New Mewtwo ‘Transformation’ + Trailer

The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel has recently updated with the video below, showing Mewtwo changing into it’s new forme. We presume the clip is taken from the upcoming 16th movie set to release this summer in Japan. We’re expecting a fair amount of 16th movie news at any point so check back for a trailer and more later!

It’s been confirmed that one of the newly discovered Pokémon from Pokémon X and Pokémon Y has a mysterious connection with the Legendary Mewtwo. Are you curious? Watch the video to learn more!

Also a new trailer featuring the Forme has been released in Japanese!

    1. To clarify, so such thing was ever officially confirmed, so it is not true, but believers can still carry this on as if it was real.

    1. It means they haven’t posted anything about the movie in english yet and they don’t want people to assume it’s a scene from the game.

    1. That is it’s Japanese voice actor, it’s probably meant to add an androgynous factor.

      1. Yeah, I know. That’s Mewtwo’s voice actor for this 16th movie. Her name’s Reiko Takashima.
        But, before ever hearing its voice in the trailers, I really thought it was the same Mewtwo from the first movie, who was voiced by Masachika Ichimura. He even did the voice for Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros Melee.

        Seeing as there’s a different voice actor, I assume it’s a different Mewtwo. If it were the same one, they’d be no reason to change voice actors, but if they did, I’d at least expect another male voice actor. The fact that it’s a female voice actor must mean there’s a reason for it.

        1. There is only 1 Mewtwo in any Pokemon universe. Its part of his entire backstory that he was the only one made. Voice Actors change quite often. The other guy is either too busy or the director wanted to get a new up and coming Voice Actor over an older one.

          1. We’ll see once the movie comes out, but I strongly disagree.
            It makes no sense whatsoever to hire a female voice actor for something that is known to sound masculine.
            Speaking of backstory, if Mewtwo was able to make clones of other Pokémon why wouldn’t it be able to clone itself?

            Seeing as you believe it is the same Mewtwo, can you tell me your source? I’d love a link.
            Either way, we’ll find out soon enough, XanderO.

            By the way, you didn’t have to reply to me twice telling me the same thing. Once was enough.

    2. They always do that. Virizion is also Genderless and had a Female voice. Mew is always associated as Female due to it “giving birth” to Mewtwo in the original games. There was shown a Female Lugia in the anime as well despite them being genderless. Its just an Anime thing. They may give Mewtwo a male voice in the dubbed version.

      1. I know that they do that. It wasn’t a serious statement.
        I was just surprised to hear Mewtwo sound like that because I thought it was the same Mewtwo from the first movie, but it’s not.
        I’m sure they’ll stick to a female voice for the dubbed version.
        After all, I’m sure Mewtwo has a distinct female voice in this movie for a reason, no?

    3. He didn’t in the first movie (In Japanese too!). I’m puzzled. I don’t see how it could be a different Mewtwo either.

  1. Did someone notice the frames on all the eeveelutions in the end of the trailer? They were all related to their types and yet, Sylveon’s, was a pink egg… Fairy type? I don’t like the idea of new types, but…

  2. In the trailer Mewtwo places it’s hands over it’s heart, perhaps this is where we’ll see that ‘bond’ mechanic come into play. Maybe next month we’ll find out it’s how you obtain this form of Mewtwo and Sylveon. (And why they’re in the same movie[by which I mean short and film together])

  3. I was looking at posts on board and some guy suggested Astral Type… and it clicks. Unlike light or magic which could easily fit into grass, psychic, electric or normal, Astral actually sounds like it could be a solid new type. Of course pokemon like Deoxys and others would get a slight type change, but that’s fine cause it makes sense. Idk it was an interesting thought.

    1. Also Clefairy and other Moon Stone Pokémon… Maybe it’s true and you evolve your Eevee with a Moon Stone or something.

      1. It’ll be a bit weird though evolving it with a moon stone 15 years after they were both in the same game

    2. They don’t have to retype any old Pokemon though. All of the others may remain as they are even with a new type introduced.

        1. They didn’t HAVE to retype though. I never said that they DIDN’T retype. No Pokemon got a Dark Retype while a few moves did.

          But with the new set they DON’T HAVE TO retype any Pokemon.

  4. Movie 16 looks so epic. I wonder how many of those scenes will actually be in the movie.

    1. I agree. It has that first movies (the first three ones) je ne sais quoi… I think the latest ones are kind of meh, but this one seems cool.

    2. The Zoroark movie had also lots of explosions, but that was the only thing it had. It was completely devoid of any plot.

  5. Lol I was just going to post a link to the new mewtwo video -__-

    I think it’s a new type? Why else would they show eggs representing the evolutions type n sylveon is pink.

