Pokémon X&Y E3 Information Gallery

Hope you enjoy the new Pokémon as much as me!

<3 PJ

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  1. Honestly, all of the news today was disappointed & kinda boring imo. Only cool things were Noivern & horde battles. The rest were blah & just not interesting enough. Thought X&Y would’ve been better than this.

    1. i hate its name, they cld off give it a better name than talonflame to simple i rather the japanese name “fiarrow”

    2. Talonflame is the best starter bird evolution for a long time! And I love the idea of the normal/fly

    3. I’m terrified of the horde battles! O.O

      It seems like a major incentive to get many pokemon on your team as fast as possible. And always heal a status infliction right away. And pray that your opponent doesn’t get critical hits.

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been so spoiled today with Pokemon news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These games can’t come soon enough!

    But please GameFreak, MAKE MIGRATION POSSIBLE! They said it’s tricky, but they are working on it.

    1. It’s making me nervous that they haven’t confirmed it. Like surely by now they know whether it’s possible or not. Maybe they’re making us wait just to keep up the hype, but I for one will be a lot more keen on these games when I know my beloved Black 2 team can join me! If migration isn’t possible I will still enjoy the games, but man will I be crushed.

      1. I’ll be crushed too 🙁 They need to figure out a way. Pokemon Dream World recognized when you had a Gen 4 game in there. Going by moving’s idea a couple days ago about a 3DS app for migration, I think that would work! You select which Pokemon to download to the app. And then those get transferred to X or Y! I still have my first ever Pokemon (Sceptile) that I’ve kept with me all these years.

    2. On the bright side, there will be a fresh start for everyone! Although it really sucks.
      I think they will able to do it via internet connection and a Dream World update. Or like Battle Box update.

  3. I loved THREE pokemon revealed today- Vivillon, Clauncher, and Talonflame! Gamefreak you are really doing it aren’t you? You’re getting closer and closer to making a whole game of pokemon I love.

  4. Wow!! So today was definitely exciting!! I honestly think this amount of news will hold me over until next month. Usually it lasts for a week, maybe two, but then there is a dry spell. After being drowned in crazy Pokemon news today, I wont feel dry this month that’s for sure. XD

  5. guys if you look at the hi-def image of Clauncher, it has an enourmous right claw. If my calculations are correct, its based off the pistol shrimp, a real life creature that fires air bullets through water by merely snapping its huge claw shut and aiming the jet of water at its prey

    1. There’s no way it isn’t based off the pistol shrimp, I’m hoping for more colors in its evolution.

      1. In French, its name is “Flingouste” which is “Flingue” (familiar for pistol) and Langouste (crayfish)
        Clauncher CONFIRMED as a pistol shrimp!

    2. What if clauncher is based off a pistol shrimp? It could evolve into water/fairy. In real life, a pistol shrimp is very beautifully colored but very dangerous, no octopus would dare touch this Crustation.

  6. did any one see that in one of the pice it has the female’s name as yvonne battling the already confirmed male name

  7. So some of the rumors from pokebeach have been confirmed.. Sky battles exist and pokemon that know levitate can be used in them(Haunter), Fairy type pokemon exist, fairy type is super effective against dragon type and from the Q&A IV/EVs can be seen at in the game. So if this is confirmed can everything else be confirmed? BTW who else notice that the female characters name is Yvonne(Yvonne Vs Xavier)?

  8. Amazing news and they just keep coming too
    if you can’t bring Pokemon from other games then X & Y would suck very very much

  9. SOOOOOOO I decided that i have to buy both X and Y. I really want to use Fennekin as my starter, but that means that I can’t use Talonflame because I can’t have more than one fire type on my team. SO I’m going to have another game so that I can use Talonflame as my flyer on my team, but with a different starter, and then have Fennekin as a starter with Noivern as my flyer. 😀

  10. I hope Noivern gets a pre-evo (so that it can go on my team, only use pokemon that evolve). Hopefully it’s type won’t clash with the 3 starters final evos so I can have them all on one team (hopefully)

    1. Skrelp comes from something and something and kelp, probably.

      Clauncher could be different things, haven’t put much thought into as I’ve just woken up. But likely claw and launch(er).

  11. Hate the name talonflame – too long and “clunky”. Sounds like a transformer or something instead of a Pokémon. Love his design though. In fact, I love all the new pokémon designs so far – way more than I liked gen V when that was revealed.

    1. I think combination of talon and flame is too epic that they didn’t want to play on words.

    2. I didn’t like it either when it was announced, my first thought was ‘getting a little lazy in the localisation dept, are we?’ but tbh it’s no worse than MANY of the english names we already have. Having slept on it, I don’t mind it that much now. It does kind of have an epicness to it. Give it a while and I’m sure it won’t bother you too much 😛

  12. My body is ready for the Corocoro goodness. Not expecting too much other than a repeat of yesterday’s news, but some extra tidbits would be nice

  13. Love all this, especially the hordes! However, other pictures of hordes show just one species together (Axew and Houndour). Tauros and Miltank, though the connection is there in our minds, are definitely not the same species. I’m really hoping that this hints at a shared prevo for them!

  14. Thinking about how they’re going to transfer Pokemon from DS games to 3DS games, they could probably make an app where you can deposit your Pokemon from your DS games to it (hopefully with a mini-game still) until you insert your version of Pokemon X & Y and collect the Pokemon you deposited. This would mean that you wouldn’t need 2 3DS for transferring. This is of course just a hope but it makes heaps of sense if they do something similar to this so we can transfer our older Pokemon.

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