Zygarde 10% and Complete Formes Shown in Sun & Moon

Both Zygarde’s 10% and Complete forms have been shown in a Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer shown at the Taiwan National Championships. UPD: Trailer has been added to the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel. UPD2: English trailer released.

Zygarde Complete Form knows a new move called Core Enforcer.

This further adds to the mystery surrounding Kalos’ lore and how it relates to the new games… The transformation, animations and attack are all pretty cool.

<3 PJ & Kriff

  1. This makes me actually like them more. Still dislike the 100%-form, I guess, but it looks better in-game. The 10%-form is really beautiful, it’s my favorite Zygarde.

  2. All these news are killing me.
    BTW I love the Koala pokemon! I think I’ll have it on my team along with Rowlet <3

  3. Urgghh….don’t tell me it’s a HP based transformation. Didn’t they learn that doesn’t work with Darmanitan Zen Mode. 🙁

  4. And so the plot thickens, literally. Hopefully Zygarde will be post game stuff, I mean considering it didn’t exist in XY and you have to literally go out of your way to find it.
    I mean it could be that the remnants of Flare travel over to Alola and maybe mess with the tree on the Westernmost island?

    1. Right? I mean it has to come with him to Alola. Greninja is so freakin popular and just downright powerful (too powerful imho in AG with Protean+Mold Breaker)

        1. Oh you mean the transformation? Yeah I agree, I wouldn’t know how thet can incorporate it in the games imho. Maybe something with Amie, but I reckon that would be too much of a hassle with 700+ mons, unless they make it exclusive to starters.

          1. …which is what I fear because Serebii mentions that Corocoro says there’s a secret relating to Litten, Rowlet, Popplio, and Iwanko.

          2. But Iwanko isn’t a starter, so that secret could be anything. Gamexplain suggests Litten, Rowlet and Popplio are somehow connected to the Alola legendaries, because their silhouettes are basically alchemy symbols.

          3. Someone on here mentioned that maybe Iwanko can sniff out the gem you need to synch or something. Something along the lines of pickup without actually having it be its ability. Im hoping this is the case and not that we get to synch with that little rock pup.

    2. Greninja has become an attention-whore: Ash-Greninja form, awesome shiny, broken ability, appearance in Smash 4 :/

  5. Hopefully this has a story of its own in sunand moon! Please have this take place in kalos post game! Its not to late to make this gen 6.5!!

    1. You do realize, Alola is its own region, with new Pokémon, yet you think its some kind of pseudo-sequel to XY?

      1. Yeah I really don’t want them to take that route. X and Y had its chance… I’m not opposed to a “Z Episode” but I don’t want S/M to be sequels

        1. Well they’re obviously not sequels lol, because they are brand new generation games. Although personally I think there’s more to Kalos than meets the eye, and I wouldn’t be opposed to a HGSS game, where we’ll be able to travel to Kalos after beating the Alola league.

          1. If we do, I really hope they revamp the hell out of it. Add some new buildings, gym leaders, features, etc.

  6. It went from 10% form to 100% form whilst skipping 50%…
    Do you guys think the transformation is damage or turn based? Or perhaps a combination?
    My initial guess its that the HP ratio after receiving damage is the key.

    1. The HP dropped to red for 10% then it was back in the green for 100% so unless it change form and heals within the same transformation, I don’t think it’ll be likely that it’s based off of HP (I mean the Zygarde Core/Cells have a much bigger part to play I’m sure)

    2. “A strong atmosphere/ aura can be felt!”
      “Zygarde’s team/ group forme change!”

      Apparently that is the text as it transforms

      1. Yeah. I can’t read Cantonese or Mandarin but I can get a gist from the characters that are also used in Japanese. “gathering…and then core/nucleus punishment”. Naturally this is far from an accurate translation, just a general gist of the meaning that Japanese speakers would be able to gauge.

