I was contacted this morning by a person (going by MO) claiming to have some inside credentials (from NOA) into the games, so I’ll post some information that he sent me, but this should not be considered anything but a rumor until I get some proof.  You know me though… I do love rumors :3 Small update, I’ve added in possibilites of what the alleged Pokemon names could mean. Someone else did name translating too, look in the comments!

  • Besides the Kurimori gaf, the Japanese names from the GameFAQs post ARE more or less correct.
  • Pokabu’s evolution is named Boirubuta (ボイルブタ) and is reminiscent of a “stove” (Basically boil + pig).  Final evolution is named Ranranbo (ランランボ) (Ranran = flaming).  Ranranbo is a boar with steam coming out.
  • Tsutaja’s evolution is named Tsutawaiya (ツタワイヤ) (tsuta = ivy) and final evolution is named Tsutatesura (ツタテスラ) (Tsuta = ivy).  Final is a green cobra-ish Pokemon.
  • Mijimaru’s evolution is named Yuudatsu (ユウダツ) (datsu = otter) and final evolution is named Rakkobushi (ラッコブシ) (Otter Warrior).  Rakkobushi is a big otter with shells across its body.
  • Heracross gets an evolution named Atokurosu (アトクロス) (Kurosu = Cross)
  • New pokemon resembling an umbrella named Kasame (カサメ) (could be mixing umbrella + shark)
  • New steel type called Toraroiya (トラロイヤ) (No idea, but tora = tiger)

According to source these pokemon are Serufiru (セルフィル) (Seru = cell) for the green one, Gizajemu (ギザジェム) (Jemu = gem) for the rock one, and Goshikkuro (ゴシックロ) (combining Gothic + black) is the black dress one.


<3 pokejungle

  1. I hope all of what you just posted is true – especially for Heracross – wonder if they’ll reveal it’s evo as a part of Black and White promotion towards the end of Sinnoh – ie, in the Sinnoh League maybe?

  2. Dudue you kick ass! Now I know these are rumors but thanks a lot for the info.

  3. I <3 rumors!

    Thanks! Anyway, if these are true… And Heracross gets an evolution… Maybe he'll get a PRE-evolution connecting him with Pinsir! *squeals like a fanboy*.

    Also, do we have someone who speaks Japanese to see if some of these are actual parts of Japanese words to find out what kind of Pokemon these might be?

  4. Some input on the names:
    Boirubuta= probably ‘boil’ + ‘buta’ (pig)
    Ranranbo= maybe comes from ‘ranbou’? (rude/violent)
    Tsutawaiya= ‘tsuta’ (ivy) + ‘wire’?
    Tsutatesura= Oh my gosh. ‘tsuta’ + Tesla?! Grass/Electric confirmed?
    Mijumaru’s evolution’s names are from two different words for otter
    Atokurosu= Like Heracross ‘Atlas’ + ‘Cross’ (from the Atlas beetle)
    Kasame= Based on a traditional Japanese monster
    Toraroiya= Not sure, but maybe from ‘tora’ (tiger)
    Serufiru= I’m thinking ‘cell’ + ‘chlorophyll’ (grass type, probably)
    Gizajiemu= ‘gizagiza’ (jagged)+ ‘gem’
    Gosshikuro= ‘gothic’ + ‘kuro’ (black) Yeah, goth loli Pokemon confirmed. UGH.

    1. Hahaha I JUST updated my post with my own thoughts. Yours are actually more thorough though. Nice.

  5. Haha, thanks. I just hope Tsutatesura really is from ‘Tesla’. Grass/Electric could be a LOT of fun.

  6. @Bialu It means.. “goth black” which tells us nothing.

    Whereas Serufiru means “cell fill” so it says that he possibly is a chloroplast from my first theory. Or an amoeba. I’m just glad I have a rumored name.

    All I can find for Gizajiemu is “jagged”, short for gizagiza.

  7. Haha, wow you guys are doing great on these!

    Even though these are still PURE RUMOR. Just as a reminder. COULD BE 100% FALSE. 🙂

  8. Pokejungle, just out of curiosity, did the source send you an e-mail? If could you do myself and many other major Pokemon News websites and possibly print screen the message just to verify that you actually did receive an message?

    If you could that would be greatly appreciated!

  9. If these turn out to be true, I’d love to make art of them.
    Does the source have any credibility for past revealings, just out of curiosity?

