Gym Leader Showdown: Kanto

Greetings Junglers, Evan here, also known as Haxford! This article is the first of a series called Gym Leader Showdown. In this series I’ll name the different Gym Leaders we’ve met during our Pokémon journey, along with some basic info on them. At the end of each article there will be a poll, which will determine which Gym Leader is the very best of each region. After that, all the winning Gym Leaders will battle against each other to see what Gym Leader is the top favorite. Let’s start!


  • Gym Leader 1150px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Brock
  • Rock
  • Geodude and Onix
  • Pewter City
  • Boulder Badge
  • Bide (Gen 1), Rock Tomb (Gen 3), Rock Slide (Gen 4)
  • Name Inspiration: Rock
  • Trivia: Brock’s Pokémon don’t know any Rock-type moves in Gen 1.


  • Gym Leader 2misty_gen_4___ken_sugimori_by_paperjoey-d3il5qd
  • Water
  • Staryu and Starmie
  • Cerulean City
  • Cascade Badge
  • Bubblebeam (Gen 1), Water Pulse (Gen 3 and 4)
  • Name Inspiration: Mist
  • Trivia: Misty is the only female Water-type specialist.

Lt. Surge

  • Gym Leader 31357849-heartgold_soulsilver_lt_surge
  • Electric
  • Voltorb, Pikachu and Raichu
  • Vermillion City
  • Thunder Badge
  • Thunderbolt (Gen 1), Shockwave (Gen 3 and 4)
  • Name Inspiration: Electrical surge
  • Trivia: Lt. Surge is probably from Unova since it’s based on the USA.


  • Gym Leader 4HeartGold_SoulSilver_Erika-2
  • Grass
  • Victreebel, Tangela and Vileplume
  • Celadon City
  • Rainbow Badge
  • Mega Drain (Gen 1), Giga Drain (Gen 3 and 4)
  • Name Inspiration: Erica genus, a plant
  • Trivia: Erika is the only Kanto Gym Leader with the same Japanese as English name.


  • Gym Leader 5 (Gen 1 and 3)420px-HGSS_Koga_Art
  • Poison
  • Koffing, Muk, Koffing and Weezing
  • Fuchsia City
  • Soul Badge
  • Toxic (Gen 1 and 3)
  • Name Inspiration: Koga-ryu, a school of ninjutsu
  • Trivia: Koga is also an Elite Four-member in Johto.


  • Gym Leader 5 (Gen 2 and 4)380px-HGSS_Janina
  • Poison
  • Crobat, Weezing, Weezing, Ariados, Venomoth
  • Fuchsia City
  • Soul Badge
  • Toxic (Gen 2) or Poison Jab (Gen 4)
  • Name Inspiration: Ninja
  • Trivia: Janine is the only Gym Leader who has not appeared in the anime.


  • Gym Leader 6380px-HGSS_Sabrina
  • Psychic
  • Kadabra, Mr. Mime, Venomoth and Alakazam
  • Saffron City
  • Marsh Badge
  • Psywave (Gen 1), Calm Mind (Gen 3), Skill Swap (Gen 4)
  • Name Inspiration: Brain, or the teenage witch
  • Trivia: Sabrina is the only Gym Leader in Gen 1 that uses a Pokémon not of her specialized type.


  • Gym Leader 7260px-HGSS_Pyro_Art
  • Fire
  • Growlithe, Ponyta, Arcanine and Rapidash
  • Cinnabar Island
  • Volcano Badge
  • Fire Blast (Gen 1 and 3), Overheat (Gen 4)
  • Name Inspiration: Blaze and flame
  • Trivia: Blaine is the only Gym Leader whose Gym is in two different locations.


  • Gym Leader 8 (Gen 1 and 3)320px-Giovanni
  • Ground-type
  • Rhyhorn, Dugtrio, Nidoqueen, Nidoking and Rhydon
  • Viridian City
  • Earth Badge
  • Fissure (Gen 1), Earthquake (Gen 3)
  • Name Inspiration: Geo (Giovanni also means gift from God)
  • Trivia: Giovanni is the only Gym Leader that’s also the leader of a criminal organization.