    1. I was already familiar with this (not this particular vid)
      Granted, when I first saw Solgaleo, I assumed (like almost everybody else) it would be a fire type. When I saw its Psychic/Steel, I started thinking and worked out it actually makes sense (the Steel part, still not keen on Psychic)

      1. I feel like most things related to space get the Psychic type though (e.g. Deoxys, Beheeyem, Solrock, Lunatone), so Psychic makes a lot of sense

  7. Is it just me or are the animations a little smoother? ALSO, ZYGARDE 100% FORM IS ONE BEAUTIFUL CREATURE

  8. I can’t believe some people actually thought that the Zygarde formes would be anime only.

    1. Plz. They were already in Pokemon Shuffle. They haven’t been anime-only for a while 😛

    2. Its the same with people not believing Fusion will be in SuMo. I know its gonna be in the game, Im just really concerned about the power creep !!

    Time to change my pants

    This is my response

  10. oh boy there’s already 3 days left until E3 and already we’re seeing some cool gameplay of Zygarde’s forms this is so awesome! 😀 XD

  11. Well I’m confused……I can’t say I really give two shits about Zygarde anymore (not that I don’t think both the 10% and complete form aren’t super coo because I do!) I’m just not sure where I see them shoehorning Zygarde into Sun and Moon. I really hate to think that they’;d throw a Pokemon from a different gen into the games just because idk…..maybe they didn’t have time to make a Z or whatever and now are trying to give Zygarde it’s time in the light? Who knows….anyway I still think Zygarde Complete is cool and I’m glad they are putting it in the games in SOME capacity. I find it interesting that the only way we’ve seen now so far to get it is by the use of that ability. I guess the complete form isn’t something you can just tote around with whenever you want. I do wonder how you get Zygarde 10% though. That seems like something that you can have regularly though.

  12. Taken straight from Bulbapedia’s twitter page:
    “When Zygarde 10% Forme at low HP, its Ability “Clustering Transform” (tentative translation) changes it into Complete Forme and restores HP”

    1. This would make sense as the Japanese katakana seems to read “Zygrade’s Swarm Change.” Swarm Change / Clustering Transform; same thing, I suppose. I wonder what the official English translation will be!

    1. Considering it was shown off at an official event I doubt it’s a “spoiler” It was leaked in some fashion off the website or found in some coding then that would be a different story, but when things get officially revealed it’s never an accident. They may touch on this at E3, but I doubt this is all they have planned.

    1. Oh I cannot wait for the day for Zygarde to be under my control
      Then unleash Thousand Arrows on all the Flying types that taunt me with their blatant immunity
      Especially Skarmory,

        1. I don’t want to use Landorus
          Look I just want Groudon and Zygarde because they’re my favorite Legendaries (and that legit 5Iv HP Steel Shiny Yveltal too powerful to collect dust) but only under Legendary Battles outside them I prefer regular Pokemon

          1. Ah I see. Well in legendary battles I think you’ll be justified in using Lando anyway.

            Gliscor is available for non-legendary battles anyway.

          2. You usee that term way too lightly gliscor can be stall sword dance,fling set it definitely not one trick

  13. The japanese text when it transforms reads:
    ジガルデの (Zygarde’s)
    スワームチェンジ (SuWa-Mu Change)
    …Zygarde’s Swarm Change?

    1. All the cores swarms towards Zygarde maybe in a last ditch effort to win?

      1. I both love and hate this concept. It’s a cool idea… but then all you have to do is knock out 10% Zygarde to avoid 100% coming into play ^^’

  14. Zygarde: I will show you all my Full Power! “Clustering Transform” ahh i am Complete! XD *shows off Saiyan aura*

  15. Wait a second… I recognize that background from the trailer… kalos wastelands. Unless they are re-using backgrounds from x and y, then it’s possible we are going to go to kalos in this game as well?

    1. If you mean Route 13 (before the power plant), then they have similar backgrounds, but nowhere near the same.

  16. Ahaha Yes they’re in the games, screw the doubters!!! (No offence it was a possibility, but it always seemed a silly suggestion to my ears).
    Now we wait for Ash-Greninja, who’s appearance in spin-offs and the TCG seems like quite good evidence…

    1. I feel pretty confident in saying ash greninja will not appear. That’s specifically based on Ash’s physical appearance, who isn’t in the game so it wouldn’t make sense for him and greninja fused together to appear.

