UPD3 July CoroCoro Leaking

Update 3: Our translator Kriffix woke up so find new information in bold below. More detailed info on the ability Soul Heart and legendary “phases”.

Two new Pokémon have been revealed, Iwanko and Nekkoala (dog and koala respectively), in the newest edition of Japanese CoroCoro magazine:


  • Puppy Pokémon
  • Rock-type
  • Ability is Keen Eye or Vital Spirit
  • Name is a combination of “iwa” (rock) and “wanko” doggy
  • It greets you by rubbing against you you with its rocky neck. It’s painful but cute.
  • “There is a secret hidden in that little body. In fact, there are also surprising secrets about the starter Pokémon too…!?”
  • Iwanko will play a big role in CoroCoro going forward.


  • Half-Awake Pokémon
  • Normal-type
  • Ability is Absolute Sleep, makes it immune to all statuses but Sleep (possibly locked into sleep status)
  • Name probably combines “neru” (to sleep), “nekko” (stump) and koala


  • Magearna can be obtained in Japan by scanning the QR code on the Pokémon Gaoore disk (Japanese Arcade Pokémon game) received at the movie theatre into Sun & Moon.
  • It looks like Magearna’s special ability – Soul Heart – raises its special attack each time a surrounding Pokémon faints (I’m 95% certain but I need clearer scans to be 100%). It is described as a beam of light.
  • Magearna has the new attack Fleur Cannon. ‘Fleur’ is French for ‘flower’.


  • This was already mentioned on the Japanese site, but QR codes can be obtained predominantly from Pokémon Gaoore Disks in Japanese game arcades – and from other select products that are to be announced.
  • In addition, the magazine mentions that the Alola Region is full of many new Pokémon species!
  • There are now scans of Solgaleo and Lunaala’s “most powerful forms”. CoroCoro refers to them as “phases” (like the phases of the sun/moon?). Rising Phase for Solgaleo and Full-Moon Phase for Lunaala. These “phases” seem to be the forms taken when using signature attacks.



  1. I’ll be Really dissapointed if the Koala doesn’t open it’s eyes a few times each battle
    Didn’t like this about Musharna

  2. Hey guys I had an idea for Nintendo at E3 Reaveal the bird entirely one thing I ultimately want to see!

  3. Oooowwww
    Thats sooooo goood…..
    Loved the koala
    loved the dog 🙂 about that mistery though…. Any guesses????

    1. Well thats pretty much confirmed because we have seen 5 battle backgrounds and none of them show circles underneath

  4. I could care less for the koala because i will never use it but the dog seems cool definitely going on my team just because it seems to have more potential to be a good pokemon than the koala imo also because it is a rock type which is a nice typing for a dog that had a higher chance at being normal type

  5. I don’t feel like these Pokemon really deviate from last designs.. the new two I mean.. they could fit in any other gen really..

    1. I can see them being in gen 3 onward but for some reason i cant see them as gen 1 or 2 pokemon

  6. CoroCoro hints that Rowlet, Litten, Popplio and Iwanko all hide a secret???…..that’s really confuse me!!!!

    1. But that’s good if it is weak cuz imagine the strength it can gain on ur team during ur journey.

  7. The koala only being able to be put to sleep is interesting. If it evolves and keeps the ability, that could be big for competitive

  8. Well I just realized because of Koala Now a total of 730 known Pokemon exist!

      1. My real goal is by the end of it all a total of 1,000 or more in the Pokemon world are discovered!

        1. The more the merrier…. I like diversity! But i think that this gen will be as small as xy…

          1. I hope not people say Nintendo has run out of ideas no their are over 1,000 folk legends out their and over 1 billion different animals how are their no ideas!

          2. I can see pokemon having at least 10 gens….
            Maybe 10 gens with 1000 pokemons…..
            But if we still have gameboys by than… A think they will pass it… Just for the “hey its the xx anniversary heres a new pkmn”

          3. I could see it all ending by gen 10. I mean eventually this universe and this formula will start to become bloated and old

  9. I love that Koala. I betting it will be great in competitive play, considering it is only effected by sleep. Let’s just hope it gets an evolution or two.

