Masuda Announces New Pokémon at Japan Expo: Salandit!

The annual Japan Expo, a convention dedicated to anime, games and anything Japanese, is currently being held in France and Pokémon game director Junichi Masuda recently finished a presentation at the event.

Salandit has been revealed! It is a Poison/Fire type and its new ability Corrosion allows it to poison Pokémon that would normally be immune, such as Poison- and Steel-types.

<3 PJ

  1. I KNEW IT.
    It’s 4:30AM and I’m hyped as heck.
    I’ll update when I can think straight.


    CATEGORY Toxic Lizard Pokémon
    TYPE Poison/Fire
    HEIGHT 2’00”
    WEIGHT 10.6 lbs.
    ABILITY Corrosion
    Salandit emits toxic gas, together with flames, from the base of its tail. This poisonous gas has a sweet smell, and anyone who unknowingly breathes it in will become dizzy. Salandit is not a very powerful Pokémon, but its cunning nature allows it to battle fiercely by throwing its opponents off balance.

    Salandit females not only release toxic gases, they can also emit pheromones that attract males of all species, including Pokémon and humans. Inhaling these pheromones may cause opponents to be controlled by Salandit’s will.

    Salandit has the Corrosion Ability, a new Ability that no other Pokémon has possessed before. With the Corrosion Ability, it becomes possible to inflict the Poisoned status condition even on Steel- and Poison-type Pokémon.

  3. Y’all got your Fire/Poison type

        1. Everyone thinks that but there really isn’t solid evidence for it being one

  4. It looks amazing. Great design. Can’t wait to see it’s evolution should be a amazing.

    Hopefully we’ll get a good Posion type gym as well

  5. Woah, cool! I like the design a lot and the ability is really cool. It appears to speedy too, which is a plus. GF seems to be going all out with the new typings.

  6. We finally got a Fire/Poison Type! I guess Litten will not end up being one. I love the seaign and vibes I’m getting from this Pokemon!

      1. I hope for Fire/Dark I mean come on its a BLACK CAT what doesn’t scream Dark about it!
        And Popplio I want it Only Water because it’s a great type to solo with better than all but a few

  7. Could you image how amazing Salandit will be in competitive battles? Poisoning every type of Pokemon with the Corrosion ability! GameFreak is a bunch of competitively viable Pokemon!

  8. And to make matters worse keep getting bad showdown match-ups
    This day is just getting worse

      1. Fuck off, stone edge should’ve killed Volbeat but nope missed twice and got a full two tail glows in

  9. Sweet new pokemon and new type combo. Love it. This thing also looks really cool. I hope it evolves definitely gets a 9/10 might even use it. I swear these pokemon are just getting better and better. Sun and Moon pokemon overall have been amazing.

      1. Be ready to rely on Air Balloons and Focus Sashes for the rest of this things life
        Just one ground type move and its fucking dead

          1. You can’t always have that to back it up, and don’t forget
            Rock, water, psychic weakness which are everywhere

          2. I cant always have it back me up but always have a plethora of ground type pokemon available is that so? Just trying to get a hypothetical situation in favor so you feel better about yourself

          3. No shit, I want to freaking win by throwing this things 4x weakness to Ground Types

            Sorry but I have yet to see any new Pokemon I like and I’m sick of seeing everyone get so excited

          4. Lol then get out of a pokemon community if you dont want to see people excited about pokemon.

          5. Of what I see so far this is going to be filled with Electric and Fairy types

          6. Interesting, considering you said you like Rockruff but didn’t want to use it because other people like it too

          7. I don’t like them…how dare other people like them.

            Lololol. You’re funny Earthern. Slightly troubled, but hilarious.

        1. Lol let me stay in with my pokemon weak to ground. Its the only logical thing to do!

          1. Because im definitely gonna stay in long enough for mean look to work on me. Lol just get pursuit

          2. Well done you finally got there.

            Now you have to resort to using a crappy Dugtrio…

          3. Not long but his insane speed allows him to either set up or that gimmick niche, I’m not doubting its frailness but with the right combination of plays it can be fairly useful

          4. Then i will flamethrower and burn you so sash doesnt work and youre ded. Teehee i win

          5. And arent you the one switching in dugtrio so it just gets hurt on switch

          6. Lol. Who the hell will stay in with a Krookodike going aganist this Pokemon? Your just going to lock in a Water-Type.

          7. That’s why I switch to Seismitoad he pretty much handles all my Water Types

          8. Dude he’s max Sp Def with an assault vest he’s survived a leaf storm

          9. Max Sp Def with Assault Vest, so I can just switch in any Water Type with Toxic and you can’t do anything to it. Cool.

          10. Water Absorb only blocks Water moves.

            Sludge Bomb inflicts normal Poison, Not Toxic Poison so I will always win.

            Scald can only Burn, which again wins against Toxic Poison.

            And you can’t use Toxic cos you have assault vest.

          11. I said I use Sludge Bomb, I never said Toxic
            And if against a Poison type I would just use Earth Power
            Or if Crobat just scald until burnt

          12. I’m saying if I use Toxic and YOU use Sludge Bomb I will always beat Seismitoad.

            Dude just face it, I can 6-0 you with Salandit alone.

          13. Why would I sludge bomb a poison type I can Earth Power it
            So Salandrit can beat all my Earthen Warriors?

        2. Yeh because I can’t switch right.

          Heatran is 4x weak to Ground.
          Tyranitar is 4x weak to Fighting.

    1. Geeee I’ve been saying this for a while
      I think they should be Fire/Ground obsidian lava tiger

          1. Yeah I know I actually see people think GF won’t ever make another fire/fighting and I tell them GF is a troll they’ll sneak one pass you watch

      1. Please make it Fire/Dark it looks like the Houndoom’s Cat apprentice.

  10. I first saw this while I was Facebook. Also, He looks like a Lizard mixed with an Anteater.

      1. Yeah I was thinking that’s were it gets its name salandit “salamander” “bandit” and “lit”

  11. Holy moly!! I’m pretty sure a jungle commentor almost called this ability a few days ago – only they said an attack that is super effective against steel called ‘corrosive acid’! What are the chances!!!

    1. It was close in concept, but not quite. My proposal was an attack rather than an ability, and it was like Freeze-Dry except Poison vs Steel instead of Ice vs Water.

      I doubt Salandit’s poison-type attacks can still hit steel-types.

      But still, what are the chances! <3

      1. Salandit’s poison type attacks can hit poison and steel types. The trailer shows Salandit’s attack hitting a Zubat and a Skarmory.

    1. Yh tru, I won’t be surprise if Jessie or james catch one in the S&M anime

  12. Finally a poison/fire pokemon that is base off toxic salamander lizard,love the design …kinda remind me of that creature from tremor thou

  13. Some guy (not here) just told me there should only 15-20 new pokemon each new generation. So that’d be the starters, two legendaries, and 4-9 more pokemon. What a joke.

      1. He must’ve been high or something. Something was definitely not right upstairs.

  14. Making a team this Generation is going to quite difficult ? Too many cool Pokemon.

  15. Rowlet

    My Sun/Moon team for 1st playthough is decided

    1. Already? There’s a shit load of dope 7 gen Pokemon we haven’t seen yet

          1. This is typical me though. So excited for Sun/Moon lol. Wouldn’t surprise me if I replace at least 3 of those mons xd.

          2. I will probably the same lol. Especially when their evolutions are revealed that’s a major factor.

          3. I know I only had a problem with charjabug but it’s grown on me and I love them all

    2. Rowlet

      I’m still missing two but I always pick water, grass, fire, electric, flying and the scapegoat for HM im missing water and one more but since Rowlet takes up two types I don’t know what new type to pick

  16. Offtopic: Its confirmed that Goodra will rejoin Ash’s team for the remainder of the Kalos League.

  17. Pokemon Go update on me (not that anyone of you care really)
    In order:

  18. I like how the animation goes back and forth between level and poison on top of the HP bar

  19. So I’m reading Corrosion
    And it seems to only affect steel and poison types with the status

    It says nothing about using Poison attacks on steel, just poison

  20. Also one more thing I don’t think anyone noticed

  21. I know they showed komala in the trailer, which got me thinking, do you think corrosion will override komala’s ability and poison it too? It said it can poison Pokemon who usually can’t.