      1. Yeah I’m definitely more in agreement about the the dodgyness of Ash-Greninja. I think his appearance in spin-offs is pretty damning though considering the Zygarde forms are now confirmed to be in the games.
        Hopefully it’s just a mega. I reaaaallly hope so. We don’t need any silly further complications with all that “syncro” crap. Just reading about it makes my blood boil. Just my opinion obviously haha.

        1. Yeah I don’t like the thought of syncro either, seems to over complicate things.

  17. So it is damaged-based. I wonder if full health will yields Z-Cell/10%, half (or yellow) for 50%, and red for 100%….

  18. yo guys I was doing some research about the Gen 7 starters and I made a big Discovery, our little starters are not only based on the circus but it also based on Alchemy because the symbols on their bodies.

    1. I also replied this theory to you in the previous article, so you didn’t make a ‘big discovery’ at all… -_-

  19. I’m actually… pretty disappointed in this music. As someone that made a living from writing video game music, this was something I was really looking forward to, but I’m just not… feeling it to be honest. Anyone else feel the same?

  20. So all in all, Zygarde has 3 signature moves, that’s crazy!

    Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves AND Core Punisher? Whoa.

  21. So, what is that music do you think? I think this might confirm that Zygarde has a role in the gam, otherwise the footage would be in XY.

  22. Going to get Zygarde to lv 100 and keep it in doggie form. I just love its animation!

    1. We usually get the localised names within a day of reveal, so I’m sure by the end of the weekend, we’ll know what they’re called as well as the ability & move names

      1. I hope so. They have to soon unless they want it to possibly be revealed in the sun and moon gameplay at E3.

  23. Looking at this footage, I’m beginning to think that there’s no reason they can’t be sequels to X and Y, and least in some fashion.
    Think about it:
    Gold and Silver were direct sequels of Red, Blue and Yellow. But, they were also their own separate generation, with 100 new Pokémon, and a new region. If they did that once before (and a lot of people are speculating that Sun and Moon are like a reimagining of Gold and Silver, just as X and Y were the reimagining of Red and Blue), I don’t see why there wouldn’t be a way to return to Kalos in the post game of Sun and Moon, just like we were able to return to Kanto in the post game of Gold and Silver.
    There’s definitely more going on here that we don’t understand yet, and I can’t wait to find out what it is!

    1. I figured for a while that Gen 7 would be the new Gen 2 but then I kinda forgot about it after Hawaii was the theme bc… Hawaii and France…

      1. Exactly you just cant walk through a cave and go up a waterfall to get from hawaii to france or vice versa but hey maybe a boat or something might be possible?

        1. Boat or plane are both possible. But my issue was that they’re completely different cultures that didn’t seem like they’d flow.

          1. Perhaps, and this is just a guess, maybe the boat/plane that will take us from Alola to Kalos could land in that clouded area (which could have some credence to the post game plot, but obviously no gyms, as it would be just a small, new area), and then take the train to main Kalos region.

    2. I could already see a limitation of that. They have to redue and rescale the entire Kalos region. I don’t know how large the file size of the 3DS cartridge is, but I doubt it could take it.

      1. It’s 8 GB and since the first announcement of the 3Ds, they’ve expanded it a little. Neither ORAS or XY were over 3 or 4 GB. It could definitely take it.

        1. Then again, we do not know the file size of OR/AS. 8GB might be enough, but I’m not putting my hopes high for that. It would heavily extend development.

          1. I would think it wouldn’t be much more. OR/AS was smaller than XY in file size but was much bigger than XY in game. It can work.

    3. You could be right, I always thought that the sequel would take place in the region to the east of kalos if we got that region as like a G/S like place because they are so tied to each other like kanto and johto are, I mean they went to war and were very tied together in the story, and Alola isn’t the region to the east because it is a bunch of islands and the region beside Kalos is connected by land. But hey like I said you could be correct, anything is possible

  24. I spazzed out to this because I almost blew off the YouTube notification for the videos… I’m very surprised.

  25. lol, so now all those people saying this is anime exclusive can be proven wrong. Nothing is anime exclusive, it might be revealed through the anime but eventually it will be in the games!

