July Corocoro Leaking!

The July issue of Corocoro has begun leaking and showcases lots of new information. It’s worth noting that these names are the Japanese version and may change in the English version of the games.


  • Pansy (パンジー) is set to appear in the Pokémon anime on July 18 with the riding Pokémon, Gogoat. Pansy is a journalist working for a company in Lumiose City.
  • Viola (ビオラ) is a Gym Leader in Hakudan City (ハクダンシティ), and is a photographer, it is suggested she is a Bug Type Leader.




  • The town you begin your Kalos adventure in is known as Asame Town (アサメタウン).
  • If you pick the male character, the female protagonist seems to be called Selena/Serena.
  • Alternatively, if you pick the female character the male character is known as Callum in game.
  • Sana (サナ)is a new female character, she will begin her Pokémon adventure with you and two other characters from Asame Town.
  • The large guy is Thierno (ティエルノ) and short guy is Troba(トロバ)they also begin their adventure from Asame Town.
  • The player befriends these three characters along with the character the player did not pick.



  • Vivillons evolutionary line has been revealed. Kofukimushi (コフキムシ) evolves into Kofuuari (コフーライ), which finally evolves into Vivillon. Either one could be Spewtal 



  • Furabebe (フラベベ) is a pure Fairy type Pokémon and is classified as the ‘Single Flower Pokémon’. It is said that when Furabebe is born it finds a flower and looks after it for the rest of its life. It learns the move Fairy Wind.





  • Shishiko (シシコ) is the lion cub Pokémon. It is Fire/Normal type and learns a new move called War Cry, which lowers the opponents attack.

Keep checking back as we update with more!

  1. And here I thought the info would be the same as E3! We are getting sooooo spoiled, I love it!

    1. Like seriously who is the douchebag going around downvoting everything? This is the HAPPIEST comment on here and some Scrooge Mcduck has come along and thought ‘no, I don’t like positivity in the world’. Anyway.


    (Or if Pokemon Smash will show something new, oh wait.. they seldom do…)

  3. 1st Gym Bug? C’mon, Bug deserves a bit more of love. No Gym/Elite Four in Gen I and Gen III, 2nd Gym in Gen II, 1st Elite Four in Gen IV and 3rd Gym in Gen V. Bug Type deserved 4th-7th Gym, not 1st…

      1. Yes, but also Dark Type was Elite Four in every Gen (not counting, of course, Gen I) except Gen IV. But yeah, we need 4th-8th Gym for Dark Type…

    1. I love Bug type too…but,Well, at least we won’t see rock type in the first(…)

  4. Judging by those curls in their hair and the matching eye colours, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pansy and Viola are related

        1. Maybe Furabebe will combine with it’s flower in some way when it evolves? Becoming Fairy/Grass. It might even have different forms depending on the type of flower it’s holding (I read somewhere that they can hold different kinds) It could be something like Shellos/Burmy.

    1. yes! A lion cub 😀 No offense, Luxray line, but you were to lions what Growlith/Arcanine were were to dogs.

      On a side note, that fairy thing is too adorable for words. Very Fantasia-y.

      1. I can’t wait to see it’s evolution. I’m really hoping for something amazing with him.

  5. Sorry guys but im worry to say this but my mind says its uglyyyy -.-
    Anyways, a trailer or something on the 15th may do the cure…

    1. What? Did I just read “Bitch bitch bitch, I’m so ungrateful for all this news. I can’t keep an open mind.” ?

      1. No you just read an opinion.

        Lol at the irony of cannot keeping an openmind. You cannot keep an open mind for different opinions, can you…

    2. Watch some of these Pokemon with “bad designs” have great stats, moves and what not. People hated on Vanilliuxe and Chandelure because of their looks but their Stats heavily outweighed their appearence. Always rember, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

      1. I don’t care if Vanilluxe have good stats or not. I’m talking about designs here. For me Design>Stat anyway.

        I hate Vanilluxe and will still hate it if it has 700 stat total.

