Pokémon President Makes Possible Reference to Stars & Riddler Returns

Pokémon Company CEO and President Tsunekazu Ishihara sat down with Toyo Keizai for an interview about Pokémon GO as well as the upcoming Nintendo Switch console. The most interesting thing to come out of it is what he says about development for the main game series:


Essentially they’re considering ways to bring Pokémon onto the new console, from the main series to spin-offs (Pokkén and Mystery Dungeon are mentioned directly). He also says that they must change the development process that they’ve used up until now.

Definitely could be nod towards rumors about a Pokémon Sun & Moon follow-up title coming to the Switch later this year, but he finishes the interview saying that they have nothing new to announce at this time.

In other news, the Chinese Riddler has re-surfaced and resumed posting about Pokémon goods. He teased fans to guess what 3 mystery Pokémon were hidden in this merchandise set:

‘Pokémon Day’ is on Monday, February 27 and could bring some major Pokémon news with it! Remember… Sun & Moon had their reveal at this time last year! Thank you for the tip Jynx (although she wasn’t part of translation).