Sylveon’s Type Hinted at in Promo

One of the scenes from the newest trailer (please watch if you haven’t!) revealed this shot with all the Eeveelutions and a badge of sorts depicting their types behind them. As you can see, Sylveon is backed by a strange pink egg-shaped one which also has a sort of wing design at the bottom.

As is the norm for our site, we’d like to hear your thoughts on this newest development! Does this bring us any closer to solving the mystery?

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      1. Well… technically, aren’t all the flying types paired with normal? Not counting the obvious fire/flying and such, but just flying itself. The only single flying type is Tornadus.

        So it’s still HIGHLY possible it’s Normal/Flying.

          1. Exactly. It’s always bugged me how there were none of those till Tornadus. I don’t get why there should be a normal pairing…

          2. It’s because the move roost. It like disables the flying type half of it, therefore when a flying type uses it, it would be left with no type. Atleast that’s what I read somewhere

          3. it doesn’t become normal type. Flying loses its Immunity to ground same as if effected by Gravity. Still has Flying’s weaknesses and resistances.

          4. From Bulbapedia:

            Flying-type Pokémon that use the move Roost will temporarily lose their Flying type, making them vulnerable to Ground-type moves respectively. If a pure Flying-type Pokémon uses Roost, then it will become a ??? type in Generation IV and a Normal type in Generation V.

          5. What Dae said, though even in DPPt, the Pokemon would become ??? type, so no harm done, really. Anyway, that’s besides the point. Roost is a Gen IV move, so it can’t be the basis for a tradition that’s been present since the beginning of the series.

        1. Yeah, but I’m just hoping that if it is Flying, it won’t be another type, too. If it has two types, that would open the window for an infinite array of new evolutions in the future, which would be completely unnecessary (and unwanted, by me at least).

        2. Don’t forget Tornadus is a legendary, and therefore should be special, like Landorus being ground/flying. (yeah I know gligar and gliscor are too but that’s all) and Thunderus being electric and flying (the only others are Rotom (fan), Zapdos, and Emolga, and two of them are legendaries.) Just my thoughts. And plus there’s like a 0.000001% chance that its a duel type.

      1. I know, I was joking. I think that would be pretty funny if they actually did that, though!

  1. Honestly, there has been so much speculation and we still have no new news. Sylveon was revealed 2-3 months ago and we still don’t have any information on it. If i don’t get any new significant information soon, i might just explode.

  2. I am about 100% sure that Sylveon is a flying-type because there is too much proof that It is. We have been teased at this for months now, but I have the confirmation that it is flying/normal possibly, but definitely flying. You guys need to do some research on X/Y, because if you need clarification, the trailers and posters are all teasing us because it truly is a flying type and if you look at one of the very first {Pikachu and Friends trailer, it shows Sylveon flying, and its design, and the Eeveelution chart and now this? Hmm…

    1. They never shown Sylveon Flying. Sylveon was on the ground in the first trailer. The only thing in the first trailer has it wiggling its ribbons in a field of Sunflowers while still on the ground based on the angle. Its shown sitting with the others on the ground for the group picture and no other images have shown Sylveon flying.

      Also it be Normal/Flying. Flying is always a sub type on Pokemon with another type.

      1. Tornadus is a pure flying type and Slyveon being a normal/flying will not go well at all.

        1. And every other Flying type including the two he’s partnered with are Sub types. Tornadus is the only Pure Flying. Every other flying is Sub typed only.

          Though I was simply correcting his Flying/Normal thing. If anything I see Sylveon a pure type even as pure flying with as little possible sense as that can make.

  3. The header on facebook is very misleading and got me all excited for nothing lol but this picture now only brew up more questions than answers

  4. I think pure flying I see what looks like skylas badge at the bottom of the egg shape badge around slyveon

  5. I think Sylvion will be a flying type. Possibly it evolves with a new evolutionary item?

  6. We can’t trust this image-look at the Eevee badge, its a heart! Eevee isn’t this rumored Love type, so then we can’t assume anything about Sylveon’s type from this. I’m just going to wait and see and not bother trying to guess.

  7. I don’t really think we’re any closer to knowing than we were before…
    Well, whatever. We’ll get the info when we get the info.

