What the Fake?! Jynx Evolution Revealed

An interesting fake came out this morning purporting to reveal a Jynx evolution. Sadly, it’s fake, but we can always hope for a real evolution being revealed. What gave it away is the lack of kanji for height/weight and using an odd sentence introducing the evolution method which was listed as trading.

The Pokémon’s name is listed as Rujeria and is an Ice / Psychic type like Jynx. I actually kind of like the design 🙂

<3 PJ

  1. It’s a plausible progression, then again it would work more as a split evolution.

  2. Honestly a Jynx evolution should’ve happen in Gen 4 along with Electivire and Magmortar. I doubt they’ll make now sine they missed the perfect chance. I wouldn’t mind if they did make one.

      1. Jynx, Electabuzz, and Magmar were all introduced in the first generation. Then in the second generation, they all got prevos. Yet, in the 4th generation, only Electabuzz and Magmar were given evolutions

        1. Magmar and Electabuzz are real counterparts, where Jynx differs from them. Jynx is just a standalone herself. Getting Smoochum is just a random connection with them.

          1. Magmar and Electabuzz aren’t counterparts. There is no Canon connection for the two other than random coincidences which also linked Jynx in with them. For 3 Generations she was considered to be part of the group. Originally it was said that they were supposed to be the Gen 1 legendary trio following the same Fire/Electric/Ice set up as Uno/Dos/Tres.

            Only officially recognized pairs/counterparts are Illumise/Volbeat, the Nidoran twins, Plusel/Minun, Zangoose/Seviper rivalry, the Eon twins, and the dream/moon duo. This is outside of all official minor legendary Trio sets by Gamefreak.

            (Which actually doesn’t include Gens 3, 4, and 5’s main legends as Gamefreak never specifically says or relates to the three as one group, but rather that they have similar powers. Each of them are always referred to as single entities possibly due to story…but all Trio/Duo opinions are all fan made for those groups.)

          2. Jynx is different from them, hence it has dual type ice/phychic.

            Yes, Magmar and Electabuzz being version exclusives is coincidence, Jynx was not version exclusive back in the 1st generation. Who considered her to be part of the group then?

            Yes Magmarizer and Electrizer seems like another utter random coincidence.

            Can’t you see?

            (and the people who downvoted this, deal with it!)

          3. Don’t be so sure.
            Red- Catch Electabuzz
            Green- Catch Magmar
            Blue- Catch Jynx
            They were also the only 3 Pokemon capable of learning the Elemental Punches (Excluding Hitmonchan)

            Gold/Silver introduced Elekid, Magby, and Smoochum.
            Jynx has kind of always been their counterpart.

          4. Plus, their types(or at least, their primary types) are the same as Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. 😀

          5. I wasn’t disagreeing. I used to believe that they were part of a set, but as I said, they are not paired group anyway (Magmar/Electabuzz) Only pairs are the ones I listed since those are officially recognized by Gamefreak. I mean Butterfree and Beedrill can’t technically be found in the same games in R/B days, Neither could Ekans and Sandshrew. Being exclusives doesn’t make them counterparts.

          6. They didn’t become counterparts >> Its a fan made idea that the two are based on info about the two.

          7. It’s the same concept of how Heracross & Pinsir are a pair but aren’t. Likewise, Magmar & Electabuzz are a fake pair. Pokemon that remain version exclusives are considered their own form of pairs, whether it’s official or not.

            Magmar & Electabuzz are often connected though. They have the Magmarizer and Electrizer or whatever and no other Pokemon have items with a similar name. They were also both given away via PBR (Magmortar and Electrivire).

            Jynx is not necessarily a part of them though. If anything, I could see them lumping her with Sudowoodo and Mr. Mime who are also not counterparts, but had babies simultaneously and shown together a lot.

          8. I know it’s not official but sometimes we don’t need official statement. As you can see they have more in common than being version exclusives but whatever.

          9. What the…. Magmar/Electabuzz has no connection? So I guess Gamefreak
            purposely made their move pools extremely close to each other just do it, Both
            learn the opposites punch by move tutor, and are always caught in
            opposite versions the only exclusion to this was Platinum. They are very
            much connected, I wouldn’t say so much about Jynx though. Also back in Gen 4 Gamefreak modeled two characters in Battle Revolution based off these two pokemon(and if I recall if you beat them you get either the egg of magby or electkid with the opposites punch) and you still say they don’t recognize them as counterparts?!?!?!

          10. No, they don’t recognize them as counter parts. Battle Revolution was NOT MADE by Gamefreak, So its relevance is non existent. Gamefreak has made no Pokemon games outside of Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black, White, Black 2, and White 2. Those are the only Pokemon titles Gamefreak owns. All the others were made by either Creatures inc. or Genius Sonority.

            As far as Version exclusives go. By your logic, Sandshrew and Ekans are Counter parts. They are version exclusives in not only Red/Blue but also Gold/Silver. Oddish and Bellsprout are counter parts because of the same reasons. Even though Oddish has 2 evolutions and Bellsprout doesn’t.

