PokéJungle Reviews Alolan Raichu, Marowak & Meowth!

Decided to make a video reviewing the brand new Alolan forms of Raichu, Marowak and Meowth. They’re all set to appear in Pokémon Sun & Moon, due out for the Nintendo 3DS this November. My comments are just for fun so don’t take ’em too seriously, alright? 😉

DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT my discussion of the new trailer with GameXplain & Serebii Joe as well! Was very happy to have been given the opportunity to be on the show and talk with them!

I’ve got an Island Challenge for you guys on BOTH videos: leave a comment saying hi 🙂

<3 PJ

FEATURED DISCUSSION: Let’s Talk About James… (Is a Team Rocket member one of the greatest trainers of all time? Interesting topic)

    1. Considering that I’ve ditched litten I’m really considering having Marowak on my team (unless another great fire pkm shows up).

    2. I want them to be fucking logical
      They just threw everything out of balance
      They could’ve kept the tidbit about fighting off Grass types but this just isn’t working should’ve been Ground/Fire and learned to fight alongside a similar Fire Type that they banded together with

      Or my tar fire idea

        1. But that was millions of years of evolution. And it’s different because pokemon have types that don’t always correspond to physical attributes. Which begs the question, how did this become a psychic or ghost type.

          1. “Millions of years” Well, it’s the pokemon world, pokemon and types don’t actually exist, so anything can happen, there’s no need for logic.

        2. That’s not really a valid argument.
          Birds grew wings to escape their predators, that make sense.
          Marowak learning to use fire to fight grass predatorsn that makes sense.
          Marowak becoming ghost by ‘tuning its senses’ and losing its ground typing in the process does not make sense.

          1. Why doesn’t it make sense? And if he were Ground/Fire he’d be killed by any water type, and I bet there’s a bunch in Alola. Voilà

          2. Hotsprings typically occur closer to the base of a volcano.
            And a pond would have to be quite deep in the forest.
            A river would be somewhat believeable, but again it’s not going to be near the edge of the forest, it’s more likely to be deep in.

          3. It’s not like the forest goes up the volcano, it’s also at the base, just like the ocean + we do have loads of water pokemon with legs. And why does it matter if they can get up the mountain or not? I mean, even if Marowaks live at the top (which hasn’t been said I think) it’s still an island region so there are loads of water pokemon. Marowaks def walk around some parts of the island because if they were isolated up the mountain they wouldn’t even need to learn how to defend themselves from grass pokemon because there’s probably none at the summit. Got it?

          4. Ah yes, and these water pokemon from the ocean that have suddenly grown legs decide to migrate up the mountain towards the volcano for what reason?

        1. I figured 😉 Don’t play the games but I certainly have seen the characters enough here in Japan!

    1. Well it probably fucking ain’t
      Azoth isn’t a place it was a codename for villainous plot aka Project AZOTH

      1. I very accurate while I am writing u should aware if that ….I said was calling not it’s.

        take care next time.

    1. I prefer the enthuthiasm we all share here when a new article is written, but Serebii is still useful. Both have unique things, that’s why I have both on my number 1.

  1. These Alolan forms effing suck
    Gamefreak is screwing up big time, this was supposed to be a real legit reasoning for these altered forms but the latest batch is just fucking up the system, they even admit so by saying they don’t even know why Alola Raichu is typed that way, it’s just reskinning old mons in a way to get out of making new Pokemon
    They could’ve made a actual royal cat, a tail surfing electric/psychic type, and they can easily make a fire spirit dancer but nope they officially just said fuck it to the system I worked so hard to defend with their motives

        1. I think they made it steel because it’s icy skin is as hard as steel, at least according to the pokemon site

    1. I agree that they should give better explanations for the new forms but I don’t see the prob in giving altered forms for old pokemon, we don’t need 150 new pokemon every gen

        1. Then we don’t agree on that. Finally gamefreak tries something new (which will probably only be present in this gen) and people complain. Do we know exactly why a lot of species in the real world have variations? No, so pkm can have its mysteries too.

      1. I believe we don’t need 150 but I think a 96-130 is decent for Brand new spiecies yet adding other forms, Mega’s, Primals, and now Alolan Pokemon adds to the wonders of this other world and the Beauty of the mystery!


    3. Personally I like some of them such as the new Ninetails…

      Alola Raichu never should have made it past the drawing board

    1. I would but I don’t use Facebook I like it though I really would vote yes but I can’t!

  2. But how do you just become a psychic or ghost type due to environmental change? The secondary typings screw any credibility that I can give them. The Alolan forms should’ve been strictly morphological changes. Now it’s just turned into: let’s make this pokemon look cool because we can and don’t have to provide reasoning for this adaptation.

      1. As far as the Alolan forms go, I dont think they can come back from this , imo. They’re just gonna keep doing stupid shit for no reason. Now if they give me a really cool Volcarona form that actually makes sense, I’ll be happy, but overall it’s not working for me.

        1. I’ll never be happy unless I get my effing Ground/Fighting type

          But even that dream crumbles before it even happens since it will be targeted by so many weaknesses or short comings that won’t let it last two seconds without being 1HKO’d by all its weaknesses, unless it has insanely good stats or a viable ability like Guts or Guts

          1. Hopefully it’ll at least look cool though and have some sort of niche in battling. Also not too slow and maybe Mach punch?

          2. Hopefully, it is not easily being a Ground or a Fighting type these days
            Constantly dealing with Scald, Giga drain and just so many things that kill and not enough to fight back

          3. Well I bet they’ll give it a new ability. I’m hoping it’s not a darmanitan clone with sheer force and stuff.

          4. Not to be “That Guy” but on my Fire Mono I run a Scarfed Darmanitan and it slays

            That’s why I’m extra pissy today
            Some buttmunch on Showdown won because it Twaved Darmanitan and para flinched me
            And he had the absolute smug nerve to gloat saying he outmatched me and out smarted me do you believe that kinda bullshit

            And the most scorning thing is he gets away with it Scott free

          6. I would if I could
            I’d punch him in the throat, Break his legs like in misery, pour a whole thing of vinegar onto his wounds and the coup de grace, let him bleed out while listening to crappy music set to maximum volume

          7. Maybe sheer force?
            Or they could do some sort of Diggersby thing where they make it have a semi crummy attack stat and give it huge power.
            I kinda want this type too


    1. 20 years have passed so I think it’s fun to give the developers room to re-imagine their own creations. If they want to introduce it with some psuedo-scientific method, sure, but I don’t think Pokémon have ever been strictly bound to the laws of nature

      1. I think that’s fair, I just wish they put more thought into the reasoning for the adaptations than they currently are displaying. I want to know why these happened to the pokemon. Vulpix, Sandshrew, and Exeggutor make sense for the most part, but after that I think they went a little crazy. Hopefully they give backstories for it in the game.

    2. It was clear that alolan forms was going to follow that direction. Yes the idea itself is good but they are doing most of them for wow factor and such. However some people will be happy about them,so it’s good for them. I personally choose not to care when I see a form that I don’t like. That was what I did for some megavolutions and now I did forget about them when the hype is gone.

