PokéJungle’s Next Top Model: Week 2


LAST WEEK on PokéJungle’s Next Top Model, Parasol Lady took to the stage giving our judges a show stopping performance! Her elegance and grace flourishing on stage in front of thousands of spectators. The ambiance was electrified, the stage illuminated as she took her walk down the runway, a vision of incandescent pink. It is here, the verdict shall be decided.

[spoiler]The judges sit there, replaying and analyzing the prior performance in their heads. Parasol Lady verging the edge of the runway, glowing in bright spot lighting that directs toward her from the ceiling. In the background, the once high-powered and theatrical runway lay in dim lighting, fading into the darkness. In seating order, the judges deliver their comments..

”For me Parasol Lady is… NOT. She should be sorry for the Pink overdose.”

The crowd boo, their tones amplified and echoed across the arena. The judge shrugs his shoulders, his eyebrows raised as he sits back into his chair, looking forward at Parasol Lady. The next judge opens their mouth, pausing and thinking for a brief moment before continuing.

”..a water proof jacket like that? It doesn’t really float my boat sprite wise. But her performance was wonderfully elegant – HOT.”

The crowd break into applause and cheers, a smile stretching across the face of the judge who joins in the applause by clapping along with the surrounding crowd. One judge remains, the arena falling silent into a tense, rigid atmosphere. The judge looks forward, assessing notes which he made during the performance, he takes a deep breath shaking his head..

”I like the color, but gurl, you can’t wear dat. Its bad luck to put an umbrella up inside, so no gurl, you don’t pull off that look.. NOT.”

The arena lighting turns red, the plasma screen backdrop of the stage igniting once more, the word ‘NOT’ blazing across the back screen.

”Parasol Lady.. you are NOT in the running toward becoming PokéJungle’s Next Top Model.”

Parasol Lady smiles, and waves, turning around and heading back up the runway, the majority of her feedback from the judges negative, exiting the stage – the scene fading to black.

not - pjntm

After the departure of Parasol Lady last week, the scene opens once more into the arena for week 2 of Pokéjungle’s Next Top Model. The arena alive once more with the high-pitched howls of the surrounding crowds, the camera angle swings across the audience showing the faces of several of the people in which line the arena, all happy, screaming and cheering in anticipation of the upcoming performance. The lights in which line the edging of the runway flash, their bases spinning at a sixty degree angle, creating a whirl wind-like tower of light within the air along both sides of the runway. The runway itself, its shiny black surface stretching out through the center of the arena, a panel of judges present at the end, each with a pen in hand looking onward awaiting the entrance of the contender. The great plasma screening at the back of the stage is alive with the ‘Pokéjungle’s Next Top Model’ logo flashed across it, almost animated turning side to side as though on a pivoted point, drawing the eyes of all who gaze forward. The screen freezes, holding the logo still, the two adjoining thinner screens flicking into action, the silhouette of a male appearing, the word ‘DANCER’ displaying at the bottom of each in bold white lettering.

The beam lighting spins, their stretching beams of light directing, pointing toward the base of the biggest plasma screen at the top of the runway. The speakers explode across the arena, a heavy beat vibrating throughout the crowd, the lighting begins to change colour, alternating in time with the beat red, to green then blue. The music breaks, changing its beat, the scratching sound of a turn table taking prominence of the music, a vocal breaking into the air.



From the entrance, 2 small red balls appear, their round shaped mass tipping forward and rolling at a high-speed down the runway, both balls reach the half way point opening outward into a front flip, both exposing themselves as Darumaka – both Pokémon jump up into the air, a tall and powerful flame bursting from their mouths luminating the crowd closest to them. The Darumaka turn inward, facing one another from each side of the stage, their small legs bouncing in time with the music, they both take a deep breath forcing their chests forward as they once again shoot a jet of flames across the runway, both jets cross in the air creating an ‘X’ effect. At the top of the stage, a young man appears, his dreadlock hair tight and tied at the back of his head, breaking off into four individual plats.

He struts forward rhythmically, stretching his arms up into the air clapping out into the crowd, who in turn imitate him. Around his waist, a yellow jacket sits, tied together around his middle by the sleeves of the arms, falling down onto his white baggy jogging bottoms – their side stripes a deep green colour matching his accompanying t-shirt. His arms flick outward alternatively, bouncing from side to side on each corresponding foot, moving forward down onto the runway, he flicks forward both his legs, crossing his right foot over his left, moving backward repeating the motion again, landing on his right foot twisting his body into a spin, taking his body down to the ground, landing on his right knee – he crosses his arms, nodding his head to the judges at the end of the runway, who seem to be mimicking him their heads also bouncing in time with the heavy music beat.

Dancer flops backward onto his back, kicking the floor with his left foot, his body spinning on the ground, raising himself up again on his hands, he kicks out his right leg, his body sinking toward the ground, bring his leg back in and simultaneously repeating the action with his left leg, using his palms as he tilts from side to side with each kick out. He flips forward putting his palms out, landing into a press up type position, bringing his head down to the ground, leaning forward elevating his back legs up into the air as he stands upon his head, he straightens his legs outward, elevating them into the air using his hands as a leverage to move himself on the spot, his dreadlock plats of hair flicking out like miniature whips as he spins on his head.

The Darumaka begin to spin on one leg, getting faster before bursting into flames, performing fire spin, both balls of fire begin to move, spinning counter-clockwise around Dancer, their flames alive, ripping through the air in a glorious flare of light. The crowds scream and cheer, most people thrusting their body around dancing to the music, transforming this arena into what would seem like a giant party.

Dance, falls onto his back, kicking his legs out, the angle of his back causing him to jump up and land flat on both feet. He turns around, forcing his body forward once more breaking into a front flip, his body making one successful roll, he transitions his movement, turning onto the side and into a side cart-wheel, landing back on the ground, he holds his press up position once more elevating his right leg upward behind him, pushing up with his hand allowing himself to fall back in a one hundred and eighty degree fall, he twists his legs once more, crossing them over one another, collapsing onto the ground, allowing himself to roll to the edge of the stage, he angles his right leg, his left straight laying on his side facing the judges, his left arm supports him as he moves his right hand to cover the base of his chin, pouting with attitude, nodding his head.

Alongside him appear the Darumaka, the music breaks off with one last turntable scratch as the arena explodes into hysterical screams and cheers. Dancer smiles, standing up onto his feet, holding out his hand into the air in gratitude of the response he receives. The lighting turns normal, the stage falling into darkness, only Dancer illuminated by the spotlights. He breathes heavily, sweat formed upon his forehead, patches of it replicated across his baggy green t-shirt.

The camera angle moves along the edge of the Judging panel, the 3 Judges sit the other side, their gaze meeting Dancers. Will Dancer’s break dancing routine be enough to earn the title of PokéJungle’s Next Top Model?..[/spoiler]



Comment below on what your thoughts are around DANCER. Does his fashion suit him? What would you change about him if you had the opportunity? In the competitive scene, Dancer doesn’t use a specific type of Pokémon, and uses a very varied style – is this a good strategy to take? Simply answer ‘HOT’ or ‘NOT’ and then your thoughts!


<3 Dan