July Corocoro Leaking!

The July issue of Corocoro has begun leaking and showcases lots of new information. It’s worth noting that these names are the Japanese version and may change in the English version of the games.


  • Pansy (パンジー) is set to appear in the Pokémon anime on July 18 with the riding Pokémon, Gogoat. Pansy is a journalist working for a company in Lumiose City.
  • Viola (ビオラ) is a Gym Leader in Hakudan City (ハクダンシティ), and is a photographer, it is suggested she is a Bug Type Leader.




  • The town you begin your Kalos adventure in is known as Asame Town (アサメタウン).
  • If you pick the male character, the female protagonist seems to be called Selena/Serena.
  • Alternatively, if you pick the female character the male character is known as Callum in game.
  • Sana (サナ)is a new female character, she will begin her Pokémon adventure with you and two other characters from Asame Town.
  • The large guy is Thierno (ティエルノ) and short guy is Troba(トロバ)they also begin their adventure from Asame Town.
  • The player befriends these three characters along with the character the player did not pick.



  • Vivillons evolutionary line has been revealed. Kofukimushi (コフキムシ) evolves into Kofuuari (コフーライ), which finally evolves into Vivillon. Either one could be Spewtal 



  • Furabebe (フラベベ) is a pure Fairy type Pokémon and is classified as the ‘Single Flower Pokémon’. It is said that when Furabebe is born it finds a flower and looks after it for the rest of its life. It learns the move Fairy Wind.





  • Shishiko (シシコ) is the lion cub Pokémon. It is Fire/Normal type and learns a new move called War Cry, which lowers the opponents attack.

Keep checking back as we update with more!