    (I’m probably too laid back for this site, haha)

  8. I’m starting to think Sylveon could possibly be a new type. I’m thinking a cosmic or space-related type? In the trailer it looks like Sylveon creates a hole in the sky and creates this galaxy-like surrounding? Sylveon’s color and appearance also remind me of a fairy or pixie.Also, the shape could be a comet instead of a wing. i dont know. I just want answers 🙁

    1. That room thing has everyone jumping around. At first I thought Trick Room or Wonder Room, but it really doesn’t seem to fit. Looks like a new attack though. Really love the Astral/Cosmic type speculations that have popped up thanks to Sylveon doing that.

    1. I find it funny about the name association when they are using the wrong names to associate types. You have to use the Japanese names of both attacks and Pokemon to see the real association with their type.

      Since the conclusion is brought about by the Localized name for the US and UK its not a very valid idea. A beautifully done one but not a highly accurate one.

        1. Not really, no. It is much more logical to focus on the actual information that has been released instead of going off on a totally irrelevant tangent.

          1. So a vague insignia that Sylveon is in on an anime promotion qualifies actual information how? I don’t claim to know if it’s poison or not, but I don’t see how a theory doesn’t at least have some feasibility until proven wrong or not. At least it isn’t jumping the gun and saying that it’s some new type that is incredibly unnecessary (or unverified for that matter).

            And how would the symbol thing not be poison? Poison has been represented by the color pink before, or at least more often than flying has. Hell, Umbreon’s symbol looks kind of like a dragon’s wing, so does that make him a dragon type.

          2. isn’t it possible, looking at the original japanese Ninfia, that it may be referring to Nymphs of Greco-Roman mythos, creatures that acted as spirits of various regions, whether they be of water, earth. forest, air, or anything in between. Nymphs are the reason though, that we have the term now of Nymphomania, being addicted to love. We associate the term now with sex addiction, but it is supposed to mean love addiction, which could collaborate the theory of it being love type

  9. I think it’s still goona be a Normal type… :S Eevee’s “natural” evolution, if you will.
    I want them to introduce some new type (Light/Holy/Fairy/Star/Time/anythingtomakepoisonmoreuseful) but I don’t see it happening.
    It’s evolution method will likely have everything to do with this new method to strengthen the bond with your Pokémon they’ve been advertising.
    Not getting my hopes up again though, already did that for Dialga /Palkia and Reshiram / Zekrom. 🙁

  10. I believe Sylveon is a Flying type now. It shows a place in the sky in the short promo, the ribbon-like things seem to blow in the breeze quite a bit (could be used for helicopter style flying. LOL, but seriously) it has eyes that are almost of a….sky blue, its color scheme doesn’t add up to much, but I think it is safe to say it is not another dark type. These are just some of the things I have noticed about it.

  11. The other eeveelutions don’t stricly look like they have their types symbol….I mean Espeon’s symbol doesn’t really look Psychic. If I didn’t know already Espeons type I would think it was a poison type from that symbol.

  12. btw in this trailer sylveon used some new cosmic? move…i think its a new type pokèmon. like “love ” or smthn

  13. I’m now leaning to think it’s going to be a BUG-type by that design, the ribbons, the eyes, and the Japanese name.

  14. Travelling down her own road,
    She’s watching the signs as they go,
    She’s flying, FLYING…
    Watching the signs as she goes.

  15. Uhhhh! The symbol down in Sylpheon egg seems like Burgh’s or Skyla’s badge. So it could indicate Bug or Flying type. Bug type is now more dominant for me.

  16. Sylveon is going to be a new type its pretty obvious with the trailer and her space like attack

    1. Celestial Type? Probably Light type if there’s a new one, it would fit because it opposes Dark Type. Other than that, the wing could mean Flying.

      1. in a chart that i found each eeveelution is opposite from what it is week against. sylveon is opposite jolteon in the chart. it could easily be flying but i personally think ground. since each eeveelutions name begins with something to do with its type i did some research. there is actually a mineral called sylvite. I have yet to find a bird that begins with syl. so ground is my theory

        1. A bird that has “Sylv” is the Eurasian Blackcap. It’s scientific name is Sylvia atricapilla.

        2. Also about the bird, there is an entire bird family called Sylviidae. I watched a video that explained where the game might be located as well. The first 3 regions were all near each other on different big islands and they were set up like Japan. Black and White were set in more of a New York type of place. In the trailer for this game, Pikachu is standing on top of a tower that looks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and this tower is also seen in a scene where the male character is running in a town. Sylviidae birds are found in mainly Europe, Asia, and a some parts of Africa. This might be a theory to why it might a flying type? I have also read that it might be Bug type because of the bows; they look like butterflies, and also Sylveon has very big eyes that sort of look like a bug’s eyes. (This theory isn’t really supported with the color behind Sylveon in this chart)

  17. Are all of you guy blind or something? The emblem is just the shape of Sylveon’s ear. It doesn’t hint anything. It’s not a wing.

