JungleTalk: E3 2016


The biggest gaming event of the year is upon and most importantly for us: we’re expecting some big Pokémon Sun & Moon news.

Today (Mon 13th June) we’ve got big conferences from Microsoft, the PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft and Sony. Then tomorrow (Tue 14th) is where the Pokémon fun begins, with Nintendo airing their live broadcast. We won’t be giving live coverage of any conferences aside from the Nintendo stream!

We want to hear everything you’re excited about this E3? What do you think will be revealed for Sun & Moon tomorrow? Let us know and enjoy the conversation! While we’re asking questions, is there anything new you’d like us to try with our E3 coverage?

Nintendo @ E3 live coverage HERE on PokéJungle.net: Tuesday, June 14 at: 9AM PT, 12PM EDT, 5PM BST, 6PM CEST, 1AM JST.

For information on other conferences and broadcasts, please check here.

  1. I remember the time my username on Showdown was “Mashed Defect 3” after I was disappointed with the ending haha.

    Anyway, as I’ve said on the other page, yesterday was meh and showed nothing of interest to me at least, I hope this day is any better.

      1. All? :p

        But yeah the ending seemed like all based on one dialogue tree and a number and the choices I made during the entire series didn’t seem to matter. At least they fixed it a bit.

        1. I’m hoping Andromeda is going to to better in the ending department. I love the series, overall.

  2. Does any one know at what time the conference of E3 start tomorrow if I live in Mexico?

  3. So, if that alleged leaked schedule for the Treehouse is legit, S/M will have Synchro Mega Evolution, a 5th move slot for ”special attacks”, Mega Lanturn(Water/Electric with Drizzle) and Mega Sunflora(Grass/Fire with Drought), and a new Rotom form (Cleaner Rotom) which is Electric/Poison.


    1. And it looks like that bird Pokemon we saw in the very beginning will be announced, if that schedule is true. pepeck or whatever it’s name was.

    2. It’s not real. It never is. Why would a Vaccum Cleaner be Poison type? And why would Rotom get a new battle form like that instead of making is Dex form battleable? And why let a Pokemon mega evolve AND get a 5th move? That leak is absurd.

      Plus, pepeck is a name from a previously debunked leak, and Gigareki isn’t a Pokemon.

      1. Because Poison represents waste, garbage and pollution and what does a vaccuum cleaner do? Gigareki was trademarked by Game Freak in March lol

        1. I would hardly call dirt poisonous….the typing would be cool, nonetheless, since it has levitate

        2. A vaccuum cleans up trash, not makes it. Doesn’t make sense. And yes, Gigareki was trademarked, but not in the same way as the other names. It didn’t have its name written out like the others, it wasn’t trademarked by a proxy, and it wasn’t tagged like all the other names were, indicating that it’s not a Pokemon. Remember Solitabaa? Everyone thought it was a Pokemon, but it ended up being Pocket Card Jockey, a separate game made by GameFreak. Gigareki is probably a similar case.

        1. You do realize anybody can make these right
          Anyone could slap on a extra long piece of printer paper and type whatever, and even more so all the “official logo” can be taken off the internet faded out and put through a non color printer
          Pathetic attempt

          But I will say I like the name Pepeck that is all

          1. I’m not saying its real lol. Gigareki however was one of the names filed for trademark by GF back in March, along with Solgaleo, Lunaala and Marshadow.

          2. I’m all for new Megas (I kinda like Mega Lanturn, if true, not sure about Sunflora tho, I find it rather useless)

          3. Woke up early 4Am and I have a bad habit of never getting back to sleep
            And for some reason there was a clanging sound in the attic from the wind, and I’m directly below it
            And i had to listen to it like clockwork which drove me nuts
            And there’s no food in my place so I had to use my funds to buy food which I hate doing
            And my dogs are being a pain
            Also my gazebo is filled with leaves which takes forever to sweep,
            And my parents on my ass for what my plans are for today

            So yeah I’m not peachy today

        2. I doubt it means anything, but the type-font (especially the 1 at the bottom of the page) reminds me of software LaTeX, which is commonly used in mathematics papers.

    3. This is barf covered bologna
      Synchro Evolution is just beyond unneeded
      I truly hope this is fake just so this madness ends

      1. Agree with you, I think it should just stay anime-exclusive. I have no idea how it would work in the games. The best I can think of is something with Amie.

        But I’m fearing its coming. Also, that ”secret” Iwanko and the starters share probably has something to do with it.

          1. Also possible. But Iwanko is a dog and dogs often create strong bonds with humans which would explain Synchro.

            Again I dont want it near the games, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if we do get it.


          3. Ash-Greninja is immensly popular, especially in Japan. One of the few reasons I can think of as to why they would want to introduce Synchro.

          4. Gamefreak has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ANIME
            And they aren’t trying to introduce Synchro
            WE ARE (We as in everybody but me)
            They have nothing even remotely related to fusing with Pokemon
            Everyone is being colossal boneheads LITERALLY NO INFORMATION SUPPORTING THIS

            This is a special Greninja thing and a writing tactic to give Ash a Pseudo-Mega to complete the Rival Triangle

            Ash’s Greninja is a descendant of the Ninja Hero’s Greninja but DOUBTFUL ANYONE KNOWS since nobody follows the anime

          5. I follow the anime and it’s well known that it’s true ashs Greninja is indeed a descendant

          6. I knew this about Greninja mate, I actually follow the anime lol (I set my alarm for every new episode)

            I was just thinking out load for explanations.

          7. Ash’s Greninja is NOT a descendant of the Ninja Hero’s Greninja in any way at all.

            Ash’s Froakie hatched from an egg which was then given to Professor Sycamore by Nurse Joy. Right from the very start it’s always been different and it never got on with any of the trainers it started with until Ash came along.

        1. I just looked at it. Nintendo is not having a press conference, so I seriously wonder how they got this. I’d slap this in the fake category posthaste. Additionally, the font is not even one they use for E3.

          1. It doesn’t even have any official seals, just a fucking e3 logo WHICH CAN BE EASILY PASTED


          2. How would you feel about Mega Sunflora and Mega Lanturn though? I kinda hope we’ll get megas for Solrock and Lunatone by the way.

          3. Sunflora is a terrible Pokemon, so I don’t see it becoming better with a Mega Evolution, unless they do something similar to Mega Beedrill. Mega Lanturn would be pretty cool.

          4. I love Lanturn’s typing, its my default water type in HGSS. I agree on Sunflora, its a rather useless Pokemon lol.

          5. All of them NO
            we do not need Mega Solrock or Lunatone
            They are stupid and useless and no mega evolution would ever help them

  4. This should be interesting. Honestly Nintendo only really doing a few select things will make their stuff WAY more interesting. The problem with these conferences and directs for Nintendo is they are filled with stuff that is useless or boring. There are only really a few tings from each company that a lot of people can really get excited about and the rest is just fluff. Nintendo focusing on a few tings I thin will really help them. Anyway I only have one question. So was that special thing for Pokemon on the 16th just a rumor or was it confirmed? I seem to see less and less about as we come into this week and I get the feeling it’s not even a thing. Unless someone can tell me otherwise.

  5. I’m going to be trying to watch all of the press conferences. Nintendo isn’t really having a press conference, it’s more of just gameplay. I’m looking forward to mostly Sony’s and Nintendo’s E3 stuff. Zelda Wii U is already looking better with the screenshots and the upcoming S/M news will have my heart on life support! I seriously cannot wait any longer for tomorrow!

    1. The alleged (fake) schedule aside. I do hope we’re getting to see some new mons. The bird frame from the February reveal, I would like to know what it is xd

  6. So in honor of waiting for E3 I will play a game for the day
    Super Paper Mario (Up the the space level)
    Majora’s Mask (Great bay temple)
    Maybe even Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2
    I may treat myself and buy Pokemon Blue

    1. I would play Super Paper Mario up to the Space Level. Level 4-4 (Which was the last level in the space levels) was always my favorite one because of the music and the puzzles.

      1. Well honestly that’s where I lost interest my favorite is
        And nobody wants to do the Great Bay Temple I’m too much of a completonist and end up hunting down stray fairies

    2. I bought Super Paper Mario from a clearance section many years ago. I’m so glad I did, because (even though I know a lot of people don’t), I loved it sooo much

      1. My Aunt got it for me the night it came out
        I loved every moment of it

        But those days are over Paper Mario as a series is officially dead, drowned, torched to a crisp, and scattered in the breeze and the particles decomposed

        The only way to get a traditional RPG is to have them make a new IP which is basically Paper Mario but in a different skin
        (My fan game was a Reverse Partners in time where Bowser Jr from the future and kidnaps Mario and drags him into the future so Present Bowser can successfully take over (and he did))

  7. As long as we get at least 2 or 3 more Pokemon and one of them is a Dolphin! I’d be a happy camper

        1. Well I can’t really vouch that they made the initial discovery
          But then again they did have that gigantic video on the whole alchemy thing so yeah I’m siding with them

    1. I’m still not convinced about the whole Alchemy theory, it seems too stretched out for me. But it’s not the first time I’ve been wrong so, who knows?

      1. Actually, after doing (literally) 3 minutes of research, I found out about the 4 elements of Alchemy. Which are Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

        Rowlet – Air
        Litten – Fire
        Popplio – Water
        Doggydude – Earth

        Starting to have some credibility to this theory haha

      2. Same here…just use actual chemistry lol but I’ve been wrong plenty of times *cough* zygarde form in SnM *cough*

      1. Look at the ears of Popplio and Iwanko. It works better this way. Plus, Mercury is connected to Water.

        1. I can see that, but I’m saying that with the loose connections for some of the others, it could work for both.

      1. I think that’s suppose to be a tongue. Like it’s sticking it out at you ;P

    2. Where did you find those symbols? I keep getting different symbols for sulfur and it’s always in a compound for some reason….