    1. Don’t worry, it’ll get an evolution. It’s far too small and cute to not get one.

      *Pachirisu enters the room*

      Get out Pachirisu! I’m trying to make a point!

  10. Why is the dog a rock type? Dont get me wrong its one of the few rock types whose designs i like but thats because it doesnt look like a literal rock. But i like these pokemon and our very first koala pokemon!

    1. I noticed that there are rock like things on the ‘collar’ of Iwanko. I dunno, it looks that way to me

    2. I’ve though this would be a great idea a koala now let’s get the platypus!


      1. I feel you! I think it is a drum though! That would be beastly! Watch that little koala become a giant, drum wielding koala with straps and a little sass! <3

  12. Laila now has Rowlet, Litten,Popplio, Dog, Koala, Solgaleo, Lunala whoop woop!

  13. I wonder if serebii is telling the truth about the starters and those 2 having a secret. Theyve been known to stretch some things.

  14. I thought Iwanko would become a classic Normal Type. I love that’s it’s a Rock Type, which broke my expectations. It’s a cute, loveable dog! Additionally, we finally have a Koala Pokemon! Nekkoala looks like it’s going to be the early Normal Type. It’s ablility looks like it might have some meta-game use. If it prevails with good stats, image it with a Toxic Orb! So far, I’m loving these designs.

    1. The designs are SIMPLE, which Junichi said would be the main focus in terms of aesthetics for the generation 7 Pokemon yet adorable and lovable! LOVE IT!

      1. I know simple is cute and normally my favorites are cute or majestic or just flat out Badass!

      2. Interesting since magearna lunala and solgaleo arent very simple to me, maybe the more important the pokemon is the more elaborate is its design?

    2. Uh…. Id imagine the toxic orb would just fail to activate. Kinda seems pointless to give it that.

        1. Yeah i guess. Id see it more likely to be a common switch in to toxic stallers and thunderwave users. Also eats up will-o-wisp.


  16. I hope the koala’s evo is grass type. I don’t know about you guys but I want that log to become a small Eucalyptus tree with the koala sleeping in it.

    1. That would be cute but giving it the grass type would give it a lot of weaknesses, sadly. P.S: I love WWB

      1. I think you mean WBB, but I got what you meant. And yeah, it’s a great show that cracks me up.
        Also you’re right about the grass type thing, but I still want the Eucalyptus tree.


    I feel like the stones on the bracelet have to do with this “secret” of the starters and the new puppy pokemon.

    1. If it turns out to be fusion, synchro, and something even more convoluted than Mega-Evolution… (refresh)

    2. Yeah. That makes sense. Also, I hope these aren’t the only 4 with the “secret”. The bracelet deserves a bigger role.

  18. Hoping the koala becomes normal/fighting, or normal/psychic. Guess it doesnt matter as long as it stays normal lol

    1. From a competitive standpoint, I really like the normal/psychic type idea. It could counter the fighting type, so no weakness there, and it would negate the ghost weakness. I hope this is true.

      1. Stats and moves also play a role dont forget. We dont see Girafarig countering anything anytime soon

  19. Watch the secret be that you can put accesories on the pokemon like collars on the dog and litten, bow on popplio etc

  20. also the koala pokemon evo better be a strong physical attacker or be snorlax counterpart and have high defense hp and sp att. His ability is too good to be wasted

      1. Slowly but surely, the early route critters are rising… and they’re not stopping. Fear wins Judy, fear always wins…

      1. I love both of them! They follow the simple design scheme I was expecting. They look like something out of Johto!

        1. Yes! Hopefully the idea that this region is close to Johto isn’t true though… *shudders* That would give CERTAIN people too much confidence and they could spew ‘ish again.