  3. Though it came from a fake pokedex leak, and maybe a misspelling from an older leak. I do believe that Rowlet’s final evolution will most possibly be Robinroot, or something similar to Robin Hood.



    How could this be?

    Well first of, look at the red on it’s face. It does show a Robin feel to it, and either Hood for being an owl, or Root for it’s Grass Type heritage.

    Or knowing Japan, they might name it after Ashitaka.


    1. I even came across a stupidly fake dex that stole my placeholder name
      Bowinowl but named it Bowanowl

      1. Oh come on! That name is so lazy that whoever made it is not even hiding the fact that it is fake.

          1. Tigressive sounds like Tigress which is far from this thing

            I just like Heatigre it just works

            Me and someone else thought of Rowlet-Quivoot-Archowl

          2. Robinhoot or Robinroot for me. Just like what they did with Empoleon, they would surly do the same with Rowlet.

          3. it makes it sound similar to Robin Hood, and it is to do with grass. Unless you can think of other plants that have a similar name to Robin Hood

    2. Question tho. Is Robin Hood public domain? Some names in literature are free game (like Shakespeare is public domain) and I’m not sure where exactly Robin Hood comes from. They might try to allude to his name, but the name you suggested is so close…

        1. Like Empoleon of how the Emperor Penguin looks similar to Emperor Napoleon, the naming division would surly do the same thing for Rowlet’s, by naming it after Robin Hood for how similar it looks.

        2. How long tho? Peter Pan is not public domain and he’s been around for quite a while too.

          1. Oh since medieval times, Robin Hood has been around. So there is no copyright circulating around that name.

          2. That’s because Peter Pan was created as part of a play written by J. M. Barrie, i.e. he has a creator who owns the IP. (Disney got permission to create the film adaptation, just as he did for Alice In Wonderland).

            Robin Hood on the other hand is a centuries old legend with no known original creator and with various versions of the story. It has no one true canon.

            (I’m English, I gotta know this stuff :P)

  4. I have to agree about Alolan Raichu, as much as I want to love it because Raichu is finally getting some unique attention, when pikachu normally steals it’s THUNDER, it looks really weird and the design really doesn’t do it for me.

  5. I just had a angry thought, I swear if I get my Rugby Monkey/Gorilla people will slander it by nicknaming it that Hambre nonsense

    1. Yeah and they’ll do it to be funny, which is disrespectful. I’ll probably name mine silverback in honor.

      1. People are just stupid idiots these days
        I just want to physically purge the ridiculously stupid

          1. Kill all fairies
            Kill all fairies
            Hey baby wanna kill all fairies

            Twenty points if you get the reference

        1. Lolz xD That’s WonderTrade, though!

          Best thing I ever got in WT was a shiny Noivern with perfect IVs, egg moves, and holding Choice Specs. It was from a German YouTuber named Sakati S!

        2. That’s another thing I hope people don’t do on WT is nothing but route 1 fodder
          Do you now how many stupid Zigzagoons I see when unloading 4-5 iv’d egg moved leftover?

          1. Ironically Ledyba was one of the pokemon I was quite late filling in my pokedex in ORAS despite lots of wondertrading.

        3. It’s ok, I got a shiny Nosepass in a wondertrade once.

          Be careful though, a fair number of shinies that are up on the GTS were hacked into existance, which can be a worry because of Bad Eggs.

      1. That’s a really fun trick to play on people.
        Especially since Everstones are stupidly common.

      1. You give away your shitty undesirables in hope that you get somebody’s rejects that could be used to breed powerful Pokemon

        Or just offer garbage and wait for some wackadoo do-Gooder to give you something of value

      2. It’s trading, but Blind Trading. You don’t know what the other person is giving you until the trading screen. And they don’t either.

  6. So I was looking through the new Pokémon, and decided to make a current Top 5 since we have so much already. This doesn’t include Alola forms…
    1) Oricorio (brilliant concept. Love all the designs, love the personality, and fantastic ability)
    2) Minior (a cool meteor that bursts into colorful, whimsical stars? What’s not to love?)
    3) Pikipek (because I like woodpeckers, and this has such a sleek design. Love the color scheme too.)
    4) Tapu Koko (I love tikis, and this design does not disappoint! Cool that its hands act as a mask when brought together. Can’t wait to see the other guardians!)
    5) Salandit (So sneaky and badass looking – and it can poison my least favorite type?? YES.)

    I love so many of the Pokémon so far that this list was actually pretty difficult 😛

    1. There are really so many that I love right now, so excited. I guess these are my 5:
      – Salandit
      – Wimpod
      – Morelull
      – Pyukumuku
      – Lurantis

      1. I have to say, I really do like Morelull. More so than any other mushroom-based Pokémon. I was surprised that Derrick and Joe were so “meh” on it.

        Wimpod, though? Definitely not a fan. I think it’s the eyes.

      1. Mudbray, Mudsdale and Wishiwashi could have easily fallen onto my list. If I made a top 10, they would definitely be next in line.

    2. mine are
      Bewear- I love teddy bears
      Mudsdale- I love the horses he’s based off of
      Oricorio- mainly Sensu but the others are cute too
      Drampa- I find him oddly adorable
      Wishiwashi- It’s school form is terrifying and I love it

          1. it’s Litten’s “possible” (notice my quotation marks) evolution that I hope is real even if the internet hates it’s bipedalness.

          2. I like it’s bipediness. To be truthful, I don’t care if it’s bi or quad, I think it has a really amazing design

          3. I know right. He looks like someone put time into this design and people hate it because it doesn’t meet their expectations because they want a quad tiger. If you wanted a four legged tiger go work at Gamefreak and stop complaining about someone’shard work

          4. some people are never satisfied indeed, it’s nice finding someone else who likes that design. I’m not alone 😀

          5. There are a minority that like it also. But hey, for the rest? That’s how fanbases work I’m afraid.

          6. Another thing, in which I know you’re going to love, is that these leaks are indeed real because of Mallow being in the picture before her actual official reveal. So, now we know what the final evolution for the starters will look like. All wen need now is to have them officially revealed with their names and types, as well as their mid evolutions.

          7. YES, #teamwrestlercat is a go, I wonderer what the mid-evolution is going to look like

          8. I like how those look a lot actually, I wonder does the top fur go gray because of age? or is it just because it looks cool.

    3. Here’s mine

      1)Popplio this literally is the most epic looking starter ever not only has it surpassed all in Alola but al Pokemon for me!

      2)Komala this blend of my Favorite Marsupial and Pokemon has put this on my high ends of the list now only if a Platypus could be made

      3)Bounsweet this cute little Grass type for being a fruit and a little like Jumpluff has put it here!

      4)Minior an Astro genius that by far became my favorite rock type the moment I saw it!

      5)Mimikyu this new typing and yearn for live has caused me to do just what it wants love!

      Honorable mentions:

        1. And don’t just set one fire and “hope the rest catches”
          I want to see a thorough kerosene dumping on all major areas
          And make sure you sabotaged any fire brigades

          1. Hey it’s amazing! I’m still there though, tomorrow I’m traveling to Cape Town and I’ll be back on Tuesday! Thanks for asking 🙂

  7. About Zubat and Dragonite thing, it could be posible that normal Zubat and Dragonite shown(I’m not sure if Dragonite was shown) may come from another region, meaning captured in another region.

