RUMOR: New Alolan Forms in Ultra Sun & Moon + More!

DISCLAIMER: Rumors are not confirmed information, should not be thought of to be confirmed information and should not be shared as confirmed information. These are for discussion purposes.

With less than four weeks until the official release of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the rumor mill has been cranking out some interesting information as of late. While I don’t normally cover rumors that appear on 4chan because of the inability to verify anything about them, today’s bit of hearsay is allegedly (that means NOT CONFIRMED, as with everything in a RUMOR post) from the Chinese Riddler who leaked quite a bit of accurate—if not obtuse—information about Pokémon Sun & Moon.

You may have noticed that the ‘Riddler’ has been mostly inactive, but they have apparently been warned by company officials not to disclose information and have only revealed things via personal accounts to close friends.

There’s no way to verify that these conclusively came from them because they were, apparently, quickly deleted, but Chinese social media has been buzzing about the English translation that was posted on 4chan.

  • A “returning” Team will take over the Aether Paradise and steal Lillie’s Cosmog/Cosmoem
  • In order to secure the building more executives and team members will be brought in (possibly from another dimension) as you progress
  • Molayne, a former Trial Captain and engineer of Alola’s PC network, will join the Elite 4
  • A new building similar to the past Battle Frontier will be available and will incorporate renting you friends’ teams, possibly similar to current QR system
  • Generation I Grass/Poison-type Pokémon will get a new Alolan Form; this is suspected to be Oddish

You can watch PokéSirena’s video on YouTube and listen to her thoughts as well (thanks for the tip!). She has been working with us to cover and translate Chinese leaks for over a year now.

Take these with a massive spoonful of salt and discuss responsibly! Thoughts?!