    3. The sulfur here is different…I also noticed that there are “sulfur 3” and what not (not shown here but a simple Google Image yields this). I’m guessing those are for different isotopes?

  8. Doing some Alchemic research and saw mentions of AZoth, Sol and Luna. Pokemon has really thought about the inspirations for these games, it makes me appreciate these games even more.

  9. I have a feeling there will be a pig pokemon in this region available early on. Wild pigs are supposedly a big problem in Hawaii (I think). They do a lot of damage to endangered wildlife. That being said, I wonder if GF would demonize them (if there is a pig pokemon) and make them a dark type or maybe a fighting type.

    1. That would be neat! Having them cause havoc in various locations. They could easily be a Dark Type Pokemon. I could already ensure that the evil organization would use them.

      1. Good idea. I think Earthen would be upset if it’s not a ground type though. Maybe dark/ground would actually suit it. Or ground/fighting I guess. Either would be cool

  10. So i cant find the live stream anywhere. Nintendo hasnt put it on youtube, their twitch is offline, no one else is streaming. Im getting anxious. I need my bountiful helping of Pokemon news. Can someone help me?

      1. Im dumb. Im in Singapore visiting and for me, it’s already the 14th. So heres me thinking im missing something………. ?

  11. I know this is a Nintendo/Pokemon site, but I want to talk about the other E3 conferences. I know were all looking forward to Nintendo’s stuff, but how do we feel about the others? I would love it if everyone could rank the conferences between A to F (we skip E). I’ll edit my comment later with my opinions on the other conferences.
    EA: D / Their conference was rather boring and they had barely any gameplay. The only cool stuff was Battlefield 1, Fe, and the upcoming Star Wars games.
    Bethesda: B / They announced some interesting titles such as Quake and Prey. The showed gameplay and I felt like a good conference. I had no issues with their conference, even though I’m not to interested in many of their games except Prey.

        1. Oh, well I think they showed some good gameplay there. It did seem very similar to the previous game but we still don’t know if there are any new game modes, or features like they added last year. Madden really improved and I’m hoping for a big improvement this year as well.

  12. Before the flood of news (and possibly new Megas) I want to state two nitpicks I have with adding Megas at this rate. Firstly, I want GF to add real evolutions when they can rather than a mega. I am sort of scared that they won’t add new evos and just slap on a mega whenever a Pokemon needs a buff. Secondly, making so many Megas makes Pokemon with Megas not as special, and I feel that there as too many. I think they should add 10-12 Megas per generation. The 50+ we got in gen 6 was way too many, even if it was because it debued in gen 6.

    1. I agree with the necessity of more evolutions. I hope in Generation 7 they pull a Generation 4 and adds a few evolutions to some Pokemon. Mega Evolution needs to continue to expand to various Pokemon that are most wanted to have them. I don’t think they should add a bunch, but I’m hoping for about fifteen new evolutions to keep the concept rather fresh.

    2. Do you honestly expect a huge flood of news and megas though? I don’t know if details on what they are doing with megas and sycros will come untill closer to the games release. They will probably just show nekoala and the dog and maybe afew other new mons

      1. And maybe a couple new features like they did with X and Y. But I think they will take this time to give us lots of news. I just think because not much is being showcased, they might give us a good amount of news….

        1. Yeah, I’m just keeping my hopes down at this point, I’m not going to expect too much because whenever I do they don’t actually announce anything… 🙁

    3. I find the lack of Mega for Gen 6 except Diancie insulting. The region where it was introduced only got 1.

      1. Because we didn’t even know those Pokemon back then. We still had to get used to Gen 6- Pokemon. You can expect them now with SM coming, but don’t think Gen 7 will get Megas though.

        1. What bothers me about that though is that Legendaries are an exception to the rule. If you aren’t going to make Megas for the gen, don’t make any Megas. Don’t exempt Legendaries from the rule.

    4. Personally I liked the amount they introduced in Gen 6, because it helped spice up the matagame, and combined with the fact they only released 70 original Pokemon this gen, it made sense to make the numbers up with Megas.

      Also adding more Megas to ORAS was also favourable as it spiced up the mitagame again mid-gen. Usually we have to wait an entire gen for new stuff to use in battle.

      Personally I’m hoping they add new moves/abilities/megas as DLC (in before everyone shouts at am saying DLC will never happen for Pokemon). I just find battling gets stale quite quick when there’s no need stuff to experiment with.

  13. I’m kinda surprised to find myself more hyped for the Zelda info bomb than Pokemon. But I mean, who can blame me? This game was revealed 2 years ago and now we are finally getting real information about it! Hyyyyyyypppppe!

  14. What is it with Movingg and getting dates messed up lol. In the article it says Monday is the 13th, yeah okay good. Then right after it says Tuesday the 15th .-.

  15. I have a theory about Zygardes new forms and the story of SuMo. What if the evil team is trying to use zygarde to control the earth rather than than making eternal day or night and you just have to find a strong Pokemon to fight zygarde and you go to that island to catch Solgaleo or Lunala

    1. I feel like that would just sideline the main legendaries because I’m sure many wouldn’t use them.

  16. I know this is random and we probably will only get an answer to this once we have the games, but I really hope Sun and Moon are difficult like Black and White.

    The reason I say this, is because while Black and White wasn’t extremely challenging and I had to grind intensely, it was challenging enough for me to have to work hard to beat some of the bosses (Ghetsis, even N, Alder, some gym leaders).

    It made me work for my victory and I liked that. I have some very fond memories of trying to beat Ghetsis’s hydreigon on a plane to Brazil. It took me a good portion of the flight to figure out my strategy, and earn a little luck to beat him. So I think that Black and White is a good representation of what I think the difficulty should be like in Sun and Moon….

    1. I don’t know if they would do this because they are only trying to make the games more accessible to little kids but I would still really love this!

      1. I feel like they are catering too much to the younger fans (the less dedicated fans, usually), and are leaving out stuff for the dedicated older fans (i.e. post game, difficulty, etc.).

        1. Yeah, didn’t Junichi Masuda state this excuse when asked why the battle frontier was left out of ORAS? I wish they would respect the aging fan base more, but I also understand that they put their target audience first :s

      2. Well unfortunately this is true… But think about it. You need to understand what your fanbase is. Little kids aren’t going to play throughout the whole game. If they don’t play through the whole game, why bother trying to cater more to an audience that doesn’t even play your game?

        However, Game Freak does listen to critique by the Pokemon community. So fingers crossed we get some difficulty or some difficulty setting before the game…

        1. I hope you are correct about the difficulty settings. You are right about that they don’t finish the game (my younger brother is living proof to me), so it explains the recent lack of postgame.

          1. Little kids don’t have time to sit and play a full fledged RPG. They play games that involve tapping on your screen, moving the iPad and shaking. This is because most kids nowadays have short attention spans. So most of them won’t play Pokemon.

            And I think GameFreak learned that with X and Y…..

          2. I mean, I wouldn’t generalize people, there are some younger kids who aren’t like that.
            A good amount are like that, but some are not.
            Heck, I sorta have a ‘short attention span’ but that’s cause I get bored quite easily.

          3. This is true, not all are like that, but it works as a general statement, because a majority are like that and it is the reason gamefreak is making the games the way they are recently.

          4. Of course. Which is why I said most. I know a lot of kids who can sit for hours just listening to music or playing puzzles.

          5. I would argue that they learned that with Gen 5, as XY held your hand through the game, had zero difficulty, and had very little postgame. They need to start catering to the dedicated audience, and need to stop trying to make games so easy and short to try to hold the audience of children with short attention spans.

          6. Exactly… But they still should try to please the less dedicated audience as well. And I think the Rotom Pokedex is a great way to please both!

          7. I don’t know, the checkpoint system looks sorta like the game is holding your hand once again.

        2. I mean, when I was little, I tried to play through the whole game, and it was only when I was lost or got stuck that I dropped it.
          The same issue might be there as well 🙂 Not saying all little kids are like me, heck no, but there also might be some like me who act that way.

          1. That’s also very true.

            But I also don’t want them to make the game as difficult as some before more recent ones. Because some areas of the past games are really really hard. So I hope they can integrate either a difficulty setting or something balanced.

    2. Here’s what I want:
      – Easy mode – XY level difficulty
      – Normal mode – Black/White difficulty
      – Hard mode – platinum difficulty
      – “Pokemon master” mode – harder than anything we have seen

      And I want these available from the start.

    3. I mean, I sorta want that, but I don’t want the huge level gap it had at BW postgame. I never faced Alder and got far because they were like 10+ levels higher than Ghetsis and I had no way of grinding to get there because I get bored easily.

        1. I know, I’m just putting out there the problem I had with it, which was the huge level gap after completing the game.
          If they had it and fixed that level gap, it would be awesome 🙂

          1. I know… I really hope that the game is a little challenging since X and Y was so easy, I beat the game in 3 days…..

          2. XY was way too easy. I didn’t use the EXP share and Mega evolution to make the game harder, but didn’t lose a battle once, and beat the E4 in one try.

    4. Just have an Easy, Normal, and Hard mode of the game. An RPG should scale levels properly without intensive grinding. Honestly, all Pokemon games have been easily for me to beat with minimal grinding. All they need to do is lower and raise levels, increase the amount of Pokemon certain characters use, and the use of items on Easy, Normal, and Hard mode. That would make a perfect Pokemon game for everyone.

      1. I want an extra hard mode, called “Pokemon master” mode. Also, I agree, up the allowed Pokemon of gym leaders.

      2. I really like what they did in Mario Luigi Dream team where you could choose a difficulty level and change it from the settings whenever you wanted and if you lost to many battles it would ask you if you wanted to go down to an easier level.