    1. Its ear isn’t that “roundy”, it has some fluff. This shape is like an egg or something.

    2. I agree with you. If it was a flying type, don’t you think the tiny little thing at the bottom would be a bit bigger?

  18. I’m not saying there’s no chance in hell that it’s a flying type, I just hope that it isn’t. If it does turn out to be a flying type it’s design is pretty odd and stupid. Flying isn’t something that’s vague and difficult to represent like psychic, dark or normal; it should be SO easy! Give it wings! Or feathers! Or clouds! Helicopter blades…? Whatever. But a pink, ribbony rabbit with a bowtie and fangs? It’s almost as if (assuming it ends up being flying type) its strange design has the SOLE purpose of throwing us off and keeping us guessing. Like it was designed to be intentionally vague. I hope it’s a new type (or even normal) for the sake of logic

    1. This is a small point. It wouldn’t be for the sake of logic, it would be for the sake of common expectations. Logic is about proving things definitely. Because there is doubt about its type and therefore a chance that it could be flying, we cannot say it will be a new type “for the sake of logic”. Logic simply tells us that it’s going to be a type, whatever that is. Logic is often very dull.

      Interpreting evidence does not count because it still involves speculation. I reckon there are strong hints for flying, but almost equally so for some sort of fairy type too. I hope that it isn’t fairy or light type because they don’t make sense to me in the Pokemon universe. Regardless, we can’t say anything for sure.

  19. you guys are crazy if you think there isntgonna be a light oriented type. Mewtwos new fm form has a halo on its head and obvs since light has to do with holyness and the sun and obvs the heavens that space tyoe attack would obvs be a light type move. Also no one cares if a washed up legendary from gen 1 gets a new form at this point UNLESS it were to get a new secondary type and let me just show you the ppl waiting in line to know yhat mewtwo is now psychic Fire or psychic ghost. Its a new type. I would even go as far as to say sylveon is flying light (space) type

    1. I Napoleon bonaempoleon think it will be a ghost type. Before you say anything I have evidence. Look carefully. the scarf things look like bandages. Dont they? You now probably say” mummy`s have bandages. dont they?” well yes and also a “mummy” is a dead pharao that lies in a pyramid. So you ask “why not rock because pyramids are made of them or why not ground because pyramids are on deserts.” I answer it wont be ground or rock. Really does that thing look the slightest like geodude? You now know why I wrote It wouldent be ground or rock. Now It has fangs! You say ” I know! Dragons have fangs !” But no. “Wait WH-WHAT?!” you ask. (I know. I can predict what you say. Don`t I ?) Yes I don`t think the fangs hint to dragon types. I think it`s evidence it is ghost. “Why?” you ask. Well Gastly and haunter is my answer. they also have fangs. And it`s skin coulor is pink. Isn`t it? In varios movies ghosts are white and that light pink is really similiar to white. No but really look at it. And it is cute and litwick is cute aswell. So like firstly who would not follow a cute pokemon that lives in a forest and knows the way out?I would. “It looks cute so everyone would follow it but the bows absorb life energy of the follower it does not have a soul.”That could be it`s pokedex entery if it was a ghost type. So yhea that was alot but its all and please watch my channel napoleonbonaempoleon Bye!

  20. There’s no way they’re going to introduce a new type, that’d just be stupid. The last time they introduced a new type was in Gen. 2, and then it made sense and not to mention they only had 151 prior pokemon. To introduce one now would just be a bad idea, they have too many prior pokemon and it wouldn’t make sense. It would make battling a mess, they would have to retype far too many pokemon and moves. For those speculating about a ‘light’ type, it wouldn’t work. We already use the psychic or normal type to cover any ‘light’ type pokemon or moves, so there’s no need.

  21. Sylveon’s type will be dragon. Back in gen 1-2, the battling mechanic was made so that there were special types, and physical types. All the special types were electric, water, fire, grass, ice, psychic, dark, and dragon. Any other type besides those were physical. As you know, the Pokémon, Eevee, was given an evolution for every single special type except dragon. Which is why it only gets 1 new evolution this time instead of being revealed as a new set (esp/umb, & leaf/glace), it’s the only remaining type it didn’t get an evolution too. A poster a while ago hinted this, where it had all the eeveelution’s mouths open, and sylveon was the only one with fangs showing. It’s element in the trailer is also an egg which further hints to this. It will evolve by a completely new evolution method, nothing that currently exists in the old games. The vortex looking thing in the trailer probably has something to do with his new ability, and I can so envision him using the move Draco Meteor.

