Nintendo Treehouse Live Coverage: LIVE!

The time is almost upon us. The Nintendo Treehouse Live Event will air soon and with it we’re expecting some brand new Pokémon Sun & Moon information, along with an update on the latest Legend of Zelda game.

Below, our readers can find the official live stream of the event as well as our own coverage. For the first time ever we’re making things easier for our readers as updates will appear automatically without having to leave the page.

We hope you’re all excited as we are and hope you’ll join us in watching what could be the biggest Pokémon Sun & Moon news drop of the year!

Live Coverage

Our live coverage of the event can be found below. No need to refresh, the feed will update automatically! Come back after the broadcast for a full write-up and summary of all the information we receive.

Live Stream

Check back soon for the live stream of the Nintendo Treehouse Live Event!