New Pokémon & Fairy Type Revealed [UPD 2]

The E3 Nintendo Direct has confirmed that Fairy Type is now a real type! It is Super Effective against Dragon Type Pokémon, but other type effectiveness has yet to be confirmed. A new Fairy Type attack was also released; Moonblast damages foes and can also lower Sp Atk. Some Fairy Type Pokémon:

  • Sylveon
  • Marill (Water/Fairy)
  • Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)
  • Jigglypuff (Normal/Fairy)

Two new Pokémon were also revealed! Vivillon is a new Bug/Flying Pokémon and is able to learn the move Struggle Bug. Vivillon is said to evolve from a Pokémon called Spewpa. The other new Pokémon is Noivern which is Flying/Dragon and learns a new move known as Boomburst.

A few other tidbits were also revealed:

  • Games launch worldwide on October 12th
  • Male protagonist is named Xavier
  • New “Pokémon-Amie” feature brings some pet simulation elements to X & Y
  • Another new Fairy Type move has been shown, being used by Gardevoir. It is known as Fairy Wind.

[UPD 1]: PokéBeach has captured some photographs from another trailer at E3, the trailer shows three new Pokémon and a new female character. One screenshot also seems to confirm that Sky Battles are in the game. No further details are known but we will be covering the session later this evening LIVE. The images are below.


[UPD2]: Bulbagarden has posted an image showing how Sky Battles will look in X&Y. Find it below!

We will to continue to update this post!

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    1. it’s rather good isn’t it? Pkmns need have more types I personally thought that will be love type, because love is strong against ice and can break hard [steel] wall or something like that…

  2. Is it confirmed to be called Fairy or is it just a new type that’s been confirmed?

  3. Little tidbit but, “amie” is the feminine form of “friend” in French. Nice to see a little more real-world influence 🙂

    1. “mon amie” is a common way to refer to someone in french, it means “my friend” — so Pokemon Amie plays off of that.

  4. No way no way ahhhh clefairy though? Why Marril? So many questions! Ahhh october 12!!!

  5. According to the official site, Noivern is a Flying-Dragon. Flying as it’s primary type. Also, interesting stuff over there about the Pokemon-Amie stuff. There’s a caption under a picture of Pikachu in battle turned towards the player : “Pokémon you’ve played with may turn to you in battle and wait for your orders.” Perhaps suggesting that Pokemon you don’t take care of will ignore you?

    1. It also says you can calm down Noivern by feeding it with fruit. It can be just an ordinary pokedex entry though.

    2. Pokemon will probably have an emote depending on how much you play with them – Nintendo did announce there would be a new way of ‘raising’ Pokemon, so this might be the way to raise Pokemon happiness.

    3. Makes sense. Like in the show-Pikachu was a a-hole to Ash. Also with his Charizard- Ash had plenty of badges, and it never listened until he saved it from dying

      1. That’s what I was thinking. Plus,why point out that they’ll wait for your orders since that’s what Pokemon have always done in the games (unless traded, of course)? Unless that’s due to change with this new system. I don’t see why they’d point out that caring for them means they’ll wait for your orders unless there’s going to be an opposite effect introduced. For example, that mistreated Pokemon will act like a traded Pokemon and not always listen. I dunno.

        1. This system is better than the “badge system”, where Pokemon only listen if you have a certain accountof badges.I hippie this game will be linked with the anime directly.

  6. in the trailer it says “woaw the wild helioptile you STEPPED on attacked'”; lolz

  7. Noivern appears to be a Wyvern Pokémon with screech/sound-based attacks, similar to speculation about Yveltal being a Wyvern Pokémon. Noise plus Wyvern = Noivern.

  8. I’m so happy ;). If I fail my math final today, I will still be happy! Beartic!

  9. omg YEEEEEESSSS!!!!! to all those nay-sayers about fairy types and its even called a Fairy Type!!! I’m so excited for X & Y :3

  10. Marill being Fairy is surprising. I think there are more than that Clefairy gruop will be fairy too. I just hoped they would show a brand new fairy pokemon.

  11. So now that the direct is over, I have a feeling that we won’t get much more new news. I’m not gonna put to much thought into it, but for a 90 minuted presentation with Q&A just maybe.

