Pokémon X&Y Presentation + Q&A Session


[vc_column_text title=”The Questions on Everybody’s Lips” pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] As promised, we’re here to cover the developer presentation and Q&A session at E3. We’re still uncertain as to what exactly is going to be spoken about this evening, but rest assured that we’ll be bringing it to you as it happens! This coverage will only be text based, but it’s likely that there will be further updates as thing progress through the evening. We’ve already had some massive news today with the confirmation of the new Fairy type, new mechanics and even some new Pokémon. Will we get more tonight? Quite possibly… Whatever happens CoroCoro will also leak soon and we’re uncertain if the official X&Y sites have finished updating with what was supposedly coming on the 12th, or we’ve only got a snippet of the information. We’ll see, on with the coverage! Remember to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. pokéjungle will hopefully be tweeting with LIVE updates over on Twitter, so following us there is a must! Want to continue the discussion? Head to our forum! [/vc_column_text] [vc_column_text title=”Live Coverage” pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]

Pokemon X & Y Questions/Answers + Details (Newest First)

  • Rideable Pokemon specific to certain areas (Can open new paths or traverse difficult areas)
  • Background music used in battles can be selected by player
  • Multiple transportation methods (Rollerblading, rail grinding, etc)
  • Will PSS sync with 3DS friend list? Yes
  • New Team? Rival? Yes, a Team _______, but maybe not just one rival…
  • Will there be diagonal movement? Yes, full 8-way movement
  • How deep is customization? Hair and clothing options can be unlocked
  • Will IV/EVs be easier to understand? XY will make them more intuitive and visible
  • Why base Kalos on France? XY have a focus on beauty much like France
  • How many new Pokemon? No comment
  • Why was Fairy Type added? To balance the game and provide a counter to Dragon Types
  • Any DLC announcements? Not at this moment
  • Can it import Generation V Pokemon? Currently being worked on
  • Will the game have multiple save slots? No

These are directly from Pokemon’s Twitter (Newest First)

  • “That’s it for the Nintendo Developer Roundtable! We’ll be posting a recap video of the event tomorrow!”
  • “Talonflame has just been switched out for Haunter! But wait…Haunter isn’t a Flying-type Pokémon…”
  • “Talonflame, a new Fire- and Flying-type Pokémon, has just been revealed in a Sky Battle demo against Noctowl!”
  • “Only some Flying-type Pokémon (and a few others) can enter a Sky Battle. Mr. Masuda is demoing now!”
  • “Another new type of battle has been announced! Prepare for Sky Battles!”
  • “Mr. Masuda is showing a video of a Gogoat encountering a horde of Houndour. Horde Encounters look intense!”
  • “5-against-1 battles? That’s gonna be tough!”
  • “A new battle scenario has just been announced! Get ready for Horde Encounters!”
  • “Mr. Masuda just hinted that interacting with Pokémon in Pokémon-Amie will have an additional benefit in battle!”
  • “Mr. Masuda is discussing the various ways players can interact with Pokémon in Pokémon-Amie.”
  • “Another new Pokémon, Noivern, is being used to demo the awesome 3D modeling process used for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.”
  • “Skrelp is a Poison- and Water-type Pokémon. Clauncher is a Water-type Pokémon.”
  • “Mr. Masuda is demoing a battle via the PSS. The two opposing Pokémon are new for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y!”
  • “The new PSS (Player Search System) will allow players to search for others locally or globally (via Wi-Fi) to battle and trade.”
  • “Players will be able to choose 1 of 7 languages to play the game (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, or Korean)”
  • “There are over 800,000 Japanese characters in the game, which translates to 1.4 million words in English!”
  • “Mr. Masuda is discussing the challenges of a global video game release.”
  • “Mr. Junichi Masuda, Director at GAME FREAK inc., is on stage now!”
  • “Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will refine the core aspects of Pokémon games: collecting, battling, and trading. “
  • “Mr. Ishihara is giving a brief history of Pokémon. What device were you using when you first played Pokémon?”
  • “He is very excited for Pokémon players all over the world to begin their adventures at the same time. “
  • “Mr. Tsunekazu Ishihara, President and CEO of The Pokémon Company, is now taking the stage!”