        1. Thanks so much, this further proves what I said is correct. Ah I’m screaming out of happiness lol.

          1. Will you be crying out of sadness in October?

            Honestly, Sylveon looks nothing like a dragon and I feel like you’ve been sounding, no offense, a bit delusional.

          2. Tell me, does altaria look the slightest bit dragon to you? you sound pressed, no offensed.

          3. I don’t understand what sounding “pressed” means, but Altaria has a reason for looking the way it does along with Vibrava. Besides those two Dragon-type Pokémon, every other Dragon-type Pokémon looks like a Dragon. I really wasn’t trying to offend you. I guess Dragon-types are your favorite.
            I’m just going off of known facts. Plus, that picture of Sylveon that’s displaying the color for Dragon-types is using an old representation of the type. The color for Dragon-types is now officially indigo.

            • Altaria’s origin:
            Altaria is likely based on Peng, Chinese legendary birds of enormous size, said to travel 3000 li (a traditional Chinese unit of distance) in one flap of their mighty, cloud-like wings. They’re often portrayed as having a dragon’s head and whiskers.
            Its Japanese name, Tyltalis, may refer to Tyl—also known as Epsilon Draconis—a star in the constellation Draco,
            the Dragon. It may also be a reference to the play L’Oiseau Bleu (The Blue Bird) by Belgian playwright Maurice Maeterlinck. The story is about two siblings, Mytyl and Tyltyl (ミチル Michiru and チルチル Chiruchiru in the Japanese translation of the play), who are tasked with finding the “blue bird of happiness.”

            • Vibrava’s origin:
            Vibrava is based on the adult stage of an antlion. Often the adult antlion and dragonfly are confused with one another, and Vibrava could draw inspiration from both. In fact, some species of dragonflies are commonly called “sand dragons”, which could account for Vibrava and Flygon’s typing.

            Courtesy of Bulbapedia.

        2. Welp, between this and the egg shaped thingy…I’m definitely putting my eggs in the dragon type basket.

    1. Concept of eevee is not physical type pokemon evolving into special type pokemon, I think. It’s more about adaptation.

      1. Yes. The form of adapting is something you would consider special wouldn’t ya? Every gen, eevee has evolved by special ways, into special types. The elemental stones were a special way of evolving during first gen cause evolving by level-up was a normal way of evolving. 2nd gen, evolving eevee by day or night was the next special way of evolving. Evolving eevee by leveling-up next to a moss rock or ice rock was the next special way of making it evolve. Now this gen will bring eevee another special method of evolving, into its last special form, dragon. It will evolve by a completely new method so it WILL NOT be dragon fang, or prism scale or anything.

        1. Bringing new evolution methods to discussion is just irrevelant. You know, wording is important, special in the special type has nothing to do with the new evolution methods,

  22. This OBVIOUSLY means its a flying type. Some birds are mammals and don’t lay eggs, like chickens.

  23. it is an egg and a some sort of feather, so eggs are related to birds (mostly, it´s not reptile-type i´m sure) and there is a feather, so it´s obvious is A FLYING TYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1.

  24. obviously a new type, right? why else would we have no news on its type? Maybe it’s “fairy” type? Since its little design is an egg, and the’res an egg group called “fairy” idk…

  25. Here’s the thing: i want new types this generation. Everything is pointing to new types. But then again people thought that Reshiram would be a Light/Dragon type. Then Gamefreak passed it off as a Fire/Dragon type. My hopes are for a light type but, the reality stands that gamefreak will just pass it off as a flying type or something really vauge.

  26. Does anyone else notice a similarity between the new trailer and the gym-looking building from the original game trailer?

  27. okay yeah but what is umbreon’s badge supposed to represent? like it kinda looks more like it would represent a dragon type then a dark type

    1. To me, it’s color scheme seems like a nod to Grimsley. Now as to why they used those colors, I’m not sure xD

      1. I am with you. And Grimsley is a celebrity vampire. But really he says things so deep about life………………………………………………………………………..he is cool but creepy. Or he is just so happy about life.