          1. Actually you are the one being shallow by saying that. I have said that for me designs are more important, stats cannot be a justification of a bad design. This is my point of view, this is how I look at Pokemon. I love how amazing ideas can turn into Pokemon, how good designs there can be. For me it’s all about creativity. In the end it’s hard do design a Pokemon but it’s easy to give it stats.I see it this way.

          2. I’m not being shallow because as I said before basing a Pokemon by their looks rather than stats is the same thing as judging a book by it’s cover. Looks are only the graphical aspect of the game, the stats are apart of the actual gameplay. As a gamer I value the gameplay more than the graphics unlike most of the people who were easily impressesd with the various trailers at E3 despite most of them not showing any gameplay what so ever.

          3. That’s how you look at Pokemon and I explained above how I look at Pokemon. It’s not about judging book by its cover, it’s about appreciating different contents.

  6. I know I’m gonna have Pokémon withdrawal symptoms after this huge leakage of news
    I’ve just realised that the fairy type thingy is actually not the whole flower…durrr

  7. the new fire lion just may be the redemption we need in case fennekin fails to impress dont you think?

  8. I think the little flower fairy is adorable. The flower definitely doesn’t look like part of its actual body, I wonder if it just goes around possessing flowers or inhabiting them?

    1. corocoro says that the flower is 0.1m and 0.1m. It’s tied with joltik for size and gastly/haunter for weight.

    1. Obviously I didn’t believe that there would be a Fairy-type and I thought it sounded stupid. But I have to say, I do really like Furabebe! It’s new and original and different than what we’re used to seeing! Except I was looking at fanart of it, and, erm… does it have just the one leg? That, in my opinion, looks really dumb, so I hope that it has two legs. If it has just one, it won’t stop me from liking it, but it just looks weird to me lol. I think I’ll eventually warm up to Fairy-type though, depending on the new Fairy-types this generation reveals~ I don’t think that Marill or Jigglypuff should be Fairy though, I don’t see how they’re fairies.

      I have to say, I really like the new Pokemon revealed so far, generation 6 is looking great! I’m a little sketchy on Clauncher though, it looks, kinda not like a Pokemon, I dunno. It’ll probably have a really badass evolution though, which I’m excited for~

  9. yay i always wanted a fire lion :3 so cute ,and the tiny fairy is adorable ,That is what you expect a fairy to look like

  10. Hey the trainers on the page with the protagonist, all look like they have different pokemon devices. The first guy has a poketch (or a cgear), the second looks like he has a pokenav and the third person looks like she has a pokegear on her bag. (maybe they’re from sinnoh(unova), hoenn and johto respectfully.

  11. since Shishiko is fire/normal and Helioptile is electric/normal, I can’t help but wonder if they will be version exclusives

    1. i hope not…. i really want both :/ but if so i would assume shishiko is with Y and helioptile is in X..

  12. If we have 3 characters starting their journey alongside us (presumably rivals) and the opposite gender as a character too, then how are starters going to be dished out?

    1. yesterday they said the “rivals” won’t be exactly like how past ones were, it focuses more on connections with a bunch of friends, not just them.

      1. the rivals might have originated from other regions, look at their pokemon devices. One has poketech (c-gear), one has a pokenav and another has a pokegear.

  13. Kind of hoping that we could name our rival but as of yet it doesn’t look that way. Maybe they will have good story lines and diverse personalities to make up for that. I like them more than 3rd and 5th gen rivals design wise.

    1. I swore she was the girl from black/white 2 and she ends up looking extremely close like her.

  14. Can I say I REALLY like what they did with the friends? They actually look diverse. Along with the fact your character doesn’t have to look the same for every game, the friends all have different statures and sizes, we have a fat friend and a short one…i dont think we ever had any fat or short main characters.

    1. Yes, I agree, they look interesting. Almost as if they could be the cast of an animé of their own! (Feel free to do that, Pokémon Company.)

  15. Tieruno looks like he may grow up evil and lose weight, then become Goone from the Zoroark Movie XD Joking of course.
    Also, Shishiko will probably look more like a Komainu or a Shiisaa as it evolves.