  • Gym Leader 8 (Gen 2 and 4)340px-HGSS_Blau_Art
  • No type specialization
  • Pidgeot, Alakazam, Rhydon, Gyarados, Exeggutor and Arcanine
  • Viridian City
  • Earth Badge
  • Trick Room (Gen 4)
  • Name Inspiration: After the game
  • Trivia: Blue is the only Gym Leader who uses a full team of six Pokémon.

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  1. Blaine.

    All day. Every day.

    Fire Type Gym Leader, Island Gym, interesting puzzle, coolest gen 1 gym leader in the anime, best anime Gym Leader Fight, Charizard vs Magmar (look it up if you haven’t seen it).

  2. Uhh now we got male models writing articles? How does PJ know all these people ;~;

    1. I think Haxford is a regular on here. Idk I see him pop up when the news gets poppin

        1. Same here, well I got laid off a month ago and trying to find a new job now…. :(:

  3. Definitely team Sabrina!
    Come on she was the first to start the “psychic types are mellow” plus she is strong and she used an OP type and alakazam. And the those green glowing bracalets are so awesome. Definitely the best.

    1. Mellow
      The Overstruffed Pkm
      “They defend their young with their lives, though docile their thick arms are strong enough to snap trees”

  4. Also amazing job on these articles. These mods you hired are amazing (you new mods are amazing). Definitely doing a good job on keeping us occupied!

          1. I feel Hawlucha will go down to Slaking
            Pikachu will beat Clawitzer
            Ash-Greninja will beat Mega Sceptile
            Me don’t know rest

          2. Doesnt matter. Leaked info already clarified Ash will win and battle Alain in the final xD

  5. I would also like to add, according to PWT in Unova(best aftergame thing ever), each trainer has a different signature Pokemon, these are those of Kanto gym leaders:

    Lt. Surge-Raichu

  6. Giovanni
    A trainer worthy of my extremely limited respect
    Giovanni was the original final boss and final gym for many
    Did you know in the Manga Giovanni is such an expert on Ground types he’s even written a book on them “Secrets of the Earth” and he was the first person to discover Rhydon could evolve further

  7. Sabrina <3 (Sadly though, it won't let me go through with my vote, like I click vote and it just doesn't' go through???)

    1. I think you’re using Chrome. Maybe you can use a different browser just to vote, while I will check what’s wrong.

      1. Yeah, but if I use my main one (Opera, which I use Chrome for this cause Opera fucks up a lot) it still has that problem.
        Welp, Internet Explorer leggo

      2. Not the case. I use Chrome on mobile and it works just fine. It’s just anytime I’m trying to vote from my laptop.

      3. I use FireFox and for a couple years now for some reason it wont register my vote anymore. LOL It used to but not anymore.

  8. Heyyy! Hanford is writing articles now! 😀 that’s awesome and what a great one at that. (Also *o* holy cow you’re gorgeous! Lol)

    My pick was Lt. Surge because his Raichu in the anime is top notch.

  9. Dang. For some reason I can never participate in any polls on this site. Neither the one on the side nor the article will work for me. :/

      1. I’m using Chrome, but it has always worked in the past. It wasn’t until the last poll (with Grubbin/Pikipek/Yungoos) that I couldn’t participate.