  26. First the two new Pokemon, then upcoming Treehouse gameplay, and now footage of the Zygarde forms! Their forms look amazing in game! I guess this confirms my theory of Zygarde being involved in S/M in some capacity. I hope it becomes a plot line in the post game with Volcanion to expand the plot. Additionally, I guess the trainer stands there whenever the Pokemon aren’t doing a drastic attack. I wish the trainers had animations when their Pokemon were attacked. Lastly, that outstanding Wild Battle music. It sounds divine and I love the “franticness” of the theme. Overall, I’m dying with the amount of information that was revealed. My heart can’t take much more.

    1. Are you just guessing that that was the wild Pokemon theme? That was my guess too, but it would be nice if there was confirmation.

        1. At first I was thinking that it might be a legendary theme, because it was a trailer about Zygarde, but it doesn’t sound like a legendary music at all.

          1. If it was the legendary theme, it would be a remix of the X/Y legendary theme. This has Wild Battle vibes all over it as Anon said.

    2. Also about the thing that you said about the trainer having animations i think they will because on trailer a battle with hau was shown and when his rowlett got hit by ember hau faces was like O_O for a second, it was ver subtle but i noticed after watching every trailer more than a hundred times over hehe

  27. Now that I think about it, this region might be closer to Kalos than we think… There are swimmers that swam to Kalos from a neighboring region in XY.

    1. unless its the region that the guy who gives you the weird statue is from, because he’s from a far away region and the statue looks pretty Hawaiian-esque kinda tiki like

          1. It’s a swimmer. On the beach. And he said he swam all the way over from a neighboring region. That’s it.

          2. yeah but (and yes i see the comments about hoenn) but if the strange statue comes from Alola, it is a far away region from Kalos, thats all I said in the first comment… so

    2. I have been saying for ages Alola is close to Kalos and I will stick by that until its proven otherwise.

    3. There was one swimmer who swam from Hoenn to Kalos, making those regions rather close to each other. I’m guessing Alola is close to Kalos simply based on Zygarde.

      1. Kiloude City has a tropical enviroment (palm trees etc) which furthers my conviction Kalos is close located somewhat north of Alola.

  28. I still don’t get what “Flowers” were hinting at.
    Sun and Moon don’t really have anything to do with flowers and neither does zygarde. The only thing I can think of is AZ’s Floette which could mean that AZ might appear in Sun/Moon

    1. Hawaii is a location full of flowers, from the leis you get at the airport to the natural flora in the area. Plus, we’re getting Fleur cannon as a move, further connecting it.

    2. In the recently leaked TCG artwork of Magearna, it can attack with a flower like weapon too.

      1. Here’s an image for reference.

        Card Translation:
        Magearna-EX – Metal – HP160 Basic
        Pokémon Ability: Mystic Heart – Prevents all effects of your opponent’s attacks, except damage, done to each of your Pokémon that has [M] Energy attached to it.
        [M][C][C] Soul Blaster: 120 damage – During your next turn, this Pokémon’s Soul Blaster attack does 60 damage. When a Pokémon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.
        Weakness: Fire (x2) Resistance: Psychic (-20) Retreat: 1

    3. Evidcen so far which I can find
      – Hawaii has flower leis
      – Lillie is central to the plot apparently – and there’s also Lysandre/Fleur de lis, which is basically a lily, so they could be related somehow
      – Magearna can learn a move called Fleur Cannon

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          2. Hmmm. I’ll give you a coupon for free FroYo and my pocket change for a second look.

