

        1. Me too and no big deal the comments are just flying haha. Glad to know I wasn’t the only person curious about it.

  16. New theory:
    The guardians over the four islands are based on the four mythological creatures (Dragon, Bird, Tiger, Turtle) in Chinese constellations. Maybe the evil team wants power over them so you have to summon the title legendary to restore order.

        1. Yessssss <3
          As well as Tiger and Bird
          Although, if Litten does become a Tiger mon, having two mons like that can be a little redundant. But I guess they can be super creative with the Tiger legendary to avoid that.

          1. Yes, cause I love cats 😀 The more, the merrier :3
            Although Litten is the closest, appearance and attitude-wise, to my cat Molly, so I’m definitely resetting to get a female so I could name it after her.

          2. Yeah, it gets annoying, but I don’t mind resetting to get a female. Plus, it makes getting a female more valuable to me, in my opinion.

          3. Yeah, but I remember I tried resetting for a female snivy back during my first gen 5 play through and had the worst luck. I had to have tried over 30 times until I finally gave up.

          4. Yeah, that can happen to. But, I really want to name it after my cat, so I really want to get a female. So, I have huge motivation to do it :3
            Rowlet I might hope for male, since I have a good amount of nicknames for it as male than I do for female.

    1. Well one guardian might even look like the Strange Souvenir (or maybe that’ll be the overall guardian of the 4 for post game?)

      1. Kanaloa may be a fire/water octopus
        Ku is a dark pokemon because of the human sacrifice

      2. Ooo, that’s cool. The Chinese thing just caught my eye because it mentioned constellations, which could be a tie in to Sun and Moon. But based on these maybe we could see:

        -Water/Grass agriculture legendary based on Lono. Drizzle as ability.
        -Dark/Ghost Octopus based on Kanaloa
        -Fairy/Psychic based on Kāne
        -Fire/Flying based on Kū

    2. that might be be the connection between Iwanko, Rowlet, Litten, and popplio they might represent the 4 guardians of the islands! think 4 have a secret, 4different islands, and a tiger (litten), Bird (Rowlet), Turtle (Popplio might turn somewhat like), Dragon 9Iwanko might become dragon)!

    3. i think that’s the secret to Iwanko and the starters! Think 4 islands 4 pokemon that hold a similar secret Rowlet (bird), Litten (Tiger), Popplio (Turtle like thing), Iwanko (dragon might be additional typing)

  17. So… Popplio learns Disarming Voice, does it mean that the earlier final evolutions leak has some validity?

    I said “some” so don’t kill me. :p

    1. I’m not taking too much stock into it learning Disarming Voice, cause a good amount of non Fairies can learn it. But it is something to think about, and it can be a clue.
      Still on Team Neutral about the leaked evos :3

    2. Well it does exclude all the possible physical secondary typings for me. So:
      NO normal, fighting, poison, steel, ghost, bug, rock, ground, flying,
      BUT ice, electric, psychic, fairy, dragon, dark.

    3. Idk about providing validity, but it does give us some evidence that it could be a fairy type..of course it could mean nothing

  18. I like the Battle Royal Rules. .. it encourages people to not all gang up on one person they do currently ?

  19. Damn GF is really simplifying things a lot I just hope they didn’t over simplify the difficulty of the game.

  20. Ugh, I want to leave for a while but I don’t want to miss this gameplay. I guess I can just catch up with GameXplain’s analysis later.

  21. I want a Snow Leopard pokemon…Ice/psychic maybe. It uses its psychic abilities to make itself appear near-invisible to unsuspecting prey. Snow Cloak as its ability obviously.

    Also an electric/fire cheetah pokemon. Or just pure electric, but that’s such an over used typing.

    I’m sorry, I don’t usually stray into fakemon territory

    1. Electric/Dark Cheetah Pokemon. Infiltrator ability.
      High speed stat special orientated Pokemon.

    2. Yes please, I would love these.
      Although, having a Water/Psychic dolphin and a ice/maybe dark wolf would be nice too

      1. Yes, we need those. I want a legit wolf pokemon, not mightyena hyena/supposed wolf hybrid crap.

        1. Yeah, considering the Mightyena line is just a hyena to me, I used to see wolf, but now that I know about what it is really based on, I don’t see the wolf anymore.

    1. If it was colored similar, I would’ve thought so. I think this is just another luvdisc/alomomola situation. Alomomola sounds like it’d be in the Alola region, btw xD

  22. I love Grubbin. Such a sweety! I really hope he grows out into a beautiful monster.
    All 3 newbies seem quite useful. I like how Alola is shaping out. *_*

  23. Such simple designs! I love them all! So far S&M are perfect! I still can’t get over ALL the Trainer models!

    1. Pikipek is the cutest regional bird since Pidove, imo. 🙂 Fletchling isn’t really cool until it evolves. Starly is ugly until Staraptor. Spearow is always ugly. Hoothoot is cutish, Pidgey is kinda ugly..Taillow is alright, although the big eyes kinda distract me.

  24. Still only thinking of using Iwanko in a play through.

    These new Pokemon while interesting ideas, don’t really appeal to me enough to use them during a play through

  25. I just noticed this after rewatching the Pokemon footage. Lillie actual takes the Pokemon that is stronger against yours. That “Pew” is actual Rowlet in her bag. She might enjoy training sooner or later as she seems to be stronger than Hau. I assume she will assist you heavily with defeating the evil organization and will warm up to training as the game progresses. Refresh for the image.

    1. I just rewatched the original starter trailer and Rowlet’s cry is not “pew” but instead it is “koo” So I do not think that it is Rowlet

  26. I just realised they blocked out Yungoos’ entry, but they didn’t block Pikipek’s… I wonder why 😛

    1. Yeah, that is weird…hmm…
      Maybe because they don’t mind us knowing pikipek’s evo line (the amount) but not Yungoos?

    2. I noticed that too. Good thing the website told us its typing though or I would’ve gone insane

  27. Will we get like 4 Pokedexes this time around, based on the different islands? Like the three in XY? So in every Pokedex there will be other Pokemon, none of the Pokemon can be found on multiple islands.

    1. I kinda hope not. I just want one big one. The split up pokedex in X&Y was really just pointless

    2. Based on the Pokedex trailer from earlier, it showed one overall POkedex (Alola) and one for Melemele, so maybe each one has a regional dex, but there is an overall dex?

  28. I want Pikipek to become a Flying/Fighting type Pokemon, Grubbin to become a Bug/Electric fly, Nekkoala to become a Normal/Psychic or Normal/Grass type, Pubble to stay a Rock-type, and a DOLPHIN Pokemon.

    1. I’d be fine with these. I thought of Pikipek becoming a fighting type. Anything is better than normal. It’ll be OP if it learns fury attack early on though. That’s like 100 base damage and it’ll get the STAB. It’s basically confirmed to learn bullet seed too if you read the description, although it doesn’t peg me as a grass type, and that’d also make it too similar to Rowlet. They won’t do another Fire/flying so soon…Fighting seems likely enough, if you ask me.

  29. If Pikipek doesn’t get a flying type multi hit move I’ll be disappointed. I’d like it to be called “Pecking Order” since that’s how some birds show dominance. They attack the weaker birds in flocks. Like chickens. They’ll peck the weaker one until it bleeds and stuff.

    1. There really aren’t many skill link moves it can take advantage of (fury attack, bullet seed, that’s about it) so I assume they’ll add some more. Hopefully a flying type one!

      1. Moves it can possibly get: Double Kick, Triple Kick, Bullet Seed, Fury Attack, and a new multi-strike move.

    2. Yes. 25 BP, hit 2-5 times.

      That will be a 125 BP flying type move, who needs Brave Bird anyway

  30. Jesus, Breath of the Wild has over 100 shrines along with several dungeons. This game is going to be HUGE

    1. Magearna’s ability boosts it sp attack every time a Pokémon faints, that includes your own in double/tripple battles!

        1. My hope is for a combo of my two faves, a fairy/ghost something eerie and majestic

          1. I want:

          2. yes, i think the only one of these we have is grass, Whimsicott, which super adorable but other fairy/grass combos would certainly be welcomed XD

  31. “Yungoos is not a Pokémon that is native to the Alola region. It was brought to the region to help deal with the explosive population of a certain other Pokémon, and now Yungoos are commonly seen around the Alola region.”

    I know many animals in real life were brought brought to the region they don’t belong to….but wat GF mean by this?

    1. Means that there is a different region out there that we’ve yet to explore where the Yungoos ARE native.

    2. It means Yungoos isn’t from Alola, but was brought there to balance out the population of a certain species of Pokémon.

    1. yup, clearly it’s still the usual tradition for every main Pokemon games lol

  32. All this hype for S/M and LoZ aside, does anyone know when Square Enix’s conference starts? I need FF XV and KH now!

    And I’m so happy we finally get Battle Royals!
    I love how the game looks, but I’m sorta worried about them oversimplifiying the game…
    I wonder if the ‘Pokemon special’ is still a thing. Also they didn’t showcase the 2 Pokémon in corocoro for some reason.

    On an other note.

    The New Zelda looks Absolutely gorgeous.

