RUMOR: New Pokémon Sun & Moon Information “Leaked”

8/21 UPDATE: Although we are all excited that Happy Hour Meowth has indeed been confirmed as a distribution, this does not necessarily give any credence to this rumor. Upcoming downloads can be datamined a month or more in advanced. -PJ

RUMOUR ALERT: The information contained in this post is based on speculation, not fact. Please treat it as such and do not interpret it as confirmed news.

As with every release cycle in a new Pokémon game the rumour mill is going strong with Sun & Moon. Once again an anonymous user on a popular image board has posted a list of alleged new details about the games, from new islands in the Alola region, to a new and spectacular Rainbow Greninja. The full list of information is below and some of it seems a little to good to be true (which it almost certainly is), but it’s good to talk about, right?!

  • Alola is made up of 4 islands, Melemele, Poni, Ula’Ula, and Akala.
  • Post game has 4 “Island Districts” that aren’t viewable on the map. Ekahi Island, Elua Island, Ekolu Island, and Kalola Island.
  • Kalos is not available post-game, but Hoomaka Cave on Kalola Island holds a huge easter egg I believe. Deep inside there is a dark entrance guarded by a backpacker that states the railroad is closed for now and only a Pokémon that emits a special light can ignite the way to the other side. No Pokémon in your party will allow you to enter for now.
  • Rockruff has 3 evolutions similar to Eevee in RBY. All of them require learning “Howl”.
  • Salandit has a split evolution line at level 36, one for Male and one for Female.
  • There are 16 Z-Stones, 18 total, with a Trial Captain for 16 of the types. Guzma and Plumeria are holders of the missing Dark and Poison Z-Stones.
  • Some Pokémon can change shape/stats after they perform a Z-Move. These include Greninja (Rainbow), Solgaleo (Radiant), Lunala (Full Moon), Marshadow (Eclipse), Espeon (Dawn), and Umbreon (Dusk).
  • All 47 Mega Stones are accessible on the island districts. There aren’t any new Mega Evolutions.
  • There are a total of 128 new Pokémon and 23 Alolan forms. These Alolan forms are all Gen 1 exclusive Pokémon.
  • Alolan form Pokémon that are capable of Mega Evolving can do so, Alakazam and Kangaskahn are among these.
  • Marshadow, an extremely gorgeous dolphin, has a jewel on its head that emit sparkles so bright, that its seen as the emissary of light. It’s stats are pretty underwhelming, but it has a cool ability that allows it to have any Psychic type combination. The second type is random every time it enters the battle field. Even switching out causes it to change.
  • The Strange Souvenir item in XY depicts a Ghost/Rock Pokémon from Alola named Gigareki. It’s a giant tiki (different from the Tapu lines) that has an amazing laughing animation when you battle with it. It is said to be the oldest living Pokémon, and seen as a “Teacher” in many ways.
  • The NX will be a dual handheld/console set for release next year. Sept 2017 there will be a parent game that features both regions of XYSM exclusive to this console.
  • Rainbow Greninja will be revealed by TPC on Aug 21.
  • Alolan Alakazam family are fighting type. Alolan Alakazam can mega evolve, keeps the fighting type, and gains No Guard.
  • Yes. The Z-Bracelet is a key item in your backpack. Selecting it allows you to place 1 mega stone and 1 z stone inside of it. This allows for more crazy strategies because your Mega Pokémon can now hold items like Rayquaza due to this.
  • The first district you’re taken too has a slightly upgraded Battle Maison. One of the districts has a Lugia/Ho-Oh depending on your version.
  • All Champions from previous games are able to battled on the S.S. Anne while they’re bored. The S.S. Anne brings you to the districts.
  • Rainbow Greninja is technically Ash Greninja but with a name change. It will be revealed in the closing ceremony at World’s 2016.
  • Meowth that knows “Happy Hour” and OT Alola will be distributed at World’s. Cherish Ball.
  • If you add 128 to our existing 721 roster, that means Generation 8 will only need to introduce 151 Pokemon (like a reboot) to bring our total count to 1000.

So that’s it folks. Looks like if you weren’t already sure these were false you won’t have to wait long for confirmation, as Rainbow Greninja is said to be revealed on August 21st. Anything you like the sounds of in this latest cacophony of “information”?

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Via: GearNuke

  1. Well so far: 1 of the 20 Leaked New Info is True: There are indeed 4 islands that made up Alola!

    1. Well there are eight islands including Hawaii so this could just be an educated guess given the information we already know.

  2. I don’t believe this. Megas can hold items? I thought they were trying to balance the game.

      1. Still…you could only use one per battle anyway so all that would do is make it more of a hassle to change out the stones.

  3. If true, then perhaps this ‘WILL’ be like Gold and Silver. But, in a way of trolling you, only through an unannounced legendary pokemon that you can only get through events.

  4. this leak is fake u put a z crystal on your Pokemon, not in the bracelet.
    plus getting all 16 z crystals from captains? i think that its best to start out with 3 or 4 then get rest from else where.

    1. I thought you’re suppose to get them from Totem Pokemon, so yeah, this does sound fake to me until proven otherwise.

  5. Well we’ll have our confirmation on the 21st, Tis but a week away
    But I’m still highly skeptical (and a little bit gassy too)
    I think this is yet another dirty liar trying to sound real

    1. I don’t actually believe we have to wait until the 21st, after all, he stated a meowth is to be distributed at Worlds. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but no announcement of this as been made so far, which means that at the very latest we’ll see these ‘leaks’ be debunked or confirmed next friday.
      That is, if they don’t make any statement regarding a distribution earlier.

  6. I just wanna know if this starter split evo thing is true or not – and how it works if it is true (ie is it version/island/day & night dependant etc)
    Will be interesting to know if these “leaks” are true or not, although I don’t know how you can mega & have a Z-move since they’re both dependant on the Pokemon holding a stone

    1. At least my understanding of things so far is that you only need one of those crystals in the bracelet, you do not need the Pokemon to be holding it. So, it stands to reason that you could have the Pokemon holding it’s mega-stone and still use a z-move…
      Of course, if you believe the rumor above, then the Pokemon can go even further as they say the mega-stone is slotted in the bracelet like the z-crystal rather than having a pair of keystone and mega-stone.
      (One of the points that leads me to wholeheartedly doubt this particular ‘leak’)

      1. It’ll just be interesting to see whether this is true or not. I mean off a Mega Pokemon, a Z-Move would probably OHKO any Pokemon for the most part.

        1. It would be interesting to think how powerful a z-move from a mega would be, but, if they can use them, I think they’ll balance the z-moves in such a way that they perhaps only take a pokemon’s level into account rather than stats. The concept of these moves seems to me that perhaps tying it’s power to stats would be contradictory. But that’s my interpretation. Having a level 5 popplio OHKO a fire-type who’s level 100 would be non-nonsensical too.

          1. A mega can’t do a z move since both require a held stone. A Pokemon can’t hold both at one time.

          2. Well if you look at my earlier comment, slightly above the one you replied to, I addressed that. Nevertheless, as I said before, from all that official sources have stated the crystals seem to be held on the bracelet and, contrary to megas, these do not seem to form a pair with any held item for the pokemon itself.

          3. Yet, you may be entirely right and the pokemon might need to holding another crystal to connect to the one to the bracelet, I just haven’t read as much before, though I would prefer it that way.

  7. It’s the description of Marshadow that gives this fake away for me. Just describe it properly, not poetically.

  8. I think the Ho oh/ Lugia thing is likely true (maybe not on new islands but still catchable). Like gamexplain said in a really early video if you look at the clouds on the top left their is a thing that looks just like Ho oh in the clouds, they also said Lugia is somewhere i just cannot remember where

    1. indicating Gold and Silver’s near 10th anniversary. Makes sense seeing that a remake of it was made for Gen 4. Which leads me to the NX, if it is Pokemon’s DP’s 10th anniversary, wouldn’t they make a remake on that, rather than an early remake of merging Gen 6 – 7 together, of which somehow bothers me.

  9. Now that I really think about….I wonder if if these leaks are real?? I mean it all sounds believable except for the Marshadow description. Just seems a bit over the top. Really how viable can a legendary dolphin be?

    1. Sounds too fanboyish to be true. A Kalos fanboy that loves the region so much that he doesn’t want to part from it. Fanboys also have been asking for a trans-region game for years, and if that event is the closest we get, then the company is just trolling us.

      1. I agree Richard . If we do get a dolphin this gen it will be as a basic pokemon not a legendary. Plus, don’t most legendary pokemon have access to a range of motions so they can be drawn or animated in a plethora of different poses? Sure even if it is part psychic how much movement are you getting out of a dolphins form? At best you’ve got a floating dolphin and that just doesn’t sit well with me.

        1. You’re right. That just puts more fake into the fire doesn’t it. Even the description alone tells you that it’s fake. At least describe it to us properly, not poetically.

  10. You forgot to mention that the Kalos Starters are available Post-Game.

    Also the Master ball Trick where you hold B as you throw a Pokeball is coming back

      1. Because I used to work for Gamefreak and I just got fired …. Duh

        Also not everyone has Bank.

  11. Eh… To be honest this set of rumors isn’t very believable. It kinda feels like it’s just piggybacking off other rumored leaks, which isn’t uncommon, but I just feel like it falls apart really quickly. Of course it could be totally real and on August 21 I’ll be kicking myself!

  12. Wait a minute when did they buff Simple?
    I just found out Simple now doubles all stat gains/losses now

    Could you imagine if we got a new Poke with Simple that can actually pull it off?

  13. This biggest part of this “leak” that makes it seem fake is the whole Megas can use Z-Moves thing ?

  14. The only thing in this leak that’s definitely real is the island names. Those are the national colours of the 4 hawaiian islands, in hawaiian.

  15. There are 16 Z-Stones, 18 total, with a Trial Captain for 16 of the types. Guzma and Plumeria are holders of the missing Dark and Poison Z-Stones.

    So, once Guzma and Plumeria were revealed this leaker noticed their tattoos and made up this rumor according to the color of their tattoos. Got it.

    1. Yah everything in this rumor really can be traced down as really solid fan theory. A lot of these things are things I have speculated in posts I wrote after seeing the news. Getting particular with dates and levels really is this rumors short comings because that will screw it over.

  16. My guess to how this game will turn out…

    1: No Kalos Region
    2: Mega Stones can be found, along with a Mega Gem that can be placed into the bracelet. Mega Pokemon cannot work with Z-Moves.
    3: Champions and S.S.Anne will most likely appear in post-game.

    These are just the guess I’ve came up with, backed with a few info from the Chinese leak.

  17. Do I believe these rumors? Nope.

    On an aside, I don’t believe Team Skull is going to be the actual threat. I can actually see us putting our differences aside and teaming up to take on the real enemy that will arise. But we’ll see, there’s so many possibilities and I can’t wait to learn more…November can’t get here soon enough

    1. I forgot to add who I think the actual threat will be oops. I think Team Flare is returning. Could end up being way off tho! Just a feeling

      1. could be, there hadn’t been a special third game like Pokemon Z for Gen 6 anyway. But we won’t know until the game finally comes out.

        1. Yeah there’s a ton of possibilities. I mean, we are shown to be fighting a Team Skull horde on what appears to be the island with Solgaleo/Lunala, so I could end up being way off base here and Team Skull really will be the main antagonist. But it would be cool to see an old team enter its way into the mix xD Especially in regards to Zygarde…

          1. Actually that’s Lunala’s Island. Not Solgaleo’s. Solgalio is located on the far western island.

      2. I doubt it will be Team Flare.
        If the real threat isn’t new then Team Rocket seems more likely.

    2. I’ve been saying the exact same thing for days now.

      It’s officially “operation bait and switch”.

    1. *facepalm* I remember in the original anime series they say it’s against the rules to have three pokemon out at once, only to have it legal in future games but this! This has really stretched it’s ridiculousness!

      1. Ok don’t know how that applies to this but what we do know that Specs Mismagius is a killer

  18. I mean yeah, half of the info is believable, but half of it I’m not so sure about. How would marshadow work exactly? You can’t have secondary type attacks on it because you never know if you’ll have stab?

    1. Well I would imagine some kinda Judgement based attack that correlates to the attack

      I had this Mega Mew idea who has this ability called “Universal Evolution”, where it changes type at the end of the turn and to go with it the only way to mega evolve is to know an attack called “Eon Pulse” which changes type to the ability

      1. or better yet, have it futurely predict the enemy Pokemon’s type and become it’s weakness type, like a Fairy when confronting a Dragon Type

        1. Way too complicated and overpowered
          This is a nifty little gimmick that’s too unpredictable to be overpowered

          1. That makes it the challenge. Espicially if there is a Pokemon Champion with all the pokemon in it’s party Lv 100

  19. Seriously. |:(
    One of the post game Islands is Kalola? These leakers need to be more creative. I don’t think GF would make it that similar to real life and even then, Kauai is spelled differently than Hawaii, but pronounced the same except for the K.

