FAKE: Even more Sun & Moon Information “Leaked”


RUMOR ALERT: The information contained in this post is based on speculation, not fact. Please treat it as such and do not interpret it as confirmed news. We post rumors for discussion purposes ONLY. Our comments on the rumor are in Sewaddle green (ofc).

It’s that time of the week again folks! An anonymous user has posted a list claiming to share new details of the upcoming Sun & Moon. the list spans from new Pokémon right round to Rockruff’s special evolution methods. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of what was posted, with our thoughts on it in green underneath!

“Leaked” Information

• Rockruff does have multiple evolutions, though they do not feature many design changes. The evolution you get depends on the phase of the moon. Rockruff also has a strong link with Z Stones and Synchro Evolution. Rockruff’s evolution is said to have a cowl that attaches to it’s tail. The poster claims its body may be fairly different, but the cross on its chest stood out.
This is actually something fans have long speculated and we’re almost definitely expecting Rockruff to receive varying evolutions, or at the very least something relating to Z Stones. What is key to note is that this seemingly have any link to the starters, something Rockruff is said to have.

• Just how Rockruff has evolutions that vary depending on the phases of the moon, there’s also a Pokémon that has evolutions that vary depending on the position of the sun during the day (dawn, noon or sunset) and it will not evolve at night. The Pokémon shoots seeds like a cannon.
Again, this makes sense. Having a Pokémon that evolves dependent on the position of the moon and not one that depends on the sun would seem a little odd. It’s difficult to tell the legitimacy of the claim as it doesn’t line up with any previous, confirmed leaks and Rockruff evolving dependent on the moon isn’t confirmed itself just yet.

• Some areas of Alola have strange weather and time conditions. One area will have permanent sunlight as Sunny Day has been activated and time does not pass, fog makes a come back.
It wouldn’t be surprising to see the sun and moon have permanent effects on some areas in Alola, given they’re the main themes of the games. Fog returning would be an interesting choice, but again nothing unbelievable.

• Several new Pokémon will receive Alola forms:

• Paras/Parasect become Bug/Fairy-type and is said to be infected by Morelull
• Golem become Rock/Fire-type
• Koffing and Weezing both turn Fire-type, almost as though they have become uncontaminated
• Grimer and Muk also become “uncontaminated” and are pure Ground-type
• Solrock and Lunatone both receive new forms that are similar to Minior and have the same ability
It’s pretty difficult to comment on these, but again they’re all fairly safe guesses. Alola forms could literally be anything from the currently revealed ones, so it isn’t fair to say these are believable or not. See Alola Exeggutor!

• There are more Poké Ride features to be revealed, including several mini games featuring different Pokémon:

• Alola Arcanine can be ridden on hot waters. Arcanine’s zig-zags get replaced with wavy patterns and the tufts of fur on it’s paws look like waves
• Mountains can be climbed with an as-of-yet unseen Rock/Bug-type spider monkey. There’s a mini game where you have to avoid falling boulders which is the only way to catch Alola Golem without trading
• Hippowdon can be rode in a sand dungeon where players will have to avoid Sandygast and Palossand
It seems almost definite Poké Ride will serve as a functional addition to the game. We’ve seen Stoutland being ridden and sniffing out something on the ground. It’d be odd if all rideable Pokémon didn’t serve a function or at least star in a mini game. Alola Arcanine seems to fit with the Pokémon’s high speed and rumours of it receiving a Water-type Alola form.

• There are four Totem Pokémon battles: Gumshoos, Lurantis, Wishiwashi and an unrevealed, pure Fire-type looking pig that has lava flowing over its body. The prevolution of the pig Pokémon is said to roll in lava akin to how pig roll in mud
Difficult to comment on this again. We know that Totem Pokémon appear at the end of each Trials, so there only being four Totem Pokémon in total raises the question of what’s right and what’s wrong here. We don’t know of a Normal-Type Trial captain yet, so who knows with this!

• New details of currently revealed Pokémon:

• Komala evolves once into a more bear-looking Pokémon called Ibearnate. When it doesn’t sleep on the log it throw it around
Given Komala already launches it’s attack using the log it holds, an evolution take that one step further would be sensible. The name “Ibearnate” is also a nice touch. It becoming less koala like would however be an odd choice, given Komala is the first koala Pokémon we’ve got
• Pikipek has two evolutions, becoming more streamlined as it evolves and gaining Steel-type in it’s final stage called Fowldrill. The middle stage is known as Perfowl. There’s apparently a subquest in the games that require the player to explore Alola and find different markings left on trees by the Pokémon
We really don’t have much to go on in terms of how Pikipek’s evolution line will go. We know for certain the Pokémon is based on a woodpecker, so having it evolve down the drilling/pecking route makes sense. A regional bird gaining Steel typing would also be a nice touch.
• Pepperot is Bounsweet’s evolution and gains Fire typing when it evolves
OK then?
• Tortunator has a prevolution called Krakatuga, it has a weak spot/button on it’s stomach
Fans seem to believe that Tortunator is a standalone Pokémon, so Krakatuga might not be something they expect. Having a weak spot on it’s stomach makes it seem as though whatever it is/was explodes/d and becomes what Tortunator is protecting on it’s stomach.


The poster has also provided some drawing of what certain Pokémon look like and we’ve posted those below. The poster has said that these are drawn from memory and may be completely made up/wrong.


It really is difficult to provide much of an opinion on the stuff the individual has posted. A lot of it seems in line with what fans have speculated, or can be interpreted from officially revealed information (such as minigames involving Poké Ride). Some of it seems a little off given what we already know. Only time will tell.

Remember: we do NOT claim the information in this post is real/legitimate. We are providing it for our readers to discuss and provide their own thoughts on. Should the information be proven as legitimate or not we will provide an update ASAP.

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    1. I’ve always loved Paras line. It’s the pokemon that makes the most sense… a crab with a mushroom growing on its back and the mushroom eventually envelopes it and takes it over… it’s so post-apocalyptic

  1. honestly at this point i believe anybody can post anything anywhere and it will be reported somewhere. there is really only 1 positive outcome from “leaks” like this, it keeps fans busy. but then theres the negative from it, people believe that if any leaked or rumored info is real that it means they were spoiled

  2. I think the steel Pikipek is what breaks this leak for me. A ton of people want Pikipek to be steel, so I feel like that’s put in as a crowd pleaser. But of course I could be wrong. What is that thing next to Komala evo supposed to be? Also the golem looks too much like the normal one to be different.

    1. the want for steel type for pikipek stems from fan knowledge of woodpeckers. but i agree, to make a leak look real people try to incorporate existing info and fan wanted info. just look at the fake pokedex that was confirmed fake

        1. I meant StarStorm, because she posted this (without the Exeggutor on the pervious article.)
          But glad to see you here. (How do we know you’re the real StarBits. AntiRobot test: What’s your name?

          1. *Pulls a Gun*
            Until I figure out who the real Star is
            *Pulls back the hammer*
            Nobody leaves

          2. StarBits is Elijah.
            StarStorm is not Elijah. (She’s a girl, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to say her name. I don’t have permission)

          3. 2 different stars, earthen come on. Starbits is the star thats been in chat forever, and star storm is the star thats on disqus not chat

          4. Last year I decided to harvest some of Star’s organs to sell
            What organ did i stole then immediately fenced?

          5. Earthen used his magical wizard skillz to turn you into a chicken, then took your cerebrum,. Now you’re a headless chicken.