    1. I don’t really understand Komala’s ability is it immune to all status besides sleep?

      1. Yes, you can’t poison it, burn it, paralyze it or freeze it
        But moves such as Sing, Sleep Powder, Spore, Grass Whistle and Dark Void work on it

        1. Ooooooh makes sense now. That’s a deadly ability for competative since sleep status aren’t that common.

          1. I beg to differ
            Vivillion and Breloom abuse Spore and Sleep Powder and desolate entire teams with it

          2. The only Pokemon that get to abuse sleep status is Vivillion, Breloom & Amoongus. Toxic, Burn, & Paralysis are way more common + Sleep Powder is unreliable as hell.

          1. 1 everyone wants it therefore I must end it
            2 it’s Poison/Fire 4x Ground Weakness ergo my natural prey

          2. And everyone will be forced to rely on focus sashes, air balloons and rarely Shuca Berries which will become extremely predictable in time

          3. Doubtful it says it’s not a strong Pokemon and relies on devious tactics to win

          4. Man I wish it gets Grass Knot so I can one shot both Rhypherior and Excadrill (Fire Move).

            Without even using an Air Balloon.

            That would be hilarious.

          5. Grass Knot on Excadrill would be ineffective since they don’t weigh that much
            Also Excadrill is extremely fast even without sandstorms and could easily rock slide air ballooners and into a fresh earthquake

  22. How is it possible Sun and Moon have so many amazing Pokemon?!?!?!?! Salandit is SOOOOOO COOL!!! That new ability is also pretty great too! I can’t wait to see more new Pokemon!

  23. I LOVE IT. It’s def going to be in my team. Now I need a cool dark type *cries*

  24. Three years ago at a Japan Expo, Honedge (Steel/Ghost) was the 19th new Pokemon revealed for X & Y.

    Now in 2016 at another Japan Expo, Salandit (Poison/Fire) was the 19th new Pokemon revealed for Sun and Moon.

    And before both their reveals, we never had those type combos before! Notice a pattern, here?

  25. This will definitely make it’s way onto my team unless the evolution is underwhelming.
    Even with the 4x weakness to ground I like the design and typing a lot.

    1. Not really.

      Gen 1 had a Grass/Poison starter and Fire/Flying starter and other Pokemon of the same Type in the same region

      Gen 3 had Water/Ground starter and also introduced Whiscash.

      Its not completely unheard of for the starter Pokemon to share their typing with another regional Pokemon.

        1. I feel like it lessens the chances of it happen, but it’s not a guarantee that it won’t happen.
          I’m still hoping Litten becomes Fire/Poison <3

    1. Most people (including myself) called for a move with that sort of name that hits Steel Types for super effective damage.

          1. It was in my personal new moves list
            Force Volley: Psychic, sends a series of psionic pellets to attack the opponent, hits 2-5 times
            Caustic Acid: Poison, the user burns the opponent with burning acid, super effective on steel types
            Blindside: Dark, the users waits for the perfect opportunity to strike, hits within 2-5 turns
            Cauterize: Fire, The user burns wounds shut, heals 50% max health
            Quicksand: Ground, the user converts the field to quicksand, those who enter lower speed and cannot escape

  26. I love it’s design and its type, but I hate the idle position. It looks too much like a frog to me.

    1. But on second thought, it’ll probably get an amazing evolution, so I might use it, but I don’t want to make me team before the game releases.

  27. I’m glad we all seem to like it! ?
    I won’t use it likely though.. and it Will screw with my teams… -,-
    Good thing I have my Togetic prepared now ?

  28. It reminds me of a shirshu from Avatar the Last Airbender that June used in terms of movement and a touda from Kemono no Soja or Erin in terms of design! Really neat though!

  29. I really like it 🙂 <3 Look super cool and, like Natsu said, really reminds me of some ATLA/LOK creatures (it's giving off that vibe)
    I feel though that, because of the typing, it lowers the chances that Litten will be Fire/Poison as well, which is fine since there are other types I wouldn't mind it becoming. (Note I said lowers the chances, could still happen, this just makes it less likely to happen, in my eyes)


          1. Pre-release theorymon is cool!

            Heatran is a good counter despite being able to get poison. Salandit can only do Toxic safely upon Heatran switch-in, because Salandit will just eat an Earth Power afterwards (unless Salandit has its own balloon).

            Though once Heatran is poisoned though, Salandit can protect the next turn before switching out, to waste time and make the poison run a bit.

          2. …and then it depends who’s faster. But I guess this means Heatran and Salandit check each other so it’s not that safe for both to switch in without a balloon up.

      1. He didnt know poison/fire pokemon would look so good. This could mean Litten won’t be fire/poison since this exists already. The move animation for it shows the red pattern on its tail igniting! 😀

      2. People that can’t understand broken English don’t really know English that well themselves.

        I’m a pharmacist, I’m required to know what medication a person is referring to based solely on their poor pronunciation, what they use it for, what it looks like. It means I know my field of work well.

        The same applies here….at least in my opinion.

    1. Someone mentioned it earlier, but it doesn’t mean Litten won’t be part poison (ie Bulbasaur and Oddish)

      1. Actually this anology doesn’t work. Bulbasaur is grass/poison in its first stage. Litten is only fire in its first stage. I don’t think we’ll be getting that fire/poison litten Evo and I personally believe it’s finally typing will be fire/dark

        1. I never said it was going to be Fire/Poison. I was just trying to say that just because Salandit is Fire/Poison, it doesn’t disprove the possibility of Litten being the same type. I would much have Litten be Fire/Dark, as you do.

        2. If you’re talking about variations within a species or genera, then I can see where you’re coming from. Biodiversity is as vague as it gets.

          Sorry for the many replies!

  31. Wow, this new guy is really cool! He looks better in game though honestly… And that ability is really cool, I hope he has good enough stats to make it useful 🙂

        1. Then I get a whole demeaning speech of everyone throwing in switch-ins or contradictions
          But deep down this thing will die easily

      1. It’s more noteworthy when you actually like something.

        You hating things is the norm

        1. Well I have very very little to be excited about
          Rockruff is pretty much on everyone’s team and that irks me and Popplio is being threatened by potential fairy typing outside the rest I have little to no interest in….except maybe Togedemaru but only because I like round spiky creatures

          1. Oh my god.
            You’re getting a new generation of Pokemon and you have very little to be excited about?
            And the fact that people like Rockruff doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on your team. If you like it, use it.
            Why would you even play these games if they’re not that exciting? It bothers me that you are always negative about everything.

          2. I waited in Kalos for new Ground types and was greatly denied that
            And to make matters worse they screwed up nearly every ground mega out there,
            So I desire a Ground/Fighting type but fat chance of getting one

          3. I want a Grass/Electric but I’m not sweating. If it happens, it happens. If not, then meh

          4. I want it, I dont even have a preference for design/animal at this moment. I need this dual type to complete my life.

          5. Even if it doesn’t happen, why bother? The games will be great anyhow. I don’t get why you depend your opinion about these games on something that small. Just enjoy all the hype and start becoming more positive sometimes.

          6. I would enjoy it when I got something to be excited about
            Otherwise it’s just watching everyone’s wants and likes being appraised while sitting in the corner with nothing watching everyone else have fun

          7. Is a Ground/Fighting Pokémon the only thing you can enjoy about a Pokémon game? That makes me not understand how you have been able to play for all these years…

          8. Because in the past I had plenty of Ground and Fighting types to use (except Hoenn it sucked)
            But I truly desire a real Ground/Fighting to use, but they way things are looking it doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to happen

          9. Well they’re experimenting with new type combinations this gen, just look at Salandit and Drampa.

          10. We’ll see. Just let’s enjoy all the hype and the new Pokémon, even though they have a different typing than Ground/Fighting! 🙂

          11. You have little to be excited about because you’re a negative person who throws tantrums when they don’t get what they want..

            …you should consider being a politician.

      2. Hmm ? I wonder that if salandit was ground/poison your opinion wouldve very different

      1. I mean… Hidden Power ground? With that Technician it should do a solid 30% to Salandit xD

  32. AWESOME!!! Def being of my team:
    Litten, Pikipek, Rockruff, Salandit, and maybe grubbin but i still have to decide if i really want vikavolt

    1. Again, how are you all making teams without the full Pokedex? I guess the hype is too real. I will be doing an Alola Pokemon only run for my first playthrough similar to X/Y.

      1. I know right? I can only safely say a few will most likely be on my team, the rest are just suggestions until I make the team.
        I dunno how people do it xD I need to know more mons

      2. Haha i know i know this is a temporary team but if i find an awesome looking pkmn that wasnt revealed i will most likely catch it a rearrange my team, and i dont want to get the whole pokedex spoiled before i play the game which is why im making a team of the ones we know of

      3. This gen is amazing. I want every Pokemon on my team!
        Every Pokemon!

        Except Fruxish.
        Aint no one liking that bitch.