    1. The target audience remains children aged 6 to 12, simplifying the games makes it more accesible to them.
      And yes LoZ is freakin incredible, it exceeded all of my expectations and I cant wait till its 2017!!

    2. Simple isn’t always bad… I think making the battling part of the game easier to understand is nice!

  34. I’m rolling my eyes at how the host of the Pokémon part of Treehouse mentioned the bracelets and didn’t attempt to use force to find an answer. I’m praying its just a new look for Mega evolution.

    1. Bug/Electric Earwig, describtion says it loves electricity and its habitat are usually powerplants.

      1. There appears to be a powerplant on the third island, to the right of the desert area and north of the orange building. I wonder if it’ll appear sooner though.

      2. Well I’d say the “pincers” look quite like a power plug. Could be on to something, Galem. I’d love that typing, though where was this info? I’ve only seen the trailer here so far. 🙂

    2. I want ask about that too …..I didn’t know wat the name based on . so it’s beetle Larva right ? I am expecting fire-bug type.

      1. Fire types usually don’t like electricity, and certainly dont live near power plants lol..

        1. oh sorry I didn’t read the description …ur right ….I believe beetle didn’t have fangs when they larva …..could be something else?

  35. Literally everyone after that Treehouse….

    So beautiful. Such great designs. Such gorgeous scenery.

    1. I think that’s something that’ll get fixed. The game is still in development and I imagine it’s something they will work out once it’s done. the actual movement is what’s most important at this point in development.

    2. Thank God haha I thought he looked a bit wonky 😛 But I think k that was just the terrain lol

    3. Same, I’m hoping they work on it a bit more before the game releases, but I probably won’t care either way in the end.

  36. So I’ve noticed something interesting and I don’t know if anyone else has said this so forgive me if I’m repeating. What I noticed was the day and night system may have been changed. The battle with Hau on the platform was screen capped and shown last month on Pokenchi. In that pic the sun was also setting. this means that maybe we are moving from real life day and night to an in game calendar system. Also I believe either Masuda or Ohmori stated that the footage they showed was suppose to be a day after the player got his starter.

    1. But in the Pokenichi clip, the levels on there are level 5, so it’s either the first battle or a later battle, because some of it might have been set up to act as a demo

      1. That’s true….but they seemed to make a big deal of the time of day. And why would they say it’s the second day if it was basically the same day anyway? Also why not make it during the day time then for either the screen shot or the gameplay. If the 3ds they are playing on is at the correct time which would have been early morning why would it be turning to night for the game? Who knows I guess maybe we’ll find out as we get more footage of the games. It was just an idea that occurred to me. Either way I’d be fine with whatever they end up doing. lol

  37. I just noticed something. *refresh*
    In the ‘demo’ you came out a house with a garage and went right? Well, I think this is our home (circled in black) and it’s right here. you go right and the layout on the map looks like what we see in the demo. Maybe you take the path on the left (no grass) to get to the town to get your starter, are urged back home to talk to Mom, then go back through the other path to go back to the festival whee you get your second battle with Hau in the festival.
    I mean, if it goes by the demo :3

    1. I think you are right. the left path seems to be much more straight forward. I imagine if you try to go to the right before you get your Pokemon you get stopped by something. I think you’ll have to meet up with Kukui before you go up the mountain though. So first to the beach then to the top of the mountain lol

    2. It’s so big OMG. I can’t wait to explore it! (the house haha) I’m pretty sure you’re right. Like Sunny said, I think you’ll go to the beach first.

      1. Right, but you need to go to the town to get the starters since the selection screen has the platform on it.
        So it could be first, or maybe when you go back down after the festival you stop there, since Lilie’s dialogue at the point shows you know about her enough, at least from the feel.

      1. Gotta be rich to live there! My grandpa is a retired dentist living on the big Island. He had a house built for $1mil and ended up being $2mil….

        Make it rain peeps, make it rain.

  38. Masuda has stated, that they will reveal the purpose of the bracelets and its power in the upcoming months.

    1. Makes sense. They don’t want to give it away too soon. mega evolution didn’t get fully revealed until August so I imagine sometime around then we could get the info.

    2. I feel like the bracelets would just power-up and cause the Rising Sun and Full Moon forms of Solgaleo and Lunala, also doubling as a new way to cause Mega Evolution due to the surge of energy. Maybe GameFreak would be removing Mega Stones as others have speculated.

  39. I didn’t know if I remember that correctly but I think I was saw Hala talking about some guardians r protect these islands maybe one guardian for each…..??!!

  40. I kinda wish the protag would be raised by a single father for once..Or just give us both parents again.

  41. If anyone knows Emily Rodgers from the Paper Mario Wii U rumors, Breath of the Wind rumors, and NX rumors; all of her credibility is gone. There is no voice acting for every single character in the game (evidence is with the Old Man at the start) and there is no female Link/Linkle in the game (Aonuma confirmed this). The only thing that she got right was the Wii U and NX version of the game, which every rumor outlet has stated before. Earthen must be ecstatic at this point!

    More Zelda Information:
    – Refresh for Boxart.
    – 3 New Amiibo.
    – Same experience across Wii U and NX with Pro Controller support.
    Skyward Sword HD is a possibility.
    – The map is 12 times larger than Twilight Princess’.
    – Hidemaro Fujibayashi is directing the game.

  42. I’m guessing we’ll get Iwanko and Nekkoala’s English names once they are officially revealed through CoroCoro magazine in Japan. At least, that’s what usually happens since they’re trying to let everyone worldwide be on the same page with Pokémon.

    1. Pachirisu, Emolga, and Dedenne.
      I’m tired of these electric rodents not evolving.

      Speaking of…
      Which species of electric rodent do you guys think we’ll get this gen?

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a hamster.
        It’s usually some kind of cutesy rodent.

        1. We don’t/can’t have hamsters in Hawaii. The only rodents that exist here are just plain old/pacific rats and the house mouse. But you know, it’s the Pokemon world and not actual Hawaii… so hamsters are not totally out of question.

        1. It was a pulp fiction reference 😛
          But its just one of those things its spelled differently everywhere.
          Just like colour and color. etc 🙂

  43. Why didn’t they show the bug on stream D: anyways I realllllly like how Sun and Moon looks. And Zelda looks phenomenal. Very excited.

    1. I get you! But it was live gameplay so they didn’t know what would be shown and what wouldn’t.

      1. Mmn. I am excited I only wanted one and I got two plus the bird and I got to see the battles in action. It looks great and Zelda looks awesome. So for me Nintendo has pleased me. Overall a boring E3 but I got enough to make me happy.

        1. I know! The info we got today is very pleasing and we can enjoy that for now. Their marketing game is goooood this year.

    2. Maybe they had meant to run into the bug but it just didn’t happen. They weren’t really in the grass much :/

      1. I know right, if that was me playing it, I would be dissecting that grass for all the Pokemon there. I’d be encountering until I found all the Pokemon available

        1. Same!!!! They would’ve had to take the game away from me because I wouldn’t want to move on

          1. Exactly. Even if there was no other new Pokemon, we at least get to see what else is on that route.

  44. I think I need some exercise, my brain is trying to learn every scrap of details in everything

    Am I the only person who was a bit let down by this e3 ?
    Sony : They showed loads of games but honestly its really been all the same sort of stuff for so long now :/
    Literally the best thing they said was Crash coming back and then its only a re-master, good but not great. Horizon is the only game I’m really looking forward to, which is next year. 6/10
    Microsoft : Showed some games, less than Sony but I preferred the look of some games it seemed to have a bit more variety. Project Scorpio is sexual but too far away to get hyped. Gears of War 4 has me by the balls tho. 7.5/10
    Nintendo : Overall I’m disappointed we didn’t get a direct but I’m glad were getting more information this way. Zelda looks good but nothing too crazy, it will still be a GOTY contender regardless. Pokémon Sun & Moon look great for me this is keeping Nintendo ahead of Sony this e3. 7/10 ( But not finished yet )

    1. I don’t really care much for E3 besides any Nintendo related stuff, and that’s cause I’m not really interested in much else outside of Nintendo.
      There is some games, but I usually have no means to play them, so I’m like ‘Meh.’

    2. I wish they had revealed some new games too. I wanted an AC WiiU game but it’s not looking like we’ll get one. I was so sure..

    3. Awe, I’m sorry that you were let down by it :/

      I personally loved this years E3, while i just became a sony fan in the past few years and have never played a GOW game, the one they showed had me very interested. Horizon looks so amazing and I have been looking forward to it since it was announced. Other than that there the only other thing from sony that I got hyped about was the Skyrim remaster, but regardless I was still pumped on life through out, and sun/moon and Winds of the Wild just look so top notch that I can throughly say I am blown away, like into another dimension blown away. I think this years E3 was terrific but again, we all come from different walks of life and like different things, so I can see how others might not see it as I did 🙂

    4. I personally think Sony had the best conference out of the big corporations. The opening with the live orchestra teasing the main theme of God of War was exceptionally enticing, the theatrical and almost cinematic reveals with very little talking, and the presenters (the little amount they had) seeming less frightened than the other presenters of the other corporations was made it work and accessible (Aisha’s still the best). Nintendo comes in second, but the way they revealed Pokemon and Zelda could have been more grand and epic instead of just incorporating a few trailers and then talking about them.