  16. Wow the designs are seriously blowing me away this gen. So much news ! I actually love it to an unhealthy level now :p ive started planning my team already now and thats only the pokemon shown so far. Nintendo and gamefreak have well amd truly spoiled us fans 😉 🙂 😀

  17. That fairy Pokemon is so adorable. Now my team is a balance of fire-power, cuteness, coolness, and weirdness .

  18. So far these pokemon look awesome. but what is with all these secondary normal types?

  19. Spewpa is definitely Kofuuari. When you pronounce it, the end sounds like “pupa”.

  20. If Bug is the first leader then assuming you chose Fennekin, it’s going to be pretttty easy to win.

    1. Actually it doesn’t say which gym leader Viola is, it just says she is a gym leader not a specific one.

    2. First female bug gym leader, as in all the other bug gym leaders have been male. Not necessarily first gym leader in game.

    1. We could possibly see in X and Y, that once we get to the Pokemon league our Pokemon will be at lv. 60 and higher. Mostly because of the fact that we have more rivals and more battling methods like the horde encounters.

  21. Furabebe isn’t helping the fact that fairies aren’t just cute little creatures x) Although that thing about it caring for a flower for the rest of its life could indicate a possible Fairy/Grass evo.

    1. Helping the fact? What about Sylveon? Saying all fairies are cute is like saying that all fire Pokémon have flames/flame patterns.

      1. I never said all fairies were cute. I’m just hoping for like a troll or an ogre or something to counter all the crap Fairy is getting as the “cutesy” type.

  22. I like the new fairy and the fire cub the most. The Vivillon prevos look ok, a bit plain though. (They remind me of Burmy)

    1. maybe more about the movie, and maybe just maybe Mewtwos rumored other form.

      1. If Mewtwo was to receive another forme it would be covered in this issue. To put it more bluntly, I meant if there would be any more pages on X/Y

        1. Yea true, this the last one before the movie is released. Guess we have to wait and see!

          1. On the plus side, only 3 more CoroCoro to go now before XY release!!!! xD

        2. Not necessarily, they could be keeping it as a surprise (as in, you’ll only see it in the movie).

          Either way, the leaker said Mewtwo will have another new form, and we already have so much confirmed information about his leaks that it’s stupid to question the legitimacy of the info.

          By the way, that info about the leaker admitting to have lied is false. The guy who said is not the leaker. Read the full story here: http://www.pokebeach.com/forums/thread-1-last-of-the-x-and-y-insider-information-5-18?pid=2437410#pid2437410

          If anything is false, it’s in this post: http://www.pokebeach.com/forums/thread-1-last-of-the-x-and-y-insider-information-5-18?pid=2437465#pid2437465

  23. why does that bug look familiar? i feel like it was leaked before everytime i look at it (not the final evolution, the first stage)

  24. a bit of news on the anime, i counted the episodes it’d take for america to get to the episode with the new pokemon, and surprisingly, it’s the week before the game is released, kinda nice how it ended up that way.

    1. Funnily enough, the Pokemon X and Y anime starts the same week as the games released.

  25. So much information this week, my head may explode. LOVE every single pokémon revealed so far. Without a doubt the best pokemon games since gen1.

  26. If there isn’t some fanart of a Furabebe kicking a Salamence’s ass I’ll be bitterly disappointed.

  27. Anyone notice how there will be you and four “rivals”? Meaning there will be two rivals who will have to start with something other than the Kalos starters. Interesting.

  28. The eyes on Shishiko kinda throws me off… Anyway, I’m so glad that CoroCoro had some more info for us. 🙂 Those rivals…I just wanna say, I think they are the best since the 3rd Gen. I love how different they are and their presence will probably REALLY make the storyline and the game a lot more interesting and entertaining to play. And I love the fact that the Bug gym leader is a photographer! That’s just awesome! And then we also have a journalist… These characters are turning out to be fantastic. And I’m really happy that Furabebe wasn’t some pink thing. It looks like a small little elf and will probably turn into an even larger, more epic elf-like creature. It’s proving that Fairy Pokemon aren’t just about being pink, they have some folklore and spirit-like elements to them too. A little thrown off by the huge flower it carries with it, but hey, if I got used to Conkeldurr and that line carrying around others kinds of objects, I can get used to this as well. Oh, and apparently this is also like the 3rd Gen where our character has just moved into the starter town. I like that. And I love the names of the protag counterparts. Serena/Callum. Sexy names. Here’s to hoping Shishiko evolves into a BA Fire/Dark!!!