          1. That doesn’t mean it is fine.
            It’s still super freaky and weird boh in rl and in the Pokemon world.
            It gives me shivers

          2. LOL It’s based on a Tiger fish I believe, or was it a Trigger fish? Ah whatever. 😀 Yeah it is, but I think that it makes it look unique. 🙂 It’s going to drive me nuts with that damn ability that it has though, because I use quick attack when I’m in a pinch.

          3. Yes I’m aware but you said you wanted diversity, ergo other water types show this diversity because diversity isn’t secluded to one type of animal.

        1. That too xD I kind of want every Pokemon on my team but I want to know more so I can make my teams for SM
          The dilemma is real

  33. This Pokemon is awesome and makes up for that trash heap dragon we got the other day! Now I’m excited again! Its literally a salamander with a gas mask!

    1. I feel like it’s more like a bandana or a ski mask, since part of its name is supposed to be bandit.
      But it can be a mix of those things too :3

    2. wait all the other pokemon revealed didn’t make up for it or did I miss an announcement

      1. Drampa ruined the whole reveal the other day. I don’t care for Grubbin’s 1st stage Evo either but it’s not as bad as Drampa.

          1. It’s design made me lose hope for the rest of the Gen. I don’t care for Tapu Koko either. It’s just an awful design.

          2. That’s the coolest bug type we’ve gotten in a long time. Since Scizor probably.

          3. Better than Volcarona. Gen 5 is one of my favorites but I like the Gen 2 feel of these designs.

          1. I like Bruxish. It’s a fish that actually kinda makes sense and doesn’t look soulless.

          2. Not mention the placid pokemon Drampa looks more flaccid than anything and it loves to hang around playgrounds and stuff. It’s creepy.

          3. Yeah but which one would you be more surprised to see if you were out scuba diving or something
            or just a plain ass magikarp

          4. If i go scuba diving i wanna see diverse creatures not goldfish or karps i can look at in ponds

          5. Bruxish but that doesn’t mean I hate it. Magikarp more so because it might be close to evolving.

          6. Well, it does look placid because it looks calm and even-tempered….until berserk kicks in

          1. Bruh this is like saying that feebas is magikarp in puberty or that basculin is magikarp on steroids

        1. Sorry but I have seen FAR uglier Pokemon. I happen to really love Drampa, and I think he looks very cute. <3

  34. This is so dope! It’s perfect for one of my teams: Rowlet, Komala and Salandit (Tapu Koko is also on the team it’s it’s catchable)

    Also, whose playing Pokemon Go?

    1. Me 😀
      I just came back from a walk 30 minutes ago and I got some nice catches along the way.
      Sadly, there was a Horsea I couldn’t catch unless I wanted to trespass on someone’s yard.
      Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to redeem myself and get one ^^

      1. Trespassing is so worth it.

        In court you be like

        ‘…well there was this Horsea you see…’

        1. If only the world accepted that excuse xD
          I don’t blame people though, since, if I saw some random person in my yard looking at their phone, I’d be concerned too

    2. I am, but it was dark when I got it yesterday and it is raining today, so I can’t play it much. I have Bulbasaur and like 5 Rattata

    3. I found these so far
      Where did you find some of those??

  35. This is my favourite design of Gen 7 so far 🙂

    That ability is sexual aswell. :O 🙂

          1. *sigh*………I hate to admit it……but you’re right……why is the internet so terrible…….?

          2. Damn right I’m right
            And I had proof

  36. Ugh!!! I really want to use Salandit so bad, but I’m already planning on using Litten! *sigh*…..well I suppose I’ve had overlapping typing Pokemon before I could do it again lol I suppose it also depends on whether I like Litten’s evolutions or not. If not then Salandit with most definitely be on the team for sure!

  37. I like how when they said they were going back to more simplistic designs, they weren’t kidding. This is a salamander with a bandana covering its head. Simple yet it shows what it’s supposed to represent.

    1. Yeah all the Pokemon look very simple in design so far. Maybe that’s why they look so different when compared to the older preexisting Pokemon. They all have great designs that are interesting, but they are also all very simple as far as body parts go.

  38. So Ash brought back Goodra, only for the league it would seem. I think Ash forgot fairy is a new typing. . and one his biggest rivals has one… what middle finger to the grass type. Better catch one before xyz is over! ?

    1. Already confirmed that Ash will beat Sawyer in the semis, so doesnt really matter he has a Slurpuff.

      1. I suddenly want to see a picture of a Goodra holding a Swirlix like a cotton candy, and eating it

      2. That’s Terrible reasoning for having 4 pokemon weak to one typing in the league tho
        And stop the spoilers!

        1. Didnt realized you didnt knew this yet lol. Its been all over Pokémon websites, youtube, forum’s etc.

  39. I am so happy! This is the best new Pokemon revealed so far. I can’t wait to see what it evolves into but I’m definetly adding this guy to my team. It’s design is gorgeous. It’s type and ability is amazing. Totally bad ass. I loveeee it.

  40. Also.. after all these years I still don’t know exactly what a real Pokeball would look like.. namely the black line around it..
    I feel like I’ve seen the line be a thick bar popping out, caving in.. thin.. wide.. all of the above from official art workings over the years.
    Also Its overall size varies..
    I don’t know if they shrink and expand in the games because they look on average smaller than the anime
    Plus does the button push in??
    Is it a white cirlcle with a button or just a pad .. hmm

    1. What? The button in the middle of the Pokeball pushes in to release the Pokemon. Also, they shrink for ease of movement in the games as well.

      1. The button in the center controls the shrink and expand in the anime.. plus I don’t think we have ever seen them shrink in the game..

  41. Oh my gosh! I love it’s ability. And it’s name. And that mask is awesome! (And kinda cute)

  42. I just realized we have a CoroCoro to look forward too. Ever since the Pokemon Company took control of news; the CoroCoros have been lackluster (excluding Rockruff and Komala). I’m still expecting a Gym Leader, 2-3 New Pokemon, and some new areas.
    Also, Pokemon GO is Number 1 in the App Store downloads. Additionally, it’s the fifth most grossing iOS game!

    1. Every time something leaks before Corocoro and people think they have something in that to look forward to, I smh :/
      When will yall learn?

      1. maybe I’m 100% wrong on this but I thought we got quite a bit of info off corocoro during the months before X/Y and ORAS

        1. That was XYORAS. This time, my guess is that Corocoro has been de-emphasized as the source of info, as you can tell from all the things that are coming out along with date/time announcements by Nintendo…

          Coz without having to get tied to a print publication that can be leaked by disgruntled employees or newsstands breaking street date, Nintendo can control the release of info more easily.

  43. I find it creepy that it Attracts males.. . Human males.. like.. wtf.. y. Prepare for all the drawings this will create ?

    1. It’s not in a sexual way……I assume…….I mean…..come right…….? lol

      1. I thought that as well. . But in nature.. irl.. it’s Always sexual. Pokemon can’t just assume we will think differently. It’s gross

    2. It’s pheromones you dolt
      They’re chemicals that bend the behavior and physiology of creatures
      Yes their main goal is usually to attract mates but nonetheless they’re basically a secretable hypnosis that can just about affect anything

      1. Do Not speak to me like that. .
        Save that for your friend who accept it.
        Plus, of course we All know it’s called pheromones. It’s in the Pokemons description.. which we are referring to.
        I’ve read studies of male sweat making other males more cooperative
        But the fact it says the females only have this effect on males Clearly makes it more of a sexual thing.
        But you can go on pretending..
        Onix isnt a giant penis
        Cloyster a vagina
        Noibat “looks nothing like a penis either”
        Hypnos Dex entry etc

        1. If you can’t take the Internet and everything it has don’t take any of it

    1. You can hear the rival music during the e3 footage though. You’ll have to find the no commentary version to hear the most of it.

  44. I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but it looks like Salandit may be found on the third island (from left to right). I hope we get more Pokemon that prefer the volcanic temperatures.

    1. Ikr.. that typing is awesome. People finally getting relevant poison types like they wanted. But it’d dex entry says it’s apparently weak

      1. also that ability? WHEW goodbye to steel walls. hopefully it evolves into a useful competitive pokemon

  45. I think this little fella might be one of my favorites so far (second to Cutiefly, of course). I really need some Ghost types though; Lunala just doesn’t cut it.