          1. They’ve got to reveal more than this at E3. They must be saving something. An “E3 2016 Pokemon Special” and gameplay live stream needs more than just a few early Pokemon!

    1. Let it all settle in….. we get a koala and cute dog. You good now? Good. Now express your opinions. I want to hear people’ opinions. (Especially Earthen ;))

    2. That makes two of us, i was just lurking on fb when i see that serebii posted two pictures and when i looked at them i was so surprised i just saved and sent it to my friend while screaming in excitement internally lol

      1. I was the friend that got sent the pictures and scream audios haha! Good times 🙂
        Good times ^^

  21. Some of us were staring to believe that coro coro was dying in term of news….
    But for
    Now it stays strong….

  22. We have a Rock-type early route Pokemon, isn’t that just the coolest thing? It’s Geodude all over again!

    1. Man my phone must be displaying your comment wrong. It says “early route rock type, isnt that the coolest thing?” followed by “its geodude all over again!” funny right? No one would actually type that, lol!

  23. Hopefully E3 can and will expound upon this, “specialty” the dog and starter Pokemon possess. Add in trickles of a few more Pokemon, game-play, and introduction of new mechanics and Pokemon’s stage alone will make up for the atrocity and desert-terrain that was last year.

    1. And a new move called flower cannon which probably is what was shown in some art that i think came from a trading card

  24. To be completely honest, there hasn’t been a new Pokemon design yet that I haven’t completely adored. Game Freak is knocking it out of the park this time around. We’re not worthy!

      1. I had faith in Sugimori 3 years ago when he said Gen 7 would be simpler, and that clearly hasn’t changed.

        1. and hopefully simplicity= more pokemon. because while gen 6 pokemon were very detailed and precise that meant that they took a long process and that why there werent many pokemon so now if they approach more simple designs hopefully they are more mons

          1. Actually, while there are only 72 new Pokemon introduced in gen 6, if we add all the mega evolutions that were added, it brings the total amount to 120 new Pokemon introduced.

    1. I completely agree. I also feel like all the pokemon have a little personality in their designs. And I love that!

    2. Yes so far so good for gen 7. Nothing other than litten so far that i just have to have on my team. I remember seeing Vivillon for the first time…. Oh the memories!

    3. Agreed, all of the designs so far are simplistic(except for the legendaries, they’re complex and awesome) and charming!

  25. omg there are already a bunch of videos up on youtube about these leaks, people are so fast

        1. It’s like when I said it looked like a Hawaiian Poi and people disregarded it. Now PokéTubers are all claiming they said it was a Poi dog first.

      1. I liked it
        My friend Mikey asploded because it trailed off so much from the lore

      2. I saw it too today, it was pretty good imo, never played the games but oh well. Lol earthen peeps were waiting for you on here 😛

  26. For the first new gen 7 Pokemon (apart from the starters and legendaries) they look seriously amazing! I love them.

  27. Ok, now I’m convinced that the “secret” has something to do with the stones on the bracelets. I mean, what else could it be?

    1. I agree. On Pokebeach it says that the secret has something to do with Iwanko and its first trainer.

  28. Considering the dog is a rock type and an extinct breed, wouldn’t it technically be a fossil mon? Hm

    1. only if its extinct in the pokemon world too, but i mean, wtf do I know 😛 I’m not even real (don’t ask I’m crazy)

      1. Are they really truly extinct if they can be brought back to life and bred?

      1. No. The Hawaiian Poi is the breed it’s based on. It’s extinct bc people.

        1. I just read that it’s not extinct because of people but because of interbreeding so it’s not really something bad (considering what the poi dogs were used for..)

