Pokéball Vivillon Flutters Onto WiFi for Pokémon X & Y

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO BATTLE PEOPLE WITHIN YOUR GROUP FOR THE POKÉJUNGLE TOURNAMENT. BATTLES COMPLETED AFTER 11:59PM CST WILL NOT COUNT. North American players can download Pokéball Vivillon until August 12th! Go get it! More regions may be added soon. UPDATE: As I guessed, further events have been announced! Europe and Australia will also get the WiFi event, … Read more

Fancy Vivillon Download Announced

As promised, a new Vivillon will be available to download following the milestone of 100 million trades performed. The WiFi event will run from July 8 – 31 globally and is available NOW. It also has an exclusive move, Hold Hands. What do you think of this pattern? I’m still waiting for the Pokéball one! <3 PJ ps- … Read more

Special ‘Fancy Pattern’ Vivillon Download Coming + PGL Events

It has been revealed that once the Global Trade Station, or GTS, reaches 100 million trades a Vivillon with a special wing pattern will be distributed! There are also a variety of new events coming to the PGL, via the official site: June 6-8: Think Fast Competition: Single Battle This newly announced Single Battle competition … Read more

Pokéology: X/Y Edition II

Hey guys! You’d be surprised how busy I am over the summer, it always seems like something’s going on! Thankfully, I got some time today to write this up, and I think you all will enjoy it. There was a huge surge of information with E3 and the whole Nintendo direct thing; which makes it … Read more

New Pokémon & Fairy Type Revealed [UPD 2]

The E3 Nintendo Direct has confirmed that Fairy Type is now a real type! It is Super Effective against Dragon Type Pokémon, but other type effectiveness has yet to be confirmed. A new Fairy Type attack was also released; Moonblast damages foes and can also lower Sp Atk. Some Fairy Type Pokémon: Sylveon Marill (Water/Fairy) Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy) … Read more