    1. I really like the rivals too. Out of all the rivals I’ve seen to this date these guys seem to have the most obvious personality just in their artwork alone. I’m interested in getting to know them.

  29. I’ve never hated a Pokemon design. Each one is unique in the their own aspect, may it be weird, corky, or just its plain randomness is what made me love Pokemon in the first place. With these new Pokemon, I think I’ll say “Gotta Catch’Em All again!

  30. I love the lion cub pokemon, it might just replace Talonflame on my list 😉 but besides that Villion is just adorable~! i wants it!!! & i love the diversity of friends/rivals u hav especially the chubby guy. i can already tell the short 1 is gonna b either the cheren/Gary of the group XD

    1. I really want the female to be the main rival who can kick your butt. It would be perfect.

      1. I’m thinking the rival who is very competitive might end up being the gender you don’t pick. Looking at the other three rivals, they don’t look much like the competitive type.

        Which would be interesting for those who choose to play as a male, because it would be the first time we have a seriously competitive female rival.

        1. On another note I was just thinking it would be interesting if there was some randomness to the pokemon your rivals added to their team. Like when they reach a point where they need to add a new pokemon to their team (for a battle encounter), the game looks at the types they already have and then at a list of pokemon you can get since they last encountered you…then picks one of them randomly.

  31. i did the math and in order to show every new Pkmn in this Gen they would have to release an average of 5 new Pkmn a week until Oct.12

  32. All this information is amazing, seems like information will dry up again until late next month, Smash is just gonna rehash everything we got given.

  33. The lion cub! Kawaii~! The flower is stupid as hell though. >_> Sana is also far too slutty for my tastes. Other than that nice.

    1. Um slutty………………….? I’m not entirely sure where you’re getting that she’s slutty. Is it the shorts? In which case that means the girl player character from Black and White was a huge one too…………….I honestly don’t see it that way.

        1. I’d say considering this game is more geared toward kids, that’s kind of a strong word to use to describe one of the characters.

          1. Either way Pokemon has always been more mild. That’s all I have to say on the subject.

    2. I didn’t know someone could be a prostitute for wearing short shorts, thanks for the info!

  34. Wow. I was not expecting so much information this week!
    Hopefully Shishiko will be an early Pokemon!

    1. Oh-Em-Gee?! You, too?! :O
      I’ve been wanting a cheetah Pokémon since 4th gen.
      What type do you want yours to be? I want an Electric-type cheetah. Quick as lightning! >:V

      I’ve also been waiting for a Bug/Dark roach Pokémon and a Grass/Ghost pumpkin Pokémon.
      Cockroaches are evil little bastards and a pumpkin Pokémon would be great for the Autumn season in-game. =]

      1. Electric type! 🙂 I did a fakemon called “Speeda” a couple years back. One can dream…

        1. One sure can.
          I got the Dark/Flying vulture Pokémon I’ve wanted this past gen, so yay for dreams!
          Though, I didn’t expect Vulaby and Mandibuzz to be 100% female in those said dreams…

      2. what about a fire/ghost pumpkin that can use grass type moves as well? that way it can counter the water weakness

        1. Not bad.
          I like Grass/Ghost for the Halloween aspect,
          but I guess Fire/Ghost with Grass-type moves could work out for a Jack-o’-lantern Pokémon.

  35. Is it just me that loves furabebe?? I think its cute and I’m going to use that cutie pie to destroy every dragon Pokémon mwahahahaha.

      1. I think it’s cool. After getting destroyed with dragons so many times, it’ll be nice to get revenge with the sweetest, cutest, most adorable little thing you ever did see.

          1. What about the “mythical Pokemon”? (Mew, Celebii, Jirachi, Shaymin, and Keldeo) They’re kinda cute… And said to be really powerful.