    Also, Pokejungle, I’ve seen you advertise on several places.
    If you don’t mind, could I be of some assistance?
    I can do 2 things for you that you might find useful: Advertise, and make graphics.
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    That’s all for now.

  10. I think this rumor is fake.
    PokeJungle did you get this? I think this is true since Corocoro said something about most of these Pokemon.

    “Well there are some rumors surfacing in a Japanese forum 2ch and one says that Eievui, Jupetta, Muchuru, Fukamaru, Herakrosu, Perap, Purasle, Minun, Metamon, Rotomu, Patchiiru, Cherinbo, Suikun, Entei, Raikou, and Serebii are Pokemon that will greatly help you complete the pokedex.”

  11. Based on all the (speculated) translations, I’m thinking the starter’s final forms are Fire/Water (since the names and description seem to associate it with steam), Water/Fighting (less sure about this, but since it was speculated when the second stage’s artwork was first leaked, and since warrior=fighting. Oh, and maybe ‘yuu’ in Yuudatsu comes from ‘yuuki’ (couage), but it could be one of a million different things.), and Grass/Electric (wire and Tesla associations, plus the yellow on Smugleaf’s body).

    I’d guess Serufiru is Grass/something (ghost? water?), Gizajiemu is probably Rock or Rock/something, and Gosshikuro is likely Dark/something (Dark/Psychic would be fun) and Kasame is probably Water/Ghost (since it’s likely based on the Kasa-Obake. Oh, and someone on Serebii speculated it’s from ‘kasa’ (umbrella) and ‘me’ (eye), as they’re typically shown with one eye)

    Oh, and one more thing: Toraroiya =Tora+royal? IDK.

  12. I’m not testing your integrity at all. 🙂

    I was just asking for some simple proof, and you gave it to us in an instant so while I believe you’re getting your information for a source, I still do not believe it’s 100% true.

    If you could somehow contact your source and ask him for more specific information, that would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  13. NOA = Nintendo of America

    More specific information would be a lil risky, he already wouldn’t tell me the English names for the starters but said would reveal them around the end of July.

  14. Well this is very promising if it’s true, I hope this source is reliable and can give us more information in the future!

    So I suppose we either wait for the next CoroCoro or the end of July?

  15. Hopefully Oha Suta, CoroCoro, Pokemon Sunday, etc will leak something and one of the names will either be right or wrong.

    I’m kind of wondering if it is true, I was surprised that he said the other names from the GameFAQs info were true even after the Kuromori snafu. If he were trying to make believable bullshit he probably wouldn’t have gone off of the rumor that everyone pretty much discredited after the Koromori screenshot leaked.

  16. Nope, I’m saying that if this guy was just trying to see how much attention a rumor he made up could get he wouldn’t have mentioned another rumor that we all thought was false.

    So to me, that gives it a little bit of credibility.

  17. Well I sure do hope the rumors about Tsutaja are correct, because a Grass/Electric starter sure would be an interesting Pokemon to use.

    Also, do you have any idea what are some of the possible typings of any of the Pokemon your source mentioned?

  18. Hi, I love your site.
    Thought maybe I could help with the meanings of the alleged names for these new pokemon.

    The name for Mijumaru’s evolution may also be related to the word ‘yuudachi’, which means sudden rain in the afternoon.
    It could be a combination of that and ‘udatsu’, which is a part of the roof/wall in traditional Japanese houses made to prevent fire from spreading.

    Also, another interpretation for the name Rakkobushi could be ‘rakko’ (otter) and ‘kobushi’, which means fist (the same kanji is used for ‘ken’ in ‘Tekken’ the fighting game).
    That further cements the idea that Mijumaru’s evolutions will have Fighting as their secondary type.

    Tororoiya may be a reference to Tlaloc, the god of weather in Aztech myth (which is romanized ‘torarokku’ in Japanese) but this kind of goes against the statement that this pokemon is a steel type… It would make more sense if it was water or electric type (weather = rain, thunder).

  19. I’m not asking if they’re entirely false or not, we’ve established already that the source seems somewhat credible.

    I’m asking if the source has any idea of the typings of the Pokemon?

  20. If Mijumaru’s final evo is a big shelly otter, I will like die, I’d HATE that -__-

  21. I really like the idea of a steel tiger, it’d probably look really awesome. {Maybe there’s a pre-evo of a tiger cub, that’d be so adorable!}

  22. STEEL TIGER… *-*
    dudee a pre-evo would be DA BEST!
    please make it hapen game freak~

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