[FAKE] Loboxter and More Coming to Pokémon Sun & Moon?

RUMOR ALERT: The information contained in this post is based on speculation, not fact. Please treat it as such and do not interpret it as confirmed news. We post rumors for discussion purposes ONLY. Why do we post information that isn’t confirmed? The answer is here.


A 4chan post, which has since been deleted (why?) and any re-posts as well (plot thickening intensifies), was made by someone claiming to have seen September’s trailer which included several new Pokémon.

Here is a quick recap:

  • Loboxter is a Fighting-type Pokémon and serves as a counterpart to Crabrawler; they will be version exclusives and Loboxter will be found in Sun, while Crabrawler will be found in Moon.
  • Dulfrost is an Ice/Ghost-type Pokémon
  • Uhaku is the evolution of Rockaby, which was featured in the ‘Artleaker’ rumor last week.

To be perfectly honest, the Loboxter concept is amazingEven if it is fake, it is one of the reasons I find post rumors interesting: is this not a great idea?? Uhaku is very similar to the tiki stones seen in the trailers, which could mean the poster just copied the design or it could be evidence in its favor.


I’ll let YOU decide what you think, but let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Also it really helps when you guys share our links on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc) so just know that I appreciate it!

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  1. Those are really detailed considering they’re just from memory…
    Also, wasn’t Artleaka confirmed fake anyway?

    1. Still it’s something to hype about! I think tomorrow we will get the announcement Sun and Moon news! September 1st!

        1. IK I ment that on the 31st they will announce that news will be announced on the 1st

          1. Shouldn’t they announce today that they’re going to announce tomorrow that news will be announced on the first, then?

      1. Because they posted a drawing of Alolan Arcanine, which the official site has seemingly debunked. I think there was something else too but I can’t remember exactly

        1. he was 90% right theres still 10% he got wrong did u not read the post and game footage isn’t final

  2. the reason the posts were deleted is because it was pointed out the rock totem thing was reposted from a fakemon thread……

  3. loboxter is suspicious as even sawk and throh weren’t version exclusives, and crabrawler was revealed as a “this is going to the top of the metagame” pokemon, so now there’s… two of us, with presumably identical movesets (its design is incredibly similar)? sawk and throh also practiced different styles of fighting (karate vs judo), just like hitmonchan/lee

    1. Loboxter looks like guys in vintage boxing pictures with its handlebar moustache, like over manly man. Crawbrawler looks like an annoying jock from high school.

  4. automatic fake, becuase one it is revealed on 4chan, and two, it is revealed on the Japanese Pokemon website that there is not going to be an Alolan Alcanine

    1. That doesn’t deconfirm anything. Firstly, A vast majority of the leaks we’ve received since like gen 4 have come from 4Chan, a few of which being true. Second, being on the website doesn’t mean anything other than it will be in the game, which we already knew. It’s way too early to automatically write it off.

    2. It’s not like the site outright said “These pokemon aren’t getting Alola forms”. We don’t even know why they’re even up there to begin with. If it was to point out pokemon that would be in Alola, why focus on these specific stages instead of their base stages, all of them are from gen 1, and so far only says found instead of saying found in Alola, which wouldn’t make sense if they actually lived on the region for long time so it’s not like they’re just discovered? I think they’re only up there to show off new dex entries.

    1. The eevee one looks really bad, and the pikachu one is kind of odd. I guess they’re mixing their style to overall appearance of plushies.

  5. I’ve heard next month’s CoroCoro is going to be the reveal of Rockruff’s, and the starter’s evolution.

    Rockruff’s evolution will be revealed in sync to the comic starting next month

    The starters were hinted by Nintendo France only recently.

  6. I really like that snowman. Sad that they’re probably fake. Really hoping for a trailer on the 1st. Maybe another after Coro Coro as well

    1. Same.
      But accepting these as fake would mean accepting that other rumour, which I don’t want to do. Especially because of Alolan Arcanine.

      As much as I’ve hoped most leaks turn out false, I’d genuinely like a snowman pokemon like that, and I think the Lobster looks better than the crab. The Tiki is so-so.

      1. dude have you browsed the internet before? deviantart, among other sites, is literally littered with fake pokemon that look like sugimori drew it. besides, the thing on the right is fake. if you saw the actual pic, people have spotted irregularities with the text it was paired with.

        tl;dr, don’t believe anything just because it actually looks real.

