No Alolan Arcanine? What is going on?!

Today the Japanese Pokémon Sun & Moon official site updated and added Arcanine to the list of Pokémon featured from past generations, along with highlights such as Zubat and Psyduck. Up until this point, many fans have been going off the idea that these Pokémon would not be getting separate Alolan forms since some of them have already been seen as their past-selves in official trailers or pre-release materials. We’ve already seen many Zubats in Alola that are no different than the ones we’ve been seeing for the last twenty years.

Why is this a problem? Because several leaks which have included confirmed information that was not publicly known have also said that Arcanine will be getting a Water-type Alolan form.

Personally, I’m relishing this little plot twist because it gives us something to puzzle over before we get any official answers. Did the leakers add in fake Alolan forms? Will Alola be home to both regular and region-specific forms for the same Pokémon? Are some Alolan forms only accessible after certain conditions are met or even saved for post-game?

Keep these mysteries coming! Tell us what you think in the comments!!

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  1. I’m hopefully rooting for this not to come true
    Arcanine are already a bitch to deal with with their newfound bulky builds and Water types today are already pretty solid so that would just be yet another thing to fear

    So I say no to Alolan Arcanine we don’t need Alolan forms for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE

      1. Yeah, but gamefreak have clearly indicated they want to upset us by only providing alolan forms for Kanto pokemon, just like how they gave the Kanto starter pokemon mega evolutions but neglected the starters of the actual generation mega evolution was introduced in.

        1. Ground/Steel is a way better typing. Makes more sense, considering it’s based on a Rhino. Of course steel type didn’t exist during gen 1 and they did not switch any gen 1 typings when they added steel and dark during gen 2. And before you point to Magnemite, that’s not a switch, they merely added steel typing to it. Since Alola forms have already gone to shit, I’d like a steel typed Ryhorn line to make up for what it always shoulda been, imo. Rock was just a substitute typing

  2. okay so i have to be completely honest here, i always take leaks with a grain of salt weather its got some credibility or not, in this case some of the past leaks we have had, have been nothing more than just lucky guessing and mere coincidence, atleast that is how i see it anyway. even though i thought this i let others continue to believe what they wanted, let them theorise and speculate on whats real and what isn’t, these leaks we have been getting may have been proven fake now but they got us to talk didn’t they? we theorised and speculated on whats real, what could be done, what might be and what might evolve etc so on and so fourth, its fun for the most part and it honestly got the community to discuss the games that are up for release in almost 2 months time. so sure they may be fake but its given us fans alot to talk about regardless, plus some of the designs shown by the artist were pretty creative 🙂

      1. makes sense, i guess i just don’t like to believe anything until i see an official trailer or information on reliable sources like and ofcourse, that said i just hope we do get the pokemon starters evolutionary lines shown soon since november is literally around the corner, i gotta say tho if the evolutions turn out to be something completely different than the ones that were leaked i wont lie i would be an ass and laugh in their faces, but if they turn out to be right ide be okay with it, ive actually warmed up to the leaked evolutions, i still wish litten’s wasn’t bipedal but it’s still a good design nonetheless

  3. I would say his point we don’t have enough info to make a full conclusion. We still have no idea why they have that section on the Japanese website. I feel like if it was that important of a section we’d have it on the other official websites as well. Also I’m a little confused as to what the section is even about. It says that they are Pokemon found in Alola, but whether any of them have Alolan forms or not I don’t see a point in making a section for them. If we’re basing Pokemon having and not having new forms on the trailers and whatnot then the list would be huge. Why even bother having a section like that anyway? I doubt this section has any long lasting relevance, but it still confuses me lol

    1. It’s not really a ‘section’, all the Kanto pokemon are lumped in with the alolan pokemon. It exists to show people what pokemon will be available in Alola. They’re all mixed up as well.

      1. Well it’s a subsection really. All the Pokemon are on the same page, but are separated by different descriptions. (i.e. starters, legendary, new Pokemon, etc.)

        1. It’s not a subsection, it’s all a part of their ‘pokedex’ section. The descriptions count for little because they’re formatted differently even bewteen the alolan pokemon.
          Also they’re listed mostly in the order they were added, hence Dragonite and Zubat are after Meowth and Marowak but before Sandygast and Palosand.

          1. Ok….I see where our problem is….. click on the actual Pokedex page….On that page all the Pokemon are specifically separated into subsections. I agree with you that the Pokemon in the top ticker are put in the order of their addition to the site tho lol

          2. I see it. The section header is “Pokemon that have been found so far”. i.e. pokemon that have been found in the Alolan region, (thus hinting that they do not have an alolan form).

          3. Hard to say for sure. Yes I agree at face value it is hinting that they won’t have forms, but then again why even bother making that section? The odds are the Alolan forms won’t be crazy wide spread so most Kanto Pokemon won’t have forms anyway. Are they going to add 100 some Pokemon to that section just so people know they won’t have forms? Seems like an odd choice as well as a waste of time. Again I can’t say this section will be of the most importance, but it does seem off just to point out Pokemon that do’t have new forms. Like why oven bother?

          4. The reason for bothering is merely to indicate to people what Kanto pokemon will be returning to the game so that people may start planning which pokemon they would like to use.

            They might well do. Or the pokemon revealed might have more significance than what has been revealed so far. They might be in use by the trial captains or team skull for example. Team skull has already been confirmed to use Golbat, so lesser grunts using Zubat would seem likely.

      1. I just can’t wait to find my Mudbray
        He’ll be stubborn, hard headed and one heck of a battler

          1. Adamant or Impish
            I still want to try the Bulk Up Sitrus Berry Doubles defense build
            Also people everywhere keep thinking Stamina activates on every attack which it don’t

          2. How exactly does Stamina work then?

            I was under the impression it activated after every physical attack inflicted on it?

          3. It’s pretty obvious that the first hit you take actives Stamina
            It would be pretty ridiculous to let it increases with every attack

            I do care for balance

  4. Hey for people that saw my Pokemon go post I got my Electibuzz from 10km!

    And I now can say Chinese leak is probably somewhat fake.

    1. It’s a case of either the Japanese website trolling peopleby listing Alolan pokemon in their Kanto form or the chinese leaker trolling people by either outright lying and getting lucky or by mixing lies in with the real leaks to make the lies seem credible and keep people hyped/guessing.

      1. I think Chinese leak is trolling about this in particular:

        Alolan Abra, Alolan Growlithe, and Alolan Raticate (unfortunately)

        1. Alolan Raticate is one of the few I would have been happy with since Raticate is pretty ugly and could do with a makeover.

          Looks like gamefreak are going to abandon the idea of improving their less liked pokemon and instead just use the pokemon they know are already popular.

  5. Changing the topic slightly, just had a look at Stufful’s lore.

    It goes from a creature that hates being touched to one that loves hugging people.

    Tsun tsun – dere dere.

        1. ah thanks buddy for the sources I was so sure the original one never actually mentioned typings of new pokes or anything just the vague hint of new looks for old pokes

          1. It’s ok, I had them to hand because I’d just looked them up to check myself. I wish the article were clearer about the sources or just linked to the old article instead of duplicating the information.

    1. I think it was a subsequent leak that corroborated the Chinese leaks and also talked about Oricorio.

      1. ohhh well the original Chinese leak never mentioned it so it could have been someone trying to hype off its accuracy, don’t care that much either way

        1. Well the person that did mention it predicted oricorio and I think something else, but I can’t remember….maybe Bewears and Mimikyus names? idk, but they definitely got stuff right that’s for sure lol

          1. It didn’t actually predict Bewear’s name, the person actually explicitly said they weren’t going to say what it was.

            As for Mimikyu, the Japanese name was already revealed, all they did was say that it would be the same for the English version, which wasn’t really hard to guess given the number of Pikachu-like pokemon that use their Japanese name for their English name or a very close variation of it. Pachirisu and Dedenne were the same, Emolga was one sound off (Emonga), Plusle and Minun were also pretty much the same.

