PokéJungle & The Rumours: The Redux

Once upon a time in a land far, far away one Pokémon news site took a brave step into the world of posting Pokémon rumours. A world where few other Pokémon sites braved to go. The little Pokémon site continued its adventure into the world of rumour posting and started to become known for posting them, something its community loved.

Today the Pokémon site, known as PokéJungle.net, has grown up and continues its adventure into the world of Pokémon rumours, gaining many new followers and fans who love what the site does and can’t wait for the next batch of fresh juicy rumours they post.

Seriously though, we know you guys love it when we post rumours and it’s for that reason we post them. We have and always will post rumours for our readers to discuss and comment. Any rumours we post are not intended to be taken as true or real (though it’s not impossible). We want our readers to relax, talk about it, speculate the truth of it etc… At the same time we ask our readers not to claim the rumours we post as true. We’re not trying to be a centre of misinformation, nor are we trying to farm our users for their precious, precious time. We take it seriously when we misreport on something because we only want the best for you guys!

As with X & Y it’s not unlikely that real leaked information could come from other sources outside of Japan (as the Chinese Sun & Moon leak seemingly confirms) and we’re becoming ever vigilant about what we do and don’t post.

We’ve had a few comments lately about the “rumours” we post and we just wanted to clarify to you guys that they are simply just that. Rumours. In future we’ll be sure to add our own personal touch and analysis of rumours we post and even give out a “truthness” rating.

So please, join the little Pokémon site that was and let’s make this a happily ever after. To infinity and beyond, or something…

<3 everyone at PokéJungle (especially moving)

  1. I’m glad you aren’t stopping posting rumors. Honestly that’s one of the reasons I chose pokejungle over other Pokemon sites.

  2. I think it’s great what you’re doing. I don’t mind the rumours because I know its just that, rumours and when they do come true that just makes you guys look better.

    1. I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two. Both sites have different goals, and both fulfill them perfectly. Serebii is dedicated to being the go-to database for all things Pokemon, but Pokejungle is here for the community and rumors that mainstream sites won’t cover simply because their words are often seen as “fact” in the fanbase’s eyes.

    2. I wouldn’t agree with that, but I’d agree that I prefer the format here because I find it easier to read and find key information. Serebii is good as a fact book, but I find their news stuff hard to navigate.

  3. I love when you guys post rumors since they always spark interesting conversations and speculation that are a joy to read and be apart of. Never Change Pokejungle 😀

  4. Guys I found a rumor here it is: Pokemon sun and moon will be good games. Alright now make me an article.

        1. Yep, I’m still here!
          For the past three years I was doing my mandatory National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces’ Army (All males born in Singapore have to serve), so it was a bit difficult to really post on the site regularly. haha I was doing stuff behind the scenes, and posting on all our social media throughout that time, but now my service is done and you’ll see me much more often on here!

          ((In all honesty I’m surprised and happy someone remembers me ;-;))

  5. Kind of sad that you had to make a post about this……Most people here don’t do many of the things you say you don’t want us to do. It’s the people that come from the outside that see the posts and suddenly take everything at face value. I for one enjoy reading about rumors and whether they end up being fake or true it’s always a fun time. It’s pretty sad that other people like to make big deals out of nothing……Anyway you guys keep doing what you’re doing and everyone here will love you for it!!

  6. I think one of the reasons rumors spark is because of your site. But because of my paranoid nature, I treat every rumor as fact until confirmed or unconfirmed and it really stresses me out. Like that recent “Rainbow Greninja” Rumor. I’m so paranoid about that one. It sounds sorta too good to be true but then again, seems legit.

  7. It’s a shame that some people are that naive and have nothing better to do than try to discredit Pokejungle.
    Rumours are rumours, not 100% confirmed. I mean the only way that it’s proven true is in November, when the games come out (or indeed if the “leaks” have expiration dates as in on the 21st for the latest batch)
    I’ve never understood people who get worked up over leaks and rumours, because it might not even be true, hardly anything to lose sleep over.
    I love Pokejungle for the fact that rumours and leaks are discussed here. It’s always fun to read other people’s opinions & discuss what could potentially happen. I check Serebii for the hard facts first (then will check other sites for deffo confirmation) but I check this site for the fun that can happen on the comment section.
    Keep on keepin’ on!

