First Pokémon Gao-Re Trailer Released

The official CoroCoro YouTube channel has released a trailer featuring gameplay from the newest arcade Pokémon game, Pokémon Gao-Re. The name seems to come from the phrase “Ready, Gao!”

Much like other arcade games (excluding Pokkén), this is likely to be exclusive to Japan and is aimed at younger fans.

What do you think?

<3 PJ

    1. yeah, he said he’d be at e3 months ago (either right before or after sun and moon were announced), it was reported on here

  1. Looks….errr interesting….I guess
    The only reason people will pay any attention to it is to score a Magearna QR code
    Which brings me to my next thought, will QR’able Pokedex entries actually scan into the game or just give you a brief image on the map to find it yourself

  2. I love listening to GameXplain theories and analyses videos but the latest one Pokémon Sun and Moon e3 predictions has chuggaconroy and Serebii’s Joe Merrick….

    Ugh I wish they didn’t involve them such dopey thoughts and ideas all the time. Not to mention Joe is stuck up his own ass all the time.

    1. Yeah I realised that a lot of the time, Joe was like “yeah thats a good idea but here’s where you’re wrong” (also didn’t know he was English like me which threw me off a lil)
      I prefer Gamexplain’s analysis videos as opposed to their general discussion ones

      1. Same 🙂 haha yeah his accent cathes alot of people. Its a pain how he can never take an opinion without a comment after but anyway not our problem I guess haha 😛

        1. I think what throws me off more than his accent is how high his voice is. I always thought of him having a slightly deeper voice. But yeah he’s definitely a bit snobby and it can get really annoying to here him talk or tweet about stuff.

        2. It was funny when they asked if he’s ever posted a fake and claimed it was real and you could tell he was getting a bit defensive, and thats why the other guy was like “yeah but being Serebii-approved is a big thing in the community” – as a way of making him happy again

    2. Just started watching it and I don’t know if I’ll make it to the end. What an annoying voice, he sounds like a know-it-all. 🙁

    3. To be fair Serebii has always been known to be like that. The majority of the community know this, yet his site is still everyone’s go to place for confirmation of news. Being Serebii approved is a big thing for the community.

      People can like or dislike his demeanour, but it’s difficult to fault his commitment to his site.

    4. The thing is, as much as his personality might tick off some people, it takes a pessimist and a stuck up guy to do what he does. If he wasn’t like that, we would have a lot of confusion as to what is fake or real in the Pokemon community.

  3. Off topic question: Is N considered your rival? I never thought so, as Cheren and Bianca are your rivals, but my brother insists that N is a rival, since you battle him many times. I was wondering what everyone thought on this. To me, he is just an antagonist.

    1. I don’t really consider him a rival. He has differing ideals but I just consider Cheren and Bianca the rivals

    2. I don’t consider him your rival, but I think without him the rivals wouldn’t be as interesting.

    3. May not technically he a rival, but it could still work as one I guess? Battle him multiple times throughout the game, have a somewhat blue mixed with johto rival type feeling to him

    4. I feel like he’s a mix between an antagonist and a rival. To me Ghetsis is the real antagonist and Cheren and Bianca are the real rivals. So N is like in between.

  4. Just imaging the post-game potential of Zygarde, Volcanion, and Magearna really has me ecstatic for S/M. This game needs a proper post-game that X/Y lacked. Zygarde could easily effect the weather through some environmental issues, which could spawn a quest with Volcanion involving Brandon from the Battle Frontier, lastly bringing the player to Magearna and her secrets. I hope GameFreak takes advantage of these legendaries and their lore. This would effortlessly give S/M a bunch of plot-driven conflicts for the player to solve.

    1. Why the hell did you use bold and italics so awkwardly in your post?
      I’m surprised you didn’t underline or strike out anything.
      It’s very visually unpleasing to read.

      1. lol. I’ve never heard any complaints from anyone about it. I just italicize and bold parts of my comment I think are important. It makes it faster to read for majority of people to focus on the important details.

      2. I think it’s more visually appealing because it has more variety, but that’s just me I guess… xD

    2. I’m sure there’ll be a battle frontier in S/M, they even said a battle frontier was being built in ORAS. Not to mention a trainer in the Maison said that they were scouting for Scott, who I think is probably more likely to be involved than Brandon.