          2. Sorry my bad it wasn’t the Chinese leaks. The names were predicted by another leak tho. Funny enough it was off of 4chan.

  6. the thing im iffy about is that a regular arcanine has already been seen in the wild

        1. Ah, the Chinese trailer is slightly different to the Japanese and English ones.

          I don’t know if that said it was wild or not because I can’t read chinese, but it looked very much like it, so I’m convinced.

      1. Most pokemon we have seen has not gotten one. and we rarely saw old pokemon in trailers before alolan forms

    1. Well, to be fair, a level 20 Arcanine was just programmed into the game so they could show off Rockruff

      1. they could pick from many fire types, why arcanine because its a fire dog? why not use growlithe?

          1. Precisely.
            People only equate Arcanine with high levels because people usually wait before evolving it because like most stone evolvers it doesn’t learn new moves as it levels up (except for extremespeed at level 34).

        1. But the fact still remains that even if Alola Arcanine is in the game, regular Arcanine is still going to be in the coding. I don’t think this is credible evidence

          1. But it’s not an accurate representation of what we’re going to be encountering in the game, so I don’t think it is, GF-released or not. Just because they show off Garchomp and other pokemon during trailers like this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re on the regional dex.

          2. Frankly I don’t think they’d go to the trouble of making level 20 Kanto arcanines appear in the wild just to show off Rockruff, it would be too fiddly and time consuming when they could just pick any old pokemon to pit rockruff against.

            If they went to the trouble of putting a Kanto Arcanine in the wild, that would mean they’re actively trying to deceive people.

          3. Honestly I think you’re looking into it too much. It’s just a trailer. Everything is simulated. All we know for sure is that regular Arcanine is in the game, either through trading or catching. But an Alola form could still be possible. The leaker obviously had some credible evidence and while it could be fake or the typing could even be wrong, I think there’s a crumb of evidence there.

          4. Specially simulating scenarios just for a trailer is more effort than it would be worth. It would make much more sense to simply run into the wild and battle the first non-new pokemon available.

            The leaker who propes the alolan Arcanine hasn’t actually been right about anything yet I might add.

          5. I thought the Alolan Arcanine guy was the same guy who said stuff about the starters and some other pokemon?

          6. Oh…yeah then I don’t really believe it. Ugh, I feel like I wasted time saying that it’s still possible haha

          7. This is the problem, we need a better way of tracking the rumours and leaks really 😛
            This is also why I made sure to check before I started taking sides 😛

            The leak that had Alolan Arcanine hasn’t got anything right so far. It hasn’t been explicitly disproven yet, but it is no more likely than any other rumour. Other rumours have piggy backed off it though because of people’s reactions to the fighting type Abra line and the water type Growlithe line. It’s got to the point where people start taking it as the word of god purely because so many other leaks refer back to it and they’ve formed strong opinions about whether they love/hate the idea.
            Notice though that the pokemon people care less about (e.g. Doduo and Rattata) have been completely forgotten about in the process because fakers know nobody is going to get hyped about them, they purposely target the ‘cool’ pokemon.

            Anyway, no harm done, just keep your salt handy for future rumours XD

          8. Didn’t the same rumor that predicted Oricorio, Alolan forms, No gyms, and Bewear and Mimikyu also say there’s an Alolan Arcanine?

          9. Then explain Hariyama, Magnazone, Metagross, Garchomp, Salamence, Archeops. All of them found in wild battles in trailers. In the most random of places.

          10. One: the Arcanine is a wild Arcanine specifically, a Poke Ball icon is next to the HP bar to indicate the player already has one (this doesn’t appear in situations where you can’t use Poke Balls)

            Two: this would be the first time such a major disparity occurred between trailer wild encounters and final game wild encounters – we have seen dozens upon dozens of trailers for games now

            Three: fully evolved Pokemon, stone or not, were common enough in Unova

  7. Look on the bright side, if this leak proves to be false, this also means that:

    A) Non-alolan form Kanto pokemon might be catchable in alola

    B) we don’t have to put up with some of the stupid alolan forms mentioned in the leak
    C) We can kiss goodbye to the rumour about the starters having two final evolutions

    1. it wont make any sense if the nen alolan pokemon are catchable in alola because the reason why they changed was to adapt to the enviroment of alola

        1. Then they wouldn’t be called Alolan forms. by your logic, old versions of the Pokemon in the safari zone should still be called Alolan forms since they both are native to alola.

          1. aren’t safari zones main purpose to catch pokemon not native to the region you’re in though? as well as rare pokemon? (with the exception of Kanto of course because they only had gen 1 pokemon at that point obv.)

          2. Perhaps in game, but lore-wise, it’s just Pokemon in a region (kinda like a national park I think).

          3. I was talking lore-wise not game wise, although I’m sure thats true as well, at least thats what I always thought the safari zones were for

          4. Safari zones specifically import pokemon that aren’t native to the region, just like how zoos import animals from different countries.

          5. Ok, let’s put it this way.
            Bristol Zoo has many Gorillas, but that doesn’t mean Gorillas are native to Britain.

            Kanto had a safari zone, but the pokemon in it weren’t native to Kanto (though clearly the safari zone had been there long enough for the Exeggutors to have shrunk). Similarly the pokemon in Hoenn’s safari zone weren’t native to Hoenn, they were all Kanto or Johto pokemon. The only exceptions are Oddish, Marill, Goldeen and Magikarp which either were native to Hoenn and managed to sneak into the safari zone or which weren’t native and managed to sneak out into the wild.

            Alola could have a safari zone filled with Kanto pokemon and they wouldn’t be considered native.
            Say the safari zone had Kanto form Meowths – Meowths in the wilds of Alola that are Alolan form are native to Alola but the ones in the safari zone aren’t native, they’ve been specifically imported.

  8. Hey guys, finally got an account on Pokejungle, but i’ve been a fan of this site for ages! Honoured to be part of this community.
    If anyone wants to ask me any questions about my experiences with Pokemon or about me in general, feel free, i’m all game.

    (P.S. this avatar is fanart I did not make, I just kinda googled Rockruff Fanart and its near the top…Props to the artist)

      1. I will have you know I am extremely tough…I watched the ending to Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky and only cried for two hours

        1. Mine was a shiny azurill in black 2. The best part was it had huge power and became my mvp

          1. Oh god I have never used a Huge Power Azumarill, tried to find one in White 2 but they all had Thick Fat so I gave up and tried out a Psyduck….How powerful is Huge Power Azumarill?

          2. Pretty powerful actually! Swept through Burgh,Clay and Skyla (with ice punch) like it was nothing! I highly recommend one

      1. Its possibly my favourite of the Alola Pokemon and I will definitely want one on my team, and its quickly become my girlfriend’s favourite thing ever…However, my favourite Pokemon is actually Volcarona!

          1. I have a fondness for a tonne of Gen 5 Pokemon like Volcarona and Zoroark, but also love Pokemon like Ampharos and Typhlosion

          2. I have to agree with you there, Gen 5 is my favourite generation but I will never be able to respect Throh or Sawk

          3. Bit of hate for Cryogonal too, and some for Emboar….Maybe some for the Snivy line because of terrible move pool

          4. I dislike Cryogonal as well. Its face is just weird. I think there was a better design hiding in there somewhere and they just screwed up. Emboar is…not great. I like the Snivy line design (Serperior is great, imo) but the movepool and typing suck. (Grass is the worst type ever) BUT Contrary redeems it a bit.

          5. Oh Contrary is fantastic with Leaf Storm, I just wish it had decent moves that weren’t Grass type…I love the design of the Snivy line though
            I will disagree and claim that Fighting is worst type, not a fan of it

          6. I mean I like a lot of grass pokemon, but 5 weaknesses is just absurd to me. And then when you pair it with some other types, the results aren’t pretty

          7. Well some recent “leak” claims Bounsweet’s evolution will have that typing…But again, chances of it being legit are not great

          8. …. they are a fighting type in karate outfits… O_o that makes 100% sense design wise…?