  8. Idk why people believe 100% if it says rumor its never like u had a tag saying “THIS IS RUMOR BUT I KNOW ITS 100% FACTS GG GN”

  9. Rumors occasionally turn out to be true, so why not have some fun and post them? If people have a problem they can either:
    1) Not click on the article
    2) Skip straight to the comments and talk about something else
    3) Not go here…if rumors really bother you, maybe you should go elsewhere

  10. I love rumors! You guys always tag the rumor articles with “fake” or “speculation” so there’s no way someone with a high enough IQ could not understand that it’s just rumors, nothing confirmed

  11. Pokejungle don’t let that has been of a poke tuber get to you, he hates like everything and everyone and has clickbait titles most of the time so he really cant say anything, I don’t think this article was necessary, but thanks for looking out for the communities best interests, we’ve got your back though! He needs to grow up.

      1. I don’t know, I wouldn’t say overdue really, every 3 years is still in the time frame 🙂

  12. Yeah thanks Pokejungle for posting rumors about the new games! I like to analyze and talk about potential information as it’s fun to talk with other people about it.

  13. Verlisify again. Isnt it? He hates everyone because he has no friends. Every month he has something else to hate. Ttar tube. Gain. Birdkeeptoby. That scrafty guy. And maybe next month it wil be nappy. Or shady. He is not 100% in his upper chamber. Or whatever you call it. He is just nuts!!

    1. That guy is such a hypocrite and a complete ass. Always has clickbait titles for the views

    2. haha We actually had this article planned for a while, it has nothing to do with anything specific. People will always have opinions – some that you agree with, and some that you don’t.

    3. and Verlisify is the first one to talk about rumours and speculating… haha don’t give him such importance.

      and remember that Pokejungle is a friendly community driven by many people, not only by one person trying to feed his ego by criticizing others.

    4. He hates on Dobbs at all he’s startin’ a war with me! Or Auraguardian! My fav. Poke tubers

  14. It’s totally fine, we all have brains, we know they’re just rumours.
    Some people choose to put faith in them, some dedicate themselves to debunking them.
    All in all it’s just a bit of fun and it helps us forget just how long we have to wait until the real deal arrives.

  15. Nintendo sent takedown notices to the creators of Pokemon Uranium so now it’s been removed. They spent NINE years making that fan game. Shame.

        1. Yeah.. It sucks that they had a good purpose for the game and never intended to gain money, yet Nintendo decides to crush their dreams.

      1. I don’t like their legal team. It makes them look like they hate their fans, which is bad PR.

      2. DMCA, not C&D. They never C&D’d AM2R or Uranium. Theoretically the devs still can work on it. Just not distribute it (publicly).

        Anyway they have to do it to protect their copyright, to show that they are enforcing it. If they don’t DMCA AM2R or Uranium now, they are just gonna lose the ability to enforce it by creating a precedent to future actual copyright violators.

    1. I noticed that earlier today. It’s sad because a fan spent tons of time making a game that they never intended to make any money off of.

        1. No, but it would get it distributed enough that people can start distributing it via other means.
          Ultimately the best route to go is the dark net, but sadly not everyone goes on that so it would be limiting the user base.

    2. I don’t see how they have the authority to take it down. So long as you aren’t making a profit while using their trademark (and assets), it shouldn’t be a problem.

      1. Just using their trademarks/assets is an issue, even if it’s not for profit. Besides which the modern habbit of F2P/Freemium games is blurring the lines.

      2. Not correct. Just because it’s non-profit doesn’t mean it isn’t infringing.

        Technically all fan works are infringing, even the avatar I have, it’s just I’m small enough so that the makers wouldn’t care to shut me down.

    3. Lmao, well lets be honest any copy of a trademarked thing not made by its original trademarkers is bound to get taken down, if not sued first

      1. Yeah, but it’s just a shame that they don’t respect their fans. There was nothing wrong with this. It’s not like it was damaging their brand. If anything, it strengthens it.

        1. Im guessing its just for precautions in case when future pokemon games come haters arent like “ugh, this game sucks, download the free fangame, its way better” which would in turn end up damaging the company because people will just download free fangames instead of actually buying the real thing

        2. They have to do it to protect their copyright, to show that they are enforcing it. If they don’t DMCA AM2R or Uranium now, they are just gonna lose the ability to enforce it by creating a precedent to future actual copyright violators.

    4. Though I will say, this is why it’s better to make games that are super super similar but different enough that they couldn’t be called pokemon and the legal guys can’t barge in.

      1. I agree, but I guess they just felt really passionate about pokemon to instead make it a ripoff rather than a fans dedication

    5. a big reason why Pokemon Uranium got canned was because it was a Rom Hack which was getting alot of attention from news sources *Like IGN* who makes a profit based off the news they talk about

      1. Yeah, ROM hacks are much more likely to get canned since they’re using the actual game’s game engine instead of a custom one.