  46. I like that they got rid of the “ground mats” beneath pokemon in battles. This seems more realistic now 🙂

    1. They should now work on character expressions and movements. They just stand there when their Pokemon is getting pummeled to the floor… You know, that blank stare of a psychotic patient. I think simple gestures such as determined faces, using their hands to direct attacks, and just overall making it a symbiotic and expressive experience will truly make this a gem of a game!

      1. That’s a good point. I think that would make it more immersive. I like that there can be bystanders though. Maybe they’ll throw flowers onto the field when I crush my opponents 🙂

        1. I concur. Immersion is a key ingredient in RPG games and whatever they can do to make the player relate and feel apart of their world will only add to the experience! 😀

      2. THe Trainers do have animations when their Pokemon attacks where the move their arms and hands to direct an attack, so there’s that :3
        But yeah, the expression might be better (although I didn’t look too closely to see the expressions of the other Trainers)

      3. As Percy said, they do direct their Pokemon’s attacks and they have a waiting animation as well. There should be an animation for when their Pokemon gets attacked. They said the game is still in development, so it might get implemented later.

      4. Did the player character blink in the beginning? I thought he did but it could have just been the pixels from his movement

  47. Why do you think they cutYungoos Pokedex’s entry? ‘Cause it’s Zangoose pre-evo

    1. Or it mentions the name of the Pokemon Yungoos hunt and they don’t want to reveal it just yet.

      1. Dam, they sure know how to troll with designs, how could Alomomola NOT be luvdisk evolution????

    2. Yungoos literally looks nothing like Zangoose. Naming similarities are not enough to have an evolution. Where does the teeth, shape, and brown & yellow colouring go when it evolves?

    3. I’m assuming it mentions the other new pokemon, which it was brought to alola to help reduce population of?

  48. Oy…..Battle Royals are going to be so one sided
    But nonetheless I will Earthquake everything to oblivion

    1. Maybe not… surprise people with a move they don’t see coming, or there’s always Zoroark~

      1. Just take a pokemon with really good defense and offense. Grass types won’t do well…go with a pokemon like spiritomb so you can deal damage and you’re only weak to one type

      2. I didn’t think about him, but with battle royals, zoroark can take on so many more roles

    1. Well it could always change when it evolves
      But as some stated it could be referencing how Sea Lions make abrupt honking/barking noises

      1. Come to think of it, if you read the English selection text of it… It sure seems that way…

          1. The English text for Popplio when chosen as the starter is “bwarf!” as in a bark, so your theory might be spot on~

          2. He kinda grew on me too, I will still probably choose Rowlet, but it’s early, not a time of decision just yet.

          3. My partner is going to be popplio and I don’t like the idea of a fairy or female either!

      2. That is a high possibility as well. Yet, I’m leaning towards Water/Fairy with it learning Disarming Voice. There is still the Water/Fighting possibility due to the older leaks, but I think I’m going to go off of the concept art from here on out.

        1. We had some strange leaks for last two gens on final starter evos, very strange locations and looks, but as you know, many of them grow on us, i think Gamefreak, or more specifically, Ken Sugimori, has this way of making time activated designs that get better with age…

      3. I hope for either water/ice keep it like the others or just purely water type. and for those that think their are no Water/fighting Poliwrath!

          1. well i mean, its a pokemon most people don’t have access to so its not like its really a pokemon people use 😛

          2. I got it in white then lost my white version which had a meloetta, Keldeo, and Shaymin!

  49. I needed that nap~
    I did it, i went all night without sleep to soothe my friend’s sleeping spirit in Orlando for the Nintedno E3 stream!
    I felt like i rang the tower bell in celestial tower for them, totally refreshed~
    Now that my friend is at ease, i think i can move on to what’s next, and cherish the rest of this E3 for them.

    1. Me I think I’ll take a swim, I’ve been kinda glued to the screen for….4 hours which is usually less then what my daily screentime is but I could use a break

  50. I saw the whole gameplay live and all I could say was OMG wow this are amazing the graphics,the atmosphere you can actually like feel it is like your in the game,you are like behind the character ,the wild battle the scenario at the beginning of the grass and then the pokemon appears,the animation they look so real, the time you can see the difference between the morning,afternoon,sunset,ect.To see the characters move when they give commands to the Pokemon,the attacks they change they look different,the pokedex,to see the stats of your opponent,the animation of the pokeball capturing the pokemon and when you return it,the Battle Royal it looks fun and entertaining I don’t know about you guys but this is what I actually wanted it looks so amazing I love it all it looks amazing.

  51. It’s just like x and y in sense of first route you can find 3 new pokemon that 1 a normal type with 1 evo., a bird with 2 stages, and a bug with 2 stages and other pokemon

  52. Something I have thought would be cool for a while but is probably lame at the same is version exclusive abilities (normal and/or hidden). Though, this would only work for some pokemon.

  53. I have a theory here!

    Hala said there are four guardian Pokemon that are by our side. Corocoro said that Rowlet, Litten, Popplio and Iwanko all hide a secret. Could they be all the four island guardians?

      1. Like a secondary trio (although quartet this time) like Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit?

    1. Look up Hawaiian Islands deities. I think the first hit is a wiki that showcases the 4 deities of the Hawaiian Islands.

      Just something to maybe make a theory from

        1. No, if I remember correctly, the four are as follows: Kane, Ku, Lono, and Kanaloa. Look them up as they represent different things.

          Hawaiian religion on Wikipedia and check out the Beliefs tab.

  54. I’m not gonna lie guys. I took a “bathroom break” during my shift work to read all of this. It was so hard to contain myself and i walked out with the biggest grin on my face. I really need he stream to end though so i can watch the footage during the presentation

    1. There ya go
      Video games are far more important than your job and responsibilities

      1. To be fair the restaurant was empty at the time and the day was slow so its not as bad as it could be

  55. So it kinda scares me that Hau chooses the starter weak against you because it doesn’t seem like there is another rival…. This is really concerning since I really hoped that sun and moon have a little difficulty and don’t hold your hand the whole game…

    1. We don’t know if Lillie chooses the third yet. I hope she does, since it says we run into her during our adventure.

      1. From what I remember reading, it’s stated somewhere that she doesn’t pick the third starter and doesn’t battle and that she simply accompanies you on your journey. She does seem to have a Pokemon in that bag of hers though, so you never know for sure. Could be one of the Zygarde cores or something. I don’t have a source for the info though, just stuff I’ve read on other forums.

        1. I’ve read nothing about how she doesn’t pick the third starter. I’ve just read how she doesn’t like battling.

    2. Building off @Nickerton, Lillie’s bag makes a “pew” voice, which is Rowlet’s from the starters’ reveal trailer

      1. She probably will learn that inside herself lies a great trainer and realizes that though Pokemon fight they will fight to protect you and others, not just for bloodshed

  56. I return with Pizza
    And I think I know the story of Zelda BotW
    This is much much farther on the Zelda Timeline, In this world the Spirit of Hylia’s Champion has fallen, and Hyrule is without a hero, the Sheikah Tribe completely skyrocketed with Magical Technology to in a way fill in for the Hero, but even they aren’t enough, one lone Member is trying to find a worthy vessel to carry the incarnation of the hero’s spirit and somehow finds a close enough match to resurrect or even creates one herself (Like a clone) because an ancient threat is seeping it’s way into this land and they need a hero

    1. That’s not a story. That’s what everyone can infer from the game so far 😐

  57. We didn’t get any info about Lillie, and I doubt I’m the first to mention this, but when I was watching the gameplay… damn if she doesn’t seem like she’s from Kalos. Her clothing looks very similar to the Kalos style. I still think these new games connect back to XY, especially considering Zygarde.

  58. I’m really excited for Pokémon Sun and Moon! I am a little weirded out about Yungoos, but ya can’t win ’em all..
    I ‘m glad about the return of customization, it helps to personalize your character, and is quite fun.
    I really like Iwanko!
    It’ll be hard to pick a team, since I don’t even know which starter I’m picking..

    1. I did have a thought on Yungoos’ temperment
      It seems very….err how you say unloyal

      1. I really don’t want to load up on everything I see but I just love Rock Types too much

  59. Pikipek looks like a Starly and a Fletchling did the fusion dance and i cant wait to see its final form

  60. Idk if anyone’s mentioned this already, but Hala is the island’s guardian and the strongest trainer on the island and there are four islands altogether excluding the man-made one. What if each island guardian are actually the elite four members including Hala?!

    1. Did it say Hala was the guardian or was it that each of the four islands contain a guardian, not specifying if it was human or pokemon?

        1. I would much want this instead of a pokemon. It makes the elite 4 very involved in the story rather than being people in a building ready to test your abilities, aside from Malva.

          1. Yeah, exactly! Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to watch the whole video but I can only fin the part that says he’s the strongest trainer on the island. I really hope the guardians are human as well!