  20. Ok. So will Rainbow Greninja be revealed on August 21st or at the closing ceremony or are those the same day?,

  21. Also. I don’t think they’d use the name ‘S.S. Anne’. It’s too much like the Saint Anne from the Anime.

      1. Oh yeah. I haven’t played HGSS (the only games I own with that) in a while and I watched those episodes yesterday. Easy mistake….

    1. They’ll spill the beans sooner or later. Like what happened with the past leaks apart from the chinese ones.

  22. If Marshadow is a dolphin, what does its name derive from? I feel like it’s marsupial + shadow, but then it’d be a koala… so what if Marshadow is Komala’s evo?? 😮

          1. “Mar” – Sea in Latin
            “Luna” – Moon in Latin
            “Ala” – Wing in Latin
            “Sol” – Sun in Latin

  23. Not sure I buy it. There a lit of cherry picking from other rumors, but I guess over all it’s not the worst thing I’ve heard. Believable stuff I suppose. I’m not sure I like the idea of catching older legendaries yet AGAIN in this game. I feel like they need to cool it with that for a while. One thing I can say I totally believe is the NX part. I for sure could see them doing a port of SM on the NX, not doing a double region.

    P.S. How many Pokemon can there be that are the “original” Pokemon? lol

  24. If it’s true, Rainbow Greninja is fan service again, catering to the mediocre looking pokemon the community worships

  25. Talking about Team Skull’s Guzma not being the final villain I found something interesting. In Gen 6, just like the champions, the leader of the evil team (Lysandre, Maxie, Archie) had a full animation just like Hau has. Guzma however, doesn’t. I don’t know if it indicates anything or not but I wanted to point this out. What do you guys think?

      1. He certainly moves but not as much as the others did. So if you check Hau in the Corocoro trailer (iirc) and for example Lysandre you can clearly see the difference at the start of the battle.

        1. Well it cuts out just as it shows Guzma, and don’t the trainers in the E3 demo had full animations too?
          I’m just saying, probably not something to put stock into.

  26. A Mega Gardevoir holding a Pixie Plate can satisfy all of your Pixilate Hyper Voice needs

    1. Will there be a trailer on August 21th? And second, I have to go to school again on 22th ;-(

  27. I’ve always known that Kalos wouldn’t be a part of the post-game, but a part of me still wants to believe that it would be. That region was so short lived, like damn.

    1. I’m Nuzlocking platinum right now. I’m at Maylene’s gym with only a death count of 2. I think I’m doing pretty well, considering that I lost on my first try to Fantina.

  28. To everyone questioning Pokemon logic

    Escavalier’s entry in Black

    “They fly around at high speed, striking with their pointed spears. Even when in trouble, they face opponents bravely.”

    And look at its base speed

    1. You can’t get Mismagius. I was looking stuff up about platinum yesterday and I found that it is pearl exclusive.

    2. Also, I’d go Milotic, but that’s just me because I’ve never used a Milotic in any game so far.

  29. “Yes. The Z-Bracelet is a key item in your backpack. Selecting it allows you to place 1 mega stone and 1 z stone inside of it. This allows for more crazy strategies because your Mega Pokémon can now hold items like Rayquaza due to this” I think this is too broken

    1. GF has been doing so well with the meta game this gen, I don’t think they’d do this, which makes me doubt the rumor.

        1. I can name a small handful
          Anybody who isn’t Mega Steelix, Camerupt and…..Houndoom? but the rest are just annoying op in one way or twelve

          1. But like Mega’s can’t be “OP” by definition. OP means OVERpowered. As in its power is above anything else…it breaks balance in other words. Seeing as there are something like 48 “OP” Mega’s and each type now has multiple mega Pokemon the mechanic can not be described as OP anymore.

            If anything megas just need their own tier or subtier in the metagame.

    2. then why are the Z stones attatched to the bracelet, just like the toy that is going to sync with it.

      1. Z stones are moves tho, once pure battle, Megas being able to hold items is seriously bad for the meta, they are broken enough we dont need to see choice band mega charizards choice scarf mega ampharos

        1. yes they maybe used once, but where are you going to put them all when you’re done with them? On the bracelet, that’s where, along with the rest of the 17 Z stones

          1. we are aruging over something else, The thing im saying is broken is the Mega Stone not being a held item

          2. that’s because it ‘IS’ a held item. What’ll be in the bracelet is the Mega gem, similarly found on the bracelets in X and Y to power the mega stones.

          3. from the poetic description of Marshadow, the Mega Stones being used with Z-Stones at the same time, S.S.Anne taking you from island to island when you can fly and surf, Kalos being in it when we’ve already have it in the last game of X and Y, and only requiring a special event Pokemon to get you there on an island not mentioned and not named well like the other four islands in which was mentioned before this leak.

            Yes, I can see it being fake, until proven on the 21st. Being from 4chan, you can’t always trust the things that is said. This to me sounds like it has been done bandwagon on other leaks by a Serena fanboy who just can’t bare to leave Kalos and have the Ash-Serena pairing ruined for the sake of marketing for little kids from one gen to the next. I’ve known this pattern for quite a long time, and these leaks I can tell is something that doesn’t seem to fit well with both the game and the chinese leaks we’ve known so far.

    3. It’s complete trash
      Obviously the Z-Ring has multiple slots for Crystals as seen with the toy
      You don’t put mega stones on the Z-Ring you put the Keystone because both Megas and Zcrystals need to be held by the Pokemon, they would never allow the use of both a Z-Move and Mega Evolution it’s a unbalanced absurdity

  30. I’m assuming that you got this from 4chan because I read this same leak and it wasn’t anymore believable then as it is now because people post ‘leaks’ to fuck with people there all the time. You can’t believe any of them unless they have some kind of credible source attached to them.

  31. Gamewise, Marshadow ability seems fun and unique

    Competitive wise, is probably one of the messiest abilities ever and is going to flop so bad

    but hey i think the rumours are most likely false

      1. still, take for example if you are battling a fire type and your marshadow was a water type before but now that you switched is grass type. Is very random and risky

        1. That’s true, but unless the other player is notified of the type change, it would be pretty hard to guess what type it changed to.

          Either way, seems like an obnoxious Pokemon to play with/against. Cool concept tho.

          1. yeah, i agree the concept is really cool and is something i would use it just for fun in the game, but competitive? nah

        2. What would be interesting is if there was no color difference or change in appearance, so the only way for your opponent to tell what type it is would be to attack it and see how effective it is.

          1. and yet the rest of the world is now doing so. They’ll probably delay China’s and the US next

          2. Can i butt in? When will be the digital copy of the game be released? Is it the same date of the physical copy release?

          3. I just hope that it is released the exact same time, which I doubt because the release of every game in Europe is in Wednesday

          4. That isn’t true. In Germany the day games get released is on Friday. Actually the reason why it is delayed in Europe is because preorders CAN get the games on the 18th November too. The 5 days in Europe range means that a lot of people who preorder the game, could get it on the same date. By delaying it in Europe, they make sure that non of us spoiled European brats gets the game 5 days to 1 week earlier just like it happened with x and y. I live in Germany and I was one of the people who got x and y not on October 13th but already on October 7th. And although I live in Germany, two years ago I got ORAS on the same date it launched in the U.S.A and Japan because of preordering the Game


            Preorder the Game to get it on the same day as the other countries

  32. “The NX will be a dual handheld/console set for release next year. Sept 2017 there will be a parent game that features both regions of XYSM exclusive to this console.”

    This is hella fake. How would someone on some localization or QA team for Sun/Moon know this?

    1. It’s obviously too soon to think of that. It’s proof that it’s entirely fake no mistake. Besides, the game they would probably put onto the NX would be the remake of DP

    1. and at the same time, maybe 100% fake. Not all infomation from 4chan can be legit. The NX description, the description of the Mega Stones, Marshadow, S.S. Anne, Kalos through event, doesn’t sound like the sort of thing GF would produce. I’m sticking with the Chinese leak to me. It’s fake until proven on the 21st.

    2. But it could be the other way around. Suppose I wanted to make a leak look real, wouldn’t it make sense to use verified information (but nothing that we know a lot about) and expand on it?
      For instance, if these “Island Districts” were revealed before, I would talk about them in my leak to make it seem real.

        1. I think its a combination of that one hidden palm tree island. When looking to the sort of painting like art work of the Alola region, you can see a small island with a palm tree hidden behind some clouds in the norther half of Alola. However when you see Kukui introduce the Alola region at the start of the game, you see his super simple map has a cloud covering the area where that hidden island would be. So its assumed that one island is something for the post game. As such, anyone can claim that their are multiple post game islands that serve some purpose, all because we know for a fact that a single island that seems to be for the post game exists.

    3. 100% fact? I would be a little more careful personally… I mean it came out on 4chan and has very little info that can’t be assumed from what we already know. To each their own I guess.

  33. third bullet point, “I believe” totally kills it

    and later on, “Alolan Alakazam family are fighting type. Alolan Alakazam can mega evolve, keeps the fighting type” works against the current mechanics of mega evolution, with the mega being the same regardless of which form the pokemon was in (seen through hacking, a charizard Y could mega evolve into X no differently than a standard charizard would)

  34. I’m not even going to fret with these rumours. All we got to do is to wait till August 21st to see whether it’s real or not. Somethings sound rather false, especially the part with the NX due to more recent rumours. Rainbow Greninja does sound sorta cool… I guess. It’s just a waiting game at this point, similar to the PokeDex rumour.

    1. idk i still really like special mega lucario just as a preference but yea imagine choice band mega beedrill u-turn hitting like a truck

  35. thanks to gamexplains video , i noticed that plumeria’s yellow eyes and white makeup actually represent the plumeria flower ! Neat little detail again.

    1. Can i butt in? When will be the digital copy of the game be released? Is it the same date of the physical copy release?

  36. Honestly, I don’t know what to think of these rumors, since Pokémon recently has done so much stuff that now I think anything is possible, just like in Digimon (like, really, for some time I saw one of the main differences between Pokémon and Digimon to be “In Digimon, anyhting can happen”. Now it seems anything can also happen in Pokémon).

    But one that confuses me is Ash-Greninja being named “Rainbow Greinja”. Can anyone make sense of that? Because Ash-Greninja looks nothing like a rainbow, and the only thing I can think of is that rainbows are caused by sunlight after a rain. Is there any other special significance to rainbows in Japanese culture, or some association of them with frogs, ninjas, or Jiraiya?

  37. So wait… Are we reporting on stuff that is guaranteed fake now.. ? ?
    If this is the guy someone talked to me about the other day from reddit..
    I already proved them wrong
    They said the On special thing about rockruff is he can use Z moves..
    Now we know All Pokemon can do this.. and the secret is based around Evolution… -,-

    1. we’ve known Rockruff’s evolution and Z-moves for quite some time before this leak, and from what we have read has idicated to us that it might be fake. Just read Marshadow’s poetic description and info on the NX to know what we mean.

    2. We’ve always posted stuff we know is fake. It’s not something new. We don’t do it so much to give publicity or coverage to them, but instead to encourage discussion and the sharing of new ideas.

  38. Hmmm this is a thought that I had for a while now. It’s about Lillie.
    I was thinking, what is she’s actually former Alolan royalty, and that’s why she seems to have a somewhat stuck up look in her character art. She is a mysterious character, that is supposed to play a major roll in your adventure, and she dresses like she’s of some form of nobility, (she seems to have almost the same thought process as N) And when they mentioned on the official web sight that the royal family was abolished, but I don’t think that it was mentioned when it was, and so I started thinking of this possibility, that she could possibly be an Alolan Princess. 😀
    Just some food for thought. 🙂

    1. I like Wishiwashi and Raichu a lot. <3 The others are really nice too. I even kinda like Pyukumuku's better than the official

  39. I can’t decide between sun and moon. Both legendaries look great. I love the moonlight artwork (the half that’s purple) in every video but I’m worried that if they pull a ruby and sapphire with legends controlling their element, the moon legend could be controlled to get rid of the moon and make eternal day or something… Idk help!!!

      1. I think its a mix. I think some of its real. Like the Z-bracelet. And some is fake. The No new Mega Evolutions. Others I’m not so sure about, I’ve seen three different rumors mention that Rockruff can Evolve in to different forms and needs to learn Howl to do it, so I’m pretty sure that’s true. As for Ho’oh and Lugia, I don’t know this is the first time I’ve heard about it.