        If it’s a custom engine then they can only sue for trademarks and assets, but using their actual engine is a big deal.

          1. If it was a ROM hack then yes it was.
            Pokemon ROM hacks are just taking the pokemon game engine for whichever game it’s a hack of and replacing the art/text/script assets.

            I know calling something that early ‘an engine’ might seem overkill, but that’s correct terminology.

          2. hm RPG Maker it was made with so bascially it just took all the sprites and stuff

          3. It’s not a ROM hack then.
            A ROM hack is only a ROM hack if it takes the code of the original game and alters it. If it’s an RPG maker game with assets from the original games then it’s not a ROM hack, it’s just an RPG maker game with Pokemon assets.

          4. To clear it up further:
            ROM stands for Read Only Memory.
            It refers to the type of memory in which the program code for games are stored on in the game cartridge.


            An emulator is a program that pretends to be a certain games console by faking the inputs, outputs and behaviour of the console. In order to play games it gets given virtual copies of the contents of real game cartridges, stored in files called ROM files. Opening up a ROM file and modifying the code inside to make the game behave differently is known as ROM hacking, and a game produced by this method is a ROM hack.

      2. Ah, I see. I was wondering how they got the sprites for everything and stuff. It was still well done :/

    6. I’m lucky I got it while it was available then. It’s a weird game from what I’ve played, but it seems cool so far. One thing I’ve learned is that Nintendo is unforgiving when it comes to fan projects. It’s a bit unfair of them to be such jerks about that kind of stuff when all the other gaming companies are s chill.

    7. Lol.. who spends That long on something without thinking about something as simple as copyright laws? I assume they knew it would be forever online in one way or another.. legal or not

    8. It’s a DMCA to uploader sites, not a C&D.

      And besides, it’s out, someone has archived and shared it, fairly easy to get.

  16. I love how eloquently this was handled. I see that these articles need to be reposted every so often, but I think most of us know what instigated this one in particular. 😉
    It’s one of the things I love about Pokejungle: these matters are handled maturely, but with the authority to halt subsequent attacks against our name.

        1. Verlisify.

          Thanks to him referring to PJN, we get more views, even if the attention is negative at first, they get to see our nice people firsthand.

          1. That’s his name on youtube. Though anyone can create a disqus account (or rename their own) and impersonate him, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in that…


    I love this site, it’s the coziest and the most down to earth Pokemon site ever, I felt like a part of big family after my first post and now it still continues on. How can I explain this, words are useless. I hope this site lives on for like decades, I dream the day we’ll be married to sexy Moving and have our little baby boy and we’ll be discussing rumours of generation 10 and still posting here, a girl can dream.

      1. 😀 but you didn’t even hear about the part where Dae will be very regretful about not responding to my love back in the day and trying to get me but me being a loyal wife choosing the man I should have loved from the beginning (a.k.a Moving) and also being scared about Dae’s life cause Moving can kill a man with his punch, so handling this situation professionally without him noticing.

          1. Yes I’m OK, things are going well in these days, I’m grateful for that 🙂 thanks for asking. How are you doing my Gerard?

          2. Glad to hear it! Hope it continues for you! 🙂

            You don’t need to thank me. I’m… OK I suppose… Your Gerard? What does that mean?!

    1. The sudden realisation I automatically assume everyone else on the internet (unless clearly indicated otherwise) to be male.

      I guess that’s what comes of spending 4 years in a class of almost all males and almost never leaving the house 😛

      1. I only know that Belmad Starstorm are girls yet I assume for a lot of you male like
        Shinyxatu, Earthen, you, The reece25, Ultron, Gikie, Pokemania88, and most everyone else

    2. Um… Excuse me, how do you know it will be a boy and not a girl? Jk this is an awesome site and I agree with most of your cokment 😀

  18. I swear Spore is either losing power or my luck really is bad
    Anybody have spore break the very next turn, nearly cost me a match

  19. Do you think there will be an Alola Tauros? The coloring looks different in the drawing than it does in the other versions. Or is it just different shading in the drawing?

    1. I’ve thought about that before, but I think it’s just shading because we’ve seen it in-game and it looks normal.

    2. I am pretty certain that the colouring is done that way in the drawing to emphasise the intense sunlight.

      1. I have linked to a trailer in an earlier comment with at least 4 tauros shown plain as day 😛

  20. We’re on the way to the airport and I’ll be back home tonight. I came up with some cool design and typing ideas that I’ll share, just for fun. And of course, embracing rumors is a part of that fun.