News from other sources:

  • Battles have configurable camera angles
  • At least 113 Pokemon in ‘dex
  • Usual 8 gyms
  • Trading is not limited to your party, now includes PC boxes as well
  • People you battle/trade with are automatically added as acquaintances
  • Rhyhorn apparently rideable
  • Pokemon-amie bonding will enhance battle capabilities with better critical or dodge chances

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  1. Oh THANK GOD ! I was literally in a sweat thinking you were not going to do this. :S this makes keeping up with news a lot easier. My twitter hates me and refused to refresh for me after I hit it for the 1,000,000,000 time in the last 40mins 😛 😀

  2. Did you see pokebeach posted pictures of three new pokemon? One of them looks like Fletchlings evo.

  3. I hope they gives us some more info. They prolly won’t give us anymore heavy info like the reveal of another new Pokemon or character, but I’m hoping that they give us more little details. The little details can be just as important as the bigger ones. It’ll help shine some light on the things they’ve shown us today. Either way it’ll be something to keep an eye on and top off an awesome day of Pokemon news. Did I mention how excited I am to play these games?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    1. Exactly, but with Corocoro leaking im sure you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise, as will we all 😉 😀

        1. I know its a Birthday Christmas and every other Holiday rolled into one 😉 😀

    1. No 🙁 but sure we can read all the news up to the minute. Not the same I know but sure its better than nothing 😀

        1. Yeah that’s the best we get haha, that being said someone may sneak a camera in for a quick video ? 😛

  4. Have I ever said Thank you to you Pokejungle? If I havent well…. Thank You for being the best damn pokemon news site (excluding the official site). Thank you for caring about our needs (rumors, news, etc.)

        1. So it was you who was down voting these comments?
          I mean it doesn’t matter. Its not like it would make me not be able to comment anymore? right?

          1. Definitely not. I love reading all the comments, they’re all good to read through. I only up vote. 🙂

  5. Wow, what a day. And Corocoro hasn’t even leaked yet… This totally makes up for the four month drought of information we faced. I hope I don’t die on overdosing on Pokemon X and Y information because I still want to have a chance to play the game! Can’t wait to try out the Fairy type in the game! October 12th has to get here sooner!!

  6. So for all those saying we won’t get any more new news, think again. Look what just got tweeted!

        1. Yeah, the image hadn’t loaded for me so I thought you were referring to something new. 😛

          1. Hasn’t been posted by anyone here, nor has it been mentioned. Therefore it’s a “New” thing to talk about.

          2. Actually forgot to ask, what do you think of the rest of the rumors Pokebeach was given ? 🙂

          3. You’re not asking me, but I’d like to give an answer anyways. The only thing I don’t like is dual-type moves. That’s completely unnecessary and complicates things too much imo.

          4. I love hearing peoples opinions, im glad you answered 😀 I totally agree its unnecessary and I don’t like the idea of it at all. I also think the whole ds upside down idea is a bit…….. well weird 😛 🙂

          5. I love hearing others opinions too 🙂 Yeah, that too is a bit too gimmicky.

            I do, however, LOVE if it’s true that we’ll be able to view our Pokemons EVs.

          6. Oh God yeah. You a fellow EV trainer aswell ? Also some people think there will be roughly 50 new pokemon in the game and that’s it. What do u think ? Id say itd be more than 50 but less than the 5th gen. My guess is roughly 100 or 103 or so haha 🙂

          7. I’ve only recently gotten into EV training haha. I always thought it was a waste of time, but I really enjoy EV training now! I like seeing how good I can make a certain Pokemon. I don’t delve into IVs though. I just breed for a desired nature and EV train.

            I think it’ll definitely be more than 50 new Pokemon. I agree with you, most likely around 100.

