Art Appreciation – Festive Winter

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A new year has dawned upon us and with it we have the exciting new evolution for the world of Pokémon waiting on the horizon. So what better way to celebrate it then to have a new column praising the fantastic art, which fans of the franchise have been concocting up over the years? Although we’ve had some examples in the Rewind articles, there have always been too many great pieces which have not gained the recognition they deserve. Art Appreciation seeks to change this by showcasing all the best artistry you have to offer.

Each new article will feature a fresh theme; however I may have a recap on the previous theme. Permission from creators doesn’t always happen in time for a deadline, but I don’t want to leave out any amazing bits of work. A majority of the features will be from our own Smeargle’s Canvas, the Art Appreciation thread in the MMC forum, or another favourite site of mine. However, I want this series to be as much from the fans as it is about them. By this I mean I want you guys to get involved by either highlighting exceptional creativity or by submitting your own professional handicrafts. Art comes in many forms, so do not give up if drawing/painting isn’t your thing. Try to think outside the box as imagination is the core of what art is. It’s not about how good something looks, but rather the meaning behind it. Right enough of my rambling let’s see the picks for this week’s festive winter theme:[spoiler]


Predictably we start off with some Pikachus; however, as you can see they’re no ordinary ones. That’s right Ash & Misty from the anime have transformed into these cute creatures – Ditto style! There are plenty of great things I could say about this art, however, the attention to detail on the faces is certainly the main focus of this image. There has been no lack of effort to make sure the personalities are reflected accurately, and this has been done marvellously with their heart-warming expressions catching the viewer’s eyes. Mistychu especially stands out with her cheeky look. In fact it makes Pikachu look rather attractive, which makes me wonder if I should seek help? I’m not sure what they have in Pokémon land but over here there’s a jail sentence for that kind of thing. The Christmas theme with the sparkly red background, the scarf, and the Santa hat all add to the warm-hearted feeling. While the pale yellow of Mistychu combined with Ashchu’s bolder yellow really makes them stand apart as individuals. (


Next up we have the hugely popular starter – Cyndaquil. It’s not hard to see why people love this little fella. I mean just look at it, it’s wearing a bow for Arceus’s sake! Now to be honest I wouldn’t really want this guy under my tree at Christmas because of the potential fire hazard, but nevertheless he/she would be a great heat source for the cold wintery nights. Once again there is plenty of detail to behold, but what really makes my heart melt in this image is its simplicity. The basic, yet cute look of this fire rodent is made even more adorable by the giant bow on his/her back. If you don’t go even a little bit gooey eyed over this picture then you’re obviously an ice type. (


We now go from the red warm glow of the previous two pieces to the white cold chill of this one. This image is the polar opposite of what we’ve seen, but probably delivers the most wintery feel of the lot. The strokes used in the background have created a beautiful blurring effect, which not only adds character to the overall picture, but it also stops it from being too distracting. The bold prominence of the Sawsbuck and Deerling really snatches your attention, and the winter forms of these two are wonderfully illustrated. The baubles on Sawsbuck’s antlers are small, but are a hugely effective feature. It adds the Christmas feel, yet also a lot of colour to what otherwise would have been quite a basic palette. Finally the parent and child idea is a very heartening sight that truly captures the togetherness of what the festive season is about. (

have_you_been_nice___by_themeowingfox-d35nqq5 (1)

Continuing down the snow covered route we encounter the most festive Pokémon of them all – Delibird.  This chap is the very definition of Father Christmas with its initial design being based on the big man himself combined with a Penguin (read Mechanos’s Pokéology to find out more). With its tail delivering all sorts of presents and surprises to any friend or foe, it’s only right that this master of festivities is given a spot in this week’s line up. Once again what made me like this image were the simplicity and the pureness of it. A faded snowy backdrop showing nothing more than a few footprints helps to project Delibird into the limelight, and to showcase the journey it’s on. The bearded penguin him/herself has a crisp clean shiny look and has an expression which suggests it knows where it’s going. However, what could be going through its mind? Could it be something sinister? (


Last but not least we have this wonderful GIF which represents the excitement of a child’s Christmas. Minun’s expression was enough to sell me on this simply because I had a comparable look when I opened up my Gameboy Colour with Pokémon Yellow all those years ago. This isn’t your traditional artistic piece like the previous lot; however it was just too adorable to leave out. The festive theme has been characterised the best in this piece, and the meaning is also joyfully obvious. Although Christmas is not about presents it’s hard to deny that the reason we all love it is because of the gleeful look on people’s faces when they get something they really wanted. (


[/spoiler]So that wraps up this week’s theme. What do you think of the new column and what do you think of my picks? Have you discovered some great art or have you created anything which I could use in a future article? Also is there anything you would like me to change/improve/add to the column? I would love to hear all of your thoughts and suggestions below, and it would be great if you could submit any art you find/make to Smeargle’s Canvas or to the Art Appreciation MMC forum thread Creative Crevice -> Smeargle’s Paintbrush -> Art Appreciation Submissions.

P.S. Because Gen 6 rumours are likely to increase soon I would like to limit the art to existing Pokémon and NOT made up ones. Although I love the designs people come up with I do not want visitors getting confused. That doesn’t mean you can’t find/make great pieces though!

Next Theme: Well it’s obvious but to continue the hype it’s only fair that we do the NEW STARTERS.