    1. I need some more Psychic types.
      Sure, there’s Bruxish but I kind of want more

  46. Also, I don’t know if someone said it already, but I bet this’ll be the evil team grunt Pokemon.

    1. I definitely can see it, considering most teams use Poison types and Dark types

  47. Kukui said this region is chocked full of rare pokemon, and that shows because how many times have we seen “…a new Ability that no other Pokémon has possessed before” lol

  48. I think it’s safe to say this generation of Pokemon is definitely being more focused on the competitive side of the game, because there are so many new Pokemon that have brand new, competitively viable abilities that can potentially change up the competitive scene. Hopefully they get usable stats.

          1. Still have the hope that leaked Treehouse schedule I posted couple of weeks ago turns out legit. It listed Mega Sunflora and Mega Lanturn, would love to see both.

          2. Not sure if its fake because it also listed Pikipek. Its possible they took notice of the schedule, and decided to keep out most of the listed information?

          3. Sunflora is kind of a useless thing, but a mega would make it slightly more interesting. Lanturn is one of my favourite water types, so I want it be get a mega.

      1. Dude I like a majority of them. That one particular batch just sucked. I’ve grown to like most of them but Bruxish is gross still and I still hate that stupid cube shape Charjabug. Everything else is alright.

  49. Pokemon Go won’t even let me sign in with my pokemon trainer club account. Was sitting here for like 25 minutes trying to get it work. The servers are being overloaded I guess….ugh……

    1. Well there is only a very small ice section there is probably only one or two new ice family lines. They will be shown eventually.

      1. They could pull a vanillite and put ice types outside of obviously cold geographic locations. It was near a cold storage but it was still nice

        1. As you said it was still next to a cold thing. Still very limited. I still say 1 or 2 new ice lines. Which isn’t terrible we usually don’t get very many anyways.

          1. Ice is a type that normally is undermined being as most corners of the world are not Tundra or Artic like habitats and most in games are added just for an additional type to come by but I hope for more in the future.

          2. Sinnoh (in platinum) definitely could’ve thrown some ice types around considering the region had snow all over

          3. The most we’ve ever gotten is 3 in one gen right? And with this region being how it is, it is not likely many ice types will be here. I still say 2 max but I’d totally welcome more.

          4. I think you’re right. Although that mountain does look pretty large and seems to have a cave system too. Could house more than a few ice types. I’d rather them not all be in one place though…but whatever

          1. Yekid often punch frozen trees and rocks to toughen up their fists
            Coldossus’s mighty howls create massive blizzards and tumble mountains to protect their dens

        1. I want a yeti pokemon 😀 Also sasquatch. Grass/psychic or fighting? Depends if you think bigfoot is hostile or docile.

          1. Sasquatches would most likely be pure normal
            The only way it be part grass if it collect so much plant matter on its body it absorbed into its skin

            Or make the pelt grass

          2. I was thinking grass because here in Ohio there’s legend of a “grassman”, which is basically a sasquatch-like creature.

        1. I need a Bug/Dark and Dark/Electric. Mega Umbreon Dark/Electric is acceptable too.

          1. Absolutely not Dark/Electric Mega Umbreon
            Not happening
            I will come down with the full hammer of cynicism

          2. Look at all the $&@$s I give tiny ursine
            Umbreon’s rings glow solely out of moonlight or mood

            They have ZERO electricity involved whatsoever

        1. Ooh, if that’s real I hope the starters all evolve into things from mythology! Rowlet – Gryphon, Litten – Manticore/Sphinx, Popplio – Mermaid/Siren/Telkhine

          1. Mermaids don’t have to be feminine. The stereotypical image of a mermaid leans more toward femininity, but making it more androgynous is totally doable.

          2. Oh I just don’t like the idea of it becoming a Delphox monstrosity or making it Fairy I hope for a Water/Flying to bring its Corcus like talents out!

        2. yesssssssss yessssssss yesssss
          Gryphons are my second fav mythical creature, the first being dragons of course.
          So a gryphon Pokemon. HECK YESS

        1. No no no. Not maybe, it’s fake 🙂 Trademarks can’t have the same number, and they both have 22905.

    1. NOT a Pokémon.
      Japanese Pokémon names are written in katakana, not kanji.
      It should be グリフシュリン if it was a Pokémon name.

  50. Now to list off my Favorites for the region so far:
    1. Popplio
    2. Togedemaro
    3. Komala
    4. Salandit
    5. Rockruff
    6. Cutifly
    7. Charjabug
    8. Pikipek
    9. Rowlet
    10. Drampa
    11. Lunala
    12. Grubin
    13. Yungoos
    14. Litten
    15. Tapu Koko
    16. Solgaleo
    17. Vikavolt
    18. Magearna
    19. Bruxish
    This is not based on most anything more than what I would catch I love them all!

      1. Eh I like Popplio best and Rowlet is going to change now looking at my choices.

      2. Litten’s not for everyone. Rowlet on the other hand…errbody luv that lil puffball

        1. Rowlet now made the top six of all based on looks but it’s neck and neck with Rockruff

        2. Litten is totes for everyone. D: As to Rowlet I don’t really love it. It is #10 currently. Once we get evos and more lines it will probably drop lower. It is ok but meh. Maybe it will have some awesome evos though. Who knows.

        1. …So yes it is all of them then? Ok then.

          1. Litten
          2. Litten
          3. Litten
          4. Litten
          5. Litten
          6. Litten
          7. Litten
          8. Litten
          9. Litten
          10. Litten
          11. Litten
          12. Litten
          13. Litten
          14. Litten
          15. Litten
          16. Litten
          17. Litten
          18. LItten
          19. Litten

          1. Litten
          2. Popplio
          3. Salandit
          4. Pikipek
          5. Rockruff
          6. Cutiefly
          7. Vikavolt
          8. Tapu Koko
          9. Komala
          10. Rowlet
          11. Yungoos
          12. Drampa
          13. Lunala
          14. Solgaleo
          15. Togedemaru
          16. Magearna
          17. Grubbin
          18. Charjabug >.>
          19. Bruxish >.>

          1. Tis very cute. I always think of “jeff” from this scene when I see Litten. Idk why xP

    1. I think I’ll do what you did, so here is my list! 😀

      1. Tapu Koko
      2. Salandit
      3. Rowlet and Litten (it’s a tie)
      4. Vikavolt
      5. Komala
      6. Yungoos
      7. Cutiefly
      8. Drampa
      9. Rockruff
      10. Solgaleo
      11. Togedamaru
      12. Lunaala
      13. Pikipek
      14. Popplio
      15. Grubbin
      16. Magearna
      17. Charjabug
      18. Bruxish

      1. Why all the hate on Bruxish tho? I like it, it’s colorful and tropical.
        I can’t be the only one right? Right?

        1. I don’t hate it, I just don’t care for it.
          It has some redeeming qualities, but I like it the least of the revealed Pokemon so far

        2. It’s not that I hate it, it’s just my least favorite of the pokemon that were shown. It’s just the eyelashes and lips that kind of throws me off.

    2. 1. Vikavolt
      2. Cutiefly
      3. Drampa
      4. Solgaleo
      5. Salandit
      6. Rowlet
      7. Komala
      8. Charjabug
      9. Popplio
      10. Lunala
      11. Rockruff
      12. Pikipek
      13. Litten
      14. Grubbin
      15. Tapu Koko
      16. Yungoos
      17. Togedemaru
      18. Magearna
      19. Bruxish

      Gotta say I like every Pokémon except Bruxish. The rest is amazing 🙂

    3. 1. Cutiefly
      2. Rowlet and Litten
      3. Salandit
      4. Rockruff
      5. Vikavolt
      6. Popplio
      7. Komala
      8. Magearna
      9. Lunala
      10. Pikipek
      11. Yungoos
      12. Togedemaru
      13. Tapu Koko
      14. Drampa
      15. Solgaleo
      16. Charjabug
      17. Grubbin
      18. Bruxish

      1. My statement I said to myself earlier is true cause all of us have Salandit in our top five it clearly has to be good!

  51. Why does this region keep showing super cool Pokemon. Hoenn is supposed to be my favorite region, stop playing games with my heart!!