  21. Well I’m glad you clarified. For one reason or another, I thought you guys only posted rumors that are most likely accurate ie. The Starters Final Evolution’s. I prefer sticking to things like this personally, but if others enjoy the out-there rumors included, who am I to judge. At least I will know to take it all with a larger grain of salt next time.

  22. I would also like to say… Ash’s Hawlucha taking direct hits to become red hot “stronger” with his frail defenses in this league made 0 sense at all. . . -,-

    1. Was convinced it was using bide, but nothing suggested it was. And it can’t even learn it can’t it?? Confusing to say the least.

    2. I could’ve sworn it was an ability or Bulk Up, I guess it was just a technique he taught Hawlucha..?

  23. *Very important

    If you ask me… The most Important Pokemon app out the there is “Pokeinfo”. I don’t know if it’s on iphone but definitely android.
    Its styled after a Pokedex and has Literally Everything and all Pokemon knowledge in it..
    Ironically except their dex entries…
    I use it for Everything.. stats.. team building.. can even use to see how much hp you will lose or items available.

    No I had no hand in making this. Just something awesome I found a while ago.

    1. Hmmmm everything
      Why have an app when you have a Bulbapedia/Smogon/and….yeah that’s it everything you’d ever need

      1. You can access it offline and quicker.. .plus you get the cool art of your team all together much quicker than on a team builder site.
        That’s like saying why have a real pokedex when these websites exist!

        1. Including megas and shinies.. it’s really useful. I thought the same at first.. just try it. Saves so much time on certain things

  24. Pokemon GO hates me today. I’m low on pokeballs so I go to a gym to get pokecoins. I watch as the gym keeps leaning more and more in my favor… a vaporeon (I’m using Jolteon) To a 261 grimer. I get over there, beat the gym. Heal up my pokemon and bam! Some team valor takes it from me! So I’m pissed and I leave and just decide to ride my bike around to hatch my eggs. See a venomoth on the tracker. Spend 5 minutes looking for it. Give up, continue biking. Egg hatches. Vulpix (:D) just need to catch one pokemon and I’ll level up. Miss pidgey twice. Out of pokeballs.

    1. Go has hated me since my iPod updated now GPS has 1 in 50 chance of not saying GPS signal not found and nothing appears near my house anymore.

  25. Don’t worry PJ! I absolutely love this site because your not afraid of rumours. You all even state that it’s not a fact. You’ve done an amazing job keeping everyone updated. Let that horrid furry keep to himself. Keep up the outstanding work!

          1. Either you’ve broken your glasses and wondered into an amusement park or they’ve been putting something not entirely legal in the water supply.

      1. I am playing a hack game ……I got almost godly IV but not good nature……sure about it?

        1. Both can be bred into pokemon easily enough anyway. Unless you’re working with legendaries in which case my argument is that Nature can’t affect HP.

    1. Both is meaningless without the other
      Nature means highest investment
      IV means highest stat

      1. In the real battle yes …..but it just a hack game and I need to know which one is more important.

    1. I Made a bookmark that looks like a Starbucks cup and it has this logo (refresh). I also used the string and label thing from a tea bag as the string.

        1. I got the image from the internet. Then I printed it out. Cut it. Put it on a bookmark shaped like a Starbucks cup. And then added the teabag thing. That’s a notebook.

      1. There are female Snorlaxes too lest we forget, so maybe that’s the gender difference.
        Either way it suits Snorlax “to a T”.

      2. Hmmm I want to say…. They honestly look like B Cups maybe even A cup
        Tsk tsk tsk

      1. Normally I’d be against whimsical alolan forms, but since at the most all this would do (if anything at all) is give Snorlax dancing moves and maybe raise its speed a little, I think it’s fair game. At least it’s not suddenly a Fairy for learning to dance or part grass because of the skirt. It’s still the same old snorlax, but just a tiny bit more active and a lot more stylish.

          1. Dude, just because I think Snorlax is an ok pokemon? That’s a low blow. :C

            Besides, someone already posted the alolan Jynx and I can’t find any other hula dancing alolan forms.

            (i.e. that would be a no.)

    1. Maybe, I really don’t like Pokemon who wear clothes, it doesn’t make sense for the equivalent of animals, at least to me.

      1. So you don’t like Cosplay Pikachu?
        Or pokemon holding silk scarf or black glasses?
        Or Burmy, or Wormadam, or Hitmonchan, or Jynx, or Machamp, or Machoke, or Sawk, or Throh, or Gardevoir, etc etc

        1. Technically The Machamps only wear actual articles of clothing
          Burmy hold plants
          Throh and Sawk only wear belts woven from vines
          But the rest are all parts of their body

          1. “Burmy hold plants” To cover their nudity, like clothes.

