NOA Rumor, con’t (FALSE)

Nezumimi (ネズミミ) and Namakusu (ナマクス) according to source

For better or for worse, I think many of us had our interest piqued by the rumors I posted earlier today that were revealed to me by someone claiming to work for Nintendo of America.  Through a back and forth discussion with me, he shed light on a few more things.  Remember this is still NOT CONFIRMED and TOTALLY a RUMOR. As soon as we get some Pokemon names from leaked screenshots or the like we are still very much in the dark about whether or not this information is accurate.

  • New Pokemon: Memera (メーメーラ) – Red sheep pokemon that has a smoke-cloud-ish body. (Me-me- is like baa-baa-)
  • New Pokemon: Makkusuma (マックスマ) – Possible new fire/ice type that is similar to an icicle but also has flames coming out of it
  • Namakusu (ナマクス) -> Onokusu (オノクス) -> Ononokusu (オノノクス)
  • Atokurosu is probably based on Atlas, from Greek mythology (Just like Heracross, Hercules)
  • Kasame has one eye, might be ghost/water.  Based on the kasa-obake of Japanese folklore (pic of japanese painting)
  • Toraroiya is a very mechanical pokemon with a large body.
  • ENGLISH names for the starters were hinted at, with their names playing off of slither, hog, and rookie.  Do I need to tell you which is which?  ;p

That’s it for now.  Make sure you’re taking this with a grain of salt.

<3 pokejungle

ps- no, I do not just “make up rumors” to get traffic.  I post rumors because they’re interesting to read and speculate about and I certainly make it EXCEEDINGLY clear when something is not confirmed.  I am waiting just as eagerly as you for something to leak to either confirm or deny this rumor.

You all do realize that the GameFAQs poster could be the same guy as this right?