          3. Oh nice, yeah your waifu looks pretty good in the nude. She calls me papi every other Saturday night.

          4. Hmmmm this does give me an idea
            But I don’t think very viable

            Basically my Articles would be Article versions of my “Earthen Answers” where readers answer Pokemon related questions from an in game perspective

          5. Because I may not be a translator or super on the up with info
            But what I bring to the party is near boundless love and enthusiasm for Pokemon beyond stats metas and all that jazz
            And what I do best is breathe life into everything Pokemon
            Like what was your first Pokemon’s personality and how would you train it,

          6. That could be fun, but if you do get to make them, change the name because ‘Earthen Answers’ sounds too much like ‘Dae Asks’

  30. Some flavor text for Pubble
    hidden away in a trailer released by CoroCoro and was revealed one week Iwanko looks cute, but is really gutsy: No matter how much it gets beaten it’ll keep standing up to its enemies until it beats them. It greets people by pressing the rocks attached to its neck against them, which is kind of painful for the recipient. Its body is small, but it hides a secret.

  31. It’d be adorable if we stumbled upon Matt and Archie’s wedding in Alola

      1. Well, the name, at least.
        Maybe instead of Core Change it’ll be called Cell Swarm in English?
        I kinda like that better. The Z Cells swarming towards Zygarde when it’s in a pinch.

    1. Finally we get a trailer but still no English names for the Pokemon. I’m starting to think that we won’t get it until E3.

      1. Game Freak, that’s how. :
        Not that I’m complaining.
        Dragon-type is my favorite type after Psychic-type.

      2. Why are the Flabebe family pure Fairies and not Fairy/Grass? Nobody knows. Game Freak doesn’t make sense sometimes.

        1. Probably because it’s only holding a flower, or dressing up with flower parts in the case of Florges. Probably because its body isn’t actually made out of plants, like Whimsicott.

          1. Well technically Whismicott is based off plant cotton it even has the stem at the back of its head but you are still right

  32. so based on the trailer it looks like if 10% zygarde hp goes below the red bar it transform to 100% zygarde AND get 60-75% percent of his health back. Focus Sash Zygarde new meta

    1. Or, 10% has less HP than Perfect, so when it transforms to a higher-HP formes, it just gains the HP difference of the formes.

      1. This. In the Japanese trailer you can clearly see that 10% Zygarde has 125 HP, and once it transforms, its Max HP increases to 287.

  33. There’s no way there’s not a post game questline dealing with these zygarde forms. Whether that’s in kalos or alola remains to be seen

  34. Who cares about the formes. Lol
    There are two adorable new Pokémon that need my love!

      1. I know I was just saying that I need more info on those cute little Pokémon. I could care less about these formes unless it is plot aligned.

          1. He’s a cool dude don’t get me wrong I just don’t use legendaries on my team.

  35. I feel like zygarde will finally be that pokemon that completes two trios across gens, also pairing up with lunala and solgaleo (Since it represents Earth)

    1. It won’t. Zygarde is part of the Tree of Life myth that he, Xerneas and Yveltal represent. Solgaleo and Lunala are connected to alchemy, which is a different subject. There will be a third Alola legendary

  36. Oh boy am I hyped right now.
    This news literally cheered me up this morning from the tragedy that happened with Christina Grimmie last night (may she rest in full peace).
    I’m so happy I have Pokémon to support me when I’m feeling down!

    1. Man thats so sad what happened to her. She was so young and had so much to live for. May she rest in peace.

    2. May she rest in peace! Such a disheartening and frightening moment for the music industry. This will surely bring into fruition more talk about gun violence and mental issues. We truly need a reform in regards to how we view gun violence, safety, and the treatment of people with mental retardation.

  37. So if you look at Zygarde when it floats up in the air and uses Core Enforcer, the tentacles on its body bend into a “Z” before it etches one into the ground. Not sure if that is common knowledge but I’m running on like 2.5 hours of sleep so my brain is functioning slowly

        1. Yeah it looks a bit like a Z, don’t know if it was on purpose. Knowing GF I think it is, but it’s not really noticeable.

          1. I’d say it’s intentional, otherwise there’d really be no reason for its arms to bend like that at all.

  38. That music in the Japanese trailer <3
    I wonder if it's wild encounter music or Trainer battle music
    It sounds so nice 😀

  39. The theme music is simply stunning! The little chorals and nuances intricately placed here and there truly bring forth a feeling of not only what a Pokemon battle should be, but gives us a first impression of the cultural aesthetics Game-Freak took inspiration from and placed into the composition of the soundtrack! Loving this new route Game-Freak has taken with their more recent titles of being innovative but also being able to add in characteristics of the culture(s) they took inspiration from! 😀 <3

  40. What do you all think the music in the S/M trailer is for? I believe it’s mostly for Wild Battles. The theme is too whimsical and frantic for a Trainer Battle. It simply has Wild Battle vibes!