  8. Although I have an affinity for majestic looking Pokemon and Ice and Fairy are two of my most favourite types, I’m not a huuge fan of the Alolan Vulpix line. I personally like Alolan Exeggutor the most, probably due to how interesting it is.

    1. That line is probably my favorite of the Alolan ones. The design is nice, although should’ve been pure ice.

    1. If Growlithe and Arcanine becomes water type, I think their tiger stripes will become shark stripes and they will have aquatic fins instead of puffy manes.

  9. persian better be a fluffy cat. do you guys think it will gain a second type when it evolves

    1. I really hope not. I’m not sure what secondary type would even make sense either but it’s GF so they’ll probably give it psychic or some random shit

      1. psychic i could see just because of the gem on its head. Dark/Psychic would be nice ,but Hoopa Unbound and Inkay line do serve justice

      1. I like the fluffy cat idea since its Royal and using those cats are like super groomed and like fluffy.

    2. Dual type definitely or it would be Liepard all over again.

      Which type though, it’s hard to say.
      It could be normal, electric, ground, steel, or fairy.

      1. Normal I hope, since that would give it both Ghost and Psychic immunity, which would be pretty powerful.

        Otherwise possibly Psychic, but only on the grounds it has a dot on its forehead which resembles a third eye, and to be honest would mean it basically has 1 immunity and no resistances.

  10. – My Top 5 Alola Pokemon –
    ● 1. Flomantis/Lurantis: the whole line just oozes beauty, grace, and are a contender for one of my favorite Grass-type Pokemon alongside Roserade, Whimsicott, and Leavanny
    ● 2. Wishiwashi (Solo and School Form): the idea of a school fish Pokemon may seem obvious, but it took 20 years for the concept to come into fruition and it looks EPIC and base form Wishiwashis is really cute
    ● 3. Pikipek: the regional birds have always been some of my favorite Pokemon and Pikipek is no different with its simple design and those soul-searching blue eyes are simply beautiful
    ● 4. Cutiefly: what can I say? This is a god, destroyer of dragons, slayer of magic, and the ray of hope everyone looks up to
    ● 5. Bruxish: odd things satisfy and allure me and Bruxish is just the right combination of weird, alluring, and enchanting with its grossly bright color scheme, giant Kylie Jenner lips (but natural), and weird head protrusion

    – Honorable Mentions –
    ● Popplio
    ● Rowlet
    ● Vikivolt
    ● Mudsdale

    1. At the Moment TOP 5 Alola Pokemon:
      ~1. Mimikyu: I love the concept behind as to why it donned the Pikachu outfit and I find it a tad relatable. We all want to be loved and love in some shape or form. It also helps that it has a great typing and ability.
      ~2. Salandit: The new typing and ability were both very appealing to me, and the fact that the concept behind it was lighting implying at a form of sexual dimorphism or more likely a unique form of sexual selection.
      ~3. Drampa: Drampa is the grandparent I always wanted but couldn’t have because they lived so far away.
      ~4. Tapu Koko: The electric/fairy that Dedenne will never be. I am expecting great things from the other guardians in terms of abilities.
      ~5. Komala: As a Pokemon it reminds me a lot of Snorlax. It is also a koala.

      Honorable Mentions:

  11. That was a cool video!
    So my feedback:
    I think this kinda video stimulates dabates…. And you can even lead it in it…
    I felt the same way for meowth… Meh… I always liked the cubone history on r/b, but never realy used one outside the factory…. But now…. If it becomes a little bot faster… Im in…. I loved the sun tanned raichu….

    And last but not least… It was cute you acknowledging being the second one…. I usually go on serebbi first, mainly because its on the inicial page….
    But for the past couple of months, pokejungle has an open tab on my phone! Ive been here everyday…
    So i think pokejungle won hehe!

    Congratulations on the video, and keep doing it 🙂

  12. If nobody saw the sneak peak to the Sun/Moon short comic. Here it is, it’s on the Japanese Website.

    1. nice comic but it bothers that they keep saying Fire/Fighting despite the leaks saying Fire/Dark

  13. Hi, I just wanted to say that Greninja is the best Pokemon ever and Pikachu the best Electric type ever.


    1. Popplio and Politoad are my favs. For water and Dedenne (soon Togedemaru though) are Electric!

    1. well if Digimon wasn’t able to take advantage of Pokemon’s crown, then this would surly do it.

      1. I think that the games should co-exist they are rpg’s after all they aren’t rip offs they are both good fun Games

      2. No need. They’re fairly different and have unique mechanics that merit their success and should not be pitted against solely based on their Japanese origins and similar genres and world building. YoKai Watch is much more of a Japanese oriented game and something that I believe will not do as well as Pokemon on a global scale.

      1. They are both good games it is true in Japan that Yo-Kai watch is more popular then Pokemon yet is overshadowed I think they should co-exist

        1. They can’t coexist on equal footing though, one would have to do better than the other, such is business.

          1. Yeah but people shouldn’t hate on one just cause it’s a rival I see that as one big reason it’s less popular it’s a rival

          2. In Japan Yokai Watch is actually doing better than Pokemon, or so I’ve heard.

            I played the Demo, it was reasonably fun but I really don’t like the battle mechanic, it just feels like ‘spam attacks and occaisionally heal’ without needing much strategy. At least pokemon throws stuff like weather and status at you. Tbh I preferred Spectrobes to the Yokai Watch demo, it might have been a rival, but it was a far more enjoyable one, and they really managed to evolve the story with the sequel.

          3. Nope, I picked up the first one out of interest and enjoyed it, then moved on to the second one.
            I think it was a genuinely a good competator since it had a lot of original ideas, the battle mechanics were fun and the story (particularly in the sequel) was well written.

    2. F$%& YoKai Watch! I would rather have Digimon be more popular than Pokémon than that crap…

      1. Well you have a hatred of it and if it’s because of you thinking its a Rip-off it’s not RPG can be similar but they are different in many ways.

  14. Here are some hopes for Alolan Pokemon that are not associated with the leaks, feel free to share yours. You go outside of Kanto, but I kept my list within the region:
    Fearow – Steel/Flying
    Machop, Machoke, and Machamp – Psychic
    Rapidash – Fire/Flying or Fire/Fairy
    Dragonite – Water/Dragon
    Voltorb and Electrode – Water

      1. As much as I don’t really like Mega evolution and would prefer a proper evolution, I prefer this idea to an Alolan form.

      1. Sorry, but I literally can’t even begin to explain any of these, they’re all really far-fetched. Some of the other ones people have come up with are somewhat plausible, but these don’t make sense.