  52. Alright I need some polls
    I was going to splurge on the eShop and narrowed it down to
    PMD Blue
    M&L Superstar Saga
    Partners in Time
    Donkey Kong 64

    I can’t decide on which

      1. Well it does have my three favorite kongs
        And DK

        But I think I’ll just get Saga, who knows its not like they’re expensive or space consuming I got like 1.2k in the bank and I barely buy anything

          1. I must have played 300+ hours of DK 64 when I was a kid
            Spent all my time in Fungi Forest or Crystal Caves but was deathly afraid of the Castle

            And apparently took me 7 years to finally beat Pufftoss and Mad Jack

          2. It took me 10 years to beat Ocarina of Time, you’re not alone in this department.

          3. Was my first ever video game. I beat Gohma, then for some reason I lost it and eventually forgot I ever had it. Then I borrowed the collector’s edition on the Gamecube from a friend and I finally beat it lol. This was in 2007 or 2008

          4. Now would you prefer an iron maiden or guillotine or my favorite dimly lit torture room!

  53. Is everyone having issues logging into their Pokemon GO account? It says the server is up but every time I try to log in it says it’s unable to authenticate.

          1. And it’s not working? Im driving to Sacramento in the morning and can only imagine all the Pokemon I’ll miss if it’s not back up

  54. Despite my hatred I cannot deny my natural desire to create
    I foresee Salandrit’s evolution being a big fat slimy Komodo Dragonesque Lizard with disgusting pores all over its back that just secrete slimy mucus bubbles filled with flammable gasses which it lob and ignites and explodes
    And it can suck up smoke and heat to fuel its mucus production

      1. No shit, Salamanders are by the books regarded as fiery dragons
        And most salamanders secret mucus to keep moist and since it’s a monitor lizard this was the best idea,
        But a dangerous slime dragon

    1. Just wondering
      Other than everyone else’s opinions, why do you dislike it?

      1. I really like Salandit it looks like Weavile to me in the way it looks evil but still like a good person

        1. At first I thought it was an iffy design because it looks like it doesn’t have a bottom jaw, maybe thats just me but from the Official art, it looks like its just a top jaw. But now really seeing it I love it, definitely might put it on my team

      1. I mean it could probably momentarily stand on its hind legs to attack or intimidate (they have a patten on their tum tum that resembles a smoldering skull

        1. That would be fine but movement should stay on four legs, But that leads the question will this thing be special attacker (Flamethrower and Sludge Wave) or Physical (Flare Blitz and Gunk Shot) or mixed. Im leaning special

          1. Oh yeah totally, I mean Zangoose usually travel on all fours but can fight on hind legs

            And it’s most likely special and probably learns Flame Burst early

  55. Honestly if this gen 100+ amazing pokemon Im just gonna make my team a rotation of every single pokemon.

    1. I went on a walk to find Pokemon, and I got around a mile away and the servers went down. -_- I really hope they fix the server issues.

  56. It still says ‘Not available in your country’ for me. Is it because I have an Android?

  57. so salandrit is weak to 4x ground 2x psychic, water, and rock. sadly the ability only works with toxic so poison type moves will not work on steel types. it has resistance on 4x fairy x2 fighting grass poison bug ice steel fire. Based ONLY on his typing It would be a good defensive pokemon

    1. You say that but once you see anything with Earthquake (and everything knows earthquake these days) it’s done for

      1. true. is when synergy with your team comes into play.for example togekiss and aggron? match made in heaven

        1. Then I’d just keep using Iron Head or Earthquake
          Get ready to see Garchomp eat these pipsqueaks for fun (and they’re not even hungry)

          1. Omg is that Garchomp lol, couldn’t even tell. Lol oh well I still love Garchomp. It’s my favorite pseudo. Such a cool pokemon, even though realistic pokemon drawings are ugly.

    2. Meh Even though it has a lot of resistances I wouldn’t say its a good defensive pokemon. All of its weaknesses are popular types so I wouldn’t say its a defensive pokemon.

      1. i believe it can be. sure that earthquake weakness is awful but that when synergy comes into play. i expect to be BL2 barely UU the highest.

        1. I know but I mean Salandit not any other of the 700_ pokemon, pokemon with common weakness to popular types aren’t good defensive pokemon,IE defensive ice types

          1. oh but ice types is a whole another ball game lol. I respect your opinion but at the end we dont even know what are his stats so i can be completely wrong lol

    3. 🙁 only if it worked with toxic spikes. Then you could hex and venoshock everything, along with venom drench.

  58. Pfft salamamder+bandit? It obviously comes from salad+land+it(the pronoun) c’mon how did you ppl even get the salamander and bandit thing?!

      1. No! Alaska is a free country! And as i live in the caribbean i have the right to do whatever i want!

        1. I do believe you done misinterpreted my statement maybe this will get the message across
          *Places a handgun on the table*

          1. *takes the gun and puts a nuke in its place* either i do what i want or we both die

          2. Clever girl….
            But I never leave without a contingency plan
            *Takes out a remote and syringes juts out in the handle, hammer and the chambers*
            *It injects you with a toxin that causes paralysis*

    1. The servers have been down for around 3 and a half hours. They severely underestimated the amount of stress that would be on the servers.

    2. Servers are going nuts now. Worked fine this morning, but been on and off the past few hours.

      1. Yeah, I was able to get on for all but 5 mins to get a Pidgey and Pikachu. Game froze on me while catching a Vulpix…..

  59. Random thougt went trough my mind,
    A fire/water dolphin that blows steam out its blowhole, and i have to say that my mind is stupid for making up a horrible thing like that smh

  60. I just hope GO gets frequent updates. I’m still holding true to the ststement that it’s compatible with S/M

  61. *Dr.Flamerson’s secret Laboratory-2:37 PM* perfect my invention is complete The Synchro Ray! this mighty device will help me solve the ever so mysteries on Synchro evolution! now to find a test subject. *Spots Earthen,takes aim and fires the ray*

        1. The ”mystery” is that they are stones that force Mega Evolution, its not rocket science…

          1. Proof? Evidence? I know the staff does that, but the stone in the staff has rounded corners.

          2. What else would it be? The stones obviously are the source of the staff’s power lol.

          3. What evidence shows that the stones are the same as the staff? Your claim is based off a hunch. What else can they be? They can be to simply activate Solgaleo’s and Lunala’s phase shifts for their special moves since the stones are either that gold yellow or blue color. But my claim itself isn’t fact. That’s my guess. That’s my hunch.

    1. Please I’m naturally immune
      My brain is protected by a inch thick nurobrainwave born out of pure rage and negativity that shuns all who try to change me

  62. Everything about this pokemons design is amazing, I just love how looks, although it looks more like it should be poison/dark atm but I can see how its fire on its tail, I cant wait to see more of this pokemon and its evolutions(which i mean, it just looks like it’ll evolve)

  63. Hmm salandit is black and red and its a poison/fire, litten is also black and red…see where im going with this? ?

    1. I kinda feel like thats a reason as to why litten won’t be fire poison, I mean, it would be kinda boring to have the only two fire/poison pokemon have the same palette

        1. im ok with that, they only way I would pick it anyway in the end is if its final evo looks the best to me

          1. Im pretty convinced i will pick litten but if the final evo doesnt appeal to me i will pick rowlet

          2. I’m on the Rowlet train atm, but have considered popplio, if the starters final evos that were leaked turn out to be real then I want that majestic mermaid XP

          3. Oh god i really dont want those to be real but if for some weird dark magic induced reason they are im picking rowlet

          4. There is absolutely no way they are real but I’m still really nervous about Litten’s evolution. I need my adorable pyro kitty to have a good life

          5. Yes he needs to grow up into a big strong tiger! (That is quadruped and has nothing, zero, nada to do with fighting)

          6. My ideas for them
            Rowlet- Grass/Flying
            Litten- Fire/Dark
            Popplio- Water none of this fairy

          7. Yeah but Fairy primarily makes Pokemon look female and I don’t want my Goofball to look female and be male like my Sylveon.

          8. ok dude, there is nothing wrong with looking “feminine”, I personally love feminine looking pokemon because they just resonate powerful in my eyes.

            But like, pizza rolls, not gender rolls.

          9. Does bruxish resonate in your eyes? Just curious xD i like bruxish design and concept

          10. nah, don’t get me wrong I love bruxish, its pretty cool, but I don’t see it as being a feminine pokemon, more of a masculine pokemon with a feminine costume on, but I still think it looks hella strong and also a bit terrifying

          11. Bruxish to me is like a drag queen, but not a real one. More like the stereotype ones in TV shows where they have them be the least feminine and least passable crossdressers ever.