  61. I’m loving the new Pokemon from most favorite to least favorite but I still like all from the one we got today and corocoro: Nekkoala, Pikipek, Grubbin, Iwanko, Yungoos

    And I know I already asked but am I the only one worried the games might be to simple

    1. Idk about simplicity but Im interested in the “guardians of the islands”. If they change up the traditional pokemon game formula and make it like 1 elite 4 member per island then that’d be refreshing. That would also mean the other islands would have to be filled with high-leveled wild pokemon

    2. I can understand your worry. Especially with the fact that the games tell you what move is more effective and how many times the opponent’s stats change it kind of take away fro the skill of remembering everything. Granted what i listed was more of difficulty rather than simplicity i assumed this was what you meant but correct me if I’m wrong though

    3. It by simplicity you mean lack of difficulty and challenge, then yes, I definitely get you.

  62. Imagine the sight of a Battle Royal with legendaries. Or Gym battles with the Leader behind their Pokemon. Omg this game.

  63. So with the CoroCoro being out officially technically (depending on when stores open in Japan) I wonder how long it’ll be until we get the official names for the koala and dog

      1. Why would that be? Why would they wait that long to officially update everywhere on Pokemon already known in Japan?

        1. I’m saying by the end of the week is a good enough bet, maybe even tomorrow or Friday

          1. Usually the official sites update the day CoroCoro is officially out. They could potentially update tonight. The only thing is it’s weird with them having updated for the e3 tree house earlier so they may stagger I guess?

  64. So we at least know 1 of Ash’s new Pokemon .. . If anyone is interested in that

          1. How many fire type does he have tho. . . I also don’t feel the bird type goes well with rowlett tho. Maybe

          2. He could have both! I mean look at his current team…’s like almost all flying type…

          3. This is true. But I don’t feel like the new bird works beside rowlett visually tho. Personally. Plus Popplio has the perfect personality for ash

          4. I want him to have Litten. Not only because I like Litten best, but it’s been a while since he had an interesting fire starter……sorry Tepig…

          5. I think I’m picking litten, unless it’s slow.. but he has So Many of the fire types. He could have more than one I suppose. But this is going to be about strong bonds Asian it would seem. So I feel he will choose only one.

          6. According to the Battle Royal, Litten is the fastest of the 3. That could change tho O`.’o

      1. Pikipek is the regional bird caught at the beginning of the region and Ash always caches those

  65. There’s another Nintendo Treehouse live tomorrow. Does that mean more Sun and Moon news? Or news on Nx? Or what…?

    1. Tomorrow there’s going to be a Q&A on Pokemon Go. Idk if it’s on the tree house or separate though.

      1. Oh well I guess I’ll watch that. I’ll be sure to listen if someone asks if it’ll be available outside the US and Japan and various other major countries -_-

    2. Supposedly there is a “Pokemon special presentation” on Thursday, but tomorrow only has a GO Q&A for Pokemon.

    3. I’m guessing that we’ll get our huge NX reveal in either September or early October. It could be later in the year, but I feel like they need more time to introduce a whole new generation.

  66. What if the four gardians are a shark as the water gardian a turtle for earth camaleon fro fire and stingray for air fits perfectly.

    1. How come some people are saying the guardians are people? I mean it does make sense either way…

      1. It was something I was hoping to connect the elite 4 to the main story. However, I didn’t start this rumor.

  67. Im still watching Treehouse Live and omg Kit and Krista are so cute they are my OTP >.<

  68. My opinions
    – Pikipek Very cute 3 stage and i like and its a cool regional bird. I wonder what good moves will it use to take advantage of skill link
    – Yungoos I like it! Its mouth its funny but its cool and unique and nice ability
    – Grubblin i also like this very cute but though we dont know a lot about it its still cool.
    -Soul Heart seems to only be double ability but its still cool.
    -Rival music: I hate it sorry though it wasnt very loud but feon what i heard its not serious at all if anything its silly. I cannot stand it.
    -Wild battle it was pretty good though i feel like its missing a melody.
    -Couldnt hear trainer very well.
    – i think the trainer in this game moves like a robot and i dont like that.
    – i like how each island is dedicated to a legend
    -the new bottom screen is decent UNTIL you press fight i think it looks terrible that they made it 4 little vertical lines for attacks thats soooo stupid why have that huge space when you cant even use it all, but other than that its helpful
    – i love you can see trainer in battle thats cool
    -Huzzah trainer customization always a plus
    – I think Battle Royale could have been amazing but the stupid rule of “battle ends when one person runs out of pokemon” thats so laaame.

    Those are my opinions if i missed anything i will edit it in later

    1. Game is still in development so hopefully the trainer wont move like a robot in the final product.

    2. Battle Royal Rule encourages people to Not gang up on one personal like most do

      1. But i feel like moves like eq and surf will be op because they can just hit everyone unless they nerf them. I can say one thing it will have a lot more strategy involved in it, and will make people even more angry.

        1. Wide Guard might have a use
          Honestly I wanted to use a Doubles Throh with it

          1. But wide guard protects you and allys it never works in singles. Even then you might as well use protect in royale than wide guard

    3. I think that’s the point with the rival music. It’s silly to fit Hau, I dunno, I think it fits Hau very well, a person who likes fun and loves Pokemon.
      But that’s just my opinion :3

  69. Do any of you guys think Yungoos was Really designed based on Donald Trump? I mean there Are a Lot of similarities between their appearance and dex entree.. Especially those smalll hands.. ?

    1. Introducing a predator to prevent species from becoming invasive isnt that unusual. I like that they gave it a little backstory. That instantly made it more interesting than Zigzagoon, Sentret, Blitzle and Bidoof

      1. With it being said its not native to Alola does that technically confirm gen 8 or maybe it was discovered in a past region but not documented

        1. Oh.. smart. I’m sure it does. But we already knew they don’t plan to stop this crazy train anytime soon.. hrhe

  70. Well guys that was the best Nintendo Treehouse ever,anyway I was doing some running around and I spot another Gate and this gate is much bigger than the last gate we just saw,looks like it’s now up to us to get this bigger Gates of E3 much people contribute of all of our best gaming skills combined,looks like we need to refuel the hype-train because tomorrow’s going to be another grateful day for Pokemon!:D

  71. With the sickening thought I easily thought how Popplio exucutes Disarming Voice
    It’s schnoz would glow pink and it will blow out energized sound waves

    And I now feel Popplio will NOT be a Fairy because of this attack can be learnt by non fairies and is not really a whole fairy magic attributed attack
    But if it were something like Fairy Wind or Moonblast I’m screwed
    Dazzling Gleam and Play Rough get passes because of their nature

      1. I am usually a man of unflinching loyalty but something like Popplio being a fairy is too much to bear

        But if those fakes end up being real then totally Litten since a Libre Tiger is awesome

        But I’m fairly confident that Popplio will not end up a Fairy

        1. What if it’s really bulky though and the other two starters are delicate and feminine

    1. wrong. all of the Pokémon that ARENT fairy type that can learn Disarming Voice actually happen to be in the fairy EGG GROUP. (except for Milotic but she’s a mermaid and has the potential to be a fairy mega)
      Dewgong is known as the Sea Lion Pokémon and cannot learn Disarming Voice
      Popplio will be a water/fairy, stay mad

  72. I wonder if Yungoos evolves depending on how much you feed it? They cut away on the stats screen after it was caught, so I was thinking maybe it has multiple evolution paths.

    1. that what i was wondering! we dont know any of him when it comes to evolution. i mean why hide the evolution path of a pokemon that is usually 2-stages. very shady

      1. Technically E3 themselves lists today as the first official day, and the 16th as the last day of E3, yesterday was a pre-E3 of sorts, even though we got most of the info then, but like all the stuff that people can do at E3 itself is 14th-16th

        1. Right. Technically “E3” is the game expo where all the games are shown off in booths and for people to go play them. The conferences are more or less separate in a way. They get bunched together because they’ve been overlapping for so long, but the main “E3” experience is in the convention centers with the booths lol

  73. After a long time figuring out final types for the starters here they are
    Water/fairy Fire/poison Grass/flying or Grass/ground not likely

    1. Rumor based on some website scavenging that was done a little while back,
      the starter Pokémon’s final types will be:

      Rowlett – Grass/Ground-type
      Litten – Fire-type
      Popplio – Water/Fighting

      1. Honestly, I have a feeling those “leaks” are ending up to be false. I don’t think they’ll turn into those types especially from what we’ve seen from today…

        1. Everyone thought Chespin was going to be a Rock Ground and or Dark Type and look where we are

          1. I don’t think it will be fairy, but I don’t think it’ll be fighting…..

          1. People jump to conclusions too fast
            If it were Fairy Wind or Moonblast then it would be a Fairy
            This barely has a Fairy Aspect it’s most likely referencing how Sea Lions Bark and Honk

          2. if that’s the case then why doesn’t dewgong learn disarming voice? its known as the Sea Lion Pokemon

          3. No, I don’t even want Popplio to be a fairy. But I feel like popplio might be a special attacker and the fighting type won’t apply to it. I don’t know, the “leaks” might be true! I honestly can’t tell, but the types seem unusual……

          4. I would love a Special Fighting type since we are seriously lacking in special fighting types that aren’t Lucario or Keldeo
            All it would need is a new 70-85 base power Special Fighting move and it would be golden
            How about something like a Ki Pulse or a Energy fist

          5. Maybe the 1 in the footage had a negative physical attacking nature? Maybe it’ll even out once its fully evolved

  74. Ok so I was thinking while watching the game play footage again. Lillie isn’t a trainer they say and she doesn’t like to battle. What if she has her own Pokemon, but since she’s not a trainer per say she keeps it in her bag. Not only do we hear and see something fidgeting inside, but Masuda and Ohmori say they gotta keep her bag a secret. I’d be willing to bet that her bag is where she keeps at the very least her main Pokemon whatever that may be. It even has a Pokeball on the sides as a sort of symbolism for the actual thing lol

    1. Pokemon abuse. I’m calling it. She abuses her Pokemon and is a psycho.

      Um… I actually hope this doesn’t happen XD

    2. Maybe there’ll be a twist where she’s actually Jessie, James and Meowth (yeah all 3 of them) in disguise and you don’t notice, but then they throw off their clothes only to reveal their team Rocket uniforms and that the bag has Ash’s Pikachu in it. Then Pikachu will use thunderbolt while in the Hot air balloon and start falling out of the sky and team Rocket will have Afros and start blasting off again and Ash will run in and catch Pikachu and accquiant with your player.