          9. But how do they get robes? Why do they have weird eyebrows? Why do they seem to consist of polygons? They look like someone glued them together with all of the random lines on their bodies.

          10. Well it’s dumb and they’re ugly. I don’t like pokemon that hold/wear real objects. It doesn’t make any sense.

          11. I know they should’ve done one…..Fighting/Electric and Fighting/Water/Flying

            A thunder oni sounds like my kinda Pokemon

          12. People keep badgering that Electivire should be one

            I want to see something not too obvious
            Maybe a literal Storm Giant

            A hulking humanoid Pokemon with large horns and cloud like facial hair that live atop stormy peaks to catch lightning

          13. well you don’t have to like them, no one is going to like every pokemon, but you cant say that they don’t work design wise just because you don’t like them

          14. Well design wise is one thing, but logically it perplexes me. Like when you hatch them from the egg they already have the object.

          15. Well you must compromise the games coding and modeling
            Tia a battle you’ll surely lose

          16. … pokemon has never been 100% logical mean come on, its a fictional game about monsters that battle each other and fit in your pocket and you’re bothered by their aesthetics 😛

          17. As Pokemon though? I don’t think so as such…It kind of makes sense with Crabrawler for its claws to resemble boxing gloves, but with Hitmonchan and Throh/Sawk its always been bizarre to me

          18. Well technically they were meant to be Onis but they clashed with the Kami trio so it was scrapped

    1. As for all newcomers
      Thou must endure numerous (and increasingly lethal) hardship trials to be inducted into this establishment

        1. More of a deranged lunatic really
          But enough chit chat

          Wear this Basculin suit and make your way across this Ursaring populated forest all while covered in honey

          1. *use Superpower on one Urasring*
            *your attack and defense drop one stage*
            *it gets annoyed and slashes you easier*

          2. *Rough Skin activates, Ursaring refuse to touch me and tentatively scoop the Honey off my body*

          3. You don’t have rough skin
            Your some sap in a cumbersome suit covered in sticky honey

          4. T_T I think we should proceed to the next test
            *hands you a round ball*
            Next test hold this ball until I say so

          5. How on earth did it let you paint it if its easily agitated? And how did you pick it up to give it to me? And why is it now glowi-


          6. How is that cruel
            Sedation is a harmless process that allows practitioners to operate on Pokemon
            And technically owners can specially mark their Pokemon in a way that is to show ownership as long as it doesn’t cause discomfort

          7. But did this Voltorb really want you to paint it? As an easily agitated Voltorb, I do doubt it

      1. I would have to go with either the Dark or the Psychic type… I have a fondness for Sp. Attackers so Dark/Psychic/Fairy/Fire all work fantastically for those moves

  9. Honestly Golduck and Crobat ( even tho not a gen 1) are still able to receive alolan forms

    1. Hopefully a Psychic one for golduck and idk I’m good with whatever for Crobat and so Id probably love anything they did for an alolan one

      1. Maybe a Dark/Flying which is a vampire bat? Don’t know the circumstances why it changed but who cares

  10. Personally I think Alolan forms will only be found in extreme environments where adaptation was needed to survive. I think regular forms will be found in less harsh places.

      1. That was from the same leak that suggested the Water Arcanine in the first place ironically XD

        1. I’m pretty sure nintendo/GF has said it too though, that you can’t get normal forms of pokemon that have an alolan form in the wild you have to transfer them

          1. If they have, feel free to provide a link proving that.

            To my knowledge nothing official has announced it, people have just taken it to be fact and forgotten the origin of the statement.

          2. ok so I looked on the official site and I guess it just said certain pokemon are thriving in the Alola region, I was thinking of serebii, at the top of their Alola form page they have ” in the Alola Region, various Pokémon have become different to how they are in other regions.” but tbh I don’t think we really need confirmation on some of the pokemon that we will have to transfer pokemon from old games to get the originals, like Pikachu, cubone, and eggsecute because any one you catch in the alola region will turn into the alola form, however they could have the ones where their lines are completely redone return, like ice vulpix and fire vulpix could both be in the game in different locations, but I wouldn’t hold my breath

          3. I agree that the ‘alolan forms’ of some might only exist in certain areas. It might be possible to get fire Vulpix in the volcano and ice Vulpix in the snowy area.

            This is why I said elsewhere that a safari zone could justify their presence on the island though. In Hoenn a lot of Kanto/Johto pokemon were found only in the safari zone so an Alola safari zone could be an in-game way of obtaining Kanto form pokemon.

          4. yeah I saw that, I tried to back up that claim you made to because it could make total sense

          5. It would be more than sense, it would be good worldbuilding and breathing life back into an old mechanic, which is starting to be a bit of a theme in recent years.

          6. Didn’t the official site say you can only obtain the normal forms by transfering from past games? I think there may be some forms that are exclusive to one part of Alola, but I believe they will state so when they are announced.

          7. If it did, I can’t find it.

            We don’t actually know anything about where certain pokemon can be found yet. We don’t even know which islands the individual Oricorio forms correspond to.

    1. In which case you’re still saying the leak that said there was an alolan Arcanine is fake because it said Kanto-form pokemon can’t be caught in Alola and they have to be transferred.

      1. You know… IS possible some things from that leak are real and some aren’t…..The whole thing doesn’t have to be thrown out just because of one slip up. They still got Oricorio right. And I think (in part) Ninetails.

          1. The subsequent leak for the Chinese leaks did predict Oricorio tho. It was a Reddit leak that agreed with the Chinese leaks. Plus while they were wrong about ninetails’s first type they got the fairy typing right

          2. It was unrelated to the Chinese leaks, it was from 4chan.
            They messed up the ice typing which is pretty bad, so fairy was probably a lucky guess.

            The only things they got right (though only partially right) are the no gyms (which still isn’t 100% confirmed) and the alolan forms (but they didn’t name them that). The oricorio thing was mostly right, but quite cryptic and only mentioned an appearance change, not a type change. Given it’s 4chan, it might not all be from the same person.


      2. Has any leak been 100% correct yet? I’m not saying anything is fake until the game comes out, except that of which has already been concluded as fake

        1. Legitimate leaks most of the time have incorrect info thrown in there as well. Even XY’s big leak that had Fairy type, new Pokemon, etc, had the starter evolutions typings “wrong” (Just had Chespin’s and Froakie’s switched).

          1. Getting the typings muddled hardly constitutes the leak being considered a failure though, that’s just a minor human error.

          2. It got other things wrong as well, didn’t say any leak was a failure. Just that most legitimate leaks have misinformation in there.

          3. So gym order, the professor’s name and the starter thing, all of which were minor. Otherwise pretty much everything else was correct (aside from a few spellings, but that might have been the result of mistranscribing.

            The starter typings might have actually been correct the first time round. They mention a ‘late correction’ in which the types were ‘corrected’ to being the wrong way round.

          4. The starter typings were correct the first time, but the leaker changed them.
            Yes, so even legitimate leaks sometimes have misinformation. So Alola Arcanine could just fall into that not coming true part.

          5. Typings and having an alola form would be pretty hard to screw up unless the person has only ever dealt with ideas and doesn’t know which ideas got scrapped.

            Messing up the typings of the starters isn’t too hard, it would make sense to think a ninja frog would be water type and a chestnut thing might be part dark.

        2. So far the chinese leak holds the record for the most accurate information.
          It predicted the Z-Moves and (to a degree) the Trial captains.

      1. I feel like we’ll get to go back but I also have a feeling we’ll get something similar to the Sinjoh(?) ruins

    2. Exactly
      Ever since Meowth and Raichu totally threw a wrench in the logic Alolan forms could be freaking anything without any logical explanation

        1. Ehhh I can vaguely see that but the deal was Extreme microclimates forcing select Pokemon to change and adapt

          1. Why? give some alolan forms unique backstorys instead of the same “IT HAD TO SURVIVE SO IT CHANGED TYPES”

          2. There would have to be a reason for it to adapt, otherwise I don’t see why it would need to change. I have respected all Alolan forms besides Raichu because they at least gave reasons as to how it could happen….But with Raichu, they slapped on Psychic typing (which is a decent type combo) but had no way to explain it, and that irked me

          3. Psychic is a mysterious type, its like magic and stuff. so making it so Raichu gaining it is mysterious and strange fits the type well

          4. I can kind of see that, but then they could have given a backstory to it…..I mean, Alakazam’s comes from its high IQ, I believe Gardevoir’s comes from the protusion on its chest… Something like that, instead of “eh, it ate tonnes of sweet pancakes?”

