And by hiring I mean “looking for volunteers”. I’ve been running this website for many, many years and it isn’t because I’m superhuman. If I were, it’d probably have more content and a few extra features. I have a lot of people to thank for helping me make the site what it is today and shaping it along the way. Moving and I, the two people most involved with the site at the moment, really need an extra person or two to help fill out content however, and so we are appealing to our loyal readers to see if someone is interested in joining the staff ranks.

What are the benefits? Although we can’t pay anyone (site revenue attempts to cover site bills), we can provide experience which is especially pertinent to those who wish to pursue careers in journalism, PR or within the game industry. We regularly prepare weekly agendas, proofread articles and come up with new ideas for content which are skills that come in handy if you are preparing for or enrolled in college. I was actually surprised how many classes focused around things I was already doing in my spare time.

You also get the chance to meet an international selection of friends with very particular sets of skills, skills we have acquired over a very long career. I have had the opportunity to meet many members of my team here in Japan and have found it rewarding to work alongside them, online and off.

What do we expect from volunteers? Here comes the big, important part for getting accepted: the requirements. We expect at least one article a week. Doesn’t sound like a lot? You’d be surprised. Many of the people who express interest in writing for the site find it too challenging to actually follow through on; whether that’s because they had a hard time balancing writing with real life or they just weren’t quite as passionate as they thought, it can be tough. More than one article a week would be amazing, but we try to keep expectations reasonable and respectful.

Think you have what it takes to be an official Jungle team member? Please send an email to pokejungle [x] pokejungle.net (replace the [x] with an @) with the following information:

  • Name:
  • Age: (you must be at least 15, sorry)
  • Location: (country is fine)
  • Short biography:
  • Writing experience:
  • News preference: (Pokémon or Nintendo)
  • Sample article: (details below)

For the Sample Article I’d like to read a speculation article about what kind of plot Pokémon Sun & Moon will have. This could include things like evil teams, regional threats or Professor Kukui’s mysterious assistant Lillie. This is totally your own opinion, but try to keep the writing similar in tone and style to what you normally read here. Be sure to proofread before sending it. You also give us permission to post your sample if we choose to in the future.

And to you readers who aren’t able to or don’t want to write anything: we love you. Don’t worry 🙂 Thanks for reading.

<3 PJ

    1. by sharing a sample voice record with us maybe! yeah, the one that eveyone was expecting a year ago.

        1. “Bacon, eggs, British sausage, backed beans, fried tomato, fried mushrooms, black pudding, toasted bread and Earl Grey tea.”

  1. If I am struggling with writing consistent poetry every month and continuing my half-finished drafts of various things, I might have the same problem here. Hope you find someone though 🙂
    (Should probably work on that tho….welp)

  2. If elected volunteer
    I ensure an iron fisted dictatorship!
    Descent will not be tolerated and all who oppose shall be terminated in a gruesome fashion
    We shall rise up and join forces and lay siege to yonder internet countryside
    In conclusion: All hail Earthen

      1. That would mean being up to date with info… But then again I’m the kinda guy who scours the interweb for info

        And I’ll need a war banner for all my articles

        1. Not as far as I’m aware. Just ASAP, though I don’t think we’ll ever say no to finding new people any time. 🙂

  3. I’d love to apply 🙂 I only want to help this site I’ve been coming for so many years now. Plus the more articles on the site the better 🙂

  4. Hire me, hire me!
    Oh, I miss the days were I had plenty of time left to write, my schedule is just stuffed with too much studying to bring up the time needed. But maybe I should finish one of those articles I have lying around on my computer :).

  5. I wanna apply so bad!! I have written an artical for Nintendo Love Affair and several for my high school. I’ve always wanted to be a writer for a Pokemon site!

  6. Im 26. And im a pokemon fan since the start of pokemon. Too bad my english is so bad. Otherwise i really wanna take a shot at this job 🙂

  7. So I’ve been skulking here and there and I found out a little ZWU rumor that a central theme is Technology vs Fantasy
    And that there will only be 4 main dungeons with a hundred little dungeons

    1. I saw that on GX’s video. I watched the whole thing waiting for more Pokemon but they never made any real Pokemon predictions.

  8. I love this site! I wanna do stuff but I have pretty much no writing talent. 😛
    Guess I’ll just keep enjoying it how it is!

  9. Sounds really interesting! Although I am a law student, I’ve often thought about a journalism carreer, so this might come at the right time. However, because of my schedule I have my doubts about applying for this volunteering job, but I might give it a try.

    When’s the deadline?

  10. We are a mere 4 days until E3’s Sun and Moon, I swear they better start introducing some new Pokemon soon,

  11. Somehow, I managed to finish my junior year of high school today. I’ll consider signing up for a position as the summer goes on. I may not be the strongest writer in the world, but I like to believe that I know my Pokemon.