    I hope they don’t let me down with mewtwos new form. I’m growing fond of the new form although there are slight changes.

    And yes Gen6fan the movie looks very epic! I would buy that movie when it comes out on DVD! I hope all scenes will be there.

  6. The Éclair forme? Has that been confirmed officially? Because I read it on Serebii saying it was already leaked a while ago but why wasn’t this confirmed?

    1. No such thing was ever confirmed. The Japanese sources don’t say anything like this at all.

        1. Sorry for the misunderstanding if there is one, but it specifically says “This Pokémon was first leaked in a promotional pamphlet of the Present Guide for the movie Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens, replacing Mewtwo on the poster with a caption calling it the Eclair Forme.” Look for yourself because I’m not lying. 😀 Thanks a lot for replying and you are very helpful. I appreciate it.

          1. I know you’re not lying about what Serebii said, but then what Serebii put on his site isn’t correct. No leaked pamphlet named any forme.
            Now Serebii has a different name pulled from the movie site – Mewtwo after Awakening is the literal translation, but Serebii put up something slightly different… that stupid Eclair is still up though.


    Vaporeon surrounded by water

    Espeon in a jewel

    Umbreon with some giant blade

    Leafeon surrounded by leaves

    Glaceon in a snowflake

    Flareon in a flame

    Sylveon in an “Egg”

    Jolteon in an electric bolt

    Eevee in a heart

    I don’t know…seriously…what the hell? Egg?

    1. For what it’s worth there’s a small wing shape in the egg, but… yeah, I don’t know either

        1. That pattern is also the shape of its ears, and if you were to put both the ears side-by-side, it’d look like a butterfly (similar to the ribbons). Something else to keep in mind.

  8. The official English site put up part of the trailer as well, with no other info.
    Anyway, I was surprised to hear Mewtwo with a new voice.

  9. Look at the shape of the thing that Sylveon was standing in front when you analysed the types and symbols. Sylveon’s looks like the Castelia City Gym badge from Gen V but it also looks like wings.

  10. Look at the shape of the thing that Sylveon was standing in front when you analysed the types and symbols. Sylveon’s looks like the Castelia City Gym badge from Gen V but it also looks like wings. Marriland please respond with what you think of my theory.

  11. I forgot to mention this, but Pokemon BW2 won Award of Excellence and Best Hit award from Famitsu’s award ceremony yesterday, apparently.

  12. Is it just me or does this mewtwos face, structurally look a bit female??????? •___• I mean take a good, long look.

        1. It’s definitely not the same Mewtwo because this Mewtwo has a feminine voice.
          Legendaries are usually genderless, but this Mewtwo is unmistakably voiced by a woman.
          It also sounds completely different from the Mewtwo we know of.

          1. Wait, but at the end of the first movie, Mewtwo erases Ash’s memory, so how would he remember?

          2. I don’t really know. I’m sure it’ll be explained in the movie.

            I’m gonna go with this: The “female” Mewtwo is a clone made by the original Mewtwo. Due to something happening to Ash in this movie, the erased memories caused by Mewtwo are returned. Ash sees new Mewtwo and immediately thinks it’s the one he encountered before. New Mewtwo tells him, with a feminine voice, he’s mistaken. It either has no memories itself, but feels like it knows Ash due to being a clone and wants to protect him, OR it heard of Ash from the original Mewtwo… aaand wants to protect him. I dunno. My somewhat of a theory. I just feel like this 16th movie Mewtwo has a female’s voice for a reason.

            The scene where Ash calls out Mewtwo by its name is probably used in the trailer due the the fact that Ash is the main protagonist and Mewtwo is a lead in the movie.

          3. It is the same mewtwo, only one was created, Giovani has no memory and Mewtwo would hardly clone himself. The director has also stated it’s the same mewtwo. It’s just japenese cultural differences. It may be strange to you but women play men in japan… also in soviet russia but that’s a different joke for another time

          4. Have you seen mewtwo returns? Ash meets mewtwo again later, and mewtwo decides to let ash keep his memory

  13. I’m frankly quite annoyed by how short it is. Also, in the footage it looks sort of…. mousey.

  14. If you right click the new image on the Japanese movie website, the image that shows mewtwo purple card (with his new form in one of the squares) vs genesect card, the picture is oddly titled “m2x”. This could be a clue that the form, or new pokemon, is actually called “MewtwoX” or “MewX”, with another new form/counterpart called “MewtwoY” which they have yet to show. Thus making two new mewtwo forms that you can depending on which version you get, Mewtwo X (Pokémon X), Mewtwo Y (Pokémon). The female voice and look of the movie in the trailer proves that its new.

  15. Has mewtwo been glowing blue ever since it appeared in the first movie? -.- it’s weird to me at least :/

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