          5. well, the backstory is thats its mysterious how it gained the type, its making the alolans folks “think” what made it change, psychics are mostly used with a state of mind so it makes sense that raichu type is making everyone “think” what happend

          6. It would still be nice to have a believable reason though, that’s just something I would appreciate seeing

          7. Raichu is just an example of GF throwing Raichu a bone xD I appreciate it tbh, Raichu needed some attention

          8. yea but thats true. but hey it making you wonder too. so maybe im not that wrong at all 😉

          9. Raichu’s description is literally a huge pisstake, and honestly I’m still annoyed at gf for it

          10. also fun fact the website says
            SOME Pokémon have adapted to the distinctive microclimates of the Alola region, taking on different forms than they have in other regions.”

          11. That’s just clarifying that not every Pokemon has an Alolan form, I believe, not implying that Pokemon changed for reasons besides the microclimates

      1. Meowth wasn’t too crazy since it was specifically bred over many years to take the form it did.

        Raichu is pretty odd though. I’d be more ok with it if it didn’t use its tail to surf and it could actually just build its own surfboard or learnt to use felled trees to surf with.

  11. If there is indeed both kinds, then it will be interesting to see how the ones that turn into alolan forms evolve.
    I’d assume the ones that use evolve items would use new evolve items, the only issue then is Cubone to Marowak, that’s level up, yet a Ground Cubone becomes Ghost/Fire Marowak. So either special conditions need to be met, or the original forms don’t exist in Alola without sending them from other games.
    The alolan forms who are completely different throughout their evolution are fine, as it doesn’t effect them, though fire stone for ice vulpix is still odd, but those who become Alolan forms it does.

  12. So I know that food pokemon are generally disliked but I just had an idea for a fakemon where the first form is a fortune cookie sticking its tongue out and then it evolves into a scroll, since I think that’s what they’re supposed to resemble.

        1. What? But almost everyone, me included, hates that little TPS midget and his recolored sibling.

  13. So my amigos, why think of having a water type Alola form arcanine, when we can have a dark type arcanine….

    I call it Darkanine

  14. What if I take two standard Vulpix (one female and one male) and release them into the wild in Alola?

    Will Fire Type Vulpix once again reign in Alola?

        1. That wouldn’t matter, the IVs would get watered down and randomised over the years. Good IVs only remain good if they’re bred in captivity under the right conditions 😛

  15. I forget, have any of the trailers shown a normal Golduck yet? I really want my Psychic/Water Alolan Golduck.

    In fact, maybe we should document what Pokemon have been in seen in trailers w/o Alolan forms just to narrow this down. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is Gengar.

  16. I hope that the leaker is either lying or has really poor drawing skills, because what the fuck are these things?! They look disgusting! The female fire pig is bipedal (of course). Why can’t we for fucking once have a non-bipedal pig? And all of the information sounds very outlandish or fantasy-like and drawing them is usually a red flag to me. After the Rainbow Greninja leak, I’m not taking any stock into anything except if it comes from that Chinese leaker.

      1. Tripedal? If the sluggy part counts as a leg? Either way, it’s really ugly and I don’t understand the concept so hopefully that shit is fake.

        1. even if these are fake (which they probably are) thats actually really rude, someone put a lot of time and effort into these and I don’t think its right to say they are ugly because they are not, they are just not your taste

          1. Well I can still appreciate the skill of the drawing, but I find the concept to be revolting to my eyes.

          2. I also don’t see how the second one is a pig though. It gains a cow type muzzle and loses the pig ears. Who knows if it has a tail.

          3. its pokemon, do you not remember when a piranha straight up evolved into a shark shaped like a bullet 😛

          4. Yeah I know they do often do stuff like that, but this one just seems weird. Where’s the hair from? I don’t get it lol

          5. well the first one has “pig”-tails lol so I guess it just grew out its hair and became a slice of pizza, lets be honest though even if these were real, pokemon can always look weird until they are seen in game

      2. only way to tell for sure is to pull its dress up. and i think thats a violation of privacy. gonna have to take its word for it

    1. WOWZERS! I’ve seen some of them for the very first time. Land mine Turtonator pre-evo looks amazing! I like Lunatone/Solrock/Minior thing and very little change of appearance of starter evolutions according to your appearance… those ideas are brilliant and the drawing looks really good.

    2. “Why can’t we have a non-bipedal pig?” Because of Porco Rosso?

      And what is that about Pokémon forms resembling the protagonist’s hair? Is that Rockruff’s day-based counterpart?

      1. That was the werewolf evo for Rockruff on the far left. The other two is Popps evo apparently gone through the Bond Phenomenon. Same for Weruff.

    3. The trainer faces are awful.. I don’t think they are real.. Though I admit, Turtonator’s pre-evo is a pretty design.

  17. I just noticed something, with the exception of Sandslash line all the Alola pokemon forms are types that are seen as special types and not physical and even then ice is still considered a special type, now I know that at this point nothing is really special or physical anymore but I just thought it was interesting, like we haven’t seen any types really in the alola forms that are commonly associated with physical.

    1. I want more new physical attacks
      Seriously the only new Ground and Rock moves are legend exclusive or borderline useless

      1. Aren’t almost all ground and rock moves physical though? like yeah bring on more for sure but Id love to see more of both for types that are lacking, more physical ones for fairy, more special ones for fighting or like normal or some thing idk

        1. Well I meant in general new physical attacks
          And for ground and rock
          All new ones Rototiller, Land’s wrath thousand wave/arrows are all for zygarde
          And as for rock Diamond Storm

          1. thats fair, rototiller is ok though I mean it can be breed into quite a few pokemon, but its really only handy if you breed it into a grass pokemon like paras or cacnea, otherwise why bother lol unless its on a grass team

  18. honestly i love these just because rumors are fun. they were fun in High school and they’re fun now. obviously no leak is bible but I’m sketchy about this one just because of sandygast. would they make muk ground when thats pretty much Sandygast? the more alolan forms the better imo but i just hope Muk isn’t ground type like in that fan game, i forget which it was.

  19. Well going back to my fill the Pokedex quest I need less than 100 I’ using my fair way of GTS meaning give off well trained strong Pokemon that I got from trade for one I need like Garchomp to get a Drowzee for example

  20. Well what about Alolan Raichu? Pikachu evolves into that right? So what if Alolan evolving happens a certain way. Meaning we can have both.

    1. Perhaps a hint that their first stage evolution’s are going to be the next update? Perhaps along side Rockruff’s evolution?

    2. Very interesting…….I suppose it does make sense for them to talk about the starters as well if they are gonna start focusing on Rockruff. Due to them supposedly being connected and all lol

    1. Good luck! I’ve been SR’ing for all the legends, would love to wrap them up before Sun and Moon come out xD

  21. Why are you people getting soooo confused over Alolan formes ?! Basically, it’s a way Nintendo and Game Freak found to make us buy Blue Red or Yellow from the eshop , along with an annual pokebank registration. Literally the first thing they said about SM is that they’ll be compatible via pokebank with the virtual console games. Alolan Arcanine is not being deconfirmed if the regular one appears on the site . They probably used all these Kanto pokemon to attract new players(like new *new* players) that got into the series thanks to Pokemon GO. Seeing a blue floating on water arcanine just after catching a regular one in go would confuse most of the newbies. I believe it will be revealed soon , along with all the infos this leaker gave us ( I think he only has access to a couple of videos when they are near official release)
    Now I’ve never believed a rumor before , except for the final starter evolutions , just because i got so much popplio , rowlet and litten vibe from them , something only TPC can do , and I’m getting those vibes now too . So either the leaker is an extremely talented artist that has studied and copied the way pokemon are designed , or the leaks are real .