      1. Xavier. I posted my guesses on here several months ago… Although I think I guessed Xavier and Yvette, not Yvonne. I can’t remember which thread I posted it under!


          2. It might be Yvette or something French.

            (I hope it’s not Yolanda. No lie: I had a gym teacher in fourth grade who insisted on calling me that.)

      1. I was talking about petting the Pokemon “Beartic”. Not petting my actual body. Lol

  12. OH MY GOD!!! I AM SCREECHING!!! Fairy! and why Marill? but i dont care I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

  13. Did Pokemon Smash not confirm that Sylveon (and by extension Fairy type) is strong against Ice and also weak against Steel?

    I always thought I would hate the day a new Type was announced. But I am sooooo excited right now

  14. Ahhhhh 😀 So ecstatic it’s finally been revealed! Really glad we have another thing to take down dragons with. I don’t know how to word it well but I kinda see it as like a psychic type for comparison? I’m not sure how to explain what I mean xD The new Pokemon look great! Was surprised to see the bat as a dragon but I’m completely ok with that ahhh >u< and INTERACTING WITH OUR POKEMON HECK YES this is something I love, never thought about the game having, and yet it's all I've ever wanted. October couldn't get here any faster!

  15. Vivillon (Prismillon in French, Vivillon in deutsch, ) evolves from a Pokemon called “Spewpa” (Puponcho in deutsch and Pérégrain in French).

    There is a mysterious phrase written under the picture of Vivillon on the XY european official websites mentioning it!

    1. if it’s called Puponcho in german, I guess the “pup” comes from “Puppe” meaning puppet or cocoon.

      obviously 3 stage evo line

    2. we will probably see its pre-evos in corocoro later this week. I hope the dragon has a pre-evo too.

    1. Hidden away from the eyes of those who seek its wondrous contents. Only those with extreme power are permitted to gaze upon its spectacularity.

      1. I must prepare the altar with my sacrificial lamb in order to ask the gods for this extreme power.

    1. Actually, it’s more like stained glass. It probably takes inspiration from the many stained glass windows in French architecture.

  16. YES FAIRY TYPE 😀 I was not expecting that till tonight, I wonder what they’ll reveal now, maybe mewtwo’s other form?? Btw is there going to be live feed of XY tonight ??

    1. It’s possible we’ll get more at the round table in 10ish hours, but this might be it for now. It’s plenty!

  17. The new bat Ppkemon is awesome and that attack it used was killer, and I love that little Butterfly, it’s so cute!



    I’m done, my body isn’t ready, and to think we’re still getting CoroCoro, Smash, and the Roundtanle later

    Someone get me some water x.x

    1. x’D I don’t think we will get much more news, that trailer was just…….Woah!

  18. please tell me that i am not the only one thinking that pokemon- Amie is some how related to how feebas will evolve

    1. Feebas now evolves when trading with Prism Scale, right? Do you think they would retreat this and return to the old method?

  19. Just a guess but Slyveon looks like a special attacker

    oh yeah and new grass/fairy type!!!!111!1212

    1. Haha I got that too! It’s crazy to see gardevoir as a fairy type •=• I wonder if its a dual psychic/fairy type

  20. Hopefully they will bring back arceus in future 6th gen movies explaining how there was a new type made.

    1. I think the story would be that arceus would have became friends with a human again then his friend died or something, causing him to make a new type or something in memory of his friend. OR their excuse would be that the fairy type only exists in kalos, leading to the other regions having myths with the fairy type not included.

  21. Any one notice the ryhorn in your front garden or the gym logo(yellow,maybe electric) on the effile tower

      1. Why not? It fits in well with the mission of Gyms, because Electric is only weak to Ground. Plus, Helioptile needs a place to shine. :3

        1. Electric type was spotlighted during Black and White with Roller Coaster and runway gyms. Giving it Eiffel tower, dunno.

          1. Think about it. The town is called Lumiose City, with all the electricity needed for a city like that, it’d make sense for it to be an electric gym. Lumiose has “Lum” from Illuminate in it, Illuminate means to light up, which if thought about, would mean that electricity light’s up. It all fit’s together.