          12. It was a pretty little fox and turned to a Witch good god I’m glad I choose Chespin

          13. yeah, I think delphox is really cool, Im not a fan of the colour of its robes, but the I only really liked delphox and greninja in XY, idk why, chesnaught always just looked really awkward to me, in the end I chose froakie in x and fennikin in y

          14. Yeah i dont really see the fairy power being in popplio, like i can see litten be fire/dark but i find it hard to imagine a seal with fairy powers

          15. seals are pretty majestic, so a fairy seal makes perfect sense to me

          16. Nah game freak is just pulling the whole “fennekin using power up punch” trick again

          17. A Seal barks so mostly no sound moves will fit
            Hyper Voice, Echoed Voice, Uproar too powerful, Screech, Roar aren’t considered like barking and a Bark can be disarming enough

          18. I know that. Yet, it’s rather suspicious that they chose Disarming Voice over a move like Uproar. Have it be known that Whismer had Uproar early in the game. So, it’s not that OP.

          19. In my opinion who actually used Whismer I try but to me it Sucks on my teams

          20. I used whismer in both sapphire and AS, and kept it all the way up to and past the E4 XD

          21. I mean, thats totally fair, it was one I remember having fainting a lot while training, but once it got up there it was fine

          22. It to me was like Trapinch I want it to make it but it’s to hard to train and keeps fainting

          23. omg trapinch messed me up, for the longest time I didn’t know it evolved into vibrava so I caught one and left it in my box, and kept looking for a vibrava, only to find out like 2 years later that they were related XD

          24. Yeah out of almost all Pokemon evolutions that was one of the most drasticly changed along with Remonraid

          25. Are you still playing that game
            Whismur was irrelevant prior to Uproar’s damage increase
            They changed it in ORAS so it is learnt by 25 and or 27 when a Loudred

          26. Finally someone who sees this as a clever nod and not a sign on bonus to being a Fairy
            I won’t kill you (for now)

          27. My hopes for Popplio
            Water/Flying, Water, Water/Ice. Fighting and Fairy no thank you

          28. Almost the reason for Hawlucha to be it could glide but not fly and Popplio is a Circus Seal so mabey acrobatic like?

          29. It could work out of all I do hope Water/Flying which probably not happen unless Rowlet changes type wait gasp idea for secret of starters and Rockruff what about the first four Triple types
            Rowlet- Grass/Flying/Psychic (heard friend mention psychic)
            Litten- Fire/Dark/Poison
            Popplio- Water/Fairy/Fighting
            Rockruff- Rock/Dark/???
            Just an idea

          30. I mean if the flippers are long and flat enough the could achieve some kind of glide or very short lived flight but high emphasis on short lived

            I’m still holding out for a whole Cirque De Solo acrobatic martial artist

          31. yeah I don’t think they are I’m just saying if they were, the other two are not my cup of tea in that instance, tbh I just really want a beautiful majestic final evo

      1. I agree The fact that we now have a fire/poison I don’t think Litten will become fire/poison in the end. Would have been cool but I don’t see it

      1. I’m down with any of the following knowing I’m not choosing it
        Fire, Fire/Dark, Fire/Electric, Fire/Ground
        Hopefully Fire/Dark

    1. A Fire/Dark Panther. Let’s just hope the concept art isn’t real with Litten looking like Tony the Tiger. It gave me the shivers…

  64. There may be connection between Salandit being found near volcano, its poison/fire typing and volcanic gases being poisonous.

    Its tail is very fancy, I wonder if it falls off and what happens with that poisonous/fiery tail after that.

    I also wonder its bandit look and where it will going to lead.

    1. I dont think salamanders drop their tail but then again the pokedex contradicts this by saying its the toxic lizard so who knows

      1. Nevermind apparently some salamander species do drop their tails like lizards but still its contradicting as lizards are reptiles and salamanders are amphibians xD

  65. I need to catch one more Pidgey to evolve into Pidgeotto in GO and about one more catch to level up to 5 yet game won’t load ?

    1. Damn severs down again before catching a Kingler in the middle of a large field

        1. I’m happy I only need one more Pidgey to raise my rank and Evolve to Pidgeotto and how do you evolve your starter?

      1. *GASP* These are… The BEST Evolutions yet and a new idea for type of Popplio Water psychic possibly mabey?

      2. Beautiful :’) *slowly claps* i hope the real ones are somewhere along these lines

    1. Rowlet: That’s one awesome looking evo.
      Litten: Eww. (No hate to the artist.)
      Poppilo: Eh. It looks okay, but can use some work.

  66. Hello new teammate!

    Whoever called there would be a new monster who can inflict poison onto steel and poison-types, you get a Lava Cookie! Don’t eat it though, it’s toxic.

  67. I was search a lot about Salamander as a mythical creature …..I have many thing to tell ……In Alchemy, there are believed to be four elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. These four elements have corresponding elementals that are associated with each element: Sylph (sometimes known as Silpheed), Undine, Gnome (often replaced with Golems), and Salamander (sometimes replaced with Efreet), respectively.

    My Expectations is maybe each island have a specific kind of pkmn , as u know these islands r represent Alchemy elements Air = Cutiefly ‘ Water = dolphin pkmn or Bruxish ,Earth = golem like pkmn , Fire = Salandit .

    1. Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world

          1. Nothing kora marries earthen but earthen refuses so he burries her like all of his hopes and dreams the end

          2. Then lets re-do that ending *clears throat* kora marries earthen and he digs up all of his hopes and dream letting them flourish because he treats the ladies just fine because he is not THAT cruel, the end ???

    2. I’ve had something similar to this but look up “alchemical symbol” the wiki has some neat stuff. Look at the seven planetary metals, specifically the first to and what is represented by them.

  68. I still dont get the whole “pheromones that attarct any species” thing. Like will i become hypnotized up to a salandit and then die because of its poisonous gases? If so what will it do with me after i die?

    1. Rape you and behead you, possibly not even in that order
      (5 points if you get this reference)

      1. I dont get the reference but it made me think of praying mantises so do i get points for that?

          1. I mean the blowgun is more accurate
            Fine I’ll shoot you with this blowgun

    2. Yes, this information seemed very detailed. Maybe they hypnotize people or Pokemon and steal things. Maybe female Salandit have another ability that something to do with “Attract”.

          1. just imagine getting the perfect counter to salandit with perfect iv’s and shiny

            but it’s male gotta throw it away

    3. Dolts’a’plenty
      I wouldn’t buy too into EVERYTHING it says
      Pheromones are chemicals that attract mates but not super hypnotic based on the species but some are but mostly in insects such as ants and bees
      But regardless I don’t think this would be a major development hint

      1. Oh yeah i believe there is a wasp that uses pheromones so that bees think it is one of them and uses that to steal honey or larvas

    4. I am still searching about that , surely these porn theories didn’t convince me
      wat I know both male and female have different way to use these pheromones.
      GF clearly use the natural animals habits and biology in this gen.

      1. I know right its awesome how they took the time to actually do research about the animals they are basing pkmns off, yungoos for example is based on how hawaii had a rat problem and imported mongeese to control it

    5. Well there are orchids that emit odors that mimic human scents to attract mosquitos.

  69. Great day to be a pokéfan!
    Still can’t believe I was privileged enough to attend the conference and get to see the world premiere of this beauty. Junichi Masuda’s Masterclass was awesome, and though I wasn’t sure we would get anything, when he said he’d wanted to come for years, I knew something big was coming. (also they heavily teased it straight after).

    To give you a low-down of the talk if anyone’s interested:

    -They played the pokemon center theme on a loop beforehand, then he came on with dancing pikachus along with his translator

    -He talked about developing the games through the history of the franchise, with exclusive pics (mostly of him looking young and weird haha)

    -Then Masuda showed us pics of the notebook he used when envisioning X and Y, and talked about going to france for inspiration, and a few stories he had from there. He showed us a page saying the next game would be in france way back from june 2010, before even black and white came out. He also showed us early rough ideas for new stuff in the game, including cuddling pokémon (which became amie) and having very clear roadsigns like they have in france.

    -then he shared some music from pokémon go, including the map music and a really epic remix of the pokémon opening theme that will be featured in a future update. He showed some pics of him walking around Paris catching some pokémon, and of his recording studio at home.

    -Then he pulled out some prototype alola starter dolls, and talked about how Sun and Moon had these 4 islands with different themes and different pokémon on them, and how the games were made to be way more colourful than their predecessors.

    -Then the hype went apeshit when they said they would reveal a new mon. Then we got the trailer with this awesome new poké, and OMG HOW GLORIOUS IT WAS.. ahem

    -Then he shared a removed track from Sun and Moon (he said it’ll thus never be heard again, which is a shame cos it was SICK), which sounded a lot like an evil team leader battle theme. Hopefully it’ll be released on the music album or something? It was amazingly epic.

    -Then he threw some signed pokéball dolls to people dressed as pokèmon in the crowd.

