FAKE: Even more Sun & Moon Information “Leaked”


RUMOR ALERT: The information contained in this post is based on speculation, not fact. Please treat it as such and do not interpret it as confirmed news. We post rumors for discussion purposes ONLY. Our comments on the rumor are in Sewaddle green (ofc).

It’s that time of the week again folks! An anonymous user has posted a list claiming to share new details of the upcoming Sun & Moon. the list spans from new Pokémon right round to Rockruff’s special evolution methods. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of what was posted, with our thoughts on it in green underneath!

“Leaked” Information

• Rockruff does have multiple evolutions, though they do not feature many design changes. The evolution you get depends on the phase of the moon. Rockruff also has a strong link with Z Stones and Synchro Evolution. Rockruff’s evolution is said to have a cowl that attaches to it’s tail. The poster claims its body may be fairly different, but the cross on its chest stood out.
This is actually something fans have long speculated and we’re almost definitely expecting Rockruff to receive varying evolutions, or at the very least something relating to Z Stones. What is key to note is that this seemingly have any link to the starters, something Rockruff is said to have.

• Just how Rockruff has evolutions that vary depending on the phases of the moon, there’s also a Pokémon that has evolutions that vary depending on the position of the sun during the day (dawn, noon or sunset) and it will not evolve at night. The Pokémon shoots seeds like a cannon.
Again, this makes sense. Having a Pokémon that evolves dependent on the position of the moon and not one that depends on the sun would seem a little odd. It’s difficult to tell the legitimacy of the claim as it doesn’t line up with any previous, confirmed leaks and Rockruff evolving dependent on the moon isn’t confirmed itself just yet.

• Some areas of Alola have strange weather and time conditions. One area will have permanent sunlight as Sunny Day has been activated and time does not pass, fog makes a come back.
It wouldn’t be surprising to see the sun and moon have permanent effects on some areas in Alola, given they’re the main themes of the games. Fog returning would be an interesting choice, but again nothing unbelievable.

• Several new Pokémon will receive Alola forms:

• Paras/Parasect become Bug/Fairy-type and is said to be infected by Morelull
• Golem become Rock/Fire-type
• Koffing and Weezing both turn Fire-type, almost as though they have become uncontaminated
• Grimer and Muk also become “uncontaminated” and are pure Ground-type
• Solrock and Lunatone both receive new forms that are similar to Minior and have the same ability
It’s pretty difficult to comment on these, but again they’re all fairly safe guesses. Alola forms could literally be anything from the currently revealed ones, so it isn’t fair to say these are believable or not. See Alola Exeggutor!

• There are more Poké Ride features to be revealed, including several mini games featuring different Pokémon:

• Alola Arcanine can be ridden on hot waters. Arcanine’s zig-zags get replaced with wavy patterns and the tufts of fur on it’s paws look like waves
• Mountains can be climbed with an as-of-yet unseen Rock/Bug-type spider monkey. There’s a mini game where you have to avoid falling boulders which is the only way to catch Alola Golem without trading
• Hippowdon can be rode in a sand dungeon where players will have to avoid Sandygast and Palossand
It seems almost definite Poké Ride will serve as a functional addition to the game. We’ve seen Stoutland being ridden and sniffing out something on the ground. It’d be odd if all rideable Pokémon didn’t serve a function or at least star in a mini game. Alola Arcanine seems to fit with the Pokémon’s high speed and rumours of it receiving a Water-type Alola form.

• There are four Totem Pokémon battles: Gumshoos, Lurantis, Wishiwashi and an unrevealed, pure Fire-type looking pig that has lava flowing over its body. The prevolution of the pig Pokémon is said to roll in lava akin to how pig roll in mud
Difficult to comment on this again. We know that Totem Pokémon appear at the end of each Trials, so there only being four Totem Pokémon in total raises the question of what’s right and what’s wrong here. We don’t know of a Normal-Type Trial captain yet, so who knows with this!

• New details of currently revealed Pokémon:

• Komala evolves once into a more bear-looking Pokémon called Ibearnate. When it doesn’t sleep on the log it throw it around
Given Komala already launches it’s attack using the log it holds, an evolution take that one step further would be sensible. The name “Ibearnate” is also a nice touch. It becoming less koala like would however be an odd choice, given Komala is the first koala Pokémon we’ve got
• Pikipek has two evolutions, becoming more streamlined as it evolves and gaining Steel-type in it’s final stage called Fowldrill. The middle stage is known as Perfowl. There’s apparently a subquest in the games that require the player to explore Alola and find different markings left on trees by the Pokémon
We really don’t have much to go on in terms of how Pikipek’s evolution line will go. We know for certain the Pokémon is based on a woodpecker, so having it evolve down the drilling/pecking route makes sense. A regional bird gaining Steel typing would also be a nice touch.
• Pepperot is Bounsweet’s evolution and gains Fire typing when it evolves
OK then?
• Tortunator has a prevolution called Krakatuga, it has a weak spot/button on it’s stomach
Fans seem to believe that Tortunator is a standalone Pokémon, so Krakatuga might not be something they expect. Having a weak spot on it’s stomach makes it seem as though whatever it is/was explodes/d and becomes what Tortunator is protecting on it’s stomach.


The poster has also provided some drawing of what certain Pokémon look like and we’ve posted those below. The poster has said that these are drawn from memory and may be completely made up/wrong.


It really is difficult to provide much of an opinion on the stuff the individual has posted. A lot of it seems in line with what fans have speculated, or can be interpreted from officially revealed information (such as minigames involving Poké Ride). Some of it seems a little off given what we already know. Only time will tell.

Remember: we do NOT claim the information in this post is real/legitimate. We are providing it for our readers to discuss and provide their own thoughts on. Should the information be proven as legitimate or not we will provide an update ASAP.

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