        1. “Yes. The Z-Bracelet is a key item in your backpack. Selecting it allows you to place 1 mega stone and 1 z stone inside of it. This allows for more crazy strategies because your Mega Pokémon can now hold items like Rayquaza due to this.”
          this one? i think this one is fake

          1. Come on we’ve been needing something like this since Mega Evolution came out. I want my Mega Mewtwo to be able to hold another item. Besides, this is the second place I’ve seen it…. I have not been on 4chan so that doesn’t count. Though its going to suck with all the Life Orb users with Mega Evolutions. I detest Life Orbs!

  40. this leak is also saying what mostly people want. usually those are too good to be true

    1. Also it’s from 4chan……..The only leak we’ve actually gotten that was legit from them was this past trailer leak. Any of the actual info leaks came from other boards and forums.

  41. I really don’t know what to think. There’s just so many, “but why” red flags in this. Like for example, why would the NX Pokemon title be a game set in both malls and Alola? Or why would ash-greninja be in the game? Why would espeon and umbreon change? I’m just not seeing the logic…even for gamefreaks typically ideology of abandoning most logic…

      1. Not really. The one semi true leak so far has said that “Ash-Greninja” is in the game, but we haven’t gotten any confirmation as to what that means. It could be an alolan form, a Mega evolution, an event pokemon. It could really be anything because leakers have been really limited on saying what it is; only saying that it simply exists.

  42. Well at least this “leak” has a short shelf life. On the 21st.. if “Rainbow Greninja” isn’t revealed.. it’s fake. But this all sounds like a load of BS to me anyways..

  43. wait wait gamescon last day is the 21st and the pokemon company is gonna be there

  44. Hang on, I don’t think a reboot would be such a good idea. Genwunners might be convincing gullible fans to not buy the games, causing a huge Market Crash.

  45. I don’t understand the idea of this leak being fake based on the Marshadow, the dolphin bullet point. The description is lame but having a dolphin is not farfetched. I can see the connection between “emmissary of light” and the Apollo’s(god of light) animal being dolphin. But I guess,the leaker or the author could have made this connection too.

    1. I am always thinking that Marshadow will be based on a sea creature u know Solgaleo on earth ,Lunala on the sky ….and Marshadow should be the depth or the sea maybe it will represent 2 different dimension like pisces .

      But it’s hard to believe that dolphin can be a legendary pkmn , but we could have normal one.

          1. I mean there’s no single reason that a dolphin cannot be a legendary as there’s no single reason that any kind of animal/plant/thing cannot be a legendary.

          2. Marshadow can be anything but not popular and cute creatures If they make it a dolphin that mean they made him out of typical idea of the dolphin we know.

            I smell that Marshadow will be evil or represent the emptiness (no emotion,judgment) …..or tow personality…like 2 creatures on one like pisces.

          3. “Marshadow can be anything but not popular and cute creatures”

            I strongly beg to differ but to each his own.

        1. Technically that right they have the same subspecies ……but the character between those is very different the orcas r a massive killer in addition the orca mentioned in many mythology as a primer good.

  46. I wish we could get something reminiscent of the Memory Link. It’s always been my dream that the game could (for example) detect my LeafGreen Charizard and put an NPC with Red’s appearance and my name based on the OT in the game. And of course, the same for other playable characters from past games.

  47. I’ve reread these leaks numerous times and I felt that I’ve found some inconsistencies. The leaker seems to be rather indifferent about how Mega Evolution will work in the games.

    “All 47 Mega Stones are accessible on the island districts. There aren’t any new Mega Evolutions.”
    “Yes. The Z-Bracelet is a key item in your backpack. Selecting it allows you to place 1 mega stone and 1 z stone inside of it. This allows for more crazy strategies because your Mega Pokémon can now hold items like Rayquaza due to this.”

    A Key Stone is necessary to access Mega Evolution with various Pokemon. How could you place a Mega Stone inside of the Z-Ring and do Mega Evolution without the Pokemon holding the item. This is probably the part that confuses me the most.

    Next, the part where the leaker mentions that there are no new Mega Evolutions while he clearly mentions that the Alolan Forms are receiving them. I guess this largely depends on his interpretation. Maybe he believes that it’s not new Mega based on the species, but if you think of it towards typing, stats, and looks; wouldn’t it be considered as a new Mega Evolution? This is probably my most debatable point. As I said, this is just a simple waiting game till August 21st. We just got to wait for the Rainbow Greninja announcement and release of the Happy Hour Meowth.

    1. well if you think about it it’s not nessecarily a new mega if the mega stone just remained alakazite like how charizard has the x and y mega stones so personally i wouldnt count it as a new mega just a new form just like how we dont count alolan meowth or raichu as new pokemon if that makes since

  48. When it said Marshadow is the emissary of light, that just degrades it’s realism. Shadow is the exact opposite of light

      1. I suppose, I could be wrong and this is real. However I’m taking a grain of salt just in case.

  49. Some of these r not Logical Specially the part that talking about Z-stones Actually neither Guzma and Plumeria have dark type pokemon Actually no one does at the whole team Skull …..and I didn’t say that missing holders r not found but it could be some of those 4 :Dark,Ghost ,poison and BUG ……If had a crazy theory about y Lurantis r not part of bug type …..maybe there’s another totem bug pkmn ….huh…mmm………..ok forget about last part.

  50. If this theory is real, which I don’t really think it is, could Rockruff be the physical side to Eevee? Like, it gets all the ‘physical’ types eventually over the generations, while Eevee only sticks to the ‘special’ types.
    The problem is only that it starts at Rock, which means you either have the weird evolve into Rock or no Rock at all.

      1. I mean, if the quality of it’s evolutions are as great as they are for Eevee, I’m fine with it. Eevee is the sleek, elegant and cute version, which fits perfectly with all the special types. Rockruff would be the bold, rough and cool side, which matters more to the physical types. It’s even similar to Eevee, with the way the tail works and it has a collar.

        I wouldn’t call it too far of a stretch, as Rockruff could very well be inspired by Eevee, but I honestly don’t know if it actually is the physical mirror to it. Either, I would be happy if if we get all the types in the next 15 years.

        1. I can definitely see your theory. It just makes me sad 🙁 I guess we’ll know next gen if Eeveelutions are dead or not.

      2. The thing is whole adaptation of eevee thing made its peak at Leafeon and Glaceon, where Eevee adapted its surroundings by physical means. As I don’t understand the physical/special type classification, I would also like to see an eevee that is adapted to live in caves, poisonous environments or high cliffs for example. To me Sylveon is an Eevee that is adapted to domesticated life (or what we call pet life) as its evolution method suggests.

        1. That’s true..I think it would maybe be difficult to implement more means to evolve eevee. 🙁 They’d probably have to be location based evolutions, which would be a bitch to replicate in future games

        2. Hi Belmad, wasn’t sure if I ask you yesterday, but everything OK on your side? 🙂
          As for the physical/special it’s just that all Eevee’s have been types that used to be classified as Special, thus always dealing damage based on Special attack. I guess there’s no real reason to keep it that way, but they haven’t gone outside the ‘Special’ types, seeing as that Fairy would likely be classified as Special back in the old days.

          1. I’m fine, the world we all live in is not nice but we’ve got to hold on. Thanks for asking 🙂

  51. Grass Bloom Doom
    Fire Inferno Overdrive
    Water Hydro Vortex
    Electric Gigavolt Havoc
    Normal Balance Breaker
    Rock Stone Storm
    Ground Tectonic Terrorizer
    Ice Frozen Fury
    Fighting Champion’s Finish
    Poison Noxious Nova
    Flying Cyclone Slicer
    Bug Power Swarm
    Dark Coup de gras or Sinister Strike
    Psychic Celestial supernova
    Ghost Spirit Screech
    Dragon Dragon’s Roar
    Steel Iron Impact
    Fairy Mystical Tempest

          1. Oh come on the Champion’s Finish is one of my favorites
            But yeah Power Swarm could be better

          2. Laaaaaame
            Hive Horror, Insect Insanity, just so hard to pick a decent sounding one

          3. The exo obviously referring to insects’ exoskeletons in case anyone didn’t get the reference 😛

          4. How about Hive Havoc , or Epidemic Strike , Buzz Maelstrom, Intoxicating Powder ,Life Drainer.

    1. Why not create Zmoves of each type that are not attacks but regenerative moves or stat moves ?

    2. Electric: Power Drain ( sp atk /sp def +)
      Water : Fin sharpener (speed +2)
      Fire : Ash fertilizer ( Heals 100% HP in sun)
      Grass : cellular upgrade (speed+1 / 33%HP recovery)

  52. Guys , I’m really bored , can someone send a link with more rumors/leaks ? I like reading that kinda stuff.

  53. Dude, if the stuff about Marshadow’s random second type is real, Smogon will explode.

    Sounding like a big “if,” though.

    1. That’s an interesting thought, although it would kinda suck if you wanted one different than the one assigned to the starter..

          1. God, don’t I know it. With the odd Eevee thrown in for flavor.

            Though I did once get a shiny Mew out of it. That went through a long chain of mythical trades on GTS that ended months later with Volcanion. Once the actual event happens in October, I’ll probably pawn it off for a Diancie since it’ll be the one mythical event I missed all Gen VI.

        1. And I’m assuming breeding would work based on what form the mother is. But the only other thing I see wrong with it is, if you choose your starter and then box it, you kinda ruin the whole rockruff and starter bond thing, but it still evolves into the type preset based on your choice.

          1. Or maybe isn’t related to the “choice”, but if there’s one of them on your party (kinda like how Pamcham needs a Dark type to evolve.) That being said, it can be messy if there’s all 3 in your party at the moment the dog evolves… Imagine some Hybrid, weird-looking, nightmare-inducing werewolf… lol

    2. That means Rockruff will be forced upon you at some point in the game. Like the Monkeys from Gen 5

      1. I personally wouldn’t mind, unless he sucks tremendously…. But it’ll gain a manga, so it would be marketing as well if they give you one.

    3. I had been try to analyze its dex entry but All igot it will become a Werewolf …I think its concept and how it connected with the starters is too far than we can imagine.

  54. Rockruff is only going to evolve after a specific event. It will have to leave our party to evolve and will come back as its evolution.

    1. Well it would have to be an instant event where it leaves, time is assumed to pass (like reviving fossils) and comes right back. I don’t think they would make us just let it go and then actually wait…that’d be dumb.

      1. I would say Night Evo if it’s a Were-Woof, WAIT! It’s actual name could be Werewoof…

          1. But would that work? The “were” in werewolf is derived from the old english word “wer,” which means man. Also, the name “werewolf” doesn’t have anything to do with night time, so I think GF could make their own daytime Werewolf and get away with it.

          2. were from werewolf, woof is a barking noise, like ruff… we do have names like seel…

          3. ah, LITERALLY ITS JAPANESE NAME IS THE ENGLISH WORD CRAB, snake backwards/arbo, and cobra backwards with a k/ arbo with a k.

          4. I’m just saying can an animal be a werewolf? A werewolf has to be part man. I know it’s just a name, but it doesn’t quite work given the prefix of the original word 😛

          5. Are you saying because it’s humanoid? I’m just saying if a little dog transforms into a huge evil wolf-like creature, that doesn’t make it a “werewolf.” More like a Canine-wolf 😛

          6. This pokemon could just be a humanoid wolf. A wolf on its hind legs, etc. We’ve had plenty of humanoid pokemon.

          7. The humanoid part isn’t the problem, just incorporating the name werewolf into a pokemon name.

          8. I think they would keep it just to allude to the inspiration. A wolf on its hind legs points to one mythological creature. Everyone would be curious why they didnt include it. Although, it could not happen. Idk where its gonna go, and I suspect GF will have a reason for whatever they choose.

          1. There are plenty of long and complicated pokemon names.
            Vanilluxe, Druddigon, Rayquaza (Nobody is sure if it’s ray-kway-za or ray-kwa-za), Sudowoodo.
            Lycanoctis is just a portmaneau of Lycan (pertaining to werewolves, i.e. lycantrhopy) and noctis (latin for night)

          2. None of those names you suggested are hard to pronounce. You gave three three syllable names, one four syllable with repeating vowel sounds that make it easy. Ly-can-oc-tis is pretty complicated if you ask me. And Im pretty sure its Ray-quay-za since it gets its name from quazar, right?

          3. Exactly, Your brain only has to remember the consonants and can go on autopilot for the vowels since they are all “u” sounds.

          4. Repeated sounds or not, “g’s” and “j’s” can be confusing for young children because the english language has letters that make different sounds, which is part of why it’s hard to learn.

          5. Sweet. So you found one exception. Maybe. The Regi’s were around before that Gen 4 legend so that first part was established. Whatever, not worth arguing. But I’m sticking to my opinion on GF going for a more common inspiration that isnt as complicated.