  29. Well I must say I am quite impressed with Iwanko
    It brings joy to my crusty heart that it is actually a Rock Type I sense a loyal hound with in this youngling and maybe one day it will accompany me in this new land

    As for Nekkola I myself find myself slipping into a gentle sleep (or the sheer fact I’ve been up since 5AM and worked and saw a long movie) I can see it harness the power of its dreams and nature itself in this state, or it becomes big and burly and swings that log like a totem

    1. I like dogs. I used Lilliput in my original Black run through. Hopefully this one will have Fur Coat and be better…

      1. I love dogs too (Especially my little Puggy Beatrice) I see as it grows stones form more of its body

      2. I always believe I’m the only person alive that likes Stoutland. It’s even my favorite Normal type aesthetically.

          1. Love Snorlax, but I’ve never been a fond of Diggersby. It just doesn’t appeal to me 🙁

        1. Im pretty sure we are all in agreement that purugly is the best normal type pokemon.

          1. It’s one of the better ones indeed. I don’t like it that everyone bashes on it. I guess it’s just because it has “ugly” in the name, that’s apparently not beneficial.

          2. Yeah, I just hear ‘It’s an ugly design’ and I’m like ‘….that’s the point. Its design is based on fat spoiled cats, it was beautiful and loved when its a Glameow, people pamper it, and its becomes Purugly’

  30. I feel like Iwanko will evolve in a big dog that looks like a caveman (or it’s just something I’d like)

  31. Bringing back those pre-x and y memories. I remember so many of you! Its been awhile since ive been so active on here (like, nearly 3 years) i hope you al remember me as we hype these games up!

    1. I do remember you! Nice to see you back. And I’m so excited for the upcoming months building up to these games!

  32. This makes me so excited I randomly woke up at 06:30 am and looked at my phone, but this makes me so hyped!! I hope all the designs in Gen 7 are this good!

    1. Me too! 😀
      Of course, I also know every gen has its bad eggs for me, but I’m sure, I KNOW, there will be some good gems as well, based on what we see here <3

        1. Yah, but I’m saying Litten is the perfect representation of what Tumblr users are like XD

  33. Alright as much as I want to stay up and speculate
    Earthen is tired and wants sleep

    I’ll see y’all in…….5-6 hours

  34. I love them!!!! It reminds me of my dog and I love the koala. It’s the new pancham!!! ???

  35. I bet IWANKO’s “secret” has something to do with those NEW STONES seen in the Japanese logos for Sun & Moon.
    Maybe it’ll follow you around in the overworld and will be able to “sniff” for the stones. Or maybe it can somehow produce the stones or help activate them.
    What do you think?

    1. That’s funny you say that, literally just stated that. But it’s pretty obvious.

  36. Tbh I want to see a wider variety of evolutions. We have a crap ton of methods but each only have maybe one or two pokemon that take advantage of them…

    1. i want more 3-stage evolutions. 2 stage are fine but seeing your pokemon evolve 3 times makes me feel good

      1. That’s how I am I love when Pokemon get more evos I feel the more they evolve the more details they add on to the evolution

  37. Also before I forget
    I think you all missed something crucial this also dates the first in game model of Magearna

    1. Yes! It looks nice and polished and i like the fact that we might be able to get her/it with qr code instead of going to gamestop or mcdonalds

    1. Probably be revealed officially the day the magazine officially releases. I wonder if we’ll see anything new atE3. .

  38. So Kirby: Planet Robobot came out yesterday, i finished the main story in under 5 hours… Well, i know what i’m gonna do now, time to save up for this~
    Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but a lot shorter and easier than i expected…

    1. Kirby games tend to be relatively short I think crystal shards was the only one that felt a bit longer

      1. Well CoroCoro hints that Rowlet, Litten, Popplio and Iwanko all hide a secret,it might be it.

    1. I like this attitude…..but I feel sleepy
      Detective Shady will be under ur service tomorrow.

  39. I’ve been waiting a long time for a koala pokemon and nekkoala shall be mine! I like his ability and design so he should be fun to use. Iwanko looks cute and I might consider using him but we’ll have to see.