      Just a theory.

  75. Omg… I Love the new Poke ball animations.. Namely when a Pokemon faints and you return it back ?

    1. I hate 3D Pokémon’s “shrinking to nothingness” animation. I love that Pokémon with trainers have a new and great fainting animation (although I still feel the fainting animation is a bit too short), but it looks like wild Pokémon still shrink into nothingness. >:

      1. The fainting animation should be them just falling to the ground and then nothing. Just the end of the battle.

    2. I can’t wait to see the other Pokeball types if they have anything special.

      …and it they bothered to put in a non-generic animation for the Johto Apricorn Pokeballs. 🙂

    3. One thing I’m wondering in relation is that Y button action on the UI. Does it only go appear or work if you have regular Pokeballs or will it open up a menu where you can pick from your collection if you have more than one kind?

  76. So do you think we might get more sun and moon info or is that just wishful thinking?

    1. I think we should be getting Iwanko and Nekkoala’s English names soon.
      Other than that, it’ll probably be a month or two til we hear anything else new.

    2. I’m hoping for some more, but I won’t be too disappointed if we don’t.
      I’m satisfied with what we have gotten today, but that’s just me, a person who’s easy to please :3

      1. I love what we have got, but they are all presumably first stages with evos. I want to see a fully evolved Pokemon so I can tell if I will use it or not.

          1. Yeah, exactly, plus I want at least some ideas for my playthrough teams, cause right now, I love every Pokemon I see xD

          2. I sorta feel that way with Grubbin, but I still kind of like it in a way, I just do xD

          3. I like these designs, but they really aren’t anything I would use in a real playthrough.

          4. I can relate, since I feel the sort of like that. I’m more on the ‘not-sure-what-they-evolve-into-so-I-dunno-if-I-want-you-on-my-team-yet’ side

          5. Yeah that’s how I feel. So far, the only new poke revealed that I just have to have are Litten for Moon and then Rowlett for Sun. But who else will be on my teams during the first play through?? Hhhmmmmm

          6. Same for me :3
            Some potential candidates for me is Pikipek, Iwanko, and Yungoos (Yungoos slightly though)

    3. Wishful thinking. Honestly, I don’t want anymore, I want this to last and then more awesome news, then that last then more news, etc, etc.

      1. The only thing I want left from E3 is a fully evolved pokemon like Noivern, who got revealed at E3 2013.

          1. Yeah I want to start cultivating my new team but there haven’t been enough new Pokemon revealed. I have no idea what will even be available in the game yet

    4. Well we still have the official reveals of the koala and puppy. Plus the 16th could bring us something good. I doubt we’ll get anything too much as far as mechanics, but we may get an additional Pokemon or two.

    5. We might get a little more but nothing too big until a few months. That is unless some special event is announced on Thursday. We’ll probably get Iwanko and Nekkoala english names some time this week, possibly Thursday

    6. I think we get around 3 more pokemon. This is my reasoning.

      We still have the Nekkoala and Iwanko official reveal, and I think they’ll take that opportunity to reveal some more. I don’t think they’ll reveal just two. It might be one more, or 2 more. If they do, it’ll probably be a final evo.

      They also might have something on the 16th. But I’m not sure if that has been confirmed or not. If it is, it could be sun and moon related but I doubt it…

          1. Speaking of sanctuaries you gotta see the new Gazebo
            All I need in there is a clock, extension cord with power strip, a T.V with RYW ports and my new Zero Gravity chair and then it would be perfect

            I could put my Wii in there and just hang outside all day everyday

  77. It really seemed like the people interviewing/playing the game with Masuda and Ohmori knew a lot about the game. Like for example, the lady said: “you should pay attention to the bag that Lillie holds!”

    I wonder if she knows something that they might reveal soon??? I’m just thinking to much…

    1. Or at least genre-savvy. But it’s likely they know a thing or two since they are, after all, Treehouse members a.k.a. beta testers.

      1. I’m really hoping that “pokemon special” is a thing ’cause I’m curious as to what that might be….

    2. I want to be that lady, like all the questions she asked, I would have asked myself, especially about the bracelets :3
      ‘I know you know guys :P’

          1. Wow, you guys look so cute together <3 OTP for life, way better than Earthen x Chico :3

          2. I know, I just hate that they deny it all the time and their love-hate relationship can get old.
            Nice to see a lovely couple nowadays 😛

    3. The bag made a sound like “Mew”. So it’s either a bag pokemon, a Mew or Litten, meaning she picks the 3rd :DDDDD

      1. Yeah, but the thing that scared me a little is that Ohmori said that she isn’t a trainer, but she travels with you… I seriously hope we aren’t stuck with a “rival” that picks the starter weak against you!

        1. Well she took Litten so no one else could. She doesnt have to battle with it. Take the anime for example. No one battles, they all just talk and camp c:

          1. I know she doesn’t have to battle, but Hau took the weak starter…. I fear that the games are becoming even easier than x and y….

          2. What if there is another trainer you meet a little later after the festival that end ups being the main rival and Hau only has the starter weaker than yours to teach type coverage for newbies?

          3. I don’t know… Maybe. On one hand, I’m scared that the only rival shown picks the weaker starter, and on the other hand I don’t think GameFreak would change this formula to “widen their audience.”

          4. Yup. Plus they only showed early game so it might be that it gets more difficult as we go. But the one thing I love about Pokemon is a good challenge which makes a lot of characters memorable for me too…

          5. But if she takes it will her pokemon not evolve? If they evolve without battling that goes against the logic of the game.

      2. yeah but in the game play they were showing your friend the friend has a Litten and the protagonist has Popplio so if she was to have a starter it would be rowlette, or the one strong against yours

  78. So I am challenging myself to come up with a decent Special Fighting Type move that could be a TM
    Force Strike
    Fighting BP: 80
    The user strikes the air with a swift blow causing a shockwave of force, can cause the opponent to flinch

    1. Honestly, I think Nintendo stole the show this year. Sony is close but Nintendo really brought their A-game. Plus there is this mysterious game^

      1. Tbh I think Sony had a better show but I’m more excited for Nintendo’s stuff.

        1. They had a better show because they had more stuff, and they had a bunch of people there. Nintendo was simple, not too much, but got many many people excited.

      2. Sorry, but Sony has won the E3. Detroid: Become Human, God of War 4, Death Stranding, The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn, Gravity Rush 2, Crash Remastered.

        Nintendo can’t beat that, as fucking incredible LoZ and S/M are

    1. As much as I would HATE this, it’s kinda in your face with the japanese name, Yangoose.

    2. But it doesn’t look anything like Zangoose, even with the similar names and type and animal inspiration.
      But, we’ll see :3

  79. I’m watching back the demonstration, and when Hala introduces Hau before the festival battle, he says ‘grandson to the kahuna’
    I just looked it up, and kahuna is a Hawaiian name for a shaman.
    So is Hala a shaman? I know they said he’s a strong Trainer/person on the island so it makes sense. Also, he’s the one commencing the battle and doing the festival speech himself. But why doesn’t he say ‘my grandson’ instead?
    But I guess, considering he’s talking to Tapu Koko, the guardian Pokemon, I guess it makes sense to be formal and say his title, I dunno.
    Just something I noticed and thought I might ponder about.

    1. Yah I noticed that as well.. I wonder if Hala is the champion or maybe a gym leader. Would be interesting…..

      1. I thought/think still he is a champion. But I guess he’s also a shaman too maybe, it makes sense with the scene and how he conducts the ceremony

    2. You do realize it’s like the nickname “The Big Kahuna” which means the big man on campus, or the number one guy around reflecting his status as a great trainer , so Shaman is extremely far off, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew some ancient lore

      1. Well, it would have said ‘big kahuna’ 😛
        I just looked up the word kahuna itself, and it meant shaman, but it might have updated itself to mean ‘leader’ as well.
        Plus, he knows about the guardian Pokemon, and how he conducts the ceremony is very shaman-like to me.
        It’s interesting to keep in mind, no?