        1. I’m using Chrome too, and the polls haven’t been working for me for a while


  10. Okey, I’ve been thinking about getting Pokemon go, is it any good?

      1. For the first/second day, I kept getting signed out, but last night through right now, it’s kept me on, so maybe try it again?
        If not, then I dunno what to do then

    1. I say it’s pretty good, I’ve definitely been going on some walks around my neighborhood, so es all good.
      Sadly, my area is a gated community so there’s no Pokestops or Gyms, so I’ve just been catching Pokemon really xD but es all good, it’s what I want to do anyways

      1. Yeah, I live in a really small town so I’m wondering if there will be any in my area but if catching Pokemon is fun enough, I think I’ll give it a try 🙂

        1. It’s definitely worth a try at least, since it is a free app. You can always delete it later if you don’t like it

    2. It’s good if you have a car and the ability to travel around your area. I’m getting the game when I get a 6S!

        1. A bike would probably be the most optimal for this game. You can stop/go as needed and can tag Pokestops without rushing (can confirm; missed so many stops yesterday while my coworker was driving around town because we were going too fast ;_; )

    3. Definitely worth downloading regardless of how populated of an area you live in. Like others have said, your own form of transportation helps a lot (but don’t catch and drive). I’ve been really enjoying it.

    4. I love it, and many people seem to as well. It can be time consuming, but on the bright side it is exercise, provided you don’t just drive.

    5. I don’t have it yet (when you’re the only one in the squad who doesn’t have a smartphone). Went to a friend’s (surprising right, I actually have friends outside the internet!) house yesterday with some other friends, and they were all playing it. We walked around the neighborhood catching pokemon, returning back to the house, and going out again and again. I’d say it’s probably a lot more exciting that way, than going out alone searching.

      Throughout the day, there were multiple complaints of the servers crashing, probably due to high traffic. That seems to be the only real complaint though.

  11. Misty because she’s sexy! Why else? I guess Sabrina is kinda hot too. Pokemon has me in a pickle! Anyways, the first wave of S/M plushes are coming on November 18th! They look cute! rf.

      1. No, since I chose Sabrina cause she’s bamf.
        She was my role model when I was younger, even though I never really made it to her gym (I was a dumb, confused child since they never hint at you where to go next)

  12. Off topic but I wanted to share my fan made next Super Smash bros. roster hope you like

    But my favorite Gym leader is Blaine for his riddles and Brains (Besides Flannery is the hottest gym leader)

      1. Oh right I forgot Shovel Knight I combined some of my wants with popular choices I heard

  13. I just ran into a random shiny tentacool! 😀 Tentacruel is one of my favorite water types too :))))))))

      1. I wasn’t even paying attention either, as I was watching tv. Some guy was getting run over by a horse on a funniest videos type show and then I hear this ping and look back over and there’s a shiny!

        1. That really reminds me of my recent random shiny in my Y Wedlocke. I was training in Route 14 when a shiny Skorupi showed up.
          at first I was just like ‘lol wat.’

          1. Yeah I did, I named it Kalma, a Finnish underworld goddess (my naming theme for my Wedlocke is mythologies/gods and goddesses

          2. Yeah, and plus, it’s my first time getting a shiny during a Nuzlocke so I’m pretty stoked.
            I mean sure I’ll be sad if someone dies in my playthrough, but if I can replace it with Kalma, I think that would be kind of awesome

          3. I don’t release any of my Pokemon during a Nuzlocke anyway (I like keeping them and saving them in Bank for memories) so it’ll definitely be saved for sure

      1. No, AS! Trying to get too 1000 secret flags so I was surfing near the weather institute.

  14. *Dr.Flamerson’s Laboratory-11:20 am* success another invention complete! I give you the Synchro Porter! this lovely machine will solve the ultimate mysteries of Synchro evolution! I will test this machine with the assistance of My Pokemon Charizard and we’ll see how the mighty have Synchro evolution Will Go. now if someone ever so kindly the throw the switch and will begin the test.

      1. *the machine starts the spark and make cool machine like sounds,while the switch bops on the professor’s head* Ow! X-x

        1. *Taking the opportunity*
          *Earthen body checks the machine destroying it*

          1. *the machine was a wreck but out from the wreckage came a boy who similarities to Charizard X,the synchronization is complete.*my head.-_x *looks in a mirror and sees some perfect results from the synchronization* yes my intention was a success i am synchronize!