      1. I thought about being a bit thinner and take a simple yoga/chi pose. It’s a just an idea.

    1. – Alolan Druddigon, Fire/Dragon: they constantly bathe in the strong sunlight of Alola during the day and have evolved to adapt to hunting the unique prey of Alola through heat sensors at night, utilizing the gathered energy of the day
      – Alolan Durant, Steel/Ground: they live in colonies near or under dormant volcanoes and have evolved over millions of years to resist Fire-types by gaining the Ground-type and an ability that makes them immune to Fire-type attacks
      – Alolan Heatmor, Fire/Water: Heatmor came to Alola through a supposed land bridge between Unova and Alola millions of years ago and the stranded Heatmor had to adapt to the unique environment of Alola and the non-existence of their natural prey: Durants in their vacinity (meaning they’re too far away) and thus have honed a unique style of hunting by using steam

      1. Alolan Druddigon, Fire/Dragon – Would make reasonable sense if it lived near a volcano, but I’m totally not buying the sunlight thing.
        Alolan Durant, Steel/Ground – Nope. Sripping an insect of its bug typing makes no sense whatsoever.

        Alolan Heatmor, Fire/Water – As much as the holes in them look like vents, I find this implausible. A more plausible explanation would be for them to have spent a long time living near hotsprings, forcing them to become more accepting of water and steam, but even then that’s still a lot of handwaving.

    2. Venomoth- Psychic/Poison
      Slaking- Fighting
      Dunsparce- Ground/Dragon
      Durant- Rock/Bug

      1. Venomoth- Psychic/Poison – No, doesn’t make sense it suddenly not being a bug.
        Slaking- Fighting – Plausible, but probably would be better as a split evolution.
        Dunsparce- Ground/Dragon – Plausible, though Fairy would be equally as likely as Dragon. Would have liked an evolution but Gamefreak has pretty much made it clear they never want to give Dunsparce an evolution.
        Durant- Rock/Bug – Nope, would make no sense.

        1. Venomoth has potential
          Dunsparce I find a good Pokemon so I’m cool with it
          And Durant to give it the upper hand versus its predator Heatmor

        1. That I see too Venomoth can be any of them any combo that has bug, Psychic, or Poison


    4. Probabaly nobody gives a damn, but here are my thoughts anyway:

      Fearow – Steel/Flying – Yes/Plausible
      Oddly I’m very ok with this one.
      Fearow has always been a bit bland in my opinion and subsequently doesn’t get much use.
      There might be other typings, but I think Fearow is plain enough and versatile enough that frankly anything would be an improvement.

      Machop, Machoke, and Machamp – Psychic – Nope
      I see where you’re going with this. I’m not a massive fan of the idea of Abra’s line being fighting, so I’m not a fan of this either. I know Vulpix swapped to Ice (its polar opposite) but that worked because arctic foxes are a thing. This just wouldn’t make sense. I could understand something like Machop’s like gaining Steel/Rock/Ground abilities on top of their fighting abilities, but I really can’t see them flip flopping to Psychic working, it just feels far too gimmicky.

      Rapidash – Fire/Flying or Fire/Fairy – Plausible
      This is obviously supposed tobe a nod to Pegasus.
      It could work if done right, I support it more than I would making Rapidash Ice or Water. That said I’d rather see Rapidash gain a 3rd form via item trading. There’s nothing wrong with giving it an alolan form with wings if the lore was handled correctly, but I feel an evolution would be much more satisfying.

      Dragonite – Water/Dragon – Plausible
      I’m half and half about this because while Dratini and Dragonair have always been clearly semi aquatic, I’ve always felt like Dragonite is more of a Fire dragon. That said, as long as it lost its ability to fly, I think this one is somewhat justifyable given Alola’s vast amount of water and how Dratini has a connection with lakes and how it has been said Dratini lives in colonies underwater.

      Voltorb and Electrode – Water – No
      Erm. No. Just no. Please don’t even try to justify this. Spheres do not swim.
      I think you’d have had a stronger case for Psychic, Dark, Steel, Fairy or (at a stretch) Ghost (all as an addition, not a replacement for Electric). But pretty much anything else is absurd

    5. I speculated Ponyta and Rapidash being pure Flying, like pegasuses. We don’t have enough of that single type.

  15. I do believe that this is FAKE, But i think that it’s still worth posting it here.
    A user called “Akio” posted this on 4chan.

    Alola is made up of 4 islands, Melemele, Poni, Ula’Ula, and Akala.

    Post game has 4 “Island Districts” that aren’t viewable on the map. Ekahi Island, Elua Island, Ekolu Island, and Kalola Island.
    Kalos is not available post-game, but Hoomaka Cave on Kalola Island holds a huge easter egg I believe. Deep inside there is a dark entrance guarded by a backpacker that states the railroad is closed for now and only a Pokémon that emits a special light can ignite the way to the other side. No Pokémon in your party will allow you to enter for now.
    Rockruff has 3 evolutions similar to Eevee in RBY. All of them require learning “Howl”.
    Salandit has a split evolution line at level 36, one for Male and one for Female.
    There are 16 Z-Stones, 18 total, with a Trial Captain for 16 of the types. Guzma and Plumeria are holders of the missing Dark and Poison Z-Stones.
    Some Pokémon can change shape/stats after they perform a Z-Move. These include Greninja (Rainbow), Solgaleo (Radiant), Lunala (Full Moon), Marshadow (Eclipse), Espeon (Dawn), and Umbreon (Dusk).
    All 47 Mega Stones are accessible on the island districts. There aren’t any new Mega Evolutions.
    There are a total of 128 new Pokémon and 23 Alolan forms. These Alolan forms are all Gen 1 exclusive Pokémon.
    Alolan form Pokémon that are capable of Mega Evolving can do so, Alakazam and Kangaskahn are among these.
    Marshadow, an extremely gorgeous dolphin, has a jewel on its head that emit sparkles so bright, that its seen as the emissary of light. It’s stats are pretty underwhelming, but it has a cool ability that allows it to have any Psychic type combination. The second type is random every time it enters the battle field. Even switching out causes it to change.
    The Strange Souvenir item in XY depicts a Ghost/Rock Pokémon from Alola named Gigareki. It’s a giant tiki (different from the Tapu lines) that has an amazing laughing animation when you battle with it. It is said to be the oldest living Pokémon, and seen as a “Teacher” in many ways.
    The NX will be a dual handheld/console set for release next year. Sept 2017 there will be a parent game that features both regions of XYSM exclusive to this console.
    Rainbow Greninja will be revealed by TPC on Aug 21

    1. nah this cannot be true, Mega Stones and Kalos are stuck in Gen 6, just as Serena is in the anime series.

      Also, Nintendo NX maybe a duel console, but I have heard somewhere that there is a Nintendo MH that is in the works in which will replace the 3DS

      1. Since when are the Mega Stones “stuck” in Generation 6 or Kalos. Hoenn got Mega Stones as well without much correlation at the time. It would be easy to just stick them in Alola. Also, that MH rumour turned out to be fake.

        1. I agree, but some people could argue that Gen 7 take place in the same universe as Gens 1-5 (b/c Gen 6 was in an alternate one iirc), hence there would be no megas.

        2. Well the reason Hoenn remake has mega stones is because it’s Gen 6.

          If that would be the case, then Pokemon Bank would’ve allowed items.

          1. Here’s an easy fix. Just put Mega Stones in Alola. I’m keeping on the side of seeing Megas because of the hole underneath the Z-Ring and the potential appearance of Zinnia.

