May’s Year of Legendary Pokémon Event Now Live

Happy Year of Legendary Pokémon! …you guys still care about these distributions, right?

For those stateside, from today until May 25th you can head to your local Gamestop and pick up a serial code for Xerneas (Moon/Ultra Moon) or Yveltal (Sun/Ultra Sun)! For those outside the States, check out where you can snag a serial code from today until May 26th:

  • Australia – EB Games
  • Canada – EB Games
  • France – Micromania
  • Germany – Gamestop
  • Italy – Gamestop
  • Spain – GAME
  • United Kingdom – GAME

Remember, like past distributions, the version which you download them into determines some factors: If Xerneas or Yveltal are brought into Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, they will be given to you at Level 100, holding a Gold Bottle Cap. However, if brought into Sun or Moon they will only be gifted at Level 60.

Question is, are you #TeamXerneas or #TeamYveltal?