          2. *realizing word can’t get out*
            *Earthen forces a hole to open up in the ground and grabs hold of you and throws both ourselves into the depths of the earth*

          3. *seeing the situation the synchronized boy use the power of Dragon Rush and a combination of Dig to fly out of the depths of the earth super fast like a jet*

  15. Also that Lt. Large trivia is speculation rather then fact
    A better blurb was, “Electric types saved his life in a war”

    1. I haven’t even been able to get on ONCE! It always said that every time I tried to log on. I just deleted the damn app. :C

      1. I mean, they are a lot of people on the app at a time, so I expected server issues from the start. It’s gotten better now really, considering in the first two days, it logged me out every once in awhile while today I haven’t been logged out since last night

        1. I spoke too soon xD I just got logged out and servers are down.
          But my point still stands, somewhat since this is the first time since yesterday it did that

        2. Hopefully Arceus is kind to me and I can actually make a profile without the dang message popping up every time, “Unfortunately Pokemon Go cannot load.”

    2. That’s so weird, I just got on a minute or two ago, caught a Weedle and evolved one to a Kakuna, so I dunno what is going on
      Hopefully you’ll get on soon! :3

    3. I am able to log on with my e-mail but I can’t with my Pokemon Trainer Club… And my Pokemon Trainer Club is the team and game I want to play with!

  16. Sabrina is the best! Her design is awesome, she is super creepy in the anime and she uses Psychic types. Best of the Kanto reigon

    1. That’s one think that always bugged me
      Sabrina’s father told ash to go find a Ghost type to battle her but all the ghosts aka Gastly’s line are part poison and weak to psychic….

          1. Even in in RB? Not FR or LG. RB didn’t have dual typing. Bulbasaur was just plain grass in the original games lol

          2. Since, Yellow is part of gen 1,then yes but I have the physical copy of red and it’s single type. The only thing I can think is that they updated the “3DS version”?

          3. Go replay them. Yellow started the dual typing but RB were single. GSC gave ivs and two new types. RSE gave us natures.

          4. Okay, because my hard copy for the GBC shows single types and my brother just out in his Yellow and his Venusaur his dual typed…so confused!

      1. well they still had ghost type moves which were super effective against psychic, and I mean, yeah there are bug types but they had very few moves that could do much back in gen 1

  17. So I wanted to try redesigning my Plush Toy Fakemon Stoofy and Mashmellow
    Fairy into Fairy/Fighting
    The idea is some blissfully unaware bag of cotton which rarely fights or has any offensive capabilities but has insane support but after some time it evolves into a gargantuan 7ft tall overstuffed raggedy rag doll that gains the Fighting type as its natural instinct to protect others
    I say this because Fighting types really do not offer tons of support and I hope in S&M we see new type combinations take on new roles

  18. Aargh!!!! I managed to get on and when I went to catch my bulbasaur, the bulbasaur was invisible and I couldn’t find it so I logged out and logged back on to see the stupid server not responding crap! ¡Qué lata!

    1. This is right around the time yesterday where the issues were starting as well. Not sure where you are, but probably from 3 EST to 7 EST, expect some issues and not getting in reliably. That’s at least from my experience so far

      1. It’s probably the time when the most amount of people get on, so the server gets overloaded.
        Makes sense

        1. No problem! It happens from time to time outside those, but then I can normally get back on within 5 minutes or so.

  19. Honestly the worst part about all the server issues is that (as far as I know) Niantic has not addressed the issue at all. I wish they would at the very least say “We recognize that there are server issues, and we are doing our best to fix this issue”. It would literally take two minutes and would make me much more confident that the issues will be fixed.