    5. Earthen’s Extra Salt Sodomy Difficulty Mode: Turbo Hyper Unhinged X
      -All Trainer and Gym Leader Pokemon are EV trained, 10 levels higher and have TM moves
      -Trainer Pokemon hold items and use substitutions and healing items
      -My much much much more obstacles that absolutely forbid exploration without needed HMs
      -All HMs are hidden
      -You can’t use HMs on obstacles without level requirements
      -Wild Pokemon are ten levels lower than you
      -every square of Tall Grass guarantees an encounter
      -Pokemon do not yield EV Points
      -Half EXP Growth
      -Pokemon who reach 0 HP are unusable for a solid hour
      -Your Character must rest and eat
      -TMs crumble after use
      -All items weigh down the trainer
      -And lastly you can only save at Pokecenters 3 times a day

      1. I love some of your ideas, but some stuff is just downright annoying and would make for some horrible scaling. The ideas of level requirements for HMs, guaranteed Wild Battle on every square, unusable Pokemon at 0 HP, Resting and Eating, and Item weight is just doing to much of an RPG.

        Limiting the players from locations would restrict their freedom in the environment, Wild Battles on every square is just annoying as hell, unusable Pokemon at 0 HP for an hour is just tedious, resting and eating would be unnecessary; for example, Final Fantasy 15 has a feature similar to that, but you don’t even have to do it, it just gives your character buffs in battles. Lastly, item weight is just ridiculous; it would be easier to limit the amount of items a trainer could own.

      2. All of those sound horrible to me, I think they could make the game hard without making it an funless chore

        1. I thought of all the most painful aspects and quadrupled it
          It’s designed to be torture

      3. This would make the game more of a chore then difficult.

        The only thing that’s needed is to give the NPCs higher leveled, Diverse team and have them use actual strategy.
        Important characters (Gym leaders,Rivals etc) should use High leveled Pokemon with diverse movesets. I don’t want to be able to OHKO everything with just my starter. Force me to switch out, to Actually use strategy

    6. I don’t know why the games have been getting seemingly easier and easier to beat since right after gen 4. I hated in XY where most of the gym leaders only had maybe like 3 Pokemon each or something like that. And same for the elite four. I mean after the 6th gym, most trainers you face should have a team of at least 4. But for gym leaders, E4, and bosses, they should all have a full party. They need to work to make this whole thing feel conpetitive again. This is a role playing game based upon strategy, it NEEDS to feel challenging again. XY felt like just going through the motions

  17. Wow. It’s about to be the PS4 Neo vs NX vs Project Scorpio! I seriously hope Nintendo keeps up with the console line up!

    1. It is Nintendo. NX will be shit compared to Neo fan fuck over and Scorpio fan fuck over and include some stupid gimmick that sucks ass.

      1. Woah, I think you need to watch your mouth here, it’s ok to state an opinion, but the use of bad language is excessive, uncalled for, and makes you look like you’re mad at life itself. It’s your choice whether or not to listen to that, but if you wanna last long here, try not to oversell it, another factor is no one will take you seriously…

          1. Well you don’t need to make others suffer for it, right? We came here with positive mindsets, i don’t see why we have to mess that up with spiteful posts, be a gentleman here, not a savage, that is my opinion, and i am also entitled to it.

    2. Aren’t the Neo and S just little upgrades (like the N3DS to the 3DS) while the NX is a whole new system?

  18. That Microsoft press conference has me shaking. That beast is going to be roughly 4 TIMES more powerful than the current PS4, with 4K, VR, 60fps capability. And this future is only a year away. Our concept of “generations” is crumbling before us. The future sure looks bright!

      1. It’s just the technology that excites me. This is how the Xbox One should have been, but it could not have been realized 3 years ago. People like myself who don’t own an Xbox One are the happiest right now.

        1. I don’t own an Xbox and never will. But I do own a PS4 and Sony is going to be doing this too with Neo. THey are like haha you know that system you own? FUCK IT! GIVE US MORE FUCKING MONEY BITCHES! SUCK OUR DICKS! WOO! Like seriously this is stupid as hell. If anything this will fuck these companies in the long run. Xbox 2 or whatever release. Nope fuck it I know 2.5 will be coming in 1 fucking year. PS5 releases. Nope fuck you. PS5.5 will be out in a fucking year. So fucking stupid. I hate this bullshit. There is a reason I say gaming is dying fast at least from the good old ways of gaming. Fucking iterative bullshit and in-app fucking everywhere and stupid ass touch based retardation. God gaming is sucking dick more and more. It is dying at least for people like me that don’t like being fucked and like having good games that aren’t chopped to fucking shit.

          1. I haven’t seen that much swearing in a single comment for a very long time. I can see that your stance won’t be changing any time soon.

          2. Things are clearly going to be changing a lot next year in the gaming landscape, so this is the point where people like you will have to decide whether that shift is worth accommodating. I’m personally excited about what’s to come, but I understand everything that you’re saying. At least we can all rest in the knowledge that the NX will *likely* be a traditional console generation, as long as its gimmick isn’t modular upgrades.

          3. NX is going to end up being garbage I can already tell. And yeah I’ve already decided that gaming is not going to be a big thing for me any more. I will never buy a new console. And I will buy whatever couple of games that are coming out that still interest me that are shrinking all the time. The only real big ones I want are S&M, Zelda, and especially P5. I will be picking up SMTIVA and KH and Tales but like I am very much losing interest and will not likely be huge into gaming going forward. And it isn’t because of age. I am only 21, 22 next year. But still. I dunno I just hate how things are going and hate being screwed all over the place by every gaming company.

          4. Well, look at it this way, if you’re complaining about gaming on a gaming site, prepare to have your ideas either challenged or bested by those who are still into the idea, raising heck here doesn’t help you in the slightest. From what i saw so far, you are bashing all the companies from Nintendo to Microsoft to Sony trying to make a point about how horrible the games are or how you feel they aren’t worth your time… Grow up, gaming is supposed to be entertainment to people for them to enjoy, if you don’t enjoy gaming or having your ideas about it challenged, we do have a door, and you are very welcome to exit through it. On top of that, I’ve been watching your comments, you are clearly upset at gaming, we get it, stop cussing please, and please stop acting upon malicious comments to make us feel bad about video games, they’re games, and we all get that, so why can’t you?

          5. Bested? FUCKING HA! There isn’t any besting the argument that gaming is dying and game companies are fucking pricks. I am entitled to my opinion. And others are to theirs as well.

          6. You are indeed entitled to your opinion, but you don’t need to use fowl language to get there, do you? I am suggesting you stop making others feel bad for your own interests, that is simply all.

          7. It was simply a typo, but yeah, I need to read my stuff over more before launching into a post. Maybe the big issue is you feel like you are suffering from too much gaming, maybe you should consider a break, do it more casually, perhaps?
            Gaming is meant to be enjoyed, if you don’t feel that way, maybe it’s not for you.

          8. I used to be into gaming, but it has dropped off a cliff with the introduction of DLC and in-app purchases, mobile and social games, etc.

          9. I remember a time too before that, when games were simple and fun without all the extras, but i am thankful that if there is something game breaking, now companies can fix it, thanks to patching, and some DLC keeps the replayablity higher. DLC still costs money to develop, so yeah, it should be to support the costs, but I think DLC should also be upon demand, like Smash Bros 4 was. That kind of stuff did actually allow for a little extra fun than the game’s scope intended, or even things like Splatoon, which does extremely well because there’s something new every so often to try, from splatfests, to DLC, to extras beyond the game’s original scope. As long as the idea is meant for adding more playback to the game, and not for a money grab, it’s ok to ask for a little extra for it. It’s when companies split the initial game up that it becomes a bad idea, I think games should work based on support sometimes alone, if people want it, it will be made. Kickstarter is a great example of this at work, because you’re designing games other people are going to buy, so you do have to appeal to them if you want sales. If you can find the middle ground, it’s really not as bad as it might seem. If you Feel the same, that’s ok. If not, that’s ok too, but this is how i view DLC and such.

          10. Well, free DLC does exist, have you checked out a lot of Nintendo stuff, sometimes you buy the game and you get free characters, maps, enhancements, if i recall, Nintendo NEVER charged for an event Pokemon in places like the US and Europe. Maybe some promotional things in japan, but for the most part, DLC goes into paying off the cost of making DLC or back into the company for future projects. While not always the case, nothing’s truly safe from greed.

          11. Maybe you should just look for a different side of gaming. Try retro stuff you havent played before, maybe pick up a couple indie games on steam. Gaming is varied and diverse. Like music, it is easy to say that “music sucks” or “music used to be good” when that is only really true with main stream music played on the radio and in stores and stuff like that. There is so much music out there that you really just have to find some you like. Same for games!

          12. I shouldn’t have to go back to old stuff to enjoy gaming. And eh I hate most indie games they are too similar, cheaply made and just bad.

          13. Well shoot I dont know what to say. You can find some creative and original indie games. Some of the most fun with gaming I’ve had lately has been playing Metroid, Mario 3, and Shovel Knight. Retro and indie games. But I guess thats just me. I still think you should at least give them a try. But yeah, you may just need a break from games

          14. Indies are suck 99% of the time. And like I said I shouldn’t have to go retro to enjoy gaming that just proves my point that gaming is dying.

          15. I dont think it’s fair to hate a console we know literally absolutely nothing about

          16. The Wii was pretty successful, despite being “trash” with specs, it worked because it tried to be different, and Nintendo changed their strategy from the not so successful Gamecube, Clearly this shows Nintendo tries to change just like Playstation 3 tried to copy them, they wouldn’t have done that if the Wii and Wii remote were not iconic and successful at the time. Nintendo does have good ideas from time to time, and their net worth shows they can go years without any serious sales, they went through the whole Wii U and lived, that means once again, it’s time to try something different, or go back to what works. Who knows? They could have another Wii success story on the way, don’t count them out just yet.

