PokéJungle’s Next Top Model: Week 1


Welcome to the first article in the new series of PokéJungle’s Next Top Model! In this series we will be looking at various Trainer sprites and analyzing the fashion in which they wear, however – this is not going to be one of those listing exercises by which we bullet point what is and isn’t good, but instead we will showcase this fashion through a runway show in a narrative perspective, with a trainer being showcased each week – with you guys being the judges! Have fun, and hope you enjoy this!

[spoiler]The stage is set, the arena a rife with the excited sound of the many spectators in which shroud the surrounding seating. Before them stands 3 plasma screens, each reaching the height of the ceiling, one in the centre – the biggest, the two either side slightly smaller and angled inward. Beneath these screens is a shiny black stage, extending out down into one long runway stretching out through the arena – parting the people as if they were the sea. Along the edge of the runway sits many beam light units, each emitting a powerful tower of green light vertically into the air, casting its light up into the ceiling, giving the runway a faint, magical glow – the shiny black floor surface sparkling, almost.

The screens flicker, their pixellated exterior jolting and molding into the PokéJungle logo, bold white lettering sits underneath of this, the words ‘Next Top Model’ burning through the darkness of the arena. The beam light units begin to move, all of them twisting their heads like a possessed serpent – so that their light shines toward the top of the stage – toward the plasma screens, creating an arrow of light highlighting the entire back wall. The speakers crackle, and the arena breaks into music, the crowd exploding in excitement, many of them rising to their feet cheering, and screaming. The image on the main screen still frozen on the Pokéjungle logo, the two adjacent screens flash and the image of a female appearing, the words ‘PARASOL LADY’ stretched across the image. The once green lighting turns to a harsh blinding pink color, the lighting spinning back out into the ceiling.


At the top of the stage, a woman appears, her shoulder length black hair shining under the light which surrounds her. She looks head on out into the crowd, directly down the runway. She begins to walk, her pink booted feet gracefully carrying her forward. Her body supports a shiny pink rain coat, made of a waterproof material, this shines and glows as the light catches it, flashing as the surrounding audience begin to use their cameras to take pictures of her beauty and style. In one hand she carries a closed umbrella, gripped tightly by her smooth soft looking hands – she holds this out to her side, stopping stationary, reaching down into the pocket of her rain coat taking out 2 Pokéballs, she throws them out in front of her, the red and white paint of the sphere gleaming. These hit the ground and burst open onto the runway, 2 brightly shining silhouettes appear, focusing to become 2 Castform. Castform – the Weather Pokémon, spin around in the air in front of the Parasol Lady, their grey cloud-like bodies intertwining within the air. Parasol lady begins to continue walking down the runway, now using her umbrella as a walking prop. The metal bullet shaped head of the umbrella makes a hard tapping sound each time it hits the runway ground.

Parasol Lady stops at the end of the runway, raising her spare hand into the air, as she does this the two Castform stop, beginning to glow, hooting a blue beam of light up into the ceiling of the arena, Both Castform begin to glow, their heads turning blue, the lower half of their body a dark grey having just performed ‘Rain Dance’. Finally, the Parasol Lady opens out her umbrella holding it above her head as rain begins to pour from the ceiling, it strikes the pink material of her umbrella and falls down around her as she poses for the crowd who scream and cheer. The pink lights dotted down the runway turn and twist, pointing to the Parasol Lady and freeze in one spot as the music stops. The crowd break into applause and cheer for her. The lights dim, and Parasol Lady leaves the stage, returning her Castform into their Pokéballs.

The screen then changes, showing a judging panel – 3 judges sit at a long curved desk which sits at the end of the runway. The Pokéjungle’s Next Top Model logo lit up across the front. The judges sit there reflecting on the events they just witnessed, taking into account the attire in which Parasol Lady wore, and her unique performance of using props to showcase the fact that the majority of Pokémon she uses are water/weather orientated types..[/spoiler]

AND THE VERDICT IS… Here is where YOU guys come in!


Comment below on what your thoughts are around PARASOL LADY. Does her fashion suit her? What would you change about her if you had the opportunity? In the competitive scene, her team of weather and water orientated Pokémon – is this a good strategy to take? Simply answer ‘HOT’ or ‘NOT’ and then your thoughts!

Thanks guys! Stay FIERCE!

<3 Dan