          8. Yeah its a really good system, but like you said once you get into it its great fun haha 🙂 wonder which pokemon will sneak in with Pikachu to super smash bros 😀

          9. Well…..I wanna see CHESPIN in Smash Bros! Chespin is so awesome! Which Pokemon would you like to see?

          10. Hahaha I got RAPED with down-votes last time I said this. But along with pokemon trainer, id like female pokemon trainer with her own set of starter pokemon. like snivy, dewott and emboar. or any set similar like that haha ( more females in ssb just to even it up ) * loving wii fit girl haha * 🙂

          11. Why would someone downvote that? That’s a great idea! Just not the Gen 5 starters haha 😛 I saw the entrance for Wii Fit girl a little while ago, that was hilarious!

          12. God knows you get down voted for any conflicting opinions 😛 what starter set would you give her ? 🙂

          13. Ah nice. but what order ! Id say itd work best as mudkip, grovyle and then blaziken 🙂

          14. Slightly different: Mudkip, Combusken, Sceptile…only because Treecko was my first Pokemon 🙂

    1. Although that tweet was sent OVER 5hrs ago. Im still as excited and pumped for the roundtable as when I first read it 😀

  7. Oh boy i can’t wait in 2 hours we are going to see the best presentation for X and Y and i am so happy that Nintendo added megaman in the super smash bros family^v^

    1. Well you won’t be able to see it, By live they mean it will be text updates.

      1. Well in the mean time we can keep us busy until the 6:00 X&Y presentation any ideas?

    1. This looks completely legit, and I’m starting to believe that whoever leaked Pokebeach’s insider information is not ripping us off, as he confirmed English Pokémon names and a new move months before the official reveal, along with Fairy Type (Sylveon) months before today, and if this indeed is a sky battle for Flying-types and Pokémon knowing Levitate, then we should expect a new Mewtwo forme as well in the upcoming CoroCoro, or even the Q/A session. By the way, where in the world do you find these images?

      1. The images are all over Pokebeach. and he also gives out all the information he supposedly received. To be honest he hyped the infor he got so much, it was a bit of a let down haha

    2. I just thought of a thing….what if this is it and it only gets that evo just like Taillow. It would be like a type of connection the 3rd Gen. games since that was the only gen with the main (routely) bird to have one evo instead of the 3 stage. (im not too sure if hoothoot was the main bird in the 2nd Gen. because there were some pidgeys there too and you could only get hoothoots at night.)

  8. That bird pokemon with the flame feathers can that bird be a evo for Fletchling?

        1. Wouldn’t it be awesome if its ability made it immune to stealth rock? A girl can dream.

    1. The presentation that starts soon is all new news. CoroCoro will more than likely be a rehash.

      1. Ok, I’m exhausted and the presentation hasn’t even started yet 😛

        Seriously, it’s after 1am here and I spent most of the afternoon screaming myself hoarse, rewatching the trailer, and then squeeing some more. NEEDZ SLEEP BUT CANNOT TILL ALL THE NEWS IS DONE

        1. Half 1 here, I’m from the UK!!
          Today has been such a drainer, but it’s worth it, right? :]

          1. Totally! And high-five for another UK fan!! I plan to nap through most of Thursday anyway – AC New Leaf is coming out on Friday and I’mma play it till my eyes bleed. It’s the one thing that’s going to keep me from climbing the walls all summer waiting for X and Y to come out, lol

          2. *High-fives back* Sounds like fun! :]
            I might start climbing walls if the wait gets too much for me!

          3. Someone else from the UK beside me? Sweet!

            Just 20 minutes remaining. The suspense is killing me!

    1. There is no stream buddy, just live text updates which at one point I thought we wouldn’t have :]

    1. Nope. Just Live text updates and Live tweets from Pokemon’s Twitter feed.

    2. The reporters aren’t allowed to take cameras into the room with them so they cant record it with anything

      1. I’d like to try sneak in with a small little gadget camera attached to me (preferably something cool like shades :P)

      2. Apparently IGN is trying to get some footage. I doubt it though, x’D

  9. I bet in the presentation i bet they will show the Evos for the starter pokemon:)

    1. they wont. they usually show the evolutions closer to the release date or after it, like they did with black/white.