  28. But who said it needs to be a new type or a Poison,Dragon or another. In my opinion it can be a Normal type because he/she has that egg badge and a normal pokemon Chansey hatches the eggs from dungeons in pokemon mystery dugeon 2 so it will make sense to make it a Normal type. Pink and grey are coulors that most Normal pokemon have on their bodies. So it`s coulors are normal for Normal type pokemon.And he/she used that space like move right? But no one said it is it`s type move or somthing like that.

  29. But you know that Sylveon can be a normal type because it`s coulor`s are normal to a normal type don`t ya? And Chansey is a pokemon that hatches the egg`s in PMD2 and its badge is in a shape that looks like an egg.And who said that atack is a atack that is in it`s type?

  30. Do you see that little symbol at the bottom of sylveons protrait? That, my friends, is a wing. I;m almost certain that sylveon’s type will be flying.

  31. the evidence (or lack of) is compelling but looks can be deceiving, just look at eevee’s not too much resembling your common normal type but who knows

  32. Well, not to toot my own horn, but I was completely right on the Mewtwo reveal, when most everyone was either hoping or swearing it was a new pokemon. I gave plenty of reasons and observed common sense – and I was right. That’s gotta count for something.

    We still have to use common sense. Eliminate what you “want” it to be and look at facts.

    So, maybe you’ll hear my thoughts on this:

    You would think any Eeveelution would be easy to identify.

    (1) Every eeveelution thus far has had blatantly obvious physical attributes coinciding with its new form. Whether it be a physical shape or shape and color.

    (2) Every generation after Generation 1 that has introduced a new eeveelution has introduced them in pairs.

    So far, (and we don’t know for sure yet), there seems to be only ONE eeveelution for Generation 6: Sylveon.

    IF this REMAINS true, and there is only ONE new eeveelution, there had to be a SPECIFIC and GOOD reason for it.

    What would reason could that be?

    A new type.

    I DO think there will be a new type…don’t stop reading yet! I think there will probably only be 1 new type, if there is to be a new type (Hence only one eeveelution revealed for the time being).

    Gathering all the research from ALL the meanings of the translations of Sylveons names, we start to get a vague idea of where we are headed as far as Sylveon’s type goes. They have been posted everywhere enough already, so I won’t be going over them here.

    I do not believe Sylveon will be NORMAL type because Eevee is a Normal type and the whole concept of eevee is to have it turn from normal to something different. Based off of point 1 back at the top, I DO NOT believe it will be BUG or POISON type. Re-reading point 1 makes it obvious that EVERY eeveelution follows rule 1 so far.

    Eliminated: Normal, Bug, Poison, all the types that already have an eeveelution, and DRAGON. Why Dragon too?

    Once again, look at rule 1. I already know what some of you are saying: “Well there are other pokemon that are dragon type but don’t look the part!”. This is true. BUT – we’re talking about eevee and its eeveelutions; not other pokemon – and I think we can all agree that it’s obvious eeveelutions have their own set of rules to follow as far as design and concept. I think it is very acceptable to come to the conclusion that any eeveelution will have obvious traits of its type abiding by rule 1.

    The pictures, I think, hint a lot more than people want to give them credit for. Remember, I believe the reason why Sylveon is not easily identifiable with any pokemon type based off of our rule 1, is because there is no “currently” known or revealed type to associate it with!

    Back to the picture that started this article. Every insignia that Eevee and the Eeveelutions are encased in is RELATED to its pokemon type, whether ALL of them are blatantly obvious or not (Some people mentioned Umbreon’s insignia) – the fact remains the same – the insignias ARE directly related to the pokemon type.

    So, looking at Sylveons, what do we see? What have some people pointed out? That it’s egg shaped? I can see why you’d say that, but No. I do not think their intentions were to make it look like an egg; Someone had a CLOSER guess than that. They were getting warmer.

    Someone pointed out that, within this so called egg insignia, at the bottom/bottom right is what looked to be a wing shaped symbol within Sylveon’s insignia. I think that’s a bit closer; it does look like a wing.

    BUT, if you look at the bigger picture of it all when looking at the insignia, if you will notice that the whole insignia itself looks like one giant wing! Especially given the darker pink outlines running through the insignia! Those lines look to resemble the lines found within a dragonfly’s wings, or a honey bee’s wings, or a wasp’s wings! It’s extremely obvious. But wait…I said we eliminated BUG type earlier, didn’t I? Yes, we did. And Yes, we still can. Rule 1 still applies, and Sylveon has no resemblance to an insect in any way shape or form.