            According to Bulbapedia, about Sawk “It wears a light blue Karate gi with a black, v-neck collar that extends down to its black belt.”. and about Throh “. It wears a white judogi with a black, v-neck collar that extends down to its black belt.”

            Hitmonchan’s skirt being part of its body seems weird, same for Jynx’ dress.

          2. Boi that’s just their general appearance
            Their body looks like a gi but it’s not wearing one

            And as for the Hitmonchan and Jynx it it really is part of its body, Hitmon with extensions of its flesh and Jynx clothing like skin or fur that drapes over its body

          1. Gardevoir has a skirt.
            Burmy makes coverings from mateials to cover its naked body, of which wormadam is an extension.

        2. Ok, to sort through your assumptions:
          Cosplay pikachu is fine because it was given clothes, it’s not its natural state.
          Held items, why did you even make this point, same a CP.
          Burmy and wormadam are bagworms so they make sense.
          I don’t like Jynx, throh, sawk and Hitmonchan.
          Machoke and gardivoirs cloths are technically part of their body so I don’t care.

          1. Wouldn’t the simplest explanation for Sawk & Throh be that they’re wearing clothes though?

          2. They’re beasts tho
            Sawk has insane attack and access to Sturdy
            Throh is pretty beefy if you slap an AV on it and has Storm Throw which always crits

          3. I judge Pokemon based on design, not competitive viability. I rarely do competitive battling anyway.

    1. Yeah, it’s a shame that she didn’t get an evolution in general, I guess game freak didn’t want more controversy.

      1. yea me too. it was bascially part of the electabuzz/magmar situation but left out in gen 4

        1. I was really annoyed back then, it made literally no sense after how much they shoved images of Elekid, Magby and Smoochum in people’s faces.
          It’s not too late, they can rectify it!

          1. Imagine
            Alolan Electabuzz Ice, Alolan Magmar, Electric then… Jynx stays the same

      2. The people who had issue with it are a bunch of morons.
        You don’t see Mr Popo complaining.

          1. Originally he was a chain smoker, but kids aren’t allowed to see that in case they might decide its cool, so they made him constantly suck a lollypop instead. Because that’s not a bad habit either.

            If you mean the top one, on the right is a flintlock, on the left is a 4kids approved “I’m only going to knock him out I swear”(TM) weapon

          2. I know what that was, i was talking about the weapon…. like how would i not know what a cig is

          3. In all fairness I probably wouldn’t have come across one until I was a teenager if it hadn’t been for one not-even-blood-related family member who smoked. I remember my parents having to explain why my birthday present smelt like it had been on a bonfire.

      1. Got an example?
        All I could find was Opra Jynx.
        (Also I’ll ignore ‘Nordic’ and ‘Amazon’ being contradictory).

        1. Well she would be tall, like 9-13 ft (hence the Amazon)
          She would have long flowing hair with a large ice gem in her forehead, large spikes on the crown forming a…crown
          Long flowing dressy things on her shoulders and gauntlets and just ice gems all over her body

          1. Ehhh nothing meet the inner workings
            One day they should invent a cognitive art device that transmits ideas and brainwaves into art

          2. Befriend a police sketch artist or something, it’ll be easier by orders of magnitude (yay technical terms).

          3. Why do I have an irrepressible suspicion that I’ll end up incarcerated if I tried something like this

        2. I think he ment amazon as in lady of war rather than someone from the amazon river.

  26. Whelp we got another week of no info scheduled, so things will be rough I might restart Dark Moon or Zelda 3D try to do a 100% maybe….
    good night jerkbags

    1. You do know Gamescon might show something as well as the championship this week right?

      1. I do, but this isn’t confirmed so I’d be setting myself for a fall if I said they were

    1. I was planing to write how great charter Guzma is and how his personality fit perfectly in the game …..but after seeing this I change my mind …..THIS IS SHOULD BE BANNED GET RID OF IT.

    2. Maybe in the past of the storyline.

      Though, not in the present I guess? I’m pretty sure they had some differences long ago so they went their separate ways…

  27. i neverminded rumours articles. I read them, speculate and then let the rumours die. I prefer to have rumours article weekly than coming to the site and having the most recent article being 2-3 weeks. I love what have you done to the website and how much you have grown over the past years

  28. Ive always enjoyed the rumor articles. It’s fun to hear all the different speculations, and see what we all think about it, getting our own ideas out there and just having fun

  29. I have some theories about Marshadow ,I think it will based on creatures of constellation of the zodiac ….the 1st theory I come up with it’s Picses.