            Electabuzz and Magmar’s exclusiveness is also only in 3 different games. Red/Green (Neither are found in japanese Blue, but Jynx is), Fire Red/Leaf Green, and Black 2/White 2.

            Gold/Silver/Crystal/Heart Gold/Soul Silver/Platinum Both are available without restrictions on appearing.

            Version Exclusiveness was made to force players to trade, Two Pokemon being in two separate games means next to nothing other than Gamefreak doing it so its impossible to complete the Pokedex without trading. If you look hard enough you can probably find other Pokemon with similar relations like Magmar and Electabuzz. Doesn’t mean they are counterparts.

          11. So even though both evolve in a very similar way (first at level 30, then after being traded holding a -izer item), and both are typically exclusive to one version of a pair of games. They also learn all their moves at the same levels, such as Fire Punch and ThunderPunch at Level 28.Their pre-evolutions and evolutions were released in the same generation (Generation II and IV). Also their Japanese names are even essentially phonetic reversals of each other. You still think they are not considered counter parts by now? I don’t think Game Freak did any of that by accident

            The others you named that was split by exclusiveness has nothing in common. Bellsprout and Oddish was only version exclusive once in gen 1 same goes for Ekans and sandshrew even though they not obtainable in the wild you can get Ekans and Sandshrew from the game corner. Unlike exclusives from Gen 1 Electabuzz and Magmar has been Exclusive to several different games made by Game freak obtainable differently by certain methods(referring to Diamond and Pearl)

          12. No. Electabuzz and Magmar are only exclusive in Gen 1, remake and Gen 5.2 games. Same as Sandshrew/Ekans in gens 1 and 2. All the other splits hold as much water as counterparts as Magmar and Electabuzz do by the same merit people give to Electabuzz and Magmar. Again, up until Gen 4, Jynx shared the same evolution method as her baby is also a Level 30 to evolve baby which is exclusive to the three. They originally started off as a trio and Gen 4 broke the pattern. What would everyone say if Jynx got an -izer evolutionary item later? Would you all just slap her back in and call them a trio again?

            Before B2W2, Both Magby and Elekid were both availble in White Forest, so they are only version exclusive for half a generation. So they are only exclusive in 1.5 generations. Same can be said for Sandshrew and Ekans since neither can both be found in the wild in opposite game colors for Gold and Silver.

            Scyther and Pinsir were said to be counterparts which got ruined in Gen 2 and immediately replaced with Heracross. Just because fans say it is means nothing. Officially, there has never been any mentioning of the two together and a lot of the supporting evidence applies to a fair number Pokemon which creates a “well if they are then so are these” scenario.

          13. Battle Revolution only had an Electivire outfit…not a Magmortar one. But you did get a free Electivire and Magmortar from the game by typing a special password. I think Jynx was at one point part of the gang, since she was a Blue exclusive, Electabuzz was a Red exclusive, and Magmar was a Green exclusive. Plus they all got baby forms in Generation 2. They do have a parallel connection, just not a legit one.

  3. That’s the first fake ever I’ve actually loved and wished was real 🙁

  4. (♥o♥)/

    Dem hips don’t lie! I love it!
    Jynx should definitely get an evolution!

    Muchul (Smoochum), Rougela (Jynx) and… Rougelia.
    I wonder what her English name would’ve been?
    Something like Jypsi or Jypsilea, since she looks like a Gypsy.
    Or maybe Jypselly (gypsy + ‘belly’ dancer)? I dunno. =__=;

  5. I want an evolution for the following pokemon:
    Jynx, Lapras, mr. Mime, snorlax, sudowoodo, sableye, tropius, seviper, mawille, zangoose, claydol, manectric, banette, chimeco, absol, plusle, minun, spiritomb, gyarados, snorlax, lucario and milotic! 🙂

    1. Are you crazy? Touching Lucario,Milotic,Gyarados and Snorlax would completely destroy them. The only ones I agree with are Sableye and Mawille. They’d better make new Pokemon instead of evolutions for the others you mentioned

  6. I’m in love with the design. I don’t think even if Gamefreak decided to make an evolution of Jynx it would be this good. This one, POW. Sexy, just love it

  7. I always figured a Jynx evo should be a gypsy-like older woman creature with a crystal ball.

  8. I always wonder if the person who made this fake leak was even Japanese at all? I tried to reverse source the image to see who made the fake leak…. Nothing! Either this person is talented artist slash 3D model expert? Or their just fucking lucky that people don’t like that nicki minaj pokemon that we are stay on having cause I guess nobody thought that the first gen trio should “ALL” get an evolution not just two. lol

    (I refused to believe that Jynx gave birth to a cute little baby duck girl?) In my headcanon. Jynx is like some teen mom and their true mom is Rujeria who gave birth to them and Jynx is just racket is all. lol

    Also she would be very cute with her one eye being shown and like Sanji she has a dark past too. (Sanji having three brothers and him being an assassin of a family underground business.) If she were to reveal her right eye? All hell will break loose!

    lol (Just some ideas in case I were to ask them about it?) 🙂

    1. it’s basically the ugly duckling story if it involved Pokemon. Start out small, grow up ugly, and became a beautiful swan. 🙂

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