          2. Lol We’ve ALL seen it before, what difference does it make.

            Kanto: 3rd Gym
            Johto: N/A
            Hoenn: 3rd Gym
            Sinnoh: 8th Gym
            Unova: 4th Gym
            Kalos: Unkown

            Every Region except Johto had an electric type gym (Excluding Lt.Surge Post game) Even if Kalos had one, would it really be that big of a deal?

  22. fairy wind. fairy wind! am I the only one who caught that? Gardevoir used it in the scene after sylveon used moon blast.

  23. We better be able to transfer our old Pokemon! I have a shiny Eevee waiting to become a Shiny FAIRY-TYPE Sylveon!!!

    1. I bet we will because you could transfer Pokemon from one game to another since gen 1

  24. I wonder if sylveons new move, Moon Blast, will become more powerful at night??? just a thought

    1. “Hast du Lust auf einen Himmelskampf gegen mich…” is the beginning of a german phrase meaning “Do you want to …… a sky battle against me?”


      Don’t you think that the seahorse is in fact Inkay or Malimar, the pokemon supposedly revealed by the pokebeach source?

      1. until i see some names stating that it is Inkay or Malimar or a other pokemon the source talks about. i will continue to take that info with a grain of salt

  25. so the house you come out of? is that your starting town? or just a random house?
    ok so the roof is brown so it is either the town all the way to the left by the ocean, the upper part of the town with the clocktree, or part of the mansion that everyone says you’ll start your adventure.

  26. Jeepers, I’m having a bit of an information overload with this AND smash bros. I don’t know where to look or what to think yet.

  27. Azumarill is a big winner here. It was already strong and had good defenses but now its stronger against Dragons than it already was
    I don’t know how being weak to Poison will play out

    1. Azumarill has Bulldoze (to counter pure Poison-types) and Ice Punch (for Grass/Poison, Poison/Flying, and Poison/Ground).

  28. Thank god. That was all I needed was for gamefreak to confirm that several pokemon won’t be turning Fairy-Type like that rumor suggested. I’m completely comfortable with the new Type now. I was getting worried they was going turn many normal-types and other types that don’t have any fairy looking relations to Fairy type. Thank God. I’m even more excited about the games now.

    On they still have 2 more slots to reveal I wonder what those are?!?! I’m really pumped now for the games feel like Sapphire and Ruby all over again 😀

    1. Strategy and new_feature. I found them in the source code long ago and there are placeholder pages in place.

      1. what could be the “new feature”?? the gyroscope in inkay’s evolution??

  29. Azurill is a special kind of Pokemon gains two different types upon evolving. I wonder if they’re going to change its Normal type to pure Fairy type?

  30. オンバーン(Noivern)’s name:オン(Noise)+ワイバーン(Wyvern)
    But…ビビョン(Vivillon)‘s name,I don’t know……may be papillon(the Lepidoptera of French)?

        1. I see you don’t get what I’m saying. It’s all about eevee’s adaptation, i wonder what eevee is adapting to while evolving to Sylveon. Can’t I wonder?

    1. Yes ! After that they can stop giving Eevee more evolutions and I would perectly fine.

    2. Weeeeelll…

      Umbreon was supereffective against Espeon, and Glaceon was supereffective against Leafeon, so a dragon Eeveelution for Sylveon to be supereffective against is certainly a possibility.

  31. In German Noivern is called UHafNir and I wonder why it’s so strangely capitalized. It’s even like that on the official page`?

  32. Wow, Noivern looked horrible until I enlarged the picture and realized what I thought were eyes were just it’s ears, lol.

  33. I really don’t know what to do with myself xD I’m so excited! People whining about the addition of Fairy type, you know you’ll still buy it, and you will eventually LOVE IT because that’s the way Pokemon is, it throws something completely new at you but you learn to embrace it and it adds to the amazingness of pokemon! Can’t wait for more information!

    Btw, am I the only one disappointed at the fact that Pikachu barely appears on the Smash Bros trailer?? lol. Hope the Pokemon Trainer returns as well!!

    1. Most likely they change Pokemon Trainer and Lucario. It seems to be the theme since Melee to change the Fire Emblem and Pokemon characters to current characters out. Lucario become the 6th gen Lucario like pokemon, Pokemon trainer pokemons change, Ike probably become Chrom.

