Pokémon Mascot Showdown: The Results

Hello everyone! We’re bringing you the results of the Pokémon Mascot Showdown! There were a lot of votes, and it was a very close call, but we have a winner.

It’s Giratina, our favorite mascot from Generation 4! It won with 19% of all the votes! In celebration of Giratina, our supreme overlord, winning we’ve updated the site theme to something a little more fitting of everyone’s favorite legendary Ghost-type Pokémon!

2nd: Lugia (18%)

3rd: Rayquaza (17%)

4th: Charizard (15%)

5th: Xerneas (12%)

6th: Lunala (10%)

7th: Zekrom (9%)

Is Giratina our rightful winner? If not, which mascot should have won instead?

Thanks for the voting and we’ll see you next time!