          2. Actually, there’s real world, or should I say “mythological”, logic in this. I was talking to a guy about the Fairy/Dragon thing weeks ago, and he told me that the old European myths usually portrayed dragons’ powers as being inferior to those of fairies.
            Also, not all fairies are cute. Ogres and trolls are also fairies in the old meaning of the word, and there are some old stories about fairies that ate little children.
            By the way, according to the leaked information one month ago, Fairy-type is weak to Steel-type, which fits with the old myths where iron was poisonous to fairies.

        1. Remember though, Fairies WILL ALSO have weaknesses. A smart Trainer will carry a Pokemon who can take out potential threats to their other Pokemon, Not to mention Fairys won’t be super effective against a Dragon that is either part Steel or another type that resist Fairy.

          1. Adding this new type evolves and changes the meta-game, which I think has needed a good change for a long while now.

          2. I agree, I’m just saying don’t think you’ll be able to outright demolish Dragons with ease just because there’s a new type.

          3. If you have kept up with the rumors at Pokebeach (which have proved true thus far, all of them but a few), then you would realize Steel isn’t a type that resists Fairy. Fire and Psychic are supposed to, apparently. We’ll find out soon, but don’t go saying Steel resists it and trying to tell everyone what is what.

      2. Actually. It’s quite fitting. Fairy Tales always have the Dragon being slain. Fairy > Dragon.

          1. Could be true, but remember some like jiggly and clef won’t have enough strength to do so to the final evolutions of dragons except for the pre-evolutions most likely.

            Only few fairy type pokemons could defeat them such as Gardevoir, Xerneas, and who knows there might be more!!

      3. People think of fairies as cute little things but there are some fearsome fairies that would scare crap out of you if they were real. the dulahan is a good example of this.

    1. Don’t get too cocky, Fairy types will also have a weakness to other types. A smart Trainer will have a counter to Fairy Types not to mention a Dragon/Steel will be able to stand up to Fairy types

    1. Xerneas most likely, emm Yveltal doesn’t look dragon too me, more Dark/Flying

  36. Am I the only one who does not like Vivillon’s pre-evolutions? The first stage just doesn’t seem so… lively this time. If there is a charm to this pokemon’s design, I am just not seeing it. It has this weird buck tooth that is not present in any of its other stages. There are also those little gray spikes on its body.

    Spewpa (I’m assuming is the second stage) is a rather lazy design. With the exception of its head, the rest of its body is covered in a Burmy-like coat with a similar design to Larvesta and Trash Burmy. I like this design a bit better than the first stage, but it isn’t that big of a jump imo. Even Swadloon had a bigger progression from Sewaddle than Spewpa from the first stage, in terms of design.

    I know these pokemon will likely belong to the first gym leader, but I was expecting a bit more than the generic Bug caterpillar/Bug cocoon/Bug-Flying butterly design this gen. It seems to be a rather lazy and overdone pattern. I know each generation has to have one of these bugs, but seeing yet another butterfly after having the two regional bug families from last gen seems rather disappointing.

    1. I think the caterpillar is supposed to look not-so-attractive on purpose, as to contrast to its beautiful final stage evolution design.
      It’s kinda like the Bug-type version of Feebas and Milotic. Fitting, as the Kalos region is based on France, a country known for beauty.

      I, honestly, haven’t found problems with any of the 6th gen Pokémon designs, so far. I like ’em all.
      However, when it come to English names Talonflame irks the hell outta me. It’s a cool sounding name, yeah, but the way it looks written out lacks finesse. I wish its name was a corruption of the words rather than a combination, or something like its Japanese name, Faiaro (Fire + Arrow), a great name showcasing the Raging Flame Pokémon’s blazing speed.

      1. I acknowledge that the caterpillar and cocoon pokemon shouldn’t look “beautiful” like the butterfly does, but in my opinion the designs for these pokemon are a bit too lazy. Spewda (the second evolution) is conceptually the same as Swadloon: nearly same height as first stage, lower half of body covered with natural material, with only its face shown, and the face was modified.