  3. Calling “fowl” on these leaks after some of the names were a bit silly such as Fowldrill. I feel like a lot of these ideas were taken from YouTube speculation videos of top Alolan forms people wanted to see to get them talking. I’ve definitely seen fire type weezing and a different parasect on YouTube (I’m sure Parasect form was on orange islands anime)

    1. Well in all seriousness I can easily see and explain both Fire type Weezing and Muk
      There drawn to hot and humid volcanic vents because of the burning sulfur which would be a favorite
      They absorb it into their bodies which are already chemical toilets so if they spew out flammable gasses they just need a spark and boom they’re on fire

      1. Yeah definitely I don’t doubt the potential authenticity of their typing from this leak but I just think they have been posted by this anonymous user because they know people would want/could see that kind of Alolan form. Pokemon company haven’t really been that predictable going off them so far really have they (ice vulpix/psychic raichu/dragon exeggutor etc…) a lot of them are a bit left field.

    2. Well, with names like Bewear and Talonflame, I wouldn’t put it past GF to have dumb-sounding or straight-to-the-point names anymore.

  4. I share some of these just for fun ……..don’t believe anything until confirm, Leakers these days r very tricky ….another thing u should be aware there was a rumor talking about Litten mid evolution will wrap it’s own tail on its waist……It’s very old one.

    1. really? wrap its own tail around its waist? sounds exactly what they did with greninja, its scarf was its tail

      1. Maybe it unfurls it and the abrasive spark lights the flammable oils on its fur to power up attacks

      2. If u think that legit we should find that rumor …..but I think the leaker could read these rumors and make his own according to them.

        1. well i personally dont like these leaks, ibearnate i think is a bad name, and i think that if rock ruff does evolve which i think it most certainly will, it should NOT be bipedal

  5. Now in MY opinion I don’t think these are real. This will sound silly but my reason behind this, is that everything is so plausible. Literally most things can be explained or is a fan service.

    Game freak are changing this generation up so I don’t think they are just going to bend over and do everything that fans are vocal about when it comes to the pokedex.

    I’d love to have Ground Muk or Fire Weezing or a water Arcanine, but it’s all just a bit safe. Saying things like Oh a mini game here and there is making it sound like the leaker is trying to make it sound more believe believeable and to me comes off as fake.

    Just my opinion, but I dont see this being 100% true. Sure some things might happen but if that’s the case it’s coincidence:)

  6. Ehm if you still use the term “Synchro Evolution” when the transformation already has a official name, you’ll lose what little credibility you had to begin with..

    1. Official name based on the anime? I remember when Mewtwos Mega Y evolution was called Awakened Mewtwo. Things change and they can make up whatever they want for the anime to fill in until it’s revealed for the games.

  7. I honestly expect Turtonator to have some sort of terrapin or softshell turtle prevo. I’d be surprised if it’s standalone, the design looks quite elaborated in an evolved sort of way.

  8. Like I said be fore the ideas put out there are pretty cool nonetheless. I wouldn’t be too sad to have them be true. I can’t say for sure whether it’s fake or not as we HAVE gotten real leaks from 4Chan (seemingly) and it could be possible that more could come. Either way I have to give credit where credit is due and say whoever the poster is has a great affinity for art lol

  9. I like except that Popplio Evo. It reminds me of a doctor Seuss character and makes me want to vomit.

  10. Now I don’t really have an opinion on weather I think these are real or fake because theres nothing that really jumps out at me but can I just say! Please Arceus let it be just for that Bug/Fairy Parasect! I absolutely love the Paras line and it becoming part fairy would just make me love it even more <3 <3 <3

  11. Also the fire pig is stupid. Did they not learn from the Tepig line? I swear the way some of these designs are going, Gen 7 remakes will probably be the last games I buy Pokemon wise. These are looking worse and worse and the older I get the more I miss Gen 1 and 2.

    1. I’m pretty surprised that the fanbase is pretty split on these designs. I thought that they have been the best since gen 4 but then I see a bunch of people disagreeing.

      1. I’m mixed. Some of them are the best we’ve gotten and some are really creative but the rest look half assed and like bootleg pokemon knock offs. Gen 6 will probably be know for the worst games but the last generation with good designs.

      2. I haven’t seen anything so far that I actually disliked, and even the pokemon that I wasn’t overly fond of I quickly grew to love. I think honestly Gen 6-7 have some of the best pokemon designs, but I think there are just a lot of people on this site that are growing out of or moving on from pokemon, it happens

        1. i’ll love pokemon until i die and i won’t stop loving it because of a few bad designs if that were the case i would have left years ago

      1. No but half of Gen 7 looks great. The other half looks like they designed them based on the shape of the shit they took the previous night. Usually I only hate one or two mons/lines.

          1. Yeah but some of the designs feel unfinished. And ugh..Mega Manectric makes me wanna barf.

  12. I believe bits and pieces of this are very likely to be real. Going down the list:

    – Rockruff’s Evolution makes sense as a werewolf, based on its’ description/dex entry provided. The picture shown above also seems likely. There was very obviously alot more effort put into this drawing compared to some of the others here, and it lines up design-wise with similar Pokemon.

    – The Grass type that shoots bullets and whatever that thing is next to it seem extremely bizarre. The lack of details (even from memory) are unsettling and put its’ legitimacy in question.

    – Alolan Forms All seem somewhat likely, especially Golem and Parasect, considering the detail. Arcanine is still highly questionable in my opinion, mostly because of the type change.

    – Komala evo & Bounsweet evo. The former seems very likely. It retains the design of Komala while making it bigger and more detailed. The Bounsweet evo seems extremely unlikely. The drawing of this supposed evo lacks any related features and looks nothing like Bounsweet. The overall lack of details on both of these put their legitimacy into question for me, though Komala’s evo does look semi-legit.

    – Pikipek evos. Both look a little strange, but not unlike what Gamefreak would do. Steel typing seems to be a little bit of a stretch considering the mention of Pikipek spitting seeds, which heavily implies a Grass typing. Both designs feel strange, but seem semi-likely.

    – Starter Middle stages seem extremely likely. Assuming the Chinese leaks are indeed real, these middle stages do actually line up perfectly, and would make sense. They retain the details of the first stages, while incorporating the new aspects of the final stages, just like every starter prior. Heavily detailed drawing (even by memory) leads me to believe they are legitimate.

    In all honesty, some of these I hope are real.
    I want the Alolan Parasect to be real, as well as Golem, Weezing, Grimer, Rockruff Evo, and the Middle Stages of the starters, as I feel they are all very likely.

      1. I’m almost done with it so I’ll post some time tomorrow afternoon. I’ll just tell you it looks pretty cute and it’s my first SU drawing, so it’s not spectacular…

    1. Right. So what about that Alolan Raichu trailer? And especially the starter evolutions?

    2. Literally every leak we have for Sun and Moon today that are real are from 4chan, unless that’s sarcasm.


            Storm is probably my favorite female superhero

          2. It’s okay. Everyone makes bad choices. Tbh it took me forever to realize your avatar was Ultron. I always thought it was an anime character in knight’s armor because I’m always on mobile.

          3. D: Hey! They’re good characters! But yeah it can be hard to make out when the square is so tiny.

          4. I’ll admit Vision is cool. Don’t care for Ultron though. He really pisses me off.

          5. stealing the conversation! I like Iron Man, and Catwoman (yes I know she’s DC) I just like those “kinda a dick” types of superheroes.

  13. Ironically the doodles by Talented Fanartist For Their Indepth Fanfiction make this less believable but hot damn is the list chock full of good concepts

  14. How do I know Poketubers are going to be hating on this site with their videos for this I say to them piss off!!

    Sorry I get antsy when I am tired

      1. well versillyfry should shut up he knows very little about the thing he makes videos for imo

    1. To be frank he also hates Serebii and insulted some prominent Let’s Players like Chuggaaconroy and ShadyPenguine (who lives near my old home town, and is a pretty chill dude might I add), which imo made me loose all respect for the guy. The idea he doesn’t seem to follow is the golden rule, treat others the way you expect to be treated. He lost respect from other sites and expects us to believe him. Sadly that is how life goes. Anyways, Rant over, and sorry for that, had to get it off my chest. Cheers all!

