Art Appreciation – Gogoat, Fletchling, Pancham and Helioptile!

This installment of Art Appreciation is on the first four new Gen Six Pokémon we saw – Gogoat, Fletchling, Pancham and Helioptile. I chose these pieces of artwork as I thought they showed each of their personalities well (or what I think they will be like anyway!). Remember to add your very own art (and … Read more

Pokéology: X/Y Edition

Hey guys. Long time no see– it’s been four months! Crazy how time flies when you’re busy– I’ve moved house, had an entire sports season, worked as the tech director for my school’s musical.. I can’t believe my last article was a few days after we found out about X and Y, that sure feels … Read more

June Corocoro Leaking! [UPD 5]

Translations: “Panda” Pokémon‘s name is Yanchamu, it’s is the “Mischievous Pokémon” and is a Fighting-type. The leaf in its mouth is its trademark. Its new attack allows it to switch out and lower the opponents stats. Yanchamu is able to learn a new move Parting Remark. “Bird” Pokémon‘s name is Yayakoma, it is the “Robin Pokémon”, is … Read more