Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Developer Roundtable Recap

The Pokémon YouTube Channel has updated with a video recap of the roundtable event that happened at E3 yesterday. We covered the event’s Q&A session but we’re able to provide images of footage from the presentation.

The video below contains a few new bits of information as well as impressive looks at some new scenes from the games. We’ll have a write-up shortly, but feel free to discuss anything you see in the video in our comments!

  • Pokémon X&Y are seen as a culmination of everything past Pokémon games have introduced. 
  • A little tidbit we noticed earlier on the official X&Y site, but didn’t report on is that you have the option of choosing a language before starting a new game. You cannot change the language unless you create a new save file.
  • There seems to be confirmation of further customisation options in the video, as seen on the PSS
  • Clauncher is able to learn Swords Dance.
  • Skrelp can learn Mud Bomb.
  • An interesting look into the 3D model concept boarding of Pokémon is shown with art of Noivern.
  • Night time has been properly confirmed (although we had no reason to suspect it for not being in the games).
  • Talonflame is able to learn Brave Bird.
  • France being the inspiration behind Kalos wasn’t actually supposed to be spoken about. Oops!
  1. Brave Bird by night time!

    Best part is where they show Noivern’s 3D creation process and reference sheet.

    1. They might altered it a bit like they did with Excadrill. Not only is colour different but new Gogoat seem to have more detailed facial hair.

      1. It’s a shiny Gogoat. They show both shiny and regular Gogoat in the same trailer.
        Also, the shiny Gogoat had the trademark sparkles shiny Pokémon are known for shimmer from its body when it emerged from it’s Pokéball.

        1. Yes but that could be a new animation for trading… But if it is they better not pull a garchomp shiny on us

          1. Unlikely I think =] gender differences tend to be more than just colours (hippopotas/hippowdon are weird exceptions that always threw me off)

  2. If we look at Kalos region map we can see that there are lots of flower fields scattered around. It’s mentioned that we will see Furabebe holding different type of flowers. I think those flower fields may have some meaning.

    1. I think there could be different Furabebe forms each holding a different flower. Perhaps that flowers (for example seen in the first trailer) will act as tall grass. They could do very cool things with grass tiles variations (tall grass, long grass, seaweed, flowers, bush etc.). I hope to see Furabebe encountered in flowers, with other bug pokemon (Vivillion, combee…) or Roselia.

    1. That’s exactly what i was thinking Amazing animation of Brave Bird also this should show everyone how awesome X & Y is

    1. I totally agree. Nice to see I am not the only one interested by time in the games ! I hope Pokemon will be found at different times of day. I was very disappointed by Black/White versions where Pokémon that one would suspect to find only at night are found during all times of day.

    1. It’s Sludge Bomb.
      Mud Bomb must have been a typo. You can hear the man say it in the vid.

      1. Yeah, apologies it is indeed Sludge Bomb. I was going purely by what the guy is saying and it really sounds like Mud Bomb to me.

  3. Was there a story behind Dark and Steel type or were they assumed to have existed all along? Because I’m waiting for a story behind Fairy type besides the balancing ish and I don’t know whether I should expect one or not. So it would seem like Fairy had always existed?

    1. I’m pretty sure that in Gold/Silver/Crystal, Jasmine said that Steel types were recently discovered by researchers, although in HGSS, she didn’t mention this. As for Dark types, they never really gave an explanation for them (at least in-game).

      1. Its not so much the problem that ICE has 4 weaknesses, but that 3 of the 4 (Fire, Fighting, and Rock type moves) are so common in competitive battling. And, another unbalanced problem, it only resists itself, so when it is paired with most other types, the weaknesses often become more than just those 4 and often times 4x weaknesses. Offensively ICE type moves are great, but the Pokemon of this type often get the “low end of the deal”, not to mention they are generally slow and have rather shallow move-pools. (Grass, Fire, Rock, and Bug types tend also get the “short end of the stick”, in other ways too)

  4. you can see the bottom screen during the sky battles and you can hear a bit of the music at the clauncher fight. Sounds really cool.

  5. “Night time has been properly confirmed (although we had no reason to suspect it for not being in the games)”

    Read this as “Night Type” and almost had a heart attack, Although the Pasta Carbonara I had for dinner probably didn’t help.

  6. so will the PSS thing be the new c-gear?? because it said that it will have the always online thing and i don’t know, maybe its just a submenu of the new c-gear or something.

  7. The thing that irritates me is that they don’t show the intro. A bunch of reporters said the intro showed the player grinding on rails, riding a Rhyhorn in rocky terrain, and riding a Gogoat in a field who ran really fast and jumped a fence.

  8. Is gyrados a flying type if yes that means we can use him in sky battles and not pokemon like charizard

        1. Gyarados’ abilities are Intimidate and Moxie, the latter being its hidden ability.
          However, it IS a Water/Flying-type, so it most likely will be able to participate in a Sky Battle.

          I’d love to see Sky Battles in the anime. I’m hoping they throw in a Gyarados and finally show how one looks flying.

  9. Its funny that wiv fairy now, gyarados and charizard aren’t missing out on as much dragon fun

    1. Fake because:
      1. It’s a Sprite
      2. Lowest quality camera from a bad angle
      3. Grass patch from Black 2/White 2

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