  22. so hurrahs are in order
    i done finally got my gaming pc built and slowly downloading my many numerous clients and games

    1. Nothing quite match up to that feeling of accomplishment of building a gaming pc. Was it your first, or have you done it plenty of times before?

          1. the windows isn’t activating
            the downloading process is hella scary
            i haven’t used a PC in months
            and right now i’m using a 20 year old keyboard and a 1×1 foot monitor

    1. Florges and not just because I’m a fairy lover, I also love the porygon and serperior lines

      1. I’m slightly leaning toward Florges. It’s Sp. Def is just phenomenal and I love the design. The only imperfect thing about it is that I personally believe it was destined to be a grass type. I’ve had the debate on here though so I don’t really want to get into it again haha

        1. I mean I understand why people think that but there is a reason its not, but its not important, and yeah it can be quite the tank and its definitely fun to use, which colour would you use? 🙂

      1. Me too D: This is just for something fun though, I’m trying to think of what my ultimate team would be if I had to assemble one lol

        1. Snivy is the only starter I use whenever I play gen 5. The other two are just very disappointing

    2. I love all of them, but I’m leaning more towards Serperior, I love its design and it’s the first starter I comp breed for :3

        1. this is a popularity contest
          Krokorok has the whole bad boy thing

          and everyone falls for the bad boy

          1. i’ll have you know i only use the Earthen Warriors in Monotype (which i’m taking an emotional sabatical)
            i use a Fire mono for OU and a OU team which is mixed with OU and UU
            but my other passion is NU and LC

    1. now TORCH THEM

      1. (My response at school)

        Teacher: Where’s your work?!
        Me: My Growlithe burned it!

        1. you should’ve said “some maniac burnt them up”
          and he/she’ll ask “what maniac?”
          *I burst into the classroom with a flamethrower*
          *I Burn everything and everyone*

          1. Hmm Good thing my friends aren’t in that class

            (Yet my school already caught fire last year so they wouldn’t be very happy)

  23. So I decided to replay Platinum finally, and will do it with my preferred team, my favorite Pokemon/starter/leading lady since Yellow version, the Sinnoh starters (IMO Gen 4 had the best selection of starters since RBY), Staraptor (best regional flying type), and my favorite pseudo legendary, Garchomp! Can’t wait to finally go through it! And then I plan to FINALLY tackle Pokemon White 2 after letting it collect dust for almost 4 years (I kid you all not, its still in the shrink wrap!). Anyways, feel free to give me tips in Platinum, like natures and moves, if you want a detailed map of my team do ask 😉 Cheers!

    1. Oh btw, this playthrough is going awesome as I got a Shiny female Starly too! Neutral Nature however (serious), but she’s my first shiny so its all good 😉

        1. I was searching and squealed when it showed up. I was happy when it was not a bad nature too! Best thing to happen since my Shiny Moltres in Fire Red XD

    2. Go Naive nature on an Infernape, you want no drops in Attack or Special Attack…

      wait, are you using an infernape?

      1. Well yes, I’ll take that into consideration. I heard Naughty is also good as has mostly physical attacks. Anyone know if Infernape can learn Fire Punch naturally or via tutor?

          1. Hence I went all 3, I like Penguin’s, I loved the lore Infernape is based on, and Torterra is too epic XD

          2. I got a shiny turtwig after 2500 or so MM eggs. I was so glad when I found it that I nearly cried. It took me like 3/4 of a year.

          3. I can’t bring myself to evolve my shiny turtwig, even though he is nearly perfectly bred for competitive battle.

          4. The eviolite is good for turtwig. It is an item you give to a Pokemon and if the Pokemon can still evolve, it gets a boost to its defenses. No need to evolve

          5. But it’s not as noticable as a shiny turtwig is to me. Also I like Turtwig more than torterra. If I did though, I would name it Aurum, or Gold Digger (cuz, you know, it’s a ground type? and its gold?)

    3. Platinum is amazing isn’t it? Anyway, I plan to do the same thing with playing White 2 again because of not playing it in a very long time.

  24. I’m conflicted. On one hand, more arcanine love. On the other hand, the run the risk of ruining it, and if it is cool, it might become one of those pokemon that everyone loves so it becomes overrated. If that even makes any sense.


  25. I talked about this before in some previous comments. I think it’s about 50/50 right now. GameFreak/Pokemon Company has already stated that you must use the older games to receive the non-Alolan forms of Pokemon. We’ve already seen a regular Arcanine in the trailer with Rockruff, so I feel that a Water-Type Alolan Arcanine may not happened. Yet, it might just be GameFreak using a placeholder, but I doubt it. Not everything from a leak will be correct, so it’s another wait and see situation.

    1. I wouldn’t take trailer battle footage too seriously unless they were trainer battles. They literally add any pokemon they please in those battles. For all we know they only added Arcanine to make a battle of the dogs setting.

      1. It’ll probaly just be: “Meowth” and then below it “Alola Meowth”. Or just mixed in like shinies.

      2. For Alolan and non-Alolan Pokemon? It would just allow you to send both and search by Forms and Region so you could find the Alolan and Non-Alolan Forms.

    2. I think one of the things we need to think about is the fact that you’d never find a wild Arcanine in the first place. It’s unlikely they’ll ever do that with or without Alolan forms. So the fact that we saw one in a trailer is almost meaningless to some degree. I’d say no matter what it’s obviously a placeholder. lol

  26. Since everyone moved pages, I wanted to post this on the last page with the leaks. I absolutely love the artwork, but I cannot shrug the feeling that this is just some fan-artist going into the realm of fake leaks. His/her art is outstandingly good, I especially love the Alolan Arcanine. Yet, so many things contradict with the Chinese Leaker or is just pulled from the “Rainbow Greninja” rumour that was already proven false. Right now, the only leaks I believe are the Chinese Leaker and no one else. I guess it’s a temporary wait and see till early September to validate it. In the next CoroCoro we will be seeing Rockruff’s evolution, we could judge from there forward.

    1. I agree. Honestly what are the chance that a leaker so happens to be a good artist as well?

      1. This right here is my largest issue. They say it’s all from their head, but what are the odds of having a leaker that could produce some great images. For right now, I already feel like calling it fake.

        1. Not only that, art like that takes time, and as far as I know, as soon as people asked for pictures, the leaker posted them soon.

          1. Well to be honest the whole “Pics or it’s not real” thing has been around for a while. They could have anticipated people wanting art and just had them ready. Either way the art being readily available doesn’t really make me lean one way or the other lol

    2. I hope this leak is fake. The evolution of the pig Pokemon is not quadrupedal and looks ugly as fucking all get out. With the all the rumors going around as of late and as we near the peak of Sun and Moon’s release, I agree. The only one I believe completely is the Chinese leak. With all the drama in the past several “leaks” that ended up being false, the most recent being that of the “Rainbow Greninja” leak and the 4chan Dex leak of 103 Pokemon, I’m not taking any chances or putting any stock into this at all, unless we are told otherwise. Won’t have to wait long as September is around the corner. Usually, the indicators for me for fake text leaks are the ones with outlandish ideas or fantasy ideas (stuff that everyone usually wants) to make the leak more convincing. Drawing the Pokemon is also a red flag, at least to me. But I guess we’ll have to wait likely until September 1st.

      1. Why are you so scorn over one pokemon. Even if one’s fake you’re bound to hate another. So why wish a whole thing was fake over one pokemon?

  27. I see some discussion about how and why Alolan Arcanine would be water type. I also have seen a lot of disdain for Alolan forms that don’t offer a *subjectively “satisfactory” explanation for their changes. So as a lover of all things science, biology and evolutionary study included, I’d like to offer a reason.