  15. hm. idk im 50/50 the fake could easily be a great artist and have been making this leak for awhile now.

  16. The Japanese site explicitly states there are more than four trials and trial captains, so there can’t only be four totems

    1. it say on the english one at the end of “EACH’ Trail. so 4 is really unlikey. wishiwashi is the most speculated anyway for the Water Totem anyway

    2. from what i understand they were very vague about totems, island masters and island guardians. Even if there are many trials, I’m not completely certain those correspond directly with totems.

  17. This game looks incredible, for me it’s the most beautiful Pokemon scenario that I’ve saw in all Pokemon games…

          1. Its’ll be interesting to see how they likely handle that in the post game, though I’d just be happy to have origin forms of Dialga and Palkia.

          2. Meh. I’m already in the real world, and Happy to revisit the game that almost got me to quit pokemon all together, and also reignited my love for it in the dumbest way possible.

          3. They’ll probably be an Arceus event in the game, in which’ll be epic. Especially if Cynthia is there to experience it.

          4. To be fair though, HG/SS was a sort of Hybrid story of gold/silver and crystal. Honestly its probably more likely they’ll do something like ORAS and have Cyrus making one last desperate attempt to do his evil thing, only to end up in the distortion world or something like that. They always did hint that he sort of dropped off the earth at the end of those games.

          5. I just don’t wanna have to wait till post game to go to the Distortion World! Chasing Cyrus through it and being aided by the lake spirits was way cooler.

          6. I’ve lost my life to the prison that is school and work as well as my boyfriend. What else could there be?

  18. This is extremely random, but are there any talented artists here who can re-draw this Disney screenshot with Guzma and Salandit? I think of this movie every time I see Salandit xP (Refresh)

      1. The Rescuers Down Under. Very underrated movie, IMO, and better than the original Rescuers movie.

    1. What’s he pointing at? What’s in the toolbox?

      And whatever that is, should it be changed to something Pokemon related (like gym badges, Pokeballs or something)?

    1. … why the heck would scizor ever change from a bug? people are changing types just for the sake of it. I could understand if it was like, say, bug/flying, and gets a speed increase due to having a hard time catching prey on alola, they eventually lost the weight of their steel type counterparts. dragon for the sake of dragon is absurd.

      1. I know but that not mine …..maybe cuz he did Alolan Sayther before that that was Bug/dragon type.

    2. alolan scizor pretty much looks like mewtwo, How did that happen? Infected by Mewtwo?

  19. That litten evo tho ? easily the best one. Even if its somehow fake. That deserves attention from GF ???

    1. GF have screwed up the last 2 fire starters enough, don’t think they need his/her help to do it again

  20. You guys I’m sure this will be proven or disproven easily rly soon though. Usually hate fakes.. but it does spice things up. This is Hella well made. Like professional artists stuff.. if it’s fake.. they need to go work for Disney or something. If they already don’t.. .

  21. Hold up, Solrock & Lunatone gain a new form similar to Minior? Could this mean that its their new PRE-EVOLUTION!?

  22. That Golem art looks a lot like a mega golem fan art I saw way back in XY days. Art by Dragonith on DeviantArt

  23. I’ve dreampt that Pokemo had an app for the 3DS Pokemon Bank in which will allow Pokemon with Mega Evolution to fuse with their Mega Stones, special orbs. Allowing you to either have them stay in their Mega Forms or not, depending on the future games (excluding Gen 6)

  24. Some of them seem reasonable, but I don’t believe it.

    Rockruff’s evolution depending on the moon phase is reasonable, but having a special connection to Z stones seems less likely.

    The seed cannon pokemon evolving differently at dawn/afternoon/dusk is actually quite a nice idea and quite probable.

    The weather being strange in certain areas is almost a given. I’m not sure about an area being in daylight even when it’s night though. Fog is likely.

    Fire Golem seems like an attempt at pleasing fans, but it’s a more plausible alolan form than a lot of the other things that have been proposed in the past, especially given what happened to Marrowak.

    Fire Koffing/Wheezing are plausible, although I’ve already seen a few designs for a fire Koffing/Wheezing (I think they were Delta Pokemon from that fan-game/hack) so I’m inclined to disbelieve it.

    Grimer and Muk becoming ground type seems logical somehow given their resemblance to mud, but it doesn’t really fit with their lore, so it would still be a fair bit of hand-waving.

    Solrock and Lunatone being related to Minior seems reasonable, but I don’t know about them getting new forms. It’s plausible, but I don’t think Gamefreak would do it.

    The main thing that makes it ring false as far as I’m concerned in the Paras thing:
    “Paras/Parasect become Bug/Fairy-type and is said to be infected by Morelull”
    This sounds too much like that stupid idea/creepypasta that Parasect is dead and the mushroom is controlling its body.

    A lot of the riding stuff seems reasonable, but I still don’t think a water type Arcanine is plausible, even with the Chinese leaks. Catching wild Golem as falling rocks is a big of a tough one to call. I would have expected them to only have falling Geodude and Graveller so it would encourage players to trade.
    The spidermonkey does seem more like a fan idea, but I like it so I’m hopeful for that one.

    The Hippowdon riding thing seems very fake because of the timing.
    would have claimed there was a sand dungeon in which you avoid ghostly
    sandcastles if Sandygast and Pallosand hadn’t already been revealed.
    This seems like an obvious knee-jerk reaction to their recent naming.

    The pig totem seems reasonable, but I find it odd that we would already know the names of 3 of the 4 totem pokemon.

    As for Komala’s evolution, the I sound at the beginning of the name doesn’t seem right. It puts me in mind of how Americans tend to pronounce Iran and Iraq as eye-ran and eye-rack.

    Pikipek’s evo is plausible but I doubt it. This is probably an evolution of the idea of a steel-type Fearow that’s been cropping up here and there.

    Bounsweet gaining a fire typing isn’t impossible but it seems highly implausible.

    Tortunator’s prevolution seems fake because of the timing. It’s a recently revealed pokemon so it’s an obvious target for people faking information.

      1. Childhood ruined.

        Still don’t think morelull will take over.
        I suppose I’d be ok with that though, I like Morelull.

        1. I can’t wait to use Sludge Bomb or Poison Jab on the little whelp
          The last thing I need to deal with is yet another obnoxious Mushroom spamming Spore
          But luckily it looks very fragile and slow

  25. Why does Rockruff’s evo look like a bipedal skunk? And what on earth is that poplio evo? I’m losing hope with some of these designs.

  26. It would be awesome if minior evolved into alola lunarone and solrock depending on the time of day

  27. I was so skeptical of that Rowlet evolution since it looks nothing like the final evolution. Then I realized that Quilladin-Chesnaught was a thing.

  28. Alain the criminal working with TF and did nothing to prevent them from capturing Ash. Needs his title revoked and given to the rightful owner, end of.

  29. im not saying i believe this leak, but just looking at the starters litten really looks like a boxer, rowlet getting a hoodie and my beloved favorite poplio is looking like some siren/ mermaid pokemon. the rest is weird to me , but ill wait and see.

  30. Care for the wolf….. he smell rumors to hate!

    Overall. I really like the alolan weezing and parasect. If muk because ground. Would it me too much of a Palossand?