    In non-Western astronomy

    “The stars of Pisces were incorporated into several constellations in Chinese astronomy. Wai-ping (“Outer Enclosure”) was a fence that kept a pig farmer from falling into the marshes and kept the pigs where they belonged. It was represented by Alpha, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Mu, Nu, and Xi Piscium. The marshes were represented by the four stars designated Phi Ceti. The northern fish of Pisces was a part of the House of the Sandal, Koui-siou.” …..to be continue. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d9/Sidney_Hall_-_Urania's_Mirror_-_Pisces.jpg

    1. If it were based on zodiac creatures (which seems higly unlikely) I’d rather it were based on Ophiucus.

  30. Please ask your leakers if Drampa is really an evolved form of Dunsparce. We want to know if there are new cross-gen evolutions in this game. We haven’t had any real ones since Gen 4.

      1. It doesn’t matter if it looks nothing like Dunsparce to you. I just want evidence that cross-gen evolutions are returning.

  31. We all love to speculate & hype and we all love to hit the target when the rumors become true. That has always kept the fan hearts warm before a new generation release.

    Without it Pokejungle won’t be the same. Without these kind of articles (and others like Gym Leaders, reviews, Dae Asks, etc) it would be like another regular site, repeating the same confirmed information…

    Don’t ever change I love the way you are 😉

  32. okay guys,we got six days until we get some more info on Pokemon Sun and Moon, but I got one question for you: what is hype?

    1. David, don’t get your hopes up, there is no guarantee that we will get any info at all on that date, and if we do I doubt it will have anything to do with ash-greninja as I’m pretty sure those leaks were proven fake

  33. What you guys have said has touched me really this is one of the nicest spots on the internet! This a place to go when your Happy, sad, or you just want to see others having a fun time in the Jungle thank You Pokejungle

    Pokejungle… FOREVER!!!!!!!

  34. I want evolutions of old Pokemon. Haven’t gotten any in TWO full generations and it’s really not fair. I want it to be like gen 4 where we had like 20 new evolutions for fan favorite old pokes. Alola forms are nice too but not exactly the same and mega evolution is still a cheap and illogical gimmick

        1. Did it though? It added a bunch of unnecessary baby pokemon and scyther to Scizor makes no sense, along with bellossom.

          1. I mean, baby pokemon are some of my favs so I guess its all up to peoples opinions, I want more baby pokemon personally

          2. The only reason I dislike baby pokemon is that it makes IV breeding much harder. I’m not against them in principle though, if they’re done right, which the majority are.

            Personally I think they should make most of the baby pokemon more available towards the start of games (i.e. like that garden in Sinnoh, but right after the first route.) so they could evolve over the course of the trainer’s journey and prove to be more useful during the main game.

          3. Scizor is one of the best pokemon ever made. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is how its stats changed.

            I agree that the baby pokemon served no purpose in terms of battling, but originally the battling/competative scene was secondary to completing the pokedex.

          4. No, I mean I LOVE Scizor, but if we’re talking about “how to do evolutions,” I don’t think it’s a good example. It looks nothing like Scyther and was really a gimmick evolution to promote steel type and trade item evo.

          5. If they didn’t do the evolution thing it would probably have ended up as another Pincer-Heracross relationship and they were probably trying to avoid that.

            To be honest they do look very much alike apart from the scythes vs pincers, they’ve got the same body shape, very similar head shape and both have wings. I don’t think it’s massively far fetched, just a bit on the odd side.

            Ultimately trade-based evolution doesn’t make that much sense to begin with. If I could evolve pokemon without having to trade them I would.

        1. Togekiss and Gliscore did very well and Mismagius I never liked that line but I liked it

      1. Some yes but I love Weavile he is the best Pokemon to me! Electivire and Magmortar weren’t bad

        1. R u kidding me? They ruined my precious electabuzz :(… Both evos were horrible

          Weavile is all Right i guess

          1. oh wow, u r one of the few that still has an ipod? haha

            still rocking that ipodClassic myself

          2. I also have no smartphone.
            I still use the phone I was given 10 years ago. Aside from the battery being a bit weak now, it works perfectly fine.

    1. I actually disliked Gen 4 because of all the forgettable evolutions. If they actually made evolutions of old Pokemon rememberable I’d be down for it.