    1. They have though, they said they are working on it on the official Pokemon go Twitter

      1. Just checked. It says “sign up difficulties”. I guess it’s better than not mentioning issues at all.

        1. For starters it was very cliche
          You pretty much didn’t add anything that wasn’t directly a clone or barely viable I mean Q-Bert REALLY?
          It just was very uninspired

          If it were me
          I would’ve kept the current roster and added
          Shovel Knight, Banjo Kazooie, Simon Belmont, Bass/Guts Man, Chesnaught (I thought it would be cool), Magnus (drops assist trophy and joins the Frey) and really that’s it, we pretty much have all the best fighters in the Nintendo multiverse

          1. Most characters like Ridley that people wanted are too big and most Pokemon don’t seem to fit

          2. I don’t even like Metroid or Legend of Zelda or Fire Emblem so I have more of a limited character pallet

          3. I have others that didn’t make the cut they got close though yet I can only think of Runny Egg at the Moment that was close and I forgot to add Shovel Knight

        2. He’s a negative Nancy – always. Just ignore or something. Nothing’s going to change and nothing’s going to be done

          1. My line has some reason

            Greninja and Mewtwo were removed for over clones of Lucario

            Lucina for Too many sword weilders of Fire Emblem

            Zelda and Samus were Fused together with counter parts

            Marx is first actual Villian of Kirby (others are more rivals)

            Cloud was way to overpowered

            Ivysaur was the Superior of Pokemon trainers Pokemon

            Riolu I see could surpass even its evolution

            Pichu it needs this

            Baby Mario and Paper Mario both wield Hammers so they technically are rivaling clones of each other

            Agumon and Jibanyan for other game mascot favs.

            Q*bert and Birdo could be a badass projectile specialist

            And King K Rool was a favorite in polls!

          2. so many of these I wish were actually in the game, like Birdo (i love birdo, she is my fav mario character) as well as waddle dee, marx and pichu again. Although for me, I always wanted to see some new zelda or kirby characters get into the game, there are so many characters that have the potential to be a great addition to smash, but alas I have Hyrule Warriors to play as many of my fav zelda characters so I am content, even if its not the same style of fighting I’m still content

          3. EXCUSE ME!!!! Birdo was is a woman, yes, Birdo may have once been male but Birdo is now and will always be a woman, don’t be like that..

          4. I would have but I normally don’t play Legend of Zelda if I did I would have added more

  20. Thank you Pokejungle for showing me in these past two weeks that this place is a great place and 49 times better than Miiverse and the Stupid team Dragma!

      1. Yeah but I would like to especially Thank
        Starstorm, Li/bra, The Lavender Swirlix, Moving, Ithsme, Gikie, Sesquipedalian pokedex, Percy Espeon, Haxford, David Nixon, and even Earthen in an odd weird way and everyone else thank you I’m not going back to miiverse this is my new place

        1. Awww I just be me no need to thank me 😀
          No problem, I like showing people the awesomeness of Pokejungle as others have done for me when I was new 2 years ago :3

        2. Some of might not agree all the time but I consider you all friends I hope for a Long and Terrific time with you all and you all said such nice things!

  21. Meanwhile on Pokemon GO, I still can’t log in with my Pokemon Trainer Club account. Anyone else having this issue?

    1. My brother did. He could never use his TC account, but when he used a Google account, everything went relatively smooth.

      1. yeah, I can access my google account but I want my Pokemon Trainer Club account to be used cause I like the team I’ve got there over my google account. I assume it is because the website is doing maintenance but I don’t know… It hasn’t worked for over 24 hours now.

  22. Omg total voters: 151. It’s a sign.
    Does that mean we’ll have 721 voters when the Kalos-article will be up?

    1. It I snow 152. Someone must have considered Missingno. a Pokemon as well in he Kanto region.

  23. Whelp thats great… i wanted to give pokemon go a try to see if it isnt as bad as i see and guess what it doesnt work where i live apparently(PR in the carbbean) i can log in and everything but the zero pkmn near me not even a rattata smh shame on niantic for thinking that the caribbean is just q cluster of uninhibited islands

  24. Dang, I guess I can’t even play Pokemon go because I don’t want to waste Data because I have very little of it. 🙁

    1. It suprisingly uses very little data (for me at least). I went out for two hours and only used around 3 MB.

    2. In the past 24 hours, I’ve had the app open A LOT. Like enough to drain my battery like four times and it’s only used 0.05 gigs of data. Even if you have a super low data plan, you should be fine.