  31. Do the leaks say anything about Rockruff and the starters having something in common? If not it’s fake.

    1. I wanna say the poster stated that they share the whole synchro thing in common….I can’t remember tho and I can’t find the page either. anyway I think they definitely said something about them having a connection.

  32. Around the point where they described the minigames is when it started seeming fake to me. A minigame where you avoid Palossand just seems weird to me. That and making Alola Golem available only through a minigame. That, and like moving said, most if not all of these “leaks” seem like they could just be safe guesses from what has been revealed/speculated so far.
    P.S. The Popplio evo just looks like the angel dog from All Dogs Go To Heaven

    1. I would say that it’s not out of the realm of possibility for them to have some sort of “mini game” thing. From what I saw they meant it less as an actual mini game and more as just a part of a certain area that works differently than the other parts. Making it sort of like a “game” to get to the other side rather than a completely separate thing. Also they don’t say that you can ONLY get Golem through the mini game. They just said that it is the only way to get it without having to do its regular trade evolution.

      1. I can see it Doggy paddling like that and someone surfs by and says what are you doing Entei?

  33. I like these leaks, they don’t seem to be overreaching or pandering much to fans. The Paras/Parasect + Morelull connection makes a lot of sense.

    I don’t like that Litten’s evo is standing up. I was hoping (and it appeared to be the case) that Luchakitten was fake but this again hints at the chinese leak.

    Oh and Popplio’s evo looks like something from Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” music video.

    1. Wait……how did the final starter leaks appear to be fake? Before this I mean? If anything they became more realistic as time has gone on lol

          1. No not really, until I’m picking Litten or Popplio and collecting new Pokemon for battling

        1. Nah m8 you said the same to someone else. Time to take it back. Otherwise go cry in the corner.

    1. I think we’ve had enough of the nonsense some people can spew. We’ve made it clear why we do what we do and we can’t make it any more obvious what we post is for discussion purposes.

      Think we can all agree we’re tired of poor attempts at making us look bad.

    2. idk what to think about this. I think it’s not necessary to make that clear again. Let’s the haters hate right? The most important thing is that we know the truth (or the rumours ;), depends how you see it).

      So dear Pokejungle: ur doing a great job together and dont give them any more of your time. Not worthy. Peace OUT!

    3. Well done Paul! You were the bigger person and didnt insult him; you just called him out for being a bully.

    4. who the f*ck said you have an annoying gay voice?!? that’s a pretty petty thing to say. keep being you Paul.

    5. “annoying gay voice” LOL yes i see how people can think that but personally don’t think his voice is annoying tho :3

      1. His voice is nowhere near as bad as MatPat’s, and at least Paul admits his voice might be grating to some.

        1. who? *googles* oh that theory guy, i have him annoying in a different way than his voice……eh

    6. Just wanted to say that I love your website for all the fake/non fake speculation. Its something you don’t get on serebii. It keeps the hype going.

      Please keep doing what you are doing

    7. When I say Pokejungle skull dragged Verlisify and read him down like he needed to do I cackled! Verlisify has been out of pocket since forever. I respect a fellow gay standing up for himself in a manner that shows maturity and yet not one to be messed with. Big ups Pokejungle, continue to do you.

      1. fake leaks. anybody can make up a bunch of bs and say its real. Not hating on the site but we’ve had loads of leaks that have all been proved fake. With the one exception being the Chinese one which has yet to be proven true or fake. Although that seems more real with the trail captain being revealed as well.

        1. “We have and always will post rumours for our readers to discuss and comment. Any rumours we post are not intended to be taken as true or real (though it’s not impossible).”

          1. Misleading fans regardless if you put the “its not real so be aware’ tag. Serebii is in a class of its own, they ONLY post REAL stuff. Piling on the leaks just makes people angry when it doesnt come true.

          2. It’s not misleading in the slightest. Misleading would be us posting them without any warning or acknowledgement that they are almost certainly NOT real.

            I’m not quite sure why you bring up Serebii. We’ve never said we’re trying to outrank Serebii, or bring ourselves to a similar “class”. We have readers who much prefer our site to Serebii, the same as there are others who prefer Serebii to us. It makes little difference to us. We’re not Serebii and Serebii is not PokéJungle.

            If you familiarise yourself with our community and comments you’ll see that 99% of our readers (Pokémon fans) actually enjoy us posting this sort of content, because they enjoy discussing them. They feel it allows them to discuss their own ideas and what does and doesn’t work in Pokémon.

            I don’t want to sound like an ass saying this, but I know the community of this site infinitely better than you. What we post is for the community of our site. There have been times we’ve published that hasn’t been liked and we’ve learnt from that. The content we publish, we do so because we know it will be well received. We tell people RUMOURS (not leaks) shouldn’t be believed until they’re confirmed and sadly we can’t and won’t take the blame for them getting angry when there really isn’t anything to get angry about.

            We really appreciate you coming here and we’d love you to stay, but please don’t try tell us what’s wrong or right for our site.

          3. Firstly thanks for replying

            My point as i mentioned earlier is that posting these rumours (which by the way sound way to fan made up) just irritates people when they are proved fake; i.e the fake pokedex.

            I’m not telling you guys how to run your site, i said before im not hating on it but posting rumours does nothing for anyone apart from page views unless its real.

            This is not a knock on the site but on people who constantly make up rumours and well, those you follow all of them like sheep

          4. OMG if you dont wanna read rumors then dont come here until the beginning of each month for corocoro! I dont understand why youre here if you dont want rumors. Just read the article’s title. If it’s a rumor article dont click it…

          5. Definition of an opinion :

            A belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something : what someone thinks about a particular thing

            ^ Would you look at that! Its my right to talk / write about whatever I want, so……….

          6. I think its a verlisify fanboy. If you want real info/confirmed info go to serebii. Do you hate rumors/leaks. Go to verlisify…. or are you verlisify!?!?

          7. So you’re implying if i want real info to go to another site not this one as this is by your assumption providing fake news?????

            Im not a Verlisify fanboy – I get annoyed when people create leaks and think its funny to spread it out. – some of which are not even close to being true.

            As a matter of fact I have been going to this website for a long time and use it to get my info as well as other bits of news and opinionated articles.

          8. Oh wait no I am Verlisify, my bad – because he is the only one annoyed by the fake leaks. – Yeah sounds about right

          9. I feel the rumors are more for us commentors here so it gives us something to talk about rather than page views, something I don’t think PJN is necessarily after.

          10. Perhaps, if you look at the amount of fake leaks being posted its absurd. But there is a difference between just fan speculation like i mentioned which is fine, everyone does it as opposed to someone making up a list and presenting it as a real leak.

          11. Yes, although I feel they’re pretty selective about the ones posted here. It’s all in good fun anyway. If anyone takes this as confirmed then they aren’t reading carefully enough.

          12. Thats true, they don’t post everything which is fair to say. My main point is at people who think its clever to come up with ridiculous fake leaks and spread it on the internet. We have enough of those already – take a look at 4 chan. I guess i want to avoid looking at rumours but the Internet is now a dangerous place with everyone talking about it on social media, Youtube and blogs and news websites. And people are posting not just fake leaks but real info – i remember the Alolan Raichu info got leaked as someone posted it as well. Its that kind of stuff that gives Pokemon fans a bad rep

          13. Calm down you sound like Verlisify, its not a big deal, people here like the rumours wether they are true or not

          14. im not saying you’re anything like him but he has the exact same feelings towards the rumours that are posted here, and from your first set of comments it seemed like you were coming from a place of anger, I’m not comparing you to him, I’m just saying you sounded like him with your views on the rumours, but this is the internet so you cant really tell what my motives were I suppose, I assure you it wasn’t meant to be rude, but take it as you will, just try not to hate on this site because of the rumours

          15. Looking at my comments, it could have come across as anger / annoyance. I can assure you i am not Verlisify lol. I am annoyed at the amount of fake leaks but i guess its my fault for going to Reddit / 4Chan as there is nothing but crap on there.