      The good thing with Mega Evolution is that, while arguably a gimmick, it was something new so people liked it.

      1. Electivire, Magnezone, Yanmega, Honchkrow, Weavile and Roserade aren’t what I’d call forgettable.

        Magnezone is one of the pokemon I used to beat the champion in ORAS.

        The only one I’d agree was forgettable is Probopass because that mustache made of iron filings is just scary.

        1. I’ll give you Magnezone, Weavile and Roserade. Also throw in Gliscor for good measure. The rest just aren’t great in my opinion.

    2. ikr! Me too, some of my favourite I loved the evolutions in johto, and a few in sinnoh, like my fav from sinnoh was tangrowth and Mismagius, but imo Johto had better evolutions on average then sinnoh

      1. What about Electivire, Magnezone, Yanmega, Honchkrow, Weavile and Roserade?

        The only one I genuinely disliked was Probopass.

        1. I liked Electivire, im indifferent about the rest, don’t love em, don’t hate em, they just exist for me.

          1. That’s better than disliking them I suppose.

            Personally I really like Weavile and Roserade, and I prefer Honchkrow to most other bird pokemon, especially the typical bird triad that every generation but 2 and 3 likes to hammer in – Pidgeot, Staraptor, Unfeazant. Talonflame is pretty much the only one I liked. (gen 2 did have Swellow, but only gave it 2 forms, didn’t particularly like that one either, but it was more bearable because it was only 2 forms).

    3. I don’t think we need evos of old pokemon unless it’s really required + of good pokemon, not some random one like girafarig

    4. Technically Sylveon counts, but it’s still probably my least favourite of the Eevee line.

  35. So far, from what I could gather from leaks and guesses for the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime…

    Ash: Rotom(Pokedex), Pikachu, Ash-Greninja, Pikipek, Litten (later evolves), Popplio.

    Mallow: Rowlet (Similar behavior and cuteness to Dawn’s Piplup)

    1. I still don’t think Mallow will be with him I just am not feeling it but my ash team for him

      Ash- Pikachu, Greninja, Pikipek, Popplio, Litten, Mudbray (Rotom in Pokedex not a team member)

      1. well same could be thought for Iris when her reference sheet was seen with Ash before Unova.

          1. yes, in the reference sheet, along with Ash, Pikachu, Iris, her Dragon Pokemon, Team Rocket in their new getto, with the Bat Pokemon, the mid evolutions of Snivy and Oshawatt, and a hiker. And that was leaked when Diamond and Pearl were on their last legs.

    2. Ash-Greninja would be too powerful for starting a new region. Besides Ash likes to leave every pokemon but Pikachu so he can start fresh.

      Good call on Mallow, but I don’t thinke Rowlet will act like Piplup. If anything she’ll definately have a Formantis that becomes Lurantis and she’ll definately be the cook.

      I’m guessing Hau would be the third person, but don’t quote me on that.

        1. I didn’t say she wouldn’t have Rowlett, just that it wouldn’t have a personality like Piplup. Formantis would be an extra pokemon. Besides, Mallow’s already been associated with Lurantis because of the Lush Jungle trial having a Totem Lurantis.

          1. When I say Rowlet would have a similar behavior to Piplup, I mean it’ll have the cuteness level.

          2. The only Piplup I remember from the anime was Dawn’s and personally I thought Dawn’s Piplup was irritating. I much preferred her Buneary.

            I liked May’s Torchic though I think (it’s been ages since I’ve semi-regularly watched the anime).

          3. let’s just see how Mallow’s Rowlet handles compaired to May and Dawn’s Bird Starters

  36. It just hit me last night; why do people think we’re not getting Alola Cubone and Pikachu? We HAVE to. Alola forms are completely different that regular it seems. They just used regular prevos in the recent reveal so they would show too much. Alolan Vulpix and Sandshrew evolve into Alola Ninetales and Sandslash. Has to be Alolan to evolve into Alolan. End of story.

    1. Regular Cubone and Pikachu were shown evolving into their alolan evolutions in the japanese trailer, same with Exeggcute.

      1. And they skipped the rest of the evolution process right on to a battle scene of them.

    2. I honestly wouldn’t make sense any other way than what you said. It’s adult form adapted? And it’s younger form didn’t?

    3. well I highly doubt there is an alolan Pikachu because it doesn’t really change too much, it just gets the psychic typing so it makes sense, its like eggsecute into alolan eggsecutor, it doesn’t change enough to warrant an alolan variant, however cubbone does change both of its typing so that one is just strange

    4. No, we have seen Hau have a regular Pichu, and we have seen a regular Pikachu on the Rotom dex nav, meaning it can be caught, and they’ve already said that the only forms of them in the region are Alola forms. There is so much evidence pointing toward no Alolan Pikachu, but idk about Cubone.

