PokéJungle & The Rumours: The Redux

Once upon a time in a land far, far away one Pokémon news site took a brave step into the world of posting Pokémon rumours. A world where few other Pokémon sites braved to go. The little Pokémon site continued its adventure into the world of rumour posting and started to become known for posting them, something its community loved.

Today the Pokémon site, known as PokéJungle.net, has grown up and continues its adventure into the world of Pokémon rumours, gaining many new followers and fans who love what the site does and can’t wait for the next batch of fresh juicy rumours they post.

Seriously though, we know you guys love it when we post rumours and it’s for that reason we post them. We have and always will post rumours for our readers to discuss and comment. Any rumours we post are not intended to be taken as true or real (though it’s not impossible). We want our readers to relax, talk about it, speculate the truth of it etc… At the same time we ask our readers not to claim the rumours we post as true. We’re not trying to be a centre of misinformation, nor are we trying to farm our users for their precious, precious time. We take it seriously when we misreport on something because we only want the best for you guys!

As with X & Y it’s not unlikely that real leaked information could come from other sources outside of Japan (as the Chinese Sun & Moon leak seemingly confirms) and we’re becoming ever vigilant about what we do and don’t post.

We’ve had a few comments lately about the “rumours” we post and we just wanted to clarify to you guys that they are simply just that. Rumours. In future we’ll be sure to add our own personal touch and analysis of rumours we post and even give out a “truthness” rating.

So please, join the little Pokémon site that was and let’s make this a happily ever after. To infinity and beyond, or something…

<3 everyone at PokéJungle (especially moving)