          6. I mean it probably won’t happen. Rockruff is HORRIBLY simple, so they probably won’t stray far. I don’t think they really limit themselves too much when naming though. Some names this gen are strange

          7. That’s true, Oricorio being one of them that takes a minute to find the inspiration. I will say, I love how we all argue things that are so meaningless in the big picture, especially when none of us work for gamefreak/ know the future. This community is so passionate and I love it. Lol not being sarcastic. Seriously.

          8. Also, Lycanthrophy or whatever is not a really common word. Most people dont see a werewolf in literature or other media and think of that word. Most people would be confused why they didnt go with the more common association. Im assuming.

          9. Doesn’t matter, they don’t have to know the word Lycanthropy, Lycan is used on its own.
            Aside from which, it’s more common than Quazar or Deoxyribonucleic acid

          10. Poor choices for your argument. Quazar maybe. DNA? Totally something grade school kids learn about.

          11. DNA yes, but not its full name. Unless you know DNA is short for Deoxyribonucleic acid you won’t get the link.
            When I was in school Quazars were never mentioned and we only ever worked with DNA as ‘DNA’ and not until secondary school.
            Either way you don’t need to know the origin of a name to be able to say it.

          12. True. But whats the point of putting it in a name if no one is going to know the origin?

          13. Not nobody, just not young children.
            People will understand the origins, just older people, i.e. teenagers.
            A lot of teenagers will know about Lycanthropy thanks to:

            Harry Potter – “Another
            term lycanthrope, often used to describes werewolves, however, refers
            to someone who suffers from a mental disease of fantasizing being a
            wolf. This particular mental disorder is termed lycanthropy.” – A book set as required reading by Remus Lupin

            Yugioh –

            Skyrim – it’s a disease

            Goosebumps – Werewolf Skin: “Does anyobe know what the study of
            lycanthropy is?” he asked. Behind his glasses, his dark eyes glowed. I
            had never heard the word. But to my surprise several hands shot up. He
            called on Arjun. “It’s about people changing into wolves,” Arjun said.

          14. I’m just saying, when I was a teenager, people damn well knew what Lycanthropy was. Even if they managed to avoid reading books it was covered when we did Gothic Horror in English.

          15. “And Im pretty sure its Ray-quay-za since it gets its name from quazar, right?”
            And a child is going to know this?

            And what of Midreavus, Gardevoir and Aromatisse.

          16. I work with kids. They play pokemon. I’ve heard them mispronounce plenty of names. They also play with pokemon literally named Seel (not to throw that card on the table) and snake backwards. Pokemon is a very simple game most of the time besides a few difficult names. An additional point to my argument: the pokemon you suggested are also not the most marketed pokemon. The starters all have pretty simple names, Serperior being the simplest imo. Rockruff is being hyped by coro coro and is getting its own manga. It will probably be featured heavily in the anime too. They’re not going to have a super difficult name for a pokemon like that, especially one that started with a name like “rock-ruff.”

    2. I believe they will not do this, since every evolution is supposed to be witnessed by the player.

    3. Nah i just think that rockruff is a slowpoke/magnemite/dugtrio situation where it is stated that a pokemon needs a certain thing to happen for it to evolve but in-game it just evolves by leveling up, like how slowpoke “needs a shellder to bite it” or how dugtrio and magnemite “need 2 more of their species to evolve by joining together”

      1. In all fairness, had they had the mechanic available in Gen 1 then Slowpoke probably would have needed a Shellder to evolve.

    1. Make things sound JUST fancy enough that it’s new but not outlandish enough that it’s mechanically impossible.

    2. You need to have things that people WANT to hear and maybe 1 or 2 things that people don’t want.

  55. I actually wouldnt mind at all if these were true they sound cool but the only things that seem weird are the megas holding items, malshadows secondary type, gigareki being the oldest pokemon (arceus/mew?), and the post z-move form change but out of all the rumors we’ve had so far this is the only one i like specially considering the 128 new pokemon! XD

    1. Yeah, the “oldest Living Pokemon” doesn’t make sense given current canon. Unless they’re implying that Arceus and Mew are not immortal and “Gigareki” has somehow outlived them despite being created after. Seems like a big hassle just to include “the oldest living pokemon” in its description.

  56. Yo any mods up?
    I want to temporarily post a phat wall of text for Star, can you 86 it when he’s done?

    1. You can just paste it in here, I don’t think it would matter much, as long as it gets contained in one thread.

  57. 1. Sproot Grass
    2. Eleplant Grass
    3. Ginormount Grass/Rock
    4. Cuburn Fire
    5. Heetah Fire
    6. Apolleo Fire/Dark
    7. Dottle Water
    8. Inteliphin Water/Psychic
    9. Percephin Water/Psychic
    10. Thrat Normal
    11. Snatchrat Normal/Dark
    12. Shardinal Normal/Flying
    13. Sparroh Normal/Flying
    14. Halbird Steel/Flying
    15. Grubblet Bug
    16. Krystasis Bug
    17. Emproyal Bug/Fairy
    18. Bearry Grass
    19. Slugush Water
    20. Slugooze Water/Poison
    21. Shagalf Grass
    22. Hayak Grass/Ground
    23. Sparkit Electric
    24. Voltpes Electric
    25. Yekid Ice/Fighting
    26. Coldossus Ice/Fighting
    27. Spellsufi Psychic
    28. Magenie Psychic
    29. Pestuzz Bug
    30. Vamsipher Bug/Dark
    31. Grimgoyl Rock/Flying
    32. Spectini Ghost
    33. Ghostalker Ghost
    34. Greaper Ghost
    35. Bubabulb Grass
    36. Flurette Grass
    37. Puahanna Grass/Fairy
    38. Montiki Grass/Rock
    39. Kongidol Grass/Rock
    40. Sanwurm Ground/Poison
    41. Servepent Ground/Poison
    42. Pharaobra Ground/Poison
    43. Hyjakk Electric/Steel
    44. Anklub Rock/Ground
    45. Quakelosaur Rock/Ground
    46. Electroscute Rock/Electric
    47. Conductodon Rock/Electric
    48. Cocojoe Grass/Fire
    49. Cocomando Grass/Fire
    50. Alegio Water
    51. Aligladius Water/Steel
    52. Gladigator Water/Steel
    53. Sueyplex Ground/Fighting
    54. Warhog Ground/Fighting
    55. Snowl Ice/Flying
    56. Arctowl Ice/Flying
    57. Morphix Normal
    58. Deepish Water/Dark
    59. Anglure Water/Dark
    60. Dojoey Normal/Fighting
    61. Kickaroo Normal/Fighting
    62. Stoofy Fairy
    63. Mashmellow Fairy/Fighting
    64. Rustacean Water/Steel
    65. Krutankerous Water/Steel
    66. Treasurerous Dark/Steel
    67. Treemendus Grass/Fighting
    68. Solasma Fire/Electric
    69. Hotomic Fire/Electric
    70. Photomix Fire/Electric
    71. Dritz Water/Flying
    72. Stormist Water/Flying
    73. Hurricos Water/Flying
    74. Terramite Bug/Rock
    75. Equestine Fairy
    76. Mythicor Fairy
    77. Majestigus Fairy/Flying
    78. Noxinewt Poison/Psychic
    79. Psycko Poison/Psychic
    80. Smoldoom Fire/Poison
    81. Clayot Ground/Grass
    82. Terapotta Ground/Grass
    83. Shiverpillar Bug/Ice
    84. Coldcoon Bug/Ice
    85. Mothedral Bug/Ice
    86. Weewhal Water/Ice
    87. Northwhal Water/Ice
    88. Peaphe Fire/Flying
    89. Pyroc Fire/Flying
    90. Spookloth Ghost/Normal
    91. Freaksheet Ghost/Normal
    92. Snafflux Electric/Dark
    93. Herore Steel
    94. Ferroic Steel
    95. Rockid Normal/Rock
    96. Precibex Normal/Rock
    97. Cerenapse Psychic/Electric
    98. Smartelsa Psychic/Electric
    99. Grogre Grass/Water
    100. Scorpyre Bug/Fire
    101. Scorchpion Bug/Fire
    102. Blastella Fire/Steel
    103. Embrr Fire/Ice
    104. Infernozen Fire/Ice
    105. Recursive Steel/Ghost
    106. Luckee Dragon/Fairy
    107. Joygon Dragon/Fairy
    108. Furyu Dragon/Fairy
    109. Tremountain Rock
    110. Insatyr Dark/Fairy
    111. Gaiasis Grass/Flying
    112. Toxigeddon Poison/Ground

          1. Take it or leave it
            It’s a emp emitting gremlin that breaks machinery to feast on electricity

          2. I’m especially proud of the name Snafflux (Snafu as in chaos and Flux which is a electrostatic field)

  58. here is what I got

    -Alola has 4 islands with a secret 5th island accessible during the post game

    – The 5th islands is not considered part of Alola and houses a legendary Ghost/Water type pokemon

    – Days last longer in Sun and shorter in Moon

    – The starter evolutions seem to have slightly different appearances depending on the time of day they evolve. They retain the same stats and typing though.

    – Rugky, a Fighting/Normal type and Rockruff share this trait.

    – Marshadow is actually Malshadow and has its primary type change to match its opponent. It keeps that typing through out the battle.

    – You return to kalos after you beat the game. There is a side quest where you gather Zygarde cells.

    – Lots of research has been done on mega evolution between XY and SM and are now sold at the Lumiose City stone shop along with the Kanto starter’s stones.

    – 10 new mega evolutions. 2 stones are sold, 3 are scattered around Kalos, 4 in Alola and the last in the secret island.

    – Mega Pyroar, Mega Scolipede, Mega Jumpluff, Mega Froslass, Mega Noivern, Mega Empoleon, Mega Flygon, Mega Jynx, Mega Dunsparce and Mega Mismagius

    – The totem pokemon are Gumshoos, Lurantis, Cocomando (Grass/Fire) and Northwhal (Water/Ice)

    – Certain towns have abandoned buildings or empty lots that can be made into gyms

    – Certain characters from previous games can be battled and talked to in Kalos cafes. Cynthia, Wally, Green, Colress, Lance, Zinnia, and Lisia appear.

    – Team Skull isn’t after the legendaries.

    – Lillie is a villain and seeks out the version mascots.

    – Berry Potts return.

    – Alolan Raichu is unique in some way

    – Difficulty settings return but keep the key system from B2W2

    – Cutiefly has a split evolution.

    – Many NPC’s in kalos will trade regular forms for alola forms. This is the only way to get other forms without transferring.

    – Gym customization is similar to secret bases but less limited.

    – Trial captains and certain important characters can be recruited as gym leaders

    – Guzma can be hired as the dark type leader.

    1. “Alolan Raichu is unique in some way”

      That’s the spirit! You should add more mysterious gibberish like that.

    2. Start with already confirmed info – check

      Gradually get more and more unbelievable – check

      Bullet Points – check

      Just add that you used to work for Gamefreak and your set

    3. Maybe change Rugky’s type, we already have Bewear. Also, I’m not sure the Kalos part is believable any more. They’d have to re-render the entire region. It’s possible, but unlikely. Maybe say there are islands in the post games resembling past regions on a smaller scale, which is where you catch the cores. Cut the Alolan Raichu part. Also swap cocomando out for a different pokemon. Seems less believable there’s a second totem pokemon that’s part grass. Cut megas. Cut key system, keep difficulty settings.

    4. I’d only leave the Guzma thing out, a Dark type leader sounds too good to be true and many people will immediately call it fake because of that.

  59. Confirm that Drampa is/isn’t a new evolution of Dunsparce then. Why are none of the leakers mentioning new evolutions for pre-gen Pokemon?

      1. Me too. Doesn’t matter if Drampa’s design is good or bad to be Dunsparce’s. Just to show that GF still cares about new evolutions instead of these ‘formes'(Megas, Alolan,etc.)

        1. They might. They’ve really been thinking about the past, what with surfing pikachu and old box art of exegutor.

    1. Drampa doesn’t look at all like dunsparce, too much green, not enough yellow with blue underbelly

      1. Most see it out of the teal coloration and yellow eyebrows
        Even I saw it as believe able

          1. Pronoun trouble
            Do not ever say Earthen followed by a extra word but still part of the same sentence

          1. I mean, the theme of that line is artillery. But the animal inspirations are all over the place. GF really is inconsistent with logic in that sense. They do what they want and we love them for it.

          1. it exists for 2 reasons, the gender thing it does, and something for misty to hold.