        1. That’s pretty late for college……Most schools in the US end closer to the end of April and beginning of May. What school are you attending?

          1. Law school in the Netherlands. Do you guys have summer vacation until September? That’s so long!

          2. Yeah most schools have June and July entirely off and then depending on the school and if you are dorming you go back mid August to early September. It’s pretty great! lol

          3. Wow that’s the entire summer. Well I guess July 15 is exceptional late. Most studies end July 1.

          4. When do your semester start then? or do you have different blocking for where you go. The reason a lot of schools in the US have that kind of breaking is because they go by holidays for the most part. Long holidays for summer and winter and then some short breaks for any other holidays in between such as Easter and spring breaks.

          5. My semester starts at late August. Then I have one week off in October, two weeks for the holidays and one week in March. That’s it. I do have a lot of free days during the year because we have to do everything at home.

          6. I guess it makes sense. Law school is a very different kind of school compared to a general college that has a bunch different types of degrees. How many years is it again?

          7. My bachelor is 3 years. Then I can do a master to specialize which takes 1 year and you can do as many masters as you’d like. You can also do 2 masters in 1 year, but I think that’s very hard haha.

          8. Mine starts at late August. For all degrees in my school, you have to take 9 hours in the summer before you graduate, so you still have to do something in the summer. Luckily, for this summer (I’m spliting it, 3 hours per summer) I took a very condensed course that was all in one month 🙂

          9. 9 hours spread over 1 summer? I would take 4 months of Summer despite of that any time!

          10. Nah, you could do what you want. You can do it all summer or over 3 summers, just so long you do them before you graduate. (Most programs are aimed at 4 years)

          11. That’s very annoying…..I get summer homework and stuff for kids…..but once you hit college you should just be able to figure out class schedules on you own….

          12. It’s still very flexible, you can do it all in one summer or over summer, and plus 3 classes (what it mostly translates to) es not too bad.

          13. True, I’d rather not do school work during summer, but that’s why I do online classes for that, so I don’t have to drive 2 hours/live on campus for it. I can do it at home.

          14. Online classes are pretty great lol You gotta be careful with them though hahaha

          15. True, I hate doing them since I like being in a classroom and with online classes I don’t usually retain the info since I don’t take notes (Notes are how I remember since while I’m writing it down, it’s how I get it in my memory) but for the classes I have so far, it was classes that I didn’t care much to remember (general ed for all degrees)
            For my core classes, I definitely rather remember/ retain the info I learn there.

          16. Too much to edit, but I mean classes I have during the summer, I’m had more classes than just general ed by this point, but the two classes I had to take in the summer were part of my gen ed

          17. I get that. I’ve taken some online classes where I feel like I would have done better if I was actually in a classroom. It’s just a matter of forcing yourself to put the work into it. I found myself very distracted at home and sense I wasn’t seeing my professor in person it took away from any actual feeling to do better lol

          18. That’s one of the things I’m going to miss from high school — Having small classrooms and close connections w/my teachers. I guess I’ll still have that opportunity in university, but not to the same extent 🙁

          19. well I’ve had some classes (mostly core classes) where it’s way smaller than lecture halls. Sure, I still have lecture hall-size classes, but I’ve had that small classroom setting too

          20. It’s kind of helpful, in a way. I’d probably take way too many classes in the fall/spring semesters and overburden myself, but I’m taking 1-2 classes for some summers to avoid that.

          21. I’ve just graduated, but my typical semester was about 5 classes. If I could I’d do 4, but there was no way I was gonna get away with any more or less unless I really needed to.

          22. That’s exactly what I want to avoid 😛
            I really like math and science classes, but I don’t want to be taking 5 of them each semester. 4 would be okay, but I’d rather have 3 + some other class (like a philosophy or comp. sci course)

          23. What’s your major? I think it really depends on what kind of classes you are taking. I’m graduating with my communications degree so most of my classes were either easy or super creative and thus didn’t feel to bad to have in one semester.

          24. Mathematics + Biochemisty w/Molecular Biology (double major). I was going to do Mathematics + Microbiology, but it’d be harder to switch from Microbiology to Biochem, so I’d rather switch from Biochem to Microbiology. It ended up being that if I did Mathematics by itself, I could either graduate early (which I didn’t want to do b/c why enter the workforce early?) or take 1 math class per semester for 4 yrs and graduate normally. That left me with a bunch of classes I had to fill in (b/c you need 12 credits/semester), so I figured I’d just do another major.
            I have pretty much all of my gen ed requirements, so the only classes I’m taking are towards my majors.

