Pokémon Pinball Machine & EU Meloetta Downloads Live!

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For our European players: the Meloetta C-Gear and Pokémon Musical downloads are now available. The end date is currently unknown.

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Pinball belongs in arcades. Pokémon Pinball? That does too…

Steve Black Jr. of pkmncast has recently completed his arcade cabinet of Pokémon Pinball–definitely one of my favourite Pokémon spin-offs. The machine would fit perfectly into any arcade and is kitted out with authentic ‘retro’ buttons positioned ideally for playing pinball.

Who else would like to see a refresh of the Pokémon Pinball line? The game still hold my attention to this day, which is more than can be said for a lot of other games of its age. Seeing newer Pokémon featured in a Pinball game would also be good to see. So, what do you all think?


The machine is apparently capable of playing both the original Pokémon Pinballs and well as the Ruby & Sapphire sequel, as SBJ said on his site:

[pullquote]After three weeks of hard work, I built a fully functional Pokémon Pinball Arcade unit. This was created from the ground up to simulate Pokémon Pinball Ruby/Sapphire (it can play the classic Pokémon Pinball too). I’m not going to show what the inside of  it looks like and works just yet, but I think the 10 pictures above gives you a good understanding how it works. The buttons feel great, a light powers the graphic at the top, the top has built in speakers, and the fan keeps the entire unit cool. The fan takes in cool air and exhausts it at the top (just like how Apple’s iMacs are designed for air cooling). I want to thank my friend Aaron for cutting all the wood and helping assemble it. I also want to thank my friend Alex for wiring and getting the buttons to work. This arcade unit will debut at the Midwest Gaming Classic and hopefully will be at future events like Battle City.[/pullquote]

Who wants it? I think I might do!