  40. Who wants to try guessing their English names?
    …Or pretty much coming up with their own?

    Nekkoala – Napoalog (nap + koala + log)
    Iwanko – Pubble (puppy + pebble/rubble)

    1. I think Pubble sounds absolutely adorable! I think Napoalog is a bit complicated though…maybe Koalog?

      1. I mainly came up with it that way cause I wanted it to be similar to its Japanese name. Nekkoala comes from “neru” (to sleep), “nekko” (stump) and koala. Plus, both names have the same amount of syllables and sound kinda similar. Iwanko comes from “iwa” (rock) and “wanko” doggy (koinu is puppy). It’s pretty much rock puppy.

  41. I’m really hoping Synchro Evolution isn’t a thing in the games. Something about it just doesn’t sit right with me.

    1. For all we know, it could just be a method of powering up a Pokemon during battle (without actual evolution). Something for casual players. The Ash hair gimmick is likely anime-only, anyhow.

        1. I’m hoping it’s more like Synergy, like in Pokken Tournament. A new way to boost up a Pokémon; and if it happens to be able to Mega Evolve, it does.

    2. I reckon it has to work different in the games as opposed to the Anime. Judging by the bracelets the PC’s wear, I’d say we’ll see something like forced Mega Evolution in S/M.

  42. There is another scan (refresh):
    “Solgaleo has an alternate form known as Rising Phase, in which it is described as being like the sun. In this Phase, it appears more radiant and its colored accents all become yellow.
    Lunala has an alternate form known as Full Moon Phase, in which it is said to call the moon. In this Phase, its wings glow white, highlighting its skeletal structure.”

    Source: http://bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/CoroCoro_reveals_new_Pokémon_Nekkoara,_Iwanko

      1. Idk but these just look like the animation they have for when using sunsteel strike and moongeist beam so maybe it’s just aesthetic like xerneas’ forms

  43. That rock puppy looks cute. Hope it doesn’t end up with crap stats in its final evo.
    Magearna could be Fairy/Steel?

    1. Magearna is fairy/steel. It was stated in Corocoro a couple of months ago, I believe

      1. Really? Guess I’m late. It’ll probably be good like Mawile. Hope it’s fast though.

  44. Never thought Iwanko would be rock type!? That is a neat surprise , especially if we
    encounter it early. It does look adorable.
    Nekkoala seems to be the Slakoth of Alola! Wonder if it is the HM slave hoping for
    some neat evos. 8/
    Hopefully we get 2-3 more pokes on Tuesday.

  45. okay guys we need to think,what do we know about the Generation 7 starters on the new puppy Pokemon which gives us ideas what Secrets do they have?

    1. For me, the connection is going to be their alchemic similarities. With the fact that Litten has the alchemic symbol of Sulfur on its forehead (including its eyes), Rowlet’s entire body is shaped like the alchemic symbol for Salt, and Popplio’s body looks like the alchemic symbol for Mercury, it’s all connected to Project AZOTH (with Azoth being the combination of the three alchemic primes). Not sure what Iwanko’s conenction is to it though. I can’t see any alchemic symbol there.

  46. I know how adorable Nekkoala is but something on him turn me really emotionally ….talking about emotion I just realize all SM pkmn r really animals have suffered from humans ….human destroy koala habitat, made many tiger species ,The Hawaiian Poi and the Stilt-owl extinct,treat Sealions badly and making them enjoy ppl in the circus……I didn’t used to analyze emotionally but wat should I do I am still human being.

  47. These two Pokemon are adorable & I love this simplicity they said they’re doing, makes it more enjoyable in my opinion

    Iwanko…is a funny name in English, especially the middle part of that name being a euphuism for something, aha.’love the design & a Rock type is definitely interesting, can’t wait to see where it goes from here

    Nekkoala is also another cute Pokemon (finally a koala) with an interesting ability. Has potential to be a very good competitive Pokemon as well, a real tank!