  5. alright guys all aboard the hype-train because tomorrow’s going to be E3 which means Cool Stuff And video games!:D

          1. Imagine all the new equipment
            I’ve always wanted to see a combination of the Clawshot and the Mogma Mitts

            Heavy duty claws that can scale nearly any surface but strong enough to go claw to claw with monsters

            Or maybe a Bo-Staff that doubles as a blow gun

  6. I’m watching Hoopa and the clash of ages. Thoughts so far:
    1) The score is awful. It feels really cheap and just bad.
    2) Hoopa’s voice is annoying and I don’t like how it can talk or just how it phrases its sentences. “Alley Hoopa Ring” sounds dumb AF.
    3) Summoning the legendaries adds an interesting element to the movie.

    1. Oh my god yes
      I wanted to pound that little pest’s face in with a brick every time it said that stupid catchphrase

      1. I also am just not a fan of its eyes and the little blush patches on its cheeks. They don’t looks mischievous at all

          1. Buuuut I still wouldn’t mind having one steal a whole bunch of stuff on a daily basis

  7. For some reason I foresee these graphics being used in a stadium game for Wii U.

  8. Oh my god guys.
    Don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it, but the Pokedex shows that 1% is completed when you have caught 1 Pokemon or seen 3 Pokemon. That must mean that there will be 100 or 300 Pokemon in the regional Pokedex. What does this say?

    1. I know a good amount of people pointed it out, both on here and Youtube (mostly Youtube). Apparently, people are leaning towards 300, I think.

    2. It’s probably just easier to round the percentages instead of having them in there to confuse small children

    3. I’m leaning towards what Omega said. GameFreak has stopped counting on the number of captures to PokeDex completion. Now it simply depends upon you seeing all of the Pokemon in the region. Unless GameFreak is now tracking actual captures with the percentage, I’m leaning towards the PokeDex having around 300 Pokemon.

    4. If there were around 300 on the dex, I’d think there’d be like 120 new pokemon

        1. Not a bad number, although I wouldn’t be apposed to 150 either. Anything below 110 is unacceptable! :I

    5. CoroCoro said that we’re getting “many new Pokemon”, so it must be over 100! I think the Alola Dex will have 300 Pokemon: 100-150 new and 150-200 old.

    6. Or it means nothing because again, they wouldn’t include decimals in the percentage.

        1. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one here who thinks it. I just hate the design and color scheme for it. It’s my least favorite of the kalos final evos

          1. It really is at the bottom of my list of all the Starter Pokemon, maybe outclassed by Meganium. Chesnaught has such an ugly design, the whole line just throws me off.

          2. I actually think I like meganium a bit more. Its design isn’t particularly good but it’s not ugly.

          3. Yeah actually it at least makes sense. Chesnaught absolutely does not. I also feel like I’m the only one not really liking Greninja. A tongue scarf? Bothers me so much. They had to use the bubbles in its place.

          4. Yeah I don’t like the scarf either! It’s dumb! It’s like hanging a big sign that says “Grab here! Try to strangle me!” Not to mention it just doesn’t make sense evolutionary wise. They mismanaged all of the kalos final evos. Delphox is like Meganium, not good, but not horrible. Just disappointing.

          5. We can’t be looking at the same Pokemon. Chestnaught is hands down my favorite grass starter. From its move pool, to its typing, to its design. It’s such a great Pokemon.

        1. Nah, those gangly arms are an eye sore, the beige makes me want to vomit. and the “helmet” (if you can call it that) looks ridiculous.

      1. Are you stupid? Chestnaughts design is great. If you think chesnaught is ugly, surely you must think greninja is horrendous. In anime and in all of its game sprites I can never get my head around just how God awfully unnatural greninja looks. Like it’s hard for me to even believe that a creature with the anatomy of greninja could ever function in life.