            I dont mind speculation and all that but some fake leaks are pretty ridiculous and personally speaking its gotten me hyped and then it turned out fake. Its my own judgement on the fakes i know but still when they are posted online to credible websites you cannot help but get bought into the hype (lol i know it says these are rumours)

            I guess i like rumours and speculation as long as its not real if that makes sense as you cannot avoid getting spoiled if you are on the internet and i’d rather play it fresh as XY was all over the net before it even came out. And SM looks like a decent game. But when people say its 120 pokemon out (which is ridiculous considering the number we are already on) its funny as there probably wont be and people will be disappointed by it – probably me included lol

          16. Not a problem.

            I can understand it causes irritation when something is proven fake, but it’s trivial when you consider the amount of fun and entertainment it produces the rest of the time.

            We’re a website that publishes content. We publish our content in the hope we spark up discussion and that people will read it. All of our content is put out for our readers to view. Leaked information or rumour is no different. We curate all the content we put out.

            The curation of our content stretches over into leaks and rumours. We don’t post every single rumour, we post the ones we think our readers will enjoy reading. There are times our readers start discussing rumours in our comments before we publish them and we at times make the decision to publish them simply so our readers have a place to speak about them.

            I do agree it does get annoying seeing countless people post rumours day in, day out. And it also is annoying having people bash our team because they fail to realise that something we have published is there merely for discussion purposes.

          17. Yeah no that is fine, as i mentioned before its not a dig at the website, but more on the people who create / spread rumours. Some of what you guys posted i enjoyed before it turned out to be fake. I don’t know i guess (I) would like it more if it was more of a discussion where several of these ideas are thrown out without the exact leak being shown; so users can speculate on it and not know the topics are actually from a leak as to keep from any spoilers / disappointments and general hype.

          18. That’s the sort of stuff we love hearing! Like I said a week or so back we want to go back to how we used to deal with rumours, but we’re also looking at new ways of getting out content. What you said is definitely something we can try somewhen! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

          19. Yeah that way its more of a discussion; i know atm it kind of already is but if you hide the leaks and put it out as a “suggestion”, i think it would be cool. Thats just me personally as i feel there are a lot of other websites that just place leaks and leaked images all over the site.

            Again its not a dig at you / you guys, i personally love the site and is one of the main Poke websites I go to for anything pokemon. Just leaks are a toxic subject especially when it sounds really good

          20. People on this site just like discussing rumors like this. That’s all there is to understand.

          21. I don’t think it’s about what website is better. Pokejungle is a great website because it allows everyone to create buzz when rumours do surface and speculate, and also is a great website where we can celebrate Pokemon being announced and new features and they do articles to get people talking and engaged. Every other website posts the same thing but Pokejungle has more personality for me, which is why I relish going on the website. They’re not trying to hurt fans’ feelings or mislead them rather report what has been posted to debate its authenticity…

          22. I wasnt trying to compare who is better, i said that Serebii only post real info and by doing so its readers / users are informed of the latest real information.

            Of course not all sites will post just facts as everyone likes to speculate and have a discussion; which is fine. However its not just this site but others like it as well that will entertain fake leaks. Whilst it does fuel speculation it also can irritate people who actually believe it and are let down when its proved fake.

            All im saying is that there should not be this much attention on these rumours and fakes; it gives free way for others to make up other leaks and branch off of credible sources.

        2. I (& I think many others) love the rumours/leaks/”leaks” etc, just being busy looking forward to the upcoming games. For me personally: I always enjoy good (fan)art of pokemon..

          So maybe they are real, maybe they are fake as f*ck. It doesn’t matter./ Its still interesting imo and worth talking about.

          1. I do like the occasional fan speculation but on the off chance that they are real, its spoilt it for most. And with every YouTuber jumping on the hype train, most of the online space is going to be covering it so there is no escape if you are online.

            Why would you want to know all about the game before its out???

          2. I thought we were talking about the leaks/’leaks’, but lets dig in that aswell.

            Each her/his own what he/she likes to know before getting their hands on SuMo IRL. I never said I wanted to know “all” about the game.

  34. These are some neat leaks, but it’s already threading the fake territory for me. It seems like a combination of the “Rainbow Greninja” and Chinese leaker leaks! I do love the design of Alolan Arcanine. After that, I think the designs of the Alolan forms are neat, but uninteresting. The biggest outlier to the leaks for me is the use of Synchro Evolution, which the Chinese leaker disproved and the use of Z-Crystal to change forms, as it turned out to be fake in the “Rainbow Greninja” leaks. We got to wait for the CoroCoro or the first month update to see. Even with detailed images, it could still be fake, but I still love the Steel/Flying Pikipek evolution!

  35. Ok so starting from the top
    Alolan Arcanine looks cool (thought it is gonna be like Translucent (dont know how to spell that) Or See Through?

    That fat bird next to the flower snout thing…. That is not a pig?????

    Alolan Koffing is just red and has something like a Team Magma logo on the front?

    Ibearnate Looks cool

    Pepperot looks like a bird dress like Godzilla

    Perfowl (the one with no goggles?) and Ferdrill looks like a Candace (from Phineas and Ferb) Bird with Pearl (steven Universe) mix and a Wanda? (Fairly OddParents) and Pearl mix.

    Rowlett’s Evolution A Owl Vampire?
    Litten’s Evo looks like a fat tiger with lots of makeup and he or she is stuck on a small hula hoop

    Popplio looks like a Girl version of that rockband….

    Rockruff Evolution looks like a werewolf WOW!

    Alolan Golem just looks like a fat Trex dying from magma

    Alolan Parasect looks like a zombie!

    So out of this…. I think this is just weird and i only like Litten and Popplio’s Evo the most not getting Rowlett.
    So idk

    PS. Imma name Popplio Billy (from Saw) actually lol

  36. Pyukumuku evo looks like something from Rick n Morty. The rest look Disney. Talented artist.

        1. No I didn’t mean that ….I mean the one that beside Komala evo…..the leaker mention nothing about Pyukumuku evo.

  37. I don’t know about you guys , but pikipeks evolutions give me so much pikipek vibe that I think it’s legit , like I’ve never seen a fake that has given me such vibes ( which I’ve been getting from every official evo so far )

    1. It strangely does, and the more I think about it being Steel/Flying makes me feel how much I really want it lol

  38. I don’t think that these are real. I mean, some of the stuff may turn out to be real (please give us Alola Form Arcanine), but I believe that the rest is only speculation. I By the way, Synchro Evolution isn’t real, it was not confirmed by The Pokémon Company International. Plus, in the Anime, the name was Bond Phenomenon.

    Also, @tokyoboyxxx:disqus, you studied journalism? I’m studying journalism!

  39. holy shit how can they fug up the rockruff design this hard?
    literally wanna cry right now 🙁

  40. This better be fake. I’m getting real sick of only Kanto Pokemon getting the Alola Forms. I want my Water/Poison blue ringed octopus styled Alolan Octillery damnit!

    Also Alolan Hawlucha, Lilligant, Braviary and Tropius.

    I really don’t want to see another Kanto Pokemon get an Alola form unless it’s Psyduck and Golduck that gain an extra Psychic typing added onto them.