    5. That isn’t always the case cause what if Persian doesn’t get one or Exeggcute that would change it

      1. Persian will definitely get one, there is no way it cant, being the evolved form of an alolan pokemon

        1. That I agree it will it needs to look less like just a regular cat with a gem on its head

    6. We don’t HAVE to. And not all Alola forms are different. And NO it doesn’t have to be Alolan born to evolve into an Alolan form. It is based on the different climate, which is why a Pokemon not born on Alola would take on a new form when it evolves on Alola. And your logic with what you said about the pre-evolutions for the recent reveal, doesn’t work ether. If the Cubone and Pikachu had Alolan forms, they would have SHOWN them evolving instead of the normal forms, JUST like they did with Vulpix/Ninetails and Sandshrew/Sandslash, because it would NOT be showing to much. It would be showing accuracy. Next month or whatever they will probably reveal Alolan Meowths evo, Alolan Pursian, because THAT one wouldn’t make sense not to evolve into Alolan form.

      1. Congrats. You think you’re more knowledgeable then everyone else because you know as much as everyone else on a new feature. But if you wanna be a goddamn asshole about someone else’s theory gtfo

  37. How can people fall for this? I mean, it looks pretty but come on. Refresh if needed.

      1. Its 100% fake because a Pokemon never loses its primary typing, unless its Alola forme, but in this case Dragonair keeps its Dragon typing in this pic, but its secondary, so fake.

  38. On a sidenote: Just got told by someone who apparently knows people in Japan, that Ash’s Greninja will join Ash in Alola.

  39. I’m soooooooooo bored,
    Since I can’t stop thinking about Mudbray I’m trying to figure out all shown moves
    And High Horsepower (Which I really hope it learns when evolving)
    I hope it learns Double-Kick early or Headbutt/Take Down

    But what really gets my brain a’thinkin’ is Stamina, Stamina already could pose a severe game changer, especially if they let it learn Bulk-Up which you bulk up the first turn and you get hit then two Defense Boosts and some Attack, and if you have a Sitrus Berry recovery, obviously this is usually useless on special attackers especially the rare Grass Knot pretty much ending in a 1HKO (the damn thing weighs 2000 lbs)

    But not all is perfect, Mudsdale looks like the only recovery it can muster from is Rest, Berries and outside assistance so unless your fighting someone who can scratch this towering meat horse you better have some decent checks and counters

  40. Anyone have the full picture above HD.. this one is cut off partly. Or know which article does?

  41. New idea for a Fossil Pokemon line!

    Protoffin- The Faux Griffin Pokemon Rock/Flying
    name broken down Protoceratops + Griffin
    the reason being is that this dinosaur is what inspired the mythical griffin’s existence and flying typing only for it could have small wings at first that help with the griffin part

    Serraffin- The True Griffin Pokemon Rock/Dragon
    name broken down Serrated+Protoceratops+Griffin
    It is supposed to have razor sharp senses and now has lived up to its myth as a real Griffin it uses serrated to show it has razor sharp mind, beak, and Talons and is very agile in battle!

    So what do you guys think I think it would be very interesting!

      1. The typing was the only trouble to think of knowing I thought Dragon or Flying and thought since a Griffin is majestic like a dragon I thought put both!

  42. I LOVE you for posting rumours. I also love that we can come to the comments sections and discuss them together like excited kiddies ready to go to Disneyland. I don’t use Serebii forums anymore because the mods are egomaniacal sociopaths, and although I frequent Bulbagarden they’ve shut down all discussion of leaks and rumours to a single thread, which imho is ridiculous (if people don’t want to be spoiled about the new games, maybe stay away from discussion forums dedicated to the new games? duh). So yeah. Thanks for being you, and giving those of us who love leaks a playground of our own ^__^

  43. Come on leakers. Confirm if cross-gen evolutions are returning or not so we can put it to rest.

  44. Okay, what is this?


    It’s all part of a propaganda for pro-EU members that still want Britain to stay despite Brexit.


    1. Pokemon will ‘NOT’ deport after leaving because they are just made up, make believe, a stupid app.

    2. Theresa May has already spoken ‘Brexit means Brexit’, so I don’t understand of why these pro-EUs are still complaining.

    3. proof that some Pokemon Fans are just as bad as all the other fanbases in the world. Look at the comments to each picture to see what I mean.

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