Pokémon Mascot Showdown: Generation VII

Hey everybody, due to certain circumstances, we’re bringing you the last regional Mascot Showdown a little bit later! The winner of the last showdown is Xerneas with 53%.
Let’s move on to our last region: Alola. This brand new region is the startpoint for Generation VII – bringing incredible, new features like Trials, Z-Moves, the Battle Royal, Poké Rides, regional variants and so much more!

Pokémon Sun Version

Pokémon Sun featured Solgaleo, the Sunne Pokémon, on its cover. It resembles a more robust white lion design complete with a galaxy motif on its forehead. Its crownlike spikes and its tuffs of fur around its head resemble a sun. Among the people of Alola, it’s known as the beast that devours the sun and has therefore been honored as its emissary.

Solgaleo is the only known Pokémon that can learn the move Sunsteel Strike. Along with Lunala, its counterpart, it’s the only Legendary Pokémon that’s part of an evolutionary line. Not to mention it also has the highest HP-stat of all Steel-type Pokémon. Its name comes from ‘sol‘ (Latin for ‘sun’), ‘Galileo‘ (the man who proved that the Earth rotated around the sun) and ‘leo‘ (Latin for ‘lion’).

Pokémon Moon Version

Lunala, the Moone Pokémon, graced the cover of Pokémon Moon. It’s a large skeleton-like bat whose wings seem to resemble the moon, and are made of the night sky. Much like Solgaleo, it can travel between our dimension and the Ultra Space. Additionally, it’s called the beast that calls the moon, thus gaining the title “emissary of the moon” by the Alolan people.

Lunala‘s signature move is called Moongeist Beam. While Solgaleo is called the male evolution of CosmogLunala is called the female one. Its name derives from ‘luna‘ (Latin for ‘moon’) and ‘ala‘ (Latin for ‘wing’).

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