      2. Lol how are mega stones stuck in gen 6? Its a fairly new concept to the series. They won’t abandon it

          1. You seriously just took the biggest L. Mega Evolution was huge for the series. It literally changed the entire scene of battling. A gimmick would be like gravity gameplay in Super Mario Galaxy or motion controls in Skyward Sword. Mega Evolution is literally an integral mechanic in the series at this point.

          2. Lmao deluded if you think they will abandon Megas, a concept that brought new life to the series.

          3. Did you literally just miss the large circle that is on the bottom of the Z-Ring? There is slots for the Z-Crystals next to it. The player will likely just twist the Z-Ring to either use Z-Moves or Mega Evolution. I circled it for you too. lol.

          4. perhaps you may find Mega Stones, but only those that were present in Gen 6.

            But it doesn’t explaine of why you can’t transfer nor store items

          5. Really. Here’s why: People could transfer numerous Master Balls or Rare Candies from hacked Pokemon in the previous games.

          6. I’m done chatting. You are literally the most dense or non-sensible person I’ve seen on this site; and I know Earthen. Believe what ever you want.

          7. I’m literally laughing at this point. I think I’ve chatted enough. I’ve never seen anyone as dense as you. You don’t have to like Mega Evolution, but there is no need of trying to deny what it could be in other games. Mega Evolution pushes a Pokemon further. Both Pokemon and Digimon use Evolution to further the creatures. Since your comparing Digivices, does that mean Pokemon ripped of Digivices with the PokeDex?

          8. And it’s obvious to me that you are just winding me up, you little troll. It’s people like you that are the dung-heaps of all fanbases. Dominating as a small minority of the mature, and shoving your filth in front of everyone’s faces.

            I’m not the one to rage, I’m far more mature than that. But the point is, if there is going to be Mega Stones, then let there be Mega Stones, I don’t care. All I’m waiting for is for the game to come out. That’s it.

          9. “And it’s obvious to me that you are just winding me up, you little troll. It’s people like you that are the dung-heaps of all fanbases. Dominating as a small minority of the mature, and shoving your filth in front of everyone’s faces. I’m not the one to rage, I’m far more mature than that.
            take this L. I dislike arguing on the Jungle, but I hate people who dissolve into the defense position when they know they were proven wrong. I’m simply disproving your points with potential and facts.

          10. Lol you do realize that Digimon would never have existed without Pokemon right?

          11. And yet Digimon can make better story arcs and series than Pokemon. At least each series keeps it fresh and original.

          12. You do realize that the back side of the Z-Ring has a hole in it which would fit a mega stone in?

          13. then if Mega stones are found in Alola, then why can’t you bring items through Pokemon Bank?

          14. Sun and Moon are compatible with Bank, who told you this nonsense? Its also gonna be compatible with GO.

          15. It’s like talking to a wall. There could be Mega Stones in Alola or they could update PokeBank to allow for the transfer of Mega Stones. Mega Stones in Alola could easily happened. GameFreak banned bring items to PokeBank so people can’t send a bunch of Master Balls or Rare Candies with hacked Pokemon.

          16. I liked the gravity stuff in Mario Galaxy much more than the Skyward Sword motion controls. The only reason gravity could count as a gimmick is because it would only work in the games set in space. Though I admit I think it would be neat to have it in the normal games.

          17. I actually hope this is true. I never liked mega evolution. It made pokemon seem unnatural in a way. Like they weren’t of nature like animals. Like they were just meant to be powered up for our amusement. I sound like N

          18. Actually Mega Evolution is basically bringing out the real potential of a Pokemon, so it most definitely is natural.

          19. No because its exclusive to final evolutions, unless the Pokemon has no evolutionary line. Makes sense

          20. If it were just gimmicks, they wouldn’t have put it in the anime and even make anime specials about it lol

      1. Take this with a grain of salt. It could all be fake, we don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.

    2. I do believe the Gigareki bit, since thats one of the names that was trademarked by GF in March.

      1. I also think that this is legit, but there are people who say that it could be anything else, not related to Pokemon, because it was only traded by GF. But time will tell anyways.

      1. They don’t
        Flygon maybe look like a Bug but it isn’t
        And just because it’s called a Dragonfly doesn’t make it one

        1. Tyrantrum is part dragon but isn’t one.
          Alola Exeggutor is part dragon but only for a pun.
          Who says Yanmega couldn’t be Bug/Dragon?

          1. It’s a gigantic reptile
            And what are Dragons

            And everyone knows the Alolan forms are jokes at this point

            Because it’s based on the Meganeura which was a giant prehistoric insect

          2. You didn’t even refute my points. It’s totally possible for Yanmega to get a Bug/Dragon mega for the same reason that Exeggutor got part dragon in it’s Alola form. Does it make sense? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean gamefreak won’t do it.

    1. Wrong on so many levels
      One It is primarily Ground and everyone knows that megas never change primary type
      2 it is solely based on the antlion which is a sand dwelling insect that uses pit traps to catch prey
      3: it could’ve been easily Ground/Bug but in all seriousness the only relationship to bugs is solely by looks, and that wasn’t enough to be a bug itself
      4: everyone always forgets what Flygon really is and it’s a gigantic desert dwelling dragon who creates sandstorms with the flaps of its wings, earning it the title “The [Elemental] spirit of the Desert”

      This is yet another case of people basing things by looks and not by lore

    2. I see a Bug/Dragon Flygon as a regional form rather than a Mega. I doubt the “Desert Spirit” would abandon its Ground typing when reaching its maximum potential

  16. I feel like Alolan forms was just a way for them to revamp old pokemon and make them more fun or sensible. I doubt theyre just gonna take a bunch of random pokemon and give them forms.

    1. Yea. At this point, it’s evident it’s just for Kanto Pokemon. Maybe, we could get Johto Pokemon with the next game or generation. It’s a fun and nifty feature since it’s simple and naturally occurs in nature. I’d say I’m quite the fan of it.

  17. Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechnical Magearna passed the ¥1 billion mark a week ago and now that it is entering its 4th weekend of release during Obon Festival, one of the biggest box office weeks of the calendar year expect Pokemon 19 to hit the ¥2 billion mark soon. However it is very unlikely it will pass last year’s film which was already the lowest grossing in the franchise and Pokemon 19 should easily earn the title of lowest grossing Pokemon film to date with a final gross of anywhere between ¥1.9 billion to ¥2.2 billion. Keep in mind that ER have been doing very well for JPY/USD (due to recent changes in the global market with Britain exiting the European Union and Japan finally stabilizing the economy) so the final USD gross may come in higher than last year’s when ER were at all time highs, but the gross in yen will be significantly lower.

    1. I think the movie didn’t do so hot since everyone already saw Volcanion early. His lore was virtually exposed. It’s the same reason why there wasn’t much interest for the Diancie and Hoopa movies. If these “secret” Pokemon were kept hidden, I’m sure the movies would have done better because more people would be interested in seeing them.