          17. I don’t remember bad mouthing NX other than the fact that it is going to be shit because Nintendo doesn’t give a rats ass about power or keeping up with market trends other than mobile because of course mobile fucks over people who have a brain.

          18. It is. That is all it is. And I think it will end up hurting them more than it helps. Unless generations are just gone as Xbox was hinting at. Where it will just be PCs essentially but with a locked down ecosystem and some exclusives (Xbox doesn’t even have that over PC because all Xbox games basically are going to PC).

          19. This is nothing new.
            Nintendo did this ages go with the Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance SP, DSi and now the NEW Nintendo 3ds.
            Besides, all future games will be made available to all the different variants. The only REAL benefit the new consoles give us 4K, and I’m pretty sure not many people have 4K TVs.

    1. I love Microsoft’s idea of an interconnected console industry. I’m not a Microsoft fan, but I could commend them on good ideas. You now have the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Project Scorpio. Yet, I do think the Windows 10 support will be their downfall. People would just upgrade their PC to play their titles. Also, I’m already assuming the Scorpio will cost around $500 to $600 dollars to perform that well with modern technology. So, I don’t see the console doing to hot with people mostly purchasing the Xbox One S or upgrading to Windows 10 to avoid the price and to play Microsoft games. Sorry for the length comment. lol.

    2. What do you mean by generations crumbling? (I didn’t not watch the press conference.)

      1. Microsoft didn’t talk about that. The concept of “generations” is basically like this: The Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 was the seventh console generation. The eight console generation is the Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4. Basically, the crumbling of the console generation is the idea of everything being interconnected and supporting each other. Companies could make more powerful consoles, while supporting older systems.

  19. What are you guys more exited for tomorrow? Zelda or Pokemon? I’m more excited about Zelda honestly because I doubt that there will be a ton of news coming from Pokemon due to the amount of stuff that has been shown in the days right before and because we know almost nothing about Zelda and it will be a big focus so the news will probably be more major.

    1. I’m actually equal on both, the new zelda looks to be quite a shape up from previous entries, but pokemon is stepping up it’s game in a different way, feature richness~ What’s not to love?

    2. Pokemon all the way!! I dont wanna see much. Some footage. Just walking around maybe the begin bug pokemon and thats it. But what i really really want is. New evolution/preevolutions of old pokemon. Not megas

    3. Pokemon. While I’m both a Pokemon and Zelda fan, I’ve been a Pokemon fan my whole life (most of it anyway), and it will always be my primary and favorite game series.

    1. Nintendo is keeping quiet about the 16th, so maybe it is supposed to be a surprise. Or serebii just had misinformation.

  20. E3 so far had been terrible.
    I don’t give a shit about EA, Bethesda was average. Microsoft was boring as hell and the only game worth playing was scalebound.
    Nintendo’s Digital Event has always my most hyped event, but with Nintendo skipping it this year, Sony is my only source of hope to make this a good e3

    1. Really? I’d give the Microsoft conference an A. They showed off a lot of titles and showed a good amount of gameplay. I’m not a Microsoft fan and I thought they did a good job this year.

      1. They did show a lot of titles, but the only ones I care about are Scalebound and FF XV.
        Besides that Minecraft Segment was horrible

    2. Yeah I agree. But E3 has been on the decline for years now anyways this isn’t a surprise. Gaming is shit anymore. I doubt Sony will be much better. Nintendo will be the high point even without a conference.

        1. Video, I had to clear my whole browser
          Now I got to put my passwords and crap,

          1. Should’ve done that in the first place
            Do you realize how much porn I’m missing right now HUH DO YA

          2. I didn’t like to post videos in the first place I tried to post as a pic but I can’t find one.

            Yeah I notice this silly porn when u tell me about the link.

          3. the malicious one is our crazy world how can they mix pkmn video with these kind of videos.

    1. Based on the video it look more like a temple for zygarde. I don’t think the third version legend will be shown until the game is out like with other generations

      1. I didn’t he will be in this form I think he will have another form …..I don’t think he’s like a temple cuz this thing already attacked perfect Zygarde look at my video carefully.

        1. It has a statue of zygarde 50% on it though.. Whatever, it’s not clear what it is and it’s hard to make out what it is at this point.

        1. I feel like I am the only one who acknowledges this possibility. No people on YouTube are talking about this, and no one here does until I bring it up. I’m starting to think serebii has misinformation if no one knows or cares about it.

          1. Because nobody really is on top of things like Serebii, dare I speak heresy Serebii is really good at getting info

  21. I thought of something else I liked about Pokemon Y. There was alot of diversity in pokemon in certain spots. I hope sun and moon can do that. we have 720+ pokemon, dont just show 20 of them with a few others sprinkled in

  22. Just thought I’d share this with you all here:

    I was part of an exercising group earlier, and when it came to the relaxation part (where you focus on something or somewhere that makes you happy), I visioned myself in the world of the Alola region, encountering all the new Pokemon we have seen so far! I walked through the tropical woods with Rowlet flying from tree to tree, running along the beach and playing with Litten and Iwanko, swimming and surfing with Popplio, checking out and learning about the legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala, and at the end of my visioning I returned to the tropical woods and took a relaxing nap on a hammock with Nekkoala, in order to be ready to set off to other places to witness more new Pokemon on the way! I cannot wait to see more from E3 🙂 <3

  23. I haven’t done my predictions yet, so here I go.

    – I think we will start off with a trailer, not just gameplay
    – 2-5 new Pokemon
    – One of these Pokemon will be fully evolved, while the rest will be first stage Pokemon or Pokemon with no evolution
    – The trailer will showcase new music
    – Some new feature in the game that no one saw coming
    – No new Megas yet
    – Possibly the evil team (this one is pushing it though)

    1. I hope they either debunk or introduce the Synchro-Evolution or whatever new method of evolution they have up their sleeves. Then at least we won’t be biting our nails and trying to kill people who reiterate the theory until November.

        1. I’m all for no Synchro, but I reserve my final judgement until I actually know everything about the evolution method. Although it is quite unnerving because this may point towards a new direction for Pokemon where they introduce a new type of evolution every generation to keep it “fresh.” HOWEVER, if the lore and background behind Synchro is innovative and entertaining I don’t see the problem.

        2. Wow silly, you are really against the idea… Is there a history between you and it?

          1. R E Tarded concept
            Everyone but me is too stoopid to realize it is virtually the same thing as Mega Evolution, utilizing strong bonds to achieve a greater form and strength but you all are blind and fooled by the tantalizing glam that is the word synchro to realize that it’s just literally the same thing p

            Also how would they make our Pokemon look like us if we’re having customization,

          2. It really depends on how it is executed. If it fills a different niche, like being weaker and easyer to activate( i.e. multiple sychros being able to be activated per round) or being stronger but lasting only a few turns it would be good and justified. If it is basically Mega evolution with a different name then it’s stupid.

          3. That’s a fair point, it does match the description very well, but even if included, it would be hard to keep up with in gens to come for the rest of Pokemon’s existence, remember, forms of pokemon or special evos excluding very specific ones cross gens in some way, so even if they pull it up now, it would be for the life of the series, unless the idea of mega evos was only gen VI exclusive, which i doubt, it’s too far to spread out for every gen afterwards, otherwise, it cannot happen forever.

          4. Everyone realizes that it is pointless..

            But THERE IS EVIDENCE in favour of it.

            Can you explain the Bracelet In the official Artwork?

            Can you explain why they would Advertise ash-greninja so heavily of it wasn’t in the games?

          5. Like I’ve said many times.

            Anime is a marketing tool for the games.

            Remember how Mega Mewtwo Y was revealed and no one knew what it was, but it later got revelealed as a mega alongside other megas?
            Ash-Greninja is the same, there is no other reason as to why they would market it so heavily.

            The Gems in the logo are the same as the one in the Bracelet, just like how the DNA symbol in the logos of XY was related to Mega evolution.

            I personally don’t want synchro to be a thing at all because with Mega evolution, it’ll be redundant. Plus if we have synchro, it probably means no more megas. But synchro is looking more and more likely

        3. What if there is, but only 1/700+ pokemon can do it with you? I don’t mean Ash-greninja crap. Just a similar concept, without the whole pokemon looking like the trainer.

    2. Agreed largely. Yet, they said live gameplay, so I’m expecting the Treehouse people to be playing the game. So, we might encounter more Pokemon than you listed. Anyways, nice predictions, but I want to see some Megas!

    3. My predictions gameplay of very early game and same info from corocoro and maybe the june 2nd stuff and maybe 1 piece of new stuff maybe the bird finally. But that is about it.

    4. For tommorow, I think we’re going to see some new areas, and the new Pokemon in action. That’s it. Any thing else would probably be saved for the “Pokemon Special”

  24. I’m immensely ecstatic about the supposed alchemy theme going around in regards to Sun/Moon! Honestly, the lore of Pokemon hasn’t been this integrated and explored since Black and White 6 years ago.

