International Keldeo Wi-Fi Event – Live Now!


For those of you with the English games of BW2, from January 25th until February 12th you will be able to download the Colt Pokémon! This cute little water horse comes at level 50 – with the move set Sacred Sword, Aqua Jet, Hydro Pump and Swords Dance!

Keldeo comes in Ordinary Forme, so remember you can access it’s Resolute Forme by taking it to Pledge Grove!

It would seem Keldeo is really being pushed right now, and I will most definitely be taking part in this event! Just to recap on my previous post a couple of days ago.. when will we get Meloetta? – With Pokémon X & Y coming later this year is it safe to say that it will fairly soon?..

What are your thoughts?

<3 Dan

Giveaway Winners note: the weather where I am has been pretty bad as of late and the snow fall here means that I haven’t had a chance to get prizes sent out to winners. They will reach you, it’s just taking longer than I hoped. The same also for winners of event Pokémon, they will reach you! »moving