    First and foremost this is a children’s game designed for people who are 8 and up. But as there are fans that have older tastes and a desire for deeper lore and world building there’s more to it.

    Within our understanding of evolution there are cases of animals evolving certain adaptations that on the surface seem entirely implausible. For example; all life started in the oceans if leading elvelutionary theory is to be believed, as such it makes little worlds sense for the fish that first started to move to land to develop lungs. And I mean it makes little sense in the “it shouldn’t have been possible considering they would die before being able to reproduce” sort of way.

    However if you factor in that this process took millions of years it becomes more plausible. another thing you must consider is that the animal that first walked on land and the one that swam in the sea are still connected by DNA. So imagine, an original Arcanine… One that was not water OR FIRE. We could assume it was normal type. This Arcanine species evolved to become the fire type of many many years. However in select regions (like Alola) these same pre-fire type Arcanine evolved adaptations to be diferent types, like water type in Alola instead.

    This theory could further be supported by the fact that within the Pokemon world Normal type Pokemon are the second most common type. They are second only to water which also makes sense if in the Pokemon world life started in the oceans as well.

    This would mean that every single Pokemon on land started out as the normal type and other types evolved from adaptation. Just as all animals on earth started out walking on land and over time evolved other means of transportation, (i.e burrowing, slithering, climbing, hopping, and flying)

    As for Alolan raichu’s psychic typing, we don’t really know how humans evolved consciousness either. And the theories we’ve come up with to explain it are honestly just as silly

    1. tl:dr for those who don’t read:

      Pokemon adapting could be like real evolution. As it took millions of years for fish to go to land and get lungs. So all land Pokemon started as normal types, then they adapted to the region in which they lived. So normal Arcanine branched into Water and Fire Acrcanine

      Hopefully I got that right

    2. I have been thinking along the same lines since the Alolan forms were first announced.

      I mentioned something about how a single species separated geographically will eventually evolve into two separate distinct species. Albeit over millions years. And this is the only way Alolan forms make sense to me.

      I can’t accept that the Alolan forms were orginally the Gen 1 Pokemon, but I can accept that they and the Gen 1 Pokemon had a common ancestor, and due to geographical separation they evolved differently.

    3. Great explanation, I noticed a lot of people on the site that hated the alola forms because they didn’t make any sense scientifically couldnt really think outside of the box at all, its a trait that I see in many science students and it makes me sad because if you believe the breakthroughs we have had in science up until now are 100% explained and true you’ll never achieve any new breakthroughs, its why I think all science majors should have to take a mandatory philosophy of science course, because without it they are not really using their minds to think beyond what we have already learned, just taking what we already know and running with it. So in a sense for those people, don’t complain about how the alola forms don’t make sense just because you’re stuck in a certain way of thinking. 🙂

      1. This is literally exactly how I feel about about science. While I love learning things in science I never really take them as complete fact. Most are theories. For example although we teach it in schools and everything technically evolution is a theory. It has all kinds of evidence but there are also parts to it that can’t be explained, like the consciousness example I stated earlier. And with a more open and flexible mindset science really is amazing and so much fun. Just thinking about all the possibilities! 😀

    4. I just tell people, “Two words: Galapagos Finches” and, barring the ones who then ask for an explanation, that usually shuts them up. That’s a great intricate explanation though.

      1. I was inititially going to just say Galapagos Finches actually lol. especially since their island setting matches Alola’s. But then thought that some people might need a deeper explanation.

  28. I’m literally weak with how good Pokémon is right now. I know some of you watch it, but if you don’t DO. You will not regret this. The latest episode is just incredible.

    Team Flare is actually the best villanous team ever. It feels like a much more mature anime, with the themes of death and destruction.

    By GOD its good. Each week I look forward to it more than the last ?

        1. Maybe I’ll get to it someday. I’m currently trying to watch the entire series (am skipping Unova) because they’re releasing all the seasons on DVD every couple months 🙂

          1. That’s cool ! I wish we got the DVDs here. I have the originals on DVD up to but not including johto. That’s certainly going to be some good viewing time for you haha 🙂

          2. It is! There’s some adult jokes in the early seasons haha. Plus it’s nice to be reminded why I love Misty 🙂

          3. I do miss the old humour , the 90s was the best. They can’t do anything like that now :

          4. Definitely not. There were actually a lot of guns in the first season, and I don’t think they’d get away with that today

          5. Yeah ! The episode called “Ghost of Maidens Peak” if I recall has some mad stuff. Great lines, by jessie and Misty over the Gastly tricking James and Brock and them falling in love with it haha. Then we have the classic monster Venustoise and the real animals like a mongoose. I miss those silly but fun moments. 🙂

          6. I can guarantee you’ll enjoy the 5 regions, a little tip is to watch XY and XYZ in Japanese, it’s a lot better

    1. I’m sticking with the English dub. sometime I’ll watch anime in both dubs, but Pokemon is close enough I really don’t care lol

    2. Did you see the preview for next week? Looks like Ash-Greninja will again tap into new form of power. Why couldnt they do this last week?

      1. Well if it’s any consolation this is the highest ash has placed in a league not including Orange island lol. Perhaps he’ll actually win the league in Alola and we can finally move on to a new protagonist in the next generation

    3. While I do hate the XY series for making Ash lose in his best time, this arc seems promising and worth the wait.

      1. It is very good 🙂 if your waiting to watch Its its certainly something to look forward to 🙂

        1. Oh I already have watched the episode, and it looks cool. I like how they are hinting at the Gym Leaders and everyone else important will play a role

          1. Yes ! That’s my favourite thing. I hope it is like BW story when they come in to “save” the day. The idea behind it is very cool haha.

          2. You know when you think about it BW and XY’s amines and games are flipped lol. BW had a dissapointing anime but great games, while XY had slightly dissapointing games but a awesome anime

          3. I’ve been really thinking about this lately too! Suppose Sun and Moon rectify this by giving us both a good game plot AND a good anime 😀

          4. Hopefully, I don’t want any “Ash’s Pikachu looses to a Level 1 Grubbin”. But as for the game so far it looks great, save for Bewear and Bruxish.

          5. Good point actually 🙂 BW really disappointed me and the league. My God. I was in disbelief when I was watching it. It was like a slow motion car wreck haha.

          6. I was angry but laughing at that battle Ash lost in the League. He placed a Oshawott against a pseudo-legendary and lost to a newly evolved Lucario, like just evolve yer mons for the love of Pokemon!

          7. I know. I really thought he was going to at least get Emboar. But nope haha. My favourite thing about it all was just the 5v6 it was just so outrageous and even more so to have him lose haha? Thank God that times passed lol

          8. Amen to that, now he’s got a badass water ninja frog capable of making a giant orange shruiken 3-4 times his height, a Luchador bird capable of wrecking megas and kicking the shit out of Heliolisks, a Wyvern bat that is almost even with the legendary of a storm and can blast sound waves, a slimy, but tank af dragon that makes bide seem OP, a fire falcon that was almost on par with a legendary phionex and was the ace in Ash’s gyms, and an electric, eternal rodent that not only redeemed itself for the monstrosity that was the Unova League, but also able to take out 2 pseudos and inflicting damage on a plot armor Charizard

          9. Oh ok, that’s perfectly fine. XY seemed a little lackluster compared to what BW gave us in my opinion, but still a great game.

    4. I haven’t really watched the anime since some of the Diamond/Pearl series. But I couldn’t wait to watch the Team Flare arc after seeing the coming attractions of it. And after watching yesterday’s episode, even tho I couldn’t understand a word, I was just left thinking, WHERE WAS THIS IN THE GAMES THIS IS SO COOL xD

      1. Too right haha ! It is great. I hope more people tune in now as they are really trying to make it better 😀

  29. It’s weird on the Japanese website how they show the pre-evolutions for some on the as the main thing. For example subway and dragonite. Why not crobat as the main one. Also spearow, why not fearow

    1. 1: The shown ones are not the main ones.
      2: The last evo is not always the main one.
      3: What is even clarified as the main one?