    1. Yeah, I’m hoping for a tone and attention to detail more similar to Black and White. It looks like there is a lot of thought going into these new games and I hope there is more where it’s coming from 🙂

  25. alright guys who’s ready to ride the hype train because we’re about to see some cool information from Pokemon sun and moon and the land of Nintendo!:D

        1. The hype train has no brakes. It either goes on forever or crashes in a blaze of glory.

          1. Or a blaze of synchro hate as seems to be approaching the sun and moon hype train the moment it’s announced lol

          1. One of my favorite parts of it honestly. I loved the hype for X and Y SO MUCH!

    1. I have my E3 Provisions
      -Half a litter of Mtn dew
      -Bag of cherries
      -Tissues and lotion
      -Viking Helmet
      -And a loaded handgun if things get cringeworthy

      1. The girl in white is the Mega-Evolution fans and the girl in blue is the Synchro-Evolution fans.

      1. Me when I do track…. I #THOT I jumped over the hurdle, but no, I just lifted my feet… -_-

        1. I avoid hurdles in track because I am really short and I always fall.

  26. I’d be cool with Synchro evolution as long as it doesn’t include trainer-to-Pokemon fusions. I’d assume it’d be a less powerful version of a Mega evolution (maybe 50-70 BST increase) but still allows the use of held items.

    1. You do realize the whole damn point on this bloody thing is to have Trainers fuse with Pokemon which is stupid for a manseries game

      1. You do realize you’re basing your argument off of assumptions? As far as I’m aware, there isn’t a “stone” or anything like what’s in the logo of Sun and Moon that Ash uses with Greninja in the anime. So with that alone, I think we can debunk the “Ash-Greninja” type of evolutions/fusions in Sun and Moon. And Pokemon Reburst was a complete flop, there’s no way that will be pushed into the main series.

        1. I don’t think we can debunk Ash-Greninja type thing just based on that.
          In the Genesect Movie which was released way before Mega evolutions were a thing, Mewtwo transformed without a Stone OR a trainer. Not even the animation was similar to Mega evolution.

          1. I understand your argument but I don’t think that’s a good enough example to justify it. It’s just Pokemon favoritism, apparently rules never apply to Mewtwo, Charizard and Greninja.

            “Mewtwo can do whatever the fuck it wants, it’s fucking Mewtwo” – actual translated quote from the movie director.

          2. Well I do have a few theories
            Since Mewtwo is an artificial Pokemon, the ability must come from Mew itself, but for gameplay sense it still has a Mega Stone or the very possible that scientists made an artificial mega stone
            But getting off topic, Mewtwo might be able to use its mutant DNA to manually achieve Mega Evolution (And to be fair how would Mewtwo know that we call this Process Mega Evolution it probably thought it was an awakened form)

          3. Mew should have a special way of mega evolving. You know, if they ever give it one -_-

          4. My idea was Mew would only have a special Attack to mega evolve
            Genetic Pulse
            And with Mega Mew it has the ability Universal Evolution where it changes type randomly at the end of the turn and it changes the type of Genetic Pulse

        2. One: Ash does not use any kind of stone or object for the Ash-Greninja form, it’s purely bond and the highly possibility of Ash’s Greninja being a descendent of the Ninja Hero’s Greninja
          Two: those gems could literally be anything it could be Comet Fragments for Solgaleo and Lunalaa (Remember how the Red and Blue Orbs were in the Logo)
          And Three: Reburst WAS a flop and will never grace the world as a main series mechanic

          1. I don’t recall the trainer wearing the RED/BLUE orbs on a bracelet..

            But I just realized that since the two Gems are coloured differently, they could be a way to transform the legendaries

          2. They didn’t need to wear the orbs
            But they were needed for Primal Reversion

        3. Honestly I don’t there is a set confirmation for Syncro Mega some say it’s between trainer and pokemon. Others say its a new form like mega so I don’t think debating it will solve anything

      2. I’m going to laugh if it’s real. I don’t want it to but I was also wrong about the zygarde forms being anime only lol

    2. I think if Synchro is real then it’s just their way of phasing out the actual mega stones. It’s getting a bit ridiculous how many you have to collect and if they keep making megas then it’ll only get worse. If they change the mechanic slightly by saying a way around needing an actual stone is by simply having a super strong bond with the pre-approved Pokemon then that’ll be better. I dpo agree that they should probably stay away from the whole Pokemon looks like trainer/fusion thingy. Simply saying that the trainer and Pokemon have melded minds is good enough.

      1. I don’t know if it’ll phase out mega stones, but I think Synchro may be a way to address the fact that everyone wants a mega for their favorite Pokemon, so instead of making like what, 300-400 mega stones, it still makes it possible for megas to exist, but the addition of synchro allows other Pokemon to become stronger too, and assuming I’m correct about the BST increase and items, it’d be an interesting way to try to balance competitive play.

  27. Hey anyone remember me? Not been around since XY days.
    Anyways I’m hoping we see some good gameplay. A few new mons, some more info on the theme and syncho evolution if there will be such a thing!

      1. Your package will be arriving on 28th November.
        Get your sunglasses ready coz you’ll be dealing with a lot of Sun.
        Hope you caught that hint 😛

  28. Yeah yeah, E3 is good and all, but guess who just became a licensed driver? THIS GUY! (not related to anything constructive, I know, but I just want to share my happiness with all my PokeJungle friends!)

    1. Now to spend your days driving alone, spending nearly 50 bucks a month buying gas and fast food, and the car insurance and road rage

      1. I hate driving with a burning passion, so I consider this to be a personal victory.

        1. This isn’t about you. Gosh old people always be trying to jump in for no reason

          1. I only respect dark deities, powerful warlords, elementals, and the late Mel Blanc

          2. Man! I remember watching this Abridged series years ago. The only two I’m watching is Dragon Ball Z and Attack on Titan. Have you see the EVA one?

          3. I tried to get into the DBZ one, I just need to start watching it again.
            The EVA one? I’m drawing a blank.

          4. No Im just mad because you don’t know how to spell. Learn how to spell, bimbo!

    2. Well done shiny many years back when I took mine you wished me well 🙂 congrats

    3. When you’ve had your permit for 3+ years…
      But still doesn’t have the license…

    1. Nope, yous gonna hafta watch the Zelda Part because you can’t risk not watching and missing it

          1. Holy crap it’s 7 am in the morning??? Noooo Im gonna miss it! Oh Well Im gonna see the news eventually whats difference between live and not live

          2. I just love the way Zelda uses his sword and he also rides a horse! Zelda is a awesome horseman saving a princess

          3. Bull to the crap you never played a Zelda game
            Your only connection is through Smash

          4. Well it’s partly true
            I know you played OoT and Minish cap but dropped it

          5. And I know for a fact, you have a history of repeating yourself to throw suspicion off your hide

          6. What about Bo-Jack Horseman….or Pinkie Pie
            But Epona is a true and loyal mare

      1. Whhhhere I just see when Nintendo starts, Plus I don’t understand the times, They seem all over the place

        1. As other had said, the Nintendo site says Pokémon is first. I can’t say what time it is for you because I have no idea where you live.

          1. 11am? Ok now Im really lost, Ithsme said 7 You say 11 the article says 6pm

          2. Let me clarify. That’s likely a writing error in the article. The stream will start at 11AM Central Standard Time (CST). My time zone is just an hour ahead being on the Eastern Coast. It is not 7 or 6PM.

          3. What? I screenshoted the time from the Nintendo’s website. Central Standard Time is known as CT or CST, if the stream starts at 9AM Pacific Time (PDT or PT), then it will start at 11AM CT or CST for you. Why would it start at 7AM or 7PM for you?

          4. No It’s ahead, since it’s ahead the clock is 2 hours before than what it is for PT so it’s 9-2=7

    2. Nintendo is not having a Direct, so its during the Treehouse. Zelda Wii U/NX will be shown first, then it will be Pokemon!

          1. I’ve seen a lot of people saying the same thing you did, so I don’t blame you.

    1. Usually about 30 minutes of gameplay. I’m guessing that it would be longer due to them only showing two titles tomorrow. So, I’m guessing about an hour to an hour-thirty minutes.

      1. Thanks
        But I think that’s a lot of wishful thinking hehe.
        I think they would be forced to show us more than they want if it were that long

  29. TyrantitarTube brought it up for a few records but I think it would be Really cool if we could choose and change the environment in Wi-Fi battles. Like they do in some of the Pokemon leagues with different fields. It would make Secret Power more interesting online.

    1. lol. We don’t speak of that kid around here. He’s part of the Triforce of Click-bait. I remember GameXplain talking about this a while back. It would be a neat feature, but I doubt it would be implemented. We’re going to get a simple stock background again.

          1. More like a tri-f*ckwad of clickbait. They don’t deserve an association with the triforce.

    2. As much as I detest Ttube, I would love this to be a thing. It feels like the kind of feature Game Freak might implement if, well, it weren’t Game Freak. Random, sometimes coming off as lazy, infuriating Game Freak. Eh. Pfff

        1. Well at least he…Err… No, wait… Yeah I got nothing positive to say. He and his clickbaity colleagues can go rot in the cesspool of their own stupidity.

    3. A lot of people have wanted this since they started labeling the arena right before battles like it was planned but was scrapped. It’d probably cause problems unless arenas were randomized before battles, like in RWBY or kinda like the Hunger Games, mainly because there are abilities and moves that affect and are affected by the environment.

      1. I have a “Doctors appointment” that day to come in for work, shame…..

    1. Same, it will be over by the time my first period ends so I guess I’ll check then.

  30. oh boy this is going to be great tomorrow is going to be at an all-time hype, let’s just hope that schedule is true because I like to see some new stuff in Pokemon Sun and Moon!:D

  31. It’s really odd that we haven’t heard anything else about the E3 2016 Pokemon Special. It’s supposed to be on Thursday at 7AM PST. I bet they’ll probably announce those details tomorrow, but I just find it a little strange.

    1. FINALLY! Somebody acknowledges it! No one seems to know about it, so I was beginning to think serebii had misinformation.

    2. Honestly if they haven’t announced details so far if it exists it will probably be a secret. They will likely say at the end of the treehouse on the 15th “tune in tomorrow for a surprise”. They are keeping quiet about the 16th despite saying that it would be three days.