    1. True, I am more leaning towards it being Wild Pokemon Battle music as well, but I dunno, it also sounds like Trainer Battle music to me too. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon 🙂

    2. If a Wild Battle theme is this good… I can’t fathom how blessed my ears will be when the full soundtrack arrives! #Snatched

  41. The marketing set in place for Sun/Moon thus far has been top-notch! Probably one of, if not the most expansive and publicity driven marketing tactic utilized by Pokemon! This will only further be cemented by its sales as one can only imagine how high Sun/Moon will truly go: may well be the first Pokemon titles to reach the 20 million threshold since Gold/Silver! I also adore the “solving a puzzle” aspect of the marketing as Masuda has given us several key components through certain words or pictures, the anime is constantly pushing ahead of what we currently know, leaving us to only guess at what they’re showing us, and the hype from the 20th anniversary is still loco-moting the entire campaign! Kudos to Game-Freak and Nintendo! Hopefully they can somehow stop these data dumps so the excitement won’t have dried up by the time the information is officially released to the public.

  42. hmmmm i really think the new music is a mash up of a few gens, maybe “it all come together” means they will remix things to make a new thing

  43. “It greets you by rubbing against you with its rocky neck. It’s painful but cute.”

    Sorry but this is definitely giving me S&M vibes.

  44. I just noticed that the move the status bar to be right over or under the corresponding pokemon. It’s kinda weird looking.

  45. I had a thought what if Drubble or Pubble or whatever this thing is ends up as a Rock/Ground type,
    It would have Bone Rush to aid itself in battle

          1. I’m still tryna figure out the reasoning for its rock type. I could see it going rock/fighting or rock/steel though.

        1. OK, I normally hate aggression from bullies, but i guess you leave me no choice…

          1. Earthen has an idea
            *Dives into the ground with drill run and Megahorn burrowing clockwise*
            *i keep digging, creating a massive trench*

          2. Roadrunner, need i say more, Wile E. Coyote?
            Meep meep! *Uses Smoke Ball and flees the battle*

          3. *Slams tail at the dead center to cause the whole pit to collapse inward creating a sinkhole*
            *Causing you to slip and tumble towards my awaiting Megahorn*

          4. *puts a cork on his horn and jump kicks out of the pit, before long the big oaf is carried off by a water main he broke in a spout of water, team rocket style!* Well, the injury is ok, i still got away from him…

          5. I can I’ll I have to do is
            *SNEAK ATTACK!!!*

          6. I wouldn’t say just knocked over more like critically injured like extremely near death

          7. If you wanna get technical, i launched you into the way before you used Rock Wrecker… So you’re the one who cheated… Not even affected by the water.

          8. Well you must understand
            I dug a cone shaped trench at least like 30ft deep, I caused a tremor to cause you to slip and fall, you could not have leaped out without stable footing
            And how could there be a water pipe in the middle of a jungle
            Also if there was my combination of my heavy weight and my solid rock I endure the pain long enough for you to slide into the Megahorn

          9. And I think of these scenarios like literally all the time
            So yeah

            I’ve even been experimenting with Elemental Punches with Rock Wrecker
            (Ice Punch freezes my hand and as I form the boulder it freezes with it and maybe even creating a few spikes)

  46. 10% Zygare should have been its own pokemon line. It so cute it could be steel/electric and change the green color to yellow

        1. It is Dragon/Ground
          Dragons are always legend bait and it has the whole serpentine order thing
          And Ground because it monitors the land/ecosystem and it just fits

          1. ground made sense for me. is just that im tired of the same dragon or psychic type always being legendaries. their are literally a psychic legend for each gen

  47. Cool because this might mean we will visit Kalos but I don’t really like Zygarde that much, it’s just weird and its 100 form looks like a digimon

