Starters Untamed: Kalos

Wow. . .it’s been quite a while, folks! I’ve been keeping up with the site, but I haven’t posted anything in some time. I’ve been posting more on Retry Level, so you can always look for me there. It’s been a tough balance between the two sites! I’ve been wanting to do a new Starters Untamed … Read more

June Corocoro Leaking! [UPD 5]

Translations: “Panda” Pokémon‘s name is Yanchamu, it’s is the “Mischievous Pokémon” and is a Fighting-type. The leaf in its mouth is its trademark. Its new attack allows it to switch out and lower the opponents stats. Yanchamu is able to learn a new move Parting Remark. “Bird” Pokémon‘s name is Yayakoma, it is the “Robin Pokémon”, is … Read more