  34. looks like a lot of people are not liking the fairy type confirmation news on facebook. haha. just give it time

    1. I’m personally really, REALLY excited about fairy type. There’s a lot of potential there and it’s going to make one of my favorite pokemon, Azumarill, even stronger and more fun and interesting to use, we don’t even know what other Pokemon might gain Fairy as a secondary type, it’s strong against dragon type… I just can’t even take it I NEED THIS GAME

      1. i too love the fairy type. everyone on facebook is butthurt because they dont like fairy but rather they have light type. dumb excuse

  35. I love the new Fairy type! And it’s nice to see some old favorites get some new legs. There’s also a rich history of mythology to reach into for new Pokemon. Being like Sylphs, Dryads, Nymphs, Leprechauns, Will O’ the Wisps, Pixies, Elves, Banshees, Gnomes, and even Demons can all be Fairy types. I also find it interesting that they’ve chosen to keep sound as a pseudo-type. To me it seems like they wanted to make it a type unto itself but realized that it would require that moves like Grasswhistle, Bug Buzz, and Metal Sound would need two types to make any sense at all and so they scrapped the idea but kept the cool-looking Wyvern. I’d have loved it if the Butterfly was Bug/Fairy and I think they missed out on a huge opportunity there but otherwise everything so far is looking great!

    1. Wouldn’t Banshees and Will O’ Wisps be Ghost. Could see some sick type combos with Ghost/Fairy though.

  36. The more I look at this, the more I think it’s possible although the change in type would be a little weird.

  37. I love all of the new pokemon! Like OH EM GEE! They are perfect! With Generation V I was thinking to my self What Thee Eff, but with these I’m like LUVVZ IT! Except Marril, that rat mixed rabbit is no fairy at all.

  38. i wonder what there going to do with Noivern cause it looks like it could be a stand alone pkmn like Druddigon but i could also see it as the new pseudo-legendary Pokémon

      1. that would be the weirdest evo ever. since woobat and swoobat have a heart theme which noivern does not. and woobat and swoobat primary type is Psychic which i have never seen change upon evolving expect for azurill and the eevee family

          1. i knew about steelix but i honestly did not know about swablu but still such a drastic change in typing like switching it’s primary typing to flying and then adding a different second type makes it seem unlikely

    1. I thought it was Swoobat evo until I saw it from the front and it looked like a dragon

      1. well it’s typing is flying/dragon and i am not saying it couldn’t happen but such a drastic change in typing just tells me that it won’t happen

  39. You know, Fairy Wind didn’t seem to do that much damage to Hydreigon if they are both level 50, for something that is supposedly 4x effective…

    1. Hydreigon is also part Dark so it might be 2x damage against Dark/Dragon types. We still don’t know what Fairy types are weak against

      1. Well, the rumors suggested that Fairy type would also be super effective against Dark. Though, the Ominous Wind/Silver Wind theory is probably a good one… Still, a 4x effective move with stab, coming from Gardevoir’s Special Attack seemed ripe for a one hit kill on Hydreigon. Not like those rumors were the be all end all anyways, he did at least correctly say there would be a Fairy Type, that it’s strong against Dragon, and then the poison weaknesses appears to be confirmed thanks to Pokemon Smash, for what it’s worth. I just wonder if the other details may have been mistaken or even changed since the guy appearently beta tested the game, or what not. *shrugs* More importantly, I’m just happy they have officially confirmed it.

    2. Might be like Ominous Wind or Silver Wind. Base 60 attack with a chance of raising all stats. A weak attack that you use as a gamble.

  40. Anyone else wondering how they are going to handle the new Fairy typings of Pokemon in the animé?

      1. But during that time, the new types didn’t have much of an impact since only one Pokemon had its type changed. I mean, come on, Ash and company had Jigglypuff following them for so long, but all that time it was a normal type. Now suddenly it is Normal/Fairy. What is Ash going to do, just be oblivious to that fact?

  41. Not sure about how I feel about Fairy type. I guess I’m still in shock from a new type being introduced to the series after so many years.