  10. Also, anyone else think that there is a possibility of another new type? In generation 2, TWO new types were released. Same thing goes for Evee’s new evolution. New Eeveelutions are usually released in pairs. Plus, Sylveon is sort of girly. Maybe we’ll get a more manly Eeveelution as well!

  11. Please don’t let us down guys!
    This could be the perfect end to what has been an amazing day!! :3

  12. Well, Pokebeach received an invitation to the presentation so we’ll be sure to hear stuff from them as well.

    1. Are you sure? From what he said in his post on the website it sounded like he’s at E3, but he wasn’t invited to the developers round table presentation.

      1. Well Pokebeach is the only fan site that gained access to the presentation.

        And um.. being invited is the same as receiving an invitation x’D

        1. from pokebeach.com “Also, no fan sites (or at least just PokeBeach, lol) are allowed in the event.”
          so pokebeach is not in the event

          1. I’ll give you that one xD

            It’s 2:16am here so I’m just a little tired xD

          2. That’s what i figured, he also says that he’ll learn things from the attendees, so it would stand to reason he’s waiting outside for it to be done

  13. They should reveal a 2nd Eeveelution (Dragon– weak to Fairy on the type chart) and also some new PKMN or a 2nd mewtwo forme

  14. My first memory was the GameBoy Advanced with Pokemon Leaf Green on Christmas Morning.

  15. OMG. They are being so pre-school on the official Pokemon twitter. I can’t deal with how slow and uninformative they’re being.

  16. I’m just checking back on Pokejungle and Pokemon twitter and refreshing constantly xD

  17. Players will be able to select what language they want to play it in regardless of what copy they have.

  18. The new PSS (Player Search System) will allow players to search for others locally or globally (via Wi-Fi) to battle and trade.

    1. Lmfao “When you ride on Gogoat he can run fast as shit” xD The way he said it is funny lol.

  19. Masuda is demoing the PSS feature and the opponents are two new pokemon!

  20. The pokemon from WPM screenshot’s have been named and typed.

    Skrelp, the Red sea horse thing is Poison and Water.

    The Blue Crab is called Clauncher and is Pure Water type.

  21. Only a 113 pokemon? That less the last game and the second lowest amount of pokemon ever introduced. You think with this low number of pokemon they would go the “quality over quainty” route, but look at these new pokes I don’t think so. I’m so dissappointed

    1. Umm firstly, it was a save file of someone with 8 badges and 113 pokemon. Some of those pokemon can be countable as national ones like Pika etc. so 113 isn’t the count of 6th gen pokes….

    2. That only seems to be the amount of Pokémon the person has seen at that point in his game, and it likely also includes past Gen Pokémon.

  22. Roundtable is now over, Q&A will begin.

    Also, the Pokemon twitter will post a recap video tomorrow.~

  23. Your teams are not shown to your opponent before battling online.


      1. I know the number which is 123 I just didn’t want to write it down because I did fast. That was also very rude of you. Please be more embedded next time.

      1. We don’t know if all the old Pokemon that have been revealed will be included in the Pokedex but it’s safe to say they will be. And don’t worry there are loads more of new Pokemon that have been revealed: 7.
        That makes it 30 Region specified Pokemon so far.

  24. And its a rap ! 🙂 Nintendo love to exaggerate there times don’t they 😉 hahah love all the confirmations tho 😀

        1. Well to be fair, it started here at 2am and it’s now 3am. I count that as an hour.

  25. Q: Importing Pokemon from previous games? A: They’re working on it. DS/3DS comm. barrier is slightly tricky.

    They better get it solved!!

    1. I cant believe people still complain about this. The whole idea is to collect trade and battle in the game. if you can just have 5 different files it ruins the whole idea. Just get over it, its not generation 2 anymore……

  26. The total amount of new Pokemon is NOT BEING REVEALED, Masuda dropped hints that it’s not yet finalized.

  27. I hate the idea of Team Preview not being available. Now everyone will use a damn Zoroark on their team argh

    1. Nice 🙂 Best to conceal the pics tho , like I did , so it doesn’t spoil it for those people who hate spoilers ( as silly as they are ha )

        1. If you don’t know how to spoiler tag , just send the link so when u click it it opens 🙂 u can test it first before u post. 🙂

          1. What are the spoiler tags again, I haven’t used them for a while.

  28. A single save file is probably going to be around forever because if there are multiple files then you can catch the same rare pokemon in different files and trade them to another game.