          2. Technically none of the baby pokemon actually serve a purpose other than being baby pokemon.

          3. Yes, Azurill learns Bounce and Charm which Marill and Azumarill couldn’t learn normally.

          4. Wynaut doesn’t learns 4 moves and once it evolve can learn 4 new moves and until it has all four it will keep asking for you to learn them…

            I hate Wynaut

          1. Alright..
            1) Get Netflix
            2) Go to Netflix
            3) Watch Parks and Rec
            4) Thank and Worship me

            5) Watch Daredevil
            6) Love me for all eternity

          2. I have it because my parents pay for it since i’m living with them and broke off my ass.

    1. I want to play Mario Party
      My brother came up with a nifty challenge, he calls is Super Bank Royale

      Instead of collecting Stars the winner is solely decided by how much of a money grubbing coin hoarder aka most coins wins

    2. Mario Party would make a perfect and refreshing change than what we have on the table at the moment. Both Hillary, Trump and Obama are horrible.

        1. Obama’s not really done anything to piss me off yet. Still think he and Joe should become a Comedy Duo

          1. he did a lot for human rights in the states, brought it almost up to canada, almost, now they are not like a decade behind us, maybe like 5 years

          2. the US is years behind the Rest of the Developed World Though. We still have Uncontrolled Guns and Non-Universal Healthcare.

          3. From the point of view of a Briton, ‘Universal Healthcare’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

          4. I’d argue but I don’t know much about how the US system works.

            All I can say is that the NHS system is hemorrhaging money and there’s been loads of incidents where there haven’t been enough beds. On top of which there have been arguments about not enough doctors working on the weekends. Plus people who are wealthy enough to go private don’t always go private because they like to avoid having to use money unnecissarily. And then there are the incidents where people have to pay large sums of money to fly to other countries to get treatments that aren’t available on the NHS because the NHS can’t afford to pay for them.

          5. I mean, yeah, canada has that though, and I think the UK, the only reason the US doesn’t is because for some reason some of them love their firearms more than anything else in the world, which I seem strange but what can ya do.

            And I personally don’t know how they survive so long without universal healthcare, a lot of us that have it take it for granted by my gosh, just thinking about if I didnt have it gives me anxiety

          1. Never watched it, but from that video it just seems like a pair of guys sniggering and swearing.

          2. Eh, I’d rather just play actual games myself than watch someone else playing them.
            And I don’t really find ‘dick jokes’ funny.
            They weren’t funny when it was teens in secondary school making them, they are even less funny now.

          3. Again, I have friends that I can interact with myself, I don’t see much point in watching two other guys doing what I could be doing myself.
            Even if my friends aren’t around I can just hop on a server and find people to play with or come here and find people to discuss (/argue) with.
            There are situations where I would (i.e. if it were a serious discussion about an interesting topic) but just watching a pair of guys sniggering and making dirty jokes isn’t particularly interesting.

    1. I mean, Alola Raichu is already special. New typing, new ability, and thanks to said ability, probably one of the fastest speeds in the game.

  60. Legit people are now abusing the fact 4chan was correct on 1 leak, by fabricating all this cringeworthy nonsense.

  61. Judging by this pic, seems that AG will create two Destructo Discs. Legit most powerful pokemon in the anime ever, if true.

          1. earthen pretty much only battles on showdown, I’ve never used it myself, maybe we will someday, maybe we won’t, I don’t really care, I just have to defend the fairies from the unjust hate people give em

        1. I really should get them Tentacruels ready
          I mean that, Mega Aggron and a flock of Crobat
          Then pretty much all given Fairies should be nothing more

          1. I finished building my Fairy Hunter team

            But unfortunately my first run was dismantled by a stupid sand team…. Well can’t get too upset this is purely for killing Fairy types

          2. Please this team can barely be touched by fairies
            All pure fairies are destroyed by Aggron stab heavy slam including Gardevoir and Diancie of hefty bulk
            Tentacruel and Ferrothorn blocks Azumarill
            Durant and Scolipede can out speed all Fairies and hit with solid stab super effective
            Crobat can easily 1HKO Whismicott not holding a Keiba Berry
            And that’s all fairies so far
            I mean Mega Mawile could be an issue if it gets that Swords Dance in but TWave into defensive could work
            I thought of Heatran but I’m not too fond of legends

            Occasionally the Slurpuff and Clefable Flamethrower but can be threatening but a solid poison or steel can do away with them and those are rare

          3. eh, I’ve beaten all these pokemon with my fairies, and while it may be more difficult its not impossible, no pokemon is invincible all pokemon can be beaten, even by a pokemon they are weak too, fairies have a very large access to psychic type moves that are super effective against poison, and a lot of them have access to moves that are super effective against steel types so with the right combinations a full fairy team could still take this team down, I think thats your main problem when you state your perfect teams and such, you think they are invincible but no pokemon is, everything can be defeated, no pokemon is perfect, thats whats so fun about it

          4. Whatever I’ve ran the numbers and know what every Fairy is capable of and how to stop it, and besides Gardevoir is the only Psychic threat and for the poison Superpower Earth Power and Earthquake is the only thing you can use out of Diancie and Granbull and occasionally Azumarill which is blocked by Tentacruel or Ferrothorn

            And I wouldn’t be sporting if I did say this team was completely fairy invincible like I said Heatran would singe Mawile and Klefki but I don’t care for Mythicals and just opens a Ground Weakness

            But nonetheless this team will destroy fairies easily

          5. Anyway, soon Salandit will be available, and that will mean all Steel/Fairy and Grass/Fairy pokemon running in terror. Only issues would be Water, Ground, Psychic or Rock moves. Otherwise it’s 1/4 damage for all Fairy moves and Steel can’t escape Toxic anymore.

          6. Well everything counters each, it’s just a matter of chasing off things Fairys hate chipping away until they get roped into a full on assault
            Like I say all Pokemon are usually the same, every Azumarill is packing Waterfall or Aqua Jet, either with Belly Drum or Choice Band
            All Diancie either lead with Mega Evolving via protect or Set up
            And all Togekiss on the face of bloody me have Air Slash and TWave

            The meta is mostly cookie cutter builds

          7. you’re totally delusional, I have great poison coverage on my teams using psychic moves and none of them are gardeviour, they way you lay this out just seems like you know which pokemon will be fighting which already, but like yeah azumarill cant do much to tentacle or ferrothorn but many others can so I don’t get why you even bring it up? most people will just switch to another pokemon or maybe not even have an azumarill on their team… id hate to see how your mind works that you think things are so linear

          8. Well that’s nice and all but I’m not talking about other Pokemon
            I am 1000% aware that this team is purely theoretical, I know this team doesn’t fare well against others, why do you think I got my booty handed to my via Landorus and Charizard (granted they’re op naturally) I only made this team to kill fairies and only fairies, I’m away of all the holes and shortcomings but those shortcomings are things fairy types don’t have or seldom have

            I just want to kill fairies and nothing more….maybe Sableye…and legends and Megas

          9. i didn’t mean all other pokemon, I meant all other fairies… but you do you… personally you’d think a fairy slayer team would have their biggest threat in you know a nido (which can still be killed but thats not the point) but I’m not gunna tell you how to do your job…

          10. I only decided not to because of Gardevoir and Azumarill
            easily could pick it off I mean the only reason my Nidoking is a Death Machine is that stellar speed and a Focus Sash (it has saved my butt so many times it’s not even funny)

          11. yes, but instead of trying to harness their power for himself, earthen wants to kill them all.

        1. Yeah but plain old downloads are boring.
          I miss the days when you actually had to visit new areas where you battled and caught legendaries fair and square. Having them handed to you is a non-event.

          I’m half and half about Floette, it should still be made available, but I probably would just stick it in a box and never use it.

    1. Probably because it was spoiled. If people want to data mine they’re going to have to do it with the consequences. I don’t blame GF for not releasing it.

    2. No, it’s pretty, but that stupid thing can’t even evolve. If they added an Eternal version of Florges for it to evolve into , then I’d be interested.

  62. Here’s is some recent NX news.
    As, I’ve been taking about the NX; I’ve discredited EuroGamer numerous times. Yet, now it actual seems like they were talking about the NX handheld and not the NX as a whole. Recently, patients for the detachable controller from the handheld have been released. EuroGamer might also be right about a dock that allows the handheld to connect to the TV for big screen gaming, which could be done through the opening with the detachable controllers. Yet, EuroGamer is completely wrong on the chips in the NX. Even they were skeptical with the Tegra X1. Nvidia recently announced that they have no plans of creating or providing mobile chips, they have no SoC design wins for the year, and they have no plans with other companies at the moment.

    The NX handheld seems like it’s going to have either an ARM or AMD CPU in the system. Recently, DMP, the providers of the 3DS’s PICA200 GPU have recently announced the M3000 series GPU. To summarize their announcement, they hinted that a device (an SoC) releasing in 2017 will be using one of their M3000 GPUs. This will place the NX handheld around the power of the Wii U, which honestly isn’t hard to achieve. The M3400 GPU will support Unreal Engine 4 and various engines, which would attract interest in the NX handheld from third-party devs. This means a potential HD Pokemon game for all of us!

    Lastly, the NX console will likely have cloud-computing and a new online infrastructure. This will allow online and group gaming to be possible. Everyone knows the online issues with Smash, so Nintendo is teaming up with The Cloud to provide online services for the NX. Also, from HappyNintendoFan on Twitter, he states that the NX handheld will also be able to stream games from the console as well, thanks to the cloud-computing. Basically, it’s a simplified and glorified version of what the GamePad tried to achieve. Also, AMD previously announced that they have three SoC design wins for products. They already announced one, which is the Project Scorpio. The last two are highly the PS4 Neo and Nintendo NX Console as they hinted towards.

    Honestly, I hope this was an easy read for everyone. We’re highly going to be seeing the NX in September. For right now, it seriously seems like the NX is going to be a separate handheld using either ARM or AMD CPU and DMP GPU and a console using AMD technology, which is likely Polaris based. rf.

    1. Well you need to be at a specific level and if you sustain enough damage you’ll revert to solo form

      1. Hmm that’s interesting. I hope the level isn’t terribly high, but it won’t stop me from using it if it is.

          1. I’m actual wrong. It looks like Wishiwashi could use the ability around Lv. 20 to 25. rf.

          2. This is why it pays to watch the Japanese trailers too, even if you can’t speak/read Japanese. They get to see a few bits and pieces that we don’t.

        1. I hope we get the sandcastles soon I’m pretty much required to use it in my ground mono run

          It’s weird I haven’t had a new ground type in so long I’ve forgotten how it feels to do so

          1. Agreed. I love them as well, but for the Ghost type. I liked Golurk, but it wasn’t as good as it could have been, so I hope they right some wrongs with these two.

          2. Yeah I mean if I can make it through a game with Claydol and Whiscash I can manage….dark days

            But th toughest was LeafGreen the Elite Four was just ungodly

        2. No… I think It was like level 12-15 in the trailer and did the ability.. Too low if u ask me..

          1. The Japanese trailer showed a lv. 27 Wishiwashi using the ability, and I think that’s the lowest level we’ve seen.

    2. Wishiwashi has to reach a certain level to achieve it’s School Form. Once it reaches that certain level, it turns into the School Form at the start of a battle. If it loses a bunch of it’s HP, it reverts back to it’s normal state. It’s basically a Super Saiyan.

        1. Oh I thought you meant specifically how does it work. I knew that much lol sorry

  63. Did anybody notice that that Alolan Marowak can learn ground move before it evolve ….we saw he his bone attack with those spooky thing …I think it’s possible to turn all his bone attack to ghost type.

    1. I’m quite sure Alolan Marowak will be able to use every move that Cubone could learn. The move Marowak used was obvious a new Ghost-Type Bone Attack. I doubt all of it’s Bone Moves will turn to Ghost.

  64. Kinda bored
    Pokemon ideas

    This Pokemon is sought after by avid tea drinkers for the rich tasting leaves on top of its head. However, this Pokemon is very hard to catch due to its tendency to vanish when spotted by humans.

    Due to Vaniseed being so highly sought after, after evolving, this Pokemon has developed a narcissistic behaviour. This pokemon can emit psychic energy that has the ability to soothe Pokemon and humans. However, long exposure to this energy can cause insomnia.

    1. August 21st is the end of the World Championship. From the rumour, Rainbow Greninja should be revealed that day and a Meowth with Happy Hour will be distributed.

    2. That’s because this is a supposed leak. They don’t always announce news reveals.

      1. This is not a leak. My frog wont have rainbow colours. Refuse to believe that.

        1. Lol it doesnt say it’ll be rainbow. They’ll just call it that instead of Ash Greninja.

  65. Well you be able to get the Johto starters in sun and moon? Like how you got Charmander Bulbasaur and Squirtle in X and Y because I want my boy Feraligatr on my team 🙂

    1. Eh not too fond of this design tbh. Love the color though at least now it matches its pre-evolutions.

      1. I don’t think so …he can’t learn this move … he suddenly turn in red for mysterious reason I think.

  66. wishiwashi school form looks really like a sea Demon water/ghost would be better for it. In that form it really looks more ghost then even Jellicent.
    Maybe the creators could change that before the games come out?