  7. I used to at least somewhat respect you and your content, but you’ve really been cranking up the clickbait to eleven recently.

    Is leak season really so dry that you need to scrape the bottom of the barrel in the form of /vp/ threads that are posted every hour? Couldn’t you at least save it until after some piece of information has been confirmed and it has been lended credibility?

    The threads were deleted because they were quickly debunked and derailed into garbage arguments. There’s no conspiracy.

  8. Did he really draw the tiki’s face perfectly from his memory, because it looks like it was drawn from the gameplay photos.

  9. Guys when was the X&Y/ORAS demos released? So we can know when to expect a Sun/moon demo.

    1. Never, since last time we datamined the crap out of that demo and spoiled every surprise of the game. So I’m pretty sure they want to avoid that, and thus not publish a demo.

  10. I am definitely liking the little snowman/ghost… I hope the rumors are true and that it has 2 evos.

  11. My one question is whether or not Pokemon games have ever really had version exclusives that are so similar. Solrock and lunatone and zangoose and se viper are great counterparts but different typings entirely. Two fighting type crustaceans reminds me more of hitmonlee and hitmonchan than any of the exclusives we’ve previously seen. Feel free to correct me- I don’t know extensive examples of version exclusives.

    1. Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan weren’t version exclusives. Just choices. But the pokemon games do have to have version exclusives, otherwise there’s no point in having them as separate games.

      1. That’s what in saying. these crustaceans look like something you’d just choose between in the game, not ones you’d find in either game.

          1. If anything, they seem more like Sawk and Throh than the Hitmons. And Sawk and Throh weren’t version exclusives.

          2. Not really. Throh was based off a judo fighter and Sawk off of the Tae Kwon Do. Very different than boxer/kickboxer

          3. Oh come on. Two fighting type Pokemon with similar designs who both wear dobos of some sort. these crustaceans are the exact same way- very similar designs.

    2. i see what your getting at since their both fighting type if they were version exclusive wouldn’t they give it a completely different typing?! so the hitmolee and hitmonchan speculation does sort of make sense, they weren’t version exclusives but rather we could choose between the two in the same game, so if they were both fighting types it would be alot easier to just choose between the two in one version…but thats just what i think

  12. I don’t know why people get so worked up and hostile when there are “leaks”, especially with drawings.
    I actually enjoy reading them cause some of them give me a good laugh & it’s also fun reading stuff from people that’s creative.
    I mean yes Arcanine is on the Japanese website but we don’t know what that’s truly about. Maybe it won’t get an alolan form but that’s hardly a reason for some people to use that as evidence while throwing a few derogatory terms in (which is what I see on 4chan a lot)
    In any case, cool designs here, and since this is a time sensitive leak, we’ll see soon

    1. I never did get people’s beef with them either. Would be hilarious if the dude was telling the truth but didn’t expect Arcanine to go up on the site making him look bad)

    2. The getting worked up is mostly because there’s lying and deception involved.
      I’d have more respect for these people if they just outright said “I have drawn these pokemon because I would like them to appear in Sun and Moon, what do you guys think” instead of “Hai guys, look – I found sum leeks. LOL!”. If people want to showcase their artistic talent, that’s fine. If people want to abuse their artistic talent to fake leaks, that’s not fine.

  13. You know what? I think I could believe all this…..sure it probably wil tern out fake, but this is one of the more fun leaks we’ve gotten in a while. I really have to give credit to this person and Artleaka. they both have amazing skills as artists. as for the general info with the pics I’d say once again that yeah I could believe it. Nothing really stand out as fan service , but at the same time nothing really stands out as something too unbelievable. I really want them to announce(and then release) the next trailer . I think with the next batch of news we’ll have a clearer look at a lot of the rumors we’ve collected so far and things will begin to smooth out and we’ll be able to do some house cleaning lol

    1. The Alolan Arcanine is obvious fan service.
      Plus they tried too hard to link themselves to other rumours.

      1. That particular image was fake yes. the original concept from Artleaka is still up in the air. We really won’t know until stuff starts getting completely proven otherwise.

  14. Any new Tiki Pokémon is good with me! 😀 and Dulfrost reminds me of Snow Bros, a super underrated arcade/NES game. I hope this is all true! I suppose we’ll find out within a couple weeks.

