Mascot Pokémon Showdown: Generation V

Hello everybody, we’re bringing you another Mascot Pokémon Showdown. The winner of last time is Giratina with 56%!
Now it’s time for Unova. Generation V released in 2010 in Japan and in 2011 in the rest of the world. This time, the generation consisted of four games: BlackWhite, Black 2 and White 2, and introduced amazing features, such as seasons, triple and rotation battles and the Pokémon World Tournament

Pokémon Black Version

black_en_boxartPokémon Black featured Reshiram, the Vast White Pokémon. It is a Dragon/Fire Pokémon that contains almost entirely out of fluff. By flaring the enormous engine-like tail, it can move the atmosphere of the world, which changes the weather.

Reshiram is the only Pokëmon known to be able to learn Fusion Flare and Blue Flare. Together with Zekrom, they were first shown on the Japanese and English website on the same date, which makes them the first two to be revealed worldwide simultaneously. Its name comes from ‘shiro‘ (, ‘white’) and ‘re‘, which is just a softer sound than ‘ze‘.

Pokémon White Version

Pokémon White showcased Zekrom, the Deep Black Pokémon, white_en_boxarton its cover. He has a Dragon/Electric-typing with small black wings coming from its shoulders. Like ReshiramZekrom has an engine-like tail, but this one produces lightning bolts.

Zekrom has the highest Attack, Defense, and base stat total of all Electric Pokémon. It’s Ken Sugimori’s favorite Pokémon of Generation V. Its name is a combination of ‘kuro‘ (, ‘black’) and ‘ze‘, which is just a harder sound than ‘re‘.

Pokémon Black 2 Version

black_2_en_boxartOn the case of Pokémon Black 2 is Black Kyurem, a combination of Kyurem and Zekrom. It keeps Zekrom‘s arms, but is much more muscular than it. Its left arm, wing and lower jaw are completely covered in ice.

Black Kyurem has the highest Attack stat of all Ice Pokémon, and together with White Kyurem, it has the highest base stat total of all Ice-type Pokémon. Despite being larger than before it fused, it’s actually lighter than Kyurem. Its name comes from ‘rei‘ (, ‘cold’),  ‘kyuurei‘ (急冷, ‘rapid cooling’) and ‘rei‘ (, ‘zero’).

Pokémon White 2 Version

Unlike all other generations, this generation had 2 upgraded white_2_en_boxartversions instead of one. On the second version, Pokémon White 2, you can see White Kyurem on the cover. This is a fusion of Kyurem and Reshiram. Its right wing, head plume and upper jaw are frozen.

White Kyurem has the highest Special attack stat of all Ice-type Pokémon, and, as mentioned before, the highest base stat total of all of them. It’s also the tallest Pokémon introduced in Generation V.

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