Dae asks: Let It Snow


Winter has finally come! That is, if you live in Europe like me. For those Australians out there, you have no place in this thread, go away! Jokes aside, sorry for the long wait till a new Dae asks. I’m all too busy with university and XY. Won’t promise that the next one will be out soon, but I can’t deliver on that promise anymore.

But today’s question is: what is your favorite snow-related Pokémon? Is it Delibird because he brings all those ‘nice’ presents? Vanillite because you want to know how it tastes? Or Rotom because it is a huge fridge full of snacks? You can choose out of all Ice types, as there aren’t many to begin with. But remember that there are more Ice types than just Kyurem.

Start discussing in the comments. I’ll be very busy with examinations next week and the week after that so you won’t see me very much, but I’m sure some XY tidbits will drop soon enough.