          1. haha, well, I watch the english v from time to time. I cant understand the JP version unfortunately.

            watched s19e26 today

          2. AnimeRush has Japanese dub with english subtitles up until episode 35 I think.

          3. Nah I just don’t like subtitles to hard to look at the picture and the words without gettIng confused

  67. Leak #9:There are a total of 128 new Pokémon and 23 Alolan forms. These Alolan forms are all Gen 1 exclusive Pokémon.

    hmm How many New Pokémon and Alolan forms we got so far?

        1. Not counting official ones their is 39 and with known evidence we have Evos for all starters, Rockruff Evo., One or two Evos. For Pikipek, Marshadow, and 3 more Guardians


  69. Bored, I truly hate waking up at 4am and NEVER BACK FALLING ASLEEP
    So I want to unravel a discussion

    Hyper Training, and how viable it really will be

    To start out a function that allows us to increase a Pokemon’s Individual Values IVs is nothing story of a godsend and a death sentence, Players now who fully grind their Pokemon to the utmost highest level of 100 are qualified to undergo Hyper Training to increase their IVs to perfect levels; this is both extremely good and extremely terrifying this could potentially patch up good Pokemon who didn’t meet… perfection especially those Shinies that you might’ve hatched who just wasn’t right there or….. They could let Legends have them which is just horrifying

    But there is a potential loophole, this is not a free service and you’re required to hit level 100 which is doable but time consuming (without cheating) and this service requires a specific currency aka Bottlecaps.

    It is currently unknown how you obtain said Bottlecaps; the only know insight we have is that a distribution of Magearna is said to hold a Bottlecap (The Japanese site claims it to be a Silver Bottlecap so there is a chance Bottlecaps come in differing varieties/values). Most people are blindly assuming that they would purchasable with BP and that Pokemiles would rollover from bank, well we’ll find out soon enough.

    Now the absolute most important opportunity this gives us is the most golden of golden tickets in the form of a legitimate 6 IV Ditto. And unless you live under a rock or never competitively battled this is the most powerful breeding tool allowing to pass on these IVs to eggs via Destiny Knot, and everyone knows that obtaining a legitimate 6IV Ditto is next to impossible without cheating

    I think the golden goal for every Pokemon Trainer interested in competitive battling this Fall should make it their goal to find a Ditto now (or in SM) with the highest IVs they can possibly have and power level it to 100 and use whatever Bottlecaps you find to fully maximize its IVs for legit clean breeding

    This system seems to try to breathe life into anything allowing it to have a taste of perfection but I fear this will never stop hacking, people still will be lazy and immoral and rather pump out perfect Pokemon and legends and pass it off as Hyper Trained which just sickens me

    Stay Frosty Pokejungle
    EarthenWarrior “The Down to Earth Trainer”

    1. I had theorised that bottlecaps were found on the ground like regular items. In a pic, near a tree there was a shiny object on the floor.

  70. Well right off the bat I got a Jolly Arceus with 3IVs in Hp atk and speed
    Good enough for me

      1. Just gonna collect dust, but one swords dance and anything that isn’t rock steel or ghost shall fear Stab Extremespeed

    1. I love hairy mountain bears. They hug very intimately. There’s a documentary about them on internet.

    1. don’t believe any of those lame names
      Archowl Bowinowl Archoot Arrowl
      Heatigre is just the perfect name nuff said
      Seamaid Sirirene I will say Entermaid works Searen

      1. Robinhoot sounds better. Though after what they’ve did with Empoleon, I woudn’t be surprise that because of it’s similar design to Robin Hood that either Archood, Robinhoot, Robinroot, Sherhood would be the likely candidates.

  71. Okay so, I just wanted to say something. Verlisify and his fanbase is the cancer of the Pokémon community. If you’re not aware, he was bashing PJN on his YouTube videos and on Twitter, for posting unconfirmed leaks, talking about how misleading PJ is being to us as visitor of the site, treating it as it’s all real information.

    First of all, PJN is NOT a news site, it’s honestly more of a BLOG site. Everyone and their mothers knows that if you want FACTS, you go to Serebii, end of story. But that’s what makes PJN so special, is that there’s a legitimate community here, where an article can be posted regarding these leaks, whether true or not, and we can discuss these ideas. It’s part of the FUN leading up to a game’s release.

    I know Paul personally, he’s a good dude and when he says that he cares about us as visitors and commentors, he means it 100%, he’s not trying to mislead anybody. I love all you but I have to admit some of y’all a bit stupid for falling for every leak that gets posted lmao. But again, what’s the fun if we can’t talk and discuss leaks or other fake information?? It brings us all closer as Pokémon fans because we get to interact and exhange ideas, both positive and negative.

    So yeah. PJN is NOT a news site, and shouldn’t always be treated as such. But that’s what makes this place special.

    1. I didn’t think it was something awful to post leaks and literally say that it’s all rumours. Just let Verlisify be a dumb furry that has to use click-bate for views. I mean it; him, TyranitarTube, and Gian are the worst and most annoying PokeTubers.

    2. Not to mention, literally every article has a disclaimer saying the news is unconfirmed and being posted for discussion purposes.

    3. From what I recall he’s one of many YouTubers that use unconfirmed info for click bait videos sooo…

    4. click bait youtuber calling a blog site misleading is the funniest thing i’ve seen today LMFAO

    5. I resent that
      I’m one of the few hard assed enough to tell others the leaks are bunk

    6. Yeah but doesn’t he come up with terrible speculation stuff (i.e., Ho-oh & Lugia, something about an underwater tunnel that made no sense, etc.)? What’s the difference tbh? Leaks are purely speculation until SOMETHING in it gets proven true after they’ve come out…

      1. DUDE FORREAL. Do you fucking remember the video where he thought he saw Lugia and Ho-oh in THE CLOUDS of the Alola map???? Stupid stupid stupid. He thought Lugia and Ho-oh would be the legends with a primal form…

  72. Most likely names for Rowlet’s final evolution. (Based on appearence that reminds people of someone important. For example, Empoleon)


    * Less likely names

    Please tell me to what you may think. These are just guesses and not final, but you can guess of where I’m coming from based on the name of Robin Hood and Rowlet’s Final Form.

    1. Well the ones that simply combine two Robin-Hood based concepts with no reference to owls or plants (ex: Robinarrow) seem honestly unlikely, but the others are pretty cool! Something like Sherhoot or Nottinghoot would be great, and less obvious than Robinhoot/root…
      Tbf I think where this thing really becomes interesting is nickname-wise…

      1. Yeah I think Sherhoot and Nottinghoot does sound promising. Though we have to wait and see from the big company themselves.

  73. Mega Evolutions can now hold items? Yea, uh. . . No. . . I’m cool with no longer having mega’s, I’m cool with rainbow Greninja, I’m especially cool with 128 Pokemon, I’m cool with EVERYTHING except that crap. Everyone and their mothers knows Mega’s threw a very questionable wrench into the competitive aspect of the game. Although Mega’s were much appreciated, they threw balance out the window with many of them. . . So let’s make that worse? I’m really hoping that in 7 days this is confirmed fake, otherwise, the balancing act we’re going to have to do in the competitive scene is going to be a giant mess.

    1. hopefully the starters will have seperate ones though… But its not likely..

      I loved that rumour of rockruff being this gen’s eevee aswell, with 3 serperate evo’s.. It would be even better if hos evo’s would be

      1. Maybe both alolan golbat AND the regular are in the game depending where they are found. IDK, not ruling things out yet.

        anything can happen.

    2. Now he screwed himself over by adding Alolan Tauros when regular Tauros is already a ride pokemon.

        1. Actually, there is something I do believe. Rockruff evo typing depends on the z-move. I believe only because of that manga. The MC had a z-ring and his partner is Rockruff, and since their manga and Rockruff’s evo is going to be revealed next month…coincedence?

    3. Ruffnir – Lol, yeah right.
      Alolan Oddish – This person is on drugs
      Alolan Tauros – Yep, let’s just ignore all the normal Tauros that are freely roaming the island.
      Alolan Zubat – Again, this person is on drugs
      Z Moves being calculated by IV – You can only use them once in a battle, there would be no point unless they were 1 hit KO moves.

      Out of all those things, Fairy Hidden Power is the only one that seems vaguely likely.

      1. I think Ruffnir is a combination of ruff and Fenrir

        Do not see why Oddish is farfetched

        I’ll give you Tauros

        You haven’t heard that Dragonite and Zubat might have potential Alolan forms legit?

        And I can bu the Z-move thing. Have to be calculated somehow.

        1. I know what it’s supposed to be, that’s precisely why it’s laughable.

          Because if Oddish had an Alolan form, the rest of its line would have to have one as well, and the leak didn’t mention them. If it was a genuine leak, they would have been mentioned.

          I’ve seen the claims, and I’ve been on the Japanese website and read what they actually say. People have been making the mistake of trying to translate the website with Google translate and it does a really bad job. It translates Dragonite’s ability as ‘sexual fresh green’

          It doesn’t if it’s just a 1 hit KO, which it damn well should be if you can only use it once per battle. I can accept the type coming into the calculation (e.g. it’s only a sure kill if it’s super effective) or accuracy/evasion possibly being involved, but calculating it only with IVs makes no sense. IVs are already a factor in battle calculations, but they are just one part of it, it wouldn’t make sense to put such heavy focus on them for Z moves, even with the bottletop mechanic.

          1. No clue why that’s laughable

            I’m pretty sure it’s obvious if a base pokemon has an Alolan form the rest follows suit, just like Meowth. So no need to mention them
            The japanese twitter said stay tuned to hear more about Zubat and Dragonite.

            Gamexplain already showed that z-moves aren’t 1 hit KOs. When Pikachu used Gigavolt Havoc on Sandshrew it’s health stopped before it hit red. So they’re no OHKOs.

          2. Because it’s not very gamefreak to name a pokemon after a norse creature. They may have based Kyogre on the Leviathan and Groudon on the Behemoth, but Fenrir seems a bit of a stretch.

            The devil is in the detail. For example, it does not state whether that means both Vileplume and Bellossom have Alolan forms or just one – it is purposely trying to get people to speculate.

            It does, but that doesn’t guarantee an Alolan form, it could be something new entirely. If it were just another Alolan form, why go to the trouble of introducing them ahead of time in their Kanto form?

            In that case, they’re probably not that different to normal moves and probably just use a slightly different variation of an old mechanic, like using the level of the pokemon or the pokemon’s friendship with its trainer (like a typed version of return).

          3. Isn’t Zygarde named after Asgard?

            My money is on the natural evolution being the one to get the Alola form.

            It’s called hyping. With Gamescon and and the Championships coming up, I wouldn’t be surprised if Alolan forms are what they reveal this year.

            They are pretty much just flashy elemental Explosion like move. Granted there’s still not much we know about Z-Moves yet and I feel like they left details out, so I’m sure there’s more to it than just a strong move.

          4. Actually ironically by proving me wrong about that point, you’ve just proved why they wouldn’t name Rockruff’s evolution after Fenrir – because Zygarde 10% form is based on Fenrir. It wouldn’t make sense to base a legendary and a common pokemon on the same concept.

            ‘Natural’? They’re both ‘natural’, one uses a leaf stone and one uses a sun stone. Bellossom being introduced later doesn’t mean Bellossom is an ‘unnatural’ evolution. Besides which, the leak says nothing either way. It could mean both, it could mean neither.

            Well, I’m betting they’ll reveal something else purely because Alolan forms would be too obvious.

            The pokemon doesn’t faint after using it, so it’s not quite like explosion.
            What we know:
            -They can be used once per battle.
            -The pokemon must be holding a Z-Crystal and know a move of the same type as the crystal it holds.
            -There is a crystal for every type of pokemon (all 18).
            -The animation fills ‘the entire screen’.
            -The in game character has to do a special gang sign pose to use the move
            -Known moves: Gigavolt Havoc, Bloom Doom, Inferno Overdrive, Hydro Vortex
            -Matel is selling synchronised ring toys

          5. Yeah you got a point. Thought it’s not like English namers gave a crap anyway on similar concepts.

            I forgot Vileplume evolved from using a leaf stone. Actually I’m curious how Alola forms that evolve via stones work. That would get confusing real fast for now and future generations.

            If they did add something else, that’d be too much at this point. I’d doubt they have something else to give.

            I mostly meant Explosion in terms of power. And I still think there’s more to z-moves than what they told us so far.