  42. Anybody notice when they showed pokemon-amie, the music was in the gen 5 soundfont?

  43. Interesting for Nintendo to release their game on a Saturday for once (If you haven’t noticed a lot of Nintendo games, including Pokemon versions, release on Sundays). I’m totally gonna buy this at midnight. Anyways, I’m glad we can finally put the fairy type rumours to an end as well as the Sylveon’s type debate. I’m surprised they never mentioned Clefairy, as that Pokemon should deserve being changed to pure fairy type. Gardevoir was a surprise and should be pretty interesting to see. I do know that Fairy will probably be neutral to Dark considering if it was super effective Fairy Wind would have probably taken out Hydriegon. Then again, we do not know that Gardevoir’s level so I could be wrong.

    So that’s the new bond system eh? I wonder how that will affect the growth of the Pokemon. Would it become stronger? That would also be a big change in the metagame. Either way, who doesn’t wanna play with their Pokemon?

    According to the Pokemon website, Vivillon has some sort of secret in its wings. I wonder what that could be? Noivern looks cool, it’s like a Bat Dragon or Dragon Bat lol. I still wanna know these Pokemon’s abilities Nintendo! It’s also interesting that they still did not release the types for Xerneas or Yveltal yet….maybe Xerneas isn’t fairy like the rumours say. Hopefully there’s even more news tonight or Saturday!

    1. I am convinced we will see the dex as they have released noises for pokemon…thoughts? I am happy not to know legendary types,as thats fair enough 🙂 Hoping for the dex though.

      1. What do you mean the dex? If you mean the whole list of Pokemon, absolutely not! If you meant the Pokedex in general in regards to how it looks and plays, maybe. Sure they have sounds but that doesn’t really tell us anything (as far as I know)

    2. It seems everyone was at Lv. 50 (even though some weren’t shown, everyone else was Lv. 50 so just assuming), but maybe Fairy Wind is a weak attack? I hope Fairy isn’t Super Effective against Dark type though.

      Edit: Nevermind, maybe Gardevoir is indeed a lower level and Fairy is Super Effective against Dark too (still hope not). I just realized Noivern is Lv. 80. So the levels aren’t all Lv. 50, meaning that Gardevoir can potentially be lower leveled to perhaps hide the fact that Fairy would destroy Hydreigon.

      1. It could be a weak attack…but who knows? Fairy should not be super effective against Dark, I agree

      2. If you watch the japanese trailer, the Zoroark is at lv:48. …Why change it? xD

      3. If Fairy was super effective against Dark, the Fairy Wind attack Gardevoir used on the Hydreigon should have done a lot more damage.

  44. I am convinced we will see the dex as they have released noises for pokemon…thoughts? I am happy not to know legendary types,as thats fair enough 🙂 Hoping for the dex though hehe ONLY TIME WILL TELL 😀

  45. Since they name the male protagonist, I assume that you can meet your counterpart in the game

    1. All protagonists have some sort of “default” name, regardless of whether or not you see the other in-game. It’s used for promotional things like this and for anyone who doesn’t enter in a name at the beginning of the game.

  46. Xerneas and Yveltal better have some amazing type combination if we have to wait this long >:-(

    1. Here is my Speculation:
      Xerneas: Fairy (Looks somewhat similar to Virizion, possibly Fairy/Fighting or Fairy/Grass)
      Yveltal: Fairy/Dark, Fairy/Psychic, Faity/Flying, Flying/Dark, Flying/Psychic, pure Flying and that’s about it

        1. I hope each evolution gets a different evolution screen thing so fletchling can rise from the ashes

    1. I love the seahorse and the shrimp/lobster looking thing, but the Fletchling evo looks kind of generic to me. I’ve loved most of the Pokemon so far though and I wasn’t expecting too much from Fletchling’s evolution (and maybe the official art will make it look better? we’ve only had a glimpse so far) so I’m still super excited!

      1. I’m presuming that the Fletchling evo is its 2nd stage evolution – I still have high hopes for an amazing third stage evo!

        1. i’m hoping it would be too, but it would be too much of a jump from a little bird to a big hawk imo.