      1. Well there are several factors involved:
        1. The people who grew up with Pokemon are now in their late teens, twenties, or thirties and general interest with the anime and movies has been on a downslide with YoKai Watch taking a predominant amount of Pokemon’s younger audience, Princess animes taking the small female audience, and popular manga turned anime/movies taking the teens and older male audiences.
        2. YoKai Watch times the releases of their pre-ordered tickets and games to coencide with the release of a new Pokemon film (salt-based move on their part) and their sales are no laughing matter.
        3. Marketing campaign was very much muted for this film supposedly due to budget cuts from last year’s flop of a campaign which was the most expensive and expansive for a Pokemon film.
        4. Summer is now too crowded with too many major and returning franchies and films taking up seats, theaters, and attendance.
        5. Television is the number one marketing tool in Japan and Pokemon tends to over expose their material and I guess give away too many secrets beforehand and their marketing team sucks with building hype with the hype being built really early and letting it die later on.

          1. I’m book-smart, but if you left me in Downtown to fend for myself and start a living I wouldn’t even survive for a minute.

          2. My town has enough hobos that I’m sure they’d show me the ropes lol
            Either that or I’d be stuck with a “will program for food” sign.

    1. I don’t think it works with Hypno’s original concept, as Earthen said. A baku is a spirit in japanese mythology that eats dreams.

      1. Yep and I really don’t care for all the bad rep these things get
        They’re not evil Pokemon

        1. They’re just ugly in all honesty. That’s the reason they’re in my top 10 least favorite.

    2. We should just get a Witch Doctor themed Pokemon
      I say either Grass/Ghost or Grass/Dark

      They would a child sized imp like Pokemon with a large facial disc resembling a large mask with leaves and markings decorating it
      They have a “scarecrow” body like plants stitched together and they have sharp thin claws and bits of leaves sticking out

      These Pokemon seclude themselves in the darkest of jungles, they gather plants for unknown reasons, they attack with powders and poisons from harvested plants, at night sometimes you can hear groups of them cackling and chanting

      1. Game Freak should hire you as lead designer. 100% Guaranteed more Ground types also.

        1. Because of the whole voodoo doll vibe
          It’s a jungle dwelling Pokemon that uses nature in twisted ways

        2. Since when do witch doctors try to poison people?
          They’re supposed to be ‘doctors’ trying to cure people.

  18. Ffs some people are so thick. This guy claims that Ditto could have an Alola forme. I explain to him thats not possible because Ditto is a genetic anomaly, and then he replies with ”has that been proven in the Pokemon universe?”

      1. What else could it be? It can alter its DNA at will, so isn’t that proof its an anomaly?

        1. I dunno. I’m just asking.

          I don’t think they will ever mess with Ditto cos it’s one the most unique Pokemon in the game.

          1. I can’t think of anything else that it might be? Altering DNA at will isn’t normal

      1. Well it’s not NOT confirmed to be a genetic experiment either, so my guess is as good as yours. It’s not a poison type like Muk, so how do you explain its gelatinous appearance? It’s in the undiscovered egg group..is genderless..It can copy the genetic code of any pokemon and it also shares the same color and shiny color as Mew, not to mention the same weight.

          1. He still avoids actually addressing the question if you read the next statement. I think the theory is well supported, and it makes sense. I would also like to point out that in Pokemon Yellow, the only places to obtain Ditto are in pokemon mansion and cerulean cave, to places heavily connected to Mewtwo.

      2. Anomaly != Experiment.
        It may not be a genetic experiment, but it’s certainly a genetic anomaly given that only one other pokemon can transform.

    1. The NX will be a dual handheld/console set for release next year. Sept 2017 there will be a parent game that features both regions of XYSM exclusive to this console.

      Nope.Everything else is somewhat believable

      1. The release of a Gamefreak Pokémon in 2017 was part of a credible rumour regarding NX though. It remains to be seen if that means an overarching game, but I guess not, more likely a third version of Sun/Moon.

    2. Someone else said this earlier I believe it but it’s really called Rainbow Greninja

      1. Alola is made up of 4 islands, Melemele, Poni, Ula’Ula, and Akala.

        Post game has 4 “Island Districts” that aren’t viewable on the map. Ekahi Island, Elua Island, Ekolu Island, and Kalola Island.

        Kalos is not available post-game, but Hoomaka Cave on Kalola Island holds a huge easter egg I believe. Deep inside there is a dark entrance guarded by a backpacker that states the railroad is closed for now and only a Pokémon that emits a special light can ignite the way to the other side. No Pokémon in your party will allow you to enter for now.

        Rockruff has 3 evolutions similar to Eevee in RBY. All of them require learning “Howl”.

        Salandit has a split evolution line at level 36, one for Male and one for Female.

        There are 16 Z-Stones, 18 total, with a Trial Captain for 16 of the types. Guzma and Plumeria are holders of the missing Dark and Poison Z-Stones.

  19. Some Pokémon can change shape/stats after they perform a Z-Move. These include Greninja (Rainbow), Solgaleo (Radiant), Lunala (Full Moon), Marshadow (Eclipse), Espeon (Dawn), and Umbreon (Dusk).

    All 47 Mega Stones are accessible on the island districts. There aren’t any new Mega Evolutions.

    There are a total of 128 new Pokémon and 23 Alolan forms. These Alolan forms are all Gen 1 exclusive Pokémon.

    Alolan form Pokémon that are capable of Mega Evolving can do so, Alakazam and Kangaskahn are among these.

    Marshadow, an extremely gorgeous dolphin, has a jewel on its head that emit sparkles so bright, that its seen as the emissary of light. It’s stats are pretty underwhelming, but it has a cool ability that allows it to have any Psychic type combination. The second type is random every time it enters the battle field. Even switching out causes it to change.

    The Strange Souvenir item in XY depicts a Ghost/Rock Pokémon from Alola named Gigareki. It’s a giant tiki (different from the Tapu lines) that has an amazing laughing animation when you battle with it. It is said to be the oldest living Pokémon, and seen as a “Teacher” in many ways.

    The NX will be a dual handheld/console set for release next year. Sept 2017 there will be a parent game that features both regions of XYSM exclusive to this console.

    Rainbow Greninja will be revealed by TPC on Aug 21.

    1. Ash Greninja=Rainbow Greninja

      That’s the only part I can’t believe that this is a rainbow form the rest I believe!

    2. It all sounded believable until the Dolphin part. Nice try, and they aren’t over the top rumours, but I want to see the receipts first.

  20. Truth to tell: This petition going on for a fan-made Pokemon to be accepted by The Pokemon Company is doomed to fail. They will not accept anything from outside their main office. I know, I’ve tried sending ideas before, only for the ideas to be posted back.

    1. I swear if they reject a fan idea then make one very similar anyway with no credit I will encourage them to sue for plagiarism it’s just wrong to do stuff like that

      1. It’s bound to happen with a few ideas.. but it’s not gf’s fault when you think about it. Kids just aren’t very smart. If they want to help.. go to school.. seek employment for these jobs like everyone else at gf did to be taken seriously

        1. The main reason of why is because if they end up making it into a pokemon, then they would end up having to pay royalties to the people who’ve made the pokemon. That’s what they’ve told me in the letter. Even though I was giving it to them as charity for free

        2. Yeah but a child sends in say a cute chipmunk Pokemon then they reject it then that exact Chipmunk is used and he gets not a scrap of credit like even a small mention in design.