        Compared to the last gen, where we had two of these bug evolutionary families (with Venipede’s second stage being wheel-themed), this seems to be a little more than a modified Caterpie line. I have anticipated to see the new Pokemon for these games, and it turns out that three out of the hundred-or-so pokemon in Gen VI are little more than the “new” Caterpie family. I am a bit disappointed. I have no problem with the other designs, though. Just those three.

        At least Talonflame is different from the other regional bird final stages in that it is part-Fire. I will give Game Freak some credit for that.

  37. I’m calling it right now, your friends/rivals are all from different regions. Toroba appears to be from the Sinnoh region, Sana from the Unova region, and Tieruno from either Johto or Hoenn.

      1. It would be awesome if they traded their starters or gave you an egg of their starters (even better if they had hidden abilities)

        1. Supposedly one of your rivals will give you their starter after you beat the Elite Four.

          1. I was just thinking about this and the game said the friendlier rival will give you their Starter. What if each Rival has a meter that determines their friendliness depending on the conversations you have with them? Say for example, a rival asks you a question. One answer would boost their approval and the other would lower it. I mean it would be difficult if you maxed out all friendship possibilities but I don’t know. Could be a possibility.

  38. According to a tweet from Game Explain, the Pokemon cries have been updated. Pikachu as an exception, says it’s actual name rather than a cry.

  39. Also if they really wanted to balance the games, they’d give Electric types another weakness. At least Dragon has two. Poor Dragon types, the scape-goats.

    1. Naw, I understand the point you are trying to make, but Electric types only resist Flying and Steel (2 types that don’t have many heavy hitting attacks) plus Electric types tend to not have HUGE movepools. Dragons types on the other hand resist Grass, Water, Electric and Fire (types that have heavy hitting attacks) plus the fact that most Dragon types have LARGE movepools allowing them to decimate a plethora of other types which is why Dragons needed to be “weakened” by a new type…My Beloved FAIRIES!!!!!

  40. I LOVE all the new pokemon, but the friends thing kind of annoys me. I just know they’re not going to be optional, either. I hated having to babysit Barry in D/P/Pt and having 2 rivals in BW rather than just 1 was a pain. So 3 friends plus the PC you didn’t pick? Uh, no thanks. Leave me and my pokemon alone to get on with our journey.

      1. Your pokemon are meant to be your friends and partners. Everyone else – unless they’re hitting you up for a battle, telling you crucial info (in small doses) or giving you stuff – is quite frankly a hindrance.

        1. I think you’re arguing with yourself here :/
          Aren’t your rivals going to be hitting you up for battles, and probably giving you crucial information and items too?

          1. If they battled with me/provided info/gave me stuff every time we met, rather than endlessly blabbing or dragging me around with them, I wouldn’t mind. But I didn’t like being frogmarched to the Musical Theatre and forced to participate in a demo against my will, nor did I enjoy being forced to mash the A button through Bianca and her father’s inane Soap Opera Moment, or hearing Alder and Cheren arguing about what true strength is. I don’t care, leave me alone!

            Also, only 1 rival is necessary for battling – preferably using the starter you’re weak against, to actually be a challenge. 3+ rivals would be silly. And if these guys really are more friends than rivals, something tells me they’re going to be even more pointless.

            If I wanted to walk around with a group being all pally I’d play Grandia. This is pokemon, where I’m supposed to leave on a journey ALONE and find my own path. Maybe I’ll enjoy their company…but I highly doubt it.

  41. I kind of wish they would’ve saved the whole lion idea for a starter pokemon in a future generation. 🙁

  42. I am happy with the new news! We never got this much before. But I’m sad because the fire lion is in the same gen as FENNEKIN and the regional bird is part fire.I always wanted a fire cub pokemon and I can’t pick it now because I promise myself I would get feneekin no matter what. And I can’t have multiple fire types or my team .

  43. Notice the part of the lion’s tail that looks like a stinger?
    What if it evolves into a manticore?

    1. Interesting theory. I wondered about that tail, too. Never thought of a manticore, though.
      What type do you think it’d be?

        1. I’m thinking Fire/Poison-type. I imagine it without wings, as some can have wings, horns or both.
          Flamethrower in the front, Poison Jab in the back? Yeah, I like that.