  9. So I feel like drumming up a sample move set for Iwanko aka Pubble
    Sand Attack
    Rock Throw (it kicks the rocks with its hind legs)
    Odor Sleuth
    Stealth Rock
    Take Down
    Work Up
    Bone Rush
    Rock Slide
    Giga Impact

    1. I love GameXplain, but did they really make an analysis on a picture. There is virtually no important details! Their killing their analysis machine. :[

      1. Libra come on we the people are Zelda starved, we and many other dedicated fans are going to wring out every picture, clip interview and rumor for all information

  10. I don’t know if any of you Jungle goers have posted this or seen this, but this is rather new information to me. Magearna learns a move known as “Fleur Cannon”, also it’s ability is Soul Heart. There is a screenshot, but I don’t know if it’s from the game or the movie. It was from this month’s CoroCoro!

  11. Not best picture, but saw these fakemons and thought they would be cool in alola 🙂

  12. alright guys I hope you made a checklist,because we’re about to go to E3 the most ultimate of all hype on our Mighty hype train,so what do you need to bring along and I Mighty trip to E3?

  13. Should I trade with my platinum and try to evolve my Murkrow before the Johto elite four or nah?

  14. Not on topic (my posts usually aren’t) but since I know a lot of the usual people here are either gay, bi, or affiliated with the LGBT community in some form, I want to take a moment to truly offer my condolences to those who may have been affected in any way by the Orlando massacre. I don’t want to get political, but guns don’t kill humans but they sure make it much easier. I hope this event brings forth much talk on how we can better guarantee our safety, and I offer my BIGGEST condolences to all who have been affected. As a recently out of the closet teen (I’m only 14 and came out just last year to close friends and then opened up) this is not only saddening but frightening. You now what though, fear won’t win. It may have, but not anymore!

    1. I just hate how two nasty things followed one another. First, Christina Grimmie, then innocent people today.
      It sucks that these things still have to happen.

    2. The support from people is what makes me happy. Society has grown a lot and the love shown from people for this awful event. I can’t imagine being so filled with hate that you would do something like this. I hope we will live in a world soon where this doesn’t happen

    3. It’s all over the news here and it truly scares me. I myself work as a bartender in a gay club, but I can’t imagine someone walking in shooting everyone he can. I really hope the US finally make weapons illegal now.

    1. Tentacruel is a beast! I know a lot of people overlook it but it’s a great Pokemon

  15. So I noticed the two forms of Zygrade battled Pokemon that could mega evolve but weren’t. Think they’ll stop mega evolution?

    1. I think it was just showing strong Pokemon to show how much power the formes can do.

    1. I think this was already covered by the Zygarde trailers and that’s why its ability is called Swarm Change, because 10% form does absorb more… stuff/bacteria/whatever to change into Perfect/Complete Form.

      Now for the colors of those dots, I missed the theory about them being color of logos of Pokemon X, Y, Sun, Moon + something else…

  16. Off topic but interests me: What are your top 3 favorite and least favorite Poketubers?

    In no particular order
    Mine are:

    1) shofu
    2) MunchingOrange
    3) TheJWittz (he counts, right? XD)

    Least Favorite:
    1) Verlisify
    2) ABrandonToThePast
    3) TyranitarTube

    (I would’ve put GCPM11 but I think his content is okay. It’s just him as a person that isn’t. But I put the people on the list only for content, not them as a person :D)

    1. Shadypeguinn is always my number one. Even if I did shed a tear when I found out he’s engaged.

    2. I don’t watch a lot of Poketubers, but I consistently do watch Marriland, Nappy, and aDrive, along with a couple others.
      I can’t think of any least favs, cause if I don’t like their stuff, I just don’t watch and I don’t keep track of who I don’t like, content-wise.

      1. Yah I love all those Poketubers but I get what you mean in terms of how you don’t keep track of the ones you don’t like

      1. Well, at least from what I’ve heard, he’s scammed people, and stirred up a lot of arguments with other Poke tubers. But this is just what I’ve heard so I don’t know if it’s true.

        Also, I don’t think he’s a bad person. Just from what people tell me it sounds like he isn’t very generous to others…

        But I do happen to like some of his content!

    3. I watch none of them, so my favorite will have to go to Pokejungle because I’ve watched the 2 or 3 vids this site has put out and enjoyed them! 😛

      Wait, I did watch that funny marriland video where he was ranting about the “next pokemon games WILL take place in a NEW REGION” lmao. My brother and I still say that line to each other sometimes. It never gets old.

      1. I remember when my cousin, brother and I used to bond over Pokemon. And then they stopped liking it ?.

        But yah I remember that video ??

