1/20 Pokémon Smash LIVE Coverage – Finished!


Thanks to ProVivtini for the Livestream!

Pokémon Smash has been oddly mum on the whole Pokémon X & Pokémon Y news, but might that change today…?  We’ll be covering the episode blow-by-blow so you can keep refreshing!

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  • X &Y were shown in the Smash introduction and expected to be shown in the episode in some form
  • Reminder that Episode N, in which Ash meets N, will air on Thursday 24th January
  • Anime episode Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt! has started
  • Junichi Masuda has said that he will appear on todays episode of Smash – seems like we could be in for something new!
  • Anime episode has now finished and the hosts are playing Pokémon Air Catching Game – yeah…
  • Hosts are engaging in double battles.
  • Eevee Friends section, nothing new, but they sure are pushing Eevee and its evolutions!
  • XY information to come after the commercial break -will we get new info?
  • Junichi Masuda has appeared!
  • The original X & Y reveal trailer is currently airing…
  • Smash has ended and didn’t show anything new, but it seems almost certain we will see something new next week.


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