  47. I am glad to have a new type, it opens up for more strategies. I enjoy the new Pokemon, all of them! I have a list of things I noticed in the trailer, but most of them have been mentioned by other users. I especially love Noivern! One thing I find out is how Marill is a Fairy type Pokemon, either way I am still happy. 🙂

  48. Has anyone else noticed that in the Pokemon-Amie section all the other pokemon are using their game cries but Pikachu is actually saying ‘pika-pika’?

  49. “Hast du Lust auf einen Himmelskampf gegen mich…” is the beginning of a german phrase meaning “Do you want to …… a sky battle against me?”


  50. That purple seahorse is most likely Inkay, it just gave me that vibe since its purple and Used a Poison type move. Hopefully it’s uploaded by IGN or the official site later on.

    Man just 4 more hours; the first time Pokemon eve appeared at E3 and comes with 5 new Pkmn, 2 new trailers, a new type, and new gameplay features. Like holy shit this is awesome!!

  51. That blue and orange Crustacean Pokemon is so gonna be on my team! Blue and Orange are the primary colors of my favorite sports team, the New York Mets! 😀

  52. Noivern? Really GameFreak? You choose to only introduce a Fairy type and make Noivern.

  53. @ europe guy

    why the dots? The text says “Do you want to have a sky battle against me?” That beside I’m wondering why there is a German phrase in an E3 Trailer, which is located in the USA, furthermore English is understood by most of the international crowd. Maybe they want to show-off with the already advanced worldwide localisation of the games.

    1. I was also thinking the same thing. More of a case of act now ask questions later here though, I think.

    2. Have you ever thought about that she might actually be german in game?

  54. WOWWW you guys are some hypocrites. You guys constanly talk crap about pokebeach, BUT. You guys go over to his site and STEAL the images he orginally got? Hypocrites

      1. … and how are they talking MAGIKARP about pokebeach. hahaha (i know. bad pun.)

    1. Sorry, where have we spoken crap about PokéBeach? As far as I’m aware we show respect for other fan sites.

      As others have said we have not stolen anything. There’s a direct link to WPM’s site, and the first sentence CLEARLY states they’re from PokéBeach. All images have also been posted with their watermarks in place.

    2. >implying those images are his property and his own only

      The copyright law only counts for ‘works of art’. taking an image is not a ‘work of art’.

  55. when is the live E3 stream happening? its 4:47pm where i live (in the state of PA in USA), I hope I didn’t miss it.

    I’m going crazy off all this news though.

    They should’ve showed that Clefairy gets reclassified, I mean its only obvious lol.

    But besides that i’m so speechless. 5 new pokemon revealed so far, And Gardevoir whom I just added to my team now fairy? sickness.

    1. If you mean the Nintendo Direct it was a few hours ago. The Pokémon Q&A is in four hours, but there’s no stream for that.

      1. Totally naming my Noivern ‘Drogon’.

        I shall call him Drogon and he shall be mine, he shall be my Drogon <3

    1. I don’t know why I jumped to that Fiddler Crab conclusion, but now it definitely looks like a Pistol Shrimp with that one huge claw. Pistol Shrimp make a loud cracking sound with their large claw, so maybe this little guy will have a lot of sound-based attacks?

  56. something i noticed about fairy type – it has normal effectiveness on dark. gardevoir used fairy wind on hydreigon which is dark/dragon

  57. How is a WATER MOUSE and a pink blob with big eyes a fairy? I thought fairies were small mythical creatures with wings that possess magic powers?

    1. Think about Altaria and how it can be a dragon type.

      Then think about how it would suck to have all fairy type pokemon to be small mythical creatures with wings that possess magic powers.

    2. There are a lot more meanings to the word ‘fairy’ than the Disney-style fairies that everybody knows. I can definitely see Jiggs as a Fairy type.

      Does this mean Simisear will now be Fairy..?

      1. im a little late to the party with this reply, and I apologize. But everyone says “Disney style fairies”, considering Tinkerbell. Let us not forget that for all intents and purposes Maleficent is ALSO a Disney fairy.

  58. Is it me, or do the Pokemon cries seem really authentic this time around? Same with the designs. I love them all so far!

    1. i wish there was, since there was a pokemon with speakers for ears, and a new attack for those oversized ears. but then, who would be retyped and what would it be stronger to??