          Yet you have a point but they deserve maybe in final credits put in designers special mention to kids who made it.

          1. Believe it or not, I’ve came up with the ideas of having a Grass Bird starter (Peacock), a Fire Cat Pokemon (Tiger), seasons, Wolf Pokemon, Flying/Electric cute Pokemon, legendary before the starters in the pokedex.

            And yet all that coincidentally happened for Unova and now Alola.

          2. I mean be real here those are some pretty generic based ideas considering all the weird pokemon have put into the game. I mean a fire cat was bound to happen if they had made Houndoom and some of they typings were also bound to happen as well.

      2. GF don’t gather any idea out from there own company …..no way they will not do this ………if any fan send them any idea they will not accept it and maybe they will not look at it even if it’s better than ther own.

        1. That I like because they don’t want help even if theirs isn’t as good as someone else’s saying we can do this!

          1. Designing pokemon Characters is very sensitive thing ….. any region (gen) have it’s own them they can’t break that with any random fan made.

          2. It’s also because of the legal issues surrounding intellectual property. For them to accept an idea, they’d have to have a contract drawn up that proves they have the rights to all the intellectual property regarding the design and would have the rights to effectively do what they like with it, and the designer would have no rights at all to the design. Drawing up that contract would require a lawyer and it could get expensive.
            Also it would undermine the efforts of the professional designers they employ.

      3. I think a lawsuit like that would fail considering they’re making something based off of GF’s properties.

      1. true…

        That’s why some of my ideas were worked into their games of Gen 5 and Gen 7

          1. for my own Pokemon game ideas that I’ve sent them. Only for it to be sent back, along with a letter telling me of why they can’t accept it, and how I’ve got a really good talent that shoudn’t go to waste. I was even given a Pokemon keychain and keyring that I still have.

            The Pokemon game was going to be called ”Pokemon Myth and Legend”, and would’ve been based on the Grando Region (Scotland and Northern England).

            Believe it or not, from my ideas I’ve sent them, I’ve came up with the ideas of having a Grass Bird starter Grochic (Peacock), a Fire Cat Pokemon Firger (Tiger), seasons and seasonal Pokemon, Wolf Pokemon, Flying/Electric cute Pokemon, legendary before the starters in the pokedex.

            And yet all that coincidentally happened for Unova and now Alola.

          2. Can u show me these idea?……they can use the same concept though ….but the art shouldn’t be similar….u should be aware of that.

          3. Sure, I have it on a stick somewhere. I’ve made it when Diamond and Pearl was out.

          4. found it, but the CD that has it on won’t be put onto the PC. So I’ll have to scan it on.

          5. good job …..but u can’t say they stole ur idea actually ….yeah they use the same concept but not the same art urs actually a tiger not a cat and the Peacock have different concept from the owl…….have a good day.

          6. don’t worry ….I am the one who should say sorry cuz I was busy and I can’t read ur comment.

          7. Hmm.. those are generic idea I’ve heard elsewhere though.. like the tiger was next in line for the fire starters anyways. Odd are they sent u a generic letter and did not read it. I read it’s illegal to even read it in case of incidents like this

    2. There are even legal obstructions for implementing fan concepts. It’s only logical in their position to not bother with it.

    3. Pretty much all of these petition-type things are, that’s not the point of the petition.
      A) It’s just a bit of fun
      B) There’s a slight chance it might give a hint to Game Freak about the sorts of designs people like.
      C) It’s also a way for express their feelings about the real Harambe.

      1. Maybe so, though like I’ve said, the company does not accept ideas from outside their office, outside of Japan for that matter. So they can patition all they want until the chickens come home. And it’ll never be listened by them.

  21. Anyone can translate or has the translation of these pokedex entries(Zubat page and Dragonair page) from japanese site:

      1. Yeah I don’t believe “leaks” anymore other than the original or official stuff .. but I’ll read

      2. Lol… I read. This is the Worst “leaker”. Couldn’t answer basic information and avoided answer things we already know.. but seems they didn’t.
        Biggest tip off they are fake?
        They say Rockruff and the starters secret is “Yes, it’s only that it can use Z-Moves. I know, stupidly overhyped”…
        Every Pokemon Can..
        Case Closed

          1. That would only be a good guess. Our guesses are as good as theirs. It bad to trick ppl. Maybe they are lonely n need attention

    1. Nope. It’s a better candidate for Dragon/Water

      Dragon/Water with Drizzle. Thunder, Hurricane, Surf

      1. Rain teams are getting more and more popular
        I’ve seen 6 between yesterday and today

        1. I made a Rain Team back when I was playing X and Y. I used a Special Dragonite with Life Orb, Thunder, Hurricane and Surf

          1. Just so much that hurts these days
            Sun hurts because of insta Solarbeams
            Water makes Scald and Waterfall hurt more
            And Hail Blizzards…..

            But luckily Sand is my ally and Excadrill becomes death personified

          2. I might make a new Rain Team in SuMo.

            But I really want Hail to get a buff, so I can justify a cool Hail team.

            Never been a fan of Sun, and Sand works well with 1-2 Pokemon, don’t need a whole dedicated sand team.

          3. My Ice/Fighting Yeti has a new ability Snow Sprint which doubles speed in a hailstorm

        1. Especially if they switch it’s Attack and Special Attack.
          The fact that its not a mega, means it can hold LO as well. Alolan Dragonite is the future.

          1. I wonder if Alolan Dragonite is evidence for no megas this game. It is a pseudo so it’s sort of in line to get one..

    2. Dragon/Fairy is just no for me. I think Mega Altaria should be the only one.

  22. I hate all the Harambe comments everywhere on the internet now but this is gas ? (refresh if needed)

    1. I’m kind of sick of seeing this joke everywhere. It’s dark humor, which I’m not a fan of.

          1. And just because some people don’t like it doesn’t mean others won’t. I’m showing it in case someone finds it funny. If you don’t that’s fine.

      1. Most non-wordplay humour is dark in one way or another.
        Slapstick is effectively laughing at other people being hurt in one way or another.
        A lot of humour is based on other people’s misfortunes.

    2. Well, gotta say, A Ghost/Fighting Gorilla is definitely something I can get behind.

      I don’t care about the dark humour, have to admit I laughed first time I saw it, more so when I read the ability. Yes, I know I’m a bad person.

  23. I wish they gave Alan a Gen 6 Pokemon instead of 2 Gen 5’s
    If so, he would of had 1 Pokemon from each Gen on his Team.. an Excellent idea!
    I guess they figured Mega Charizard was good enough though :/

          1. running/walking free with the c-pad. I really wish they gave you one bike to replace to two instead of just the other one when you finish the bike quest, like the Sinnoh Model of bike with gears.

    1. Yes, we still have to get from the pokeride spots to other places in the town/route.

      And if we didn’t have bikes, how would Ash trash his new companion’s bike on day 1?

