Dae asks: Let It Snow


Winter has finally come! That is, if you live in Europe like me. For those Australians out there, you have no place in this thread, go away! Jokes aside, sorry for the long wait till a new Dae asks. I’m all too busy with university and XY. Won’t promise that the next one will be out soon, but I can’t deliver on that promise anymore.

But today’s question is: what is your favorite snow-related Pokémon? Is it Delibird because he brings all those ‘nice’ presents? Vanillite because you want to know how it tastes? Or Rotom because it is a huge fridge full of snacks? You can choose out of all Ice types, as there aren’t many to begin with. But remember that there are more Ice types than just Kyurem.

Start discussing in the comments. I’ll be very busy with examinations next week and the week after that so you won’t see me very much, but I’m sure some XY tidbits will drop soon enough.


        1. Making sense of things is based on opinions gathered and processed in a way that the one trying to process the thought can understand.

          It has the same total as Tangrowth, Porygon Z, Crobat. So Stat wise it isn’t horrible, neither is it with attacks. Some people like the fact it looks like Ice Cream.

          It may never make sense to you, but things you like may not make sense to other people either.

          I dislike Ice types as a whole. To a lot of my friends, that makes no sense at all.

  1. I’m not happy that it’s started to snow ! And apparently its supposed to get worse tomorrow 🙁

    As for my favorite Snow/Ice Pokemon I like almost all of them, they’re pretty cool design wise I would say Froslass and Walrein are some of my faves ^^

    1. Yes, I’m not happy when it snows too. There are poor and homeless people out there who cannot shelter and who cannot get warm during winter and there are countless animals who die from cold weather too. Lots of people wants it to snow, they only want it for their fun, maybe for it being eyecandy but at the same time, at somewhere, someone without home dives into the sea of worry thinking about surviving the night when it snows.

      1. Yeah, it’s pretty terrible although Snow is nice to look at it’s also the cause of a lot of accidents :/

  2. I love snow, but we rarely get any where I live. I especially love seeing snow-covered Christmas lights. But anyway, my favorite wintery Pokemon is Glaceon. It’s so elegant and I love it’s in-game cry, and I can’t really describe why I like it so much but I do.

    Oh, and I like the Vanillite line! I guess I can see why some don’t, but I’ve always liked it lots. 😀

  3. Gotta love ice Pokemon! Of course,snow is fun when no one gets hurt. As for ice Pokemon, Gen 3 had great ones spheal and snorunt. Lastly, my favorite monsta is sneasel and weavile. Two bad mother suckas lol

  4. It hasnt snowed where i live which sucks but wat r u gonna do? Its all nature’s decision to make it snow… My favorite ice type is between Glaceon and Froslass

  5. I’ve always liked ice type Pokemon. I’d have to say that for my favorite ice type there is a three way tie between Sneasel, Cloyster, and Glalie. Those three are just too cool for me to decide! XD

  6. I live in Brazil, so we’re on summer. But we don’t have snow on winter, so it doesn’t matter haha

    But my favorites are Sneasel/Weavile for sure! Although I would like to have an Abomasnow just to decorate it with xtimas lights <3

  7. My favorite ice-type is Weavile because it’s also part Dark-type. It also has really good stats, so I don’t hesitate to use it in battle.

  8. Well I’d have to go with Glaceon…its my favorite after all >u>

    But for an ice pokemon that completly reminds me of winter would be Delibird (also stantlers I still remember that little christmas episode with them haha)

  9. I love Abomasnow and Mamoswine!! Too bad Aboma has so much weaknesses 🙁 but is still love him. have them both at level 100 🙂

  10. Ive had enough of this sh…snow lol.

    its been goin for 5 days straight…no matter how hard you try shoving it away, it turns 0.5m over night again.


    Froslass no contest :<
    Its so mysterious and elegant.

  11. My favorite is definitely Froslass but I also like Glaceon and Lapras.I am Brazilian but I am living in France rn so this is my first real winter. The snow and the cold were cool at first but rn I don’t like winter anymore tbh, the ice that forms on the floor is pure evil u_u.

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