  30. Let me give you guys my two cents. Arcanine being on the site doesn’t prove or disprove anything. Wanna know why? Cause no way Arcanine is going to appear in the wild. Pokemon evolutions that evolve via stone usually don’t. Only reason we saw it the trailer was because it’s a formatted battle. It held no importance. Same goes for many other battles in the trailers where random fully evolved pokemon were in the most weirdest areas. So my guess is them appearing on the site is just something to kill time by pointing out pokemon that have appeared in trailers. Hence why they say “they appeared” on the japanese twitter instead of appeared in Alola. Guarantee you Gengar line and Primape line are going to appear on the site next.

    1. Furthermore, the Arcanine that appeared was lvl 20 (iirc). Now I’m not saying it’s impossible for a wild Arcanine to appear, but if it did, there’s no way it’d be lvl 20. Hence, we can conclude that (as you said), it was a formatted battle.

  31. Hello PJ ppl …could u help to fix text to look more like writing by native english speaker?….I mean the grammar u can change the sentence if u want.

    Dex entry:” due to it can’t trust by itself turns it to become very offensive, Burnien likes to win against these pokemons which super effective against it, Burnien produce flame from the spot on its paw.

    Burnien can cause an explosive impact by using its flammable thrust .”

    1. Due to it not being able to trust itself, it becomes very offensive. Burnien likes to wins against pokemon super effective against itself. It produces flames from the spot on its paw.

      Burnien can cause explosive impacts by using its flammable thrust

        1. Maybe just pad? As in paw pad. So “produces flames from the pad on it’s paw” could work.

      1. “Due to it not being” sounds weird, I would replace it with “Because it cannot.” The “it” that comes after the comma should be Burnien, otherwise it refers to nothing.

          1. “Due to” is usually followed by a nominal phrase (i.e., when the phrase contains modifiers that act on a noun at the end). For this reason, verbs following “Due to” must be in the gerund (ending in -ing) form.
            For example:
            Due to being…
            Due to having…
            Due to the global crisis… (this is a nominal phrase)

            In your case, the verb is “Can” (as a negative), which has no proper gerund (it would be canning, but that’s something else), so the verb has to be changed. As @silverriolualpha:disqus said, it is grammatically incorrect.

  32. You know, didn’t they say that GO would be compatible with Sun and Moon as well. That could also be another way to transfer older non-Alola Pokemon in S/M, without buying another game

    1. GF is kind of a sell-out… they wouldn’t do that. They would make you buy XY or RBY for 3DS

  33. 45 minutes until ludum dare so here is a fun question. What mechanic would you add to pokemon that hasn’t been in any previous games?

        1. I’m making animations and sprites and stuff for a game where you explore a cave for an ancient artifact. Was kinda hoping for a different theme but I’ll roll with it

        1. Yeah. There were so many good ones. I had an idea for all of them and really like alot. This one… ehh really doesn’t present alot of interesting mechanics

    1. Well, I’d want the skateboard that was originally gonna be in GS.
      I have an idea for a game tho. I actually feel like a game like the anime would be cool.
      Let me explain.
      You start out like a regular game, but Pokemon don’t appear in tall grass. They appear anywhere. They could just be walking through and you could talk to it (ya’ know, Clicking A) and battle and catch it. The battles would look just like a Sun and Moon battle, no circles. It would be like real life. Some Pokemon are very rare to find, and you can go to any city you want to and challenge the gyms in no order. The gym leaders would have different levelled Pokemon depending on what number leader they are that you challenge. There will be an Elite Four tho. Also, you can choose two NPCs you meet along your journey to join you. There are a select amount though, once you help them or beat them in battle, they’ll ask you if they could join. And stuff like that. What do you think?

  34. I have figured out why certain Pokémon are appearing on the Japanese Sun and Moon website! Now everyone keeps saying that the Pokémon on the website are most likely getting Alola forms which at the time seemed to be a good theory. But it turns out all these Pokémon have something in common! These Pokémon have been featured at least once in a Sun and Moon trailer! The list given seems very strange but all the Pokémon can be seen at least once in the trailer! Fomantis can be seen battling a Psyduck, Zygarde can be seen battling a Dragonite, Rockruff can be seen battling a Arcanine, Zubat can be seen battling along side a Team Skull Member, and finally Morelull can be seen battling a Pinsir. The other two aren’t as easy to spot and are in fact found in the overworld. Spearow can be seen in the Tapu Koko cutscene, and Lapras can be seen in the Pokeride clip. Now there’s one thing that probably isn’t convincing. The Pokémon’s evolutions can also be seen upon clicking on the Pokémon. But how could a Arcanine be in the game without a Growlithe? It simply wouldn’t make any sense to not include the evolution’s. Don’t loose hope! There is a chance both Alola and regular form’s may be found in game. I don’t have a picture but take Meowth for example. The protagonist’s Mother can be seen with a normal Meowth however it is confirmed Alolan Meowth will also be in the game. I’m not a hundred percent sure about this theory but I’m willing to bet Gengar will appear pretty soon on the Japanese website since it has been seen twice in a trailer. Tell me your opinion on this theory and thanks for reading!

    1. I guess the only ones we can rule out for Alola forms are Spearow, Zubat, and Lapras.

    2. I would say that Gengar, Dragonite, and Arcanine are not very good examples of Pokemon when trying argue they wouldn’t get forms. Two of them require special ways of evolving and the other will never ever be found in the wild. NEVER!!! lol I would wager forms or no they are simply place holders in ever meaning of the word. As for Pokemon that I think we can 100% say won’t get forms those are Zubat, Spearow, and Lapras. those are the only Pokemon (at least in the list) that are seen in an actual scene from the games. the other are all more or less simulations created simply to show off the battle screen. I don’t think we should throw out the possibility of Arcanine or any other Pokemon show on that list except for those three getting forms, whether it likely or not.

      Ps. Also that normal Mewoth is from Kanto. So it’s a different case all together.

        1. I was talking about the Pokemon being in the wild.Pokemon that evolve by stone are never seen in the wild. I didn’t mean stone Pokemon couldn’t get Alolan forms as obviously they can and will. Thus seeing a wild Arcanine means nothing as it’s clearly a place holder rather than something actually in game.

    3. I Think you’re pretty much stating the obvious… And the mom has a meow th because the main character isn’t from Alola in the game

    1. Question. If you purchased the digital copy of pokemon games and something happened to your ds, are you still able to download it on another ds as long as it was purchased from your account?

        1. Wait what………Did Nintendo change the way they handle downloaded content? They’ve always been in the terrible camp of tying downloads to devices rather than accounts. Did this come with the new account system they made?

          1. Hmmm interesting. I guess that’s good news then. I always hated the fact that Nintendo basically forced you to buy the title again if you lose or break the console it was originally on.

          2. You could still get it back. It was just a pain and you usually lost your progress. All you had to do was call them, answer some questions to prove yourself to be you, and they’d get your games back within a week.

          3. It was still really dumb if you ask me. Especially considering Microsoft and Sony had been doing account based stuff for a while at that point.

  35. I am More than confused why a Pokemons picture in the site could largely mean it won’t have a transformation to anybody. Why would they highlight a Pokemon from 7 Gens ago just to say oh its nothing. Are people speculating they get megas instead of alternative forms or something? They must be special in some way . . Other than they are just findable in their normal forms. I’m sure Many pokemon of all gens are.

    1. I think what has me scratching my head is IF these Pokemon really are ones that won’t get forms then why even bother posting them? The odds are there will still be more Pokemon without Alolan forms so the number of those Pokemon would be too ridiculous to show on a single page. It would just be easier and more simple to only show those who get forms and call it a day. I don’t think these Pokemon specifically have anything special about them necessarily, but at the same time I can’t believe they would waste space on simply showing only a few Pokemon that don’t get new forms.