          6. There’s concepts and there’s concepts. You could have 101 different birds or snakes, but Fenrir isn’t something you can easily make copies of.

            Hence why ‘oddish will have an alolan form’ would be a worthless leak, even if it turned out to be true.
            Most should be the same, at the moment Ninetales is the only odd one out, and they still might just use a fire stone for that since technically ice burns.

            Alternate (non-alolan) forms or abilities seem reasonable, possibly related to items. Or other mechanics like Dragonite providing a mail service or a prize system for the number of zubat you manage to squash (to make up for them being irritatingly common mooks). Or revealing them as totem pokemon for certain trials.

            I doubt it will be anything they haven’t done with moves before in one way or other.

  74. Leak #10: Alolan form Pokémon that are capable of Mega Evolving.

    Hmm I wonder what the Mega Pokemon will look like as Mega Alolan Pokemon?

  75. I was just thinking about Hidden Power. Do you guys think that Hidden Power Fairy would be included in 7th gen since IV’s are now customizable?

    1. There is no hidden power fairy? Lel i didnt know that but yeah it should definitely get included then

    2. I can see it if they disconnect hidden power from stats.

      What if a Pokemon has a random hidden power assigned, then the person who can see hidden power type can also change it to whatever we want.

      1. They don’t need to disconnect it from stats, they just need to tweak the current forula.
        At the moment they take the lsb of all stats, and arrange them into a 6 bit number (ranging from 0 to 64) multiply it by 15, divide by 63 and round the result down, which has the effect of limiting the result between 0 and 15 (covering 16 types).
        All they need to do is adjust the formula so it results in a number between 0 and 16 instead.

        From brief calculations, it appears that multiplying by 16 instead of 15 would suffice since (64*16)/63 = 16.25396825.

        1. I desire to to disconnect HP from stats as I don’t want certain hidden powers (like say, Fire) to have an inherent disadvantage just because of the way stats are calculated.

          As you know from competitive Pokemon, 1 speed loss is everything, and once you decide to run things like Hidden Power Fire or Ground, you give up 100% of speed ties to Pokemon with the same base speed.

  76. The thing I hate about this is the Alolan Megas. “let’s give already powerful megas a new typing and movesets to make them more powerful!” As long as we see Alolan Gyarados…

  77. I really wanna know whether there’s gonna be a Sun & Moon dual pack over here in the UK like there is in the US. If there isn’t, I’ll just get Sun along with the paperback strategy guide (cause I always get one with a new gen)

    1. Unfortunately no. We get the case separately. Yeah I do not know why Nintendo of Europe had made that stupid decision. I suppose it’s to try and suite EU regulations.

      1. That does suck tbh, but it might be a blessing in disguise. I can play Sun to my heart’s content and then get Moon maybe a year-ish later when its cheaper

      2. What would such a decision have to do with EU regulations? It’s more likely some sort marketing/focus group decision, like not releasing the non-XL new nintendo 3DS in the US until much later, or the myriad of other package/edition variations that happen between regions.
        (Not trying to be political here, just logical 🙂 , to assume the EU would have any say in this is pretty darn bonkers)

        1. You’d be suprised. The EU is why HGSS had Voltorb Flip instead of the Game Corner. All to suit one German anti-gambling law.

          To trade with EU countries things have to pass certain standards and there’s tax and other things involved, so it might be a tax avoidance ploy (somehow having the two as separate products saves them money because of what the two are classed as for tax reasons).

          It could be a marketing thing, but if it is, whoever came up with had better have a good reason because it just seems daft from where I’m sitting. If the sales figures say Europeans don’t buy both as much as Americans I’ll be surprised but accept it, otherwise I can’t see much reason for it (except maybe localisation costs, which again, would be somewhat valid).

          1. Just wait until the UK has finally left to have proper control over our gaming destiny. We’ve won to leave the EU, but from all we know, the narrow-minded rich and elite in power are wanting to delay and sabotage the entire thing, just so to say that We’re part of the EU whether you so-called racist peasants like it or not.

            Sorry that I’ve put in politics here, but if it’s something I can’t stand, is a lying, deceiving, failing EU that is just desperately wanting to create a United States of Europe, and already Merkel had made a real mess out of it.

          2. Woah woah woah, too much politics for pokejungle 😛 Discussing the EU in the context of what it means for pokemon and video games is fine, but let’s not get class/party oriented.

            Besides which if we do come out of the EU (still very much up in the air). There’s a possibility we might end up getting games later because Nintendo might see the UK as a smaller/less important market. Equally it could attempt to just ship US games straight over (accouting for a bit of region adjustment).

            I’m half and half about either circumstance, they both have their pros and cons.

            Besides which, my dream of people bothering to go through US games and change all the spellings to their British form for UK releases was probably never going to become true anyway :C
            (Some of the Harry Potter games managed to do it).

          3. true. If it wasn’t for Region Lock, I would be swimming with US games right about now.

          1. Yes it had to be Germany for some odd reason but a law they have there.

            This kinda reminds me of the ”Kellogg’s Krave Choco Roulette” cereal with the box art of a slot machine, and some british fart was complaining and wanting it banned through petition because he thinks it’ll make kids want to gamble, when it is suppose to represent which flavor you would get in every bite, such as Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Hazelnut Chocolate, and Caramel Chocolate.


  78. So if I’m reading carefully
    Bottlecaps only increase one stat at a time
    So that means start collecting 6 at a time

          1. The idea that pokemon aren’t already mutants is a strange one.

            What about grimer and voltorb?

    1. Silver bottlecaps raise 1, im guessing there are gold bottlecaps that raise 3 and maybe platinum bottlecaps that raise 6 stats

  79. No, not another Mega Rayquza incident… no! NOT LIFE ORB MEGA KANGASKHAN!!! NOT FOCUS SASH MEGA ALAKAZAM!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is garbage btw.

    1. Don’t worry, it’s proven fake. Read the description of Marshadow and the NX to see what I mean.

      1. Ummmm how does that prove that its fake?

        I find the description of Marshadow to be fairly believable, same with the NX info.

        And besides some of this info may turn out to be real, while some may turn out to be fake. That’s happened before. 😀

        1. “The NX will be a dual handheld/console set for release next year. Sept
          2017 there will be a parent game that features both regions of XYSM
          exclusive to this console.”

          A game featuring both Kalos and Alola? Really? That’s believeable?

          And it wouldn’t make sense for Mashadow to be the dolphin since in the leak they were first mentioned in, they were mentioned separately. If they were the same thing, the original leak wouldn’t have had a reason to keep them separate.

          1. Plus the Chinese leak says the Dolphin Pokemon and Marshadow separately. Indicating that the Dolphin maybe basic.

          2. “And it wouldn’t make sense for Mashadow to be the dolphin since in the
            leak they were first mentioned in, they were mentioned separately. If
            they were the same thing, the original leak wouldn’t have had a reason
            to keep them separate.”

            You repeated what I just said 😛
            But thank you for having common sense.

          3. My pleasure. At least I’d recognise the final evolutions of the starters being legit before being confirmed, thanks to Mallow official reveal.

          4. Gen 3 will have a whale pokemon. Its a water type. Its big… what whale pokemon do i mean? Wailord or kyogre?

            What i mean is. A gen. Can have 2 kinds of pokemon form the same species. Legendary and a commen pokemon.

          5. Kyogre isn’t a whale, it’s a Leviathan. You could say a Leviathan is a whale, but that’s like saying Bigfoot is a bear or Cthluhu is a squid – the two only bear a passing resemblance.

    2. Yes

      Life Orb Sheer Force Mega Camerupt
      Leftovers Mega Venusaur and Mega Sableye
      Choice Specs Mega Zard Y and Mega Blastoise
      Choice Band/Leftovers Mega Scizor.

      1. Ay, that first one for me? I don’t think you know I love Camerupt. Anyways, nice coincident

  80. Kanto is so gloomy in HGSS. Cinnabar Island is destroyed, The champion is missing, businesses are shut down, there really isn’t much to make the region special. It’s an atmosphere I don’t see alot in games

        1. Just saying, it’s faithful to what the original games were like.

          (Tbh though I never thought Kanto was that special to begin with.)

          1. Yeah, Kanto was just an extension to Johto. Hence why the Legendary to it is Ho-oh and Lugia, whilst Kantos is the starters final forms and Pikachu. The Original Series is in fact the combination of both Kanto + Johto, as in Tokyo and Osaka (Which in distance is from London to Newquey in Cornwall.)

          2. Hrm, the more I think about it, the more I think they probably should just be classed as one big region.
            But I suppose at the time being able to go back to Kanto was probably a big spoiler.

            I wonder if that means the Johto pokedex has more validity than the original national dex?

          3. G/S were also planned to be the final games in the series as they thought the series would die off. Of course it didn’t but it’s why Gen 1 and 2 are so connected to each other but 3 is completely seperate

          4. I liked how hoenn was separate from the previous two regions but still kept them in, like how pokemon from both regions can be encountered and how brendan, his mom and norman are from johto

          5. I don’t doubt that GS intending to be the final games had an
            impact on why it was so closely linked to Kanto and another reason why
            they chose to just reuse loads of the content, but I don’t think that’s
            the reason why Gen 3 is so separate.

            I would have thought Gen 3 being separate was probably more to do with them not being able to reuse their code like they could with Gen 2.

            The original Gameboy and the Gameboy Colour both used a Sharp LR35902 Cpu, so to make Gold and Silver, all they had to do was to take the code for the original, rewrite the drawing code and just keep adding things on top of the original engine (the Colour had a big memory boost).

            When it came to the GBA, they switched to an ARM 7TDMI, with a Z80 as a coprocessor, so they effectively had to rewrite the game from scratch to get full use of the GBA’s hardware, at which point reusing the sprites and maps from the old games wouldn’t make sense.

          6. The reason johto and kanto are 2 separate regions are 1, johto was introduced after duh, and 2, johto has a more rural and traditional japanese customs while kanto is more modern and urbanized, each have a slightly different way of living

          7. “The reason johto and kanto are 2 separate regions … johto was introduced after”

            That’s literally the only reason.
            Just in case I need to point it out they share the same champion/elite four.
            The only thing dividing them is a mountain, which didn’t stop Sinnoh.
            Heck, there’s a ferry that regularly runs between them.

          8. That is not the only reason, thats why i mentioned 2 reasons…but sure whatever, also sinnoh is much smaller than johto and kanto combined

          9. Sure then lets just make hoenn and alola the same region because they both have the same tropical culture, culture IS a reason, culture defines a person, a community, a region, even an entire country in some cases

          10. That’s different, Alola and Hoenn are far apart and have distinctly different cultures. Johto and Kanto are right next door to each other, share a radio station, share a ferry, share a pokemon league etc.
            Their cultures aren’t that different, one is more rural and one is more urban, but that happens within the same region quite easily. Compare the ruralness of Littleroot Town to the upbeat Mauville, and how Kalos has a large urban city like Lumiose and yet not too far away lies Laverre city, which is surrounded by an autumnal forest, has a large tree in the centre and has a high population of Furisode girls.
            Kanto and Johto are far more similar than those drastic examples.

            Culture does not define a person, a person merely carries aspects of the culture of where they live. ‘Community’ is a very loose word. Regions can have very different cultures within them, as can countries. Culture in itself is a loosely defined term that’s open to interpretation.

          11. Yeah no apparently your country has no culture or you just had a bad history teacher but culture is a very important aspect in society, it defines us as humans

          12. A person is not defined by their culture. If that were the case we’d all just be the same. For example, I am English, Football is a major part of our culture and yet I (as well as many others) greatly dislike it.

            As I say though, culture is a very loose word. People use it to describe ‘gamer culture’ and ‘internet culture’, but these ‘cultures’ are not unifying steadfast rules, they are just generalisations of things that are popular. A lot of people like a game, so suddenly people start classing aspects of it as a part of ‘gamer culture’, but that’s just a generalisation, there are almost certainly just as many ‘gamers’ who hate said game as there are gamers who love it. Culture is nothing but a generalisation.

            Also culture isn’t a subset of history, it’s a subset of religious studies or sociology. Historians study events of the past, not modern culture. And before you even try to pull the ‘history influences modern culutre’ card, my ancestors might have used vinegar soaked sponges to wiped their backsides and wiped woad on their faces before going into battle, but those things have no bearing on my life beyond the fact that someone eventually realised toilet paper was better.

          13. Its crazy to think that that number is small compared to the kalos and b2w2 unova dexes and probably alola’s considering each island has its own dex

          14. Old Johto had 251.
            New Johto had 256.
            Hoenn had 211.
            Original Unova had 155.
            New Unova had 300.
            Kalos had 457.

