Pokémon Smash! March 31st – FINISHED!!

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It’s Saturday and you know what that means, right? Pokémon Smash! Our LIVE coverage can be found below.

As you’ve come to expect we have covered Pokémon Smash! this week. Although we did not expect anything new this week, our coverage can be found below as well as a stream.

Live updates:

  • Smash! has begun airing
  • New X & Y details are said to arrive on the show next week
  • The anime episode this week is You Said a Mouthful. From the Advanced Generation series.
  • Commercials during Smash are always heavily Pokémon-orientated. Does anyone wish more of this merchandise would make it outside of Japan?
  • The anime has now ended and it’s back to the studio
  • A feature on Pokémon Tretta this week, seems a little random.
  • Back to the studio and Smash are taking a look and Rumble U on Wii U.
  • Finished!
  • Next week we’re set to hopefully get some big X & Y news. The preview showed Masuda and confirmed that new Pokémon would be shown with exclusive information.

The wait begins!

Many thanks to ZephyrSonic for the live stream below.

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