  36. I just realized that the Trial captains are perfect for my dream pokemon game. Since X and Y I wanted pokemon Zero. A prequel set 3,000 years ago in Kalos. Something similar to trial captains could take the place of trial captains

    1. Since gen 5, I’ve wanted a game where you are in the place of one of the brother with the original dragon.

        1. I tried to design what I thought the game would be like, but I couldn’t get past the issue of no female protagonist. I feel like that might cause some problems.

    2. since about 5 minutes ago
      I wanted a Pokemon game where i didn’t abide to the social norms and give into my dark passengers

  37. well i’ll stop beating around the bush
    I saw Kubo and the Two Strings and i never felt so human in my life…

      1. don’t get used to
        As an elemental my passion writhes with unpredictable fury as nature itself beckons on the mortal plane

        1. so you’re basically a rage demon? rf for pic

          so help me earthen if you don’t get the reference we cant be friends and I will be sad

          1. More of a trauma scorned warrior constantly shifting alignments
            His passion and his fury clashes with the ill conceived visions of his world, barraged and dazed with ceaseless pain and unrest, he sees the world of heaven above and the fiery pits of below with foggy question which will he fight for and who will stand in his way

  38. Do we know if ORAS and XY will be compatible with Sun and Moon via Pokemon Bank? If so, then the possibility of Alola Forms for Hoenn and Kalos Pokemon are likely, as the original forms can still be transferred.

    1. i imagine it’ll be bank, I thought they said it when it was first announced but maybe I’m wrong

    2. Yes, Bank compatibility with Sun/Moon is confirmed for Gen 1 and Gen 6! I’m not sure if that speaks to anything in particular though.

      1. Got it, thanks. Just makes me think about the drawing leak which said something about Alolan Lunatone and Solrock. May not be so far off after all.

      1. I don’t think I’d ever wanna eat after watching that. Well…… at least until I get… hungry.

  39. I’m surprised they haven’t announced the next update yet. Let’s hope they don’t miss the expected 1st/2nd of September timeframe, or at least not by too much!

  40. didn’t we see a trailer with a normal arcanine in the wild.. Its kind of weird that theres one in the wild thats not alolan

    1. Those battles in trailers are usually formatted. It literally impossible to meet an Arcanine in then wild. That’s how it’s been for generations.

  41. So, I’ve got a question.
    I have 170 bucks for GameStop. Yeah…. So….
    I’m getting Pokemon Sun/Moon, Star Wars Battlefront and…. umm…. I don’t know.
    So SuMo is $40. Battlefront is now $30. I still have 100 dollars to spend. Any suggestions?

    1. What console do you play on? Battlefront’s a bit of a disappointment, I played Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens and got a much better experience.

      1. Oh. Yeah. I also wanted Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. How much is it, because I feel like if I waited for episode 8 and 9 to come out, I could get the whole trilogy for a cheaper price.

        1. Sorry for the late reply. Most retailers around my area are selling it for $60, but I’ve seen it go as low as $40. There’s a ton of exclusive and movie-accurate content, would highly recommend picking it up. A trilogy bundle is inevitable, but whether or not it promises the same exclusive missions will have to be seen.

    2. Wii U: Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros, Twilight Princess HD, Wind Waker HD (now only $20!) Shovel Knight, Super Mario Maker, Splatoon
      3DS: Hyrule Warriors Legends, Majora’s Mask 3D, Ocarina of Time 3D, Animal Crossing New Leaf, A Link Between Worlds, Shovel Knight
      or, get and eShop card and get some n64/super Nintendo/NES/GB/GBA/DS titles.
      ps4: Bloodborne, Batman: Arkham Knight, Dark Souls 2/3, Uncharted Collection, PSN Credits for some PSone classics, or fun indie games.

  42. No water type Arcanine? Dissapointment. Tbh, I think it would be pretty cool if we can get both water type and the ordinary fire type Arcanine from the past game trough trading.

  43. I’m thinking that maybe both Growlithes and Arcanines will be available in Alola. Maybe you can catch an Alolan Growlithe near the ocean (this would be the most common form found in Alola), and regular Growlithe near the volcano. But it can also be just like Paul-Senpai said and the leakers could have lied about the leaked Alolan forms on purpose.

    1. oh wow, so we r getting the evo’s of them this month. Well, exciting. Than we know pretty much if the final evo’s are really real!

      1. I thought because of Mallow, it has already been proven. All we just need is their names and their typing.

        It’ll probably be their mid evolutions anyway.

        Or if lucky with all the pics we’re leaking, the final evolutions as well.

  44. Guess who got World of Warcraft:Legion
    Dis Bastard!
    As soon as I get out of work I shall become Delvaros Dusksunder: a Demon Hunter bent on destroying the Legion to avenge his mother who has been corrupted by the Fel

  45. I don’t care if we don’t get alolan arcanine. Alolan forms are supposed to all about the type switch up and arcanine becoming a water type just never sat well with me. I wouldn’t mind it becoming ice or dark or maybe ground? But for a large dog to grow fins and gills? Just no

  46. Are people forgetting that there was a normal meowth in the first game play trailer we got? Just because the norms have been listed means nothing. For all we know all the pokemon on the site may get alola forms.

    1. The difference between the Meowth we saw in the first gameplay trailer and the Alolan Meowth is: They come from different regions, because the normal Meowth from the first trailer was not from Alola, but is the pokemon of the protagonist’s mother. And we pretty much know, that the protagonist’s family moved to Alola from another region.

      And the original leak that said, that there will be an Alolan Arcanine with a water-type, also said, that it would be impossible to get the normal form of a Pokemon that has an Alola-form, without trading it from another game. And that simply contradicts the fact that normal Arcanine can be found in Alola.

  47. Personally, I’m relieved. Arcanine has been so shafted over the years, and he’s my favorite Pokemon of all time. He’s still classified as a Legendary in official Pokedex, and I’m sad he never achieved such a title. Rather than giving him some weird water form, I’d really love to see him get a Mega Evolution, perhaps even one that’s hard to obtain. That could be how he finally reaches legendary status. I dunno. I like Arcanine just as he is. He’s always been my adoptive Pokemon partner since I first started playing all those years ago.

  48. One person on Deviantart has just told me of what the starters are actually based on, and it’s not the Circus as many would well imagine…

    ”You also do realise on how the final evolutions have a theme: Fairy Tales.
    Like how the final evos for the Unova starters are based on feudal/historical Japan (Serperior is a emperor, Emboar is a sumo wrestler and Samurott is a samurai) and Kalos starters’ evolutions being based on popular rpg classes (Chesnaught is a knight, Delphox is a mage and Greninja is a thief), the Alola starters could have such a theme a theme as well.
    Robinroot would be the hero because of how it’s based on Robin Hood, Beltigre (I prefer that name) would be the villain because of the plausible Fire/Dark typing and it’s based on a gangster + wrestler, and Entermaid/Sirene(I think it should be Selrine because Selkie + Sirene) would be the damsel in distress because of the feminine design.
    Another set of themes would be how instead of typical Fairy tale character archetypes, they are based on stories.

    Rowlet sounds similar to JK Rowling, and it’s an owl. JK Rowling’s book series Harry Potter have owls, in fact, Harry Potter has an owl. When it evolves, it will probably have a Lord Of The Rings flair, probably having a hood and equiped with arrows. And like the leak, it’s final evolution is Robinroot, which is based on Robin Hood.
    (Not complete/I’ll do more of an analyzation if I can with this same comment on journal)”

  49. If Gamefreak reveals new forms of Unown for Pokemon Sun and Moon, I would be exhausted for Unowns 0-9.

    The next update on Pokemon Sun and Moon will reveal more new Pokemon, plus more Alolan forms, plus a few new Mega Evolutions, plus Mega Greninja (Ash-Greninja), plus Alolan forms of Growlithe and Arcanine, plus new evolutions and pre-evolutions of available Pokemon of previous generations, plus the Alola Guardian of Akala Island, plus evolutions of starter Pokemon, plus Marshadow and Gigareki.

    1. I’m afraid those what you have heard are proven to be fake.

      The next update (CoroCoro in September) will reveal the mid evolution for the starters and Rockruff’s evolution.

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