  48. Nrrrrrrghh this is one of my greatest flaws
    I just cannot quench my thirst for Pokeknowledge
    I demand to know these thing’s names, also the rest of the flavor text for Koalumber

    Also (though not a bad thing but something to think of) with every batch we can’t help but wanting to add it to a team prematurely and I rather not everyone load up on the first thing we see

    1. That’s why I’m not saying I’m adding any Pokemon to my team yet. But I will say it’s an option or a consideration.

    2. True. Although the two new pokes are lovely, I highly doubt I’ll be using one on my team. I’m gonna start off with litten or rowlett and then the rest of my team will be two more native alola Pokemon followed by three more from all different generations.

          1. Also I’m pretty sure it’s a tree before it was revived or something along those lines

    1. Florges should’ve been Fairy/Grass….it’s literally a friggen flower and has access to grass moves.

      1. I know Floette is a fairy because it’s just a fairy holding a flower but Florges pretty much becomes a giant flower.

        1. It literally fuses with its flower. There’s no better typing than grass/fairy for it. Gamefreak made a mistake there.

        2. Exactly. It would’ve made so much sense for its final evolution to be fairy/grass. It literally becomes one with the flower. Just once I would love to know how the people over at game freak come up with these types of decisions. You know? Like who actually has the final stamp of approval for Pokemon designs, concepts, moves, and typing? Hhmmmm

      2. As I said before
        We do not know if that flower officially fused to it, otherwise the entire line gains “Powers” from flowers I.E. Grass attacks

        1. But I want the STAB from them, considering it learns more grass moves than fairy…. And its ability is flower veil, which aids grass type pokemon. It’s just completely stupid it’s not a grass type

          1. Ooo speaking of Megas
            I would totally love to see a Mega Malamar

            It would flip upside down and turn into a gigantic evil kraken with hypnotic lights on each tentacles
            Truly one of the most feared megas

          2. Agreed. I love Malamar’s design and typing, but it sucks they gave it mediocre stats.

          3. Well they did give it Contrary Superpower
            Which next to serperior is like the holy grail of Contrary users

          4. There is that, but that’s also gimmicky. I like it when pokemon can stand on their own without relying on one moveset and stuff

      3. Yeah. It should get STAB for all those moves, but no. They decided that they should just make it fairy.

      1. How the fuck did you come with that? Even if there was a fairy type at the time, floette has no steel type attributes.. I assumed it to be pure grass back when it was first revealed. And I swore UP AND DOWN that sylveon was in fact a dragon type. I was one of the guys who fought against the rumor of the fairy type. It just didn’t make sense to me but now it’s so obvious that I can’t believe we didn’t have them starting in gen 1

        1. First of all: does every comment of yours include cursing? There’s just no need to so stop it.

          Second of all: read!!! I was talking about Xerneas, not Floette.

  49. You still have to compete against Lisia in contests once you already defeat her?? :((((( I should start training that broken Claydol for contest…

  50. So can someone explain the forms to me?
    So the 0% form or whatever has no animation in game.. that’s only for anime? Also.. what about the firm that was hacked out in XY … Just gonna skip that? Confusing

    1. I assume the Zygarde Core and the Cells will combine to be 50% Zygarde. Once it’s HP starts to fall, it becomes Zygarde 10%. Thirdly, Zygarde “Perfect” Form appears at low HP to give a boost of power. It might also go as 10%, to 50%, to Perfect!

    2. Let me explain
      There are Cores and Cells
      The cores are the brains and the cells make up the body
      The Core itself can sense cells that are scattered throughout the Kalos Region (Which act as eyes)
      When threatened the Cores can telepathically call nearby cells to conjoin with the core and depending on the situation it can either call enough cells and create a forme that is only 1/10th of its body and power which is useful to deal with immediate threats or flee
      Or call nearly half of its cells into the form we are familiar with the 50% Forme where it has great power
      But when Kalos is under complete threat it calls for every one of its cells to conjoin and form its entire body which its power surpasses both Xerneas and Yveltal’s, but it only takes this form when it feels that it’s 50% form isn’t enough

  51. So Japan gets Coro Coro Pokemon, Taiwan gets Zygarde, and we’re supposed to get gameplay at E3. HOPEFULLY we get new Pokémon then too.