            ‘Small’ is relative though.
            Original Johto is the only one of those to cover all pokemon available at the time, since then all regional dexes have had pokemon missing from them.

          15. Yeah but what i mean is that its crazy that now we have so many pokemon that bigger regional dexes can be made really big still having pokemon from other regions missing

      1. It isn’t creepy as much as it is… sad. It’s like the scary ghost stuff kinda went away over the 3 years since Red and Blue and all thats left is the sadness of pokemon death

        1. Personally, I would’ve rather had them keep Levender Town’s creepy vibe but I guess showing the passage of time was pretty cool too

    1. That’s true. But just don’t focus on Kanto and you’ll be fine 😉
      The Johto region is great!

        1. Yeah the hgss post-game was great! Sadly i cant say the same with recent games, although looking for legendaries in mirage places and the delta episode were really good aswell

          1. It only lacked content because they had memory limitations. If they cut back on the visual detail a bit with the modern games they could probably fit two decently sized regions in. Heck, if they’d stuck with sprites they probably could have managed 3 regions.

  81. What are some things to do before fighting Red? I’m going for all the legendaries I can (Roamings are pain 😛 ) I’m goona inish the Safari Zone tests for sure. I really want to get the most out of my playthrough because I just love this game

    1. Getting a hoenn legend, getting a hoenn starter from steven, getting the bird trio, hmm i dont remember what other fun little missions there are

      1. Plus with an event Arceus and travelling to a temple to meet Cynthia, you get a Level 1 Dialga, Palkia or Giratina.

        Plus a big lipped alligator moment with what just went on in that temple.

  82. Earthen bored…..somebody pitch me type combos and I’ll try making Fakemon based on them

      1. That’s what I did for Tibustable and Tiphlodable for Pokemon Myth and Legend, only it’s Fire/Ice.

          1. It is a clear white core with a rapidly shifting nucleus, two tiny eyes and a slit for a mouth, around it constantly shifting from Red fire and Blue fire,

            Their body’s chemical makeup is erratically unstable resulting of rapid energy changes

          1. A Cold virus
            A pale turquoise amoeba like humanoid
            with a big round nose and sickly runny eyes
            Blotches of purple green and blue and wiggly arms with tentacle fingers

            I can’t think of a decent name Viruu

          2. Despite its sickly appearance their physical health is perfectly fine, their mysterious immune system is thousands of times stronger then a persons prompting to help find cures for ailments

          1. Portmanteaus are one of my specialties.
            I’ve been creating game ideas, pokemon names and monsters since before I even owned a games console 😛

          2. Well it’s from tombstone and doom,
            But not so on the nose

            The only other idea is a Gargoyle spirit

          3. No need to explain the names, the vast majority of pokemon names are just portmanteaus.


            No wait, I’ve got it


          4. Fair enough, looks weird without an e on the end though.

            I’m keeping Garngoyle to myself though – none shall have it!

      1. Living trashcan with a living slimball that melded with the steel can
        Evolves into a Dumpster

          1. Well it won’t be, I theorized that artificial Pokemon or man made Pokemon cannot achieve mega evolution

          2. Mewtwo has Mew’s DNA duh which has all the DNA in the world
            And I also theorized that Mega Mewtwo’s method isn’t totally explained
            It is highly believable that Mew may end up Mega Evolving at will
            That Mega Mewtwo Y is resulting from Mew’s given DNA and hybridized
            But as for X I theorized that Mega Evolution has honed into Mewtwo’s initial idea of being the world’s most powerful Pokemon and the mutant DNA is going out of wack supercharging the evolution process and

          3. I see your point but what about mega mew then? Wouldnt mewtwos megastones work for it aswell?

          4. In a sense yes,
            But like I said I think they would change how Mew does it similar Rayquaza
            (They could change the lore as games progress)

          5. Personally I think the reason for both Mewtwo and Charizard’s X/Y mega splits is because the X form channels energy on the wavelength that Xerneas emits to create life, and the Y form channels enerfy on the wavelength that Yveltal emits to destroy life. Or some similar magical nonsense.

          6. Yeah, I always saw MM2Y as having reverted to a more mew-like state (don’t really see why hybrdisation would be necessary, only a few silenced genes would suffice), and MM2X as Mewtwo unleashing it’s full potential and concept. It’s quite obvious that was the design idea, and that makes me really appreciate them.

          7. And when I say that the list includes
            And Magearna

          8. That honestly wouldn’t be too far off
            Sulfur is very smelly which grimer love, that could promoted a lifestyle to living in dark humid volcanic gas vents in volcanoes and the chemical mismash allows flames to ignite on its body but resisting the pain
            I mean if you took say a small flame near its tongue or lips and it expelled a belch of flammable gasses then flamethrower, and all fire moves derive from an open flame on its body and the use of flammable gasses or liquids

          9. Well technically Genesect isn’t man made its altered
            It was a insect in the Paleolithic era revived from a fossil

            And I put Claydol
            Banette is somewhat artificial but it has access to mega evolution only out of not receiving a Evolution to parallel Dusknoir

      1. I’ve said many of times Pink Fairy Armadillo
        Subterranean Pokemon who feed on underground plants during the day and surface at night to bask in moonlight, extremely popular as pets

      1. Us: Can we have a Grass/Dragon mega Gropius?
        GF: Sure, that’s the one with trees and fruit right? Here.

        *Alolan Exeggutor*

        1. I can see a situation where they had a reunion where they voted between alolan exeggutor and alolan tropius and exeggutor won because of how goofy it looks lel

      2. Drosaceae
        A Velociraptor/frilled like Dragon with rose petal wings, and a long thorny tail

        A vicious and silent Hunter that blends in foliage, they sport a high sense of vanity and

          1. Then it becomes somthing like gigantic wyvern with a massive wingspan each feather being a flower petal, and a long neck with a long bird like beak that can stab through steel, and at the very end of this long thorny tail is a spiral of flowers and a long stinger

      1. How about a tiny white chibi like creature but it’s very own shadow moves and acts on its own defending its physical body

          1. Yeah, I figured it wasn’t a fakemon since they’re not usually drawn in this style. Although if we ever get a pokemon similar to the concept, I think a cooler chest would be beneficial to the design.

          2. Well I don’t even know if Mimics are public domain
            But it would be a metallic box like creature with eye markings similar to a keyhole and just have them prefer abandoned buildings and tombs and there ya go

          3. Almost every RPG under the sun has a mimic equivalent. Dragon Quest (the one I plucked the Toriyama art from) has at least 3 variations. Legend of Zelda has them in various forms.
            I’m not sure if D&D got there first, but they’re certainly ‘public domain’

          4. Pokemon already has its mimics 😉 voltorb and foongus serve this exact purpose in the overworld

          5. I cant say much about Voltorb but i love Foongus!

            Seeing as we’ve never really seen a treasure chest in pokemon before, I cant see how chest mimic would have much of an impact.

      1. Hmmmmmmmmmm so tough
        How about a Slimy Slug with electrostatic slime? A big fat purple and yellow slug with these weird antennas on its back
        It secretes a poisonous fluid all around itself that when prey set foot in it discharges a powerful shock that electrocutes anything in the slime

          1. Yellow pikmin was a joke. Goes to show that a grass/electric creature is possible.

            That was the best I could find most yellow slugs on the internet are ‘banana slug’ jokes.

          2. Oooo for grass/electric i had the idea of a two headed green pokemon that had a body similar to a four legged green dragon, its two neck would be long and it would have big leaves as wings, the heads would be lizard like but with yellow sunflower petals around them. “This pokemon spends the day in one spot with the heads taking energy from the sun, they become active at night. They use stored energy to unleash powerful electric attacks!” I dont have a name for it though

  83. Just did some mass evolving in pkm go and got to level 19. I’m happy considering I only play it 1 or 2 hours max per day (sometimes I don’t even play it at all) while I see a lot of people constantly playing it. Ain’t nobody got time to be next to some pokestops the whole day

      1. There are two next to my apartment so I don’t even have to go out to keep using them, but I don’t play it that much at home. I’ve seen some people level 33+

  84. Hey does anyone have ideas for alolan forms? I can be explained or like raichu they just ate pancakes lol but mine would be alolan fearow, steel/flying. “Due to the harsh enviroment of alola only the toughest fearows survive, so eventually this gave them beaks as hard as diamonds and as sharp as a katana. One strike from their beaks is fatal to even the toughest of pokemon. This fearows also developed excetional wingspans that help them cover great distances, giving them the ability to fly to every island of alola! Be sure to always have a spare berry or two with you as many people in alola have been saved from this pokemon’s rage by giving them berries.

    1. My only one is Vileplume being Grass/Flying since the tropic climate made their petals larger and lighter they are easily blown into the sky and by adjusting their petals they glide, but what prompted to change was that they developed a taste for higher altitudes allowing to better scatter seeds spores and pollen and it allowed more accessible sunlight and water so they learnt how to jump higher and even flap their petals to stay aloft

      1. I find it to be really similar to hopips and its evos but your explanation made sense and it would be cool to see vileplume flying by as you ran through a route or city, great job!

        1. Well technically Hoppip just floats in the air because it weights less then a pound
          Skipbloom though shown to spin its flower it’s not officially stated that it uses it to fly
          And Jumpluff uses its plugs to catch wind

          1. Yeah i just thought that they were similar as they used the wind to fly but then i remembered that cottonee and whimsicott exist so another pokemon that uses the wind to fly isnt that of a big deal

          2. But I can’t stress this enough they don’t learn major flying moves mostly Bounce Acrobatics and maybe Air Slash and that’s it
            Remember it’s still a Vileplume

    2. “as sharp as a katana” For a brief moment I read that as “as sharp as katakana”. I’ll ignore the fact that it would be unable to achieve katana-level sharpness for physics reasons (the way the metal is folded on a Katana). Also technically diamond is capable of being sharper than a Katana, though no known metal is as tough as diamond.
      Otherwise it’s one of the saner Alolan ideas.

      1. Shhh physics dont apply in pokemon 😉 haha but about the diamond thing i was debating between steel/flying and rock/flying but for me steel can be hard and sharp so i chose that one but i would use any of those two combinations

        1. If physics don’t apply the type chart shouldn’t work.

          The best way to handle things like that is to describe what the pokemon is capable of rather than giving it a set in stone level of strength. E.g. “Alolan Fearow is capable of punching holes in a coconut with a single blow, then sucking the innards out within a matter of seconds. Not even Metapod’s tough carapace is safe from Fearow’s piercing prowess.”

          Steel makes more sense in my opinion, even if Skarmory alread fills that gap. Rock seems like too much of a leap for a pokemon that started as part flying. (And before you bring up Vulpix going from Fire to Ice A) I still think that was a tiny bit of a daft move on GF’s part, B) It’s quite possible they both share a Normal type ancestor)

          1. Nah its ok the physics thing was just a joke and about the vulpix thing being a stretch, to me it kind of made a little sense, maybe instead of wasting energy creating heat for itself, vulpix saw that being cold was a more efficient option so it just let itself get frozen i guess

          2. It wouldn’t have just let itself freeze, it would change over time. Kanto pokemon have been in Alola for over 500 years at least. I think it becoming a normal type at some point seems more likely. If it existed as a Normal type first, then the ones that lived in Kanto near Cinnabar Island eventually became fire type, while the ones in Alola living in the ice fields eventually became ice type. It wouldn’t be unheard of since eevee is a good example of a normal type that can become fire or ice type.

          3. ?? Where does it state that 500 year thing? And eevee has its own lore by having unstable dna, besides animals adapting to be more efficient is a common thing in evolution

          4. I got the date for Magearna’s creation mangled with when the Alolan royal family was around. I just presumed from what clips I’ve seen of the Volcanion/Magearna film that Magearna was created in the era of the Alolan Royal Family’s existance, and it’s known that a Kanto Meowth was gifted to the Alolan Royal Family. Vulpix seems to have arrived when the first humans arrived though. “It is said that Vulpix came to the Alola region together with humans,”

            Eevee has unstable DNA which is why it can still evolve, that’s not the point. The point is it shows that normal types are capable of becoming fire or ice, which means a gradual adaptation to a fire or ice environment wouldn’t be out of place to a normal pokemon. A fire type becoming an ice type would be odd, but a normal type seperately adapting to become fire or ice wouldn’t be as odd.

  85. I’m taking this with a grain of salt. That’s a whole waste of a mechanic just to limit Alolan form Pokemon to Gen 1 Pokemon. There’s plenty of Pokemon from other Gens that could do with some buffs as well. Like Lilligant, Corsola, Hawlucha and Torkoal.

    The only Gen 1 Pokemon I want to see get any Alolan forms from here on out are Golduck, Parasect and Dodrio.

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