    1. I’m fairly positive that Solrock and Lunatone will get either an Alola forme or a Mega.

          1. Nah I care about his opinion, he knows his shit tbh. He’s just blunt sometimes, but I like that.

        1. Its debatable, but seeing the games’s titles and themes I’d say its pretty straightforward that it’ll happen.

    1. none of these are the same as the images in the article though…? Unless I’m missing something, are you comparing them to the ones in the article or am I off base? 😛

  41. Something that got my gears turning about the ” You’ll get 4 Totem battles in total” line. What if we misunderstood what he meant. He said you’ll get 4 but he didn’t say that’s all there are in the game. What if not all totem battles are mandatory? Nothing on the main site says they’re mandatory to progress, only that they’ll be waiting after each trial. Meaning they’re not part of the trials, and you only have to pass all of the trials on the island to battle the Kahunas. So nothing says you have to absolutely battle the totems to progress. So what if there are only 4 forced ones? Which kind of makes sense with the ones he put down. Gumshoos, is probably forced to be an introduction to totems, Lurantis could be blocking you from the last ingredient in Mallow’s trial, Wishiwashi is probably the pokemon going crazy in the water in Lana’s, and Kiawe’s I don’t know. The rest of the totem pokemon probably serve as optional bosses. So when you think of it like that, what he said works.

  42. Oi vey….. So I’m playing Pokemon Blue Rescue Team (it’s just as fun as ever and I’m a mighty club swinging Cubone) and I’m stuck doing an escort mission for a Slaking….
    They are terrible
    Every three-four spaces they use Slack off and then Truant activates…..so imagine having to escort it through 12 floors of a dungeon

    1. Oh yeah I remember those types of missions. It was usually bs when I had to escort an extremely weak Pokemon around a very hard dungeon. Escorts always went off to fight other Pokemon and then die…

  43. Just saw Pauls video to Verlisify and can I just say it was done with such elegance and class, just well done Pokejungle! Well done! 🙂

      1. if he does in the usual way he responds to things I can see him losing a heck of a lot more fans, even after he’s already lost more than half his original base. It would be pretty unforgivable to attack someone that made such an eloquent response

      2. He already did not about the video. But about this artikel. He is hating on pokejungle again -.-

  44. I feel like it’s an artist just wants to show off his creations. I like it though. I don’t feel angry for fake leakers. They provide entartainment for people while fulfilling their own needs.

    1. We know we’ll get info from the next Corocoro around the 11-12, but its wording suggests we’ll get new info from Nintendo before that.

  45. The only rumor I’m really crossing my fingers for is riding Arcanine, water-type or otherwise. That aside, there are some cool ideas here and the art is neat!

    also hi folks I never actually said hello.

    1. He kinda hates everybody. And everybody hates him, so best to not get too involved with either sides.

          1. I could too, but it was thanks to him that I have some powerful pokes so I can’t quit on him yet. Basically as a person, nah. As a pokemon player, I’m listening.

          2. I would not even recommend that. 🙂

            You’re better served browsing Smogon’s forums/webzine (singles) or Nugget Bridge (VGC).

    2. Probably because he wants attention that you are giving him now? I mean, most people who have such hate do it more to please themselves and make themselves feel better instead of actual arguing about a topic.

        1. You shouldn’ be sorry, but to think you can argue with the guy is lost effort. You’ll never come to agreement, he’ll just continue doing what he does. Only thing that can really hurt him is if he gets ignored, then it goes away quickly.

    3. Because people on this site actually know about Pokemon while he just uses Bulbapedia :p

  46. OMG Paul, good freaking job on your response. That was seriously the best response possible. Also I love your voice, never heard it before!

  47. I really want the Parasect to be real, but I doubt it will be. I’m using one in my LeafGreen playthrough now and I think it’s so underrated in terms of design.

    1. If you’re gonna use one,
      word of advice teach it Bullet Seed via TM in Mt Moon
      They have nuthin in means of attacking except scratch

      1. Haha, that was the first thing I did. I wanted to use Pokemon I’ve never used before, and when I saw how awful it was I realized why I hadn’t used it.

    1. Cool my Krabby evolved and I beat Pryce for my sixth badge we both accomplished some good stuff (I feel bad now you have to fight Whitney)

      1. I thought these were the plant things the guy talked about and not the pig. I could have sworn he didn’t post a pic of the pig.

      1. Come on earthen, if they released the game now, it would be super buggy and possibly unfinished (?). You’ve got to realize that making games like this takes a lot of time, and if it’s rushed it won’t be good.

        1. Make them work faster!!! Give them Mtn dew soaked caffeine pills with a Monster Energy Shot mixed in with just an extremely tiny bit of cocaine like one fragment

          This’ll make them work harder and faster if this concoction doesn’t make their hearts explode

          1. Where there’s a whip
            *whip crack*
            There’s a way
            Where there’s a whip
            *Whip crack
            There’s a way

  48. Hey Paul I just wanted to say that your response was really excellent to the Video from Verlis.

    I’m not going to go into what I think of Verlis or his channel and the drama. But your response was simply excellent. I’ve been coming to this site for many many years and have stuck with it.

    I come for these discussions and rumours aswell as the news. The site has always made itself perfectly clear on what’s fake, real and a rumour.

    Your voice has nothing to do with the site and I wish that was left out as that was just too personal. Never let anyone say anything like that about yourself and never say sorry for you being you. For what it’s worth I like your voice and your pronunciation and elecution really shows that your well educated which is nice.

    Well done on this successful site, that goes for all the staff here aswell, who write these great articles for us.
    Not to mention a shout out to all the members who are here aswell.

    Pokejungle is a holy trinity with PJ, the staff and the members.

    That’s why I love it here and why I’ll keep coming here. 🙂

    1. I was going to make a comment like this, but these days I don’t really have time (school has started for me). So I’m just going to say that I agree with what you said and call it good. I feel like there is way too much drama involved for a game, and leave it at that.

        1. I gotta admit, I’m feeling pretty defeated right now. I had a great time with my brother over summer, which is making it harder for me to accept the fact that I have to go back than other years. The only beacon of hope for me is that starting Nov. 19, one day after SM release for me, I have a nine day break (sadly I have school on the 18th, it’ll be near impossible to focus).

        1. Hells no who would possibly have subs for an episode that aired today
          Usually it takes about a week maybe two

          1. sometimes they do it like previous episode damit I can’t wait this episode looks like the best one.

  49. That Litten evo looks so adorable! Same with Rowlett’s! But Popplio’s…

    The Popplio hate was for good reason…

        1. Being triggered is actually a real thing. People with PTSD and have just been through traumatic events or situations. It sucks how tumblrinas have made it into a joke.

          1. …wow…. Don’t blame the tumblrians tho, just blame the Leafy Reptilians xD

            I watch leafy, but I am not a reptile

          2. Yeah, I think he had a major impact on how popular it is. Leafyisafemi is a character who always gets triggered when she is told to shut the (nope) up mid-sentence

      1. Thanks, I didn’t realize what mistake I made until I saw what the bottom line said…
        Thanks for being reasonable xD

          1. Leave some for the rest of us
            Rhyperior will mince him with Megahorn then do the oh so satisfying “Merge all of our attacks into a super one”

          2. But he will use his competitive Sun… Flora! Yeah, I swear I won’t actually say it now

          3. Let’s see his Sunflora attacks Earthen but before it hits my Weavile hits it with Blizzard then Earthen’s Megahorn Shatters it then we aim at Verlis

            What other Pokemon does he use?

          4. Well going off his stupid XY team it’s


            So our team is
            Rhyperior (Earthen)
            Weavile (Me)
            Who else tell me who y’all are bringing to the battle?!

  50. Anyone else think Water Aracanine in the pic looks like Lion from Steven Universe only blue?

      1. Have you seen Steven Universe, he looks similar. Maybe its the look on his face and the mane, but to me he looks like Lion from Steven Universe. Though though he does have stripes and a fluffier tail.