          25. Yeah…….it makes perfect sense as to why you’d want to spread your classes out like that then……lol God speed to you friend hahaha

          26. I’m Psychology, so I don’t have double major problems 🙂 By this point, I’m done with gen ed, and It’s all core classes (plus band and choir) plus I’m taking Japanese, but I’m done with my requirement (2 semesters of any foreign language). But I want to continue cause I’m super invested in the language

  12. Does anyone know what the deal is with the last day of E3? I, because of serebii, thought that there was a special presentation on Pokemon on Thursday, but I have been hearing that there is nothing on the last day and that there is no Pokemon special. If anyone could provide clarification that would be great.

      1. Optimally yes, but it doesn’t even say watch the stream or anthing. What if the third day is just for the show floor?

          1. It would work. People were expecting a lot from E3 2015, and were disappointed. What if this time they told us to keep our expectations low so we are happy to get anything. But simply thinking this would make me let down if we get nothing, it’s very unlikely anyway.

    1. Another thing is that the Nintendo E3 site says 14th-16th, but has nothing mentioned for the 16th.

    2. I’m on the same boat as you, cause I totally thought there was something.
      Maybe they are hiding what they are actually gonna do? Maybe it’s something only there? Maybe it’s just a trailer that’s gonna be released? I dunno.

      1. I mean, it is (supposedly) called a Pokemon special presentation, so I feel that it might be like a mini direct, like the 8-9 minute ones they used to have for certain games(i.e. Xenoblade X, hyrule Warriors, etc.)

  13. I just had a thought when cruising around the list looking for ideas for a Bug type to breed
    A fly landed on my iPad and it hit me
    We are without a Housefly Pokemon
    Mostly worms and caterpillars and moths and butterflies and spiders all manner of creepy crawlers but nary a actual fly

    I can see a tiny black ball of fur with large red compound eyes and 2 clear wings with a single wiry antenna, but under that matted fur is a sucker mouth

      1. Buzoff
        The Fly Pokemon
        Ability Swarm/Compound Eyes
        these Pokemon feed on garbage, though particularly weak large numbers can easily overwhelm opponents

        Struggle Bug

  14. UGH I’m trying to beat Lisia in a coolness contest and let me tell you, she’s a bitch and I hate her. This is my THIRD loss to her. Should I be giving my Blaziken a mega stone or the coolness scarf?

    1. I think it’s fake simply for the fact that the dog Pokemon re-uses the screenshot we already have.

      1. Plus has CoroCoro ever leaked before midnight before?
        And the background? The blue blanket?
        And the fact the dog uses two different artwork pictures?
        This looks so real, yet something is off for me.

        1. The only screenshot we have in the leak is one we already have seen. The only new stuff is art, which many people are good at. What really makes or breaks a leak for me is screenshots.

      1. I was sure 75% it’s real …but after seeing this I am not sure enough,it’s kinda silly revel the same pic from the trailer they act like have nothing but this pic …oh wait serebii confirm this I can’t say anything it’s real 100%.

    2. Nekkoala, the Contagious Dream Pokémon which is Normal-type with the ability Definite Sleep while the dog is Iwanko, and is a Rock-type Pokémon. It’s ability is Keen Eye or Vital Spirit. It is the Deep Eye Pokémon. (c) serebii~

      1. Rock is an . . . interesting choice to say the least. But hey, it’s better than having another normal dog.

      2. Serebi says Nekkoala is the Half Awake Pokémon.
        Iwanko is the Puppy Pokémon.
        Where’d you get contagious Dream and deep eye from?

    3. Hmm.. nice.. but.. these don’t get me terribly excited. Probably cuz I likely will never use these on my team.

    4. Now that they are official
      Dog is cute
      Koala is less cute, but still cute
      I want more

  15. On the note of corocoro reveals, what I really want from E3 is a full evolved Alola Pokemon, because I feel like we tend to get a lot of first stage evos early in the news cycle. While I love getting any new Pokemon, I want E3 to show me a Pokemon I might actually use on my final team, not just first stage Pokemon. A good example of this is Noivern, at E3 2013.

  16. Wow I just got on serebii to check some moves and I see freaking NEWS!!! And I’m so happy we finally got a koala Pokemon I just wish it was a grass type but oh well still pretty happy and also love the dog being rock type!!!!!

    1. I imagine that one of the dog is the official official art while the others are simply extra fun ways to show off its personality

      1. I think the same. This one has more of a full body shot and just gives off a more official vibe.

  17. Controversial opinion incoming (?): As an Australian … I’m kind of disappointed in the Koala. I find it to be a bit ‘meh’ – it looks like an old man. The dog on the other hand <3 <3 <3

    1. I think the koala better wow me, or I will think they would’ve wasted it when they could’ve made a solid grass Pokemon.

  18. When do you think we will get English names for the two? Are you expecting a trailer or do you think we need to wait until E3? In the meantime, put in your name predictions for the Pokemon, I’m interested to see what people come up with. My very pathetic naming skills led me to come up with Solidog, and Koalazy. Something about them sounds off though.

