Gym Leader Showdown: The Results

Greetings Junglers, Evan here! I’m bringing you the end of the Gym Leader Showdown-series. I had a lot of fun creating this series and I hope you had fun reading it. If so, there might be another series coming…

So, let’s not skirt around it any further. I’ll give you the winner of the Gym Leader Showdown.

It’s Volkner! He won with 24,7% of the votes. He is a very popular Gym Leader among our community apparently!Sinnoh - Volkner

2nd place: Elesa (17,1%)

3rd place: Clair (16,4%)

4th place: Wallace (16,2%)

5th place: Sabrina (14,9%)

6th place: Valerie (10,7%)

Are you satisfied with the winner? Who should’ve won if you were in charge? Let us know!