We’re gonna take a rumor break

Please consider any rumors that I post to be NOT TRUE until PROVEN OTHERWISE.  I was a bit flabbergasted at how much attention my posts yesterday received and they spread a little bit too far for my taste.  My goal is not to be a center of misinformation with this blog and it won’t be.  The rumors posted yesterday could very well be the GameFAQs poster simply contacting me after I posted in his thread and he could claim to be a totally different person.

My motivations for posting rumors are simply to enjoy the speculation between factual news posts, nothing more.  Please do not take anything that is not 100% confirmed so seriously.  Just relax, talk about it, speculate the truthiness of it… etc.  Please do NOT pass it off as real information at other locations.  Otherwise Serebii will chide me on AIM again.  :3

<3 pokejungle

ps- Please have an enjoyable day.  I can’t wait for some new REAL information.

pps- I updated the poll on the sidebar so if you’re too lazy to post a comment, you can still get your opinion to me in about 2 seconds.  One thing I love is reader involvement :3  I hate sites that don’t have comment sections or make you register to post comments or something.  ICK.

ppss- (lol) I’m going to work for the next 6hrs so I fully admit I will miss anything if it crops up.