    3. I think Hala is a late gym leader tbh Like you have to go back to that island to battle him later

      1. It’s a possibility, but he’s also starting his Pokemon journey along with you, how would he become a gym leader that fast?

      1. No we’re not, I was just basing this off of what we speculate him to be :3
        There is that possibility though, considering he doesn’t say outright ‘he’s my grandson’ but I dunno for certain.

        1. Ok I was wondering if it was finally confirmed. Because it seems so likely. And I wanna say Kukui is also related but I dunno.

          1. Yeah, it does, considering the similar looks they have. But, hopefully we’ll find out soon 🙂

          2. True, true, can totally respect that. In fact, a good part of me wouldn’t mind that.
            I just really like speculating about stuff, so it’ll be on my mind until I know for certain xD

          3. What if: Hala > Kukui > Hau. Now that I think about it Kukui is a bit young for that though.

          4. Yah I originally thought that but I was like Kukui is only like mid 20s at best so I doubt he has a son especially 10 years old.

  80. So these are my thoughts as I look back at the game.

    I know I’ve talked enough about this but I’m worried about difficulty. I wonder if right in the beginning of the game there is an option to change difficulty. If there is, wouldn’t they talk about that, or reveal that by now? Also, if there is a difficulty mode I wonder if the game demonstrator was playing on an easy mode which is why Hau chose the weak starter….
    Or is there a small chance that this will happen. If this doesn’t happen I feel like we are in store for an easier game then x and y perhaps……
    What do you guys think?

    1. I am worried about the same thing. I still think that difficulty options are a possibility. What if there are 4 level and Hau chooses the starter depending on the level (1-2, strong against, 3-4 weak to).

    2. Honestly I don’t think this game will have that difficulty option, just looking at how they added the super effective and not very effective things to help. I strongly doubt it, difficulty settings were a empty hope

      1. I don’t know about an empty hope, black white 2 did them, and if GF listens to the fans at all they would know that people want this.

        1. If they listened to the fans they would have added challenge mode earlier

          1. True. Honestly this is making me very worried about replay ability. It is boring to replay ORAS and XY because there is no real challenge. I desperately want sun and moon to be different.

      2. But, tbh, I don’t mind the effectiveness things, it actually does help. There’s certain Pokemon I forget the typings for, or I forget what is effective against it, plus new Pokemon, so it’s something I don’t mind.

        1. It’s definitely a help, and it seems like this was more of a convenience addition then a holding your hand through the game…

          1. Honestly, I don’t think the game needs to be super challenging, but it shouldn’t be holding you hand, and getting easier. The gym leaders should have more pokemon later in the game. The elite four should have strong pokemon and actual brains. The game needs to please kids, teens, and adults. It shouldn’t be just towards kids.

          2. ^^ THIS. A majority (I think) of the fans aren’t small children who need for the game to be mindlessly simple.

          3. But kids are there main target. And their main buyers too. Kids that play games and move on just like mobile games. Why make it so kids get stuck and leave the game? Though we don’t like to admit it we are pretty much gonna keep buying their games for a while though XY and ORAs were “bad” you are still back for Sun and Moon.

          4. Cause I don’t really care much for the difficulty, I care for the adventure I have every time I play.
            But that’s just me, I dunno.

          5. But kids are also there least reliable audience. Like you said, if there is a challenge they might leave the game. I think that, while they need to revenue from the kid audience, they need to acknowledge the more adult like fans who want a challenge.

          6. But kids are their main audience (unlike what you think kids are actually their biggest buyers. You’re just surrounded by teens and adults so you THINK we are the main buyers) so you want to get as many as possible and make them beat it so they can come back for more. Why make it for an audience that isn’t even their main source of revenue, that just losses money

          7. I didn’t know this, thanks for telling me. I still think there are ways to hold the kid audience but satisfy the older audience.

          8. I mean we were pretty satisfied to come back. They satisfied us by including a big immense story. They satisfied us by making competitive easier. They satisfied us by making ORAS happen. I think they satisfy us more than you think

          9. I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m complaining, a rant was not my intention. I appreciate all the things you mentioned (well, story was meh) but this to me is a matter of replay value. I want to be able to replay a Pokemon game and feel challenged and not feel mindless.

          10. Im sorry as I well, Im playing devil’s advocate I fully agree and support what you’re saying but you gotta look at it from their point of view

          11. I agree. It’s hard to make games to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Whatever this game turns out to be, I’m sure that I’ll enjoy it and I’m sure that once again I’ll max out the play time.

          12. Definitely not main buyers, but definitely there main target. But they don’t have to make it so they get stuck. They can make it balanced. And I know kids that get bored easily if they are too good at the game as well….
            But yes Im back because I’m a Pokemon fan. And I’ve enjoyed the games. But the past generation was not a great one…

          13. they definitely are, what makes you think they aren’t. In Japan the kids are the main buyers. Balance I guess could be good but “easy” and “hard” game is Totally objective. Like I and many others thought without EXP share Xy was hard without EXP share some thought XY was still easy. It’s better to have an easy game that they can at least beat and see the story than a game too hard so they put it down half way through.

          14. Lol the main buyers was a joke, because technically the kids don’t buy the games themselves. I guess it was a bad joke XD.

            But I see where Game Freak is coming from. They want to hold on to those kid fans. But I saw an interesting video about the young children market and I think it tells exactly what I believe game freak needs to think about. I’ll tell you if I find it…

      1. Who else could be the main rival? Lillie isn’t a trainer and nobody else is revealed I doubt they’d pull another character out besides leaders and E4 and evil team.

          1. Our “main” rival? I mean… that would be pretty cool actually haha but I don’t know if that would work… I mean I guess there was N… so eh. Yah maybe. I’d like it but I am not counting on it. And I am thinking Lillie will be the turncoat.

          2. Yah its my only thought as to why there wouldn’t be a rival that chooses the starter strong against you.

          3. It is probably as simple as Gamefreak/Nintendo/Pokemon Co. just wanting this to be a super easy game. Though he does pick up a Pichu. And he will probably pick something else strong to your starter dependent on which you pick. Just not a starter strong to yours.

          4. there has never not been one, so I don’t know why they would stop now, its like a staple of the games, so I’m like 95% they will still have it

        1. we know very few of the characters at this moment in time, there is still months for them to introduce new characters, and if you ask me, I think it strongly hints to Lillie having a pokemon, she obviously has one in her bag so why can’t she be your main rival? but you know what they say about assuming ;P lol, nintendo/game freak will tell us when they are ready, we don’t need to know everything right at once

          1. That’s good at least. The new pokemon are already off to a good start. The beginning pokemon in X&Y weren’t all that cute to me

          2. Ugh, I cringe every time I hear about them.
            I’m sorry, I can’t bring myself to like it.

          3. I was like ‘No way, this is a fake….right guys? Right….?……OH WHAT THE EFF’

          4. I like Trubbish Design wise. But Garbador is definitely one of the worst Pokemon designs I could ever think was. Grimer and Muk are so simple in design that it really works. But Garbador?? First off where to start? Why is it so femine in appearance with pink spots and two pig tails? Why does it have pig tails on its head anyway? Why the fuck does it have the horrible tubes for arms and fingers?? It just makes no sense. There’s not one appealing thing about it.

            And yes I agree, the day emboar, serperior, and samurott were revealed, I think I cried a little. It’s like “THIS is what they came up with?” An uninspired basic ass snake, a sumo wrestling pig – which would be fine if it wasn’t the third fire/fighting starter in a row – and lastly, a horrible misdirection that gave a weird mixmatch of a sea lion, a dog, a sea otter, a unicorn, and a samurai. Misdirection and writers block are the only excuse I could think of for those starters in particular.

          5. I actually meant the kalos starters xD But yeah Emboar and Samurott are just bad. I like Serperior a lot though personally. It’s elegant yet simple. The stats are disappointing though, but its got contrary

          6. Drowzee is weird but Hypno is alright. And what about Garbador? And then there is the ice cream which is dumb but not ugly.

          7. Hm..idk. Trubbish is kind of “ugly cute” and Garbodor is “ugly interesting.” I do really like Vanillite and its evolutions though :3 They’re just so zany! I don’t like the smiley face on the back of Vanilluxe though.

            Ps. Vanilluxe is an awesome name

          8. I feel like trubbish should’ve been poison/ghost or something though. Like reanimated trash? I’m just trying to figure out how it exists. So is it just a creature that evolved to look like trash because there’s so much? It’s an interesting concept I guess

    3. Idk, didn’t we find out about the challenge mode in B2W2 after the release when someone discovered it locked up? I hope if it does return (which is should) it’s available from the start

  81. a female is going to be the main villain, the last gym leader or the champion btw that just the tea

  82. Somewhat off topic
    But for the fans of ScrewAttack’s Death Battle we have received confirmation that the next Death Battle is between Videogames most badass genetic super life forms
    Mewtwo vs Shadow the Hedgehog

      1. I’m debating if Shadow’s Super form and Inhibitor Rings will easily do away with Mega XY
        Otherwise Mewtwo’s Psychic abilities allow to restrict movement to Shadow since Shadow has no history of immunity to mental attacks

        1. Yeah, I’m totally debating this in my head too. I don’t know too much about Shadow, but I do know the info from his last battle.
          I definitely see this as a pretty close battle.