        1. I’ve seen every episode up to today’s and I can confirm it does not look like my favorite pink lion

          1. Eh, I still think he looks like Lion. Maybe he could be Lapis’ Familiar.

      1. Well, maybe its because I’ve seen the show. Lion has stood just like that with that same look. Maybe its just me, but I think it looks like Lion.

      1. Blue Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon, its cool huh. Its the newest Blue Eyes in the series, there is suppose to be a move coming out with it in.

          1. Yea, it kinda sucks but its awesome and extremely powerful. I’d love to see Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh do a crossover Pokemon for the games based on Blue Eyes and Red Eyes Dragons. They are two of my favorite Yu Gi Oh dragons in the the games. Along with Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon. All of which look awesome!

          2. We already kind of have them. Reshiram has blue eyes and is a white dragon and Zekrom has red eyes and is a black dragon

          3. There is a difference, I mean I want Pseudo Legendary version of Blue Eyes White Dragon and Red Eyes Black Dragon. And a Legendary of Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

          4. I don’t play Yu Gi Oh, cant afford the card. Well, more like when I was playing Pokemon I had my deck stolen and don’t play card games like that any more. I play Cardfight Vanguard, but that’s about it. And I keep a very close eye on my deck. Not that I have anything anyone would really want anyway at the moment.

  51. Alright so I’m planning a fake match between Pokejungle v.s. Verlis (this is 100% in my head for fun) so I need 4 people to say what Pokemon are they bringing to it cause we got me and Earthen who else?! (Only one though)

        1. He put her so it looks like Litten is about to… about to… We all know what he did

          1. You can’t just call all girls cuties tho. You’ve never seen or met her in real life. Just Saying.

          2. Nothing. Don’t worry. I’m not trying to offend you or start anything. I’m just saying.

          3. Let’s smash him
            Surely a Demon and a Elemental Animal would easily dispose of him

          4. They’re not all that great
            They don’t live long because most owners don’t realize they don’t drink from their bowls and they die from thirst

          5. Ok. I want an Axolotl tho. There’s this pet shop near my house that sells ’em for 14 bucks

          6. I know I don’t call all girls cuties but based off what her profile picture is and it’s something like what she looks like she is in my book a cutie.

          1. I’ve said this dozens of times we should make a Poster for Wreck-It Rhyperior with people from the site
            But we need a select cast….
            Obviously I’d be Rhyperior
            I thought Deerla would be Vanellope
            Who else…..

    1. Love it you should do more of them this really good

      and sidenote would you like to be apart of my Pokejungle team?

        1. I am making a fake team of Pokemon people select here ;any Pokemon you choose) then going to make a fierce battle between

          Pokejungle v.s. Verlisify

          Then we will destroy him!!

          1. Yeah yet I need four more people to have a Pokemon for it knowing six on six battle we have so far

            Me- Weavile
            Earthen- Rhyperior

            So are you in?

  52. So 100% off topic but I need to post this. Spoilers for the new Steven universe episode.

    I couldn’t handle this. I was seriously a mess during this song. Having to keep myself kinda hidden while presenting something else at school really tears at me sometimes and I needed this.

    1. I love Stevonnie’s part 😀

      The episode was great. I loved how Ruby and Sapphire and Steven and Connie are very relatable to each other

      1. I know I’m usually kinda goofy and I’m really sappy now but this place really is the greatest. I feel like I know everyone here.

          1. 1 tear is not the same as crying though.

            It’s probably only classified as “tearing up” to me.

            I mean, you would not classify yourself as a worthless human being, right?

    2. This song perfectly defines meditation. The white butterflies are perfect for visualization training, love it.

    3. Loved the episode, great song (Garnet was amazing) , and my love of SU rivals that of Pokemon (There’s not enough Pokemon/SU fanart.)
      But even then, I think some people would prefer posts that are not from left field, especially considering how some people feel about SU.

  53. Ok The Legendary Pokejungle team is set we have

    Earthen- Rhyperior
    Starstorm- Froslass
    Isthme- Togekiss
    Ultron- Volcorona
    Me- Weavile
    Green- Craydily

    Now I must write it to show who is stronger Us or Verlis (obviously us though)

      1. I know their won’t be
        anything like the anime more regular battling like the games!

  54. U love whenever I tell the people on showdown that legends are op they always use Moltres and Articuno AND Phione as a pitiful defense
    But when in doubt

    1. Breh, do you even use Hustle Darumaka? Wow skrub

      Also they just rekt Valor and Mystic by saying that

        1. yes, scarfed sheer force darmanitan’s flare blitz is a thing of beauty. keep up the good work earthen!

    2. Phione’s legendary status is debatable.

      Otherwise, the two birds you just mentioned ARE trash. Just like Regigigas.

  55. Well. Good Night. Tomorrow’s Friday. I’ve only had 2 days of school and I’m still looking forward to the weekend.

  56. Tomorrow I finally may be with Sexy new Gaming PC and once again I shall play World of Warcraft after 5 long months

    The mighty Dwarven Paladin!!!

  57. Well it’s Midnight here so I’m going to go to bed Good night people see you tomorrow

  58. Oh man that Verlisify, first he complains that the rumours could be see nas true because theres not enough warnings, THEN he moans about all the warnings. It’s just not worth your time with these kind of people.

  59. A part of me is ready for more leaks and another part of me doesn’t want many more leaks before November

    1. I doubt this guy is perfectly true knowing I think there are multiple Trials more than four so he may be mostly true but some I doubt

  60. “Let’s talk Synchro. Although I don’t think that “Evolution” is the right term for it, it’s just a form.

    Beware, the following are major plot spoilers:

    Kukui studies moves, we know that. He’s been doing that for years and continues to do so when we meet him.

    What we don’t know is that he knows that certain Pokémon have…potential, let’s put it that way. Z-Moves require Z-Stones to get activated, but in his career he has seen various iterations of Pokémon performing one withouth the need of a stone. I’m talking, of course, about the starters. And Rockruff’s evo.

    So he keeps a Rockruff to study for himself (and the bracelet is based on Rockruff collar, if you didn’t notice) and gives out Rowlet, Litten and Popplio to young trainers in order to gain information and empiric proofs.
    The Synchronization manifests itself just like in Ash’s Greninja, so minor changes in the general look to match the trainers it bonds with.

    So yes, you’ll get multiple version of starters, which are based on your look (see attached image for example). Have you wondered why all the final evos are sort of humanoid and have big tufts of fur/feathers on their face?

    Of course they’ll be able to perform a special Z-Move, just like the big Water Shuriken used Ash Greninja or the big Z beam from 100% Zygarde, and they won’t need the stone at all.

    It all links back to Azoth, since the starters+Popplio represent the main 4 ingredients of Alchemy (or something along those lines).”

    take it with a bucket of salt.

    1. Wow.. if this is true.. I predicted the starters would do sychro (like many did), but also that they would be able to perform the move differently than the rest. I said multiple times.. never would of guessed without stone!
      And I Did notice the extra humanoid starters and relate it to that. Proud of myself ?
      If real ..

      1. Most likely this is kinda true yes. It just makes sense ( I look at u ash greninja)

    2. seems like a cool concept but how would the forms work in future games without the same protagonists? also even if we only got as much trainer customization as in XY that would still be a ton of different forms for pokemon, I just don’t see how they could do it, but interesting concept none the less

      1. yeah a lot of things he said makes sense & could be true, but yeah still just rumours

      1. I think so yes, but why didnt they stated/revealed that than while revealing minior?

          1. yes minior can also be the 3rd counterpart of them and makling them an official trio

        1. Should this leak be real, the likely answer is they are hiding alola forms of Solrock and Lunatone, and saving it for later like the Mudsdale pre-evo.