    1. I’ve heard multiple complaints about it. I contacted PJ about it since I can’t change that, but timezones suck since he’s probably asleep right now.

  25. Ughhhh I hope next Corocoro won’t screw us
    We’re close to midway July into August which means we’re like 4 months away from release

    1. Inb4 corocoro just reveals salandit’s japanese name and i die of disappointment

    1. For GO? I’m sure there is. It’s not out everywhere yet so there are plenty of countries that probably have that message.

        1. You should be able to get it. It’s out for the US. If it isn’t Idk what I’ve been playing lol

    2. If youre talking about go then i kinda have the problem, but i can download the app and use it buuuut there are no pokemon, pokestops or gyms where i live

    3. No, I was able to do it. I just can’t log on with my Pokemon Trainer Club, only my e-mail. Which is really annoying me

    4. Is your phone in any way, shape, or form from another country? It might be region-locked or something along those lines

  26. So something interesting came out of Salandit’s reveal yesterday. It could be real or it could be fake, but apparently Salandit corroborates a rumored leak that was from a number of weeks back……..leaks that involved the supposed final starter evolutions that were never necessarily proven real or fake. Here’s a link to a Neogaf thread that talks about it. If this is real then I think people will be either really angry or pretty happy about it. Whether it’s real or fake it’s certainly interesting to think about. lol

    1. I mean, these sound cool but the no gym thing seems off to me. I dunno, maybe cause I saw a tan building in most cities/towns I saw in the map.
      Sound legit but I’ll take it as rumor for now

      1. Oh definitely it is quite different from what we are used to. All of this could be complete rubbish and the “leak” just got lucky with Salandit, but it would be quite interesting. Maybe GF decided that for the anniversary game it’d be best to switch things up. There are after all those platforms all around Alola. What if those are the places you battle the island leaders? Either way I find it interesting. Like the poster said we may find out sooner rather than later if any of the Pokemon talked about are further shown off in future info dumps or in CoroCoro

        1. Oh I wouldn’t mind, that’s for sure, but just something about it is off for me
          We’ll see though

          1. I think what’s so odd is how different these rumors are. I mean it’s hard to imagine a Pokemon without the typical tropes like gyms and a formal Pokemon league. I suppose that’s also what makes these leaks so believable tho. Sure there have been “leaks” and “rumors” that offered different story lines and mechanics before, but these sound too different to have nothing of them old any water. I think maybe this would be a good break from the traditional games. It would definitely feel much more fresh than the other games. You wouldn’t know what was coming next lol

          1. Change doesn’t always have to be bad my friend. And who says that the no gyms thing continues? Maybe this is just their way of changing things up for these games as they are meant to be the 20th anniversary games.

          2. if they are gone one it’s like the orange islands and I hope they will return

          3. Well even if these rumors are true we still don’t have any real info on what the island leaders are like. I’m sure it’ll be similar to gyms (if real) where they hand out something to prove our victories. Personally I think them getting rid of the typical gym formula could be good for the series at the very least for s little while. the games have become ( and really have always been) so dependent on the gym system. I find it absolutely boring when we go form one gym to the next with almost nothing in between. Maybe with this the story will be more thoughtful and immersive.

          4. Oh yeah definitely. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point (if these are real) we get a trailer on the Kahunas of Alola and Hala is revealed to be an island leader that you battle.

          5. What I am the most curious about is if this is real… then what is the artificial island for? Would the E4 still exist or…? There is the whole thing that the island doesn’t look like it would support a victory road either but still… what is that island? And I guess separately if this is real does the E4 still exist?

