Nintendo at E3!

Nintendo is finally presenting their Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 presentation, a 25-minute stream that will give an overview of their upcoming 2017 games (along with reveals and first looks!) Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are expected to make an appearance in the following Treehouse stream. The link to watch it is right here:…

Pokémon Mascot Showdown: The Results

Hello everyone! We’re bringing you the results of the Pokémon Mascot Showdown! There were a lot of votes, and it was a very close call, but we have a winner. It’s Giratina, our favorite mascot from Generation 4! It won with 19% of all the votes! In celebration of Giratina, our supreme overlord, winning we’ve updated the site … Read more

Pokémon Mascot Showdown: Grand Finale

Greetings everybody! We’re bringing you the Grand Finale of the Pokémon Mascot Showdown! Our last winner is Lunala with 52% of all the votes. It was a close call. It’s time to choose the ultimate Pokémon Mascot. Pick your favorite and tell us who it is in the comments below! Pokémon Red – Charizard       The Flame Pokémon … Read more

Pokémon Mascot Showdown: Generation VII

Hey everybody, due to certain circumstances, we’re bringing you the last regional Mascot Showdown a little bit later! The winner of the last showdown is Xerneas with 53%. Let’s move on to our last region: Alola. This brand new region is the startpoint for Generation VII – bringing incredible, new features like Trials, Z-Moves, the Battle … Read more

Pokémon Mascot Showdown: Generation VI

Greetings everyone, here is another Mascot Pokémon Showdown. The winner of last time is Zekrom with 35%! Now it’s time for Kalos. Generation VI released in 2013 with a worldwide release for the first time. This generation contained just two main games, namely X and Y, and featured some great new stuff like the Fairy-typing, Mega Evolution and trainer customization. Pokémon X Version Pokémon X showcased Xerneas, the Life Pokémon. It’s the … Read more

Mascot Pokémon Showdown: Generation V

Hello everybody, we’re bringing you another Mascot Pokémon Showdown. The winner of last time is Giratina with 56%! Now it’s time for Unova. Generation V released in 2010 in Japan and in 2011 in the rest of the world. This time, the generation consisted of four games: Black, White, Black 2 and White 2, and introduced amazing features, such as seasons, triple and rotation battles and … Read more