  24. To answer your question, PJ, I like hearing your ramblings about pokemon. It’s nice to hear your opinion on things since most of the articles you write are just to disperse info and we don’t get to know what you think. Also, sorry some asshats in the youtube comments were ragging on your voice. I like the way your voice sounds more than mine 😛 (Hopefully that’s not creepy..)

          1. Nowadays, hatred is measured on the Raymond Scale. The SI unit of hatred is the Hatez (Hz), of which the average human contains anywhere between 500Hz-15kHz. It is estimated that the amount of hatred required to actually kill a hated person is 50kHz, and containing levels in excess of this is now recognised as the cause of all murder. It is estimated that the human body will actually burst into flames if it contains more than 7MHz.

          2. These are average hatred levels and their effect on a subject according to the Raymond Scale:-
            0-100Hz- minimal hatred; subject still friendly towards object of hatred.
            100Hz-1kHz- slight hatred; subject moans about object behind its back.
            1kHz-10kHz- moderate hatred; subject openly declares its distaste for object, even in front of said object.
            10kHz-20kHz- strong hatred; bordering on the obsessive; subject takes to shouting at object and keeps thinking about how much it hates it.
            20kHz-50kHz- insane, almost murderous hatred; given the opportunity, subject lashes out towards object.
            50kHz-1MHz- psychopathic hatred; subject becomes extremely dangerous and violent towards object.
            1MHz-7MHz- rabid, incensed hatred; subject reduced to gibbering wreck at the very idea of the object being mentioned. Subject may also be known to flee home village and seek power under the tutelage of a snake-obsessed pedophile.
            7MHz+ subject a splode.

          3. I am not merely pretty. I am a god among mortal men. The beauty radiating from my body is unmatched.

          4. We were both created in some manner. What makes me the robot? I feel, I think, I dream and desire…just as you. The difference is that I…am….better.

          5. …….you’re violating the 6th law of robotics
            You can’t possess cognitive thought, willpower or emotions

            Your programming is defect prepare for immediate destruction

    1. I don’t know whether to vote for Korrina for her story presence or Olympia for her sweet cape and gym.

      1. Rule of cool trumps story presense in my book.
        Korrina’s gym might have looked cool, but Korrina herself wasn’t particularly remarkable.

    2. i mean Korrina is literally going to win because she is the only one that had story besides being a gym leader

        1. she was sister of the reporter that i literally forgot her name already. Thats how relevant they are

          1. Also this is sorta related to irrelevant characters, but I wish Sina and Dexio (?) had more relevance in the story.

    3. I never really liked any of them. Olympia would be my choice though, solely because of the design

    4. I’ll vote Valerie, purely because her gym was full of Furisode girls wearing cool outfits and it had that really pretty tree.

  25. Hey guys, I just remembered something I thought was interesting; in one of the trailers, I think it was a japanese one related to the Z-ring, if I remember correctly the Kahuna of Melemele mentioned that the Rings were produced by something related to “princesses”. I initially thought that was going to be the evil team, but, obviously, Guzma is anything but a princess, so that’s not the case. Do any of you remember that or am I just going cray cray? If I am correct, what do you guys think that’ll be?

    1. They might hold a bit more weight saying that Royals existed in Alola
      They mighted discovered these Z-Crystals or had access to them,

      My theory is that Guzma wants to totally eff up Alola as his blind rage towards his failings as a Trial captain (And believe me that was my motive for Jade Jungle) and the perfect way is to invoke the power of the ancients to cause destruction and discord

    2. I don’t remember Hala mentioning anything about princesses, but alola had a Royal family at some point 500 years ago. Dunno when they got overthrown though.

    3. It was an interesting idea, but I think some people brought up that the line about Princesses was mistranslated and actually meant something like “power” or something along those lines. I do recall them clearing stating that it wasn’t Princess.

        1. I mean you posted that comment twice.
          I think only paid members get albums, but I’m not sure.

          I think the dupe has gone now anyway, might have just been the comment system playing up.

          1. Ah, the curse of human hands, I am familiar.
            Hands are cursed to be able to draw everything but themselves.

  26. Didn’t the S.S. Anne sank to the bottom of the ocean in the anime, or will there be an S.S. Anne 2 in the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime.

    1. The anime isn’t really in the same universe/canon as the games.

      Besides which, there have been more ships than just the S.S. Anne

        1. Actually, the one in the English anime wasn’t the S.S. Anne, it was the St. Anne, so they could get away with it. (It was the same in Japan, I think). The Anime was the only place to show it sink though, and in the game it was fully functional in generation 2.

          Besides, we don’t know if the S.S. Anne would be in the game yet, that’s only a rumour.

      1. If I had the art program I’d alter the pic to look more like Earthen
        Maybe a Ursaring Claw Necklace
        Keystone in the hate
        Fingerless gloves
        Baggies cargo pants
        More pissed off expression

    1. We don’t know what the music is going to be used for yet.
      Chances are both will be used in game at some point.
      This is probably only going to be for overworld/story, the other one is probably the battle theme.

    2. The song from the japanese trailers is the battle theme, and the song from the english trailer is the encounter theme

  27. Ok. What would you want the next 3 generations to be based on? (and why?)

    Generation 8: India
    – This should be where Yungoos and Gumshoos are from.
    – Lots of great things in Hindu Mythology that can be used

    Generation 9: Alaska
    – I would love to see a region with a lot of Ice.

    Generation 10: Australia and New Zealand
    – Lots of great wildlife
    – Interesting geography

          1. Sea snakes, Cone Shells, Black Widows, Platapi, Snakes, Urchins, Stonefish, Box Jelly, Blue Ringed Octopus, Giant centipede (eww)… Just these off the top of my head.

      1. Yes! You should actually get to rent a canoe. You could catch Pokemon and Trainers would battle you if you passed their boats.
        Venice was AMAZING when I went there….well of course… I was 6… but ya know. It was nice 😉

      2. Oh! And you could go to the Colosseum and you’d battle trainers there (dressed as Gladiators and stuff)

      1. XD
        Seriously tho, stab technician pursuit, am i the only one who gets how strong that will be?!

        1. Technician would only take Pursuit up to 60 BP. The moment Pursuit gets the 2x multiplier (to 80BP) from a Pokemon switching out, it is no longer boosted by Technician since it is no longer less than or equal to 60 BP.

  28. Wat I see that the concept of Alolan Marowak is very convincing .I know many ppl was grumbling about y Cubone didn’t get an Alolan form ……I mean Little cubone suffer and die from grass type pkemon and his soul comeback with this dual type compo….and maybe ghost is hinting to lavender town. http://i.4cdn.org/vp/1470950794139.jpg

  29. So what’s everyone favourite Alola form so far ?

    I’m torn between exeggutor and raichu ! I love them both so much 🙂

    1. They’re all terrible
      And they’re ruining the whole “Alolan Microclimates alterations” schbeal

    1. We have dolphin, rugby monkey and snowman Pokemon on the way at some point, as confirmed by the Chinese leaks. That’s all the unannounced stuff we have so far. Nothing new.

  30. Continued to work from the hospital until his passing, including Pokémon GO. Legend

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