1/27 Pokémon Smash LIVE Coverage – FINISHED


Once again, it’s time for Pokémon Smash! We’re here to translate and report anything of interest that might pop up.

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  • Started 🙂  Old anime episode is airing
  • Anime rerun just ended!
  • At a Japanese elementary school as usual
  • Man is dressed as an umbreon
  • Battle time
  • Sadly no new information 🙁


Let’s hope for some new information, shall we?  If you’d like you can watch ZephyrSonic’s livestream on YouTube:




<3 PJ


  1. Omg!omg!omg! I am sooo excited! I hope they announce something about Pokemon X&Y! Too bad i cant see it on my phone 🙁 Thank u pokejungle for summing everything up! 🙂 Thankx to u guys i am able to catch up 🙂

  2. Since all the new info is released on Pokemon.com on the same days, that may be the only place we get any real information at all. I don’t think we’ll get much from Smash or Coro Coro for a while.

  3. If they aren’t leading up to a new eeveelution reveal in the next few weeks then this is the biggest, most drawn-out trolling EVER.

    1. But you have to admit – they are really good at it 😀

      Btw. Does anyone know whether they have already shown all the existing Eevee-forms?

    2. They always use a current popular Pokemon as promotional advertising. Its not really trolling.

  4. We have 9 months until the game comes out, because of that, news is going to be very VERY slow. We probably won’t see any new information until well into February/March at best, so it’s going to be a while.

    So for the next few Smash episodes, better not keep your hopes up, cause it’s going to be a LONG time before new info is out, let alone the games release, so better to be patient…

  5. What was it that zephyr was trying to see on the laptop towards the end. Could they have had a silhouette.

  6. Everyone go to 56:44 of my stream and pause it. It’s a preview for the next Smash Episode in seeing that it’s a board it looks like it has the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y logos on the upper left of the board. Also I see 2 Pokemon on that board which the one on the right appears to be a Probopass and then on the left it’s possible that is the new Eeveelution so if it is then it will be revealed next weekend and I will cover that! I don’t know if you can like ask filb.de or something if they have a higher quality image that they can look on there end and see what that was but it’s likely it’s what we are waiting for!

    1. It kinda looked like a female version of Unfezent with a quadruped standing by it. That’s all I could make out.

  7. Also it appears as though for the last several weeks they have been showing each Eeveelution behind that door and that could be a major sign and what I was thinking during the stream when it happened again that they are showing all of the old ones that way leading up to the new Eeveelution reveal!

    1. Did they already show all the Eeveelutions? I saw only Flareon, Umbreon, Leafeon and Glaceon – but I’m pretty sure I missed some.

      1. I don’t know it exactly, either, but some guy on another site said, they showed six out of eight (including eevee itself); each show two. So, the guy predicts, they’ll show the missing two next time and then, maybe, two new?
        Just what I found surfing around…

  8. Another rumor popped up on 4chan awhile ago, this one is less “ambitious” than the previous one I brought up, but slightly more believable as it deals with the Movie 16 “hidden Pokemon”.


    “This information was sent to me from a correspondent in Japan, who has obtained early information on what the next issue of CoroCoro will obtain, which focuses on Movie 16. This is a transcript of the information he provided me with.

    First off, CoroCoro this issue mainly focuses on the star of Movie 16 alongside Genesect, the Superman Pokemon “Duskaman”. Duskaman is the romanized name that appears in CoroCoro (and will probably be similar to the English name like previous stars), and its raw Japanese name is Dasukaman (ダスカマン). Here is the information CoroCoro provides:

    Species: “Superman” (Choujin ちょうじん) Pokemon.
    Type: Dark/Fighting
    Height: 1.9m
    Weight: 78.4kg

    My correspondent describes it looking very humanoid, with its main stream-lined body being mostly black apart from its white face, white hands, and white feet, and the front of its chest which has a red circle on its chest and another red crescent below it. It has horns on its head which fold back in a “V” shape, and it has a red Mohawk that comes from the back of its head and crosses between the horns and sticks out in the front. It has rather dull looking eyes, semi-circles with little black pupils in them. Finally, it has two red streamers coming from its back that resembles a scarf, but another picture of Duskaman shows that they can transform into wings.

    There is the official Sugimori Art included, showing it striking a “Henshin”-style pose, and pictures of it drawn in anime form, including one showing how its scarf transforms into wings. There is also artwork showing it in winged-form flying away from the Genesect Army, as well as Ash and Iris riding Charizard and Dragonite and battling alongside him. CoroCoro talks about how Duskaman is the “night savior of the city”, and appears in a flash of crimson red to battle against the leader of the Genesect. There seems to be a connection between the two Pokemon as they’re both described as being crimson red. The new title is roughly “The Extreme Speed Genesect X Superman Duskaman (神速のゲノセクトX超人ダスカマン). The X is actually shining blue, resembling the Pokemon X logo, interestingly enough, while Genesect and Duskaman’s names are colored red.

    Next issue promises more information on the film, and hints at revealing another Pokemon (unknown if it’s in the Movie, the Mini-Movie, or X/Y).

    In terms of X/Y information, this issue is very sparse apart from showing the official artwork of the male and female protagonists, and some more screen-shots of them walking around the Paris-styled town, including visiting what appears to be a museum, standing atop the Eiffel Tower-like structure showing a nice view of the of the region, and walking alongside a beach. There’s also a look at the new battle screen, which shows that the HP Bars now appear on the bottom screen with little Boxsprites of the Pokemon next to them, and there’s two new buttons available as well on the menu which is “Call” and “P-Link”, although it doesn’t explain what these functions are for yet. There are a few battle pictures of the Starters battling, and also shows that Spoink and Paras are in.”

    1. You know, this is one of the most believable rumors I’ve heard in a while. I’m actually leaning towards believing it. The only issue I have with any rumor is that everyone who receives the “information” insists on pretending that some vague random resident in Japan somehow has magical access to all this information.

      1. CoroCoro wouldn’t print the other countries information though. It might be released simultaneously worldwide through other sources, though, but if it’s truly info from CoroCoro it would be solely Japanese.

    2. I don’t see how they’d get this information this early for a Magazine that doesn’t release until the first quarter of the next month. Magazines usually don’t get the info for the articles coming out until the week of or week before.

      Not to mention, they’d have other translated version leaks to go along with it. So far all the information leaked has been international leaks. If there are no French, German, Spanish or English names to go along with said information I can’t see it as true.

    1. we got a clearer picture. Its a Female Unfezant VS Probopass. What looked like a four legged animal were the letters VS.

  9. Wow everything is going so slow….there are no news or rumours….oh well ill just have to wait 🙁

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