        2. Have you seen the synergy burst of shadow mewtwo? It blows up the planet! And because of the synergy stone, he can do it without outside help. In not sure if they will use shadow mewtwo but i really hope so.

  83. was I the only one that was caught by surprise when Hau was shown to have a pichu?

    1. Nope, cause I was like ‘…wat, ok, you do you Hau, but….okay, whatever’

      1. i mean now the paranoia me is like: “Pichu is strong against Popplio what if he has a random pokemon strong agaisnt your starter?”

        1. That sounds pretty awesome, not gonna lie. Definitely shakes things up, at least in my view.

  84. Maybe the opposite gender protagonist will be in S/M and they just haven’t let on to it yet, I mean thats usually who choses the starter stronger than you, so that would makes sense as to why Hau is the one who picks the one weaker to you

    1. Ugh, I hate those rivals. There is literally no creativity when it is the other protagonist, it is the lazy way out.

  85. Just browsed e3’s line up. Im super interested in breath of the wild, pokemon sun and moon, kingdom hearts, skyrim remake, maaaaaaybe resident evil 7 (assming no vr). Everything else: bland shooters. God i cant wait until the shooter genre dies down.

      1. Zelda totally stole the show. Games absolutely beautiful and massive. Ive never played a persona game (im guessing thats what you meant) whats it about?

        1. Yes Persona 5. It is so amazing and stylish and awesome and I want it so bad. ><; As to P5 is about a group of phantom thieves from high school. They are trying to take down the corrupt adults ruling society. They do so by stealing the ill intent in their hearts. As to other Persona games they are about high schoolers saving the world from death and such. But while Zelda looked great. I am a Persona/Atlus fanboy. xD

    1. same, I never understood the appeal to most FPS like, shooting games are cool when they are heavily story driven like the last of us, but I guess thats not even really considered one, you just happen to shoot in it. But like, imo all the COD games are pretty much the same game with a different coat of paint

      1. Oh my god i loooooove splatoon. My only gripe with it is that it should have had offline splatfest with bots.

        1. Maybe they are pushing players to go online by excluding an offline skirmish with bots. (Or the Octolings are as close as we’re getting to offline bots.) After all, there’s no voice chat so there’s no getting yelled at and feeling bad anyway.

      2. see but thats a break away from the norm, its interesting and creative, still not big on the game (they got super sexualized on the internets, now i can’t unseen it) but its still a pretty cool game

        1. I don’t know where you’re looking to think that the Inklings are super sexualized… I hope it’s not the red light district where everything is… 😀

          So far, at least based on Deviantart it seems very tame.

          1. … miiverse… always miiverse lol, and then theres the ones I’ve seen on google well researching the game to see if id like it, lol my eyes have been forever scarred, lol but it happens a lot, I mean, we all know never to google Gardeivour or Lopunny XP

          2. HAHA yeah.

            But I dunno, I would’ve seen those lewd miiverse pics in my Splatoon plaza… maybe I was just lucky.

          3. they usually get taken off miiverse once they are found, I get all my crazy miiverse post fixes from “BadMiiversePosts” on twitter XD check them out its hilarious

          4. I got moderated on Miiverse once!

            I drew a pic of Villager with an axe and Kirby at the back with a black pool underneath him.

          5. lol i drew Leif with a “happy little axe” in the New Leaf community once, but I guess it was ok, just mildly unnerving 😛

  86. Any thoughts on what Grubbin will become? I’m thinking it won’t be a butterfly/ moth but maybe a Beetle or Ant. Bug/Electric at its final stage since it says that they love electricity

    1. Maybe it’s Bug/ground since it talks a lot about digging. But Bug/electric seems obvious…

      1. Maybe they will completely surprise us and make it a ground/Electric type. I really doubt it but you never know

      1. But then again GF loves saying one thing about a type but making it a complete different type

          1. Flabebe It draws out and controls the hidden power of flowers.= Fairy Not Grass

          2. My excuse is: “It’s only holding a flower, it isn’t actually a flower.” Or in the case of Florges, it’s only dressing up as a flower. 😀

    2. I wonder what kind of insects grow from “grubs”… I better look it up.

      EDIT: Ooh, beetles. Looks like Pinsir and Heracross have a new rival.

    3. I have confidence it’ll be a beetle. I think bug/electric is likely, but I really want a good bug/ground type. Gen 3 introduced two really cool bug combos and then did away with them when they evolved >:I

      1. it was so stupid that Surskit and Nincada lost their typings. I don’t understand why Surskit evolves into a dang moth but whatever.

        1. Idk :/ Especially because Masquerain is so insignificant and unmemorable. It’s not even good.

          1. How dare you! You take that back! <3

            Though in all honesty, while Masquerain is my favorite bug, I believe it can be great or at least have a very usable niche if it were Bug/Water. Thanks to Intimidate it is pretty useful.

          2. Yeah. I’m using a Masquerain on my current Omega Ruby run and it’s doing okay but it could’ve had a bunch of potential

      1. That makes me think if that pokemon existed, guards at powerplants get to be their own pest control services and use gligars and gliscors to defeat any mosquitos that come near.

  87. Am I the only one who thinks Scizor should be faster than it actually is? I mean, it weighs around as much as Salamance does so its weight shouldn’t really be a factor. At least it gets bullet punch.

    1. I think it’s funny how scizor is the only pokemon (I think) that doesn’t gain any boost to BST when it evolves

      1. Yeah it should’ve gained a slight BST but in my opinion I think Scizor and Scyther should’ve been separate from each other like Heracross and Pinsir

    2. I think it definitely should be faster. I’m just glad it became relevant once it received the Technician ability and Bullet Punch.

  88. This is for Menacing: I think this video might have been posted on here before….

    I really hope game freak listens…

    1. The way i see it, this is spot on for me, I do feel less time being poured into the game as i age, but i got all the time in the world… Maybe grabbing you from the get go would indeed help out here and i do actually see some of that in the new Nintendo games. The second i saw pokemon x and y, i was grabbed by the 3d visuals, but now i see pokemon sun and moon… i’m no longer sold on 3d alone, at least in the style it was used. so they got creative and built on it, from the moment we saw it, we were excited and delighted by the simple ideas and changes we saw, they grabbed us early on, this appears to be why sun and moon grab me and add a hype and feeling of depth as described in that video.
      The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild shows this too, with open world exploration, there’s so much new to do, everyone can find something cool to try, and in past Zelda games, after i beat the story, i felt like i was done with them, with this, i can actually go back and try everything else, or not follow a strict linear path. Too many choices can yeild problem, but not enough is harder to fix, so i do agree balance is also key here, where do you draw that line?

  89. So apparently more potential news on the 25th at some event. You can go on Serebii to see what it actually is…

    1. I’m also liking the double pack, hopefully they’ll also do it for the US (I mean, I’d buy both anyways, so why not get 100 Poke Balls with it?)
      And I seriously want that Black SM New 3DS XL, like please

      1. I usually get one version but would be tempted if it came to the US.
        I’ll probably just pre order LoZ instead.

  90. Unrelated to pokemon but I can’t stop watching the Breath of the Wild trailer.

    I like the voice acting a lot, but I hope it stays as a narration or just in major cutscenes.

    1. I know right? and that trailer music, is so.. so… ahhh amazing, it reminds me of a Legend of Korra/ Studio Ghibli Spiritually empowering type of music and it definitely has a lot of eastern influence in its sound as well <3

      1. I like the cutting at around 2:00 minutes into the trailer.
        They did a good job of making me super excited for the game.

    1. Replying so I can get back to this post and I’ll look into it when I get back home. I hope I’m good at Name That Tune.

    1. Litten, Rowlet, Popplio, “Iwanko”, “Nekkoala”, Grubbin, Pikipek, Yungoos, Solgaleo, Lunala, did I miss anything?

  91. I hope Grubbin’s evo(s) are nice and bulky. I also hope it doesn’t become bipedal.

  92. This is unrelated to Pokemon, but Nintendo is unveiling a new RPG IP tomorrow for the Nintendo 3DS. I have a feeling that it’s going to be the 3DS project Monolith Soft was working on. What do you all think the new IP may be?

      1. In the end we got a new town builder/RPG by Grezzo (dev of the 3DS Zelda remasters).

        If Monolith Soft are still working on this RPG, it’s not out yet.

    1. Wow that’s the OOOOOOLD pic from them that says something about job openings in Monolith Soft. Has it really been that long since that project started? Only now are we gonna get info on it?

  93. About Tapu Koko, Tapu denotes something Sacred. Koko apparently can mean rainbow-hued (according to a Hawaiian dictionary I checked). It would fit with the whole rainbow theme in Alola.
    If it wasn’t for someone calling Tapu Koko a “little thing” on the festival, I’d have to say it was Ho-oh, the Rainbow Pokémon… XD

    On HeartGold/SoulSilver, Morty says: “It’s good of you to have come. Here in Ecruteak, Pokémon have long been revered. It’s said that a rainbow-hued Pokémon will come down to appear before a truly powerful Trainer.”

    And Tapu Koko appeared before the protagonist at the beginning of the journey.
    Also, Ho-oh’s signature move is Sacred Fire and its item is Sacred Ash.

