X Y Rumours & the Predicament


Hey Pokéjunglers,
We have some fresh rumours for you, but first I urge you to read the below disclaimer, right after the spoiler.


This generation we are faced with a predicament regarding rumours. Since Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are announced to be simultaneously released globally, it is not impossible, or even unlikely that rumours would appear that were not originally from a Japanese source.

Why does this matter you ask? Because in previous generations it was usually very easy to separate the fake from the real for things that weren’t originally from 2channel by looking at the original Japanese source that they claimed they translated from. Usually the Japanese would be amateurish and a product of a shoddy attempt at Google translate, hence even a novice translator would be able to confirm it as fake.

This time round however, it will now be a lot easier for people to make convincing fake pictures and info since they are free to do so in their own language, and it not be considered suspicious. In the past, 99% of information from non-Japanese sources proved to be fake (with one particularly famous exception) though we will not have the benefit of knowing that this time. This is both a good thing and a bad thing, since there are at least 6 other languages in which leaks may come to us now, though in turn it will become phenomenally harder for us to decipher what is fake and what is real.

Here are the rumours, courtesy of 4chan, where no significant Pokémon leaks have ever been found. Needless to say,  that they are most likely fake. I will add my commentary so read along with me! 🙂 Thanks to Ryuusei for pointing out these rumours to us!


“Due to the “world wide” release of Pokémon X/Y, pre-release information that at this time would usually be reserved for the Japanese branch of the Pokémon Company is now present among the localization departments of the other regions as well (such as NOA, where I am situated), and I have actually seen the full roster of new Pokémon as have quite a few people worldwide due to the difficulty regarding keeping everything under wraps. Thus, I can share a bit of preliminary information about new Pokémon appearing in X/Y.
Kriff: It seems they’re pushing the “Pokémon is global now so even though its 4chan it’s not a lie!”. It is very well calculated in trying to get this across, making it more suspicious than if they just wrote the facts out. 

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • More than 100 new Pokémon.Kriff: A believable number.
  • There are indeed new evolutions and pre-evolutions, most of them focused on Gen V Pokémon. However, a few older Pokémon, including Gen I classics, are getting surprising new developments.Kriff: Mostly Gen five Pokémon having evolutions sounds quite believable.
  • No new types, but there are “Cross-bred” Pokémon introduced. Certain father/mother breeding pairs will result in a visually distinct child, who will be the mother’s species, but will, for example, have a pattern reminiscent of its father or a slightly altered color scheme. This is basically the new Gender Difference and is simply an aesthetic bonus, nothing extreme and only certain pairings result in this…the Pokemon is still considered the species of its mother, it’s not a new species. One example I can give is that it is possible to get certain Pokemon sporting Pikachu’s red cheeks.Kriff: OK. So this was a rumour that 4chan had already given us back when HeartGold and SoulSilver were announced. Spiky Ear Pichu lead the way for many rumours of Pokémon that would gain distinctive features when bread from parents that were not the same Pokémon. This part makes the rumour lose most of it’s believability.
  • The Starters become Grass/Steel, Fire/Psychic, and Water/Electric. They’re inspired by various European-centric archetypes…Chespin becomes a knight with chestnut armor, Fennekin a wizard with a majestic fur cloak, and Froakie a Nordic Viking with a thunder-cloud mullet/beard combo.Kriff: Not entirely out of the question. Still, it’s very detailed information. This person who claims they work at NOA are surely putting their job on the line at this point? I’m just not buying it.
  • Xerneas is Ice/Steel, and Yveltal is Fire/Dark. They have a unique ability where they can shift types with each other, Xerneas becoming red and Fire/Steel, and Yveltal becoming blue and Ice/Dark. Supposedly, Game Freak chose the typings in part due to members of the team being fans of R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, among other reasons.Kriff: OK. OK. Why does someone from NOA have an idea about Gamefreaks tastes and hobbies!? This rumour is just getting fishier and fishier.
  • Normal: Kendama-based Pokémon. Its main body rides atop a giant ball.
    Kriff: Here’s a Kendama.
  • Grass: A black-bear whose body is made of berries.
  • Fire: Pintata Bull with horns that are torches.Kriff: What’s a Pintata? Oh right, Pinata!
  • Water: Sea-bird. Looks like a socialite due to a feather that looks like an ascot.
  • Electric: A poodle whose fluffy-parts are statically-charged fur.
    Kriff: Eww. “Fluffy-parts”.
  • Bug: Millipede, besides the head its long body is made of bubbles
  • Flying: A peacock with a tail that’s a harp.
  • Steel: A female-like Pokémon whose long hair is made of long, steel cables.
  • Rock: A rock-based snail, its got a bell for a shell, and its body looks like a cathedral.
  • Ground: An elephant whose body is covered in hardened mud-armor, more realistic looking than Donphan.
  • Psychic: An “Arabian” Pokemon wrapped in a brightly-colored carpet clothing.
  • Dark: Raccoon. Its tail serves as a burglar sack, and it’s got a stylish black mask.Kriff: A racoon burglar is quite an American concept. But not entirely out of the question.
  • Poison: Little purple lizard, it swings its (very large) broken tail around like a huge club.
  • Fighting: A very weird Pokémon who resembles a giant, living sneaker. Cooler looking than it sounds.
  • Ice: A Snowman with coal on its head looking like the incense marks Shaolin Monks have.Kriff: I’ve seen this guys done his research. You’d thing he was the one who designed it himself!
  • Ghost: A kasa-obake (umbrella ghost) that’s brightly colored and “fancy” looking.Kriff: A “Kasa kozou” as it more often called by Japanese natives,  is a popular concept we saw fakes for in the past. Here’s a pic.
  • Dragon: A Kirin that looks like a dragonic-unicorn.”Kriff: A Kirin here.


In conclusion, though some parts seem somewhat believable, overall it is just too fishy and too similar to lies we have seen in the past.

What do you guys think about reliability? Any ideas you liked or disliked?

Kriffix, Moving, Dae

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