  59. I actually was shocked when they revealed new Pokémon, have they done that before?
    I actually like Noivern and actually thought it was an Eco of Swoobat, Vivilion’s eyes are just the cutest
    I do like Garevoir bein part Fairy cause if there are RS remakes, it’s defo going on my team to help me against a Drake
    (Are we assuming that this Pokémon-Amie is how we get Sylveon? Or is that just me)

    1. It will start at 6:00 PM (PST)! Just find your time zone and then you will figure out what time you will see it!

  60. More than anything im now just happy that the divide in ” is fairy real or fake ” between everyone is over. To be honest im glad a new types introduced and all the confusion, hype and speculation the last few months have made it even better 🙂

  61. I’m so very happy right now.

    I’m really looking forward for every Pokemon in the sixth Gen. From the ones we’ve seen they’re all incredible so I’m hoping for the same, aswell as the Legendaries and Starter Evos 😀

    1. I don’t think so 🙁 I seriously wish there is tho 🙂 fingers crossed & O.O &

      1. You really think there going to host a Q&A session for 90 minutes?

        1. Doubtful, but what do you mean by presentation ? if you mean by demo’s etc I wouldn’t count on it.

          1. It was said there would be a presentation as well as a Q&A session lasting 90 minutes. As for demos, the round table is that area shown in the direct video with all the 3DS’s so I can assure there will be demo’s to try. Don’t forget that second trailer.

            Edit: A downvote, seriously?

          2. That’s true. lets hope there is a full presentation. Showing some more gameplay, aswell as revealing more information 😀

    2. We’re still really unsure of what exactly is going on. We’re going by what was initially said, there will be a presentation of some kind for the press (not streamed for us) followed by a Q&A that will be live tweeted, and covered by other gaming sites.

        1. We’ll be covering the Q&A live (and presentation if we get information on it), but with text updates.

  62. you know pokemon-amie is one letter short from being aimer which is french for love so that means it is pokemon-love

  63. i have the gut feeling that Vivillon’s first stage is going to be made out to be uglier than they made feebas out to be

  64. my guess was right, the male protagonists name is Xavier, and for the female, i think its Yolanda ??

  65. Ok. Found a name I hate this generation: Talonflame!
    It’s hooooorrible~♪ I haaaaaate it~♪

    Whoever came up with that name and whoever decided it was OK to use it officially… I have one request for you…
    Go jump in the middle of a Muk horde!

    Pokémon X & Y trailer 3 – It was, apparently, not meant to be shown yet as it was accidentally leaked. Thanks for the mistake! (ºwº)b

    1. Basically they showed it a few hours ahead of when they were intending to. It doesn’t make too much of a difference :3

  66. Just in case anyone was curious the female protagonist’s name is Yvonne. Its mentionned on the official site

  67. Honestly, all of the news today was disappointed & kinda boring imo. Only cool things were Noivern & horde battles. The rest were blah & just not interesting enough. Thought X&Y would’ve been better than this..

  68. Hmm, Talonflame used Aerial Ace against Haunter, the same attack Chespin used, did it?
    It looks cool as fletchling’s evolution

  69. I think that Froakie’s line has very low base HP…..
    Snivy with 45 base HP stat, at Level 50, 0 EV, 0 IV…. it has 105 HP.
    While in the scene of Froakie vs Vivilion it only has 101 HP.

  70. Fairy type confirmed. Who looks stupid now people who thought fairy wasn’t’t going to happen

  71. I sure hope Gardevoir, Jigglypuff, Maril and Sylveon are not the only Fairy-type or it’ll be the smallest type ever… I’m thinking pokemon like Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable, Mawile, Misdreavus, Mismagius, Snubull, Granbull, Chansey, Bilssery, Happiny, Togepi, Togeic, Togekiss, Azurill, Azumaril, Igglypuff and Wigglytuff. Oh and maybe Budew, Roselia, Roserade, Gorebyss, Gothita, Gotherita, Gothitelle, Audino, Minum, Plusle, Minum and Pachiracu

    1. I agree with most of those. Though I don’t think Pokémon that already have two types will have one of them replaced for another.

  72. Do you think that Cleffa/Clefairy/Clefable will become Fairy types too? They are the first fairies! They must…

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