    1. I know the Japanese word Iwa is rock, so maybe it will have a rock reference in its name.
      But I also suck with names so don’t ask me

  19. Just in time for leaks! I think the Dog is adorable and the koala’s ability is really cool. Anyway, I’m thinking the evil team maybe a cult this time around due to Sogaleo being based on that alchemical lion thing.

  20. I just saw a terrific Pokemon finals or just evolution leak Popplio is great and a little like dewot I absolutely love it!!!!!!

      1. I found this out it might be popplio’s final evolution on the same website I found the others called heavy.com just look Pokemon sun and moon leaks look Iwankko and Nekkoala then look for starter stuff they all look pretty cool!

        1. A little late with this but that dewott she’ll should have raised a regular flag, aside from it being English

          1. Eh even if their not real they still hold so things good
            Rowlet keeps its properness
            Kitten is the feminine one
            Popplio is not to op for me to not want it!

    1. That’s so obviously fake. Why is it in English? And that’s normal Litten above it. Plus Dewott’s shell

      1. Well who cares I like them I hope this is it and I’ll post the others in a moment to show you!

    2. we’ve seen these already, they have been going around the site for weeks 😛

          1. Well then you can go cry when these are the starters you little Magikarp!

          2. these are very much fake…. but if it makes you happy, then yes these are the starters evo’s 😛 just don’t get your heart broken when they are not. :C

          3. Ok thank you Lavender swirling the only person who isn’t a complete troll!

          4. 🙂 thats the sweetest thing anyone on the internet has ever said to me, lol XD

          5. Well you’re convincing yourself that it’s real even though these scans have been out for quite a bit. There are too many things that scream fake about it. I’m not trying to rain on your parade. I’m trying to to be realistic

          6. Ok I take it back about calling ya’ll trolls except mega Tyranitar Yoshi

          7. If I’m proven wrong, then I’d be more than happy to apologize. Until then, I’m going to remain skeptical. You have your opinions and I have mine.

          8. Ok sounds fair I get a little carried away sometimes and forget it a discussion not an argument so let’s leave it at that!

  21. I think that since to identity of Nekkoala is the “half awake Pokemon” it would be cool if the animation in battle for it had it blinking and rubbing it’s eyes like it just woke up.

      1. shhh, don’t wake the beast that is earthen, he’ll hear that and come running XD

  22. I wish my japanese wasn’t so out of touch so I could figure out these corocoro scans and what they say properly hahaha…. sobs

  23. Here’s the info:
    Nekkoala is a Normal-type koala and is classified as
    the “Half Awake Pokemon.” Its Ability is “Deep Sleep,” which prevents
    it from being afflicted with a status condition other than sleep. It’s
    0.4m tall and 19.9kg.

    Iwanako is a Rock-type dog – it’s classified as the
    “Puppy Pokemon.” Its ability is either Keen Eye or Vital Spirit. It’s
    0.5m tall and 9.2kg. It’s the unidentified Pokemon we saw in the corner
    of one of the trailers. It knows Bite attack. The magazine hints there
    is a secret involving Iwanako and its first Pokemon Trainer.

    Those who attend the Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna movie will receive a QR Code that can be scanned in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon to unlock a Level 50 Magearna. Its Ability is Soul Heart and a new move called Furuuru Cannon and will be at Level 50.

      1. That’s what people said with Megas, and now it’s being said again with supposed syngery evos.

  24. What if this mystery the starters and Iwanako have is……SYNCHRO EVOLUTION!

    @EarthenWarrior Quick, mega punch me back to reality!

  25. HEY! on the page with the Koala if you look up at the region map, right beside the snow capped mountains there is a big like shine star thing, I wonder what that means

    *its over like barren land too*

    1. I was wondering that as well. Probably just visual, or the more unlikely option of being where the Pokemon is found.

      1. No.. . It’s definitely a very important place. It’s by no means random or for something we already know of

        1. Yeah but one thing off topic with gyms on the rocky island with shrine anyone else think the black piece of island might be a gym area? Just askin

  26. This could be great. I do love writing, and more writing credentials are always amazing to get. Plus, writing stuff I enjoy would be pretty fun 🙂

  27. I’m assuming that the writing for the sample article should be American English, before I unleash my “colour”s, “behaviour”s, “manoeuvre”s, and “aubergine”s on everyone… XD

  28. I’m 14 darn it. But I can’t do it because the amount of schoolwork I have these days is probably more than the amount of college work or office work you guys have.

  29. I’d love to do this since I really love pokemon and meet pretty much all of the requirements (my English language abilities have always been somewhat precocious), but I am a terrible procrastinator and not very good with commitment.

    I’m almost tempted to submit an article just to see how well I do, but I’d be worried about being told it was good and then having to turn down the position.

    Shame there isn’t an infrequent guest article thing.

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