Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Developer Roundtable Recap

The Pokémon YouTube Channel has updated with a video recap of the roundtable event that happened at E3 yesterday. We covered the event’s Q&A session but we’re able to provide images of footage from the presentation.

The video below contains a few new bits of information as well as impressive looks at some new scenes from the games. We’ll have a write-up shortly, but feel free to discuss anything you see in the video in our comments!

  • Pokémon X&Y are seen as a culmination of everything past Pokémon games have introduced. 
  • A little tidbit we noticed earlier on the official X&Y site, but didn’t report on is that you have the option of choosing a language before starting a new game. You cannot change the language unless you create a new save file.
  • There seems to be confirmation of further customisation options in the video, as seen on the PSS
  • Clauncher is able to learn Swords Dance.
  • Skrelp can learn Mud Bomb.
  • An interesting look into the 3D model concept boarding of Pokémon is shown with art of Noivern.
  • Night time has been properly confirmed (although we had no reason to suspect it for not being in the games).
  • Talonflame is able to learn Brave Bird.
  • France being the inspiration behind Kalos wasn’t actually supposed to be spoken about. Oops!