UPD3 July CoroCoro Leaking

Update 3: Our translator Kriffix woke up so find new information in bold below. More detailed info on the ability Soul Heart and legendary “phases”.

Two new Pokémon have been revealed, Iwanko and Nekkoala (dog and koala respectively), in the newest edition of Japanese CoroCoro magazine:


  • Puppy Pokémon
  • Rock-type
  • Ability is Keen Eye or Vital Spirit
  • Name is a combination of “iwa” (rock) and “wanko” doggy
  • It greets you by rubbing against you you with its rocky neck. It’s painful but cute.
  • “There is a secret hidden in that little body. In fact, there are also surprising secrets about the starter Pokémon too…!?”
  • Iwanko will play a big role in CoroCoro going forward.


  • Half-Awake Pokémon
  • Normal-type
  • Ability is Absolute Sleep, makes it immune to all statuses but Sleep (possibly locked into sleep status)
  • Name probably combines “neru” (to sleep), “nekko” (stump) and koala


  • Magearna can be obtained in Japan by scanning the QR code on the Pokémon Gaoore disk (Japanese Arcade Pokémon game) received at the movie theatre into Sun & Moon.
  • It looks like Magearna’s special ability – Soul Heart – raises its special attack each time a surrounding Pokémon faints (I’m 95% certain but I need clearer scans to be 100%). It is described as a beam of light.
  • Magearna has the new attack Fleur Cannon. ‘Fleur’ is French for ‘flower’.


  • This was already mentioned on the Japanese site, but QR codes can be obtained predominantly from Pokémon Gaoore Disks in Japanese game arcades – and from other select products that are to be announced.
  • In addition, the magazine mentions that the Alola Region is full of many new Pokémon species!
  • There are now scans of Solgaleo and Lunaala’s “most powerful forms”. CoroCoro refers to them as “phases” (like the phases of the sun/moon?). Rising Phase for Solgaleo and Full-Moon Phase for Lunaala. These “phases” seem to be the forms taken when using signature attacks.