          Wouldn’t that make it our first Fire/Poison-type Pokémon?! :O
          Can we haves, GameFreaks, pwease?

          1. This would be awesome, it would resist Fairy type attacks b/c of being part Fire type, and have Poison type attacks that are super effective against Fairy type Pokemon plus STAB.

  44. Could we have a new poll, like which is your favourite new Pokemon or something :-/. Sorry I love those little questions. :-/ all Pokemon this year look really cool original different and vibrant.

  45. Finally, a fire lion that looks like a lion!! 😀 (No offense Entei) I can’t wait to see its final evo. and its fiery ponyta-style mane!

    Furabebe is so damn cute! to think that behind that cute stare lies a desire to slay every dragon in sight xD i wonder why it’s not grass/fairy though? 😮

    Those girl’s shorts are short! I’m so happy it’s a group of friends that accompany u throughout the journey 🙂 it almost feels like the anime with ash and his friends

    Lastly, I think gamefreak saw all our whining of lack of news and decided to give us as much as possible to shut us up lol. but im ok with that 😉

    1. Furabebe is a pure Fairy-type because it’s only carrying the flower. The flower isn’t part of it.
      It finds a flower and then bonds with that flower for its whole life. But, IF it evolves, maybe it’ll “fuse” with the flower and then become a Fairy/Grass-type. Who knows?

      “To think that behind that cute stare lies a desire to slay every dragon in sight.”
      Not only that, but it’s the smallest Pokémon ever, measuring just 4 inches tall.

      1. that’s possible 😮 and thats interesting! Haha! Imagine a pokemon battle between Joltik and Furabebe!!

        1. Here’s that image drawn out.
          Poor lil’ Floraby (My English name for it. :D).

  46. Forgive me if anyone may have already theorized this, but I wonder if Eevee evolves into Sylveon if you have another (certain) FAIRY type in your party (this could explain its adapting or it being inspired to evolve into a FAIRY). This is assuming that certain-type-in-party is a way to evolve some Pokemon (kind of like how Pancham is speculated to evolve into “Pangoro”, like WPM’s insider previously stated, who has been pretty spot-on for the most part so far)…

    1. Or, it could be really lame, like “trade while holding a rare item (like Fairy Dust)”…

  47. So does anyone know if these are all the leaks? Not that im not satisfied cause we’ve gotten SO MUCH new info, just curious

  48. The bug type gym further confirms Pokebeach’s source! If the rest of his leaks are the real deal, we’re in for some exciting stuff, especially those of us who like to battle!

    1. the bug type gym could have easily been guessed because we had footage of something that looked like a bug type gym in the first trailer. but the sky battles were true.

  49. I just realised both Fennekin and Froakie have base HP stats of <45.
    At Level 25, Fennekin has 55 HP. Snivy with 45 base HP, 0 EV, 0 IV, has a minimum of 57.
    At Level 50, Froakie has 101 HP. Snivy has a minimum of 105.

    ^ Meaning both will focus on offense? While Chespin will be HP/defense oriented?

  50. I think the normal type in second very interesting.
    Eletric/Normal is lizard, Fire/Normal is lion, and we will not be a wolf, as Ice/Normal type?

  51. That lion cub is too cartoonish (luxray’s line says hi) and that fairy is too digimonish. I just hated all of them.

    1. I must admit the cub’s eyes are a little weird but give it a chance. For all we know, it’s evolution(s) could be the most awesome beast in the pokemon universe lol. As for the digimon resemblance, i don’t see it ._. they have subtle but different designs. I think these pokemon are awesome and can’t wait for more 🙂

  52. What type should be Yveltal and Xerneas? I think that they should be something like Poison/Flying and Fairy/Steel

  53. What kind of Fairy species you think we will find in X Y? I’d like to see elves, dark elves, trolls, faunus, gnomes… ^^

  54. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this but on the pokemon site, it says war cry lowers attack AND special attack.

    1. Now it actually *is* July 😉

      In order to appear up to date and ahead of the curve, magazines are dated one month ahead of their release month. The issue that hits newsstands on the 15th will be the August issue of CoroCoro 🙂

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