  15. Apparently, there’s going to be a 3DS Nintendo Direct on the 1st. I’m guessing that’s when we’ll we get a new SM update for sure
    I’m interested in this, especially the snowman, but that tiki similarity is a little odd for sure.

    1. i don’t believe these leaks but i do think its a little odd that they drew these by memory, its details are very specific if you ask me…

  16. I like Loboxter better than Crabrawler xD Crabrawler is just an awkward name that feels like I’m saying crabrarwer

      1. No, but it’s strange that both of these leakers seem to have a lot of sketching experience and great memories, so it’s fishy. I’m a decent drawer, but I’m the exception among people I know.

  17. The NX is definitely involved in the timing of this 3DS stuff. They need to get that out of the way before the big guns come out. I wonder how they have enough content for this, though? (Of course Pokemon will be there). They could announce the date of the NX reveal if it’s in September! Oh my god, I would lose my mind.

    1. The NX being announced in September is really bad timing now, since PlayStation event is coming up in September to announce the next PlayStation, PSNeo and the Slim version of the ps4

  18. hm. Seeing these twos boxer pokemon gets me thinking. if its real could we see a pre evolution where the version decides what it evolves into?

    1. I would hope not. If I get a pre-evo of a Pokémon, it should be able to evolve into any of its (already released) evolutions, regardless of what version I’m playing. That’s why I’m still miffed over not being able to evolve Eevee into Leafeon or Glaceon or Magneton into Magnezone, etc in HGSS.

      1. To be honest I’m surprised they didn’t expand on the power plant in Kanto and let Magneton evolve there

        1. or even kalos for that matter, their were alot of closed doors on that place apart from one that we could open and fight team flare in, now that sun and moon are almost coming, kalos and its lack of stuff like the power plant hasn’t been expanded on at all. which is kind of a shame considering zyarde in in sun and moon aswel as part of the story.

  19. If the “Riddler” leaked is credible, the tiki statue pokemon might be the Aristotle bust, right?

    1. To be fair though the Riddler leaks have been the only truly credible leaks, but that isn’t impossible. Generally we know that it seems likely we’ll get a statue pokemon of some sort, so maybe?

        1. Pretty much everything from the starter types, the legend’s, the sea cucumber pokemon, that pikachu cloth pokemon, alolan forms and team skull.

          The leaker basically posts seeming random images, with sometimes some information with them to give a little context. Like posting a flag of a skeleton and saying related to the evil team, or posting a picture of a pikachu tablecloth for that pikachu mimic pokemon. Its clearly that they have insider information, but are trying to hide it by posting seeming random information that can only be really connected once the official information has come out. Like for Pykumuku they posted an image of two people playing rock paper scissors + an image of bloody organs to hint at it using its organs as a hand, as well as it’s ability.

  20. They claim that Loboxter is exclusive to Red. We already know that’s not true. There’s no reason to believe anything else they say.

      1. The 4chan post says it’s in Red, when they meant Sun. Am I the only person who actually read what was posted?

          1. Yeah. I just didn’t know every idiot on this page would go bonkers over a sarcastic comment about a fricking typo.

    1. don’t you mean exclusive to sun, not red?! and do you have any evidence to confirm it fake because in the end, their just rumours no one is calling them real until a trailer of some sort or a batch of corocoro info is given to us. don’t get all worked up over it, if you don’t believe em then good for you but don’t say their fake unless you can back that up

      1. The 4chan post above says Loboxter is exclusive to Red. It does NOT say Loboxter is exclusive to Sun. Red came out 20 years ago and Loboxter was not in it. Therefore, we already know that Loboxter is not exclusive to Red.

        Seriously, am I the only person who caught that? I was making fun of their typo. Don’t jump down my throat because you can’t read properly.

        1. calm down, i was just correcting you, so he made a small mistake. it obviously was meant to say sun, so please dont jump down my throat when i was just saying so. that small typo wasn’t his fault.

          1. You actually weren’t correcting me. You have to be correct in order to correct someone, and you weren’t.

            You were trying to correct me because you misread the 4chan post, and even though I explained that I was making fun of the typo, you still seem to be laboring under the delusion that my initial comment was meant to debunk the original statement.