    I really doubt this Tapu Koko is related to Ho-oh, just thought it was funny.

    1. I’m thinking that since kukuis hat has the 4 color rainbow on it, there will be a guardian pokemon of each of those colors

      1. I think so too. 4 islands, 4 guardians, 4 colors on the hat (possible symbol for the Alola region).

  94. Really? Japan is getting two special 3DS on the launch day of Sun & Moon. One with the Legendaries and one with Pikachu. Also, their getting a dual pack similar to OR/AS with both S/M and a 100 Pokeballs.

    1. And I just bought a new 3DS XL with Animal Crossing skin. Ffs I can’t afford this,with all those games I have preordered..

  95. I love Grubbin, I hope it evolved into bug/ground or bug/rock or bug/steel heavy machinery beetle,instead of butterfly.

  96. okay guys we took care of the first part of the Pokemon party,so let’s check that checklist and see what’s next on the list.

  97. actually they reveled Pikipek dex No in this steam it’s 10 but time came to revel Yungoos No they show us a pic of Rotom dex the reason of that ..maybe they didn’t want us to know if Pikipek have 2 or 3 line stages.

    1. I think Yungoos’ dex entry was referring to another unrevealed Pokemon as a rival/prey, so they had to hide it. Or maybe Yungoos have a split evo.

      1. oh wait I was wrong from the beginning the guy who play the game was catch Yungoos before Pikipek and we show the 2 empty spaces after it so it’s obvious Pikipek have 3 line stages.

    1. Well there we have it, we probably have a new rat Pokemon.

      I bet it’s mentioned in Yungoos dex entry but they put Rotom-dex on the screen to hide it.

    2. It was mentioned further down, but thanks for the screenshot. It makes it more legitimate.

  98. Actually, there’s actually a new article, but it actually seems to be actually nothing in terms of actual new info for now. And I actually gotta go home to verify if I can actually find the actual info entries of Iwanko and Nekkoala in the actual Japanese Pokemon website. (And actually translate them.)

  99. Just in case no ones said it, but Magearna’s signature reminds me of the ultimate weapon as its a flower cannon. Also her ability is powered up when other Pokemon faint, like how the ultimate weapon powers up by taking the lives of other Pokemon

    1. Hmm, that does sound interesting… but I think i read flavor text somewhere describing the soul heart ability (as one can also deduce from the name) as evoking feelings of determination in Magearna to fight for the fallen pokemon

    1. I would like that a lot actually..and it’d make sense if its beak evolved to be like a drill of something.

      1. Ikr?! I feel it’s almost confirmed, what with its beak and while the move it uses does sound like bullet seed (which’d go awesomely with skill link) “bullet” could also imply steel

  100. My thoughts on the new pokémon:

    Yungoos: When I saw it, I was like “that feel when pokémon is referencing your ecology lectures”. Then I saw the dex description, and it became clear GF were not just taking into account the fact that there are mongeese there, but also the backstory behind they’re introduction. I love it when gamefreak go all the way with real life inspirations, and I hope we get a few more Hawaian endemic species (preferably ones that weren’t introduced hahaha). I love how just like in real life Yungoos were introduced to control another pest, but then became one themselves. No mention of it being a mistake though. Because in real life introducing diurnal mongeese to eradicate nocturnal rats is a textbook case of why you need to think a wee bit before doing that sort of thing. Well in any case it says they’re everywhere so that introduction can’t have been too good for Alola.
    As people have said it’s a nice justification for it’s commonness as the starting “rodent”. I thought Iwanko was there to fill that role, but in retrospect he is rock type so that would have been unusual.

    I love it’s cartoony design and massive teeth, it’s very appealing and not too overdone, it just works for me. I doubt the Donald Trump resemblance is intentional, but in any case it”s hilarious. I wonder what type it’s evolution(s?) will have?
    I feel we will indeed get a form or rat counterpart (or maybe something else, but I honestly doubt they’d go the snake route again as we already have zangoose and seviper). Maybe, as some have said, we’ll get a pair of regional mammals?

    Pikipek: Came out just as I expected, and it’s a pretty damn flawless design. Nothing much else to say, it’s description is typical but well though out, and I hope it’s evolutions are cool. I wonder what type we’ll get? I doubt it’ll be normal/flying.
    Also can we take a moment to appreciate that it’s french name is Piccasaut? (Pic-assault, but read it in a french way to get the dank pun) I love when localisers do this kind of thing.

    Grubbin: Love it that we’re getting something different from just a caterpillar this time. Tbf there are million of insect species so it’s only fair there are many caterpillars, but I feel Scatterbug’s design was weak and uninteresting, at least a first glance. Also a large proportion of these millions are coleopterans, so it’s nice to get an actual beetle grub. It’s a great design, relatively simple, relatable to the real life inspiration, yet appearing pokémony and able to defend itself. It reminds me of trapinch a lot, but that’s just because of huge mandibles and digging tendency. It’s nothing like a rehash. I’ve gotta say I’m not too turned on (heheh) by the bug/electric typing it’s heading for, but I’m eager to see it’s evolution’s designs. I hope we get a cool new beetle.

    Other thoughts:
    -The battle royale mode looks amazing, can’t wait to use it with my friends, we’re a very convenient group of 4 pokéfans. However I’m frustrated but not surprised at the irritating typical Game Freakish choice of making the battle end the second one fighter is out. Now I know the alternative is stalling, and it’s a perfectly viable and strategic battle type option to go with… BUT WHY NOT LET US CHOOSE??? We could have both first man down and last man standing!! Porque no los dos? Is it so hard to make battle rules customisable? Gamefreak tend to make them customisable to some degree, but never go all out, as with many things, and it’s so infuriating!

    -Also I noticed Ledyba’s pokedex entry has some info that doesn’t seem to come from any previous game (the part about each one having different spots). Are we getting new pokedex info for old pokémon rather than just the usual rehash? As a huge fan of the pokedex/biological angle, I think that would be amazing!

    Overall I’m extremely excited for Sun and Moon. The overall feel, design aesthetic, the new battle interface, the colours, the region… It’s extremely appealing to my tastes. Also pretty much all the pokémon have had excellent designs thus far. The only on I’m not a huge fan of is Magearna, but I’m warming up to it . I just hope we get a number of pokémon closer to BW than XY ( I think it’s unlikely, but the whole “teeming with life” and “loads of rare pokémon” ethos is encouraging), and some cool new megas.

    And please, please. No Synchro. Don’t complicate things further…. Unless it’s literally just a way of giving a boost to any pokémon, as single one on your team, with no form changes. That I’m increasingly warming up to, as it could allow for people to use their favourites more. I just don’t want something that confuses things further than mega evlolution already being a thing.

    1. My bet is that the rat that Yungoos was introduced to deal with will be the electric rodent of this region

    2. The reason why Battle Royal ends when one player is defeated, is so no one has to sit idly and do nothing except watch the other players and wait for the battle to end. It’s a genius move, in my opinion.

      1. I’m not really criticising that they went with that option, I’m just extremely frustrated they didn’t give us a choice. Both possibilities make for great competitive possibilities, but as usual GF, for reasons known only to itself, isn’t going the full distance. IMO genius sounds a little hyperbolic for what pretty much amounts to lazyness, hahaha

        1. Ah, I see what you mean. Well it costs money to give you what you want, so they just stuck with the smarter scoring method.

          1. Myeh, I think both options would have been equally good. And the fact this one can lead to frustratingly short battles with lots of scope for not getting to use your strategies is quite disappointing. Though obviously the other option could lead to severe stalling abuse…

            I do think the justification that the losers wouldn’t have to wait is a bit weak if you consider that’s already a thing in multi battles, but obviously those wouldn’t work if you got eliminated from one player losing.

          2. In (real) Multi, the eliminated player still has an investment in the battle: to see if their teammate will win. In (real) free-for-all, the losing player only waits for the game to end.

            I believe it’s a limitation in the design of Pokemon’s multiplayer in general, where when one player disconnects, the session is over. I’ll have to give that this is the lazy part, where it is smart of them to have the game mechanic to turn it into an excuse for ending the game when a player is defeated, since they’ll probably just rage quit instead of waiting for the end of the match.

            If I were to play in online battle royal, my anchor would be an incredibly tough and frustrating setup sweeper like Suicune or Gliscor.

  101. “Each island in the Alola region has a Guardian Pokémon ”

    what if each island and guardian represents one of the four elements:
    earth, water, fire, air? just thinking haha (avatar much)

    1. That might actually be true. I read that each island’s name is the Hawaiian word for red, green, blue, and yellow, respectively. So, it would be fire, grass, water, and electric.

  102. I’m pretty sure that grubbin will become an Argentinian Ant. Why? They are known to eat electric wires and also they are some colonies in Hawaii!!!! They have cause many problems in several places around the world because of their love for electric wires. Also that swarm ability grubbin has gives an extra clue because Argentinian Ants are known to have the biggest ant colony in the world.

  103. I sense that it will be only four more months until November (as it’s July at the moment). Of course, I do know how fast time goes; before I know it, November 18 will arrive, and then Pokémon Sun and Moon will be here… 🙂

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