    -Of course questions were being asked throughout but I don’t remember it all haha

    Afterwards I got codes for the shiny Kalos Legendaries (Bacon Bird FTW!), bought a master sword for my brother, and we queued and luckily got some photos with a big french youtuber (definitely my favourite youtuber too). Then because I drank nothing and the sun was shining too hard and the train slowed down for no reason I had a sunstroke on the train home…
    But overall, an absolutely awesome day!

    1. I want a master sword >.<

      That sounds super awesome! I'm jealous I wish I could've gone. I wonder if anyone got a video of that removed track being played or something like that

      1. Pictures and film were banned at the event :/ , and though some people sneaked in some pics I kinda doubt anyone managed to get a recording (and a good one at that) unless they let the press record it.

    2. Woah i wanna listen to the unused sun and moon theme :'( i hope its in the album aswell

      1. Yeah, except the litten one clearly had a wonky eye with unusual surfaces on it for some reason lol

    3. Idk if you saw it but masuda made a tweet long ago in which he stated he was making music for sun and moon and it sounded very futuristic/spacey/dubstep-like was that track similar?

      1. Well, having had a relisten to that unreleased track, I’d say that’s very accurate haha

  70. I like this new mon a lot, especially the concept and the awesome ability. I really like the overall design as well, except the head, which, though a cool idea, is a waste of how awesome salamander heads are anyway (maybe I’m biased because I’m currently working on salamanders, but whatever :p ).
    I also really don’t like the name, it’s crafted fine and all, I just hate how the name sounds, I don’t like these syllables. The french name, Tritox, is just miles and miles better IMO.

    1. Definitely feels like a evil leader/team theme of some sorts. Maybe even the showdown between the legendary.

      1. Yeah i was thinking legend, evil team or elite 4 but definitely has more of an evil team leader feel to it

      1. I dont know as i dont know much about music but i can hear an electric guitar and maybe violins

    2. Man listening to the wild battle theme, the trainer theme and this makes me excited for the sun and move soundtrack! Why cant november 18 come sooner?!!

      1. I really hope we get a good evil team this time around. They’ve been getting worse every generation as the creators run out of ideas but there’s still many new ways they could play with this concept. Team Flare wAs the most disappointing at all seeing as how they had no real plan. Hopefully we get something good this time.

    1. I can’t find any … I predicted before Ash will reach the final battle with Alain and of course Alain will beat him but ash achieve 2nd place in first time in his career.

      1. I don’t care about that we all know he’s going to lose I just want to keep up with the previews

        1. yeah we all know he’s going to lose but which place that wat we don’t know.

  71. I don’t know if anyone saw this but apparently Sawyer obtained a Slaking

    1. they show this at begging of this episode but no guarantee it’s belong to Sawyer but I guess that too. it should be Hoenn one by the way.

    1. Ma-su-da. (more like the first one, but you pronounce the first syllable as a long a)

  72. This day was a bust
    Corocoro comes out next week and I better see at least 3-4 Pokes that are extremely physically oriented

    1. I’d be willing to bet we see no Pokemon in the next issue. With them revealing 7 on the 1st and then Salandit today I feel like anymore in one month would be overkill. I think maybe they start focusing on the new characters now. Maybe starting this month CoroCoro takes over on focusing on the people and TPCI does the actual Pokemon reveals? Seems like a pretty good way of doing things to me lol

          1. And what if they’re horribly useless, so far all my Ground types are constantly under the oppressive heel of the meta
            Literally everything is becoming an issue, everything walling this or super effective that, Legendaries being a constant threat and just everything screwing me over

          2. I am in no mood for that kinda talk I lost my 1.5k 1v1 rating all because of extremely op legends and Whimsicott which needs to be FUCKING BANNED

          3. Honestly 1v1 is mainly luck. You just gotta hope you have something to counter the other pokemon. In a normal battle, you can switch and strategized. Don’t be too upset over losing it

          4. Do you know how painful it is to lose to a SubSeed Whimsicott or just to have EVERYTHING counter any of my Ground Types,
            Heatran one shots Camerupt, Blastoise ice beams Torterra in a flash, Mega Lopunny rapping anything not fortified,

          5. I know it kinda sucks, but this is kinda like playing rock paper scissors and only using scissors then getting mad that the other person keeps using rock.

  73. Well I guess my prediction of the Yungoos rival Rat with a bandit sack is officially dead. Darn.

    1. That’s the core concept of my Region’s rodent
      Snatchat and its evolution Ratburgler

      1. I was thinking it would be like a dark type and it’d be all plump and evil-isly cute with a little sack that it carried. All well….. :/

        1. Well it’s a grey and black rodent with a long coiled tail, a large tuft of black frizzy fur on its back that it stores things it steals and red beady eyes

          As it evolves it gains long kangaroo rat legs with long black nails, and its forepaw a get longer with hooked nails to better grab things, it gains a faded white raccoonish tail that holds its belongings also sporting a Mohawk

          (Little tidbit they lick the holding fur so it’s sticky and things don’t fall out)

          1. I bet that’d be cool. Can’t wait to see what the cook up for it…just hope it’s not lame

  74. Ok so something I have been wondering is Salandit vs Komala, they showed them battling but not who’s ability takes priority, as Komala apparently cant be affected by anything but sleep yet Salandit can poison anything. So who would win I wonder? I assume Komala still won’t be affected because it says Salandit can affect them based on type, so I guess that means the ability only applies to poison and steel types and not everything that cant be poisoned?

  75. What team are you all on in GO? I’m on Mystic, solely because of Articuno. In my town the gyms have been going back and forth between Mystic and Valor.

    1. Once I am near a gym (my area sucks like no pokestops/gyms) I’ll be on Mystic.

    2. I’m on instinct my team roster
      Nidoran male
      Pokemon in my vicinity but I couldn’t find to catch: Krabby, Kingler, Seel, Gastly

      Where do you find Vulpix I see lots of people have one and I don’t

    3. I’m on team Valor

      My roster is:
      Pidgey and Pidgeotto
      Ratatta and Raticate
      Poliwag and Poliwhirl
      Magikarp, and lots and lots of magikarp
      Dratini and Dragonair

      Pokemon that are nearby but did not encounter: Fearow, Beedril, Koffing, Staryu, Goldeen, Kakuna, and Nidoran/Nidorino and Nidorina

      1. Where did you find an Exeggcute, Magikarp, Poliwag, Dratini, Seaking, and Psyduck

        1. So, I live in Florida. I live on the water (our backyard has a dock) so all my magikarp have been caught either in the backyard, or on the beach. Same with Psyduck, Seaking and Poliwag. Dratini has been caught in my neighborhood along with Dragonair. Exeggcute was found in a park near my house.

          1. I live in Suburban Pennsylvania we have almost nothing but I have seen Jynx, Seel, Gastly, Golbat, Krabby, Kingler but couldn’t reach them!

          2. I hope when I go to great wolf lodge I can find Mountainous Pokemon to amp up my findings with something rare like your Dratini

          3. Yeah! The dratini wasn’t my best find anyway. The best find was the Dragonair and the Seaking both CP above 100!

          4. My are find was Venonat with 99 cp. but my Pidgeotto and Raticate have over 100cp because they evolved

      1. You must reach level 5 be able to see a gym on your screen and it will ask (If your smart and statistical join Blue Mystic, Powerful Red Valor, Instinctive Yellow Instinct) then if your close enough you may join it or fight it I can’t fight yet due to I can’t leave the house

          1. It’ll get there I’m almost level six and when I get a Gym my Raticate and Pidgeotto will dominate

    4. I’m on Mystic for the same reason 😛

      My roster is:
      Bulbasaur (x1)
      Growlithe (x3)
      Paras (x6)
      Pidgey (x10)
      Rattata (x8)
      Nidoran M (x1)
      Ekans (x1)
      Eevee (x1)
      Doduo (x1)
      Pidgeotto (x1)
      Nidoran F (x1)
      Pikachu (x1)
      Magikarp (x1)
      Fearow (x1)
      Parasect (x1)
      Weedle (x1)

      Pokemon I know are around me but haven’t caught: Kadabra, Raticate, Zubat, Rhyhorn, Pinsir, Venonat, Ponyta, Nidoking, Exeggcute, Diglett, Rhydon, Caterpie

      1. Where the hell are people getting Pokemon like Growlithe, Ekans, Duduo, Pikachu, Parasect, Magikarp, Kadabra, Rhydon, Meowth, Mankey, Pinsir, Ponyta, and Nidoking?