          6. I suppose it’d be a story element of some sort rather than just a place that’s always been for the E4. I think the lack of a formal Pokemon league is actually pretty cool. It’s like we’re going to a region that is still building its league up when we get there. We’ve never been to a region before the league of said region was established so it could be very cool. What if during the story we meet different people and they end up being the future E4? that’d be pretty cool. lol

          7. Perhaps since we are from a foreign region initially we bring that idea and by the end the island leaders are the E4 while others become gym leaders. Then we could visit Alola again in S2M2. I’d like that I suppose. But that still leaves the big question mark as to what that island is actually for… hmm… It is also weird though that they happen to have a professor still but not a league… eh.

          8. Maybe it’s the evil teams base and then after we defeat them the E4 take over and make it a good guy base lol

          9. That could be interesting but isn’t that island too obvious for an evil team? Though as Hala and others seem to like nature and such it would be weird for it to have been built by natives.

          10. It could very well be disguised as something else. Not visually necessarily, but maybe it’s like the evil team pretending to be good only to be found out. Nobody questions the island as it’s supposed to be there for good reasons for all they know.

          11. Mmn like they come in acting like scientists just trying to study and such while actually having evil intentions.

          12. Exactly! I really like what we just came up with here hahaha I hope we are at the very least sort of close if these rumors are true lol

          13. I could see it working out something like this if these rumours are real. I still really don’t want them to be though. My poor Litten. 🙁 And Ash-Greninja making no sense etc.

          14. My only request for certain characters to drone on about absolutely pointless bull rap like x and y I mean just let me do my stuff!

    2. This seems interesting, I think it could merit a new article if anyone can make that happen.

      1. I would say so. Sure it could be fake still, but it’s certainly interesting given what’s apparently been leaked and what matches up.

    3. doesn’t seem too unbelievable to me, I’ve been thinking about the lack of gyms on the map now for quite a while, but I also feel like we are probably going to be battling on those platforms we see stretched across the map. still though, if they are real I’m picking the derpy looking popplio so I can watch it become the majestic beauty its meant to be…. Rip rowlet and esp. litten

      1. Well in the kalos map the only visible gym is prism tower and in the unova map gyms arent visible at all

        1. yeah but the unova map I believe is from a farther away vantage point so gyms would be like little specks on the map, and the kalos map isn’t really all that detailed when it comes to buildings, there are only a few shown, (also the fairy gym is also shown on the map). However the Alola region map shows a lot more buildings in detail, so its not a total impossibility for there not to be any gyms

          1. Oh yeah my bad forgot the fairy gym but if you ask me the official artwork maps shouldnt be used for a 100% accurate analysis since they are not realistic perspectively and are more to show off the regional features

          2. yes I agree with you on that regard, they are definitely not 100% accurate

      2. I actually really like the supposed Rowlet evo. I’m not a fan of the Popplio evo tho……As for Littens evolution I’m not sure. I think the only thing that pushes me away from that is the likely hood of it becoming Fire/Fighting hahaha Anyway I could definitely see the platforms being where you battle the island leaders. Gym leader or no they need some kind of reason to get you to travel all the islands lol

      3. How does this not seem unbelievable? A majority of this sounds fake. It could be real because GF says fuck everything make this the worst game but still.

    4. “No gyms” fake as gyms are part of the core series formula along with catching pokemon and deafeating the evil team

    5. I hope that Popplio evolution is not real please no no more water Pokemon finals I hate like Greninja

          1. But it still ranks higher than some like Maractus I despise that dancing buffoon

          2. Ehh It lost ground from its episode that was a filler and unneeded episode at that should have put more use of it

        1. Yeah I sort of liked litten before but if that’s what it will be that is my By far lowest Pokemon on my list of all Pokemon

        2. I don’t mind the way Littens evo looks I just don’t like that it’s prolly a fire and fighting type hahaha

          1. Fire/Fighting is the worst part, but the design itself just looks gross. I preferred the circus motif people thought this was going to have. That would have been adorable.