    I wonder what the Soul Heart Ability does (and mainly if it’s just a rehash of an existing ability ie Full Metal Body/Shadow Shield)

    Also, can’t wait to find out this “secret” that I read on serebii that they’re alluding to

    1. Take a look at my update above. The scan quality and tiny text about the Soul Heart is an issue, but I think we have the most detailed info about it now. At least for the next 10 minutes anyway haha.

  48. we need to see what Secrets does the Gen 7 starters and The Rock puppy Pokemon has store for us?

  49. So, what do you think the English names will be? If you get it right we can commend you in a future article!

    1. Nekkoala might very well keep its Japanese name. Iwanko=Brickuppy? Idk, I’m not very good at coming up with names lol.

    2. I asked this down below. My attempt:
      Nekkoala – Napoalog (nap + koala + log)
      Iwanko – Pubble (puppy + pebble/rubble)

      Seeing as Nekkoala comes from “neru” (to sleep), “nekko,” (stump) and koala, I tried to have the same amount of syllables and it sounds kinda similar.
      Iwanko comes from “iwa” (rock) and “wanko” doggy (koinu is puppy). It’s
      pretty much rock puppy, so why not pebble plus puppy, as pebbles are small stones.

    3. Nekkoala has got to incorporate Narcolepsy somewhere into it name so… Narkoala?

  50. Anyone else think possibly that Nekkoala could do a Slakoth on us, and have the second stage awake using the log as a drum of some kind, maybe make it a tiki koala?

    1. The “g” sound would be most appropriate in my opinion. This would also line up with the Japanese pronunciation.

    2. Gear is correct. Ignore GameXplain lol.

      And yeah, I had the same thought. It might wake up in the next evo and start pounding on its stump like a drum (as others have suggested).

      1. Thats where I heard it from and I was like…wait whut?
        I think that’s where I also heard Arceus being pronounced “Ar-kay-us”, I’ve been pronouncing it “Ar-see-us”

  51. Shouldn’t you mention the “secret” Serebii has mentioned? I don’t know Japanese so I can’t check, but if it’s there I think it’s important.

    1. I did mention it. It’s in the Iwanko section as I organised it the same way CoroCoro did…
      “There is a secret hidden in that little body. In fact, there are also surprising secrets about the starter Pokémon too…!?”

  52. With stuff like this, I hate it I live in Europe. I’m never online on time to discuss this with you lot.

    The puppy looks incredibly adorable, but I find the rock typing odd though. Koala’s=one of my favourite animals of all time, so I will definitely catch Nekkoala.

    1. I like the Rock Puppy, and while I did ask for a Koala Pokemon, Nekkoala doesn’t really do it for me just yet, it’s a bit bland, needs a cool evolution with maybe an additional typing (Normal/Grass?).

      I hope Iwanko is a three evolution stage line. I really want a good pure Rock type Stage 2 Pokemon.

  53. Hello, PJN!
    The new update: “There are now scans of Solgaleo and Lunaala’s “most powerful forms”. CoroCoro refers to them as “phases” (like the phases of the sun/moon?). Rising Phase for Solgaleo and Full-Moon Phase for Lunaala. These “phases” seem to be the forms taken when using signature attacks.”
    Where is the source? Serebii.net doesn’t have it and I can’t find the scans. Solgaleo and Lunala have other forms?

  54. I’m sure this has already been mentioned, but Magearna learns a move called Fleur Cannon. Fleur is the french word for flower, further deepening its connection to Kalos and AZ. Also, is anyone expecting that little Koala to become like a bongo player or something?? xP

    1. Until its officially proven otherwise, I will remain convinced Alola is south of Kalos. Plus, the GamexPlain vid suggests Solgaleo and Lunala are connected to Xerneas and Yveltal. Magearna is an artificial Pokémon, so it has no direct connection to those 4, but perhaps the people who made it were from Kalos.

      1. Yes, very possible. It would seem gamefreak is not done with kalos just yet. I really do think we might be able to go to kalos in the post game. A lot of unsolved mysteries there.