        My rarest find is Tentacool that I caught and the best I couldn’t get was Kingler

  76. Okay… So I can play Pokemon GO with my e-mail but it won’t work with my Pokemon Trainer Club… Anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Pokemon Trainer Club is being worked on atm. So, you have to sign up with e-mail for now….

    2. Mine has been trying to authenticate my trainer club account for about 10 minutes now. Nothing is more annoying than a game that releases and the servers can’t handle it.

        1. Well not all day some parts it was open I have My Pidgeotto that I evolved for

          1. I’ve tried all day since like 8:30 am. The server was down and now the Pokemon club website is down.

          2. I went on at multiple times and had no issues during about half the time between 7am and 10pm

  77. I had an idea regarding the “secret” that the three starters, and Rockruff have.
    I thought what if when it comes time for them to evolve into their final evolution, what if there secret is that they permanently evolve like how Mega Charizard and Mega Mewtwo evolve, with two separate evolutions. Like they evolve into one of two different final evo’s depending on ether their stats, or what move’s they have, or how much of a bond that they have with their trainer. To me this would be a really awesome new thing. 😀 XD
    But it’s just wishful thinking on my part, what do you all think of my far out there idea? 😀

    1. I said what I think the secrete might be the four might be the first to get a triple typing!

        1. The only one for 100% that I think will happen of types is Rowlet with

    2. I think that would cool I would do anything for Popplio to not have it look feminine or Fairy

  78. The pattern on Salandits back looks like one of those sticky hands that you swing around and slap things with! (like small children and coma patients)

  79. So as of this Pokemon reveal I am signing off until November. I have seen quite a few Pokemon to keep me satisfied until then but I don’t want any more spoiled for me. I thought I’d stick around for final evos of starters but I’ll just go with rowlet and cross my fingers. Thank you all for welcoming me into this awesome comment section over the past few months. Here’s hoping my willpower lasts!

      1. I hope not but you’re probably right. If I do come back I’ll try not to comment for a while so as to avoid your “I told you so” lolol

  80. i was thinking…What if Popplio has a split evolution? A water/fairy mermaid if female and and a water/fighting triton if male. This would make sense, because of the look too feminine for the final evolution leaks. Or maybe it’s simply a split evolution in design but with same stats and type. Anyway imo those leaks are true, they’re too accurate and even the feminine look of Popplio evo is a strange move for a fake cause everyone could call them fake just because of that. GF is always unpredictable so I think they are real…

    1. Pretty sure there can’t be a split evolution because Pikipeck is #10 in the pokedex. There’s no space for a split evo

    2. They aren’t leaks those were Fan art I’m 95% sure of it because I know Nintendo and they would never make designs that terrible all of them were Awful.

    3. like Chaos said there is no room for them in the Pokedex, that being said the mermaid was so pretty, I honestly really want a pretty starter or even just a pretty pokemon this gen, something super majestic, although knowing me, much like my gardeivour, I’ll probably have it be male if it can be, just because people say they don’t like it 😛

      1. I’ve always wondered that. Why do people flip out if a Gardevoir is male? I have one and named it Garbrovoir lol. Other pokemon I nickname regardless of what gender pops out of the egg.

        1. Lol yeah well when I got my shiny Kirlia I had the choice of evolving it into gallade or gardeviour and I made it a gardeviour and I’m pretty sure I named it Count Fae or somefin lol, I always name the Pokemon I use too 😛

  81. so happy we finally have a poison/fire pokemon. been wanting that typing for a while now. will for sure use a salandits in my team eventually. if they keep this up and introduce some other cool water and grass pokemon its going to making choosing a starter really hard on me lol

  82. Its been like 3 days, and still no Pokemon Go in canada. o(≧o≦)o

      1. They probably want it better for you guys because it has a ton of bugs and Glitches in it so they are waiting for you guys

          1. Really you would like servers to be down every hour and lose GPS connection every three minutes and reboot the app for it load then tell you it can’t load?!

          2. as long as I got to experience it why not, I mean, to you that seems bad because you already got to experience it, am I correct? 😛 but to me, I’ll take what I can get idc, its not like I haven’t played terrible early versions of games before *cough* ESO *cough*

          3. Well then I hope it’s everything you’ve been looking for buddy I mean it’s great just bugs disrupt some of the fun Oh and an update I found a Drowzee

          4. oh I no it won’t be, tbh I know I will probably play it for like one day and then not open it again for months XD lol, and cool beans on finding a drowzee… never evolve it! O_O lol jk, kinda

          5. I probably won’t find another so it can’t the only ones I’ve evolved so far is Pidgey into Pidgeotto, Ratatta to Raticate, and Weedle to Kakuna

          6. plus, while I have heard some people have had problems, I have also seen a lot of people have no problems, so it seems to be hit or miss 😛

        1. Well first it’s Pokemon Go, soon it’ll be Sun and Moon. Why can’t we have nice things?

          1. You’d think I’d do that, but I actually like reading spoilers and whatnot. Just gives me extra time to build my team and learn everything I can before playing

          2. If it makes you feel better, I probably won’t receive mine until Christmas. Sorry, just trying to lighten (Litten?) things up. It’s a real bummer you all get 5 days later; wonder why that is?

          3. Ah that sucks! And I think it was cause retailers in the UK gave copies early, but idk whether it was for XY or ORAS

          4. Yeah it sucks but my wife will get her Moon at the same time so we can run it together 🙂

      2. Yes! I imagine though it’ll come out in both at the same time when it does

  83. So anyone think we might get an early corocoro like last month I know it happened on the 9th or are we gonna have to wait until the 11th or 12th when it usually happens????

    1. I think Munching Orange did that he is the biggest liar on YouTube it’s fake it has @Munching Orange so if from him it’s fake!!!

    2. if this were real, not gunna lie I would laugh my ass off and then wait for his response with popcorn XP
      no hate to earthen, its just his over the top reactions are hilarious

      1. What we saw on E3 was never confirmed as the final product. Wouldnt be the first time if they tweak the interface a little.

      1. Whatever site place they get their Pokemon news feed one its in Spanish two it’s a load of crap.

  84. When will you people learn that Synchro is never going to be a thing
    You are all being distracted by flashy words and potential appearances to friggin realize it’s basically Mega Evolution with a different title
    And if anybody says Ash-Greninja or that bad guy from the movie you’re all dumb, because Ash’s Greninja is either the descendant of the Ninja Hero’s Greninja or is the reincarnation
    And as for the bad guy it is painfully non-canonical same goes for this Azoth kingdom which has NOTHING to do with Project AZOTH

    1. I don’t think too many people actually think its going to be a thing, they just wanna mess with the people that are so adamant about it not being a thing.

      That being said, my god I cant wait for Synchro to be a thing, because its obviously going to happen. 😉

      1. Are you kidding every shmuck on YouTube thinks it’s going to happen solely on Ash-Greninja

        1. Thats because Poketubers are morons. AG is basically a mega but without stones.

        2. I only think it has a potential to be a thing due to Pokken. Of course, idk how Pokken and SM have any relation. I’ve stated before that OF AND ONLY IF synchro/synergy/burst (whatever you want to call it) is a thing, then it would resemble the burst appearance of Pokken when they do their burst attacks (ie Weavile gets a bit frosty and Machamp is burning red). That’s how I would want it. Will it happen? Probably not, but I think it would be a nice little added tid bit spice up the competitive game.

          1. Pokkén is a spin-off game though, which furthers Earthen’s above comment about making a new IP with adventure-RPG elements in it, which would be a good platform for Synchro.

          2. I know it is, but the burst cosmetics in Pokken are simple, yet just enough to say “Yo, I have more power now bruh” haha

    2. I dont want it to be a thing. But GameFreak doesnt care for your or mine opinion. If they want Synchro, they will put it in the game, simple as.

      1. They can, but main series is off limits
        If they made a new IP which is a crazy adventure RPG taking elements from Pokemon Re-Burst then by all means they can do it

    3. You talk as if it’s us, or all of us that want Synchro.

      And so far the rest only want Synchro so we can see you flip out, not because we are interested in it as a game mechanic.

      1. Well not every one it’s pretty funny to watch him flip his lid but I am truth filled with my opinions

    4. Urgghh here we go again.

      Someone going out of their way to explicitly explain why something will never happen

      Then when that thing happens they start crying when everyone calls them out on it.

      Sigh* where have I seen this before.

  85. This generation is so far beautiful, this lizard is really adorable. The only ones that are kind of ugly are the starters, but hopefully their evolutions will make up for it.

  86. Off topic but how about talking about Smash bros. and a next game roster here is my roster what do y’all think?

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