    3. It’s either that Serebii got wrong information or their going to announce it during tomorrow’s stream. Nintendo has not acknowledged this event themselves on their E3 page.

          1. Now I’m patiently waiting for Sony because Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

  32. Anyone else looking forward or just impressed in general by the specs of project Scorpio ?

    Gimme I say :O 😀

    1. I think it’s going to be a powerful system, yet sell rather poorly. We already have the Xbox One and Xbox One S. The pricing of this system would likely be around $500-$600 dollars as it seems to be as powerful as a mid-range to low-end PC. I’m a Sony and Nintendo fan and I’d rather purchase a Xbox One S or get Windows 10 (which I already have) instead of that depending on the price.

      1. It’s all a bit weird really.

        You’re better off getting any multiplatform on PC (or PS4). Then for the Xbox exclusives you’re better with the cheaper One S and buying games so you can play them on PC.

        1. Exactly! You could easily upgrade your PC to Windows 10 to play the Xbox Exclusive Titles instead of having to buy a console at all or you could purchase a Xbox One S since Microsoft stated that all systems will be supported while the Scorpio is out. Honestly, there is really no incentive to even purchasing the Scorpio. It’s not in a similar scenario with the Wii U and NX, where an actual upgrade is necessary.

          1. A lot of the titles are supported on both Xbox One and Windows 10. You could purchase the games on Windows 10 and play them on your PC if you wanted to.

          2. wow thats awesome. i have a gaming pc, so i probably would be able to run xbox games without problem

    2. The Scorpio looks and sounds like it’ll only be fully enjoyable with 4K TV, a luxury not many people can afford.

      1. Not yet. Imagine how popular that thing will be in 2020 when 4K TVs and monitors are more widespread and the Scorpio becomes less expensive. That is, if the Neo doesn’t turn out to be more enticing.

        1. It’s a similar case to 1080p. Eventually, the price of 4K devices will begin to drop as the technology becomes cheaper. By 2020, the Scorpio will be about 3 years old. I could already see 4K picking up, yet more people owning the NX, Xbox One S, or the PS4 Neo. Then again, I don’t have a 3rd Eye, so I can’t properly see the future like you.

          1. At this rate, I think 2020 is a safe bet for at least 20-30% of consumers upgrading to 4K devices, monitors, and television sets. Along with VR, which I believe the Scorpio will popularize greatly for the common gamer, I am extremely excited for what the next decade will bring.

      2. That will be the case now with most next next gen consoles. When they happen and believe me they will. Eventually 4K will reduce just like HDTV and Blu-ray . its a matter of time we are just too early for that to happen yet

      1. I would say scroll instead of tome for consonance, but it looks like a book rather than a scroll to me.

    1. The legend of Zelda, Return To Korridai. In Japan, “Densestsu no Dinnertime”.

    2. The legend of Zelda: dark resurgence
      LoZ: fallen stars
      LoZ: tapestry of the heavens

      Idk making shit up

        1. Yes! Perfect!! I could see us having to collect pieces of a tapestry that needs to be resewn or something though.

  33. Not sure about this person’s legitimacy (as I just heard of him), but some Twitter leaker said that Sony’s press conference is much better than Microsoft’s. Considering how much I enjoyed that one, I’m extremely excited now.

    1. Hopefully either a cheaper PS4 will be revealed or a much better one like rumored. I want my money’s worth for Kingdom Hearts and 4K XMen.

      1. I hope to hell they never release a PS4 Slim, I’m mad enough already that I caved in and got the Uncharted limited edition. I’m sure they will anyway, but I’d rather not.

        1. Unless it’s a 3DS and something I could actually carry with me, idc about limited edition models.

          1. I don’t think they will release a PS4 Slim with the Neo on the way. The PS4 is already smaller AND more powerful than the Xbox One S. They also have so many sales, so they do not need a hardware refresh. I think the standard PS4 and PS4 Neo are all they need in coexistence. It would make me much happier this way, as well.

      2. Pffff…KH that’s a laugh…..tentative release date will be revealed……2020…..hahaha But for realsies…..I am pretty excited about KH 3 lol I’d be willing to bet we get some more info on when the FF 7 remake is coming out. Probably not til next year, but more info would be cool!

          1. I played through Dream Drop Distance on my 3ds so I can’t say I’m too excited for it as I don’t know if I can play through it again….KH has always been a hard series for me to get through. I always get part way through and then stop…..then many many months later I finally pick it back up and finish. In the case of KH2 I took a whole year off….if not more…lol

          2. KH II and later were easy for me to finish. The only one I had trouble with was the first one. The two I struggled with story wise was Re: Coded and Re: Chain of Memories.

          3. It’s never been that the games were particularly hard per say it’s just for whatever reason I always got part way through and felt like I was done for a while only to pick it back up much later on…..Idk maybe me and KH have some relationship issues lol

    2. I didn’t get to watch Microsoft’s conference, but I’ve heard decent things. I’m looking forward to what Sony has to offer. In the past few years Sony has been doing a reasonably decent job of not being terrible. Hopefully they continue this year as well.

      1. For the first time in a long time, Microsoft didn’t *completely* fail with their presentation. Ending with the Scorpio was one of the smartest decisions they’ve ever made at E3, in my opinion.

        1. I think the whole conference way of releasing all the info we get is a terrible thing. All they really do is pad out an hour and a half with stuff that people don’t care about or with terrible demonstrations that should have been prerecorded. I think this is where Nintendo really took a step ahead. I’ve been bored during directs for sure……oh boy have I been bored…. but at the very least they are mostly under an hour. Having to sit through a long stretch of bad jokes and people stumbling through their lines is mind numbing…….This can be said really about any of the companies that present during this week. It’s always smart to end on a game or project that has footing because if they don’t the entire conference is a wash even if they revealed some good stuff. lol

  34. You know, it just occurred to me, We need a Marathon of some kind till 7 in the morning, anyone up for the challenge?

    1. Here we go, *Cue fireworks*
      *cue building transformation*
      *open the door*
      *end cutscene*
      *Cue countdown*

      (Refresh for marathon video of choice, it might be a little bit longer, but you can replay if it’s wrong.)

      1. Seems to be three classes
        Bruiser Warrior
        Blaster Mage
        Speedster Scout/Ranger/Thief

    1. Midna’s Lament is one of my absolute favorite parts in Twilight Princess
      The emotion, the suspense and the aura, the rain truly makes that scene

  35. I swear I better wake up around like 8:30 or at the latest 9 because the last thing I need is to spend all morning waiting

  36. well guys as the sun sinks slowly into the West, we’re just many hours away to the ultimate Pokemon party so let’s get that Majora’s Mask meme started because we’re about to party like no other! 😀

  37. Alright, now it’s time to focus on the good stuff…NINTENDO! I can’t wait to see some new Pokemon, learn the title of Zelda U/NX and finally learn the title of that thing (hopefully).

  38. Friggen pissed because the new spider-man game is a stupid PS4 exclusive -_-

    God I hope Nintendo makes my day tomorrow.

    1. I hated that conference for the most part. Last year was much better. I’m excited for Spider-Man, God of War, Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn, however. I suppose the PSVR isn’t looking too bad either, but I’ll probably get that when it’s cheaper.

      1. “You wanted a new Crash bandicoot game? Boy, have we got you covered! He’s coming to Skylanders! But that’s not all, we’re remastering the old games! Wait, you wanted a NEW game? Bu-but….these are new…kinda…I guess..”

        They’re basically pulling a Nintendo with Metroid. Just make new games, jesus.

          1. Still a bit of a slap in the face. It’s painful when companies are out of touch with their fanbase

          2. Only the truly diehard COD fans would do that, which is fine. The other FPS fans are busy downvoting Infinite Warfare’s trailer on youtube. 😉

    2. Man, I hate it when some games I REALLY want are PS4 Exclusives. Why don’t they give us Little Big Planet and No Man’s Sky for the Xbox One

      1. I just hate console exclusives…they ruin everything. Not everybody has money for both consoles..especially when you’re already a devoted Nintendo fan and buy their stuff too.

          1. Right? Nintendo would never let them publish their games though :/ I think Apple would be the only company that could *maybe* pull something like that off though

        1. Yeah, I mean, I got my XB1 as a Birthday gift for my 10th and 11th birthday (my 10th birthday had a family emergency involved so…) from my Aunt and Uncle. My parents said they’ll only buy me a new console if there’s something extra special with it like VR, though so I’m keeping my hopes up for the NX

          1. I hope the Nx is really something special that can compete with MS and Sony. Tired of Nintendo being shoved around

          1. Wish they would make more of that franchise rather than porting it. Will most likely never happen though.

          2. Kojima left because Konami are dicks. I don’t know about Inafune… but he is a bastard as we now know anyways so whatever.

          3. Nah Kojima was fired, he didn’t leave.

            And besides, Nintendo made Gunpei Yokoi release the Virtual Boy then fired him afterwards for their own failure.

            So no one is safe.

          4. The ports are long overdue, by the way. We’ve never played Mother 1 and 3 in English in an official capacity. <3

            Who knows if these sell well they will make more.

          5. That’s true. I want them on the 3DS though, not the WiiU. Handheld is much more casual and enjoyable to me

    1. You liked it? I thought it was so underwhelming, save for Kojima’s appearance and the God of War intro. I personally think Microsoft had the best conference by far, and that’s coming from a PlayStation fan.

      1. I didn’t watch anything today apart from Sony but my friends think it blew everything out of the water.

        1. Something about Phil Spencer’s delivery of the Scorpio announcement really got to me. They took a huge risk this time around and, in my mind, made a bigger impact.

