Gym Leader Showdown: Johto

Greetings Junglers, Evan here! First of all, you can see I changed the name of the series, because it’s now part of the ongoing Showdown-series. Without further ado: the winner of the Kanto Gym Leader Showdown is Sabrina! She won with a stunning 22% of the votes. Apparently the Psychic-type Gym Leader is a popular choice among … Read more

Gym Leader Showdown: Kanto

Greetings Junglers, Evan here, also known as Haxford! This article is the first of a series called Gym Leader Showdown. In this series I’ll name the different Gym Leaders we’ve met during our Pokémon journey, along with some basic info on them. At the end of each article there will be a poll, which will determine which Gym … Read more