        1. It always sucks when a friend stops liking something you bond over :/ I keep a tight leash on my brother lol. That bitch will not desert me

          1. LOL they left me for sports. Which I still bond with them over, but I like Pokemon a little more than sports….

    4. Nappy, Shady and (if he counts) Chuggaconroy.

      I’m not fond of TTarTube, Verlisify and GCPM11 however

    5. I mainly just watch Chuggaconroy (doesn’t really count but I love his platinum LP) and Jwittz but I also do quite like…

      Tyranitar Tube. I can’t justify it, it just enjoy his videos

      1. You know, some people like theory videos (I like it sometimes) and that’s just a preference. But I do admit, TyranitarTube has some great videos. But its his theories that really don’t please me….

    6. Chuggaaconroy (if he counts) and Jwittz.

      I also like TheAuraGuardian, who’s not very well known.

    7. Best one is GameboyLuke. His nuzlockes really please me and he makes it really fun to watch. Others I like are Truegreen7 and I actually like Ttartube because of his Alpha Sapphire Extre Randomizer.

      Least favorite are ABrandonToThePast, Verlisify and CandyEvie.



  17. Disney just released a trailer for Moana and it comes out within a week of Sun & Moon. Both are Hawaiian based….hm….conspiracy! Disney buys out Nintendo???? (This is a joke btw :P)

      1. I’ve taken off a week of work to fly to hawaii on the 18th of November so I can play Moon on the beach. Just kidding I’m poor and hate the beach

          1. I also live in Florida! (For 15 years (since I was born)) and I don’t really go to the beach that much ?

          2. I used to live like 15 mins from a super nice quiet beach with gorgeous water and low tourism. The sand was ugly but who cares about that honestly. That’s the only beach I sort of miss

          3. Nice! I live 5 minutes from a beach, and I can see it across from my dock. But I still would rather use the pool just cause sand bothers me ?

            But I’m gonna try going to the beach and play Pokemon sun and moon and maybe it’ll make me more involved in the game ?

          4. Florida person too, although I can’t stand the beach xD Too sandy and it’s not really all that fun for me.
            The only thing about beaches I like is shell collecting :3 I sorta miss that

    1. Well the buyout joke is unlikely… 😉 (fingers crossed)

      More likely that is some sort of indirect promotion. One of Disney or Nintendo scheduled their similar product to come out within the same time period to get increased sales for both, especially since they don’t participate in the same genre of entertainment.

      (This is of course different from the times Disney/Pixar and Dreamworks were releasing similar movies close to each other…)

      1. I feel like Disney and Nintendo would just work together well if they collaborated more or whatever. Idk I’m tired, I can’t form coherent thoughts as well in this state of mind

        1. It’s ok, you’re still making sense. <3

          Nah, they likely won't. They each have their own sets of characters and IPs that are marketable.

          This is likely the best they can do when they're not outright competing (like Amiibo vs Infinity).

          1. I really want Disney to make animated Nintendo movies though. They’d be an unstoppable empire

          2. I doubt Disney would have time, considering they’re busy promoting their own goods.

            However, I wanna see how an American studio does a Japanese games property. I can’t wait to see how the new Megaman cartoon turns out.

    2. In The Netherlands it’s called Vaiana. I got used to Moana 🙁 it has something to do with copyrights.
      I like the trailer though! Looks like a fun movie.

  18. alright guys we better get out already to all aboard the hype-train,because E3 is around the band for Nintendo which means more information on Pokemon Sun and Moon!:D

    1. alright the countdown to E3 has now set,I think it’s time we set up and pack up for our trip to E3 for the ultimate Nintendo party so all aboard the hype train we’re going to have one smooth ride!:D

  19. well guys this is it tomorrow’s the big day the ultimate Pokemon party get the hype train ready guys,there’s no turning back on this ultimate well-deserved party so pack your things guys onward to E3 and the ultimate hype of the century so let’s get that Majora’s Mask meme back in the place because tomorrow’s going to be an all-time big day!:D

    1. Syncro Mega Evolution? interesting very interesting this will be a perfect first in the land of Pokemon

    2. But if it is true, we ARE getting Synchro? I cant imagine how messed up Earthen will be lol

      1. Synchro Mega = Sun Moon :p

        Well it’s not true yet no need to do some rubbing in his face yet… and besides I don’t like it either but I’m more tolerant. For now, it looks like Mega Evo with +1 free move, anyway.