        1. XY were rushed games and the absence of some kind of post-league content obviously bugged most people, and I think GF doesn’t want to make the same mistake.

          By the way, the Strange Souvenir item from XY is a tribal totem commonly seen in Hawaii, even furthering a connection between S/M and XY.

          1. Agreed, X and Y were rushed. But I don’t think it would be a problem if we went back for some post game content. Perhaps it would fix a lot of the problems the region had.

            I wonder if the strange souvenir will actually amount to anything though, or if it was just an Easter egg

          2. They wouldn’t put it in the game with no reason I reckon. My guess is, they have been working on a Hawaii setting for some time now, but didn’t deemed it good enough to release it earlier.

          3. That’s a good guess. I wonder what the legendaries will be like in this region 😮

      1. He’s literally saying Ash-Greninja is a powered up version of Torrent. And he makes that connection, because of Infernape’s powered up Blaze in Sinnoh? Really, if I could pull him through my screen, I would have lol.

      2. If you want to have a good cringe then watch CaptainSparklez v JeromeASF Lucky Blocks pixelmon battle. I was on the verge of banging my head on the laptop screen when watching that video

    1. Torrent was used by Barry’s Empoleon where it literally was just covered in a blue aura, much like Overgrow’s green aura and Blaze’s red.
      They did not change the appearance of the Pokemon such as AG does and they would not market one ability, that’s just dumb.
      People need to chill, they’ll reveal all soon (I mean even if it is in S&M or not)

      1. I’m chilled, I just cringe at the frauds who come up with pathetic theories like this. The concept of Mega or this alleged Synchro didn’t even existed during the Sinnoh arc.

        1. Well I’m sure they had mega evolutions planned for ages, but I know what you mean about not existing during that arc, the anime does foreshadow more than a generation ahead (i.e. Blaziken in Johto/Lucario in Gen III etc)
          There’s arguments for and against this being syncro etc, but we’ll have to wait and see

  55. Wow that was a pleasant surprise ! I really wrote CoroCoro off now for not having too much new information !!

    Oh how I was wrong 😀

  56. well guys start the Majora’s Mask countdown,because we’re just three days away until we get a lot more information on Pokemon sun and moon! 😀

  57. Guys, is it possible Nekkoala will evolve into a cat/koala hybrid? I just showed the images to my bf, and he says Nekkoala might turn into something like that, because Nek=cat in Japanese.

    1. Edit: He overlooked the second K, he now thinks it’ll evolve into a grass type because Nekko=plant roots.

  58. That Iwanko!

    “Gimme a hug!” and “You can’t get away from me, you tennis ball!”

    Just too precious! 😀

      1. Is it okay for me to say, this feeling I’m having is much more satisfying than ehm…well you know what I mean XD


    What I’m curious about is the ‘Secret’ that Iwanko and the Starters hold.

    I also don’t understand what’s up with the phases.

  60. too lazy tocredit the person that came up with the name but Pubble could be a great English name for iwanko!!

    All hail PUBBLE ??

  61. Yay I love the dog and the koala. I like that the dog is a rock type because I just assumed it would be normal. It’s cool to see how spot on A lot of the fan art was for the dog. New Pokemon. I’m happy ^_^

  62. Sorry I’m a little late to the party! It’s been a really busy weekend for me, and I’ve been recreating the artwork for these two: http://maniraptavia.deviantart.com/art/Iwanko-Recreation-614906902 and http://maniraptavia.deviantart.com/art/Nekkoala-Recreation-614785656.
    My guesses at names are going to be “Roggy” and “Trunkoala”, though, I guess it’s pretty much impossible to say at this point… I suppose we shall have to wait and see…

  63. Late to the game, but I’m 99% sure Iwanko will be named “Pubble,” as in “puppy + pebble.” However, that sounds similar to “puppy + bubble,” so Iwanko could also be named “Pawbble” (as in “paw + pebble”).

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