I was contacted this morning by a person (going by MO) claiming to have some inside credentials (from NOA) into the games, so I’ll post some information that he sent me, but this should not be considered anything but a rumor until I get some proof.  You know me though… I do love rumors :3 Small update, I’ve added in possibilites of what the alleged Pokemon names could mean. Someone else did name translating too, look in the comments!

  • Besides the Kurimori gaf, the Japanese names from the GameFAQs post ARE more or less correct.
  • Pokabu’s evolution is named Boirubuta (ボイルブタ) and is reminiscent of a “stove” (Basically boil + pig).  Final evolution is named Ranranbo (ランランボ) (Ranran = flaming).  Ranranbo is a boar with steam coming out.
  • Tsutaja’s evolution is named Tsutawaiya (ツタワイヤ) (tsuta = ivy) and final evolution is named Tsutatesura (ツタテスラ) (Tsuta = ivy).  Final is a green cobra-ish Pokemon.
  • Mijimaru’s evolution is named Yuudatsu (ユウダツ) (datsu = otter) and final evolution is named Rakkobushi (ラッコブシ) (Otter Warrior).  Rakkobushi is a big otter with shells across its body.
  • Heracross gets an evolution named Atokurosu (アトクロス) (Kurosu = Cross)
  • New pokemon resembling an umbrella named Kasame (カサメ) (could be mixing umbrella + shark)
  • New steel type called Toraroiya (トラロイヤ) (No idea, but tora = tiger)

According to source these pokemon are Serufiru (セルフィル) (Seru = cell) for the green one, Gizajemu (ギザジェム) (Jemu = gem) for the rock one, and Goshikkuro (ゴシックロ) (combining Gothic + black) is the black dress one.


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