        2. So that the Genwunners don’t start whinning again about cross-gen evolutions like they did on Gen 4?

  61. Finally found a Lapras on Go…it ran away

    Spider monkey Pokemon looks pretty cool. Pretty intricate fakes if it is proven to be false

    The bobble head/tiki Pokemon according to the “leaker”:

    I talked about this the other day, and it’s a rock/ghost Pokémon based on the hawaiian myth that it’s bad luck for tourist to take home rocks from the volcanoes and stuff. In the description it’s said that the souls of those who try to take him away from Alola get trapped inside. Also, it has a bobble head!

    1. And I thought Mimikyu’s backstory was sad…

      Also, if that thing is real, I’m gonna put it in the Bank, and then someday transfer it to Gen 8… :p

    2. Bitch hell no way am I going to let some superstition stop me from taking an authentic Hawaiian Lava Rock

      1. It’s not about their superstition. It’s about your respect for them. That’s the only reason I didn’t bring one home.

  62. So it’s been semi-confirmed that Bottlecaps do come in colored Varieties
    With Silver raising one IV to maximum
    And Gold Raising all to maximum

    Now don’t get cocky thinking these Gold Bottlecaps will be easy finds, I theorize that Gold will be either be super rare/expensive or be only available from the events

    1. So you’re saying that depending on the trainer, the final evolution will show some of their traits with the colors of clothing and hair?

      Makes sense…

      I wonder how the final evolutions of Rowlet and Litten will look?

        1. Depends on the number of character customization I guess. They could simply have a set system for it. Color of hair+shape= the specific change. It really isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility that they COULD do it. Just one of those things that seems unlikely I guess lol

    1. My Muk looks weird with stripes

      Synchro looks cool!

      Still don’t know what flower mouth and worm are?

      Love Lunatone and Solrock

        1. I mean out of all of the leaked things they make no sense I heard nothing about them they are just there.

          1. It’s that I don’t what it is it’s what purpose did they have being on the leak

    2. I can’t see the turtle being on its back the whole time. It would die like that and how would it attack if it literally can’t move. Also, Lunatone and Solrock’s concepts seem to be the exact same Minior..

  63. So we got about a year and a half until Gen 7 hits the ol Mystery Dungeon scene
    But playing the first one really makes me wonder what this one would be about
    First was natural disasters
    Second Time being halted
    Third animosity amongst others
    Forth was Dark Matter

    So what could be a decent plot,

    1. I don’t know about plot but I know one thing an actual Pokemon for a final boss no snowflakes or Balls of Darkness!!

    1. Why is Psyduck, Pinsir, Lapras, Spearow, Gyarados, and Arcanine on there? *Gasp* Alolan Psyduck!

    2. We still don’t have any clue as to what the Pokemon under that section are for. Considering the other more reliable leaks said there is a water Arcanine I wouldn’t throw things out just yet lol

  64. So how does this “leaker” PERFECTLY remember all of these detailed pokemon? Even with prolonged exposure to them, he would need a serious photographic memory OR he would need to be looking at them while he was drawing them. So if he’s just looking at them while drawing these, why can’t he just show us actual pictures?

    1. It’s not hard to look at a pokemon and try to recreate it. The leaker said his drawings might not be accurate or even made up

          1. That’s not the problem…the problem is that they’re super detailed so, for me, it makes me seriously question the validity of this person.

          2. they could have a really good memory, a photographic memory or even a eidetic memory, its a lot more common than people think, when I worked a bookstore for a few months and within a short time I new what almost every cover looked like that we carried and where they were located so its really not all that unbelievable for these drawings.
            But do I think these rumours are real? Im still taking it with a grain of salt but they have some cool concepts

          3. That’s certainly true, but it just seems unlikely to me. Providing art for one or two would be more believable, imo

          4. it literally says, above the images, that the artist drew them from memory. speaking as someone who draws for a “living”, it really isn’t that hard to draw pokemon from memory unless they’ve left no impact on your brain at all. just give the benefit of the doubt, my dude.

      1. have you ever played the pokemon drawing challenge with a friend? its a lot harder than you think…

  65. I’ll be back I’m going to run and hatch my first 10km egg!! Let’s hope for a good one!!

        1. I don’t understandwhy eevee is in 10k eggs , I mean they are SOoO common ! Well at least walking/cycling 10k is always good for your body…..??

          1. Except when I go competitively running and almost pass out from it or so I think

            I failed to hatch my other 10km and 5km I got so close!

  66. Well the leaker certainly has my attention. Whether they are real or not doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they are incredible artists and have received my approval lol. Anyway I definitely think everything they’ve said COULD happen. I also really like many of their ideas too. I will say this tho, if they are fake they may want to stop while they are ahead. the more info/designs they give the more fake it’ll seem. at this point they have a lot of stuff shown and currently could be believable that they have all this info. Once they start diving deeper it’ll get harder to believe them lol

      1. They’re one of the more talented leakers out there. Typically when a “leaker” draws something it looks dumb or off. I could believe what this guy has put forward tho lol

  67. I refuse o blive this shit but judging by the shit we hae seen so far from this gen I wouldnt be much surprised, but god, I hate how they sound so confused, I mean last time they thro mega evolution at us without giving a single explanation on why this shit happen , and then they quickly replaced it with this synchro crap wich make the pokemon take the form of its trainer and again they wont explain it, not the mention the Z moves too, they sound pretty confused, I dont know if thats the because the games dont sell as much as they expected or because of yokai watch, or they think that Ash greninja was popular (everyone hates it now bcuz of what happened) but if these turn out to be real God help us all !

    1. Mega Evolution was explained in the games, and you KNOW it was.

      Yo-Kai Watch is not a Pokémon killer, either. Stop deluding yourself.

    2. Oh, and let me add this:
      – Synchro is not replacing Mega Evolution–that’s a ridiculous assumption.
      – Z-Moves are there to diversify gameplay. With multiplayer being as strategic as it is, there’s nothing wrong with that. And it’s definitely not “confused”.
      – Pokémon is still wrecking house in terms of sales, and I don’t see why you’d think otherwise.
      – Ash-Greninja IS popular. It’s why Greninja won the poll. And no, its loss to Charizard doesn’t change that.

      I don’t think GameFreak are the confused ones here.

  68. I’m calling fake every time I see Fire/Grass.

    That’s like, the number 1 most “I really really want this” pokemon.

    Not to mention, Rockruff having no connection to the starters like he’s said to have pretty much cements it as fake.

    Then there’s the matter of the Fire-type Leader using a lava pig. His info page already says he has a trusty Marowak, which is a Fire-type now.

    Also that weird weasel thing is Big the Cat and that weasel from Sonic for Game Gear. Like, goddamn that’s not even subtle.

    1. “It’s fake because people want it” makes no sense. People wanted Fire/Poison; in comes Salandit, also leaked by typing before its reveal.

      Leaving out explicit details about Rockruff doesn’t cement shit, and it’s not even true. They say its evolution depends on the time of day, and the same has been suggested for the final starter forms by an earlier, credible source.

      The Fire-type pig is a Totem Pokémon. Nothing has been said about it belonging to the Trial Captain.

      Also Rotom is Pulseman from the Genesis game. Like, goddamn that’s not even subtle.

  69. Well, I’m definetly beliving on it. This Japanese trailer confirms the other two totens, who are the ones from the leaks (Wishiwashi and Lurantis). The Time thing also has been confirmed on the trailer that revealed Alolan Raticate and UB-01.

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