    2. I normally hate Sony and i was impressed by how they revealed things, the orchestra was very different, the games they focused on were core ones, they were on topic and went for it. From me, that’s an A easy, I didn’t see Microsoft’s so i cannot really compare. Cheers to the Nintendo Setup~

  39. Sony definitely has the best show but it still wasn’t that great, certainly nowhere near last year. It was ok but meh. They won but it was a pretty shitty year. But that was to be expected E3 is dying faster than cicada in the fall.

    1. That’s because developers and shit keep revealing things days before E3…and then there’s also leakers. It’s really annoying.

      1. I didn’t see any of the leaks. And eh I mean I suppose revealing stuff beforehand made the actual conferences less heavy hitting but I count those as part of E3 still and I still say it was a shit year for E3 in general. But also as I said this was expected to be honest.

        1. The biggest disappointment was Bethesda saying the next Elder Scrolls is a long way off. Come on, that’s your top franchise! I mean, they DID say that a year and a half before FO4 dropped so it could just be an exaggeration, but that’s one of my favorite franchises….-sigh- I guess I’ll be a good little sheep and probably buy the Skyrim remaster to pass the time

    2. Let’s look ahead to next year, as there are always years like these. We’re in for a doozy. A formal Xbox One Scorpio reveal, the first E3 for Nintendo’s new NX (with NEW REVEALS this time), and probably some new PSVR projects.

      1. Fuck Scorpio and Neo, and VR. NX could be interesting but I am not counting on it. Fuck next year too. If there even is a E3 next year.

        1. Man, negativity isn’t needed right now with what’s going on in the world. Lets just think positive for now please 🙂

          I definitely hope next year is better!

          1. The world sucks. I don’t honestly care that those people were killed. I mean fuck terrorists but I don’t care that people died so whatever. Negativity is necessary and common.

          2. And you’re not welcome here, get out… People are getting tired of this, you contradict everything with a pessimistic attitude that you don’t see eye to eye with, dude, go troll another site, I really don’t care how long you’ve been here, enough is enough…

          3. Look, if you don’t care, that’s one thing, but you care enough clearly to rant about how gaming is dead with some force, even Earthen has more personal restraint than you, have some class, or get out, I will not ask you again…

          4. Bro. Lighten up. We all care about each other opinions around here. I get your issues with the gaming industry, you very much seem like you lost hope. Negativity is not the best way to solve issues. Gaming is fun when everyone is having fun. Your excessive negativity is rather bewildering.

          5. Come on though…empathy/sympathy are basic human emotions. And this is coming from the aromantic/asexual robot in the room

          6. Talking doesn’t really help me either, it’s just not exactly who I am. But I just thought I would put the offer on the table.

      2. When are they planning on revealing the NX? I can’t imagine they’re gonna wait an entire year

          1. They definitely proved that when they decided not to reveal the NX at e3 and not to release it for a holiday season. I mean, Nintendo is the only video game company I play, and I try my best to defend them. (After all, they were sort of the company that turned video games into the giant enterprise they are today.) But, they are getting really hard to defend lately.

          2. And they could have been dead in the gamecube era for the same reason. The NX could be a bounce back.

            A pessimistic attitude like this won’t help anything.

          3. It definitely won’t. They learned their mistakes. You can tell based off of how quiet they’ve been that they are saving concept ideas. They’ve already pushed the next Zelda title to being a launch title for the NX, and it’s rumored that they will have a new mario, new animal crossing, and possibly a new Pikmin for the launch (or near launch) of the NX. If nintendo is good at anything, it’s from being innovative and learning from their mistakes. You are forgetting that Nintendo is the game changer in the video game industry. Other companies copy Nintendo, not the other way around. Everyone looks to see what Nintendo will do next and then they learn from that.

      3. The NX is most likely coming out in the Spring of 2017; that’s its current release date schedule. If that changes, then we might see a reveal at next years e3. But, Nintendo has already confirmed that they are revealing it in the Fall of this year.

          1. They can’t and that is what he is saying. Though I think he misread what Xatu posted. He wasn’t saying NX would be revealed.

          2. I said if their current release schedule changes, which–based off Nintendo’s recent track record–I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.

        1. I know that the NX is coming in March 2017. Their equivalent of E3, with a bunch of new first-party reveals for the new console, will be later this year. Next year, they’ll be back in their form at E3 with more first-party reveals. Very exciting stuff!

          1. I definitely think that e3 is tanking, and Nintendo caught onto that early. It makes no sense to save reveals for one time of the year. Nintendo’s Directs make so much more sense from a marketing stand point, and it was when they started doing those that I stopped hearing of any amazing reveals at e3 (from any company). Nintendo will probably just stick with revealing things whenever they feel ready to.

  40. So I’ve found myself playing AS a lot lately. Maybe some of you don’t think it’s the best in the series, but I do think ORAS is the most replayable.

  41. Behold The Mighty Gates of Destiny,Beyond these doors lies our ultimate goal: The ultimate Pokemon treasure!

    1. With a little cleanup, you could write pretty good or interesting stories that paint hype in our minds, you might make a good hype-man if you do a little research~

          1. It’s definitely getting better with all the new stuff coming out and all the news. Can;t wait!

          2. But Megas are fucking stupid. And there may be stupid fucking synchro and last gen had so few new mons man. Pisses me off.

          3. I think Megas have their place, like with pokemon who have 2 or 3 stages and need stat corrections. But with pokemon that could still evolve, it’s dumb and I don’t like it.

          4. Ok yeah… for 3 stage mons I am fine with it. But if it is a 1 stage or even 2 stage no. Give it a normal evolution. Mega evolution is temporary and you can only have one per battle. That is my problem with megas really.

          5. I’m all about pokemon designs so it’s kinda lame to me that megas are temporary. I really just want real evolutions back.

          6. Wow. We haven’t even gotten nor see live gameplay (no trailers) of S/M yet and your already hating it. What games do you even like? It’s like you forget gaming is to have fun. I do expect this gameplay to take place in the early parts of the game, but I’m not expecting a total rehash.

          7. It seems like he’s trying to to use the whole idc thing to stir people up. In reality he actually does care, otherwise why would he be here still commenting about how much he doesn’t care? Attention?

            The negativity is out right sad. I pity him. Do I like what he’s doing? No! But he’s human and there’s obviously something going on that he will only keep to himself…

          8. Honestly, even though the negativity is annoying, I don’t care that he is commenting about the games. It’s the fact that he said he doesn’t care about the lives lost in the terror attack that really ticked me off….. 🙁

          9. I’m not going to judge because he could have something going on outside of here, but it’s insensitive because we have Floridians, mutual friends, and members of the LGBTQ community here. You need to show some respect during this time.

          10. Honestly you’re acting reckless here. You don’t really seem to care about the feelings of the people here. I’m not saying you have to be friends with anyone, that’s entirely up to you, but if you’re going to be here, I’m going to ask you to play nicely and be respectful. That’s just common courtesy. You can act how you want, but if you won’t be courteous you might need to remove yourself from situations like this.

          11. Look. I’m sure you’re a nice guy. We’ve had some conversations that are cool. But some of the people here are little high schoolers who are confused and scared because of these events. You really should watch what you say. If you can’t see that your insensitivity towards this situation, one of which has personally affected people here, is not a problem, you are probably either lying to yourself or you might need to reevaluate what is and is not acceptable in common conversation.

          12. Who cares about age man. And I am definitely not lying to anybody. And I don’t need to reevaluate anything. People don’t have to like what I say but I don’t have to care about the fact that they don’t like what I have to say. And I won’t. And I never will.

          13. Because empathy? Because if you lost someone when it happened, you would be devastated? Cause we can understand and feel for the people who have lost someone? Because it’s a wrong thing to do to kill people because you don’t like they are gay? Because we’re humans just like everyone affected?

          14. I don’t have empathy. And eh i don’t care about many people to care if they die or not but eh if one of the very few did it would probably be slightly upsetting. I don’t really feel for others so eh. And sure it is wrong but I honestly don’t care if people die. And again like I said I don’t care one way or the other that they were LGBTQ. THey are just people. And who cares if we are all humans? Animals kill each other all the time and watch others of their species all the time. Who cares?

          15. But we’re different from animals because of our minds, because of our emotions, because of our empathy.
            Even if they weren’t LGBTQ, I would still be feeling sadness because innocent people died that didn’t have to. People who could have made the world a better place, but now are gone because of someone so filled with hatred.
            Look, you don’t have to feel anything for them or care, but at the least, think about how other people do and not say throw away things like that.

          16. We aren’t different than animals though. We are animals. Plain and simple. Science mate. And I don’t really feel like thinking about how others feel because I don’t care.

          17. Believe me, I know science. I am a psychology major. And we are different because of our minds. If we didn’t have that, we would be animals. We have animal like insticts and things like that, but our minds are human.
            Don’t tell me what is science or not.

          18. One, I’m a girl, and two it IS a science. A soft science, mind you, but a science nonetheless. And I have taken tons of science classes, and I am very interested in science.
            It’s not bullshit when we save people’s lives mentally.

          19. Excuse me for my ignorance to your gender. And nah it ain’t science. But other sciences you’ve studied are and all say we are just fucking animals.

          20. Other sciences say we are animals, yes, BUT they also say the same thing. Our minds make us different.

          21. Perhaps we are the human made construct of what defines an animal, but we’re also a different type of animal. I’m not saying we’re better than any species, but we do possess a higher capacity to learn and feel.

          22. I agree to an extent, but we’re different. You can’t always apply something that you can to another species to our own.

          23. Yeah I know, I said I think we are basically animals 😛 I really do care about animals, sometimes way more than I should. Sometimes in ways I’m not proud to admit (that sounds sexual but it’s not…)

          24. I’d disagree. It’s a very unpredictable science. The human mind is a crazy book to try and read because it is so complex. Hard science at least makes sense when you figure it out.