          1. If we do get synchro ID say it’ll be done like the anime , just by having a good bond with the Pokémon to become one etc

          2. And probably exclusive to starters. Making Synchro designs for 800+ mons seems like too much time consuming.

          3. Totally agree , I actually like mega evolution but making this and that and then adding another 50+ kinda makes it less special.

          4. I kinda like the idea of Mega Sunflora (which is kinda obvious bc Alola lol) and Mega Lanturn though.

          5. I do thoroughly believe that’s what the “secret” with the starters and Iwanko is. Obviously they expect people to stick with their starter through the whole game, forming a bond. And Iwanko is a dog, dogs and humans are best friends or something.

          6. Haha then PETA will be all over you. Just like when they attacked Pokémon over black and white haha

        1. I dont like it too, to make myself clear. But I was sort of expecting it because of Ash-Greninja.

          1. Yeah it seems inevitable. ;p

            We can’t fight fate, Synchro is sadly the new future. But it just seems like Mega with another name and a bit upgraded.

  20. So whats everyone’s take on the E3 so far? I’m not just following it for Sun and Moon. I’m glad we’re getting Skyrim Remastered.

    Also got a look at Mass Effect Andromeda, as an ME fan I’m very hyped for this game.

    1. We’ll see what’s coming on Xbone and PS4 next? Nice.

      Personally EA and Bethesda have disappointed me (well not that anything is interesting from Beth to me right now). EA are again neverending sports games,and teasers only. Plus more ruination of Star Wars Battlefront I guess.

      Titanfall 2 just thrown out there with no prior tease or indication it’s gonna come out. So yeah, EA’s Titanfall vs Activition’s Call of Duty vs… EA’s Battlefield One? Are they nuts, they are killing their own shooters by doing this. I think this is a bad idea since even World War One shooter is already destroying the futuristic competition… I guess EA is covering both their futuristic and past bases for shooters.

      Also “FINALLY WE HAVE A SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN” is touted as a feature? Good lord Titanfall and EA… 😀

    2. Mass effect looked good.

      Microsoft I hope show some good new games for the Xbox one. Sony I’m sure will have something new.

      They just showed a new trailer for Horizon zero dawn so I dunno if that will be a big focus or if they will show anything : but I hope they do that looks good 🙂

      1. Well the Xbox One Slim was leaked yesterday, so they’ll definitely show that one.

        1. I saw not really bothered with those haha 🙂 Imngood with the ps4 and xb1 I have 🙂 Speaking of are u a co sole gamer yourself ? 🙂

          1. Haha no love for Microsoft lol.

            I own all the consoles from 1990 so far with the exception of the Vita as I have no interest in that.

            I also have 2 3ds consoles one European and one American haha. No Japanese yet tho lol

          2. I used to have an 360, but I never played on it anymore, so I sold it. And never bothered to buy an X1, not enough exclusives for my taste. PS4 offers more variety and better graphics 😉

            Xbox Live tops PSN though, I’ll give them that.

    3. Pretty meh overall. Bethesda stuff I have no interest in and EA are pretty awful all round. I can understand Mass Effect appeal, but it’s just not for me.

      1. I’m a football fan also, so Fifa 17 kinda got me psyched. I was rather disappointed nothing on The Old Republic was shown though.

          1. Yup, but I wished we could just create our own player instead of being forced to play with this Hunter kid. But its kinda surprising a football game will have minor RPG elements in it, even the famous dialogue wheel is in it.

          1. Tomorrow’s Nintendo’s turn. I can’t describe how much I’m looking forward to Zelda Wii U/NX.

  21. Just an FYI if anyone is a PC gamer and had skryrim and any dlc they get the remastered one for free 🙂

    Also battlefield 1 looks the business. Mass effect looked good also.

    The rest I’ve been just Meh on. Sure they look good eg dishonoured 2 but I’m not hyped yet. 🙂

      1. I’ll be weak tomorrow haha 🙂 but I’m also looking forward to Sony and Microsoft later 🙂

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