  29. Movement is still grid based. It’s now 8 way movement. Things like roller skates however take you out of grid based movement.

  30. Someone asked about mewtwo formes and the reply was no comment. lol.

  31. LOL haha that’s hilarious. Someone actually had the nerve to ask about new Mewtwo formes and they reply “(uhh)..no comment”

  32. I like the question on the inspiration behind Kalos. More interesting questions like that, fingers crossed.

  33. So what do you think, will they be able to make migration work? They said they’re working on it, but it’s tricky.

  34. I though E3 lasts all week? will more announcements come or is everyday just the same?

  35. Am I the only one thinking Underwater Battles should be introduced in a Pokemon Sapphire remake??? 😀
    Also, Tauros and Miltank are seen together in one of the pics! Perhaps we’ll get a pre evo that links both of them 😀
    I’m thinking that maybe Skrelp and Clauncher will be version exclusives 😮
    Talonflame looks freaking amazing!!!!

    I’m more than pleased with this information! June 11 should be known as Pokemon XY Day. Just saying. xD

        1. Maybe, but with today’s news it is unlikely, and honestly I will be ok with that. I would like some gyms leaders and evil team stuff but other than that it was perfect.

          1. I agree, maybe the magazine might show other previous pokemon that now have the fairy type, like clefairy and mawile.

  36. Honestly, all of the news today was disappointed & kinda boring imo. Only cool things were Noivern & horde battles. The rest were blah & just not interesting enough. Thought X&Y would’ve been better than this…

    1. I think the reveals were descent. The only reason it doesnt feel that amazing is because most of it was already revealed through leaks before, and of course they excluded a lot of the most important details like how exactly does pokemon-amie change battles, how many pokes are being retyped and anything about the plot really. I dont want any new pokes, cause i like being surprised by the new designs, but I want more info on the fairy type so i can mentally prepare.

    2. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion & I should learn to respect them.
      However negative, mood-drowning people like yourself are just an absolute waste.
      How can you say the news was boring? They revealed more then 5 new Pokemon with the majority recieving positive reception.
      We got game play footage in the form of more then ONE trailer.
      Several new amazing battling mechanics/modes revealed like Horde battling, Sky battles.
      The reveal of a completely new amazing type in Fairy & simultaneously the long awaited reveal of Sylveon’s type!
      Several other Pokemon who have been retype has been confirmed with some examples shown.
      More information on Fairy like it’s SE against Dragon etc as well as two new moves
      Game play footage of Xerneath and Yveltal as well as several old mons like Salamence, Charizard ETC
      A new amazing bonding feature in Poke-amie which has received a positive reaction.
      We learnt several new capabilities of the games thanks to the 3DS functions such as battling/trading with the new PSS system
      Ability to ride Pokemon other than Gogoat, again another exciting addition,
      Several hints and unconfirmed information like there being a new Mewtwo forme,
      And! And you say this is boring news that has disappointed you?
      My word do you have some lofty expectations.
      What did you expect? A revisit to the Hoenn region? RSE REMAKES?
      Charizard evolving in to a Poison/Water type with the ability Natural Cure?
      Huh? Well? How about you be a little more appreciative.
      This is the most news we’ve had ever for XY and probably ever.
      People like you from my point of view are just negative and biased or alternatively intentionally looking to troll. #SNM

  37. It seems to me that krelp is based off of a weedy seadragon, not a seahorse. I hope so because I love seadragons! They’re like horizontal seahorses!

      1. I mean I suppose it could be either but I think it looks more like a weedy seadragon because of it’s dark color. And male weedy’s are darker than the females so maybe there will gender differences? Plus weedy seadragons have less appendages than leafy ones.

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