          25. I’m not trying to pretend I know anything about your personal life, but honestly this kind of talk is concerning. You’re talking about no regard for human life and that’s dangerous thinking that leads to bad situations. I’m sorry if I’m hurting your feelings but I want to make sure you are alright.

          26. I also do not want you to hurt yourself…because I care about your safety even if I don’t know you. I care about the people here by default. Different circumstances brought us here but we’re all linked in a way and we get to know each other like a weird family.

          27. I don’t get to know anybody besides Paul. And even him I only know a little. So nah we ain’t linked. I don’t care what happens to anybody here. As to hurting myself eh *shrug* I always say the world would be better off without me so it wouldn’t be a loss if I did off myself. Would be better for me to so I don’t have to suffer through each grueling day wishing I could die because my life is meaningless and filled with nothing but misery.

          28. Don’t think like that. We all have strings that are tying us down; things that are worth living for. We all have something to add to the world, but our choices dictate whether that’s good or bad. Trust me, the world would miss you. You may not care for me or any of us, but I do care for you and I think you should know that.

          29. Yes, I am acting very, very un-ultrony right now. But you’re here, so you obviously care about something :3 Sometimes I think about what would happen if I were to suddenly die and then I think about all the pokemon games I would miss, so I hope for the best and try to cherish every day.

          30. I’m here because I am bored to be honest. And eh if I die I would miss more than just Pokemon games but who cares at that point?

          31. Hey you said “not really”…which means there is a little part of me that missable!

          32. Don’t know why that would piss you off, why should everybody have to feel like it is required of them to feel anything about people that they don’t even know.

          33. Nah man, it’s just lack of respect. But listen, I don’t wanna argue, because you are your own person and you may feel a certain way that others don’t. Just try not to force your opinion upon anyone please 🙂

          1. Well if you sleep you get rested AND you “time travel” to the good stuff faster… just set your alarm clock. o/

  42. Seriously, I’m glad I own a PS4. Kojima’s New Game “Death Standing”, Gravity Rush 2, The Last Guardian, God of War 4, FFXV, and THAT SPIDER-MAN GAME! Seriously, their getting Insomniac to develop it?!? We’re actual getting a good Spider-Man Game for once!

    1. Sony had a great conference. I’m impressed by God of War which I’ve never really played before but I think I might get into it….

          1. Hmm I thought doing combos in Dynasty Warriors has a bit of a rhythm though…

            Mashing a button or two to fill up a gauge is what I’m good at. ^^

          2. Combos can be done but I mainly mashed square and did just fine throughout the game.

            Hyrule Warriors is a different story because the combos look pretty well done

          3. I liked the combos in that one, we’ll “combos”. They looked cool haha, but not hard to execute

    2. The Spider-man game does look pretty cool. But in regards to GR2 I wish they’d put it in the conference it along with P5 and NnKII being missing are what really upset me in regards to Sony. And I mean even with them it still would have only been about an average conference due to no real surprises.

  43. Well, it’s almost midnight on the east coast, can someone tell me in EST when the event officially starts? Please and thank you~

      1. Yep, I live in Florida actually, a few of my buddies were victims… Sadly, this is not good, but I will keep moving forward for them, I made a vow to stay up all night to honor them until E3 starts. (One of them was a big gamer) So, I’m doing this for you, pal!

        1. That’s very nice…. I’m sorry about your friends..

          I still cannot believe what has happened. I also live in Florida (not Orlando, on the East) but it is horrible what happened. And to think, Christina Grimmie was killed 10 minutes away from the club!!

        2. I am sorry for your loss. I have a cousin who lives in Florida and was in Orlando at the time. He was lucky, but my heart goes to you and the ones you’ve lost.

        3. My heart goes out to you <3 We need some positivity after all the negative things happening lately
          Good luck staying up 🙂

      1. look likes it up to me to save the day!*grabs a Master ball and sling-shot and flings it at the falling Lunala*

      1. Regi ain’t wearing anything close to green. 😀

        And those other guy’s undershirts… at least it can be mistaken for green.

      1. He didn’t go last year, right? Technically it’s the second. But yeah the first E3 with him having moved on…

  44. Tomorrow is both Nintendo and Square Enix’s ‘press conferences’. I’m pretty hyped for both, especially for Sun/Moon news coupled with the hope that SE has FFVII Remake news.

        1. Hmm, nothing for VII Remake on that list. I think it will definitely be a 2018 game. I think they’re releasing XII: Zodiac Age in 2017 as a gap game for Final Fantasy fans, much like Twilight Princess HD was.

          1. I’m hoping they’ll surprise us with a trailer though it’s very unlikely. Also, I’m kinda hoping for a release date of 2017 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of VII but it seems unlikely with KH3 taking up so much development time.

          2. I think that’s very possible as well. I have to say though, I’m very strongly considering getting XV for my PS4, although I’m not a huge FF fan (yet). I’ll probably download that Platinum Demo tomorrow to see how it plays.

          3. Final Fantasy has had enough love. KH3 to shine now. I’ve been waiting since bloody 2008!!!

    1. Ya know, i never played a FF game in my life, but it might be time for me to try it soon, I heard great things about it.

      1. If you have a ps2/ps4/pc, I highly suggest playing Final Fantasy X first. It’s a good beginning point. (You could also play VII first like I did if you have some prior RPG experience)

          1. I actually work for commissions in art, one time i made a killing at it, over 1 grand… But those dead periods are hard on me…

          2. I’m just a dumb kid in high school with no job. My crippling social anxiety keeps me from working at a fast food place. If only there were some library jobs open…

          3. Well, i’m 23, used to work in a grocery store and security at a museum, so i got some exp under my belt… But Florida is a tricky hiring situation due to tourist seasons…

      2. Really? I’ve played every game except FFI, FFII, FFXI, and FFXIV. I would recommend you play the older games first, then come into the newer ones. I’m currently playing FFV on iOS!

          1. Emulators work especially for older games that don’t require a lot of power. *shrug* inb4 “wah wah pirating is wrong” Whatever man.

          2. The story is not continuous between the games. You could play any title in any order you wanted. The only shared stuff is the magic, classes, and crystals.

          1. I want to get Xenoblade Chronicles 3D so badly. It’s on my list with upcoming 3DS RPGs I want along with Bravely Second, Pokemon S/M, and Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final. I’ve tried getting to Chrono Trigger in the past, I seriously want to finish the title. Persona 3 was wonderful, but I played the PSP version. Also, I plan on replaying FFVIII on iOS!

          2. I have XC 3D, it’s good!
            Very, very long though, take a seat and get cozy if you play that one.

  45. 10 hours and 43 until Nintendo’s E3: Still doing well, holding up just fine, official site ready to go when it’s show time!

          1. The kid looked really confused and timid, but knowing his father, i bet he’ll shape up later.

          1. The best part of 3 is when you rip off Helios’s head in close up camera. You can actually see the veins snap.

  46. I’m going to bed now, can’t wait to see you all in the morning! This has been an exciting day for me, with my license and the promise of the Scorpio, along with all the other announcements. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as interesting on the Nintendo front!

          1. I’ll definitely pull an all-nighter (or two, three, four…) during the summer, but today was just mentally exhausting for me. This is normally a night I would plan on doing it.

      1. Much appreciated, to all of you as well. You’re the people I trust will truly be happy for me and each other 🙂

  47. Approx. 10 hours until Nintendo’s E3: I am feeling a slight pressure set in that tonight will be a long one, but i got my sodas in hand, many games at access to keep myself alert, tonight may be dragged out a little more than previously anticipated…

      1. I will try to report in every hour if possible, giving updates on anything relevant, if it draws out, i might do have hours to drum up more conversations, but it was 12 hours when i started, so i’m 1/6 of the way there.

  48. 9 Hours Until Nintendo’s E3: I am losing some focus, but not enough to break me, I am still standing strong here, I am very determined to finish this, and will do what it takes to get there.

  49. today’s the day guys now it’s Nintendo’s turn this is it day one of the ultimate Pokemon party, it’s time we all aboard the hype train we’re going to see some more information as ever before let’s get this party started!:D

  50. 7 Hours and 57 Minutes Until Nintendo’s E3: The place appears to be desolate, i can feel the silence, and it’s getting to me, I still got a long way to go, the sun isn’t up yet, but once it is, i hope it will assist in keeping me awake, Might need something to stimulate my mind in all this nothingness… Games must be the answer, they have to be!

          1. *Skips a jumprope*
            My very smart mom was a deer, how many hunters did she hear? 1… 2… 3… 4…

  51. Well my job is almost done. Because of my time zones I’m not gonna sleep until then. New Pokemon info is gonna come out at 9pm (local time) for me.

    Meanwhile, once I’m out of the office, I shall pseudo-shiny-hunt. It’s not a shiny hunt really but the target is painfully rare: Hidden Ability Miltank in Pokemon X.

    And maybe draw a new avatar.

  52. 6 Hours and 55 Minutes Until Nintendo’s E3: I am in a constant state of boredom and find myself dozing off slightly before coming back into focus. I will try to persevere. On another note; i made a new avatar to pass time…

  53. 6 Hours Until Nintendo’s E3: Got a slight headache from being in one place for so long, need to adjust my posture every few minutes. Soda supply is half gone, which is ok, but not great…

  54. 4 Hours and 50 Minutes Until Nintendo’s E3: Sun’s out, I feel like imma make it! i’m already over the halfway point. I wish i had more to report, but not so much when my body is getting tired.

    1. *playing darts while waiting for E3 but accidentally was playing blindfolded and accidentally struck Earthen in but.*

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