    Guess who else has these lines/designs/embroidery in their wings? I can think of a pretty famous Disney character: Tinkerbell Just google her. Not every picture, but some pictures. Plus, it’s pretty common to see FAIRIES have insect-like wings in many cartoons, folklore and art.
    Now look at the Japanese writing. There seems to be a bright set of PINK WINGS next to the bushy Eevee tail.
    I say Sylveon will be a new TYPE.
    A FAIRY type pokemon!
    Also, remember that the apparent source that leaked, what was it, generation 5’s pokemon before the Japanese release has also stated the new type to be fairy.
    There is still one option that has a very, very slim chance.
    a pure Flying type.
    Winner: Fairy type
    Common sense will prevail again

  33. The wing symbol backs my long-time theory that it’s a Flying type. Either that or it really is a new type, perhaps ‘fairy’ or ‘light’. I can’t say I’d be thrilled with the latter, but as long as they give us news soon it can be the bagel type for all I care. This drought is killing me.

  34. MIchael Jones isn`t it? I made some reaserch and I think Sylveon will be a Paranormal/Normal Type because a Fairy/Paranormal Type will

  35. ….Be able to use ??? type moves,But but there will be no Paranormal/Fairy type moves.Paranormal/Fairy types will only weak to Dark and Ghost types and with a part Normal Fairy Type it will be only weak to Dark Type Pokemon.

  36. sylveon is a flying type check the bottom of the egg hing and you’ll not a resemblance to the mistralton gym badge

  37. Maybe the egg shape could represent the “new” type and the fairy EGG group that already exists and the small wing design could represent a fairy wing. Just my ideas.

    1. I’m with this guy. The wing is way too small to resemble a type focused on that wing.

  38. As you can see in this image, the eeveelutions across from each other have a relationship. Notice that sylveon is across from jolteon. Now unless this thing is a ground type, that gives us the one option. flying.

    1. They can make ghost be weak to elecktrick in this game. can`t they?

  39. im pretty possitive about this new type… and i bet it more likely a fairy…

    evidence: appearance, color, naming (im referring to eevees evolution pattern and not with other pokemon)

    1) appearance:

    every eeveelution has an obvious resemblance to the type his representing..

    – Vaporen- water- mermaid/merman/pokemon with fish tail
    – Flareon- fire- his fur looks like a fire
    – Leafeon- grass- there is an OBVIOUS grass on his body
    – ESPeon- pysch- looks like he can see through your mind/mind reading
    – Umbreon- dark- (do i even need to elaborate?)

    now look at sylveon… does she looks like anything from a known type?Does she looks like a FIGHTING pokemon? what part? Does she looks like a BUG? ahmmm… Does she looks like a DRAGON? really??? well just use our common sense..

    2) Color

    every eeveelution color has a connection with its type..

    – Vaporeon- water- Blue

    – Flareon- Fire- Red/orange

    – Leafeon- Grass- green
    – espeon- psych- purple (google how purple signifies mind)

    – Umbreon- dark- black

    now look at sylveon… is color pink a typical color for a flying, bug, or a dragon??? the worst i heard is FIGHTING… really PINK signifies FIGHTING?? hmmm

    3) naming

    every eeveelution has an exact “root word” followed by EON..

    – VAPOReon
    – FLAREon
    – LEAFeon
    – GLACEon
    – JOLTeon
    – UMBReon (some may argue it UMBRA.. well its also correct but UMBRA and UMBR is the same. check latin)
    – ESPeon (some may say “so its”Extrasensory perceptionEON?” (while laughing)”.. well i say YES if it can fit in the name character in the game but sorry THE GAME CANT HANDLE THAT LONG NAME)..

    now analyze SYLVeon… what does SYLV mean? in latin it means WOOD, FOREST.. now some might say “so it is grass”.. well if you just look on the surface then yes, but we already have a GRASS so remove the grass from your list.. if we look on a deeper meaning, the word SYLV means “One who dwell in the forest usually GUARDIAN, GOD, other MYTICAL CREATURE.. (see aslo Sylva)

    some pro FLYING suggest that it came from the word “SYLVIIDEA” which means a GROUP of BIRDs… this contradict on the name pattern. if it came from SYLVIIDEA, then the name should be “SYLVIIDEon”…

  40. Personally, I believe it is a Normal type because it used what looked like the moves
    * Trump Card
    * Swift
    as well as other moves could be new moves or moves I just don’t recognize. I could be dead wrong, but call it a well-informed hunch.
    Other types I’ve considered are Flying, Dragon, or Steel (It looks like Jasmine, doesn’t it?)

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