            And whoever posted that original rumor… sorry to burst your bubble, but his/her typo actually IS his or her own fault. It’s his or her fault because he or she typed “Red” instead of “Sun.” (That’s how you correct someone, by the way.)

          2. excuse me, me delusional? am i the one who’s going crazy over one simple typo?! no. i really couldn’t care less what you think of me, because you really don’t know me, so don’t bother getting personal, take more than that to piss me off 🙂 oh and im pretty intelligent considering i got a degree in teaching, i teach students at university, weather you think im dumb or whatever i really don’t care, in the end YOUR the one who’s going star crazy over a simple mistake of a typo! grow up and find something better to do rather than aruing over a simple typo about a game. seriously, im here to speculate and see what leaks have been spread weather their real or fake and here you are arguing about a small mistake…you really need to calm the heck down and get over it, til then i have work tomorrow unlike most. ta ta for now 🙂

      1. Because Red came out 20 years ago and Loboxter wasn’t in it.

        Seriously, the 4chan post above says Red. Not Sun.

  21. “this artist must have a good memory if he can draw a Pokémon that looks exactly like those tikis in the game”

    Those are probably disguises and people build tikis based on them. If you walk by or walk up and press a while facing it, it might trigger a battle. Similarly to Darmanitan, Voltorb/Electrode, etc.

    Edit: also similar to how some Yokai in Yokai Watch can disguise themselves as inanimate objects.

        1. It is.
          Creatures disguising themselves as ordinary objects has been in RPG games for decades.
          You provided examples of where Pokemon has done it before and Yokai Watch is irrelivant. Otherwise you might as well mention Dragon Quest and Dungeons And Dragons and all the other cases.

          1. Some people may have only played Yokai Watch and not Pokemon. Like my sister for example. Calm your ass and shut the fuck up.

          2. The people who have only played Yokai Watch are hardly likely to be visiting pokejungle.
            I am calm, but it seems you are not.

  22. I just hope its not a short trailer when it comes around. i want one like the Alolan form reveal, 5 minutes. i feel like when pokemon doesn’t elaborate even slightly they open up this can of worms called leaks and rumors. like teasing the bracelet about a month or so early before letting us know what it was. i love rumors but i just want some news. GIVE IT TO ME

  23. I think it’s fake, but if it’s not, I’d be okay with that.
    These three have quite nice designs.
    I actually prefer the lobster to the Crabrawler.

  24. I looked back at the Artleaker rumor, and it doesn’t mention Rockaby. Was it the Rock/Bug Spider Monkey?

  25. Guys, can you all give your opinions and say to me, if this is could be true or fake? Cause i like the designs and I want to hear your thoughts

    1. As much as I like the art, it’s probably fake.
      Besides, trying to back the Artleaker rumour makes me sad.

        1. I like the snowman and the lobster, and the tiki is ok, but there’s too much in the Artleaker set of rumours that I dislike.
          If they hadn’t tried to back the Artleaker rumour I’d be 100% fine with this being true or false.

  26. I really do not like that snowman… I’ve enjoyed most of the other Pokemon, being on the fence with Palossand, but I would be very pleased if this was fake just because of that snowman. What a waste of an ice/ghost design.

      1. I don’t know how it could be. It’s a moot point anyway, this is all going to be confirmed fake within the next couple of days.

  27. The Loboxter Crabrawler duo actually seems plasubile. It’d make a lot of sense too, so if it is true, I’m interested to see where they go with this.

  28. I’m having a feeling that these will end up looking better than the real thing, also that white pokemon is SO unoriginal…

  29. There’s no way this isn’t the same the guy from the art leaker stuff. We have had anyone draw Pokemon like this in leaks before, is seems suspect.

    I like the lobster and the snowman a lot, though. Sorta hope they’re real, but they probably aren’t.

  30. Probably fake, but this one would be so cool. The snowball pkm and the totem pkm are just perfect. And the lobster vs crab idea is really cool, and they both look pretty nice

  31. I think Loboxter is a dumb idea. It looks basically the same as Crabrawler except because it’s a Lobster pokemon, the Fighting type without Water type is even more dumb.

    1. I agree with Loboxter being dumb for looking the same, but you do realize Crabrawler is a coconut crab, which is the reason for its pure Fighting type.

      1. I do realize the typing makes sense for Crabrawler. Doesn’t make sense to leave out water typing on the lobster though.

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