          2. I think as far as designs go it could be better, but when looking at designs it’s better to save absolute judgment until seeing it in game. If it’s absolutely ugly there then that’s how you know it’s bad lol

          3. That is true, I thought Quilladin looked weird in his official art in CoroCoro, but in game es not so bad, in fact I kind of learned to love it <3

          4. I never really hated Quilladin but it does look kind of weird and I don’t think the in-game models really helped any.

          5. Yeah I actually really like Quilladin a lot now that I’ve seen it in game. The art just makes it look derpy lol

    6. Sounds so completely fake but who even knows. If it ends up being real then yah I will be extremely fucking pissed. Fire/Fighting needs to fucking die. Don’t fucking ruin the kickassness that is Litten. Also no Gym Leaders? That just sounds completely fake. Would lend itself well to being shorter as I was fearing because of how small the region looks. Which is also ass. I want a longer bigger game not a smaller game, I don’t give a fuck about competitive battling. Ash-Greninja being in there doesn’t make any sense as Ash is anime only and why would a starter from XY be in SM. Makes no sense. Synchro being a thing would be ok but I don’t think you’d have multiple crystals to collect you probably just have the bracelet with one in it (dependent on the game as suggested by the logos) and it acts basically like Mega evolution which could potentially be awesome and mean real evolutions for Pokemon that previously got Megas could happen. Rockruff being a werewolf is fine and expected. I also realllly doubt you’d be able to ride “almost any” Pokemon as that would take far too much work. Don’t even know what to say about the districts or whatever. *shrug* As to Marshadow eh whatever I don’t think that is actually a Pokemon name because I am pretty sure the trademarker was different than the one for Solgaleo and Lunaala. Further making this look fake but eh. The additional new Pokemon could be cool especially since it would include the long awaited dolphin Pokemon but eh. Seriously this sounds so fake and stupid overall. If it is somehow real I will indeed be very very very very very fucking pissed off because this sounds like absolute fucking dogshit.

        1. It is cute and represents a vast majority of the fanbase. GF doesn’t care though. They know we are sick of Fire/Fighting but don’t care.

          1. I hope it’s something completely out of the blue nothing expected by us

          2. Maybe even if the evolutions are real the wrestler theme takes it in a different direction. what if it’s fire/Dark. That would make Littens evolution the heel wrestler and do nasty things lol

          3. I can get over what it looks like if it’s not part fighting type lol

  27. Well its official, no release in Europe until they’ve fixed the problem with the Go servers

    1. I feel so behind compared to most people I’ve seen. You have a Pokemon that is 398 and the most I have is 265.

      1. Well, my room is literally a Pidgey nest. I’ve captured 6 Pidgeys in my room alone today. Tag that in along with all the other Pidgeys I’ve found throughout town, I got enough to fully evolve to Pidgeot in no time haha

          1. It’s okay. They sound much better to wake up to than any of the alarm sounds on my phone.

        1. Mine’s already a Pidgeot xD
          My place is just Pidgey and Rattata…with some bugs mixed in.

          1. True. Rattata everywhere as well o.O
            Luckily, I’ve found a Venonat in my kitchen, an Eevee in my bed, and a Scyther in my closet as well xD

          1. Because it apparently liked my clothes? 🙂
            Haha, idk, I used an incense while out walking my dogs and then it popped up with a few minutes remaining out of nowhere

        2. Idk how people are finding Pokemon inside their houses. I’ve found a few, but it was mostly because I was burning the incense and not going anywhere particular.

          1. I’m honestly surprised too. The Pidgey and Rattata, I understand, since they’re pretty common and whatnot. I’m not in a neighborhood, but it’s not like it’s near a lot either

  28. Hey. I really really don’t wanna be off topic but this is killing me. I know a lot of you like Steven Universe but does anyone know where the new clip trailer for the new episode with Uzu Aduba (won’t spoil anything) came from?? Did Cartoon Network show this or what? How did it appear?

      1. Spoiler sorry
        A new Gem will emerge the one called Bismuth yet name not confirmed yet

          1. thats I sent a request to join! :3 now I just need to do some bismuth fan art (I’m RaichuKeaton on DA)

          2. no… she was in lions mane the whole time, they showed her several times, and even showed her as the one who punched lapis before she poofed

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