  52. It’s seems Swarm Change activated when 10% is in low HP, changing it to Zygarde Complete Form. but wat the point from not recover the HP to the max ?(I mean when he transform to the perfect form.
    287 HP ??? !!!!!! this is crazy op evene if he have perfect Ev and Iv it’s more than Giratina .
    my last wonder y 10% form transform to the perfect immediately ?….did they forget the 50% form?

      1. wat did u mean ?…… did u mean when his HP down to the yellow he will transform to 50% form so wat the point of he not have full HP?

          1. oh know I understand wat r u trying to say but this is very random that mean if he goes yellow will transform to 50% until he fainted.

          2. No, I think what Gikie is trying to say is its 10% by default, but if 10% is hit by an attack that takes it down to yellow, it turns to 50%. If 10% is hit by an attack that takes it all the way down to red, it turns to 100%.

    1. The issue I see with the 10% & 100% forms have different abilities from the 50% form.

      1. We know nothing about 100% form ability ….it seems 10% form have the same amount of DEF of 50% ….maybe the Hp stat is only thing is changing in these form …just saying.

      2. i didnt think of that. the only thing i think of if they release a zygarde with a hidden ability

      3. I think the higher form that it transforms into is determined by what zone Zygarde’s HP is in. As long as it’s in the green zone, it stays 10%. If an attack takes it into the yellow zone (less than 50% max HP), it turns into 50% Forme. If an attack takes it straight from green to red, like in the video, it goes into complete.

        As for 50%, either it’s ability will be changed into Swarm Change or it can’t change into Complete, even if it’s health goes into the red. I’m guessing its the former since the latter makes less sense (the core should be able to go from 50% to Complete).

  53. How about this: Post game, Episode Z!

    You’re given Zygarde in a weaker forme, like Cell or 10%, and have to use only him and help him power up to his true final forme while stopping the new post game evil team in Kalos! I think it could be a really fun challenge, giving us the chance to use Zygarde’s formes in normal battles without feeling overpowered, while still providing ample, yet manageable difficulty with strategy and strong trainers to fight. I think it’d be a pretty good excuse to run about newly updated and slightly more modern Kalos, like the progression of BW>BW2. Of course, the reward would be Zygarde, fully unlocked, with the ability to change into any forme with a key item or such, while also leaving room for more Kalos hi-jinks and side quests beyond fighting the leaders and the elite four again.

  54. Zygarde: attention all gamers, I came for a challenge who has the guts to take on me?

      1. Zygarde: Well Ok! *jumps in the air* Core Enforcer! *Firing green laser making a letter Z and ending up with a green light explosion*

  55. I seriously love this new music. I hope the game has it that high quality.

    1. It’s so good! This is probably the pokemon wild battle theme – I can hear all of the past regions wild battle themes in it! It starts off with Kanto’s pokemon battle theme, and then straight into johto – I cant really hear hoenn or sinnoh but it ends with Unova with the piano and funky synths. I feel like when they said “it all comes together” in the trailer – they meant this as well. Any body agree?

        1. For me its tomorrow as I like Bethesda, but if y’all want a laugh, go watch EA’s too lol

  56. Hey guys, I keep seeing people saying that Zygarde heals when it goes from 10% to Complete, and I don’t think this is actually true. If you look closely, 10% has 125HP, and is hit with 120 points of damage, taking it to 5HP. Then it transforms into complete, which has a different max HP, 287. Therefore, its new HP becomes 167, which is 120 (the damage it took earlier) points lower than maximum. As 167/287 is greater than half, the HP bar goes back to green.

    It’s similar to the HP gain when levelling up. For example, my level 28 Braixen has 82 HP. Let’s imagine it takes 40 damage while battling an Inkay, but wins and levels up, gaining an extra 3 HP from levelling up. Its HP will therefore go from 40/82 (yellow zone) to 43/85 (green zone).

    1. At first, I thought it was HP dependent, but as people pointed this out I, too, feel the same way.

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